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This story is based on the characters from the ABC TV show,
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the fantasy of mature
audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, rape, kidnap, gang-bang, lesbian,
bondage and bestiality.)

P.S. the use of the word negro is not meant to be derogatory in
any way, but was part of the vocabulary of the time period this story
unfolds in.

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the
other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Colleen Gets Educated
by David Oberman
[email protected]
Chapter Four
Safe Passage

They all slept through the night. This is unusual in the 1870's,
where everybody starts up at sunrise and usually work well into the
night. They had slept almost twenty straight hours.

Billy was cooking dinner while Samuel was thinking what they
should be doing next. Colleen just stared blankly to the wall, still
naked as a jaybird except for knee socks and shoes.

"So what do yuh think unc?" Inquired Jeremiah.

"I think that we've worn out our welcome in this county boy. It's
time we be movin' on." He told him.

"Yeh, I figured as much." Jeremiah agreed.

"After we eat we be movin' on. I figure West, towards Denver."

"What about her Pa?" Billy asked.

Colleen looked up, also curious to her fate.

"We'll take her along till we come across a farm and set her loose,"
he said after consideration. "We wanna thank ya fur yur company
Missy. It's been a pleasure for all of us. Especially yuh, I think

Colleen dropped her eyes in shame, knowing exactly what he meant
by that last remark. And yes, it was a pleasurable experience
despite her up bringing. How could she ever look her family in the
eyes again. Or walk the streets back home.

She started wondering if Hank might not be in need of a new
whore. If she could believe Samuel, she can apparently out perform
all of them. She shook her head trying to clear those thoughts from
her mind.

They ate and got ready to hit the trail West. Jeremiah tossed the
short poncho to Colleen once more. She reluctantly put it on,
remembering the painful friction that it would likely inflict of her
poor nipples.

They walked out to the coral where Billy had finished saddling the
horses. They mounted and headed further away from her home of
Colorado Springs.

They stayed clear of the roads so as to not attract attention to
themselves, and kept to the woods. This was not a pleasant
experience to Colleen. For each branch were scraping against her
legs as they bore through the thick underbrush.

After an hour of this Samuel called a halt. There before them were
a band of twelve renegade Indians, better known as 'Dog Soldiers.'
Colleen was fully aware of the savagery of their attacks. She didn't
blame them though, for she knew that they were driven to it by
sadistic Indian Agents sent from Washington. But they're presence
was still a danger.

"What'll we do, Pa?" Asked a visibly worried Billy.

"Too many to shoot our way out." Added Jeremiah.

"Hush boys. Let me do the talkin'." Samuel instructed them.

He slowly advanced towards the one he thought was the leader.
"Howdy chief!" He greeted him.

"Humph!" Was the Dog Soldier's only reply.

"We... we don' mean to barge in or nuthin'. We wus just passin'
through." He tried to explain.

"Trade?" Asked the Indian.

"Trade. Yuh wanna trade for safe passage. Shure, shure we can do
that, can't we boys." Samuel asked

They both nodded they're heads eagerly in agreement. As Samuel
and the Indian leader approached, he pulled out a wad of money
they had stolen and offered it to the Indian.

"No good!" Was his only reply.

"What else can we offer him Uncle Samuel?" Asked a now worried

Just the a gleam of an idea entered Samuel's mind. He rode up to
Colleen and pulled aside the poncho, revealing her naked body

"We give yuh this here squaw whore for passage. Agreed?"

Colleen looked down in shame at being called a whore. She was
also shocked that he was trying to give her away like he would an
old farm animal. But then again, they had been treating her as
property ever since they had abducted her at the Bank, in Colorado

The Indian approached and looked her over closely. Colleen could
just notice movement under his loincloth, and knew immediately
that he was definitely interested in her. He pinched her nipples,
which in its sensitive state brought out a gasp of breath from her
sensuous lips as she closed her eyes. He then probed her pussy,
only to discover how wet she was.

The Indian grabbed hold of the reins of her horse and led her back
to his band of renegades. Samuel and the boys were sure that a
deal had been made and were getting ready to get going on their
way. Just as the leader reached his warriors he gave them a signal
and they attacked the shocked trio. The battle only lasted an
instant, leaving behind three dead and scalped bank robbers.

The Dog Soldiers rode off taking along their prize, Colleen, back to
their camp. The ride wasn't long, twenty minutes at most. But it
was at a fast clip, and the bouncing caused Colleen's breast to
bounce painfully against the rubbing of the poncho, as well as
driving her clit painfully against the saddle horn.

Once at the camp, the warriors all dismounted. She noticed a pack
of dogs wandering the camp, not unlike Sully's own Wolf. So she
assumed that these were also wolves that the Indians had
domesticated for themselves. For guarding and hunting most likely.
The leader came up to Colleen's horse and dragged her down,
causing her to fall painfully on her knees before him. Grabbing her
by the hair, he pulled her painfully to her feet and pushed her
towards the campfire. Once there he brutally removed the poncho
from her body and tossed it away. She did nothing to cover her

The days spent in the hands of the Ferguson's had all but eliminated
her modesty. Besides the best she could have done with her hands
would be to cover her young tits from view and keep her legs
together as best she could.

She expected to be gang raped then and there, but nothing
happened. Food was being prepared over the fire. A waterskin
was being passed around. When all of the warriors had been fed,
the leader offered her some of the leftover. She accepted it
gratefully. She knew from Cloud Dancing how good food
preparation in the Indian way was, and enjoyed this feast.

After she had had her fill, she washed the greasy residue from her
hands at the creek nearby, guarded by one of the warriors. Upon
returning to the campfire, she noticed that the other warriors were
passing around a pipe in some sort of ceremony. Her escort shoved
her towards the circle of Cheyenne warriors.

She joined the circle and found herself sitting next to the chief that
had taken her. He gave her the pipe, and with hand signals was
instructing her to participate. She hesitantly took a puff, this
caused her to cough uncontrollably, this being her first experience
in smoking. The Warriors just laughed at this and encouraged her
to try again. She did so. This time she didn't find it as unpleasant,
and took another puff.

This ceremony continued for a long time. The same pipe going full
circle and returning once more to Colleen's. By this time she was
starting to feel slightly dizzy and she couldn't understand why. She
looked from one side of the circle to the other. She noticed that
they were getting a bit fuzzy to her. Looking across the fire she
saw three of the Dog Soldiers removing their loincloth displaying
unusually long dicks.

She couldn't quite understand why she wasn't shocked or afraid by
their brazenness. In fact despite the coolness of the night she was
feeling slightly warm. She felt something probing her vagina and
slowly looked down to see two sets of hands playing with her there.
It was the Indians on either side of her.

It finally dawned on her that the weed they were smoking earlier
had placed into a drugged state of nonresistance. After what the
Bank robbers had put her through, she felt that she wouldn't have
objected to these Warriors advances even if she were of clear mind.

The leader started sucking on one of he sore nipples, causing to
moan in pleasure. His reaction brought a smile to the faces of the
dozen naked Indians surrounding her now. Looking through her
dazed eyes, she couldn't help but be amazed at the power of the
female body over the male of the species, of any species for that
matter, remembering the ram.

'How pathetic men are?' She thought, as she spurted a drugged

The Dog Soldiers, true to their name (pun), spun her onto her
hands and knees to take her doggie fashion. Colleen felt numerous
hands playing with her sensitive breast as she received Indian into
her womb. This was a savage, uncontrolled fuck. The Indian
pounded with all his might into her, creating a loud slapping sound
each time his groin struck her butt. He lasted only a few minutes
but was replaced immediately by the next one, and the next, and the
one after that.

Underneath, Colleen felt as if it was one single long fuck. As the
sixth man came into her, she reached for one of the men playing
with her tits and grabbed him by his nuts.

He yelled in surprise. Once he recovered from his shock, he found
the sensation not unpleasant at all and allowed her to continue. The
Colleen pulled him around so that he was now facing her head.
Looking up into this Warriors eyes, she smiled and took his
manhood into her mouth and started sucking him with gusto. This
was something that the native Americans never practiced. To them,
fucking served a purpose, procreation. This could not.

The others stopped and looked at the crazy white squaw and then
to the pleasure filled look of their comrade. They then resumed to
their own ministrations. Another took up where the last left off at
her pussy. Colleen was enjoying her own snack and the amount of
cum leaking out of her pussy felt soooo good to her, she hoped that
it would never end.

As her ravished body continued to service these fighters she
continued sucking on the one that she had trapped within her lips.
The leader was himself enjoying the vision of this captive squaw
being so experienced. He returned to playing with her hanging
breast, ducking under her body to suckle one. Another of his
warriors followed suit and started on her other nipple.

Nine of the Dog Soldiers had already been serviced by her, with the
tenth finally unloading in her mouth. That only left the two on her
breast that she hadn't received their jism. She got up and pushed
the leader onto his back and then she climbed on top of him and
eagerly guided his stiff cock into her soaked pussy.

Once inside of her, she tried to get the last of the Indians to mount
her in her arsehole. He couldn't understand what she was seeking,
for he didn't speak English. But seeing her upturned ass, and still
feeling the effects of the doped up pipe he climbed aboard

But not knowing anything about the perversity that Colleen had
learned in the past days, he tried to direct to the already occupied
vagina. Pushing in squirming, he continued to try to get inside that
familiar area. Colleen almost burst out laughing at his useless

'How can he expect to get in there?' She thought.

Imagine her surprise when he did in fact slip his cock in her pussy,
right alongside his leader's. All she could do was gasp in pleasure.
This was as close as she had gotten to being filled since the ram had
had her the day before.

"My god! Two cocks! I don't believe it, but lord I love it." She
said out loud.

None of the warriors, of course knew what she was saying. All
they could do was look on in amazement as this white squaw was
taking two of their companions in a place made for one. Slowly,
but steadily, their man tools were reviving for a second round.

Some of them, remembering the sight of her servicing their brother
with her mouth started there. While the others waited patiently for
her cunt to be vacated for them.

Colleen looked up to see four braves with their stiff rods being
offered to her mouth. A smile appeared on her lips as she clasped
one between them and began sucking while still churning her cunt
against the two invading cocks that were presently there.

Looking around her head and seeing those other three cocks
waiting patiently frustrated her. And she expected that it was the
same for them. So she decided to be bold and took her mouth off
of the one she was presently sucking and started alternating from
one to the other. She found this both depraved and exciting. Each
had a slightly different texture which surprised her a bit. She had
expected all penises to be the same. At least, that was what Dr.
Mike's medical books seemed to suggest.

The leader underneath found the pressure of a second cock rubbing
along and against his own most exciting. Probably the best fuck
that he had ever had. It wouldn't take long for him to plant his
seed, he thought to himself. Suddenly, he could feel his companion
spurting into her, his hot sperm triggered his own orgasm as he shot
his own load deep into her womb.

As they both extracted themselves from her pussy, two other braves
decided to do the same. Colleen was kept busy with two cocks in
her cunt and servicing four with her mouth. But she never relented.
In fact, she truly enjoyed it all.

By the time all of the braves had had their second shot at her it was
pitch black in the forest. When they had started it was still light
enough to see by. That meant that Colleen's gang bang at their
hands had lasted well over two hours, and she was now exhausted.

She laid down in between two of the Indians and fell soundly asleep
with some jism still drying all over her body and face.

Sometime in the middle of the night, she had rolled onto her back
while still asleep. Dreaming very erotic dreams, mostly about her
experiences in the last three days. She dreamt of the fuck, the rape,
the sucking.

As the dreams continued she started to slowly moan. She seemed
to be stuck on the sucking part of her dream. She didn't mind, it
was a pleasant memory. She kept visioning male lips and tongues
licking her to orgasm. She dreamt of the ram sending his mile long
tongue to the bottom of her hole and sending her to another climax.

Somewhere along the line, the dream didn't seem to be a dream
anymore. She was getting aroused and this woke her from her
slumber. She raised herself onto her elbows and looked down.
There between her legs were the three wolves that roamed the
camp of the Dog Soldiers. They had caught the scent of her sex,
and much like the ram, were acting on pure instinct.

Colleen looked on in fascination as she could see their long tongues
disappearing into her fuck hole. She hadn't seen the ram when he
had done this, so she was curious. What made an animal so much
better than a man when it came to sucking. One after another, in
alternating fashion, the wolf tongues would slurp up the braves jism
and sent her reeling as one orgasm after another would hit her like a

Her trashing and moaning started waking the braves from their
sleep. They woke to the most amazing sight. This squaw must
have indeed powerful medicine to tame their wolf brother this

Colleen moaned louder and louder. "Yes! Oh yes. Do it doggies,
go for the snack Colleen has for you down there. Just don't stop."
Shaking her head and tossing her long brown hair.

After the last orgasm, she slowly descended back to earth and
looked back to the three wolves that was giving so much pleasure.
Just then, one of them turned slightly sideways exposing his
underbelly to her. She gasped when she saw that he too had a stiff
prick. Though it was shaped much differently than anything she
had ever seen before in her life.

It had a tapered look, and stranger still, he seemed to have his knob
at the wrong end. She was starting to wonder if the poor thing was
deformed or something. She tried to get a look of the other two
and discovered that theirs also had the same shape.

'I guess dog's are shaped differently then men's.' She concluded.

The braves were gathering around her to watch what she would do
next. Maybe she was ready for them already. Can you imagine
their shock when Colleen turned onto her hands and knees and
offered her cunt to three virile wolves.

The three wild beasts kept on licking her clean before one of them
finally took it upon himself and mounted her back. Colleen enjoyed
the feel of its furry belly on her back, but for some reason he just
couldn't enter her. His cock kept sliding up the crack of her ass
instead. She tried adjusting her position in various ways to no

Finally she had had enough. She reached back in between her legs
and managed to grab hold of its stem, and eagerly guided it to her
pussy. Once the wolf felt its prick tip at her tunnel entrance, he
shoved mightily into her. Sending it the full eight inches, with knob
past her pussy lips.

Unlike the ram though, he was a savage beast by nature, and
slammed into her pussy at a breakneck speed. Colleen was excited
by his brutal attack. With its forepaws wrapped around her waist,
she couldn't escape even if she wanted too.

"Fuck! Fuck it deep you beast." She kept telling it.

After only a few minutes, she could feel him shooting into her. But
why let that bother her. There were two more where he came
from. So she tried to free herself from his tool, so as to make room
for one of the others. She was shocked to discover that his cock
was wedged tight and wouldn't come out.

This had her concerned. How could she ever get home with a wolf
on her back. Feeling her way between her legs, she reached her
vagina and felt around. She could feel his cock, her pussy lips. It
then dawned on her that that strange knob was nowhere to be
found. Somehow it seemed to have gotten wedged inside her pussy

For the wolf, this was perfectly normal. It knew that eventually, its
knob would shrink. Allowing him to dismount his bitch, but
Colleen was not aware of any of this. This started her to panic.
She started crawling away, dragging the complaining wolf along
with her.

Finally the wolf had enough of this nonsense and snapped his jaws
near her head. This brought Colleen back to reality. Realizing that
a wolf would more than likely attack if hurt, she stopped trying to
escape. She could still feel its jism shooting into her throughout
this ordeal.

After nearly twenty minutes of being tied, she could finally feel that
his knob was shrinking. The wolf detecting the same started to
slowly extract himself from her sperm filled pussy. With a pop his
cock came out, followed by a stream of wolf sperm.

As soon as the first wolf left her a second took his place and drove
his cock into her on its first attempt, with no assistance. He
pounded into her as ferociously as his predecessor.

Colleen now realizing that being stuck seemed to be normal for
dogs was able to relax and enjoy this latest bestial fuck. She came
at least three times with this fucker's tube down her tunnel. But
knowing what to expect allowed her to concentrate on the filling
feeling it gave her. The knobs were actually thicker than the ram's
girth offered her.

When she felt this second wolf tying into her, she now knew what
to expect. But she was also getting Impatient for that third animal
looking on. She tried to get him to come to her. Clicking and
whistling and calling him out.

It took a few minutes, but the wolf came up to her face and started
licking her there and then down underneath to her hanging breast.
She just loved the rough texture of that tongue on her body. She
then reached under his belly and grasped his sturdy tool. It felt
slimy in her hands, but she was so far gone, she didn't let that
bother her.

With a slow back and forth move she proceeded to jerk the wild
beast off. As she continued doing so, she was slowly guiding him
by his dick to her face. Once he was close enough, she then ducked
her head under him and took his cock into her mouth, sucking
furiously on it.

The wolf didn't know anything about such behavior, but he didn't
seem to object either. His wolf brother didn't pay it no mind either
as he just fucked her pussy until nature told him that he was done.

The only thing Colleen wanted to make sure of, was not letting that
engorged knob in her mouth. For she feared that she wouldn't be
allowed to breathe for the twenty minutes of so it took theses
things to diminish in size. As she was sucking she could feel a slow
dribble of salty jism coming from the wolves penis tip.

'This can't be him cumming. It's so small and weak.' She was
thinking to herself, not yet comprehending that this was perfectly
normal in the canine species.

The one in her pussy finally came with such force that Colleen
almost bit down on the other's cock in her mouth. She just barely
restrained from doing so.

'Now that he's done, I'll probably have twenty minutes before he
releases me. My god what a bitch I've become.' She found that
thought funny. Calling herself a bitch just then, while she was being
fuck by wolves like one.

The cock in her mouth was stiffening as she continued to lick up
the trickle of jism. Then the trickle became a stream, and the
stream became a spray that she was finding hard to keep up with.
But keep up she did. Unlike with the ram, Colleen managed to
swallow everything that this beast had to offer her.

When the wolf at her head finished unloading he simply dismounted
and joined the first one. Lying down he went about cleaning
himself. This only left the one still tied to her. Colleen was finding
being tied to a beast to be yet another perverted pleasure in her
young sexual life, all of three days.

He spent two blissful and sexually active days with these warriors.
They had learned a lot from her. Specifically, the gang bang art of
fucking. Once, Colleen even managed to take five cocks into her at
the same time.

She had remembered the two in her pussy from the first night and
got them to repeat it, then she got another to mount her anal
passage and two more in her mouth at the same time. Granted she
couldn't deep throat them, but the ecstasy of this accomplishment
was mind bending. She must have orgasmed at least five times on
this one occasion alone.

Another time she had one of the wolves in her arsehole while she
was straddling the cock of the leader. She feared the knot of the
beast, but was reassure to know that her sphincter was to tight for
that ball of meat. So she settled into an enjoyable double fuck from
these two virile lovers.

Her teaching must have fed their imagination, for the warriors were
now coming up with their own creative scenarios for her. On this
day they had tied her, upside down to the rack that they used for
drying the animal skins.

She was tied at a height that placed her face level with their
crotches, while her pussy would be level to their mouths. In turn
they each proceeded to fuck her mouth and lick her to multiple
climaxes. In this position, Colleen found it almost impossible to
swallow most of their loads. She would continually cough it out,
let it run down her face, to her eyes and hair. For hours now they
had been at this latest game.

(continued in chapter Five)

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