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This story is based on the characters from the ABC TV show,
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the fantasy of mature
audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, rape, kidnap, gang-bang, lesbian,
bondage and bestiality.)

P.S. the use of the word negro is not meant to be derogatory in
any way, but was part of the vocabulary of the time period this story
unfolds in.

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the
other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Colleen Gets Educated
by David Oberman
[email protected]
Chapter Five
The Cavalry arrives

The U.S. Cavalry had a Company of Indian fighters composed
exclusively of Blacks. The American Indians called them 'Buffalo
Soldiers.' They knew of them as fierce fighters that never backed
down, never gave up. One such unit was scouting these woods for
them as they continued with Colleen's upside down gang bang.

A scout of the company rode ahead, looking for signs of the
renegade band, when he heard the moans that were unmistakably
female. He tied his horse to a branch and crept forward to
investigate. The scene that greeted him shocked and excited him.

There before him was the band they were looking for, raping and
torturing a young white girl. He should have turned back and
reported to his Sergeant immediately but he was enjoying the scene
too much. He unbuttoned his trouser and pulled out his own
impressive cock and started jerking himself while continuing to

He could see at least ten Indians, with stiff prongs themselves,
waiting for their turn to assault that poor white girls mouth. While
waiting they would pinch or stoke her now upturned tits. Those
are nice titties he had to admit to himself. For fear of being
discovered, he increased his tempo so that he could leave soon and
rejoin his company.

After shooting his load in the bushes that were hiding him from
view, he crept back to his mount and climbed on. Turning around
to head for his Company, stopping briefly to look back.
'Don't you worry ma'am. We'll be back to save yuh.' He told

The assault on Colleen's mouth was a musical chair affair. When
she was finished with one, another would take his place, while the
last would relax and recuperated. By the time the last would be
taking his turn the first would have a new hard-on for her. She had
already sucked them all twice, but the line remained full

The scout had finally rejoined his Company and started with his
report to his sergeant.

"Suh! I found the renegades." He reported. "I's counted maybe
ten to twelve of the savages, Suh."

"That's good, Corporal. Return in the ranks." The sergeant

"That's not all Sarge. They's also got a prisoner. A young girl.
They've been torturin' her somethin' awful, Suh." The Corporal
continued to report what he believed he saw.

"Mmmh!" The sergeant paused to reconsider his tactics. "This'll
change our plan of attack. Thanks Corporal, rejoin yur platoon."

"Yessuh!" And he rode to the rear of the lines.

Back at the renegades camp, Colleen was getting very dizzy from
her inverted position. But it still didn't deter her from enjoying the
task at hand. She wasn't quite sure when she accepted the fact that
she loved to swallow sperm, and she no longer cared. By this time
she was a total mess. With cum covering her body and face, but
she had also swallowed three times that much.

As the 'Buffalo Soldiers' approached stealthily, after having
received their orders from their sergeant. They were to encircle the
camp within a given time frame, and then launch their attack. Two
of the Negroes were instructed to free their captive while the
assault would take place and protect her at all cost. Now the trap
was near its completion. When the soldiers had gotten close
enough to see the assault of the white girl's body, it took each of
them all of the concentration they could muster to keep their mind
on the mission.

Finally, Sergeant Washington felt that all was set and fired the first
shot, which was the signal for his troops to open fire themselves.
In the midst of this surprise attack, the renegades were stumbling
left and right in sheer panic. For they had been caught with their
pants down, literally. One of the first to fall was the one fucking
Colleen in the mouth. He had slumped over her body just as he was
ejaculating, and slid slowly to the ground, pulling his still spurting
penis from her lips.

Colleen was confused as to what was going on. It took her a few
seconds to grasp that the camp was under attack. She could see the
Indians falling, shot, all around her.

Suddenly to Blackmen, in Army Blues, were running towards her.
Once they had reached her, they draped a blanket over her body
and proceeded to cut her down from her perch. Once on the
ground, Colleen found that she couldn't stand by herself and had to
be helped to safety by the two Negroes.

One of them, she wasn't quite sure, coped a feel of her firm
buttocks. With their weapons drawn, the Cavalry men led Colleen
to a predetermined location. They scooted to the river bank and lay
to the ground, waiting for the attack to end. Her two saviors trying
to see how the battle was going.

It only took a few minutes to dispatch the 'Dog Soldiers'. Not a
single one of them even managed to get off a shot in return. For all
intents and purpose, this was a massacre. Twelve unarmed Braves
lay in their own pool of blood.

The Sergeant soon arrived at her side to check on her condition.
The two guarding over her stood to attention at his approach.

"Are yuh all righ' ma'am?" He asked her.

"I... I think so." She stammered. "Who... who are you?" Colleen
asked in return.

"Sergeant Washington, 'B' Company out of Fort Simms, ma'am."
The Sergeant answered stiffly.

Colleen looked around to see the Company regrouping at their
Sergeant's side. She noticed that they were all Negroes, and looked
back at the Sergeant.

"You're, you're the ones that the Indians call Buffalo Soldiers, aren't

She felt weak kneed has she tried to continue with the conversation
and collapsed in exhaustion in front of them. The blanket that was
covering her body fell off of her exposing her young pert breasts
for all to see.

The Sergeant dismounted and covered her naked body. He then
ordered his men to set up camp here, and instructed the two who
had freed her to keep watch over her. He then turned and checked
on his men. His Company numbered twenty-five Negroes, all ex-
slave of the South.

As the soldiers settled down for the night, some were commenting
on the white girl that they had saved that day. On how nice a body
she had. Some were commenting on the scene before the attack
and how they wouldn't mind some of the same as a reward for
saving her. As the conversation wore on, they're excitement on
seeing her naked had a fair number of them rubbing the crotch of
their pants. For most were sporting hard-ons by this time.

Colleen slept for over five hours. When she woke she noticed that
it was dusk and that a campfires were burning nearby. She also
took notice that her face was recently washed of the drying cum
that had covered it earlier. The two men guarding over her noticed
that she was now awake and handed her a small parcel.

"Some clothes for yuh ma'am." One of them said. "We couldn' find
any of yurs. The Injuns musta tore 'em up, ma'am."

Colleen didn't bother trying to explain that three bank robbers had
destroyed all of her clothing some days ago. She accepted the
package gratefully and started dressing under the blanket covering
her still naked body. Once she was dressed the two men helped her
up and escorted her to the campfire to get warm.

Upon approaching the fires, Colleen could clearly see about twenty
Blackmen resting around three fires. At her approach most of them
got up to greet her. The Sergeant cut through his men to take her
by his bedding. She lay down and accepted food and a cup of
coffee that one of the men brought to her. As she began eating, the
Sergeant started to gather information from her about how she got

Colleen explained the events leading to her being in the hands of the
'Dog Soldiers.' The forest fires near Colorado Springs, that left the
town virtually deserted and vulnerable. About her helping her Ma,
Dr. Mike, at the clinic. The Bank robbery. Her kidnapping at the
hands of the bank robbing gang known as the Ferguson's. Their
trading her for safe passage to the Indians, and their deaths at the
hands of the 'Dog Soldiers.' She made sure to leave out all of the
details about the sexual assaults on her body.

The Sergeant took notes on all that she said in his logbook.
Occasionally glancing at her to catch a glimpse at her. The only
shirt that they had to spare was a bit too small, and her jutting tits
were stretching them tight against her young figure. He'd have to
shake himself back to listening to her recount her misadventure.

"Everythin' is all right now, Miss Cooper." He reassured her.

"Colleen, please." She responded. "When do you think that I'll be
able to get back home?"

"It won' be for a few days yet ma'am." He answered back. "Yuh's
a long way from Colorado Springs from here."

This didn't surprise her. She knew that with all of the riding that
she had done in the past days, that she was a long way from home.
Home, what a pleasure it was to know that she would be home
soon enough. She looked back at the Sergeant and caught him
staring at her body. After all that she had been through, it surprised
her a bit that this caused her to blush.

The Sergeant, realizing that he had been caught staring, casually
smiled back at her and got up to leave.

"Oh don't go." Colleen exclaimed. "I just want to talk some

The Sergeant sat back down.

"How did you get the name Washington?" She asked.

"Muh Master thought it would be funny, tha's all."

"Don't be ashamed of the name," she reassured him. "He was a
great man. And so are you, for saving me today."

"I had some help." He grinned back, nodding towards his men.

This brought a smile to her lips, which the Sergeant liked to see.
He could see how truly beautiful this young girl was under the
grime and dirt on her face. He reached into his backpack and
handed a bar of soap and cloth for Colleen to use.

She accepted gratefully and walked off towards the stream to wash
herself properly for the first time in almost a week. She was
accompanied by Jethro, one of the sergeant's Corporal. Upon
reaching the stream Colleen knelt down and began to wash her face
thoroughly. While she was doing this, Jethro was admiring her
buttocks in the tight pants that she was wearing now.

'Them's butiful rear she got there.' He thought to himself.

He could also make out her slim waistline where it met with the belt
of the pants. The sight excited him greatly and, without even
realizing what he was doing, he slowly started rubbing the crotch of
his pants to relieve himself. Earlier, among the other men, the
conversation was all about the goings on when they first arrived at
the Renegade camp. On how this whorish white girl was servicing
all of those savages.

Three of the men in the Company were used to servicing white
mistresses when they were still slaves in the South. They were
referred to by their white masters as Mandigos, because of the size
of their cocks. The smallest of the three had a cock of twelve
inches while the largest had an unbelievable eighteen inches. They
usually kept to themselves because of their special gifts. They were
always disgusted at the service that they had to perform in
servitude, for the white bitches that used them were all ugly as sin.
But tonight, the talk was about something that interested them
greatly. They hadn't had any white meat in years, and this one was
most appealing.

Colleen was not yet aware of the ruckus that her presence was
instilling among the Negro Cavalry Men around her as yet. She
was still washing her face. And when she turned her head as she
washed the back of her neck, she noticed that Jethro was rubbing
himself furiously while watching her. This caused her to smile at
him. It still amazed her, the power of the female body over men.

Jethro noticed that he had been caught in the act by the white girl
and immediately stopped what he was doing. He was surprised to
see the girl crawl up to him, still smiling.

'What she doin'?' He was asking himself.

The next thing he knew, she had her hand over his privates and
squeezed. This caused him to draw a deep breath. Colleen having
observed Jethro's reaction started to rub up and down the crotch of
the soldier, squeezing occasionally. Observing his reaction further,
she then began to open his trousers to gain access to his manhood.

Jethro couldn't believe what was happening to him. In all his life,
no white woman had ever shown any interest to niggers. But here
before him was a beautiful young white girl that was about to
service him, and he didn't think that she was a whore by profession.

Colleen finally unfastened Jethro's trousers and reached in and
pulled out his stiff prick. She had never seen a blackman's penis
and she was curious about how it would look like. She was
astonished to find that it looked just like the other men that had had
her recently, except for its dark color. She found the texture almost
satiny, which she found most pleasurable.

She started to slowly jerk his cock in a slow push-pull motion. By
this time, Jethro had overcome his initial shock of her advance and
his cock was surging even more than when it had been released by
Colleen. It was a nice sized cock, about eight inches. Colleen felt
that she could easily handle it, considering what she had learned by
her past abductors.

She leaned forward and licked the tip of Jethro's cock. She then
proceeded to lick its length. Jethro could only hold his breath as
she did so. When she got back to its tip Colleen let it enter her
mouth and slowly started to suck on it. She pushed her head down
easily, reaching his pubic hair in one single try. She then proceeded
to let him fuck her throat as he wished.

Jethro took her cue and started to pump his hips into her face,
enjoying the sensation of her tongue and throat on his blood
engorged prick. He grabbed her by the head and plunged her
forcibly into his crotch. After a few minutes he could feel himself
reaching his climax and shoved her tight against himself to make
sure that she would swallow his load.

Had he known how much Colleen has come to love the taste of it,
he probably wouldn't have bothered. As it was Colleen was willing
to let him use her as he liked. It was the least that she could do to
show some appreciation to her rescuers. She hadn't quite figured
out what to do about the rest of them yet, but she was sure that she
would think of something eventually.

After a few minutes to rest up Colleen and Jethro made their way
back to the main camp. Noticing their approach, most of the men
got up and smiled at her. It was while passing them that Colleen
first noticed that most of them were sporting stiff penises in their
trousers. As she passed one of the Mandingos, she felt a hand grasp
her buttocks, which brought out an excited squeal from her throat.

She looked the man straight in the eyes and smiled. Seeing that this
white woman didn't object, the remainder of the men formed a
gauntlet before her. Colleen couldn't quite figure out what was
going on. When Jethro gave a slight push forward, she resumed
walking on.

As soon as she entered the gauntlet the first hands groped her ass.
Then rubbing her waist. Colleen was finding this attention amusing
and exciting. The deeper she got into the gauntlet, the bolder the
men got. Finally, one of the other Mandingos squeezed her perky
breast through her tight shirt, this caused her to breathe in a deep
breath in pleasure.

She couldn't wait to see what could possibly happen next, so she
continued forward into the black abyss of Blackmen before her.
Now the men were getting more and more excited themselves.
They started grabbing her clothing and pulling in different
directions. A loud ripping sound signaled the end of the shirt, as it
was pulled in two directions, leaving her torso bare for all to see.

The sight of this white beauty was more than enough for the men to
unfasten their trousers and pull out their cocks and to pleasure
themselves. Colleen couldn't believe the scenery now surrounding
her. Two dozen Blackmen exposed and masturbating before her.
Because of her.

She could never have imagined in her virgin mind the shear
diversity in cock shapes. She could see short stubby ones, long thin
ones, long thick ones, and then she noticed the three Mandingos and
she could only gasp at the sight. One of them actually needed both
of his hands to support his member while stroking himself.

A large black hand grasped her wrist and pulled it towards his cock.
Colleen didn't resist, she took hold of it and started a slow up down
stroking motion for him. Then another took hold of her other hand
and guided to his, and Colleen complied with no hesitation.

While she was busy stroking these two, others were playing with
her tits. Squeezing and pinching which only pleasured her the
more. Then one got the courage to bend forward to suckle one of
her nipples to he delight. Another followed suit.

As the others continued watching the action, those that were close
to her were now busily unfastening the trousers that she was
wearing. When they were finally done, she could feel the cool air
caressing her pussy hair as the pants were pulled down to her
ankles. This was soon followed by fingers probing her groin and
ass areas.

She tried to give greater access to her treasure, but with the
trousers tying her ankles together the only way to accomplish it was
by squatting in order to spread her knees. With all of the bodies
surrounding her and jostling her she was finding it very difficult to
maintain her balance.

While stroking two new cocks, she felt a hand on her shoulder
pushing down on her. Driving her to her knees before them. She
didn't resist and she suspected what was to come, and looking
forward to it as well.

Once on her knees she found herself at crotch level with, looking
up, Sergeant Washington. He had taken notice of the disturbance
and came to investigate. He too had noticed how beautiful she was
and how talented she was with the Indians. Now before her, he had
his own trousers pulled down and his very respectable eight incher
stiff for her care.

While never losing her grip on the cocks in her hand, she stretched
her neck forward and started licking the Sergeant's cock before his
men. This got some of the men so excited that they lost patience
for waiting their turn in her hands and frantically began stroking

One of the men got on his back and slid himself under her crotch
and started licking her leaking pussy. Another moan escaped her
cock stuffed lips. Then she felt a finger probing inside her anal
passage and she instinctively moved forward to avoid it. This
drove her to start swallowing the sergeant's prick down her throat,
which by now was old hat for her.

She felt the two men in her hands jerk and started shooting their
loads on either side of her face. The cum dripping down her chin.
She then could feel more cum load striking her breast, nipples and
even her back. Opening her eyes to find out what was going on,
she saw that nearly half of the men were now climaxing all over her
body. The Sergeant came himself soon after. As soon as he
vacated his position another man covered it.

Colleen didn't know how long she could keep going like this. Her
arms were now getting very tired. She had stroke at least a dozen
men and sucked off six. Three men gulped down her own juices
while all of this was going on and yet she couldn't bring herself to
stop. She also realized that some of them were behind her, for
occasionally she would be poked by a stiff, warm, slick member.

The one that she presently sucking off got a signal from his
comrade behind her, and slid down to his knees, forcing her to bend
at the waist so as to not lose his cock. This presented her ass to the
stiff cock that was previously poking her in the back. Her eyes
popped open when she started to feel the pressure from behind.
She didn't resist, I mean she had the experience before and she had
enjoyed it greatly, once the initial pain of the penetration passed

So here she was with a cock in each hand, a face in her pussy under
her, a cock in her mouth at the front, while another was penetrating
her shithole. To say that her position was awkward would have
been an understatement. The only reason that she wasn't about to
fall on her face was that three pairs of hands were busily groping
her tits while also supporting her body for her.

And with all of this, none of the three Mandingos had yet
approached her. The sight of their gigantic pricks still haunted her
mind, and she couldn't wait for them to take her as well. But these
men could afford to be patient. Their training as Mandingos
included tremendous control. They could lost for almost an hour
before ejaculating. This was a requirement from their ugly white
bitch masters. Now for once this would serve them.

This Company gang bang had now been going on for almost two
hours and over half of the men had now given up from shear
exhaustion. Colleen was determined to finish them all off before
the night was over. She was now down to nine men left, counting
the unused Mandingos.

She got one of the men to lie on the ground and with her back to
him slowly inserted his stiff rod up her anal passage. Once this was
accomplished, she leaned back to lie across his chest and invited
one of his buddies to tit fuck her, and yet another to get inside of
her pussy.

'That takes care of three,' she thought.

Next she leaned her head back and invited another into her greedy
mouth and started sucking him off at the same time, four! And with
her free hands she grasped another two and started stroking those.
Six, six cocks at the same time, she amazed herself.

'I wonder how much Hank would pay for this kind of service,' she
thought to herself. 'Stop that! I'm not a whore. Or am I?' She was
now getting confused as to her community standing after all of this.

She was trying to time it so that everyone would cum
simultaneously. With all of her experience recently, it was the only
thing that she couldn't recall ever happening and she wanted to feel
it here, now.

Watching silently in the darkness, the three Mandingos couldn't help
but be amazed themselves. This white girl didn't seem to have any
limits as to what she could or would do. They looked at each other
and agreed on how to handle her when the time came.

It didn't take long for the seven on the ground to succumb to the
lust filled air in the camp. Colleen was pleased when she got her
wish. All seven of them, Colleen included, came together in one
thunderous climax. Cum was now shooting all around her as well
as inside her body. She could feel the cum escaping her orifices
from the volume that was being injected. Even her mouth wasn't
able to contain the cum that she was so desperately trying to
swallow, but her excitement and her own climax wouldn't let her
concentrate on the task. She simply surrendered to the drenching
and collapsed with the rest of them.

The only one's left standing were the three Mandingos. Now it
would be their turn

(continued in chapter Six)

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