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This story is based on the characters from the ABC TV show,
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the fantasy of mature
audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, rape, kidnap, gang-bang, lesbian,
bondage and bestiality.)

P.S. the use of the word negro is not meant to be derogatory in
any way, but was part of the vocabulary of the time period this story
unfolds in.

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the
other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Colleen Gets Educated
by David Oberman
[email protected]
Chapter Seven
The Final Rescue

When Sergeant Washington discovered the three missing men had
absconded with Miss Cooper, he immediately dispatched Jethro and
three others in pursuit.

They had tracked them for days now. Losing the trail on many
occasions and needing to backtrack before finding it again. It
wasn't until they noticed the horses tethered in a makeshift coral
that they knew they had found their deserters.

Dismounting Jethro passed on his instructions to his men to look
for their camp. It took them a while to locate the cave entrance in
the cliff face. Once at the entrance they could make out sounds
coming from inside. They knew right off what those sounds were.
The deserters were having their fun with the white girl that they had
had themselves just a few nights before.

'Just like wit' them Injuns.' Jethro thought to himself. 'That gurl is
becoming the best bait the Cavalry ever had.'

He signaled his men to enter the cave quietly. If they were lucky
they could capture them without firing a shot. Slowly, deftly the
four men made their way inside, following the sound of fucking
deep down inside. Trying to keep the noise down they approached
the deserters.

Colleen was still skewered on Samual and Kikoo's cocks, between
their bodies. Her feet dangling a foot of the ground, with her juices
running down her calves to puddle on the ground beneath her.
They were oblivious to the approaching men down the tunnel.

Jericho, sitting in the corner was the first to hear the noise from the
entrance and reached for his rifle just as Jethro and his men burst
into the scene. One of them noticed Jericho reaching for his gun
and opened fire, missing.

Jericho was much more accurate, shooting two of them down
before dropping dead to the ground from a head shot, but not
before his final shot killed Jethro's last man. Samuel and Kikoo
were not as fortunate as Jericho. Still stuck up Colleen's lean body,
they were killed before realizing what was happening.

All three of them collapsed to the ground. Kikoo with his cock still
imbedded in Colleen's cunt fell first, dragging the other two on top
of his breathless body. Their bodies never disconnecting. Colleen's
breath was knocked out of her has Samual's full dead weight fell on
top of her. Trapped between them she orgasmed.

As indignant as it may seem, Colleen felt their death throes deep
inside her churning innards. In one final act, the dead bodies of
Samual and Kikoo shot their last load deep inside of her and she
came again.

Jethro looked at the carnage before him. The deserters dead, so
apparently was their hostage. His men lying dead around him.
What a disaster this turned out to be. Just as he was about to leave
he heard a low moan. Turning with his weapon at the ready he
searched for the source of the sound.

It seemed to be coming from the tangled naked bodies in the middle
of the cave. Approaching them cautiously he saw movement
coming from the pile of flesh. What he saw was white flesh, the
hostage. She was still alive.

Putting his rifle down, he went over and lifted the dead body of
Samual off of Colleen's weak body. He heard a pop has the dead
cock came out of her asshole. He then lifted her slowly off of
Kikoo's dead stiff spear, this seemed to take forever. He knew how
long Kikoo's and the others pricks were.

After a long effort, he finally had her cunt free of that cock as well.
Looking around in the cave, he noticed the cot in the corner. He
walked over to it and deposited the semi-conscious Colleen in it,
covering her naked body with a blanket.

Seeing all of the dried cum on her body, he then got a cloth from
his saddlebag and proceeded to wash off her body while she was
still sleeping. Pulling down the blanket, exposing her naked body
to his eyes was a challenge to his libido. But he managed to stifle
his immediate urge to assault her unconscious form nonetheless.
After completing this task, he covered her up again and turned his
attention to the next task. Removing the dead bodies from the
cave. He went back outside to prepare graves for the dead men.

Upon his return he noticed that Colleen was starting to stir from her
slumber. He picked up the discarded clothes that she had worn
before and lay it out for her for when she was ready. Her eyes
fluttered open and she gasped when she noticed him in the cave.
Looking around, she couldn't see any of her Negro lovers.

"They's all dead ma'am." He answered her querying eyes.

"Yo... you killed them?" She asked him.

"Yes'm. Din't have no choice, ma'am. They wen' for their guns."

Colleen was in shock. Both from the death of her powerful lovers
and from hatred for this man for killing them. Jethro offered he a
cup of hot coffee that he had been preparing. She accepted it

"Yu know they's would'a killed yuh later on don' yuh ma'am?"
Jethro asked her.

"They wouldn't have done that." She answered back angrily.

"Yes'm they would'a." He told her bluntly. "Wouldn' have no other
choice, miss. If anybody found out wha' they done to ya they
would'a been hung to the nearest tree."

Colleen reflected on this and conceded that he was probably right.
Her anger over him subsided soon after. He could see the change
in her attitude change gradually, and he was pleased that she no
longer regarded him with that evil stare that first struck when she
first woke up. She relaxed more and let the blanket slip away from
her body as she took a sip from the coffee, exposing her naked top
to her rescuer.

He then returned to the task of removing the dead bodies from the
cave. In her present condition, he knew that it would be a few days
before they could try to leave this place. He might as well make it
as comfortable as possible in the meantime.

He had very little problem with the bodies, that is until he tried to
drag the giant form of Kikoo. At over three hundred pounds, it
proved to be an insurmountable task for his small frame. He had to
resort to a rather undignified solution. He went over to the coral
and brought in one of the horses to use to drag the limp body of his
former comrade.

The horse stood by the cot while Jethro tied a rope around Kikoo's
body. The smell of sex permeated the cave, this did not go
unnoticed by the huge beast. His cock was slowly emerging from
its sheath under his belly, right next to Colleen's semi conscious

She would occasionally flutter her eyes open, simply to close them
soon after. It was in one such instance that she noticed the beast
next to her. This woke her wide up as she stared at the
unbelievable sight developing before her eyes. In a matter of
seconds, it seemed, the horse had exposed his huge cock. A cock
that surpassed even poor Kikoo.

It wasn't fully erect yet, but already it was over two feet in length
and almost reached the ground under him. In fact it was so close to
cot level that all she needed to do was to reach out to touch it. And
this was an opportunity that she couldn't let slip by.

With his back turned to her, Jethro was not yet aware of what was
about to occur. He was still too busy with getting Kikoo's body
ready to be dragged outside by the beast. He could hear the great
best snort repeatedly for reasons yet unknown to him

When Colleen's hand first made contact with that pulsing member,
she was astounded at the power that could be felt from it. As blood
continued to surge through the member, it began to straighten itself
up and away from the ground and be parallel to its great belly. All
the while it would be snorting its satisfaction on her manipulations.

Soon it had risen up and away from her stroking affection. But she
didn't want to lose this opportunity. So despite her weak condition
she slowly got up from the cot, dropping the blanket that Jethro
had place on her to the ground before her and stumbled slightly to
the horse and knelt under him.

Jethro heard the commotion and turned to see the white girl below
the great beast, not paying any attention to his presence, but rather
staring blankly up at the horses monstrous penis. He was about to
take her back to her bedding when he saw her reach up to the
horses cock and start a slow stroking motion along its length. That
stopped him cold as he fell on his rear at this display of perversity.

Colleen could no longer control herself in sexual matters. It
seemed that whenever she would get close to a stiff cock, she
would have to take it. She was enjoying the heat that was
emanating from this king of cocks.

As she continued her ministration of its member she noticed a
droplet of pre-cum forming at the head of the cock. Having tasted
bestial cum on many occasions now, she wanted to find out what
horse juice would taste like. So, slowly, inexorably, she raised
herself from the ground and licked the droplet from its source with
her tongue and swirled it in her mouth before swallowing it.

Jethro was shocked. He knew that such a scene should repulse him
but instead he found it to be the most erotic thing that he had ever
seen. And he had witnessed a lot, besides her gang bang
performance and rape from earlier. He took out his own cock and
started to stroke himself while not disturbing Colleen in her
exploring the horse's member.

Having enjoyed her first taste of horse cum, she decided that she
wanted more and began to lick the huge member along its whole
length to get it to release to her. When she got to his balls, she was
startled to see the size, and expected them to give her a huge load
when they would empty themselves.

She slid her tongue back to the head of the horse cock and licked
all around that as well. She then got the urge to suck on it. She
didn't know if her mouth could accommodate something so large,
but she was willing to try nonetheless.

So, hesitantly, she place her lips directly before the great staff and
kissed it. Them slowly parted them to allow it to enter. At first she
couldn't manage, but after working her jaw muscles to their limit
she eventually got the first inch inside her oral cavity.

Jethro was enthralled by the sight before him. Never in his life
could he ever have imagined something like this be possible, never
mind witnessing such a feat. His hand was now a blur of motion as
he jerked himself off uncontrollably. He continued to watch
Colleen, wondering what else she would do to please the great

Colleen wasn't about to stop there, she started pushing her face
forward, trying to get more of it inside her over stretched lips. She
knew that she could never take the full two feet, but she still
wanted more than what she presently had inside.

The horse, feeling his member in the confines of her mouth reacted
instinctively and fucked forward, sending Colleen sprawling under
him. Jethro was about to go help her up when she raised herself on
her own, only to return to the great cock above her head.

She got it back inside her sucking lips and held to the horses stalk,
in anticipation to his next stroke. This time she managed to stay
steady before its power. The horses savage shove also forced in
another two inches of its prick inside the tight confines of her

Though Colleen wanted more, she had to accept the fact that her
small mouth probably could never manage such a feat. So she
satisfied herself to what she presently had and with her hands on the
huge cock began to jerk the big animal off so that she could receive
his jism.

She would slide her hand to arms length along the stalk and still
couldn't touch its balls at the end. This was a slight disappointment
to her, but it did not diminish her resolve on making him cum. She
continued to stroke it as best that her human body could manage,
all the while sucking feverishly on the three inches in her mouth.
Using her tongue on it whenever there was room in her stuffed
mouth to move it around.

Jethro just stared at the scene as he began to cum himself.
Obviously he couldn't expect to have the same stamina than a horse,
but he had hoped to hold off a bit longer than he did. Keeping his
hand on his cock, he was surprised to find that it was showing no
sign of losing its stiffness. He believed that Colleen's performance
in front of him had a lot to do with this.

The horse was nearing its own first climax and was hrumphing
repeatedly now. Under him Colleen's hands felt the first surge of
cum long before it ever reached her mouth. She was amazed that
she could feel it as it was making its way inside the cock.

Then it hit her full force within her mouth. The first jet was so
powerful that it almost blew her right off the cockhead, but
somehow she managed to stay with it. So much cum was now
surging inside her mouth that it ballooned her cheeks and was
trying to escape its confines by any means, even through her nose.
She would have loved to take it all but it was so much more than
she had ever gotten in a single fuck.

She swallowed as much as she could and as fast as she could but
still a large amount of it was escaping her sucking mouth, dripping
onto he breast and nipples only to run down her body to the
ground. She enjoyed feeling the warm fluid as it ran over her breast
and dropped one hand to them to rub it into her soft skin.

Jethro got up and stood next to her and began to jerk himself,
trying to shoot before she would finish off the beast. It didn't take
long, the sight of the horse cum pouring out of her clenching lips
was more than enough to get him to his own climax.

His first shot hit Colleen square on the face. This brought her
attention in his direction. Only then did she even notice that she
wasn't alone. At first she began to panic, but seeing his cock in his
hand shooting its load towards her quickly settled her fears. She
never even released the horse cock during her brief shock of being

Jethro just smiled down at her as he continued to shoot his jism
over her tits, mixing it with the horse juice. He was pleased to see
the smiling gleam in her eyes as she looked straight at him for the
first time since she started fooling with the horse. This only
encouraged him to continue what he was doing and he continued to
shoot his own load over her excited body.

To Colleen it felt as if gallons of the horsy sperm was being
pumped into her. It didn't seem to want to end. But she never
gave up on her task of swallowing as much as she could. In its own
excitement, the horse was also demonstrating his climax by
stomping his hooves all around Colleen's body that was still under

Seeing the danger that this could present to the girl, Jethro acted
quickly to hold down the steed. He then hobbled its legs which
stopped any further stomping. This permitted Colleen to finish with
no further fear of being killed accidentally.

After what seemed an eternity, she removed her mouth from the
ejaculating horse cock. Only a slow trickle was escaping it now.
But to Colleen's delight, it remained as stiff as ever. Looking over
to the Negro Jethro with pleading eyes she stood up next to the
horse wobbly on her legs.

Jethro believed that she had had enough and was trying to get back
to the bed. You can well imagine his shocked expression when he
saw bend at the waist while grasping hold of the horse cock, and
aiming it at her cunt.

Looking up at him she asked pleadingly. "Please Jethro. Help me
get him inside my hole."

He didn't think that this would be a good idea, but he was finding
himself moving towards her to assist nonetheless. Before
attempting to insert that huge cock into her pussy, he couldn't help
but take a lick of that succulent delight for himself. Colleen
moaned in pleasure at feeling his tongue penetrate past her vaginal
lips. He continued this for a few minutes then reluctantly complied
to her desire and aimed the giant horse cock to her pussy lips.

He slowly stroked it against her pussy lips rubbing hard against the
pliant skin folds. Even though he enjoyed watching her suck the
great beast, he just couldn't bring himself to such a monstrous thing
in her twat, so he lied.

"I's sorry Miss, but it much to big foah yuh." He told her.

"Then at least get him to squirt inside of my hole, Jethro." She

Upon her insistence to pursue the matter, he conceded to her wish
and began to jerk the horse off. Aiming the head at Colleen's pussy.
To make sure that the horse jism would enter her, Colleen spread
open her ass cheeks, which opened up her twat, she was greatly
disappointed to find out, from Jethro that the horse's cock wouldn't
be able to fit.

As Jethro continued to jerk on the equine cock, he would rub its
cockhead against Colleen's gapping pussy which brought out a gasp
from her lips. She had never felt such heat from any of her past
fuckers. With each contact against her skin, brought her to more

All the while, her back was rubbing itself against the horses rough
fur at his under belly, she found the sensation exhilarating. It only
served to intensify her next climax. Occasionally she would have to
release her buttocks in order to regain her balance by holding to the
stallions forelegs. After a few minutes rest she would return to
open her rear.

This went on for fifteen minutes and Jethro changed hands twice
because they would tire from the jerking motion. But then he
started to feel the juices flowing within the cockshaft and aimed it
towards her gapping twat.

"Yuh ready Miss." He asked her unnecessarily. "cuz here it

Colleen braced herself, trying to look back for the showering she
was about to receive. Unfortunately, it didn't offer any kind of
view. Then suddenly the first splash of horse jism hit her pussy full
on. The scalding heat of the liquid caused her to scream out loud.
Not in pain, but in enthusiasm.

Jethro kept a tight hold on the horse's cock, trying to keep its aim
steady to her open pussy. He could clearly see the juices shooting
right inside her love tunnel, then surging back out. He then took
the initiative and shoved the cockhead right up against her open
twat and let the cum shoot directly into her young body.

Colleen could feel the direct contact against her pussy as soon as it
happened which triggered yet another orgasm on her part. She
couldn't help but wiggle slightly in her excitement, which caused
one cum spurt to hit her clit with such force that she went numb at
her legs and fell to her knees.

With the horse still cumming, she was now being sprayed all over
her back and even her hair was getting soaked thoroughly. Not
wanting to let it go to waste she turned herself around and opened
her mouth as wide as she could.

Jethro saw her change position and tried aiming the horse cock to
her face and mouth, but not before a few spurts splashed against
her bare breast. Colleen took in a deep breath from that assault as
well. Finally Jethro managed to get his aim right, and Colleen could
enjoy her second meal of horse cum today.

After what seemed an eternity the horse finally emptied his balls and
his cock was slowly receding back into its furry sheath. Exhausted,
Colleen lay on the cum soaked ground under the great beast licking
the overflow of cum off of her body.

Jethro just watched enthralled at the white woman that could do
such things. Not that he was disgusted in any way. At first, he
thought such behavior to be unnatural. But when his body reacted
with such excitement, he just couldn't see anything wrong with it,

He removed the ropes that had hobbled the stallion during this fuck
session and led it back to the coral. Upon his return he saw that
young Colleen had once more passed out from exertion. Seeing her
body covered with horse cum, he knelt next to her and proceeded
to clean her up.

Once he finished with that, he then lifted her into his arms and laid
her onto the cot and covered her still naked body with a fresh
blanket. Then turned his attention at preparing some food. He
expected her to be very hungry when she wakes up.

(continued in chapter Eight)

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