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This story is based on the characters from the ABC TV show,
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the fantasy of mature
audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, rape, kidnap, gang-bang, lesbian,
bondage and bestiality.)

P.S. the use of the word negro is not meant to be derogatory in
any way, but was part of the vocabulary of the time period this story
unfolds in.

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the
other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Colleen Gets Educated
by David Oberman
[email protected]
Chapter Eight
The Final Rescue

After what seemed hours Colleen was slowly awakening to the
smell of food cooking over the campfire. Jethro had managed to
snare a rabbit nearby and was preparing it. He looked up and
smiled when he noticed her starting to stir back to life. She slowly
rose from the cot, unintentionally letting the blanket slip from her
body, exposing her nakedness to his gaze.

"yuh can get dressed anytime, miss." He gazed at her naked breast.
"I put down yur clothes there."

Pointing to the boulder next to her cot. Colleen looked at them and
turned her head to Jethro and smiled, not bothering to cover herself
up. Looking at him intently she now recognized him as the one that
had escorted her to the stream to wash up back with the Company.
She also recalled that he was the first black cock that she had taken.
This memory brought a pleasant smile to her face.

Jethro was wondering what this crazy white woman was thinking
about, just as he himself was recalling his own first time by the
stream. He could still remember her soft lips over his stiff cock
sucking the life out of it. Remembering also the gang bang that she
had endured at the hands of the Indians before her rescue by his
Company, and the one that she performed with them that same

He was also remembering the sight that greeted him when he
entered this cave and saw her limp body dangling between the two
Mandingos. Closing his eyes, he could clearly see as their huge
cocks had her trapped on them, not even letting her touch the soil.
She was supported strictly by their stiffness. That would be a
memory that would remain imbedded in his mind for years to come.
And finally, her last feat of satisfying a stallion before him only a
few short hours ago.

As he continued visualizing these scenes, Colleen noticed the bulge
forming in his pant uniform. On weak legs she slowly got out of
the cot and wobbled unsteadily towards the sitting Jethro. He had
his eyes closed and wasn't even aware of her approach until she fell
over him in exhaustion.

He grabbed the first thing at hand to stop her fall, which happened
to be one of Colleen's pert breast. The feel of it under his fingers
was so nice that he started to massage it slowly, bringing a soft
moan of pleasure from her half conscious lips. He then brought his
thick black lips to the nipple and kissed it tenderly.

Colleen just grabbed the back of his skull and crushed him further
into her cleavage. Jethro, being no dummy laid her down to the
ground next to him and proceeded to make mad passionate love to
this white goddess. He nuzzled her neck, then moved to her ear
lobes and nibbled on those for a while.

His hands were kept busy also. They were tenderly stroking her
body from her breast, down along her slim waist to her thighs. He
loved the feel of her soft skin, and from her response, he could tell
that she was liking it as well.

After a few minutes more of this foreplay he needed to strip down
before going any further. Releasing her, he swiftly removed his
boots, to be followed by his pants, shirt and underwear. He now
stood naked before her prone body.

Looking up from the ground, Colleen gave him a youthful smile and
reached up to invite him to her body. He accommodated her with
no hesitation. He caressed her nipples once more before easing his
stiff cock between her legs towards her sexually ravaged cunt.

With all of the fucking that Colleen had handled over the last, was it
weeks now, she was amazed at how much her body was responding
to Jethro's caring lovemaking. Despite the looseness of her pussy
now, she felt more pleasure from this act of tenderness than from all
of her previous fuck session.

Jethro's cock was minute compared to something like Kikoo's, but
the sensation was infinitely more pleasurable. He managed to love
her this way for fifteen long minutes before he felt himself discharge
into her womb.

Colleen just hugged him lovingly, truly lovingly. For the first time
she responded out of love rather than lust. They spent the next few
nights nestled in each other. Making love at least twice a day, but
doing it out of love rather than animalistic desire.


Back in Colorado Springs, the forest fire that had started this whole
misadventure had finally been beaten down, eight days after
Colleen's abduction. It was the longest eight days of Dr. Quinn and
Scully's lives, and the townsfolk's as well.

Though they all wanted to go out after the men that had taken their
sweet Colleen from them. They knew that they couldn't until the
fires were brought under control. Once that accomplished search
parties were organized by the town mayor, Jake Slicker, and the

Teams of five went scouring in all directions trying to find a fresh
trail to follow. But after eight days all trails were stale and wiped

Scully, along with Cloud Dancing and Matthew never gave up the
search. They went towards the Yellow Hills and found nothing.
They backtracked in the opposite direction and still found nothing.
Finally they expanded their search further.

That's when they came across Sergeant Washington's patrol. The
sentry almost shot Cloud Dancing at his approach but was stopped
when Scully and Matthew placed themselves in his line of shot.
They met with the Sergeant and explained their situation. They
were ecstatic upon learning that Colleen had been rescued from
'Dog Soldiers' by his men.

But their jubilation was brought back down when they learned that
three of his men had deserted, taking her with them. He gave them
the direction that they were heading and let them know that he had
already dispatched a patrol to hunt them down.

The three mounted up and headed in the direction indicated by
Sergeant Washington. This trail was only a few days old. Hard to
track but not impossible. Between Scully and Cloud Dancing's
tracking skills they were approaching their goal. Finding the
missing Colleen.


Back in the cave, Colleen and Jethro had finally gotten dressed and
were preparing what to do next when Jethro heard the horses
outside. Shushing her , he grabbed his rifle and slowly made his
way towards the entrance.

He could see three men nearby. One of them being and Indian. He
slowly raised his rifle and took aim. Just then Matthew started
calling out her name.

"Colleen! Where are you?" He yelled. "Please answer little sister."

Upon hearing him Colleen ran towards the entrance.

"Matthew, is that you." She yelled back.

All three of them heard her echoing voice coming from the cliff and
started running towards it. When they got close to the mouth of
the cave they came face to face with the gun wielding Jethro.

"No don't shoot them Jethro. They're my family." She yelled at
him from the back of the cave.

He dropped the aim of his gun and let them into the cave. It was a
tearful reunion inside. They went into the shelter of the cave camp
where Colleen proceeded to tell them of her misadventure, leaving
out all of her sexual escapades of course. On how the three bank
robbers had traded her to the 'Dog Soldiers'. Of how Sergeant
Washington and his Company had saved her from them. And her
abduction by the three deserters and her eventual rescue by Jethro,
the Negro now sitting with them.

Matthew extended his hand to him and shook it firmly, thanking
him for saving his baby sister. Jethro smiled back at him and said
that it was nothing at all. He liked these people. They didn't treat
him like a something, but rather like a someone.

After agreeing to rest for the night, they decided that they would be
heading back to Colorado Springs and home at daybreak. Colleen
approached Jethro and began talking to him in a low whisper.

"I hope that you'll come visit us sometime soon." She said.

"I'd like that miss." Jethro answered her.

"Colleen, call me by my name." She corrected him, adding. "My

Her last words caught him by surprise. Could this white woman
have really professed her love for him, a Negro. Looking into her
eyes he could see that she really did mean what she said. It was
then that he made his decision to quit the Cavalry at the first
opportunity in order to join his Colleen in Colorado Springs.


There was a town celebration when they returned. Everybody was
overjoyed at seeing young Colleen Cooper back safe and sound.
Jethro received handshakes and slaps in the back from most of the
men, even the bigoted Hank offered his accolades.

Jethro met Robert E. and his wife Grace, who invited him to their
home for supper. He also accepted with pleasure the invitation
from Dr. Quinn to sup with them before he left. He was looking
forward to that and seeing Colleen one last time before returning to
his command.

Dr. Mike took Colleen into the Clinic to give her a thorough
examination after her ordeal. Theresa accompanied them to assist.
Followed behind by Dr. Andrew Cook, Colleen's fiancÚ. This was
something that Jethro was not aware of as yet.

Once inside, diminishing the extent of the sexual assaults that she
had endured, Colleen admitted to her Ma that she had been taken
by some of the men that had her captive over the past weeks, it was
just at this moment that Andrew entered the clinic. He overheard
enough to know that his Colleen was damaged goods. He stumbled
back outside and ran down the streets, not even hearing Colleen call
him from inside.

Colleen did not chase after Andrew to get his support. She had
already decided that she wanted to be with the Negro Jethro for the
rest of her life. She then turned back towards Dr. Mike and
pleaded her not to let Scully know. It would serve no purpose she
explained. The men were all dead now, the last being killed by her
rescuer Jethro outside.

Michaela was besides herself upon hearing that her daughter had
been repeatedly raped. Thankfully Theresa was with her and
consoled them both. After a while Dr. Mike was able to resume her
examination of Colleen. She determined that in fact her hymen was
now gone. There were some bruising along her calf, but that was
minor. Over all she was happy to see that there were no bad
injuries for them to be concerned about.

But just in case, she thought it best if Colleen stayed at the Clinic
over the next few days, just as a precaution. Colleen didn't mind
this for it would let her be close to Jethro a little while longer.
When Dr. Quinn mentioned that she would stay there, Theresa

"Dr. Quinn. You needn't worry about Colleen tonight. I will stay
with her." She offered. "You should go home with the rest of your
family and baby Kathy."

"But..." Michaela tried to explain.

"No buts Doctor. You also are exhausted. When was the last time
that you had a good nights sleep?" Theresa asked her.

After due consideration, Dr. Mike had to agree that she hadn't
really slept well ever since Colleen's abduction almost nine days
ago. She conceded and assured Colleen that she would be back
first thing in the morning. She also let her know that she would
bring back a nice dress from the homestead. Giving her a kiss on
the forehead she left, leaving Theresa Slicker to care for her
daughter tonight.

Colleen went up to the upper level of the Clinic where the rooms
were located and settled herself in one of the recuperating rooms.
As she was turning over the sheets of the bed she heard Grace
arriving with some food for her. The three of them chatted for a
while as she consumed one of Grace's home cooked feast. It has
been so long since she had tasted anything so good.

When she was done Grace left the Clinic with the now empty tray.
"My that child was hungry." She said as she walked out the door.

Outside, Grace crossed paths with Jake. "Good evening Mr.

"Good evening Grace. Have you seen my wife." He asked her.

"Why yes, she's inside the Clinic with Colleen." She told Jake.

"Thanks. Have a nice evening." He said cordially.

Jake's marriage to the beautiful seniorita Theresa had changed him
for the better, Grace had to admit. He was no longer the bully and
bigot that she had known when Robert E and she first got married
some years ago. She turned and headed home herself to her own
husband and guest. The hero of the day Jethro Muldoon.

Jake got to the door and rapped on it a few times. Theresa
answered the door promptly.

"Hello Jake." She said, letting him in the Clinic.

"I was wondering when you'd be coming home." Jake asked of his

"Not tonight Jake. I offered to stay overnight with Colleen to give
Dr. Quinn an opportunity to rest proper."

She could see the disappointment on his face. She reached her
hand up to it and caressed it tenderly. He kissed the palm of it as it
passed his lips.

'How wrong my aunt was about this man.' She reflected.

Recalling the opposition the matriarch of her family had opposed
her marrying him. She lifted herself on her toes to kiss her husband
good night and promised to see him tomorrow. Jake returned her
kiss and told her how much he would miss her company tonight,
and left to return to the house that they had just finished building
for themselves at the outskirts of the town.

Theresa watched as he disappeared in the darkness of the streets,
then quietly closed the door. She turned down the lights and
returned upstairs to attend to Colleen. For she knew from
experience what she must have gone through. For unbeknownst to
Jake, she too had been raped when she was younger. This was a
secret that they would never share.

But today, it was young Colleen that required her help in dealing
with the torment that she had faced. Luckily, she knew how to
soothe her from this ordeal. The same way that her family had
aided her, so many years ago. And so she too went up the stairs to
join her in her bedroom.

Knocking on the door before going in, Theresa entered Colleen as
she was stripped down to he skin. She was just about to slip on the
nightgown that Miss Dorothy had brought over for her from Orin's
store. Hearing the door open behind her caused her to turn around
to see who it was, she didn't even bother to cover herself with her
hands. After her ordeal she wasn't even self conscious about
displaying her naked body to the intruder.

Seeing that it was Miss Theresa, she quietly resumed dressing.
Theresa noticed the lack of civility immediately and remembered
that she had acted in a similar fashion after her release, so many
years ago. It became obvious to her that young Colleen will be
needing her guidance to return to a more normal way of acting.

She approached Colleen and picked up a hairbrush from the dresser
along the way.

"May I?" She asked of Colleen as she caressed her long hair.

Colleen liked the feel of Theresa's hands over her scalp and told the
schoolteacher that it would be nice to straighten out her long hair
after letting it get tangled over the past couple of weeks of
captivity. Theresa smiled back at the young woman and began to
stroke the brush through her long silky hair.

It did not take long before she started to notice clumps of semen
residue dried within her strands. She looked at Colleen by the
mirror facing them questioningly. Colleen didn't know what to say
to the aristocratic lady caring for her tonight.

Theresa understood and smiled back at her so as to comfort her.
Colleen returned the smile cordially. Theresa was still unsure on
how to broach the subject of Colleen's aggressions. She finally
decided that the easiest way would be to reveal her own ordeal.

"Colleen, I know how you must be feeling right now." She started.
"But you needn't be concerned."

Colleen turned around abruptly with a glare in her eyes wanting to
confront this woman. "How can you possibly know how I feel?"
She spit back at her.

"I know, because I also had suffered the same fate as you." She

Colleen was caught completely off guard by this revelation. She no
longer knew what to say to her. A second ago she was furious at
her for her pity, now she looked upon her face and saw a woman
willing to reveal her darkest secret in order to help her. She felt
shame at that moment.

"Do not concern yourself for my feelings, dear child." She said as
she took hold of Colleen's shoulders and caressed them tenderly. "I
have put that memory behind. I am a happy woman today, and so
will you."

"Ho... How can you be so sure, Theresa. You saw the look on
Andrew's face when he heard." Tears were streaming down her
cheeks now.

"Yes I saw." She bowed her head as she replied. "And I also know
that a good man will look beyond your misfortune and accept you
for who you are. That is the man that you will find when the time is

"But what am I to do now?" Colleen hugged Theresa's waist for

"For now, you will have me" She said with conviction, stroking the
young woman's head as she held her to her body.

Colleen did not understand the full meaning of that statement, but
she soon will.

(continued chapter Nine)

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