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This story is based on the characters from the ABC TV show,
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the fantasy of mature
audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, rape, kidnap, gang-bang, lesbian,
bondage and bestiality.)

P.S. the use of the word negro is not meant to be derogatory in
any way, but was part of the vocabulary of the time period this story
unfolds in.

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the
other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Colleen Gets Educated
by David Oberman
[email protected]
Chapter Nine
Returning To Normal

Theresa raised Colleen's eyes towards hers and smiled to the
vulnerable young woman. She then lifted her from the chair that
she had been seated at. Colleen complied with no resistance

Next, Theresa guided Colleen towards the single bed in the room.
Colleen believed that she was putting to bed, treating her like a
child. She appreciated the attention that Miss Theresa was giving

Once near the bed, Colleen raised a leg up to slip under the covers.
She was caught off guard when Theresa turned her around to face
her. What happened next shocked and surprised her, Theresa
kissed her tenderly on the lips. Not as a caress of a woman, but
almost as a man would. She could feel Theresa's tongue probing
over her sealed lips, seeking access.

Once she got over the initial shock, she was finding the kiss most
pleasurable and returned it voluntarily.

Theresa recognized the young girl's compliance and pushed forward
her advantage. Her next move was to cautiously move her hands to
Colleen's waist and breast. She squeezed the girl's waist, drawing
her closer to her own body.

Colleen drew in a deep breath through the sealed lips of their kiss,
but showed no sign of resisting the schoolteacher's affection. She
had experienced far worse treatment from some of her captors over
the past weeks, this was rather comforting.

When she felt Theresa's hands cup her naked breast under the
nightgown, she became nervous. The kissing continued for a few
more minutes before Theresa released her.

Colleen just stumbled back towards the bed and fell sitting on it.
She was gasping for air looking at Theresa Slicker in confusion.
Her shortness of breath wasn't due to Theresa sucking the air out of
her, but rather from the excitement that had manifested within her

'What did she do to me?' She was asking herself. 'Women aren't
meant to be lovers.'

Theresa smiled down at her because she recognized her own
reaction when her older sister had performed this similar cure after
her abduction and rape, oh so many years ago. This was the crucial
moment of the treatment. She would now have to convince
Colleen of the value of this therapy.

"do not be concerned Colleen." She began. "All will be well after I
have purged the evil deeds of men from your soul."

"Wha... how do you intend to do that?" She questioned.

"I had been thought this after my own rape long ago, and I assure
you that it is most effective," she went on. "And not all that
unpleasant. Wouldn't you agree?"

She had to admit that Theresa's kiss and massaging of her body
wasn't at all what she would have expected. As she looked on
towards Theresa, she became uncomfortable as she saw her began
to disrobe herself before her very eyes.

Colleen knew that it was not proper to watch as someone disrobed,
but she simply could not take her eyes away from her. Theresa
noticed Colleen's discomfort as she continued to strip, first the skirt
followed by her shirt.

Colleen couldn't help but be slightly bemused when she remembered
that Miss Theresa was following the same sequence that the
Ferguson gang had forced her to, in disrobing. It brought a smile
of amusement to her lips. Theresa misconstrued this as a sign of
acceptance on her part, and so she continued.

Now down to her undergarments, she approached Colleen at the
bed and took her hands in hers and guided them to her breast.
Colleen resisted but slightly, once her fingers cupped Theresa's
mature breast she instinctively squeezed them, which brought a
deep sigh from Theresa's lips.

"Yes Colleen! Squeeze my breast just like that."

Colleen followed the older woman's instructions and began
kneading her tits through her camisole.

As Colleen was so engrossed in continuing with her massaging of
Theresa's breast, the older woman resumed removing the remains of
her clothing. Her petticoat, then her corset fell to the floor. She
paused momentarily to free her hair and let them cascade down.

Colleen noticed the black hair now covering Theresa's chest and
looked at her for the first time in minutes. Only then did she notice
that more clothing had disappeared from her friend. She never
released the breast that she was squeezing. That is until Theresa
removed them so that she could take off the last item of clothing,
her camisole.

There stood Theresa Slicker, completely naked before the young
Colleen Cooper. And she was mesmerized by the sight.

After a few minutes, Theresa decided that the time had come for
the next phase of the recuperative treatment. She reached over to
Colleen's head and pulled it into her chest. Colleen complied with
no resistance whatsoever, she was actually looking forward to what
was to come.

When she felt her cheeks brushing against Theresa's breast she
instinctively turned her head sideways and took the woman's nipple
into her lips and began to suckle on it lovingly. Theresa responded
by pulling the young girl's head deeper against her tits, and stroking
the back of her head.

This went on for a good fifteen minutes before Mrs. Slicker
removed her breast from Colleen's reach and pulled her to her feet.
Colleen was disappointed until she felt her new lover begin to
remove her own nightgown from her excited body. To assist, she
raised her hands above her head so that it could be removed.

Once Colleen was also naked, Theresa then pushed her down to the
single bed and lay her down. She then followed suit and laid her
body across the young girl beneath her. From this point on,
Colleen didn't know what to expect from this point on.

What she didn't expect was to have another woman kiss her full on
the lips, inserting her tongue down her throat. But following her
harrowing experiences with numerous men in the past weeks she
responded in kind and sucked in that invading tongue.

Theresa could feel the excitement mounting in the young girl and
began kneading Colleen's naked, pert breast as she continued to kiss
her deeply. Colleen responded by hugging the older woman tightly
against her body. In this close proximity to the older woman's
body, Colleen could smell the intoxicating perfume that bathed her
every pore.

The next step to Theresa's therapy was to insert her hand to
Colleen's womanhood and massage her there. She knew of the nub
that protruded there and began to tenderly rub it slowly. On
contact, Colleen gasped a deep breath of excitement.

"Ungh! Oh please Miss Theresa. Don't stop." She pleaded.
"Whatever you do, don't stop."

"Don't concern yourself child." Theresa reassured her. "This is all
part of my family's treatment to save your soul."

Colleen just didn't care what the treatment was for, she just enjoyed
the feeling that it was nurturing throughout her young body.
Vaginal fluid were now lubricating her love channel freely, she only
wished that she had a cock to stuff inside it right now. What she
didn't expect was what happened next.

Miss Theresa, the prim and proper schoolteacher bent down and
started licking Colleen's pussy. She encountered no resistance, for
Colleen was too much in shock to react. She just stared down
between her legs and watched the dark haired woman lick her juices
out of her womb.

Once the shock wore off, Colleen was finding the licking most
pleasurable. In fact, it was far better than anything her abductors
had done. Now don't get me wrong, Colleen enjoyed all of the
fucking that she had had to endure by those men, and beast, its
simply that this was gentle and caring. It actually increased the
pleasure of the experience.

Theresa could feel the acceptance on the part of young Colleen and
sent her own tongue even deeper into her recesses. A moan
escaped from the young naked girl in excitement, and she came
again, spraying her juices over the older woman's face.

After a few more minutes of this and two more orgasms on the part
of Colleen, Theresa removed herself from between her legs and
crawled up the excited Colleen's body towards her face. Once face
to face to each other, with their nipples rubbing against each other,
Theresa presented Colleen with a kiss.

Colleen reciprocated and tasted her own love juices in the process.
She immediately realized what it was that she was swallowing and
found it exciting, like taking a bite from a forbidden fruit. She
extricated herself from this juicy kiss and began to lick Theresa's
face, looking for more of her own love juices that may still be

Theresa turned onto her back and let Colleen service her now, the
therapy was still going as planned. She could remember that this
was exactly what she had gone through after her ordeal, those many
years ago. But thanks to her sister back then, she recuperated in
body and soul. She was now sure that this young girl, woman she
corrected herself, would also be cured.

Now that Theresa was lying on the bed below her gaze, Colleen
could now explore her body and the teacher had explored hers just
moments before. She began by squeezing Theresa's tits, she
enjoyed the feel as is molded itself to her hands. She tried to
compare the woman's breast to her own. While hers were conical
in shape, Miss Theresa's were much rounder. The differences were
amazing to the young girl.

Dr. Mike's medical books didn't go into much details about the
sexual anatomy which led her to believe that everybody's body were
virtually the same. She learned differently from the numerous
cocks that she had handled, and now she could also see that the
woman's body also came in different shapes and sizes.

As she continued squeezing those plump tits, an urgency came
upon her that she could not resist. She had to suck on those
inviting nipples. And so, with no hesitation, she bent her head
down to Theresa's right breast and took its nipple between her lips
and began to suckle on it.

Theresa place her palm on top of Colleen's head and stroked it has
she was enjoying this sucking just as much. Her free hand snuck its
way down to her own pussy and slowly began to stroke it in a
steady rhythm. They went on like this throughout the night.

Colleen was now a complete woman. She had had men, beast and
now a woman as lovers. She doubted that any of Hank's girls had
ever accomplished as much. Once more the thought of Honk's
Saloon slipped into her thoughts. She shook it off and returned to
Theresa in the bed next to her.

Colleen and Theresa took turns suckling each others nipples
throughout the night. They would occasionally take a break and
Colleen would recount her experiences, substituting the animals
with a human character. She had no compunction about this
conversation, she was actually finding it to be an exciting thing to
do. Theresa never caught on to the omissions of the animals in her
story, she was quite satisfied with the young woman's version of the

Colleen also inquired upon Theresa's ordeal when she was younger,
but she was still too ashamed of it to discuss such matters, even
with someone who had had a similar experience. She was slightly
annoyed that young Colleen was more open to describing her
ordeal than she was. She considered the topic taboo and blushed
when some of Colleen's experiences excited her as well.

In fact, when she had gone through the 'therapy', she didn't recall it
lasting more then a few hours. But here they had been engaging in
this lovemaking for the past nine hours with no sign of stopping.
Each time things would calm down, one or the other would get all
excited again which would drag the other back into orgasmic throes
as well.

Only when the Sun began seeping of the tree line did they finally
disengage themselves and began to dress. They would be tired, but
that could easily be explained away. Theresa was just tying her hair
up in a tight bun when they heard Dr. Quinn entering the clinic
downstairs. Colleen hurriedly finished dressing herself leaving her
long flowing hair loose. This would not appear out of the ordinary
for she did so on numerous occasions.

Michaela entered her daughter's clinic room just has she was doing
up the last button on the gown.

"Here Colleen. I brought you a dress from the homestead."
Dr. Quinn said.

"Thanks Ma." She replied. "But I think I'll just wear this one for

"Well if you're comfortable, that's all that matters." Dr. Mike
answered back.

"I'll put that one on tomorrow, promise." Colleen told her adoptive
mother to console her.

"If you're ready then. Why don't we all go to Grace's for
breakfast." Dr. Quinn suggested. "You're more than welcome to
join us Theresa."

"I thank you Dr. Quinn, but I think that I should return to my
husband." She politely explained.

"I understand. I do want to thank you for staying with Colleen
overnight as you did." Michaela expressed her appreciation.

"It was nothing doctor. You needed your rest and I live in the
town. It was the right thing to do." Theresa responded in her
formal tone that the town has come to accept.

Before leaving the Clinic, Theresa turned to Colleen and kissed her
lightly on the cheek.

"You will be fine now child." She reassured her. "If you need to
talk to someone, I am always there, remember that." She said with
a glimmer in her eyes.

Colleen took it as an invitation to explore their experience further
and she found herself looking forward to such an occasion. She
looked on as Theresa Slicker walked out the Clinic door and shut it
behind her.

"She's a nice lady Ma."

"Yes. Yes she is." Dr. Mike agreed. "I think that Jake is a very
lucky man to have found her. I'm happy for both of them."

With that they both left the Clinic and made they're way to join the
rest of the family for a breakfast at Grace's Restaurant. They were
joined by Scully, Matthew, Brian and baby Kathy. Cloud Dancing
and Miss Dorothy joined them along with the Reverend.

While in the midst of their meal, Andrew Cook approached them
and asked to speak with Colleen privately. They both left and
walked towards the meadow. It was there that Andrew annulled
their engagement. He couldn't bring himself to explain but Colleen
knew that it was because of her rapes. She ran from him and
returned to the Clinic.

Dr. Mike had noticed her daughter running back to the Clinic and
excused herself from the table to join her. She didn't know why but
she just knew that Colleen needed her then.

"Colleen, what's wrong?" Dr. Mike asked her.

"An... Andrew asked for his ring back, Ma." Colleen replied, tears
streaming down her flushed cheeks.

"Oh Colleen, I'm so sorry." Michaela hugged her tightly.
"Everything will be fine."

"You sure, Ma." She cried on. "Why did he do this?"

Michaela tried to explain to her young daughter that some men
have a hard time dealing with situations such as this. That
sometimes they place the blame unjustly on the woman for allowing
the rape to take place. But also that the most special of men are
those that will accept her despite her ordeal, those are the men
worthwhile to find.

Colleen didn't dare mention to Dr. Mike yet, but she had already
found such a man in the Negro Jethro who had saved her last. This
was something even she didn't know how her Ma would handle, so
she remained silent, and dreamt of her new lover.

Weeks went by before it dawned on Dr. Mike that her daughter
Colleen was apparently pregnant from her ordeal. She didn't know
what to do about it. Colleen would have a bastard child in the
coming year, and she knew that this would affect her life drastically.

She needed to talk to her daughter about it and find out if she could
identify the father. Colleen, for obvious reasons, couldn't answer
that question honestly. Even if she wanted too. But she was
expecting a black child to come from her womb, due to how many
blackmen she had had as lovers.

So she told Dr. Mike that the father could have been one of the
Negroes that were killed when Jethro had saved her. Michaela's
dropped at this news.

'A black bastard child no less.' She thought to herself.

"Don't worry Colleen. We'll think of something." She tried to
reassure her daughter.

"But Ma, its okay, honest," she told Dr. Mike. "I want the baby."

"How can you say such a thing Colleen," Dr. Mike looked at her in
shock. "A single mother with a black half-breed. Do you realize
how poorly you'll be treated."

"But I won't be alone, Ma. Me and Jethro want to be married."

Dr. Mike took a step back. This news shocked her. What shocked
her more was her own reaction. She never considered herself a
racist before, but this was her own daughter talking about marrying
a... a Negro.

"How can you even think of such a thing, Colleen?" Dr. Mike told

"But Ma, you know I'm going to have a child out of wedlock,"
Colleen pleaded to her mother. "And it will likely be black."

"Yes, I know," Michaela stammered. "But..."

"It's best this way, Ma," Colleen interrupted. "At least people will
find it easier to accept my child."

Dr. Mike paused as she thought this over, and finally had to admit
that it would be best for her grandchild. She turned to Colleen,
tears streaming down her cheeks and hugged her daughter. Colleen
felt her mother's firm breast press against her own chest and was
surprised that this contact, even through the thick layer of clothing
excited her. She hugged Dr. Mike tighter against her bosom to
extend the contact longer. Dr. Mike didn't think anything of this
affection from her daughter, being unaware of the ministrations that
Theresa had given Colleen the previous night.

(continued in chapter Ten)

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