As you well know, I do not condone non-consensual sex, this is the first story I ever wrote so forgive it's crudeness. You must be over eighteen to read this story, if you continue to read it and are under eighteen I will not be held responsible. Also, this was my very first story ever, so don't expect War and Peace!

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For years we have been subjected to awful t.v shows and movies where we see the American

dream coming true, but that's all it is, a dream, shows like Full House and the Brady Bunch give

us happy families and loving, wise parents, shows like Dr Quinn give us strong female characters

set in western times when men were supposed to be men and woman weren't.

But in the back of our minds Reality shows us what would have really happened, so, The Real World Series is proud to bring you.......

Dr Quinn Meets Reality......(Or What Really Would Have Happened)

On a sunny day in the small western town of Colorado Springs a carriage pulled up at the

general store, it stopped and the carriage driver hopped down, the door to the carriage was open

and the woman inside was preparing to hop down, the carriage driver extended his hand and the

woman gave him a rough stare, she then hopped down herself.

"I'm perfectly capable of getting out of a carriage myself," she said to the man harshly,"And I

won't require any help with my bags either."

"You won't be getting any with that sort of attitude, missy" said the driver roughly,"And you

won't be making much money in your new......profession."

"And just what is that supposed to mean?" she asked curtly, staring down at him.

"Well begging your pardon, but you are a whore aren't you?"

She slapped him across the face,"I am a doctor," she said,"And you are a pathetic little man

who obviously requires the services of such woman to get any............satisfaction."

"We'll see about that now," said the carriage driver angrily, then he grinned at her,"Now if

you'll excuse me," he walked off still grinning.

The driver entered the saloon and walked over to the bar, he called over the bartender, an old

friend of his.

"Pleased to see ya again Jake," he said cheerfully,"And you'll be pleased to see me when I

tell ya what I brung ya."

"What's that Paul?" said Jake with a grin,"You gonna pay me that poker money back?"

"Better, I bought you a new whore from Boston way."

"A whore! From Boston?" Jake exclaimed, then narrowed his eyes,"She fat, ugly or both?"

"No, she's a looker, and skinny too, but she's a bit uppity, has to be broken in if you know what

I mean," he grinned as Jake laughed.

"Let's see this whore then, if she's as good as you say then I'll give you some extra money for


"Hell Jake, you don't have to do that," said Paul, his smile was getting wider by the second,

he'd teach that uppity bitch to slap him and insult his manhood.

"Nothing to worry about Paul, you'll just lose it to me our next poker game."

"Okay Jake," laughed Paul,"That's her over there," he said leading Jake to the door and

pointed at Dr Quinn.

"Talking to Charlotte?" asked Jake,"She's looks like the ladies you get in Boston."

"That's her, see how they're walking over to the Doctor's office? Bet's she's gonna make sure

she ain't got no diseases."

"Weren't you supposed to bring in the new Doctor?" said Jake, puzzled,"And how could you

afford to buy a Boston whore?"

"That's just it, the Doctor died on the way, she's his personal whore, he said he wanted me to

take care of her, I buried the dirty ol' bugger back about 20 miles, I can't afford to feed two so I

realized with regret I'd have to give her up, never got to use her either, damn shame, then I

thought, why not give it to my old pal Jake?"

"Well ain't I a lucky son of a bitch?" said Jake, then looked to the sky,"Sorry Momma, don't

want to cast no aspersions on ya character."

"Anyways Jake, you go get her, I'm gonna go see ol' Horse and get him to wire to the

Governer for a new Doctor."

"Yeah," said Jake, spitting onto the ground at the mention of Horse's name,"I'm gonna grab

my whore, I'll give you a free ride when I'm done breaking her in."

"I'd appreciate that," said Paul, he watched as Jake strode across to the Doctor's office,"More

than you know, Jake, more than you know," he turned and went to find Horse.

Dr Quinn Meets Reality Part 2

Dr Quinn: The Training Begins

Jake had hold of her hair, he used it to pull her head down to the ground,"Damn it whore,

when I tell you to do something, you damn well do it!"

"I'm not.......a..................whore...." she gasped out, she still couldn't believe what was

happening, she had been talking to Charlotte outside the Doctor's office when this, this, caveman

had come over, grabbed her, picked her up and put her over his shoulder, then he had carried

her back, beating at his back and screaming for help she had looked up and seen Charlotte turn

away, then walk off slowly. She had screamed louder when they entered the saloon but the men

in their had just laughed, while the woman, all scantily clad, had gone on serving drinks as if

nothing had happened.

"Now listen up whore, maybe you was used to the old man, but he's dead now, you're mine."

She shook her head groggily, puzzled, how did this man know her father? how did he know he

was dead?

"Now get on that bed!" he yelled at her and threw her onto the bed, he leaped on top of her

and she struggled to bring her knee up to his groin, but he was expecting trouble and held her

legs with one hand and her arms with the other, he forced his knees between her legs and then

slapped her across the face, then he slowly began moving his knees apart, she realized with

horror that he was going to spread her legs, he moved his hand to her skirt and raised it, then he

ripped off her undergarments, she screamed even louder but he just smiled at her, then he was

removing his pants and she stopped screaming, she was in shock, that was it, she felt a

warmness between her legs and thought she must have urinated, but the man didn't look

disgusted, he looked happy.

"Well how about that, lubrication? Guess you really are a whore, I was beginning to have my


That was impossible, she thought frantically, she wasn't looking forward to this was she? But

his....member....was so big, and deep inside herself she felt an itching feeling, she wanted it so

bad, she had never had it before, and now, now, now he was in her, she screamed in pain, she didn't want this, it was hurting so much.....and then, suddenly it didn't hurt so much,

then not at all, and suddenly it felt so good, she began to move under him and he grinned in

pleasure, he was thrusting into her now, his hands were all over her breasts, she could have

grabbed anything and knocked him out, but she didn't, his penis in her vagina felt so good, his

member, his cock......inside.....inside....her......cunt. She gasped in pleasure and shame, both at

the orgasm she was having and the dirty words she had learnt from her sister, words she had

stricken from her mind.

Jake suddenly stiffened and then he exploded into her, his cum filled up her cunt and ran

down her legs, it felt so good and she scooped some up in her finger and licked it.

"I'm glad you like that whore, because you're gonna be swallowing a lot more," said Jake as he

pulled his pants back up,"Paul! get in here!"

Dr Quinn felt angry now, but more at herself for enjoying it than this man who had come and

taken her off the street, and who was Paul?

Then he entered and she gasped in shock, it was the driver!

"Hi there whore," said Paul,"You're gonna suck this now," he grinned and pulled his cock out,

it was already rock hard and the head was glistening with pre-come, he was definitely

looking forward to it."

"No," said Dr Quinn,"Not if my life depended on it."

The other man chuckled and left the room, Paul smiled and removed a knife from his shirt, he

placed it against her neck,"Are you sure about that whore?"

Dr Quinn drank as much water as she could, the saloon was empty except for the man, Jake,

and a few of his friends - Paul included, who were playing poker, the other whores were asleep, it

was a rainy night and not many were venturing out.

She flinched, she had thought 'other' whores! As if she was one, but it wasn't true, she was a

victim of rape, that was all.

Paul looked at her and grinned, the taste of his cum in her mouth sprang into full life again

and she swallowed another drink of water.

Suddenly the door burst open and a young man with blond hair burst in, he was soaking wet.

"Where's the Quinn woman?" he shouted in panic, I need to find her."

"What's going on here......ah......Matthew?" asked Jake,"What you need the likes of her for?"

"It's Ma, she's got some sort of cold from the rain, she said to get her."

"Woman! I don't know, they're dying and they send for a whore," muttered Jake, Matthew was

too panicked to notice this Dr Quinn hoped.

"Go on," said Jake,"If you try and run you'll either get the fever or the Cheyanne will get ya,

you're better off here."

Dr Quinn nodded resignedly, he was right, on a night like this there was no way out.

"Come on," yelled Matthew, he grabbed her arm and pulled her off into the night.

Dr Quinn Meets Reality Part 3

Dr Quinn Takes In A New Family And The Family Takes Dr Quinn

"Here's the deal," said Jake,"I'll respect a dead woman's wishes and let you look after the

kids, but that's at day, at night Matthew can get 'em to bed and you come work here."

"Not now Jake," she said defiantly,"I'm staying with that family, as a Doctor...."

"I know the old Doctor loved you, but he's gone now, now you're mine."

Again she wondered how he knew about her father, she looked at him,"Why should I agree to

your terms?"

"Because you need a source of income to feed the kids....."

"I'll work as the Doctor like I intended."

Jake laughed,"Horse told Loren who told me that we got a real Doctor coming in, not some

whore who used to screw one, besides you didn't let me finish....another reason you accept my

terms is because you love being screwed, I saw it in your face and felt it in your body, and if you

can look me in the eye and tell me I'm lying I'll let you go," he grinned and settled back in his

chair, waiting.

She looked up at him, she opened her mouth, and found she couldn't say anything, it was

true, she wanted his cock again, she wouldn't mind swallowing it either, doing Paul hadn't been

as bad as she'd expected, in fact it had been....kind of nice, she lowered her head and chastised

herself for her weakness, then she said quietly and reluctantly....."I accept."

She stood with the children as their Mother was buried, she had liked Charlotte even though

she had known her only a short time, when it was over she took them back to the house, she

sent Brian and Claudine inside ahead, and then she turned to Matthew.

"Matthew, is there anything I can do for you? Anything at all?"

"Yeah, sure....I was wondering, could I just, you know...hold you, I think I'm gonna cry and I

don't want Brian to see me, he sorta idolizes me you know."

"Of course Matthew," she said, marveling at how sensitive the boy was, most men would

present a gruff image to cover their grief, but Matthew wasn't scared to show his feelings, and

there was nothing unmanly about that.

He hugged her close to him and then buried his head in her breasts, she patted his head and

made soothing noises, he was certainly crying, she could feel the wetness on the exposed part of

her breasts, almost too wet, she realized with shock that he was licking her and she tried to pull

back but he pushed on her and they fell to the ground, her arms were pinned underneath her

body and he used his weight to keep them pinned, he began to rip away her dress, his hands

were all over her breasts in an instant, he pulled the rest of her dress off and exposed her cunt,

then he struggled with his pants, he ripped them off and his cock thrust out, it was extremely

large, not as big as Jake's but still large, he thrust his hard cock up her cunt and she squealed in

protest, but also in joyous expectation, she was getting fucked again she thought in ecstasy, he

rammed into her cunt as he felt up her breasts, all the time he was muttering about her beautiful

tits, her fantastically tight cunt, she didn't realize what tits were at first and then remembered her

sister telling her that it was becoming a popular expression for breasts, she loved it when he

sucked on them and she groaned in pleasure, but again an inward part of her, her sensible part

told her not to let this happen, she looked around herself frantically and saw Claudine watching

them in shock,"Do something Claudine,"she yelled.

"You bet," yelled Claudine and ripped away the dress she was wearing, she pulled off her top

and placed her hand over her cunt, then she began to poke and probe, she groaned in pleasure

as she made small circles on her clitoris with one hand and teased her nipples with the other,

Matthew grinned at her and pulled loose from Dr Quinn, he spun her over so her ass was

pointing straight at him and he rammed into her from behind, then he yelled at Claudine,"Sis!

Get your tight ass over here and let 'Mom' suck on you for a while."

Claudine complied as fast as she could, she lay down in front of Dr Quinn who was gasping in

pleasure and thrust her cunt up towards her face, Dr Quinn complied happily, she had often done

this with her own sister and knew how to make her happy, her tongue stretched out and began

lapping up Claudine's cum, she grabbed the clitoris gently between the teeth and pulled slightly,

then let go, Claudine groaned in pleasure and began feeling up her own tits, forcing one up to

her mouth she began to suck on it and Dr Quinn could stand it no more, what with sucking

Claudine's cunt and getting fucked by Matthew it was too much, she hit her orgasm and her body

began to buck wildly, Matthew grunted and his hot cum shot into Dr Quinn, Claudine was

cumming too and Dr Quinn lapped it up eagerly.

Finally they were finished, they got dressed and stood up, Dr Quinn had gone red with


"I shouldn't have done that, I'm supposed to be your mother now."

"Hell," laughed Claudine,"It's no different than when our real Mom was around."

Dr Quinn Meets Reality : Part 4 -

Dr Quinn Meets Sully - A Man Who Isn't Scared To Cry - And The Cheyanne - A Tribe That

Aren't Scared To Fuck.

"What's you're name?" said Jake quietly, he had hold of her by the hair and she was down on all fours.

"Michaela Quinn," she said defiantly and looked up at him angrily, he grinned and rammed her head into the floor.

"Wrong," he said cheerfully,"You're name is whore."

"My name" she faltered as she sniffed blood up her nose.

"Yes?" said Jake with mock curiosity.

She hung her head and muttered under her breath.

"What was that?" said Jake as if he was puzzled.

She looked up at him angrily,"My name is whore," she said and then broke down into tears.

"That's okay," said Jake,"You cry all you want, but pull yourself together soon, I want to take you into the woods and fuck you against a tree, it's a long standing fantasy of mine."

She had a plan, after they stopped in the woods at the sturdiest tree they could find Dr Quinn grabbed a good sized rock and threw it against the tree, it bounced off to the side and lay on the ground.

"What'd you do that for?" asked Jake, this time the curiosity was real

"I wanted to test how sturdy the tree was," she explained,"Make sure it wasn t rotten."

He grinned and pushed her up against the tree, he ripped her top from her body and eagerly began to lick her tits, she began to groan in real pleasure but then braced herself, if she didn't escape soon then Jake would brainwash her into being a whore, she was more than that, she had intelligence and a strong will, she wasn't meant to be a whore, she put her arms up to his chest and pushed him back slightly.

"Jake," she said in a low, guilty voice, she looked down at his pants and his Very apparent erection,"Jake, can I take it in my mouth first, it's one of MY fantasies."

Jake grinned and pulled his pants down, she slowly lowered herself down, putting an arm back as if to brace herself, but in reality she was grabbing the rock she had thrown down, she got a good grasp and swung forward, it connected with Jake's face, hard.

"Oh you goddamned bitch!" he screamed in agony, his hands had gone to his face,"You boke by dose you bitch!"

"Good," she said, she was tossing the rock between her hands,"Want an encore?"

"I'll give you an encore bitch!" he screamed and charged forward, he knocked her against the tree and she dropped the rock, he tugged at her dress and it ripped off, he was about to fuck her again and she knew she was looking forward to it, some sick part of her wanted to be raped and if she let him do it then she would be lost to herself forever.

Suddenly Jake stiffened, he had been just about to enter her when he had stopped, she realized that there was a knife at his throat, it was being held by a dirty, long haired unshaven man.

"Back off Jake," said the man.

"The bitch is mine, stay out of it Sully."

Sully pushed him back and knocked him to the ground,"When are pigs like you going to realize that woman are more than sex objects, they're people too, it just makes me sad to be a man," tears started to brim up in his eyes.

Jake stared at him,"Sully, what's with you always crying? You a sissy or what?"

Sully kicked him in his side,"And one day you'll realize that it's not unmanly to cry either."

He turned to Dr Quinn and smiled, he picked up the blanket Jake had bought and threw it to her,"Come on, I'll take you to a place where you'll be safe."

She nodded thankfully, finally a man who wasn't scared to show emotions, he was a dream come true.

Cloud Dancer looked at Dr Quinn with a grim face,"I am Cloud Dancer, Chief of the Cheyanne, what is your name?'

Pain flashed through Dr Quinn's head as soon as Sully translated for her, she replied instantly.


Sully translated and Cloud Dancer's eyes widened, then he grinned, Dr Quinn cringed back while inwardly she screamed at herself.

"We will let her continue her work then" said Cloud Dancer,"It is only fair to her."

"Cloud Dancer!" cried Sully in shock,"She is an individual, not a sex toy, it's guys like you who give males a bad name," a single tear rolled down his cheek.

"Sully, are you a wintoocha* or what?" said Cloud Dancer.

"No!" cried Sully," I just think men and women are equal and....." he broke off as Cloud Dancer signaled his men, they picked up stolen rifles and their axes and bows, Sully looked around wildly and then turned to Dr Quinn.

"Sorry whore," he cried out,"But it's your ass or mine."

He whipped her blanket off her and thrust her down on all fours, he pulled down his pants and thrust his cock into her, Cloud Dancer grinned and walked in front of her, he removed his clothes and knelt in front of her, he pointed at his cock and grinned.

Dr Quinn reluctantly opened her mouth and started to suck half-heartedly, then suddenly she felt the pleasure again, Sully was really going at her like there was no tomorrow, her cunt was beginning to feel hot, adrenalin rushed through her and she began to suck harder, Cloud Dancer exploded into her and stepped back, Sully pulled loose and turned her around, he re-entered her again as he sucked on her tits.

"To think," said Cloud Dancer to another Indian,"This morning I was depressed."

Dr Quinn felt something in her let loose, this wasn't right she thought, but it felt so good, she moved under Sully and he gasped in pleasure, she was making small circles with her cunt that seemed to increase his pleasure.

"Remember who you are," she thought to herself, that was important, she had to say it out loud, to affirm it to herself.

"I am, I am......" she groaned in pleasure as Sully licked her tits,"I am........a whore."

She smiled then and lay back, enjoying being fucked, as was her duty and her pleasure.

"You know," said an Indian to Cloud Dancer as he looked down on Sully and the whore,"We'll need to name her."

"Let me see" said Cloud Dancer,"I was feeling bad and she came along and made me feel a whole lot better, so I think we'll call her.......Medicine Woman."

Here Ends The Tale Of Some Whore, Watch Out For More Reality Later.

*Wintoocha = Fag


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