Dr. Who: A Thorn In A Rose (F-alien,ncon)
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

The inky blackness of unconsciousness faded into the dawn of a new day and
Rose Tyler's eyes flickered slowly open.

For a moment she was confused, disorientated. And then she remembered. She
was trapped, running down a corridor with no exit, the inevitability of
capture now undeniable. Her body crashed against the wall in a vain effort
to break through but even now, as he pounded desperately on the wall calling
to The Doctor she knew it was a pointless waste of energy.

But still she continued to hammer desperately against the cold metal wall,
oblivious to the bruises on her fists, oblivious to how much her throat hurt
from screaming to The Doctor for help. Oblivious almost to the fact that the
Dalek was now upon her.

"EXTERIMNATE" the metal monster shrieked and the last thing Rose Tyler saw
was the blue light of the Dalek's eye closing up to a pin prick that seem to
burn past Rose's retina and into her very soul. No longer afraid now, Rose
accepted that it was over and there and then resigned herself to death.

Except, she was not dead. Somehow she was alive, stunned, confused,
bewildered but alive none the less.

Slowly, Rose gained her perspective, blinking her eyes to overcome the
numbness in her head. As her composure returned, she became aware that she
was cold, very cold, especially her back. Moments later the reason for this
became clear to her as Rose, still dazed, realised she was entirely naked
and strapped upright to what appeared to be a metal bed frame, her arms
clamped above her head, legs clamped open. A third clamp was wrapped around
Rose's forehead preventing her from moving her head at all. All she could
do was move her eyes.

Rose strained to look around. She was in a sterile laboratory, completely
sparse with no furniture or equipment. The lights were piercing and
uncomfortably bright and reflected off the metal walls.

Aside from Rose the one other thing in the room was a Dalek. Different from
the gold Daleks Rose was familiar with, this one was predominantly red and
next to its sucker, in place of the usual gun, was a thin metal spike.

Rose swallowed hard as the Dalek approached her.

its electronic monotone.

"Don't you know? Right now he's probably just about to blow you all to a
scrap heap" Rose somehow found the courage to say. It was bravado from fear
but Rose knew that, if the Daleks discovered The Doctor's plan they could
stop him and the would be invincible.

FROM YOU" the Dalek said, its lights flashing in time with its simulated

"You're the master race, you figure it out" retorted Rose, defiantly.

and somehow Rose knew this to be true.

"Yeah, well why don't you get out of that tin can and discuss it with me
face to face. Oh, right, I forgot.. ….you can't! Ha! You're just a little
green man in a tank. Think I'm scared of you?" Rose said, not particularly


"What do you mean… my mother...?"


At this, the Dalek turned and activated a screen directly in front of Rose.
The young girl's blood chilled with terror as before her the image focus as
she saw her mother, strapped upright to the same contraption that Rose
herself now found herself attached to.

On the screen, Jackie's naked body twisted and spaced in agony as the red
Dalek bombarded her with energy, directing it alternately between Jackie's
large pink nipples and then between her legs.

Jackie screamed in agony as the Dalek continued to torture her, shooting
bolt after bolt of energy into her most sensitive parts.

Rose's eyes welled up with tears as she watched her mother suffer. On the
screen, Jackie was in such pain that her torso was convulsing and she was
frothing at the mouth, her eyes rolling upwards in the sockets as her nerve
endings were literally fried.

Rose watched, sickened by the gruesome image of Jackie, in mid scream,
spamming so violently that she bit her own tongue off. Rose had to fight
an urges "TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" the Dalek now virtually screamed and
increased his assault to maximum power. As the energy beam hit her, the
nerves in Rose's vagina fused and burned and tiny blood vessels exploded
within her.


For several minutes this level of torture continued, Rose's pubic hair now
burned off, her vagina oozing blood. The chemical within her prevented her
from the mercy of unconsciousness and thus the torture continued for what
seemed hours on end.

Suddenly the Dalek stopped the torture and glided silently away. Free at last
from her torment, Rose passed out.

When she awoke, Rose found herself still strapped to the metal frame but
this time it was lying horizontally. Remarkably, the pain in her nipple and
genitals was now quite faint.

Facing the ceiling she could see nothing but she was nonetheless aware that
the Dalek was in the room next to her.

ALTERNATIVE DEVICE" the metallic voice said.

Out of sight from Rose, the sucker unit on the Dalek's chest place extended
towards Rose's exposed vagina and as it did so the bulbous black head morphed
into a shape which identically mirrored that of Rose's genitals except for a
small thumb size protrusion in the middle of the unit.

The unit made contact with Rose's groin and softly melded itself like soft
wax to her open vagina. Rose inhaled deeply, reading herself for another bout
of torture. But no pain came. Instead the device between her legs hummed into
life and instantly Rose felt herself in ecstasy.

"aaahhh..." Rose groaned as the device pleasured her expertly, seeking out
the most sensitive areas and stimulating them with the perfection of a great
lover. Rose tried to fight it but waves of pleasure surged through her and
she found herself actually trying to push down against the implement to
increase the pressure against her throbbing vagina.

It had been so long since Rose had had any sexual contact. She had done it
with her ex-boyfriend Mickey a few times a year ago but his insistence of
anal penetration was of no pleasure to Rose who not only found the concept
of anal sex disgusting but also found it extremely painful and thus sex
with him had been unrewarding. Lately, Rose had resorted to masturbating
for the first time since she was in her early teens and had taken to hiding
away in the depths of the Doctor's Tardis where she would masturbate to
orgasm quickly with her hand inside her jeans. But Rose had always found
masturbation unfulfilling and she rarely enjoyed it. But this, what she was
experiencing now, felt incredible.

"nnnnuuhhhh" Rose gasped as the device started to vibrate, the thumb-like
extension now inside her, pushing against the outer wall of her vagina
pressing her G spot. In response, Rose's big dark red nipples became hard
and erect and the young girl ached for someone to suck them.

Now the intensity of the device increased with a new portion extending to
her clitoris, vibrating it rapidly. Rose's breathing became erratic and her
body flushed red as she gave in to an intense and sudden orgasm.

"Gnnnnuuuuuuugggghhghghghghhghhh" Rose spluttered as she came violently.

But the device did not stop and instead continued to stroke and probe and
vibrate. Within a few minutes Rose came again, more violently than before,
her eyelids flickering uncontrollably, her muscles spasming.

Still the device continued, pleasuring Rose beyond anything she had ever
experienced before. Next she had several orgasms at once, causing her entire
body to shudder despite the restraint.

Now Rose was struggling to breath. Her heart pounded and perspiration
glistened over her pale skin. And yet again the extension on the Dalek's arm
drove her to orgasm.

"Please... Enough..." Rose begged, drained of energy.

"TELL ME THE DOCTOR'S PLANS" the Dalek said.

Rose resisted and again was rewarded with another series of explosive
orgasms. By now the young girl was in a state of confusion such was the
extent of the chemical reactions within her body.

Orgasm after orgasm followed, some of which were so intense Rose actually
strained her neck muscles as her body twisted and jerked as she came. Her
entire body was now awash with sweat and her eyes were lolling about in
their sockets.

"Can't...take...anymore..." Rose managed to say but moments later was forced
to endure six simultaneous orgasms. The level of stimulation in Rose's brain
was now so excessive she could barely recall her own name. It was as if she
was on a potent drug which had stripped her of her very being. All she knew
now was the intense overwhelming unbearable pleasure.






Again and again the orgasms wracked Rose's body and she craved release. It
was overwhelming and her head felt so light she thought she was drowning.
Another hard, pulsing orgasm hit her and it was too much. The young girl's
mind was broken, her spirit destroyed.

"I'll Just"

Exhausted, Rose could barely utter the words but unable to withstand more of
this sexual torture she told the Dalek everything. In the depths of her mind
she knew her enforced confession was damning the Doctor. Damning herself.
Possibly damning the universe. But she no longer cared. All she wanted was
freedom, no matter how short a period of time that would be before the Dalek
race altered the face of the universe forever.

The End


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