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Greetings. My name is Doctor Evil and I am here to present to you a series
of tales from the realms of popular fiction, in particular television and
I inhabit the dark realms within these universes, and it is here I see the
things that weren't shown, the things that might have happened and the
things that should have happened.
I present these tales of dark pleasures to you the readers who deserve to
know the entire story.
Did you ever wonder what could happen if the situation was changed in one
of your favourite films or television shows?
I am here to present the answer to you. If you have a situation which you
would like to see exposed, then inform me and I shall do my utmost to find
out the real truth for you.
Today's story exposes a situation from the universe of the television show
Doctor Who.
Have you always wanted to see just what might happen to those nubile female
companions he travels with?
This tale takes place shortly after the television episode called "The Five
Now, I present a tale of cyber experiments called:

"Doctor Who- Cyberlessons"

Subject 1:

The darkened corridors in the old stone building stretched out in both
directions away from the room the Cyberleader had designated his command
Inside the room the seven foot tall silver frame of the Cyberleader stood
impassively in the middle of the room surveying the other Cybermen at work
around him. On the table before him was a kind of pentagon shaped
container, which was made of some sort of crystal and had cables running
out of it's base to a computer station nearby. A Cyberman was standing
before the antique computer terminal attached to it and was completing the
final testing on the control. Perfectly on schedule the Cyberman looked
across to the Cyberleader and gave his report.
"The time scoop will function as we were promised leader."
"Borusa did not lie to us then. If he was also truthful about this
machine's function then we will be able to remove any being from the time
stream at any point, and from any planet."
"Why would the Time Lord give us this technology?"
"He is an emotional creature, and he was hoping that in exchange for the
time scoop we would free him from his imprisonment. We have utilised this
weakness and obtained this device."

Lord President Borusa of the High Council of the planet Gallifrey, home of
the Time Lords, was languishing in his luxury room, several floors above
the Cybermen's headquarters.
Borusa was one of the older Time Lords, who had tried to achieve
immortality from the greatest Time Lord ever, Rassilon. He had been tricked
and in return for immortality he was imprisoned in Rassilon's tomb, along
with every other Time Lord who had ever discovered Rassilon's secret.
Borusa's most interesting former student, currently known as 'The Doctor',
had been there but had not saved him from his fate and he would extract
retribution upon him, but in the subtle way Borusa was infamous for.
In an effort to escape Borusa had formed an alliance with some Cybermen who
had been damaged in the Death Zone surrounding the tomb. Borusa had brought
them to Gallifrey to try and motivate the Doctor to help him gain access to
the tomb, and he had succeeded. The Cybermen and the other enemies of the
Doctor had all been defeated along the way and returned to their homes once
Borusa had been defeated. In their haste, the High Council had not realised
that the Cybermen were not dead and had left them where they had fallen in
the foyer of the tomb.
Once they had repaired themselves they began to explore the Dark Tower and
they happened upon the room where Rassilon's body was lying in state.
Here they found a transmat platform, but as it was not powered they were
unable to escape. In a search for the power linkages they systematically
took the room apart, and upon opening the stone sarcophagus the trapped
Time Lords within were released.
As the fleeing Time Lords were quickly eradicated, Borusa made use of the
opportunity and helped the Cybermen to escape, buying his life and his
freedom with the information regarding the time scoop.
Borusa and the squad of Cybermen quickly transmatted using Borusa's
presidential command codes and they found themselves at the other end of
the transmat beam, in the council chambers on Gallifrey. Meeting only a few
guards who were quickly dispatched, they disassembled the time scoop and
stole a TARDIS to escape the planet.

Borusa had spent the last few weeks being a glorified chauffer, as he
helped the Cybermen collect the components they needed to set up the time
scoop. They had set up headquarters in a medieval castle on the planet
Tara, and were now almost ready to begin their latest plan in their scheme
to dominate the planet Earth.
He wondered when his usefulness would end, and he knew they would then kill
him. He planned to be gone before that happened, or before the Doctor
showed up to stop them as he always did.
A loud thunking noise from the door brought him out of his reverie and the
door was unlocked and opened. A Cyberman stood before him and moved into
the room.
"It is time to operate the time scoop, your presence is required," he said
as he hauled Borusa to his feet off the bed he was resting upon.
"Alright, alright. There is no need for brutality, I'm coming."

"After consulting the central Cyber control, we have determined that at
this point in time there are eight incarnations of the Doctor. At every
point in the time stream he is accompanied by at least one humanoid, and we
have determined that they will be suitable for our experiments. We have
chosen some candidates from across the time stream and we shall now
retrieve them."
"What experiments?" asked Borusa.
"We have determined that a large part of human motivation stems from a
feeling they call love, and the act of reproduction also seems to weigh
heavily upon their decision making. Cyber control has decided that we are
in the best position to collect data, and we will use the Doctor's
companions simply because they are easy to locate in the time stream, and
are from a diverse cross section of humanity."
"Hmmmm, interesting, simplistic but interesting. Let us get started then,"
said Borusa moving behind the controls.
The screen on the control sprang to life and after a few moments a picture
of the starry void of space appeared.
"Who are we retrieving?" asked Borusa
"The first subject is a female named Perpigillium Brown, designated Peri to
hasten proceedings. She accompanies the sixth incarnation of the Doctor."
"I'm scanning for her now," said Borusa. Then with a light tone the screen
changed to a picture of a 20 something, brunette woman. She had a buxom
figure, which was exaggerated by the tiny top she had squeezed herself
into. As she moved around a larger man with blonde curly hair could be seen
in the background. He was wearing a multi-coloured coat which seemed to
have been constructed for the sole purpose of being totally tasteless, and
it succeeded quite well. The man in the very loud coat, was also wearing
yellow trousers with red pinstripes and green spats over orange shoes.
"Ugh. I'd say that's the Doctor there," said Borusa pointing at the man on
the screen.
"Correct, the female is our test subject. Bring her here immediately."
"If you collect her now, the Doctor will notice immediately and come after
"Irrelevant. We will have finished our experiments and taken leave of this
structure before the Doctor manages to find us."
"Alright then," said Borusa as he twisted the controls and activated the
time scoop.

Peri walked along happily following the Doctor through the Spanish
countryside. It was mid afternoon and the grove they were walking through
was alive with butterflies.
They were on their way back to the TARDIS after helping the second Doctor
and Jamie to defeat some Sontarans and Androgums. The Doctor was striding
through the grove at his usual break neck speed, and Peri was attempting to
keep up with him without much success.
Peri had fallen some way behind and now decided to give up running after
the Doctor and started walking at a more leisurely pace.
"He can just wait for me to get there," she thought to herself as she
watched a brown butterfly flit across the path ahead of her.
She suddenly felt a tingle run down her spine and the hair on the back of
her neck stood on edge. Looking around expecting to see a Sontaran about to
grab her from behind, she found nothing. Scanning the countryside around
her she found nothing, but was unable to shake this feeling of dread.
She looked up and could see that the Doctor had reached the blue London
Police Telephone Box, which the TARDIS was currently imitating (and had
been ever since it's chameleon circuit had become stuck). He had opened the
door and was impatiently waiting for her to arrive.
"Come on Peri, there's so much I want to do, and I don't want to waste any
more time in Spanish olive groves," yelled a frustrated Doctor from the
open doorway.
"Alright Doctor, I'm coming," yelled Peri back at him.
On the horizon a black dot appeared, and slowly became larger, until it was
recognisable as a black obelisk. It was tumbling end over end, and was
moving ever closer to Peri.
Peri saw it in the air beyond the TARDIS and began to run to the Doctor,
mistaking it as an attack on the TARDIS.
"Doctor, look out!"
"What is it Peri," yelled the Doctor as he jumped out of the TARDIS doorway
and away into the bushes nearby.
Peri realised as the obelisk sped over the roof of the TARDIS that it
wasn't after the TARDIS at all, it was chasing her.
Instantly the Doctor recognised the obelisk and began shouting for Peri to
Peri turned and began to run back up through the grove, but she had only
made a few metres when the obelisk was upon her. As she turned around to
see the obelisk descend upon her, her last sight was of the Doctor futilely
charging towards her, with his silly coat flapping in the breeze behind

"The female designated Peri, has been placed in a stasis pod and we await
your instructions Leader," said crackled the report from the holding area
along the corridor.
The Cyberleader pressed the intercom button and acknowledged this, before
turning back to face Borusa.
"You have performed adequately, return to your quarters."
Borusa was escorted out of the room, and the Cyberleader turned to a nearby
"Inform the scientific unit they may begin their data retrieval. Remind
them that she is not to die, nor is she to be converted into one of us."
"Yes leader."

Peri awoke and found herself strapped to a stone wall by her wrists and
ankles, she began to struggle and found that she could not budge the old
iron shackles.
"Cease your futile struggles," said a deep, bass, metallic voice from the
other side of the room.
"Who's there?" asked Peri.
"You are a prisoner of the cyber-race," said the Cyberman who stepped out
from behind the equipment case he had been removing items from.
"A Cyberman!" Peri exclaimed in horror. "What do you want with me?"
"You are to be our first test subject," said another Cyberman striding
towards her from the doorway.
"What do you mean?" asked a bewildered Peri.
"We are testing human emotions, so we will be controlling your mind and
creating situations which give us the responses we are looking for. Do not
attempt to resist as our equipment is more powerful than your puny mind."
"What are you going to do to me?"
"You are our first subject for our reproductive study. We are going to
gauge your responses during a sexual coupling. The experiments which follow
will then gauge responses to different sexual situations."
The implications of what he was suggesting began to sink in, and she began
to struggle violently.
"No! You can't do that to me," yelled Peri.
"Cease this pointless noise," instructed the Cyberman as it placed a small
silver box onto Peri's forehead.
"No, no, no, no. Doctor, help me!" screamed Peri.
The Cyberman pressed a small button on the box and a tiny red light came to
life. Peri continued her struggling, working herself up into a hysterical
"Stop," commanded the Cyberman, and Peri instantly stopped what she was
doing and quietly hung on the wall. "We can now begin to prepare the
subject," he said to the other Cyberman who had been standing behind him
waiting for further instruction.
The Cyberman moved forwards and undid the shackles, allowing Peri's limp
form to slump over his shoulder.
He carried her across and dropped her down onto a metal operating table and
moved across the room to activate a control on some kind of small boxlike
device on a tripod.
"Computer begin data collection and tie all of this unit's sensory inputs
into recording device 7b.
Subject 1, designated Peri, companion of the sixth incarnation of the
Doctor, beginning examination," stated the Cyber-scientist who was in
charge of this test. The input device began to record all of the inputs
from each of the scientist's senses as well as recording a visual record
from it's place on the tripod.
"I will require your further assistance later, wait outside," commanded the
scientist to the other Cyberman.
"As you command," said the Cyberman as he turned and walked out of the
Peri lay perfectly still staring up at the ceiling of the dungeon, the
control device on her forehead had rendered her totally unable to control
her body, or even think for herself. She was now simply a human guinea pig
waiting to be experimented upon.
The scientist moved to the table holding a scalpel and began to work on
removing Peri's clothing. He quickly removed her sandal like shoes and
threw them in a waiting storage bin. Peri was wearing a short pair of
shorts, and a shirt tied up around her midsection to expose her stomach.
The shirt quickly was cut off of her and thrown into the bin, leaving her
ample breasts encased in the bikini top she had been wearing underneath.
Slicing down each side of the shorts the Cyberman quickly removed these,
and Peri now lay on the cold metal table wearing only her bikini.
Decisively cutting the straps and then the sides of the bottoms, the bikini
was also removed leaving the young woman nude on the table.
"All outer garments have been removed and inspection will now commence."
The Cyberman reached down and grasped her left breast. He noted it's weight
and texture through the sensors in his hand. He squeezed it and began to
manipulate it like a lump of dough. Peri's mind had been controlled but her
natural responses had not been dampened, and in response her nipple began
to harden under the metallic palm of the Cyberman.
"Moderate sized mammary glands, easily manipulated and teats beginning to
harden in response to stimulation. Proceeding to reproductive system."
The Cyberman quickly pulled up the stirrup attachments on either side of
the table and locked them into place. Grabbing each of Peri's legs he
pulled her down to the end of the table and placed her legs up into the
stirrups, spreading her brown haired pussy wide open to the cybernetic
being's sensory probes.
He reached down and using thumb and forefinger he spread the lips apart to
expose the moist pink interior. Sliding a slender silver tube into her
pussy, he began to push it inside further and further allowing the camera
on the end of the long tubelike cable to record the entire length of her
sexual organs. Upon reaching the womb he began to slide the cable back out.
The pulling, tugging and sliding of the cable inside Peri's pussy had
increased the moisture slowly oozing from her opening, and as the end of
the camera emerged it slipped quickly out and sent a vibration through
Peri's pussy lips. Reaching up to the top of her opening the Cyberman slid
back her clitoral hood to expose her little pink clit underneath.
"Subject also begins to show signs of orgasmic stimulation, we will now
attempt to further this and induce an orgasm."
He reached down and picked up a small, segmented, metallic, buglike
creature called a Cybermat which was resting on the nearby equipment
table.. The creature was no bigger than his palm and about the same shape
and size as a carrot. This Cybermat had been especially reprogrammed so
that it wouldn't kill it's victim. This one would vibrate and wiggle around
once inserted into a body cavity. The Cyberman rubbed the head of the
Cybermat up and down the length of Peri's slit and once the metallic head
was glistening with her moisture he slowly slid it's entire length into
her. The Cybermat moved itself totally inside Peri, and then began to
vibrate. Instantly the vibrations hit Peri's clit and her orgasm began to
brew. The Cybermat began by rotating it's body before beginning to propel
itself back and forwards, fucking Peri from within. To move the Cybermat
would undulate the segments along it's belly the way a snake does, and this
was causing a ripple effect along the inside of Peri's pussy canal.
As the Cybermat began to increase it's intensity the Cyberman observed the
increase of moisture emanating from Peri's pussy, and as she began to buck
and writhe on the table he recorded her orgasm for future study.
"The subject has reached an orgasmic response to the Cybermat. Note it's
effectiveness against female subjects for future outings. Speculation, if
the orgasmic response can be heightened further then it would seem possible
that unconsciousness could be induced in the subject. Will now commence the
copulation test."
Pressing a button on the control panel the outer door slid open once again
and the Cyberman standing outside returned into the room.
"You are the unit that has been fitted with specimen Ql73 are you not?"
requested the Cyber-scientist.
"Affirmative," stated the Cyberman.
"You have been instructed as to it's usage, and it is now time to record
this data. Proceed with your instructions."
The Cyberman stepped forwards and removed a special outer covering over his
groin. Underneath the metallic material, a human penis and testicles had
been grafted back onto the cybernetic body. He moved forwards and stood
between Peri's outstretched legs, and with a thought began to pump nutrient
fluid into the penis. Quickly the cyber-cock came to it's full 7 inches in
length and was ready for use.
"You are required to transmit all sensory inputs to the recorder," stated
the Cyber-scientist.
With a nod the Cyberman began to transmit and for the first time in
cyber-history the equipment was recording the sensations emanating from a
penis. The Cyberman stepped into position and began to slide the length of
the hard cock into Peri's already wet slit. The Cybermen had gained
knowledge from some old pornographic films they had salvaged from an Earth
outpost they had destroyed. Following the techniques shown in the film he
settled into a steady rhythm. He began to slowly increase the speed at
which he was driving his cock in and out of her, and reached down and began
to stimulate her clit with his fingertips. The sensations from the penis
were being transmitted back and the Cyberman detected the sensations well.
The warmth of the female flesh tightly wrapped around the length of his
stolen flesh, the moisture which enveloped it in slippery wetness and
pooled around the base of his shaft. Peri's pussy muscles were giving the
cock a thorough workout, and after several minutes of his cyber-lovemaking
Peri again achieved orgasm.
"We have the information we require, you may now finish," instructed the
scientist who was supervising from alongside the table.
The Cyberman then began to expel several jets of warm sticky come into the
depths of Peri's cunt.
"Will this induce reproduction?" asked the Cyberman as he slid his still
erect cock out of Peri's sticky pussy. The cock was covered in pussy juice
and the remnants of come, and had a faint metallic sheen from the nutrient
fluid that filled it. Quickly it deflated to normal size and the Cyberman
reattached the covering over his groin.
"Perhaps, but we are not interested in that eventuality," stated the
Cyber-scientist. "Place this subject in stasis until she is required

A light began to flash on the control panel in front of the Cyberleader.
"The first test has been successfully completed. Our next experiment is to
monitor female responses to a homosexual experience. We will require two
subjects for this," said the Cyberleader to Borusa who had just been
returned to the room and was seated alongside the time scoop. Borusa stood
and again activated the time scoop.
"Who do you require now?"
"We have selected Jo Grant, who accompanies the third incarnation of the
Doctor, and Grace Holloway who is currently in the presence of the eighth
incarnation of the Doctor."

To be continued.

Copyright (c) Dr Evil Productions 1998


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