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Greetings. My name is Doctor Evil and I am here to present to you a series
of tales from the realms of popular fiction, in particular television and
movies. I inhabit the dark realms within these universes, and it is here I
see the things that weren't shown, the things that might have happened and
the things that should have happened. I present these tales of dark pleasures
to you the readers who deserve to know the entire story. Did you ever wonder
what could happen if the situation was changed in one of your favourite films
or television shows? I am here to present the answer to you. If you have a
situation which you would like to see exposed, then inform me and I shall do
my utmost to find out the real truth for you. Today's story exposes a
situation from the universe of the television show Doctor Who. Have you
always wanted to see just what might happen to those nubile female companions
he travels with? This tale takes place shortly after the television episode
called "The Five Doctors". Now, I present a tale of cyber experiments called:

Doctor Who: Cyberlessons Part 2 - Subject 2 And 3 (FF)
by Dr. Evil

"I have our second subject in sight," said Borusa, turning to face the
Cyberleader. "Well collect it then."

Jo Grant turned to look at the doors to the Doctor's lab as they swung shut
behind him. He could be very frustrating some times, and he simply would not
see sense. The Brigadier allowed him to stay here and really asked very
little of him in return. On the few occasions he is asked for help he huffs
and puffs and then runs off like a spoiled child. Jo could usually convince
him to help out, but this time the Doctor was having none of it. The regional
science show was simply beneath him, and there was no way she would be able
to talk him into judging the children's science projects. He did have a
point, there were better things he could be doing with his time, but the
local council had asked UNIT to help them out, and the Brigadier thought it
best to stay on good terms with the locals. Jo had spoken with him and he had
gone storming out of the room to go and yell at the Brigadier, Jo shook her
head in annoyance, and her shoulder length blonde hair fell down over her
face. Giggling at how silly the whole thing was, she got up to go and find
the two of them and separate them before they did something they'd regret
later. She made her way out of the building to the garage area where Sgt.
Benton said the Brigadier could be found. As she walked across the courtyard
she noticed a strange black obelisk hovering in the sky above the main
building. Suddenly it moved and began to sweep down towards her. Screaming
in terror she began to run towards the garage. The Doctor and the Brigadier
both came hurtling out of the garage to see what was happening, and instantly
the Doctor saw the black shape heading for Jo.

"Jo, run in here. Quickly!" yelled the Doctor. He was frantically motioning
for her to come towards him. The Doctor's white hair made him seem as though
he was older than his current body actually was, and he was definitely a man
of action. Seeing that Jo wasn't going to evade the obelisk he turned and ran
for his car. His new car was still being assembled so he quickly jumped into
Bessie, his old yellow roadster and as the Brigadier managed to hurl himself
into the back seat he shot out of the door and across the courtyard towards
Jo. Driving with one hand he leant out of the car reaching out towards where
Jo was frantically dodging the obelisk's attempts to pick her up.

Looking up at the new noise, Jo saw the Doctor reaching out for her, looking
like some kind of super-hero with his velvet cape whipping around in the
wind, she stopped and prepared to be collected by his outstretched arm. She
realised her mistake and before she had a chance to start moving again she
found herself swallowed by the blackness within the obelisk.

"Doctor, where's Miss Grant?" asked the Brigadier as he managed to struggle
up from the back seat.

"I don't know, but it's very serious. I'd better go and contact my people for

"Subject 2 is being placed in stasis, and we are now retrieving subject 3
leader," stated a Cyberman supervising Borusa's actions.

The Cyberleader nodded his acknowledgment and continued watching another
display in front of him.

Grace watched as the Doctor turned away from her and hopped over the stepping
stones back towards his Police Box. He was a dashing figure in a velvet frock
coat, with his shoulder length hair blowing behind him in the wind, he turned
and took a final look at her before heading inside and closing the door
behind him.

Grace turned to look at the next explosion of fireworks, and she stood and
enjoyed the feeling of the wind blowing through her longish red hair. She did
not even notice the black obelisk which appeared in the sky behind her and
began to bear down on her.

The Doctor made his final settings on the control console, and then activated
the external monitor. He saw Grace standing outside enjoying the fireworks,
and then suddenly he saw a black obelisk tumbling towards her. It was right
behind her and before he could even move to save her, she was swallowed up
and was gone.

Immediately he began throwing switches and then with a decisive twist of a
knob the TARDIS dematerialised and he started off to try and find who had
kidnapped his new friend.

"We have them both in stasis now leader."

"Begin the second experiment, time is of the essence. We must complete our
mission before the Doctor locates us."

Grace awoke and found herself strapped to some kind of table, and propped
up against the wall. Metallic bands were holding her in place, around her
throat, chest,elbows, wrists, thighs, knees and ankles. She could move her
head around, and could see the room she was in. In the middle of the room
was some kind of low bed, and on the other side of the room was a younger
blonde woman, also restrained in the same manner. The petite young woman was
still unconscious and she was also stark naked.

Between the bands she could see the girls petite breasts and her dark pubic
thatch nestled at the top of her thighs. Looking down slightly she could see
a pile of clothes on the floor, obviously belonging to the girl who must be
into retro clothing as she could see jeans with flares and other hideous
clothes she remembered from her own youth. Then she also noticed some more
modern, more familiar clothing. She realised with a start that she recognised
the jacket and blouse she could see sticking out from the bottom of the pile,
they were the clothes she thought she was still wearing. Looking down as best
she could, she managed to glimpse the tops of her own ample breasts and
realised that she too was naked, she immediately began to try and squeeze her
legs together to cover her lush red pubic patch, but her legs were held
firmly in place.

Suddenly the lights in the room came on at full intensity and a large silver
man walked into the room.

"What the hell is going on here?"

"Be silent."

"No I won't be silent! You kidnap me and then expect me to co-operate with
you. What sort of sicko are you anyway."

"You will be silent or I will silence you," said the silver man in a menacing
sort of way, even though it was totally flat and emotionless.

She thought better of antagonising him for the moment and was content to
watch what he was doing. He moved over and checked the blonde girl, she was
still unconscious. Reaching up he placed some kind of device on her forehead,
and then turned away and came over to Grace.

"What are you doing? What is that thing?"

"It is a control device," he said as he quickly clipped one onto her forehead
as well. Grace suddenly could feel some kind of presence in her mind, like
having a wet blanket draped over her mind.

"You will now be quiet and still."

She tried to tell him otherwise but found to her horror that her body would
no longer respond to her commands. She found herself staying perfectly quiet,
and unable to move.

"Awaken Jo Grant," said the silver man to the girl.

Immediately her head came up and her eyes opened. Grace could see the fear in
her eyes and as the silver giant gave the girl called Jo the same commands
she had received, she could see the fear in the girl's eyes as she too
realised she no longer had control of her body. There was table with some
controls on it over to the side of the room and the giant went and sat down
in front of the controls. Reaching down he pressed a switch and the metallic
bands holding the two of them in place slid away.

"You will both come forwards."

The two of them both stepped down from their benches and moved forwards
across the room, stopping next to each other in front of him.

"You," he said pointing at Jo. "You will be in charge. I want you to engage,
in what is known as lesbian sex, with this one here," he said pointing at
Grace. "Are you familiar with the techniques?" he asked Jo.

"I have seen some magazines and stuff when I was at university, and I think I
may have experimented a bit with another girl at a party but I can't really
remember, we were both pretty out of it."

"We have several films on the subject, if you need instruction I will inform
you. Proceed," and then he turned to Grace.

"You will do as this one requests, now lie down on the bed," he said pointing
at the bed.

Grace could not stop herself from walking across the room and laying herself
down across the bed. Jo walked forwards and knelt down on the floor next to
the bed, she moved up along side Grace's head and reached out and grabbed
her by the back of the neck. Raising Grace's head up to her she kissed her
tenderly on the mouth, and then kissed her more and more passionately before
thrusting her tongue between Grace's lips. Grace had also seen a few porno
tapes and knew the drill, but had never participated with another girl. She
found her tongue began to play with Jo's as it moved around the moist cavern
of her mouth. She was looking into the girl's eyes and she could see the same
mixture of fear and revulsion which she knew must be playing across her own
features. As Jo's tongue continued to explore her mouth she saw what she
suspected was the first flickerings of the girls excitement begin to creep
across her face.

Jo broke the kiss and began to work her mouth and tongue down the length of
Grace's naked body. She moved down the alabaster white neck, nipping and
rubbing her teeth across the taught flesh. She moved down to the valley
between Grace's breasts and the up the side of the fleshy pillows. Reaching
the nipple on the left she slowly began to suck, then rubbed her tongue back
and forth making the nipple raise up in excitement. Moving across to the
other breast she gave it the same treatment to get the other nipple to harden
and rise up as well. Grace could feel these wild sensations running up and
down the length of her skin, she was unable to respond in anyway, but her
body was reacting to it in the way she thought she was supposed to. She could
feel herself getting moist.

Jo left her hands slowly fondling and kneading Grace's tits as she then made
her way down to her stomach. She began to lick and flick her tongue in and
out of Grace's belly button. She slid her face back and forth across her flat
stomach, taking in the scent of Grace's taut quivering stomach flesh, before
standing upright again. Jo could feel herself enjoying this and she could see
that Grace was unsure of the sensations running through her body. Jo knew she
should be ashamed at her reactions, but at the moment she went with the
feelings, knowing that tomorrow she would have to deal with the repercussions
of her feelings.

Jo reached down and grabbed Grace around the knees and dragged her body down
to one corner of the bed, so that her buttocks were perched on the edge, and
her legs hung over the sides. Jo positioned herself on her knees again on the
floor between Grace's open thighs. Reaching up to place one hand on each
thigh, she pushed the legs further apart and then moved forwards to place her
face alongside of Grace's red patch of pubic hair.

Playfully Jo leant forwards and placed her teeth at the top of Grace's patch
of hair. She moved her mouth around a bit allowing her teeth to scrape back
and forth across the sensitive flesh just above the pussy below. Then Jo
slowly dragged her teeth back down, through the hair, until she reached the
little clitoral hood, hiding Grace's little nub of pleasure beneath it. As
soon as Jo's teeth touched the hood Grace felt a surge of electricity run
straight up her spine, pass through her breasts and explode into her brain
in a ball of pure pleasure.

Jo snaked her tongue out and started to run it back and forth across the flap
of flesh, grabbing it between her lips and then suddenly sucking on it. She
then ran her tongue down one side of Grace's slit, and then down the other,
before allowing it to dawdle around the small stretch of skin separating the
pussy and arsehole. Jo flicked her tongue out to dance back and forth across
the stretch of skin, before sliding back up to the middle of the moist slit,
and then diving straight in. Grace felt her pussy suddenly fill up with Jo's
tongue and just as she was getting into that feeling, Jo slid it back out
again. She felt her hips buck upwards trying to get Jo's tongue back inside
her, and to her satisfaction she felt Jo's tongue slide back in.

Jo moved her tongue in and out for a few moments, and then curled her tongue
back up like a scoop and began to scrape it back down along the walls of the
moist cunt in front of her. She reached up and placed two fingers into
Grace's mouth, getting her to suck on them. Then she slid one, then two
fingers deep into the waiting velvet envelope. She could feel the warm pussy
juices slowly running down her fingers onto her palm, and as she began to
again suck on the little clit above, the moisture increased.

Looking up Jo could see Grace's face overcome with lust, her eyes glazed over
in ecstasy, her mouth open in pleasure as she silently articulated her joy.
Jo could see that Grace was coming close to orgasm, and she intensified her
efforts. Reaching up with the other hand, she grabbed one of Grace's tits and
began rubbing the nipple again. Her other hand thrusting in and out of the
moist hole, as her tongue drummed back and forth across the clit.

Jo decided she wanted to give herself some pleasure as well. She let go of
Grace's breast, and reached down to begin fondling her own wet pussy. Still
working on Grace, she began running her fingers over her wet slit, before
plunging one in and finger fucking herself.

Grace could feel herself orgasming, and her body was racked with pulse after
pulse of intense pleasure and Jo felt the muscles of Grace's pussy spasming
around her fingers deep inside the older woman. Grace's pleasure finally
subsided and she came back down off her orgasmic high. Jo slid her wet
fingers out of Grace and then sat up, continuing to work on herself. Reaching
up she started fondling her breasts, smearing the remnants of Grace's juice
over her petite tits. She flung her head back and began to thrash from side
to side as her pleasure began to build. Suddenly she jumped up onto the bed
and quickly straddled Grace's head, lowering her dripping cunt right onto the
redhead's mouth and nose. She began to rub her cunt back and forth, using
Grace's nose to stimulate her clit, and then feeling the older woman's tongue
slide out and tentatively slip between Jo's pussy lips.

Jo could feel Grace sucking on her pussy lips, and then slide then full
length of her tongue up into her cunt. Jo was so excited by the whole scene,
that this was enough to get her orgasm started. She began to frantically buck
up and down, slamming her pussy into Grace's face, smearing her juices all
over it. Grabbing handfuls of red hair, she pulled Grace's head firmly up
into her, and rode out the end of her climax. She allowed her spasms to
subside and then slid off Grace, who quickly came up gasping for air.

The Cyberman stood up from behind his monitor desk, and walked to the end of
the bed. "You will both now be returned to stasis. Stand up and follow the
warrior outside the door."

The two women stood, covered in each other's sticky pussy juices, and walked
out of the room to return to their stasis chambers.

"This experiment has been completed leader," reported the Cyberman on monitor

"Good we will now collect our next subject, she is called Melanie Bush, and
we will see how she responds to pain stimulus. We have acquired an object
called a cane, and it can be used to great effect. We shall see how she
reacts. Collect her now," instructed the Cyber Leader.

"As you wish," said Borusa.

To be continued.

Copyright (c) Dr Evil Productions 1999


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