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Characters: Rose Tyler and Amy Pond from sci-fi programme Dr Who.

Contents Code: FF, F-solo, F-dom, toys, F-zoo, horse, ws

Dr. Who: For The Love Of The Doctor Part 1
by RichieLarry

The pretty redhead wrinkled her nose in disgust at the horrible smelling yellow liquid in the glass. Every part of her was telling her not to go through with it but she had to if she wanted to stay with The Doctor, her Doctor. "Come on Rose" she pleaded in her sexy Scottish accent, "at least yours was fresh, this is cold." Rose Tyler however was not going to make it any easy for her rival Amy Pond however and replied "drink up ginger or you're out of the competition".

The glass she had in front of her contained a pint of Roses' piss which she had squirted out a few hours ago. True, Rose had drank some of Amy's own golden liquid first but Amy had allowed Rose to drink it fresh, just a minute or so out of her fanny. What's more, Amy's urine had been quite diluted but Roses was concentrated and strong. But the beautiful Scot knew what she had to do. Opening her mouth she tilted her head back and drank the Cockney sexpot's piss as quickly as possible. Although it only took her about three seconds it was foul and she wretched almost immediately. The vile salty taste was overpowering all her other senses and she threw up immediately. But she was still in the contest.

* * *

The question you may well be asking yourself, if you are a Dr Who nerd at least, is why Rose Tyler and Amelia Pond were involved in such sex games in the first place. Why were the blonde, tanned curvy, DD cup companion and the red headed, slim, B cup companion with the red hair and lovely pale skin competing? I could tell you I guess but it was a long story and involves the Face of Bo and Mickey Smith, neither of which, frankly speaking, is as interesting as the two girls. What it boiled down to was this: The Doctor tried taking the two girls with him in the TARDIS but it simply didn't work. He could only really have one companion. So the two girls were competing by carrying out bizarre sexual acts. The first to refuse to do one lost and the winning girl stayed with The Doctor.

The watersports test was only the first hurdle too. For the record Rose hadn't exactly enjoyed Amy's water either but she knew the other girl had had it worse. Before they went their separate ways the two girls had to decide what the next days challenge was. Amy had chosen the first test so Rose got to choose the second test. "I know," she said, "I've got a big strap on dildo at home. We'll take it in turns to shag each other. I'll shag you first, and then you can shag me."

Amy thought about this for two seconds, "You're so weird, what are you, lesbian or something?"

The other girl shook her head, "Not a chance, I just think it'd be fun to see you take it. I've been watching you and I don't think you've had sex with many men. I'm what you might call a little more experienced and I've used this dong on myself hundreds of times."

Amy was quiet again for a second. Rose was right, she'd only slept with one man before, her current fiance, and then only a couple of times. She also knew that Rose was indeed 'experienced' with men, in fact some may well have called her a bit of a slut. But it was the earlier companion's choice so she had to go along with it. "Ok," she said, "10am at your house?"

Rose nodded, smiling wickedly.

* * *

The next day Miss Pond turned up at the council flat at the agreed time. She was wearing quite a short skirt which showed off her lovely legs. Rose opened the door, still in her dressing gown. The visitor was lead into the lounge and offered a drink which she politely refused. On the coffee table however was an object which made Amy's heart flutter, the plastic cock she was to be fucked with. Amy wasn't naive, she'd seen pornstars' cocks so she knew the real things could be big. Her fiance's cock wasn't small either but it was nothing compared to this. This beast was about 12 inches long and twice as thick as anything she'd seen. "You use that to give yourself pleasure?" she asked, amazed that anyone could take such an object.

"Yep," came the reply, "pretty much every night. Now let's get on with it eh? We're both busy women and all."

With that she opened up her dressing gown and let it drop to the floor. Amy had been expecting her to be wearing some lingerie but underneath her dressing gown she was stark naked. The London girls tits were bigger than her rival had imagined, fat juicy melons with big, erect nipples.

The erections didn't go unnoticed by Amy, "You're getting turned on by this aren't you Rose?"

The reply came back with little embarrassment, "I'm just looking forward to breaking you, Pond."

With that she picked up the penis and attached it to herself, covering up her smooth, waxed pudenda. There was a smaller, four inch dildo on the inside of the strap on which would give the girl doing the fucking some pleasure. The massive erection sticking out from Rose's crotch made a surreal contrast with her large boobs, her supple backside and her wide womanly hips.

"I get five minutes and you get five minutes, both of us over the table" were her instructions. "Now pull down your knickers and bend over."

Blushing, she did so. She was wearing a little white thong which came off easily. Rose however pulled it back up to her knees and bent Amy over. So there she was, knickers down to her knees, ready to be rogered by another girl. She felt her skirt being lifted up around her waist and a sharp smack on the inside of her toned, pale thighs, indicating that her rival wanted them opened wider.

"I see that the carpets match the curtains," came a smug comment from behind her.

Amy blushed a little more, although she was glad her face could not be seen. She did indeed have quite a large, hairy red bush, although she trimmed around the fanny lips themselves. Knowing what was going to happen she reached around to touch herself a bit to perhaps dampen her sex. She was told in no uncertain terms that this was not part of the test, no touching yourself allowed.

Rose then gave her a stop watch. "Five minutes from when the fucking starts, the girl being fucked times. On my count, 5...4...3...2..." and on two Rose buried the dildo as deeply into her rivals snatch as she could with the first thrust.

The shock hit the helpless girl immediately. Her rarely used hole was completely dry and totally unprepared for such an attack. Although she did not know it the girl behind her had managed to stick 7 inches in her in one go. It was way beyond anything she'd ever experienced before and she started crying immediately barely even remembering to start the stop watch.

Along with her cries came Rose's voice, "Wow, you are tight aren't you dear?" she asked mockingly before pulling herself out and slamming back in again, adding another inch. "Makes it all the more pleasant for me, the tighter the girl, the more of the dildo I get the deeper in me."

Holding onto the slim hips in front of her the older girl began to use them as leverage, beginning to pound her fast. Although neither girl could see it, Amy's cunt was stretched obscenely with no room. The invasion was total and she felt it. After two minutes the agony for the poor girl was almost unbearable, she was sure Rose would damage her sex organs somehow.

Rose then leant over her meaning Amy was lying on the table with Roses full weight on top of her. She could feel the warm softness of the breasts in her back and the hard nipples each time Rose thrust. This she didn't mind but it also meant that her own small breasts were squashed against the table which hurt, although not much compared to her fanny. From behind her she heard Rose talking again, "Oh this feels so good, take it bitch, take it, you've no idea how nice this feels."

The fact that her rival was getting intense pleasure from her torture made it all the worse for the helpless fuck toy. After four minutes Amy's body was covered in sweat and the pain was almost numb although the pace had not diminished.

"I'm so close to cumming," came the voice again, "oh fuck, yeah, I'm so so wet."

Amy again cursed at she herself was still dry the friction combining with the stretching making her cry.

"Does the poor little Scottish girl's pussy hurt? Is big bad Rose making you cry?" she mocked again.

Then came the bad part for Amy, about 45 seconds from the end she was forced to take it standing up and Rose pushed down on her shoulders. With a sickening tearing sound something within her ripped and she screamed, white hot pain radiating from her nerve packed private parts.

"Fuck!" both girls screamed, Rose in ecstasy as the other girl's pain gave her a massive orgasm.

For a further thirty seconds Rose viciously raped her victim who was on the verge of passing out. With five minutes gone Rose took the cock out as quickly as it had gone in and continued to finger her spasming dripping crack prolonging her joy. The last thing Amy remembered before passing out with seeing her tormentor having the best time of her life whilst she was in a nightmare. She gently felt between her legs which she couldn't close and when she brought her hand up again it was covered in blood...

When she finally came round Amy was surprised to find Rose fully clothed and gently washing her red raw, painful and swollen genitals. There was a look on her face that almost seemed apologetic.

"We're going to have to get you to the hospital," she said in a matter of fact way, "just to see how much damage there is down there. The bleedings stopped though."

Amy stood shakily and winced at the pain. She still wasn't able to close her legs, let alone wear her knickers so she walked awkwardly to the car. After an embarrassing and again very painful inspection (pretending she'd fell and landed on something which no-one seemed to believe) it appeared that there was only a minor tear in her cervix that would fix itself in a couple of days. The girls agreed that in five days time Rose would get her twat rammed with the strap on.

* * *

It took three days for the swelling to go down in Amy's tight little pink hole, which remarkably went back to its tight state despite the abuse it had been given. After five days Rose turned up at the house she shared with her aunt and the red headed girl let her in. It was Amy's turn to strip off naked.

Taking a look at her Rose had to be impressed. Her skin looked so soft and smooth, her small boobs so pert and her little nipples so perfectly lickable. She had quite long legs too, just the right shape. What Rose liked the most though was her bright red bush, something she'd of course seen before but hadn't taken much notice of as she was concentrating on the challenges and her own fun. She couldn't help herself and asked "Where do you want me?"

Taken slightly aback the other girl told her to lie face down on the floor. This wasn't supposed to be how it went, Rose was supposed to be scared, worried that her precious minge would get hammered. When she knelt down though to pull her jeans off her lovely tanned, curvy thighs and pull her French knickers down it was obvious why she wasn't bothered. Roses' knickers had a huge wet patch on them which clearly wasn't pee. Her pussy was opened and swollen with lust and aroused. Still, Amy knew she had to try her best.

Lining up the massive strap on Amy pushed it into her rival in one swift action and the five minutes began. She knew she wouldn't orgasm as she hadn't used the small dildo on herself like Rose had (best let herself mend properly she thought). She did however want to try and cause pain to the other girl though. However despite an initial small intake of breath there was little noise.

In fact the twat seemed to offer little resistance, gliding in and out quite smoothly. One thing that was very noticeable was the smell of Rose's sex and the amount of fluid coming from it. Every time the dildo was pushed in there was a little squelching noise as more juice was pushed out. No matter how much effort was put in and at what angle it was thrust, trying to cause more discomfort than the mild stretching the girl beneath was feeling, Rose just angled her own body and absorbed it.

After about three minutes Rose felt something a little weird. It wasn't unpleasant but certainly wasn't pleasurable, like holding your nose and blowing. Then it happened, with all the juices, the hard black penis of Amy's and Rose's accommodating cunt flaps some air had got trapped inside her and she started to do fanny farts. Each time the dildo was thrust in a little squelchy breaking wind noise came from her hole. After 30 seconds of this the redheaded Scottish girl gave up and couldn't help but laugh jadedly, rolling off the girl beneath. She looked at the now slippery black dildo strapped around her slim waste, the wet stain on the sofa and the other girls gaping wide gash and shrugged.

"How do you do it, you're not exactly that loose down there but you took it all in."

Rose shrugged back, "I guess I always take the kinkiest route in life" she smiled.

* * *

The two young women met up a week later and Amy told Rose to get in her car. She then blindfolded her and drove for what seemed half an hour. When the car stopped the blindfold removed and they were in the middle of the countryside, on a farm.

"Oh no", said Rose, in half mock, half realistic dread, "what have you got planned here then?"

The other girls smiled, "simple really, we both choose one living creature from this farmyard and give it and handjob and blowjob until it comes. If the animal comes within 3 minutes that's the end of it. If however the girl takes longer to make her pet cream then she has to do this dare written in the envelope."

Amy took out an envelope and put it on the dashboard. "Deal?"

Even Rose was disgusted by this but she shook on it walked around the find her animal. In the end though the chose was obvious. Standing in the stables was a large horse. Rose thought she had a better chance with a horse as its penis was a lot like a man's but a much bigger.

She got down on her knees beside the beast and looked under him. The dick was indeed large, about 10 inches soft. On Amy's say she quickly reached out and took a firm hold in the member, stroking it rapidly. The horse moved slightly but not much. The prick in her hand hardened rapidly, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches. Soon it was so thick she had to use two hands, disgusted at what she was doing. After 30 seconds the cock had reached its full 19 inches long and the helmet was sticking out from the foreskin. Rose knew she had to use her mouth on it but the thought sickened her.

As she moved it closer the smell from the beast's penis hit her and she felt sick. Taking a deep breath she stuck out her tongue and licked the horse's flesh which tasted vile. Her sexy bee stung lips made contact as she kissed the dirty, hot dong. She dribbled all over it and started using one hand to rub the bell-end whilst her other played with it's tennis ball sized testicles. "C'mon big fella" she encouraged him.

After a minute her hands ached a bit after being stretched around the circumference of the horses member so she quickly pulled off her top, letting her fat melons hang free (she was of course not wearing a bra!). She put more spit on the bell-end in front of her and heaved her mammaries up and put the phallus between them and started to tit-wank it. As ample as her cleavage was she could only stimulate half of the organ but the beast obviously liked it and pre-cum started to dribble out of its helmet and over her tits and belly. Still sickened that she was doing this to an animal and her soft, sensitive skin was being used by it Rose knew there was only a minute to go so she had to do something desperate.

Quickly she used both hands to coat the cock with its own pre-cum, hating the disgusting feel of it on her hands and arms. She then started to stimulate the prick in what would have been termed, if she had done it to a human, a rather aggressive manner. She pulled its dangling foreskin back, releasing more stench and sucked on the loose uncircumcised flesh. Next she licked the underside of the huge dirty bell-end. Finally she sucked as much of the penal glands into her mouth as possible, crying with the shame and foul taste. She stopped once and threw up before continuing, aware that Amy was loving watching every second of this sordid beast love.

When the animal did come it came as somewhat of a surprise. It tensed up and moved sideways a little. Rose then saw its huge testicles which she had been teabagging in her warm wet mouth contract, the penis which was again placed between her big boobs pulse and a thick jet of semen spray over her chest and chin. A second wave hit her before she could move away.

"Keep tugging him off until he's finished" ordered Amy, so Rose did, using two hands which the beast humped.

After 7 shots it was done, thick ropes of cum leaking down to the floor from the end of its cock.

Amy looked at the scene in front of her. The make-up on Roses' pretty face was smudged with her tears both from the humiliation and from being sick. Her breath, hands and tits stank of dirty horse penis. But best of all was the fact that part of her face and her lovely big, tanned tits were covered with two big loads of horse ejaculate. On Amy this would have looked nice enough but the white contrasted obscenely with the tan of her rivals skin, making the covering seem more complete. Although it was obviously to Rose she hadn't made it, she asked for the time anyway.

"4 minutes and 12 seconds I'm afraid", was the answer. "Forfeits are later though, I have to do my bit now," Amy said trying to look worried, as she had a plan so didn't feel so.

Her Cockney competitor did not know of the plan though and although she was desperate to get cleaned up did not want to miss a second of the humiliation she thought her rival was going to endure!

* * *

However Amy was a little smarter than Rose thought. Instead of going to another barn or sty she walked up to the farmhouse and knocked on the door. "Oh well," thought Rose, "a dog will be amusing enough". However as soon as the farmer, a man of about 25, opened the door, it was obvious what was going on.

The red-headed sexpot stripped off her top to reveal that she was wearing no bra. Her perky little creamy white tits bounced free, her rosy pink nipples sticking out in the cold. "Hope you're ready boy," she said to the farmer who lead her by the hand into the lounge.

After pausing for a while shocked Rose followed them. In the lounge Amy quickly pulled down the jeans and boxers of the farmer and his medium sized 6 inch cock sprung out. He'd obviously been waiting for her as there was cum leaking from his helmet already.

"Hang on," said Rose, "this is hardly fair!"

"Why not?" said her rival, "He's a living creature from the farmyard." She had a point so Rose didn't say anything else.

"Oh by the way," added the farmer with a grin, "nice show with the horse, I've got a camera in there, but don't worry it doesn't record."

The big titted beauty blushed deeply, horrified someone had seen her shameful display. This, along with the thought of pretty Miss Pond tugging him off with her soft hands and sucking him with her hot mouth had obviously got him worked up. She chucked the stop watch to Rose and told her to start it.

Taking the penis in one hand Amy quickly started to rub it, causing the man to let out a sigh of enjoyment. Within a minute she was licking his balls and within ninety seconds she'd taken his bell-end in her mouth, looking up at him with her pretty eyes whilst bobbing up and down on it rhythmically. With a minute to go she stripped off her jeans, opened her legs and let him see between her legs. She was wearing crotchless panties so her beautifully compacted pink pussy lips were on display to him, slightly pouting and moist, as well as her full red bush that the lads seemed to love. She yanked him off rapidly now, again looking him in the eyes intently.

"I'm hot for you boy. Later today I'll let you put your rod in this little hole of mine. Cum for me and I'll let you play with these tits all night."

This was all the guy could take and announced he was going to shoot. Amy took the cock into her mouth, all the way in so it bulged in her throat whilst he ejaculated the first three shots, his salty semen being pumped straight into her stomach. For the last four shots she took it in the mouth, tasting the spunk before letting him withdraw and licking him totally clean.

"That was fun," she smiled taking the stopwatch and stopping it.

It said 3 minutes 20 seconds but she'd got him coming well before the 3 minute mark and both girls knew it. Before she re-dressed she spat the cum in her mouth out into her hands and rubbed it all over her snatch meat and hairy pudenda.

"When I get back later boy we'll was your mess out of my genitals yeah?" and gave him a wink.

Rose however was thinking about her forfeit. The redheaded Scot would not have forgotten the pain she was given when she was fucked and surely had something up her sleeve as bad as, and if not worse, for her rival. She was very nervous, but also a little excited by this...


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