OK Due to a comment about Ten meeting Barty Crouch Junior, I was inspired to
write this but I really don't think it's very good...

Disclaimer: Barty belongs to JK Rowling and the Doctor belongs to the BBC

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Barty/Tenth Doctor

Spoilers: Contains spoilers for the first five Harry Potter books and the
Doctor is in his Tenth regeneration. Set during GoF.

Archive: Yes, please

Summary: Barty Crouch Junior is a very naughty boy, can the Tenth Doctor tame

Now on with the story...

Dr. Who/Harry Potter: Part 1 - Spanking Barty
by Jade ([email protected])

The Doctor stepped out of his TARDIS and looked around to see where he had
landed. The first thing he noticed was that he was in a bathroom of some
kind. The tiles were a stark white which made his long tan coat and dark
brown suit stand out even more. A huge bath full of water and bubbles was
sitting on one side of the room and on the other was a white sink, with
various shaving items.

The second thing The Doctor noticed was he was not alone. A man, who looked
oddly like him was sitting amongst the bubbles and was looking at him in
astonishment. The man's dark, longish, wet hair hung limply against his pale
freckled face, making him look younger than he obviously was. The Doctor ran
his eyes over his look-alike's body, taking in the freckles which adorned his
neck and shoulders, plunging into the bubbles' depths. The Doctor knew that
if the man stood next him they'd be the same height and if the Doctor took
off his clothes, they'd be identical in every way.

The man's voice, which was identical to the Doctor's, broke the Doctor out
of his thoughts and musings. "Who the hell are you? How did you get in?"

The Doctor snapped his eyes up to meet the other man's and smiled widely.
"Hello, I'm the Doctor. Who are you, may I ask?"

The man sat forward and crossed his arms in front of him in a hostile
gesture, his eyes never leaving the Doctor's. His brown eyes narrowed as he
took in the Doctor's clothing. "I am Barty Crouch Junior," he replied in a
voice full of ice and smirked as the Doctor's grin faded. "I see you've heard
of me then?"

'Barty Crouch Junior... how could I not have not heard of that name? The
deaths you caused, or will cause.' The Doctor thought, fighting down the
impulse to leap into the bath and strangle Barty. "Of course I've heard of
you." he said to Barty in an identical tone of voice.

"Right, now that we've been introduced," Barty said. "Why do you look like
me? Is it polyjuice? What do you look like really? Oh well, I guess I'll have
to wait until it wears off."

The Doctor walked over and kneeled beside the bath and stared right into
Barty's eyes. "Well, you'll be waiting a long time because this is what I
look like. Although, now that I see I look like a murderer, I'll have to
change it."

Barty reached up and grabbed the Doctor by the his tie. "Are you ready for a
little swim?" he said and, before the Doctor could reply, pulled him in the
bath with a loud splash. The Doctor surfaced with a loud splutter and he
glared at Barty as he swam over to sit next to Barty on the ledge. "What was
that for?"

Barty shrugged, although he cringed slightly under the Doctor's glare. "I
thought it would be better if we were both on the same eye level."

"You could've used a warning," the Doctor replied, realising that although
the man in front of him was a murderer, he was naked and unarmed and he
couldn't killed an unarmed adversary. No matter what terrible crimes Barty
had committed, he, the Doctor, is not a cold blooded murderer.

Barty smirked and leaned in closer to the Doctor. "It's a shame I have to
kill you when I get out..." he said with a murderous glint in his eye.

The Doctor moved back. "Let's not kill me and just say you did, eh?" The look
in Barty's identical brown eyes was slightly unnerving but he waited to see
what Barty would do.

Barty reached up and wrapped themselves around the Doctor's neck and squeezed
slightly before dropping on to the Doctor's shoulder. "I can't do it." he
muttered to himself. "Why can't I kill you? You could blow my whole cover and
my master will not be pleased with me."

The Doctor snorted, as an idea formed in his head. "What the whole
masquerading as Moody thing? It's quite ingenious but there's always the
hanging around and gloating thing that always gets you." he said, grabbing
a surprised Barty under the arms and lifting him out of the bath. He forced
Barty to lie down by pulling his hair down. "Lie down," the Doctor snapped,
as Barty tried to stand up, not bothering with niceties anymore, with a hard
tug on Barty's hair.

Barty complied to both their surprise and lay on his stomach. He was
shivering from the cold air in the bathroom. The Doctor gave yet another tug
on Barty's hair, causing a yelp in a mixture of pleasure and pain from Barty.
The Doctor took his chance to look at the naked man in front of him, some of
the bubbles from the bath clinging to his wet skin. Barty looked at him with
a bit of fear in his eyes and gulped, wondering what the Doctor was going to
do next. Especially as the Doctor hadn't climbed out of the bath yet.

The Doctor reached out with his free hand and trailed a finger down Barty's
back, producing a shiver from Barty. "Cold?" the Doctor asked raising an
eyebrow, resting his hand on Barty's lower back.

Barty nodded. "Extremely." he said.

The Doctor smiled a cold smile. "Don't worry, I'll melt the ice," he said,
lifting the hand from Barty's back and bringing it down in a sharp slap on
Barty's buttocks, eliciting a whimper from Barty. "Aw, did I hurt you?" he
asked with an evil smile as he slapped Barty again, this time much harder.
Barty flinched as the sound of the slap echoed around the bathroom. "Now,"
the Doctor said, running his hand gently over Barty's reddened bottom,
"you're overdue for a spanking."

"For what?" Barty asked in a bored drawl, wincing as he received another
spank, causing sparks of pleasure to run up his spine. "I haven't done a
nything bad... Yet." The Doctor roughly pulled Barty's head up by his hair
and forced Barty to look into the Doctor's eyes.

"Well, you've not done it yet but you will. I'm here to stop you." the Doctor
replied, his tone promising more pain as he dropped Barty's head on the hard
tiled floor.

Strangely enough, Barty found himself looking forward to it and he wondered
how far the man in front of him could go. Barty adopted a sneer. "You're
boring me," he stated and received about twenty more spanks, each getting
harder and harder and Barty's bottom was now a deep shade of red, bordering
onto purple. There was a long pause and Barty waited in anticipation for the
next one but it didn't come.

A flash of brown and the Doctor was kneeling beside him, gently stroking his
hair and shoulders. The Doctor bent his head and whispered into Barty's ear.
"It's not too late to turn back. Come over to the good side."

"No." Barty replied, receiving a sharp hit in the middle of his back, causing
him to gasp for air. "Why are you doing this to me?" he managed between

"Like I said before, I'm here to stop you." The Doctor replied with a smile
as he stood up. "You may want to reconsider that. I have a lot of time to
kill." he said, as he walked back towards the TARDIS. Before he walked in,
he turned and faced Barty, who is lying on the floor. "I'll be back tomorrow
and what you experienced today is nothing but child's play. I'm just warming
up." he promised, with an evil grin, before turning and walking into the
TARDIS, leaving Barty lying on the floor, watching warily, as the TARDIS


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