Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Barty/Tenth Doctor

Archive: Yes, please

Spoilers: Contains spoilers for the first five Harry Potter books and the
Doctor is in his Tenth regeneration. Set during GoF.

Author's note: Sequel to `Spanking Barty' and `Kissing Barty'.

Now on with the story...

Dr. Who/Harry Potter: Shagging Barty (MM,spank,rough,hp,anal)
by Jade: [email protected]

The Doctor hovered outside the Great Hall and peaked in through the crack in
the door at a certain Barty Crouch Junior, who at the moment was disguised as
'Mad Eye' Moody. He knew that Barty could probably see him anyway with his
stolen magic

The Doctor came to a decision and pushed open the door and strolled in,
ignoring the startled gasps of the students and walked up to the Teacher's
Table. He stood in front of Barty. "May I have a word with you in private?"
he asked, in a low voice.

"No! You didn't come to see me like promised," Barty retorted, taking a sip
from his flask.

The Doctor fought down the urge to grab the flask from Barty's hand and
leaned forward until he was nearly nose to nose with Barty. "Contrary to
popular belief, the world doesn't revolve around you."

"You promised you'd come to see me," Barty argued, fixing the Doctor with a
steely glare.

The Doctor sighed. "God, enough of the broken record already."

"Why didn't you see me?"

"Oh, gee, I'm sorry, I was a little late to come and see you. I had to deal
with a few invasions and other things.Not that you`d understand."

Barty bristled. "What do you mean by that?" he almost yelled, grabbing the
Doctor by the collar.

"You know exactly what I meant," the Doctor replied, with a raised eyebrow.
He knocked Barty's hand away from his coat collar. "How about we discuss this
in private? Remember what I promised?"

"Yeah, but you didn't come to see me." Barty whined, sounding jealous. "Who
else were you with?"

"There hasn't been anyone since nineteen eighty five," the Doctor replied.
"Why? Are you jealous?"

Before Barty could reply, Zacharias Smith spoke up. "Uh, who are you?" he
asked loudly, breaking into the argument.

The Doctor turned slowly to face Zacharias with an unreadable expression in
his face. "I'm the Doctor. Of course you apes don't know who I am. According
to your lessons, I'm just a myth... and I'm talking to your teacher here and
I can't get him to talk with him in private because I... God, I certainly do
have a gob on me in this incarnation."

"Do you mind? The Doctor and I are talking and we don't need any
interruptions from you." Barty added, his magic eye focused on the Doctor's
suit. He was secretly using Moody's magic eye to look through the Doctor's
clothes and was enjoying the view.

The Doctor looked back at Barty with a mischievous look on his face.
"Enjoying the view?" he asked, with a smirk.

"But who are you really, Doctor?" Harry piped up, causing the Doctor to turn
to look at him.

"I'm One who's out of sorts and getting annoyed by all your questions. Gee,
Harry, why don't you ask the questions that really matter? You ask the
trivial ones, but not the important ones." the Doctor replied. He rubbed his
head as he looked at Barty. "Well, are we going to talk in private, or not?"

"Why should I?" Barty questioned, sounding like a spoilt child.

"Because if you don't, I will bend you over the table and spank you until it
wears off. Now you don't want that, do you?" the Doctor threatened.

"Well, no." Barty said, standing up. "It's ok, he's harmless," he said, to
the teachers. "He's unarmed."

"Are you sure?" Snape asked, warily eying up the Doctor.

"Trust me, he's not even wearing underwear," Barty said, "Where's he going to
hide his wand?"

The Doctor looked at Barty with a shocked look on his face. "I can't believe
you just said that. Come on, we need to talk." He glared at Snape, who looked
taken aback at first and matched him with a glare of his own.

Barty walked around the table and stood next to the Doctor and put a hand on
the Doctor's shoulder, pulling the Doctor towards him. "You know they're all
going to look in their little books, looking for you."

"Hmm, maybe you're right." the Doctor admitted, as they walked down in
between the tables. He looked over at the Slytherin table. "Oh, she's
missing," he muttered to himself.

Parvati sighed, as the two men passed her and Lavender. "I'd love to borrow
Moody's eye. It's creepy but it'd come in handy sometimes." she said, her
eyes firmly on the Doctor's bottom. "Shame his coat is covering his bum. I'd
love to get a look at it."

Lavender nodded in agreement. "Yeah, we already heard he's not wearing any

The Doctor, hearing this, slowly removed his coat and slung it over one arm.
He winked at Barty. "Got to give them what they want."

This simple act caused every female, Hermione included, sneaking looks at the
Doctor's trouser clad behind and sigh in pleasure.

Barty raised an eyebrow. "I didn't have you pegged as a major flirt."

Lavender smirked and added. "Shame his trousers are covering his bum too."
She was hoping the same trick would work twice.

The Doctor stopped in his tracks. "Hey, I'm not taking off my trousers in
the Great Hall," he said, removing his jacket, exposing his white shirt and
handed it to Barty, as he loosened his tie. He raised an eyebrow at Barty's
expression. "I'm feeling hot."

"I really wish his shirt would open up. I want to see what he's got on
underneath.." Hannah spoke up, with a wistful look on her face.

"HANNAH!" Susan yelped in shock.

"What? I'm curious is all." Hannah explained, with a smile.

"I can not believe you just said that!" Susan squeaked.

"Don't tell me you weren't thinking it," Hannah challenged.

Barty eyed the Doctor's jacket, that he was holding. "And what do you want me
to do with this?"

The Doctor undid his tie and wrapped it around his hand. "Well, use your
imagination. Don't lose it by the way." He ran the tie through his fingers.
"Do you know I found out my tie could be used for tying people to the bed?"
he muttered quietly, so only Barty could hear.

Barty gulped and jumped when the Doctor handed him the tie as well. "Huh?" he

"Lose my tie and see how grumpy I can get." the Doctor promised, as he
undid the top button on his shirt. "Ties are great but they can get a little
restricting at times."

"What?" Barty asked, watching the Doctor's fingers undo the second button on
his shirt. "What are you doing?" he lowered his voice. "Shouldn't you wait
until we're in the office."

"Not embarrassing you, am I?" the Doctor asked, wearing an amused expression
on his face. "I'm just giving them what they want." he said, indicating the
students. "Don't worry, I'm not taking off my trousers. at least not yet."

"So where would you hide your wand?" Barty asked suddenly.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow and smirked. "You don't want to know."

"Yes, I do." Barty replied. He eyed the Doctor who was busily unbuttoning the
fifth button down his shirt.

"Plan an exit route, parachute, rubber suit ... are you ready for a little
swim?" the Doctor sang in a low tone, startling Barty. The Doctor jumped in
shock when Barty grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the hall. "I wasn't
done!" he complained.

The Doctor had only taken a few steps inside Barty's office before he found
himself slammed against the wall and pinned there. He looked at Barty, who
was still disguised as Moody, and raised an eyebrow. "You do like pinning me
to the wall, don't you?"

Barty backed back and looked at the Doctor, licking his lips. He walked
over to the door and shut it. "What was with that? In the Great Hall of all
places?" Barty asked, placing the objects that were slung over one arm, on
top of his desk, avoiding answering the Doctor`s question.

"You didn't answer my question," the Doctor pointed out.

"Which one?" Barty asked, walking towards the Doctor again. Barty stood in
front of the Doctor and looked him up and down.

"All of them."

"What's your real name?"

"You have to earn the right to find out my real name." the Doctor replied,
walking over to the desk and admiring the objects on it, followed by Barty.
"Good, you didn't lose my tie."

Barty rolled his eyes at the Doctor, grabbed the Doctor again by the collar
of the Doctor's shirt and pinned him against the desk. "To answer all your
questions, Yes, I do."

The Doctor raised an eyebrow as Barty's face melted back into his own face.
"Well, good." he pushed Barty off him, spun him around and pushed him against
the desk, face down. "Take your coat off," he ordered, stepping back and
allowing Barty to stand up.

Barty's eyes gleamed with anticipation as he slowly removed his heavy jacket
and stood in front of the Doctor in just a shirt and trousers. "Now what?"
Barty asked, turning around and sitting on his desk. His fingers tapped the
desk in a steady rhythm. "I'm waiting."

The Doctor looked Barty up and down, deep in thought. "Well, first of all,"
he said, moving closer to Barty, "you're a little too formal. Let me rectify
that," he murmured, slowly unbuttoning the top button on Barty's shirt.

Barty captured the Doctor's hands in his, stilling them. "I'm a big boy now,"
he muttered, bringing the Doctor's left hand up to his mouth and gently
kissed the Doctor's fingertips. Barty pulled the Doctor to him, using his
other hand.

The Doctor's eyes met Barty's and held his stare for a few moments. The
Doctor brought his hand up and gently stroked the side of Barty's face, his
stare unwavering. Barty shivered under the Doctor's slightly cooler hand. "I
never said you weren't." the Doctor replied, his thumb caressing Barty's

"So is this your great plan, huh?" Barty asked, unconsciously leaning into
the Doctor's hand. "Stroke me to death?"

"Well, actually I was planning on making you watch Buffy episodes for all
eternity. But then again, you might enjoy that. If I did, you might actually
get the 'Spike' reference that is mentioned later on." the Doctor said,
stepping back and pulling Barty with him, into a standing position. He
roughly pulled Barty around and bent him over the desk, face down again.
"You've been a very bad boy and I'm here to punish you." the Doctor added,
with a sharp slap to Barty's trouser clad backside. "Do you want me to stop?
Or shall I just carry on?"

Barty bit down a yelp of pain and shivered when the Doctor untucked Barty's
shirt at the back and ran a cool finger up his spine. "Yes."

The Doctor stopped his hand and raised an eyebrow at Barty. "So was that to
stop or not?" he said, adding another slap for good measure.

Barty jerked his body forward with the force of the blow to his backside.
"Don't stop," Barty muttered, whimpering when the Doctor grabbed his hair and
pulled his head back.

"I'm sorry, would you care to repeat that?" the Doctor hissed, leaning over
Barty's back so his mouth was close to Barty's ear.

"I said, don't stop," Barty said, a little louder. He yelped again when the
Doctor's hand came down on his backside again.

The Doctor trailed his hand back under Barty's shirt and up his spine. He
bent his head so his head was near Barty's ear again. "You like that, don't

Barty nodded his head. "Yes," he hissed, jerking his body when the Doctor's
fingers found a sensitive spot.

The Doctor gave Barty thirty more smacks, smirking every time Barty let out
a little yelp of pain. He then let go of Barty's hair and let him stand up.
"Well, it's not punishment if the one being punished is enjoying himself."
he said, with a grin. "But then again." he began, getting cut off by Barty
pressing his lips to his. The Doctor responded, his hands grasping Barty's
arms tightly.

Barty spun the Doctor around and backed him against the desk. Barty pressed
his body against the Doctor's and kissed him again. The Doctor responded,
letting go of Barty's arms and let his hands run through Barty's hair and
down his back, eliciting a moan and a shiver from Barty.

Barty pulled back and looked at the Doctor's face. He reached up and slowly
finished unbuttoning the Doctor's shirt. He opened the Doctor's shirt and ran
his fingers over the Doctor's chest, causing a shiver from the Doctor. "Is
that nice?" he asked, wrapping his arms around the Doctor's body and pulled
the Doctor nearer to him.

"Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?" the Doctor
asked and then mentally cursed himself for such a lame line. He wrapped his
arms around Barty's waist and ran his fingers up Barty's back, causing Barty
to shiver in pleasure.

Barty pushed the Doctor away from him and started unbuttoning his own shirt,
his fingers trembling. The Doctor sighed and helped Barty undo the buttons on
his shirt. The Doctor slipped Barty's shirt off his shoulders and took in
Barty's body, with a glint in his eyes.

Barty smirked at him, as he took off the Doctor's shirt. "Enjoying the view?"

The Doctor grabbed Barty by the shoulders and kissed him roughly. Barty
responded, matching the Doctor's passion with his own passion.

Barty reached down and slowly unbuckled the Doctor's belt, slid it off and
threw it in the corner. He then unzipped the Doctor's trousers and, breaking
the kiss for a moment, pushed the trousers down, letting gravity do its job.

The Doctor unzipped Barty's trousers and helped them on their descent down
by tugging them roughly down. "I see I'm not the only one not wearing
underwear," the Doctor pointed out, before kissing Barty again, letting
his fingers roam over Barty's body, smirking every time Barty whimpered in

Barty pushed the Doctor against the desk and ran his hands over the Doctor's
body, enjoying the way the Doctor wriggled under his ministrations.

The two men continued their exploration of each others bodies until they were
ready to burst with frustration.

The Doctor picked up Barty and sat him on the desk, spread his legs and
admired the man in front of him. Barty reached forward and pulled the Doctor
even closer to him. Barty roughly kissed him, biting down on the Doctor's
lower lip, drawing blood. "Doctor," Barty muttered, his mouth close to the
Doctor's, "please."

The Doctor, not needing any more encouragement, thrust his hips forward,
entering Barty, who let out a loud squeak. Barty wrapped his legs around the
Doctor's waist and pulled him closer, as the Doctor, slowly moved his hips
back and forth inside Barty. Each thrust prompted a loud groan from Barty.
The Doctor felt a pool of lust gather at the bottom of his spine but he
ignored it and concentrated on tracing the path of a rivulet of sweat down
the young man's body from his abdomen to neck, causing Barty to shiver with
pleasure, as the Doctor's cool fingers trailed over his hot skin.

Barty thrust his hips forward matching the Doctor stroke for stroke until
he felt himself about to tip over the edge, about forty-five minutes later.
Barty's breath shortened and his eyes glazed over, heralding an imminent
orgasm. The Doctor paused before the in stroke. Barty's eyes cleared as his
hips thrust out involuntarily, a question on his face. The Doctor grinned at
him. "Now now Barty, you know you mustn't rush these things."

"Shut up and let me cum," Barty growled, his eyes wearing a lustful glare, a
look the Doctor was sure was reflected on his own face.

"Okay, if you insist," The Doctor said as he moved his hips in and out of
Barty once again. As he was reaching his own orgasm, he sped up until he was
almost a blur. The Doctor bent his head and nibbled Barty's neck, causing
Barty to groan and push the Doctor's head towards him. the Doctor bit down
hard on Barty's neck, causing Barty to yell in a mixture of pleasure and
pain. Barty's yelps were getting louder and louder until the Doctor was sure
they could hear him at the other end of the castle. The Doctor realised he
was making just as much noise as Barty but found he didn't care.

The Doctor shrugged and carried on thrusting in and out of Barty, they both
could feel it building. This time they both felt pushed over the edge, until
they both came in a pile of quivering flesh. They collapsed in a heap on top
of the desk with the Doctor lying on top of Barty.

Barty wrapped his arm around the Doctor and muttered in a hoarse voice. "It's
been a long time for me."

"Mm," the Doctor agreed. "Too long for me too."

"So we both needed that?" Barty asked, with a smirk.

"I guess," the Doctor replied, with a glint in his eyes. "Shall we go again?
Or do you have a lesson to teach?"

The End.

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