Dracula 2000: Bi Nights (MF,MFF,anal,voy,exhib)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Dracula stood on a rooftop, looking at the city below. He had been born
more than two thousand years ago. He remembered those days when he walked
the earth as a man. He was once known as Judas Iscariot. He was the man who
betrayed Jesus Christ. For his deed, he was cursed. Doomed to walk the earth
for all eternity, restless and never finding peace.

The Curse gave him many powers. He could leap incredible heights. He had the
strength of ten men, maybe more. His body healed from any injury, even those
that would kill an ordinary man. He could transform himself into any number
of animals, bats and wolves being his favorites. His sharp senses were alert
to his surroundings and could detect any threat. Not that he had anything to
fear. He was immortal. Part of the Curse was that if he meant to live
forever, he would have to drink the blood of the Living. The Lord of the
Night was his name. Once, he roamed the world. He created many others like
himself and thus the race of vampires was born.

Throughout the ages, he was always hunted. Brave men and women hunted him
from place to place. His undead followers fell under the blade of the
fanatics who sought him out. The Lord of the Night always eluded death. He
had survived trips into the light of day, being decapitated and even burned
at the stake. He was immortal.

Dracula looked at Solina. She was such a beautiful young woman. Doubtless
one of his finest creations. Solina had waited a long time for her master to
return home.

"Here you are, master." she said. "Do you know how worried I was?"

Dracula looked at her and grinned. "You have no reason to worry, my sweet."
he said. "Nothing in this world can harm me."

Solina gently stroked his face. "I know this, master but it is a woman's
nature to worry about the ones she loves."

Dracula touched her face. So beautiful. "As you should." he said, and kissed

Solina kissed him back. She put her arms around him and caressed him. The
master kissed her with such passion. She broke their kiss. "Let's go to bed."
she said.

"No." he said.

She stared at him, suddenly worried. "You do not find me attractive?" she
asked in a small voice.

"Of course I do." he said. With that, he took her into his arms and
practically ripped the clothes off her.

Solina undressed hastily and Dracula admired her body. She slipped out of her
clothes, revealing a nice, athletic body. She was tall, with full breasts, a
slim waist, nice round butt and long legs. Her auburn hair, pale blue eyes
and beautiful face completed the picture. He did not regret bringing her into
the life of the undead. He kissed her full and deep. His hands caressed her
face and he kissed her neck. Solina felt a tingle on her skin everywhere he
touched her. She was burning with desire for her master. She just wanted to
make him happy. He simply seized her and effortlessly carried them aloft.

She marveled at his power. He took her to the roof of the house. She was
almost mad with desire for him. She kissed him and unbuttoned his shirt and
unzipped his pants. She licked his skin, kissing a path from his gorgeous
lips to his neck. He grunted when she bit him tenderly and licked his chest.
She went down to his groin and breathed in the masculine scent of him. It
aroused her even more. To her great surprise, Dracula stopped her.

"Do you want it?" he asked.

"Yes, master." said Solina. "Just a little taste."

Dracula grinned. She begged him. Pleaded with him. Begged and pleaded.

"You can have it." he said.

He was hardly done talking when she greedily took his cock into her mouth.

* * *

Valerie Sharpe had just come to the Master's Lair. She had gone hunting
again. She knew the master would not mind. His mind was too focused on the
object of his obsession, the young woman with the mysterious connection to
him. Mary Heller, the daughter of Matthew Van Helsing, Count Dracula's most
fearsome enemy. Valerie had found interesting prey for the night. She went
out and found this young lesbian couple. Michelle Langston and Karen Fawcett,
they were visiting the city from their native Alaska. Two tall, lean young
women they were.

Valerie approached Michelle Langston, the one with the red hair and set
out to seduce her. Karen, Valerie's partner was not having any of it. She
actually tried to hurt Valerie. This seemed absurd now. Of course, Karen
hadn't known that former newswoman Valerie Sharpe was one of the Undead.
She was a vampire and a fledgling of the Great One himself, Count Dracula.

The blood of Dracula changed Valerie. It gave her supernatural speed, the
strength of twenty men and the ability to heal rapidly from any injury. She
was immortal now. Only sunlight, a stake through the heart or beheading could
kill her. Valerie attacked Karen Fawcett and snapped the young lesbian's
neck. Valerie drank deep of her blood. She looked at Michelle Langston, the
young woman just stood there staring at the female vampire as she drank her
slain lesbian partner's blood.

"You should run, little girl." said Valerie.

Michelle Langston ran. Valerie drained Karen Fawcett, then she went after
Michelle. Michelle's blood tasted of fear and ecstacy. Hmm. delicious.

So, Valerie made her way back to Dracula's Lair. She went to the roof, hoping
to sneak in without being seen. What she saw amazed her. There was her fellow
vampiric fledgling Solina...and the bitch was sucking off the Master!!!

Valerie felt jealousy spring through her heart. She went to them, angry.
"What is this?" she asked. She looked at the beautiful Solina with contempt
as Solina sucked off the Master's gorgeous thick cock.

"Valerie." said Dracula. "Care to join us, my dear?" he asked casually.

Valerie just stared at the Master. Ah, the gall on him! He actually thought
that she was gonna participate in...this? She looked into the Master's eyes
and felt the hypnotic pull of them.

"Come to me." he said.

Valerie smiled. All doubt was gone from her, as was jealousy. She wanted her
Master, and she would share him with that bitch, Solina...for now. Dracula
looked at Solina as she sucked his cock. Valerie Sharpe knelt before him and
held his cock. She licked the side of it while Solina sucked on the head.
Dracula moaned in sheer pleasure. He let the two female vampires suck him
then he pulled them to him.

Solina put her arms around him and climbed on top of him. She ached to feel
the master inside her. She straddled him. He thrust into her and she started
to ride him. He held her firmly, planting his strong hands on her waist. He
began to shove his cock deep inside her pussy. Solina threw her head back and
roared in pleasure as the Master fucked her.

Valerie watched all this. She had stripped nude and sat on a corner of the
roof, fingering herself while Solina rode the Master's cock. Dracula fucked
her like this, and Solina wailed like a banshee. They changed positions and
Solina got on her hands and knees before the master. Dracula positioned
himself behind her and caressed her buttocks. He entered her ass like this,
sliding his massive cock inside her anus. She grunted in pain and bit her
lip as he fucked her.

In spite of herself, Valerie was deeply aroused by the scene. She fingered
herself furiously. Solina's beautiful face was contorted in pain as Dracula's
massive cock invaded her anus.

"Do you like it, bitch?" Dracula asked.

"Yes, master." Solina replied meekly.

Valerie watched the master's energetic thrusts as he fucked the shit out of
Solina. Finally, he came, shooting his load deep inside her. Solina's scream
of pleasure and pain echoed into the night. Dracula pulled out of her ass
with an audible pop.

The master lay there, looking almost spent. Valerie rushed to him. She knelt
by him and buried her face between his legs. She sucked his cock, taking time
to lick it and taste it in her mouth. Dracula looked at Valerie as she sucked
his cock.

"Valerie?" he said.

Valerie paused for a second. "I just want to please you, master." she said.

She resumed sucking him off. Solina lay there, spent. Her whole body ached,
especially the lower regions after the master's brutal assfucking. She saw
Valerie Sharpe sucking his cock. She admired the other female vampire's
gorgeous body. Hmm. Would Valerie mind if she got a taste? Only one way to
find out.

Solina went close to Valerie, who was too busy sucking the master's cock
with her eyes closed to notice the other woman was dangerously close to her.
Solina looked at Valerie's strong legs and saw her bush. She went closer
until her face was inches away from Valerie's pussy and she breathed the
other woman's smell. Hmm. She licked it, liked the taste and continued to
lap at Valerie's pussy. Valerie looked at Solina. The other woman was
licking her pussy. Valerie wanted to prostest.

"Don't." said the master. "You will enjoy this."

Valerie continued sucking his cock and Solina continued to eat Valerie out.
When Valerie felt the master's cock throbbing in her mouth, she let it out
and licked the tip. That sent Dracula over the edge. He gasped as she licked
the ultra sensitive head of his cock and he came. Valerie drank his cum.

Solina came up and she licked the underside of Dracula's cock. She drank the
master's cum. She looked into Valerie's beautiful face as they drank the cum
and she leaned over and kissed Valerie on the lips. After a brief hesitation,
Valerie returned the kiss.

Valerie then straddled the master and impaled herself onto his cock. She
started to bounce up and down on his cock. Solina came closer to her and,
taking Valerie Sharpe's firm tits in her hands, she licked them. Valerie
faced away from Dracula as he thrust into her. She faced Solina, who rubbed
their tits together. Solina's sleek hand went to Valerie's pussy and rubbed
it. At the same time, Dracula thrust deep into Valerie and she screamed in
ecstacy as he came inside her. She was about to collapse, so intense was the
pleasure when Solina caught her in her arms. All three of them lay on the
roof. Side by side. Like a happy family.

"Did you enjoy what she did to you?" Dracula asked Valerie.

"Yes." said Valerie. She looked at Solina with a strange expression.

"It is good." said Dracula. "We have eternity to enjoy ourselves." He got up
so fast that even with their super senses they didn't see him move. Once more
he was clothed. "Good night, ladies." he said.

Solina and Valerie smiled at the master. "Good night." they said.

Solina then put her arms around Valerie and kissed her on the lips. "I'm not
that good at this." said Valerie. Then, she kissed Solina back.


Lucy Westerman had been ordered by Count Dracula to track down their prey.
She was very good at tracking. She hadn't been a vampire for long but she
adapted really well to her new existence. She had the strength of ten men,
the ability to regenerate plus amazing agility and speed. She followed her
prey at night and paid some human thugs to follow them during the day. She
would not fail in her mission. She tracked them down to a Church...

Simon Sheppard sat in the place he had come to seek refuge. The Church.
According to Van Helsing's notes, they should be safe there. The vampires
could not walk right into the church since they were creatures of darkness
and the power of the Lord kept them at bay. Simon Sheppard looked at the
young woman he was protecting. Her name was Mary Heller. She was the daughter
of Matthew Van Helsing, the most powerful enemy that Lord Dracula had ever
encountered in his thousands of years of walking the earth.

Simon could not believe how his life had changed. Once, he was an out of
control dealer. Van Helsing turned his life around and gave him a second
chance at making something of himself. Now, Van Helsing was deceased and
the protection of his daughter was in the hands of Simon. Simon couldn't
believe he had a horde of blood thirsty immortals after him. This was too
much like a science fiction movie. If so, what kind of character was he?
The Hero? He strongly doubted he was a hero.

Mary Heller sat inside the Church. She had trouble taking in all that she
had seen. Her best friend Lucy Westerman had been turned into a vampire by
the Master, the Count Dracula himself. He made her into a nearly invincible
fiend. He was hunting her. Who knew how many people had already been turned
into vampires by the evil Count ? What did he want with her? She knew that
her father, Matthew Van Helsing had lived for centuries. He found a way to
filter vampiric blood and achieve virtual immortality without turning into
a vampire himself. He remained human. A human who could live forever. He met
a woman, they had a relationship and she was the result of that. Her father
had been changed at a genetic level by the vampire blood and that change had
been passed down to her. That's why Dracula wanted her so badly. She was
partly like him. One of the First Ones to walk in Darkness. She was different
from all other human beings and vampires in the planet.

At the moment, she was a very scared young woman. "What are we gonna do now?"
she asked Simon.

Simon looked at her. "We wait until daylight." he said. "Then we ditch
Dracula's cronies and go straight to the Watchers."

Mary Heller shot him a quizzical look. "What are the Watchers?"

He smiled. "They're this sect of men and women who hunt vampires. They should
know how to deal with vampires. Your father mentioned them."

Mary looked at Simon and felt seeds of hope in her heart. "Do you know how to
contact them?" she asked.

"The local yellow pages." Simon said.

"What?" she asked.

He grinned. "Bad joke. I know how to get to them."

She smiled and pushed his arm. "Don't scare me like that." she said.

Simon grinned. "I didn't figure you like the type that scared easily." he

She came closer to him. "What type do you take me for?" she asked.

Simon looked into her beautiful face. "The strong woman type."

Mary Heller didn't like the compliment. "I ain't some kind of superhero."
she said. "I work at a video store inside a Mall."

Simon protested. "Hey, I'm a British antique dealer and I'm hunting the
undead. How do you think I feel?" he asked. He made a funny face and grabbed
a stake. "Try as I might, I don't look like Buffy the Vampire Slayer." he
said, with mock sadness.

"Nah, you're more like Xander." Mary Heller said.

Simon looked at her, surprised. "You watched Buffy?"

Mary grinned. "Been a fan since 1997 and I got it all on DVD."

Simon clasped her hand in his. "Me too."

Mary Heller looked at him. This was the first time she had seen a guy get so
worked up over Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Cool." she said.

They burst out laughing. They were sitting real close. Mary Heller looked at
Simon. "Let's fuck." she said.

"What?" Simon asked.

Mary looked at him. Impulsively, she kissed Simon. He hesitated, then kissed
her back. He put his arms around her and held her in a tight yet tender
embrace. She was rapidly unbuttoning his shirt.

"Mary, don't you think this is moving too fast?" he asked.

"No." she said.

She unzipped his pants. Her hand went into his underwear and Simon stopped
protesting. Mary took his cock into her mouth. She hadn't gotten any in a
while. Her last boyfriend, a guy named John left her for a man named Raymond.
Talk about a blow to a girl's self esteem. She sucked Simon's cock with a
vengeance, licking the shaft and sucking on his balls. He grunted as she
licked him and sucked him. She popped back up for a moment.

"You like that ?" she asked.

"Oh yeah." he said.

She resumed sucking him off. Simon closed his eyes and tried to enjoy what
she was doing to him. Her mouth felt like a vacuum cleaner, sucking out all
he got. He felt a rush from deep within and came, shooting his load in her
mouth. If the professor Van Helsing could see his daughter now...he laughed
at the thought. Mary Heller was sucking on his prick when he burst out

"What is it?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing." he said.

Mary stopped and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Was her blowjob
that bad that he was laughing at her? She felt angry, but she also felt like
she had something to prove. He was the first guy she was with at the end of
a very long dry spell. Was she such a lousy lover that men laughed at her or
left her for other men? She was a stressed woman and being chased by vampires
was making her feel more stressed. She wanted to prove something alright...
which was why she climbed on top of Simon.

"Give me all you got." she said.

Simon looked at her, a bit surprised. "Okay." he said.

He put his hands on her waist and she took them and placed them on her
buttocks. He caressed her butt and his hands felt up her smooth breasts and
he licked a path from her lips to her chest. She positioned herself so that
her pussy was real close to his face and he began to lap at her labia. His
agile tongue slipped inside her. She was soon squirming against his face,
mashing her pussy against him. She was aroused and wanted to feel him inside
her. Taking his cock in her hand, she put it inside her. He put his hands on
her hips and began to thrust deep into her. She let him ravage her body as
he went in and out of her. His cock felt so thick and hot inside her pussy.
She rode him like a racehorse, enjoying the delicious burning sensation
inside her and not wanting it to end. Simon had never been with a woman as
wild as Mary Heller. He rammed his cock into her pussy, loving to feel her
tightness around him. He soon felt the familiar rush inside him and warned
her that he was about to cum.

"So cum." she said.

He did, his cock spat its load, filling her pussy with his hot seed. Mary
Heller screamed in sheer pleasure as he came within her. She fell into his
arms and he held her there.

"How was it?" he asked.

"Great." she said. She rolled off him and lay flat on the cold floor of the
church. "Totally awesome." she said.

Simon lay there. What a weird chick! She just wanted sex and she basically
took it deep, no bullshit and no questions asked. Now that was his kind of
girl. He went to sleep, holding onto to his weapon. Tomorrow they would find
the Watchers and these men and women would deal with Dracula.

* * *

Lucy Westerman sensed what was happening inside the Church. She knew where
they were headed and what was going on. She would not fail her Master. He
would be satisfied ith her, maybe even take her to bed and make her his,
like the night he made her one of the Undead. Smiling to herself, she leapt
into the night. Mary Heller and Simon Sheppard were done for and they didnt
even know it. She almost felt sorry for them. Almost.

The End


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