Dragnet (MF,Mg,orgy,oral,anal,ws)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

This is the city. Los Angeles, CA.

Millions of people work in the city, some are legal others are not. It's my
job to put those who do crime behind bars. For I wear the badge.

* * *

It was a hot day, July 21. I was working vice, while my partner, Bill was on
vacation. I was working with Captain Marks. We were working a neighborhood we
thought was a house of sex and drugs.

I moved in undercover as a single business man to watch the area. It seemed
normal enough. Kids playing, people coming and going.

I sat down to watch some TV, when there was a knock at the door. I answered
it. A young lady stood there wearing a short skirt and a tan blouse, but what
caugth my eye was I could clearly see her nipples. She held a basket of fruit
and said, "Welcome!"

She walked in and placed them on the table. "Nice to meet you," she said,
"I'm Mandy, the welcome girl. I welcome all new folks." She stood there and
asked if I was a cop.

I don't lie, but this time I had to. With that out of the way she turn on a
radio and began to dance. Her breasts were moving around. She bent over. I
seen her bare ass. It had the word "Welcome" wrtten across it.

Soon she was naked. Her pussy was trimmed. She laid on the floor legs opened.
She stuck her finger in her pussy and licked it clean. She did it once again
before she came to me and offered her finger to me. I could see and smell her
juices. I played her game and licked it clean,

She took an apple and bit it. "Let's play Adam and Eve."

She took me to the bedroom. She took my cock out and began to suck it. Her
tongue ran across my head and down to my balls. She took it like a pro. The
bed creaked as she moaned "YEEESS GIVE IT TO ME!"

I turned her over and popped her ass.


I soon came in her mouth. She dressed and left me laying on the bed. I soon
checked my wallet found twenty five bucks gone. I called the Captain told
him, "I made contact. I'll have to stay a bit longer. Maybe I can find out
who heads this opperation."

Within a few days I was invited to a house party. BBQ the works. As the
evening wore on it did heat up. I walked into the bathroom and a man had a
young girl going down on him. She looked at me, "You next?"

I stood there having to piss. The guy came and left. She dropped her dress
and got in the tub. "Go on!" she said. "Piss on me!"

I raised the lid began to piss. She reached for my cock. I couldn't stop
pissing and covered her with my piss. She then took it in her mouth. I felt
her braces scrap across my cock. She jerked my hard cock. I was about to cum.
As she jerked me off it sprayed all over her young body.

When I walked out, the place was wild with people fucking everywhere. Men
fucking women, women fucking women and some doing men, too. I saw a man
with a young girl. Blood was on the floor. He just took her cherry while her
parents watched. It sicken me to no end. What looked like a pastor was being
sucked by two boys. I had to get out.

Steppeing over naked people I made the call to the Captain. It was the
largest raid in the city. We found the leader. He was the pastor. He had
formed the community by seducing the women and filming them. He used
blackmail on them to preform their trade. Soon it just went on from there.
Drugs took over their minds and bodies.

Each house was searched. Every one had a hidden camera in their bedroom.
These people were going away for a long time. The childern wer taken away.
The girl, who blew me, spat on me as she walked by.

Yes, this is the city and I wear the badge TO SERVE AND PROTECT!


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