This is a work of fiction based on the British Soap "Dream Team" about a
fictional soccer club. It does not express the views or opinions of Sky,
Hewland Productions International or the actors that play the characters
involved. Any similarities to events real or fictional is by entire
coincidence. This is a work of satire and fiction.

Dream Team: Abi And Curtis (MF,inter)
by Atomic Buffalo

It was a normal day of training for the Harchester United squad everything
was ok when Curtis Alexander jumped for the ball and landed awkwardly and
quite clearly in some pain. Andy Ansah the coach helped him up and led him
to the physio's, Abi Fletcher, office.

* * *

Abi was looking over a player's notes thinking about her husband Karl all
the way in Saudi Arabia. She was gorgeous woman and she hadn't been fucked in
months. Yes fingering herself was good but it wasn't the same as having the
feel of a cock inside her, be it her mouth, ass or pussy. She was so horny
and having to spend all day massaging and examining these athletic men help.

The door swung open and in walked Andy supporting Curtis, "Sort him out
please Abi I've got to get back to training." said Andy imaptiently.

"What's wrong with him?" she asked motioning for Curtis to sit on the physio

"I think he has done his back in, I've got to go" he said as he went out the
door closing it behind him.

"Oh thanks!" she said sarcasticaly, she turned to face Curtis. "So what have
you done?"

"It's nothing, I just fell on it thats all. It hurt when I landed but its
fine now."

"Take your top off and I'll check it out anyway" she said "It's better to
be safe than sorry."

Curtis removed his top and laid down on his chest so that Abi could look at
his back. She ran her hands over it feeling for any sign of muscle damage.
She kneaded his back feeling for any problems. After a couple minutes she
said, "Well you've just pulled a muscle you can sit at home and miss the
reserve game this afternoon or I can try to massage it aand you may be able
to play."

"You'll have to masage it, I need every game I can get if I am gonna get back
in the first team." he answered.

"Ok strip off, put the towel on and I'll be back in five minutes." she said.

"What completely naked?" he asked.

"Yes I'll need access to your lower back and tops of your thighs." she
answered as she to left the room.

Curtis did as instructed and lay face down on the table. Abi soon returned
and began the massage. It was all very professional nothing seedy or erotic.
Soon Abi and Curtis were talking about Karl.

"You must really miss him..." he said

"Yeah, there are just some things which you take for granted from your
partner and you only realise when they are gone...."

"I bet!" he said cheekily.

"Oi! I didn't mean sex! But that is one of them..." she said laughing.

"I can't imagine not shagging someone for months!" he said.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss cock. Oh well. Turn over I need to
check the front of your shoulders."

The problem was Curtis had got hard as Abi talked about cock, the moment the
big titted beautiful blonde said "cock" he became hard.

"Um... I can'" he stuttered and mumbled.

"Oh let me are hard! Curtis if I had a quid for every time one
of you players got hard as I massaged you I'd me a fucking millionaire!"

"Really..... that's normal?" he asked.

"God Curtis, Clyde came in my face as I massaged his thighs! Peter Mack had
a groin strain but he was hard so I had to suck him off 3 times so that he
wouldn't get hard again as I inspected the injury, and even Stewart prodded
me in the eye with his cock as I looked at his torso injury. I'd be worried
if you weren't hard!"

"You sucked off Macky?" he asked shocked.

"Yeah, 3 times!"

"And Clyde came in your face!?"

"Yeah he was hard and his towel slipped off so whilst I was massaging his
thighs I was winding him up saying 'Shall I lick it? Shall I suck it?' and
he began beat off, I told him to stop and he did, I massaged his thighs a
little longer and as I looked up by bottom lip just caught his cock and he
came in my face. I'll tell you he may be young but he has plenty of spunk."

"Does Fletch know about this!?"

"Probably, but I he don't care! He has had more blowjobs from Tash Parker
than he has had hot meals!" she replied confidently, "So turn over!"

Curtis turned over now a lot more relaxed with his towel looking like a tent
on his pole. Abi's eyes lit up in delight, it was huge! It was about 10
inches! In her super horny state she knew that she had to have it!

"I don't think we'll need the towel anymore....." she said sexily

"You're the boss..." he replied excitedly pulling off his towel and dropping
it to the floor.

Abi reached out and grabbed hold of his meaty chew stick, she began to slowly
jerk him off causing Curtis to moan quietly. She climbed on to the physio
table with him , kneeling between his legs. She began to kiss all over his
big black dong, from the big bulbous head to his balls and back. She looked
up at him as she took his helmet into her mouth sucking hard causing Curtis
to gasp for air! He ran his fingers through her hair as she devoured more of
his cock. She sucked like a vacuum cleaner, taking in more and more of his
cock until she had deep throated the lot! She then began to bob swirling her
tongue over his dick and grating her teeth sensually along the sensitive
underside of his dong. Abi picked up speed, she was impaling her own
beautiful face on his cock with aggression. It wasn't long before Curtis
felt his sperm rising.

"OH GOD ABI!!! IM GUNNA CUM!!" he yelled.

Abi got even faster and sucked even harder! Curtis fired his spunk deep down
her throat, she guzzled hungrily continuing to suck and slurp down every last
drop. Her tongue and throat were plastered with cum and she licked Curtis'
limp dick clean.

"Your turn." she said sexily looking up at him. She pulled her top off,
kicked off her trainers and slid down her trousers so that she was sitting
on the edge of the table in just her lacy bra and panties. Curtis stood up
and walked around so that he was infront of Abi, dropping to his knees he
grabbed the rim of her panties and slid them down her long sexy legs. For
the first time Curtis saw her neatly trimmed pussy. Abi stuck two fingers
inside herself and generously covered them in her juices before sliding
them into Curtis' mouth, he gladly licked them clean tasting her sweet sex
nectar. He shuffled towards her and delved his tongue into her pussy between
her fingers. His tongue forced its way into her soft velevety pussy sending
shockwaves of pleasure through her body. Beginning a slow rotatation he
drove her wild. Abi grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in further.
As he tongue tornadoed her sweet pussy folds she screamed in ectasy.


Her pussy was soaking now from her juices and his saliva and he continued
to push her pleasure limits, he certainly was an experienced pussy eater she
thought. Just when she thought it could get no better he began to tongue her
clit and insert a finger into her pretty pink pussy. Her screams of pleasure
were ear drum piercing, luckily Curtis' ear were protected by her legs now
resting over his shoulders. He felt her pussy muscles contract on his finger
and he knew she was close so he bit down hard on her clit.

"OH GOD YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!" she screamed with one final roar. Her orgasm juices
flooded his mouth and he gobbled them hungrily. He gave a satisfied sigh and
stood up licking his lips which made them both laugh.

She crawled backwards and spread her legs, she made a "come here" motion with
her finger and Curtis crawled between her legs dragging his dick along the
physio table as he went. Curtis' dark athletic frame loomed above her and she
groaned in delight as he slowly insert his mighty dong to the hilt. He began
a steady rhythm fucking her slowly and smoothly. Once they were going he
reached under her and undid her bra revealing her enormous juicy tits. Still
fucking her steadily Curtis went down on her tits taking her right nipple
into his mouth and sucking it hard he flicked his tongue across it for awhile
before switching to the other. The combination of his big black dick fucking
her and her tits being licked got her off and she came again coating his
dick. Knowing she had cum Curtis' knew he could concentrate on himself and he
began to pummel her with aggression groaning ans he fucked her pussy hard and
fast like a jack hammer.

YOU ARE BABY!!!" he shouted as approached climax.

she moaned.

He rolled on to his back so that Abi was impaling himself on his dick as fast
as she could. He grabbed her bucking hips and thrusted into her everytime she
slammed herself down on his cock doubling each other's pleasure soon he just
had to reach up and grab her bouncing boobs they were flying about as she
slammed herself on him. He felt them and groped them as she announced her
third orgasm was close!



They came like colliding trains her juices drenching his cock and his cum
being fired like a missile deep into her pussy. Curtis lay there his limp
dick still inside an exhausted Abi Fletcher. Curtis looked at the clock on
the wall, he was leaving for the reserve game in an hour and he had to go
home shower, eat and get back. There was one thing he wanted to do with
Abi before he left though.

"Shit I have to tit-fuck you before I go! It would be a crime not to!" he

"Bring it on." she said turning onto her back.

Curtis slapped his limp dick across her face until it was hard again and he
placed it between her giant mounds. Abi squeezed them together around his
cock creating a tight seal. Curtis began to thrust his cock head sliding out
the other side to be created by Abi's tongue. His cock was creating a path
through her mountains as he fucked her titties hard, she licked his nob when
she could and talking dirty to him when she wasn't. Soon he was pounding away
with force to fast for her tongue to make contact with.

"Oh yeah I want you to jack my cock over your face baby!" he moaned.

Abi grabbed his dick and jacked him furiously rubbing her thumb around his
piss hole to increase the pleasure. Curtis roared with delight and began to
fire round after round of goo across Abi's gorgeous face. The first load went
in her hair, the second her eye, the third across her right cheek, the fourth
across her left cheek and the fifth square in her mouth.

Curtis got dressed as Abi wiped the cum of her face with her panties, they
agreed to meet up next week for more of the same and Curtis left.



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