This is a story about the British Soap Dream Team which follows the stories
of a Soccer club. This is not based on real events and any similarities to
real events are unintentional. This does not reflect the views of the actors,
Hewland International or Sky. This is a work of pure fiction and satire.

Dream Team: Sealing The Deal (MF)
by Atomic Buffalo

Harchester United had a history of being a tough side to beat, but they had
never pushed for major honours. New Chief Executive Pilar Hernadez wanted to
change that by bringing in new ambitious and world class players such as
Barcelona's Luke Davenport. Pilar new that if she wanted Davenport to leave
Barcelona, a top European club, to join a mid-table Midlands Premiership
team she would need to offer him more than money.....

* * *

Luke finished flicking through the pages of the suggested contract, he knew
it was great money and as great as Barcelona was it wasn't home. Still
Harchester wouldn't have been his first choice of clubs in England, but they
were the only one that would meet his outrageous wages. He looked up at Ms
Hernadez, Luke had seen (and shagged) some beautiful women in his time but
the woman infront of him was up there with the best looking of them. Her
dark hispanic hair tied sexily in a bun a top her head, her gorgeous face
complete with lips sculpted to suck cock, her firm round tits pushed up
ridiculously by her bra, and although not visible to him now as they sat at
the boardroom table her long gorgeous legs and tight little ass greatly
complimented by the miniscule skirt she was wearing. His cock began to stir
as he imagined bending her over the table and ramming her ass hard and fast.

"Well? What do you think?" she asked in her sexy spanish accent

"It's a very generous offer, one I will consider carefully....." he replied.

"You seem unsure Mr Davenport...." she cooed.

"Please call me Luke, and I have to admit I am unsure, I'm weighing up the
advantages and disadvanatges of being here in my head..."

"Let me asure you Luke, you will get special treatment her like no other
football club in the world...."

"What do you mean by that...?" he asked genuinely curious.

"I mean... well let me give you an example. Did you see our team coordinator,
Nikki Peggs, on the way in?"

"Yes blonde with big tits...." he trailed off realising what he had just
said, he analysed every woman he met to see if he would fuck them and he
struggled not to speak his mind.

She laughed under her breath, "Yes do you like her?" he looked at her unsure
what she meant, "Would you fuck her if you had the chance?"

He was shocked at how frank she was, "Well yeah..."

"Then she is yours you can do whatever you want to her!"

"What! If I want to fuck her I can!? What up the ass!? Give her a facial!?
Whatever I want!?"

"Yes. Any member of staff you want, it is in their contracts providing they
can't because they are shagging another player then you can bang them. It's
in all female staff contracts."

His dick sprang to life thinking of the possibilities, "Even yours?" he asked

She smiled, "I hoped you'd ask that Luke. How bout I give you a taster of
what life is like here." She stood up from behind her desk and walked around
it so that she was stood infront of him in all her glory. Her hair in a bun,
a black suit top with white shirt underneath undone to show off maximum
cleavage, a black skirt to match her top which came no way near covering a
foot of her legs and sexy black stilletos with 4 inch heels to finish the
outfit. Luke's cock was rock hard now and he thought it was going to explode
as she slowly got down to her knees infront of him as he sat in the chair.
She began to slowly undo his zipper, staring directly into his eyes the whole
time. Pilar slid his trousers down to his ankles leaving him sitting there in
a shirt and boxers, keeping eye contact the whole time she slid down his
boxers letting his 11 inch tool come out to play! Pilar used to be a football
agent so she knew how to suck and handle a big cock, she could handle 8 or 9
inches no problem but this was a monster.

"Luke your a very gifted man, I can't wait to get that inside me." She was
actually quite worried if he decided he wanted to bang her ass she knew she
would be in trouble but for now she just tried to concentrate on the task in
hand, sucking his meaty prick. She wrapped her hand round the base and began
to lightly jack his cock, slow at first but she built up speed untill she had
a steady rhythm. Luke moaned with pleasure as she extended her tongue to the
tip of his cock before retracting it again, she began to lash his penis tip
with her tongue making Luke moan loudly. Still jerking him off, she stopped
her oral assault and looked up at him licking her lips she then kissed the
tip of his dick before devouring the first 3 inches in one movement. Pilar
began to suck and swirl her tongue over the first 3 inches as she bobbed her
head up and down. She began to bob vigourously taking in a little more each
time until she had 5 inches in to her mouth. Sucking and licking like a pro
she began to grope his balls with one hand whilst jacking him with the other.

She looked up at him with her sexy brown eyes and was delighted to see his
face scrunched up in ecstasy. Spurred on, she took another 3 inches so that
she was now deep throating 8 inches of his huge cock. Pilar sucked and
sucked, licking his nob the whole time and putting her hands to good use on
his balls.

"OH GOD MS HERNADEZ!!! OH YES!!! IM GUNNA CUM!!!" Luke bellowed!

Suddenly she stopped and looked up at him, "I think we should save that for
later don't you" she said preferring to have his cum realesed in her pussy
than her mouth.

"Don't you worry you little slut, there will be plenty of it for later!" He
grabbed her hair yanking it out off its bun so that it tumbled over her face.
She screamed in pain at having her hair yanked and Luke rammed her mouth full
of cock in the split second her mouth was open. He stood up with Pilar on her
knees in front of him, complete with cock in mouth. He began to slowly thrust
in and out of her mouth, with no aggression or attempt to hurt her he began
to speed up. Building up a steady rhythm he was sliding 7 inches in and out
of her mouth whilst tightly holding handfulls of her long dark exotic hair.

"Ready to get a little rough!?" he asked not really caring what her answer

She mumbled a plea for him to stop but he couldn't make out a word of it,
afterall she had 7 inches down her throat. Although not in any great
discomfort at the moment Pilar new that sucking more than 7 inches and being
faced fucked by more than 7 inches were two completely different things. She
relaxed her throat as much as she could and waited for the attack on her
throat. Soon enough it came. Yanking her hair violently, Luke shoved 9 inches
of his dick down her throat. She began to gag and choke as he face fucked the
hispanic slut in front of him. Moaning with pleasure he fucked her soft
streatched mouth with total disconcern for her welfare, infact her gagging
and choking turned him on even more!


He slammed into her mouth harder and harder until he was ramming 11 inches
down her throat with every thrust. His balls were slapping against her chin
with every thrust. She screamed through a mouthful of cock, and gagged as her
throat was violated. But then it hit her, if Luke wasn't pleased he wouldn't
join the club and her suffering would be for nothing. She tried to relax her
throat as best she could and move with his movements in order to reduce the
discomfort. She couldn't help but gag though. Luke began to pound her face
harder as he felt the cum rising, tightening his grip on her hair he yanked
her head forward so that her nose was buried in his pubes and his balls were
pressed up against her chin.

"OH GOD HERE IT CUMS!!!" he yelled as he fired torrent after torrent of
sticky white goo down her throat.

He pulled his cock out of her throat and emptied the last few spurts of
creamy goodness in her mouth. It was still enough to flood her mouth, she
swallowed as much as she could but some escaped dribbling from the corners
of her mouth down her chin. Pilar used her finger to wipe the cum off, she
licked it clean sexily. She pulled herself up using the desk and sat on the
edge slowly removing her clothes.

"That was an honour Luke, is there anything else I can do for you...?" she
said sexily.

Luke stepped out of his boxers and lifted off his shirt, "Oh we have only
just started. Get your clothes off, keep your shoes on though..." He began
to jerk his limp cock until it was hard once more. He continued to wank as
she stripped down to her lacy bra and matching thong. He motioned for her to
remove them, her bra fell to the ground and Luke saw for the first time her
goregeous firm chocolate tits. He increased his speed of masturbation as she
looked at him hungrily and slid her hands down her body to the rim of her
thong. She pulled it down her legs and held it one out hand, she threw it
behind her. Still sitting on the edge of the desk she spread her legs slowly
letting Luke see her glistening shaven pussy.

"Oh my God!" he said as he walked towards her his cock now back at its full
11 inches. She wrapped her legs around his waist and looked down at his cock
just outside her pussy. Pilar winked at him signalling she was as ready as
she would ever be. He slowly inserted the first 5 inches inbetween her legs
causing her to moan. He began to thrust in and out of her tight wet pussy
grunting each time he battled its natural tightness, she began to moan and
pant wildly and not even half his cock was in yet!

"Oh God...ugh.... I hope your ready for....uhm....more...." he panted.


Luke stopped immediately. She looked at him questioningly, he smiled and
shoved all 11 inches of his monster cock between her legs!

"OHHHHH AIIIII!!!!" she screamed in pain and pleasure as her pussy was
stretched to the absolute limit. Luke continued to thrust hard and fast as
Pilar reached orgasm after orgasm her juices flowing all over the board room
table. She screamed in delirious pleasure along with pain. Soon Pilar became
fatigued from such a hard fucking and just lay there like a little fuck doll
taking the pummeling Luke was giving her.

"DOGGY STYLE TIME I THINK!!" he grunted. Reluctantly he pulled out of her
pussy and grabbed her by her hair. Turning her over she was bent over the
edge of the desk with her head being held down by Luke. He lined his cock up
with her pussy once more and started to ram her. She screamed in ectasy as
her pussy was fucked hard by his giant nob once more. He grabbed her hips
and thrusted like a piston and it wasn't long before she came once more. He
knew that it wouldn't be long before he would come again as well. Putting it
out of his mind he continue to bang his fuck doll as her 5th orgasm set in
he realised he wasn't wearing any protection and deciced to stop. Pilar
turned around dissapointed that he had stopped.

"What's wrong? Am I not pleasing you?" she said trying to catch her breath.

"Oh trust me you are definitely pleasing me, but I want to come in your

Pilar was worried now, she didn't mind taking it up the ass but 8 inches was
the most she had ever had up the back door! Still she knew that it could be
the difference between him signing and looking elsewhere so reluctantly she

"Go ahead big boy."

Luke lined himself up with her incredible ass as Pilar braced herself for
impact. He pushed an inch in then another and another and Pilar was starting
to feel the strain.....

"Do it all Luke get it over with!!" she cried in pain.

"Ok your the boss" he said as he stabbed her ass with all 11 inches.

"AIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" Pilar screamed in pain.

It was so tight, her pert ass was like a vacuum on his dick. Slowly at first
he began to work up speed, as it got easier to thrust and Pilar's ass became
more accustomed to the feel of cock he sped up until he was at a fast pace.

"YOU'RE TOO TIGHT!!!" he grunted spanking her ass as her rammed her.

"OOOHHHHHH!!! AIIII!! UGH UGH UGH!!!" she screamed in a mixture of pleasure
and pain.

Luke got faster and faster spanking her ass hard as he went, he groaned and
moaned knowing he was about to cum in her ass. Grabbing her long dark hair
he began to yank on it making her screech and arching her back painfully.
Luke didn't care he just continued to pummel her tight hispanic ass whilst
spanking her ass and yanking her hair. Thrusting his full 11 inches in he
knew he was about to cum and he thrusted harder....

"HERE IT CUMS BABY!!! UGHHHH" he grunted as he fired his load up her ass.
He pulled his dick out of her now heavily lubed ass, a long line of cum
stretched from the tip of his dick to her forbidden love tunnel. He wiped
his cock clean in her hair, he slowly got dressed as Pilar attempted to
catch her breath. He put his boxers in his pocket and was just pulling his
trousers up when he she motioned for him to stop. She dropped to her knees
lifted his cock in her right hand and gently kissed the tip.

"Well Ms Hernadez that has just sealed the deal. I'll have my lawyer send
over the signed contract."

With that he left leaving Pilar naked an thoroughly exhausted, not to mention
sore in 3 holes, on the board room table.



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