Dynasty: Fallon's Fate (MF,MFF,F-mast,F-best,inc,voy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

The Carrington mansion, a huge home for the snobs of Colorado and the home
of Blake Carrington and his family. Today is a day of unusual sorts as Blake
is attempting to bring out the best in his daughter Fallon. Ever since she
turned 21 Fallon has been walking around like she was queen of the house,
but in reality that role was taken over by Krystal. Blake and his new wife
have devised a plan to bring Fallon down to earth.

Returning home from the movies with a friend of hers, Fallon walks into what
she thinks is an empty home. Lights are out; no music playing and none of
the servants are roaming the halls to be sure the house is secure. Her first
thought is to go to bed alone to refresh her sexual desires with her long
dildo, then she decides to go into the den where father has made many deals
and fucked many women while married to her mother Alexis. She walks toward
the huge chair that her father read stories to her as a young girl and also
where he caught him getting blowjobs from Krystal one night while Alexis was
still the head of the household.

Sitting on the chair, she opens her thighs to reveal her lace-covered pussy.
Feeling somewhat in need of relief she stands up to undo the buttons on her
skirt. The leather cover falls to the plushly carpeted floor, followed by
the blouse that wraps around her upper body. She immediately squeezes her
ample breasts, which had no bra encasing them, and arouses the nipples that
are deep brown from the tanning that she does nude in the back yard. Fallon
moves lower down her sexy body to her panties, but doesn't remove them until
her hands have titillated her asshole and pussy.

It is time she thinks aloud, as the gorgeous and snooty Carrington daughter
sits upon the chair of her fathers to masturbate. Her thoughts are to soil
the place that holds many memories of days gone by and she will follow
through. Licking her fingers Fallon rubs her clit vigorously to begin the
process of cumming for the first time. Yes, the daughter of the richest man
in Denver is still a virgin and wonders if her snooty demeanor is what drives
the men away. Fallon sees a trophy of her dad's from a citizen awards dinner
of three years ago. She grabs hold of it, gently rubs her pussy with the wide
base of it, then putting it down Fallon returns to using her fingers.

Slipping in through the side entrance to the den, the Carrington chauffeur
watches in silence and then can't take it anymore. He walks in, kneels
between her thighs unnoticed as she is masturbating closed eyes. Without
blinking an eye Mitch begins to eat her pussy, she lifts her eye lids slowly
and allows the young man to continue. Being her first experience of having
her pussy eaten, Fallon cums very quickly, Mitch senses this and lowers his
pants to take her virginity. Slowly he drives his hard cock inside, she
screams in pain as his dick opens her up and soon her father has entered
the room. Seeing the treatment that his daughter is getting he fires the

Fallon is perplexed at why Mitch has been fired and hears no explanation from
her father, who stands there nodding his head at the sight of his baby girl
spread eagle on his chair. Of course Blake has been in another part of the
house fucking one of the many maids while Krystal is out of town. Blake nods
again and tells Fallon that she isn't getting away with having her first fuck
on his chair without any retribution. Uncertain of what he means Fallon tries
to pull her skirt on, but Blake tears it out of her hands and removes his

Blake moves in on his scared sibling, she knows that his intentions are not
normal for a father and daughter. He kneels between her thighs which he pried
open and eats his little girl's hairy hole. Squirming gets her nowhere as she
melts into her fathers worldly wiles. Soon he adds his fingers into the mix,
probing the very hole no father should touch, but since he is so drunk she
will not tell him to stop for fear that he will hurt her. Feeling so horny,
Fallon succumbs to her father's desires and allows him to continue. Sliding
fingers in and out of his daughter's tight pussy and ass, Blake feels her cum
oozing on his hand, he licks the hot sticky juices and then makes his next

Bending her over his knees, Blake begins to spank his unruly daughter,
bringing tears to her eyes and hearing her ask him to stop hitting her ass.
He doesn't listen to her, continuing to slap her now reddened ass, it's at
this time when he stops long enough to place her on the floor bent over. His
next move is to slip a condom over his dick and ass fuck his child. Looking
in from the hallway is Krystal, who has returned early from her trip. She
takes her clothes off in the hallway, saunters into the den and joins the
sexual deeds performed by her husband and since Fallon is not her child she
knows that she can enjoy sex with her and not worry about the overtones.

Krystal slides over to where she can put her pussy near Fallon's lips and
begs her to eat her unused pussy. Blake looks up to see his wife has
returned waves at her and continues to ass fuck his daughter. Fallon squeals
in delight as she has cock in her ass and a pussy at her face. Blake backs
away, replaces the filled rubber, puts on a new one and enters her pussy.
Fallon realizes that her virginity is at end as her father finishes what a
fired Mitch started. Once more Blake stops, turns Fallon over, then plunges
his dick in her cunt, which has small droplets of blood oozing out as well
as the cum.

Krystal has moved away to watch the sex between father and daughter...
meanwhile she find the sticky trophy that Fallon masturbated with earlier
and licks it while fingers are probing her hot cunt. Blake stops, moves to
where his wife is and devours her cum soaked pussy and Fallon joins in by
sucking his cock. At that moment the family dog runs in, Fallon grabs hold
of the Doberman and sucks on its dick. Krystal and Blake are shocked at the
way things have turned out this night. Their surprise is even more heightened
when she grabs the animals cock and fucks it.

An hour passes as the three sexually charged Carrington's laugh over the
goings on in the mansion. After that night no one ever tells of Fallon's
first sex and the fact it was her father that made her cum the first time.
Soon there is a change in Fallon Carrington, as she seems to be nicer, but
still holds that bitchy edge in her daily dealings. She knows that she can
never tell what her daddy did because it could mean trouble if it got to
the proper channels. Fallon relaxes as she wonders who will be in her pussy

The end


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