Story features the characters of Sable and Monica Colby of Dynasty and The
Colbys, as played by Stephanie Beacham and Tracy Scoggins.

Dynasty: The Abduction And Rape Of Sable And Monica Colby (MFF,bond,rape)
by Wally Wombat


"Damn it!" Sable snapped as she looked down at the flat tire on her Mercedes.
She folded her arms, looked at her daughter Monica with her large green eyes
and shook her head. "Shit!" she blurted out and shook her head at their

Sable and Monica had just left the beauty shop for their weekly appointment
and they'd had the entire day planned out. Lots of shopping and even more
spending. A busy day ahead was in limbo, the result of a flat tire.

The two had just left the shop and found their car in the parking lot under
a shady tree. Sable was dressed in her brightest white skirt suit with the
skirt ending high above her knees, showing off her long, shapely legs, which
shimmered in the light. Her light jacket was tight around her thin waist and
swept over her thighs. The muscles of her ass and legs were tight as she
stood on a pair of stylish white open-toed heels. Her hair was freshly cut
and styled and formed a crown on her beautiful face. An ever-present gold
necklace hung from around her neck and fell over the sheer white shirt that
covered her ample breasts. She exuded class and sophistication, with a splash
of sexual adventure.

Beside Sable stood her daughter Monica. She was dressed entirely in black.
She wore a long sleeved tight black tube dress that showed off her incredible
body. Her breasts were almost bursting out of it, and it barely covered her
perfect ass as it stopped just below her crotch. A thick black leather belt
was snug against her impossibly small waist, adding more definition to her
classic hourglass figure. Black stockings covered her long slender legs,
which sported a pair of knee-high black leather boots with stiletto heels.
She wore her hair long and it flowed down her back. With her large blue eyes
and high cheekbones, she had the look of an exotic European model, but she
could put any of them to shame.

Sable stood and shook her head as she muttered a few more curses. Then she
brought her hand to her face and brushed a few wayward hairs away from her
face. "Well," she reasoned. "Neither of us is adept at mechanics, so I say
we get someone to do the dirty work for us."

Monica gave her a puzzled look. "How do we do that?"

Sable sighed, shook her head and gave her daughter a stern look. "Have I
taught you nothing in life?"

Monica shrugged and looked at her.

Sable gave her an exasperated look and explained herself. "Look dear
daughter, if you want something done, and you're a pretty girl, there's no
reason on God's green Earth that you should have to do it yourself. If
there's one sure thing in life it's the willingness of any guy to do whatever
a pretty girl asks."

A look of revelation crossed over Monica's face as she clued in to what her
mother was explaining to her. "So all we have to do is find some guy to do it
for us."

"You finally learned something from me," Sable smiled. Then she looked around
for the nearest guy to sucker into doing their work. She knew that between
the two of them, they should have no problem in finding a sex-starved
simpleton to get them on their way. One of the first things Sable had learned
in life was that any guy will do ANYTHING for a smile from a pretty girl. And
between herself and her daughter, guys should be falling out of the woodwork
to help them. They walked several feet from each other and looked around and
tried to see someone who could help them.

Sable held her hand to her forehead and scanned the area. She didn't see
anyone close by.

"I see our man!" Monica laughed and turned to her mother. She saw a tall
blond man walking down the lot at an angle to them. He looked to be about
thirty years old, and seemed a little scruffy, dressed in a denim jacket
and jeans and what looked like work boots. The guy had to be able to do
the job, and was the type that was always giving her catcalls whenever she
walked past them.

Sable walked up to Monica and caught a glimpse of her "catch". When she saw
the somewhat disheveled man walking through the lot, she shook her head and
tried to hold back a laugh.

"You can sure pick them," Sable laughed at the sight. He looked like some
kind of low-class slob who flunked out of elementary school and pumps gas

"Oh, I don't think so," she replied sarcastically, "I think he's your type."

"Well, he's some kind of type," Sable sighed. "And he's the type we're
looking for. He's perfectly disgusting!"

Then Sable put her shoulder into Monica to make her move forward. "He's all
yours honey."

Monica twisted around to face her mother. "What?"

"You spotted him, you con him," Sable scolded her. "And dear, do try to keep
yourself from jumping him."

Monica laughed at the thought of even kissing that lower class loser.

"I'll try to control myself," she smiled and turned back to watch her target.
"I'll let you have him. Call it a charity deal."

"Ooooh..." In mock surprise, Sable replied, "You know you want him."

Monica rolled her eyes and then resigned herself to actually having to talk
to this schmuck. She stood up straight and then walked over to meet him.
Sable watched her sway her ass and jiggle her tits as she walked up to her
prey. She knew that the guy would be wrapped around Monica's finger the
second she said "Hi" to him.

"This should be good," she whispered to herself as she watched. She folded
her arms and leaned against the car. She thought she would help the situation
by giving him a good look at her legs. And anyways, Sable reasoned, she was
better looking.

She watched Monica walk up to him and start talking to him. She could see
Monica gesture with her arms and motion back to her. She could also clearly
see that the guy was paying more attention to Monica's body than what she was
saying. Sable flashed him a smile when he looked over and waved.

Immediately afterward, Monica and the guy turned to walk over to Sable and
the disabled car. As they approached, Sable went into full vixen mode. She
made sure she lifted her leg before turning around to give him a good look
at her legs and ass. After all, the master cannot be shown up by the

As they came near, Sable gave him a wide smile and extended her hand.

"Our knight in shining armor," she smiled at him as they met. He took her
hand in his mitt and clenched it tight.

"Pleased to meet you ma'am" he greeted her and shook her hand.

"Jesus Christ," Sable thought to herself. "He's a bigger hick than I
thought." But, she thought, better to play the damsel in distress than get
your hands dirty. She quickly withdrew her hand and shook it off as he turned
his attentions back to Monica. She looked at it and wiped her hands together
as to clean off some kind of dirt. Monica saw what she was doing and tried
not to laugh.

In the next few minutes, the man had completed the job like a professional.
Sable and Monica were both sure to keep smiling at him and showing a little
leg and the futile hope that they might want to get it on with him.

Finally, he was done. He stood up in triumph over his handiwork and motioned
for them to get inside.

"Thank you so very much," Sable smiled to him and shook his hand again.

"You're my hero!" Monica sang out. She swung around the car and opened the
passenger door and quickly got in the car.

Monica's hero opened the door for Sable. She nodded to him, smiled and got in
the car. She made sure to spread her legs wide and give him a good glimpse of
her inner thighs as she got in.

Sable looked up to see that he was enjoying the free show of her treasures
that lay beneath, but she had to get rid of him now. She tried to close the
door but he knelt down and turned towards her.

"Thank you very much," Sable smiled to him, as she tried to close the door.
"But we've got to go." And with that, she put the keys in the ignition.

"Just a minute," he cut in and held the door open. He knelt down to one knee
and gave Sable a serious look.

"Like I said," Sable cut him off. "We have a really busy day ahead of us.
We're very thankful, but if you would just-"

"You're not being very neighborly," he jumped in. "I've just done a lot of
work for you two ladies."

Sable had enough of him, and decided to put him in his place. "Look," she
shut her eyes, gave him a cross look and started.

"No you look," he snapped, and his right hand produced a large, menacing
knife. He jabbed the tip into Sable's midsection as she gasped and looked at
him in shock. Monica gasped and bolted upright at well at the sight.

The knife was a large Bowie knife, dark black in color and very frightening.

Shocked, Sable tried to speak, but he cut her off.

"You!" he glared at Monica, who sat in shock. "Get on the floor!"

Shocked, Monica sat frozen. Sable was in the same state. The menacing
stranger reached over with his left hand and grabbed the keys with his free
hand. The other held the blade against Sable's belly.

"I said get on the fucking floor!" He snapped at Monica. She saw the anger in
his eyes and quickly demurred. She nodded to him and slid her body forward
down the seat until she was a crouching ball of fear on the floor.

Sable watched in shock as her daughter submitted and did as she was told.
Her mouth agape, and her eyes wide in terror, she looked back at their
attacker, and he was still snarling at her. Her head twisted around in a
frantic swivel.

"If you scream or I'll cut you in half!" he growled at the terrified Sable.

Sable tried to speak, but she couldn't. The man pointed the blade to the
empty passenger seat and motioned her towards it.

"Shove over whitey!" he snapped at her. When she didn't move, he motioned
with the blade. Sable gasped and looked at the man.

"Just shuffle on over and get in that seat or I'll gut you right here!" He
growled at Sable, digging the tip of the blade into her abdomen. Trembling
with fear, she took a second to compose herself, and then lifted herself out
of the driver's seat. She threw her right leg over the slumping Monica then
lifted herself over the midsection of the car over to the passenger seat and
then slid into it.

As Sable slid over, he climbed into the driver's seat and sat in it. Sable
slipped her left leg down so that she was straddling her cowering daughter
and settled into the passenger seat. She hiked up her skirt so she could
spread her legs wider, giving their attacker a great look at her legs and
thighs. When she settled herself in the seat, she gave him a frightened
look. He ordered her to crouch down over Monica.

The man jumped into the empty driver's seat and then flashed the knife at the
terrified Sable. She looked up at him as he waved the blade around her face.
He then ordered Sable to crouch over Monica. As she followed his orders, he
threw the keys into the ignition and started the car. He threw it into
reverse, and then drove out of the lot with his two captives. He caught a
nice long look at Sable's legs, with her skirt gathered up around her thighs.
Then he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Both
women's hearts jumped when they heard the sound and then caught glimpses of
them shining in the light. The heavy tinting of the car's glass prevented
anyone from seeing what was going on inside. He reached down and clamped one
of the cuffs on Monica's right wrist, and clamped the other on her left
wrist, trapping her hands under her bent knees. When the two terrified women
began pleading with him to let them go, he cut them off and barked at them to
be quiet.

In a few minutes, they were onto the Interstate and heading out of the city.
Sable ended up with her face buried into Monica's hair. As they sped along
the Interstate, Sable and Monica shivered in trepidation of what was to

"Just sit there pretty!" He growled at the two women. To avoid detection, he
kept the car under the speed limit. As cars and trucks sped past him and the
drivers flashed him angry looks, he kept his steely gaze forward. He would
glance over at his captives, making sure they weren't moving too much. He
locked the doors with the armrest controls to keep them from trying to open
the door. Sable would let loose with the occasional whimper or cry, only to
be warned to shut up and keep quiet. As he drove down the highway, he kept
glancing over to the sight of Sable's long, shapely legs. With her skirt
pushed up so high, her thighs were fully exposed, giving her attacker a
wonderful view.


After a half hour, the car pulled off onto an exit. Sable frantically tried
to figure out where they were, but to no avail. As they swept along the road,
she tried to whisper some kind of comfort to her daughter.

Suddenly, the car swerved to the right, pulling onto a side road. They felt
the car rock around on the uneven surface, indicating that they were on some
kind of dirt road somewhere out in the boonies. The two women had no idea
what was going on.

The car lurched to a halt and the two women pitched themselves forward and
then steadied themselves.

As soon as the car stopped, the man grabbed the parking brake, unlocked the
doors, pulled out the keys, and opened the driver's door. Sable and Monica
tried to regain their balance as the car settled to a stop.

The man jumped out of the car and walked around the back to the passenger
side. Sable wanted to raise her head and look around, but, restricted by
the cuffs than bound her wrists, could only see the interior of the car.
Suddenly, the passenger door swung open, and he appeared. He grabbed Sable
by the arm and dragged bodily her out of the car.

Sable tried to protest, but the overwhelming fear reduced her speech to a
broken stammer He ignored her pleas and after dragging her from the car,
forced her to stand up.

Sable's eyes darted around and she saw that they were stopped in a clearing
in a wooded area. It was a small break in the trees, and they were the only
people there.

"Don't touch me! Let go of me!" She cried out in protest. Her feet stumbled
around as she tried to gain her footing as he dragged her out beside the

"What are you doing?" Sable demanded, her voice quivering with fear. "Let go
of me you bastard!"

He held her arm with his left, and waved the knife in her face with his right
and scowled. "Just shut your pretty mouth and do what I tell you to do."

Sable nervously looked around but could only see trees and other greenery as
he manhandled her. In her frantic state, her eyes darted from one place to
another, desperately searching for help, but there was none. She stumbled
along the ground as he jerked her around by the arm.

"Just got to borrow your body for a few minutes," he grunted.

Sable's eyes grew wide as she realized that he was going to rape her. Every
muscle in her body tingled and tightened as the terror began to take control
of her. Her breath came in quick gasps. She tried to concentrate on escape,
but her mind was far too wracked with fear to think clearly.

"Let go of me!" she yelled out, and tried to break away from his grip. He
clamped his grip tighter on her arm and waved the knife in her face again.
Terrified, she shut her eyes and tried to look away from his violent,
lustful gaze. Tears began welling up in her eyes and rolling down her
cheeks. Her body began to shake uncontrollably as she broke down.

Sable kept pleading with her attacker, but it was useless. He threw her over
the hood of the car and then with his left hand grabbed her neck and forced
her to bend over. She ended up bent over the car's right fender, with the
right side of her face pressed up against her folded hands against the hood.

"No! Don't! Please don't do this!" Sable gasped. She tried to cry out again
when he lifted her skirt and pushed it up, revealing her nice, firm ass.
She squirmed around and began to cry. Then she gasped when he grabbed her
pantyhose and with a couple of hard tugs. Feeling her skin being exposed,
she gasped.

"No..." her voice cracked. "P-p-please stop."

He slipped the hosiery over her thighs and revealed the tender white flesh.
He forced them down to her shaking knees.

"Don't do this!" Sable frantically pleaded. He responded by unzipping his
jeans and pulling them down.

"Oh God!" Sable sobbed. Then she gasped in horror as she felt his stiff organ
slide between her thighs and into her vagina. She broke out into a whine when
he stabbed into her. The sensation of his organ forcing its way into her
unprepared vagina caused Sable to cry out with a short, high-pitched grunt
with each thrust. Once he was completely inside of her, he grabbed her hips
and dug his fingers into her flesh. He began to stab into her with short,
savage thrusts of his hips that sent his organ sliding up inside of her. He
picked up the pace and began letting out a series of animal like grunts with
every thrust inside of the helpless beauty.

Still crouched in the passenger floorboards, Monica could only cry and try to
block out the sounds of the assault. She buried her face into her knees and
tried to drown it all out with her own sobs.

Sable tried to catch her breath as the brute raped her. Every time he thrust
into her, he let out a growl and blurted out an obscenity. She was revolted
by the crude monster, and the idea that he would be putting his penis into
her. Her! Sable Colby! The rich and famous Sable Colby. The wealthy and
powerful ex-wife of Jason Colby was bent over a car and being raped by some
low caste slob. Between the physical pain of the attack and the humiliation
of being violated by this monster, Sable was crumbling. All she could do was
cry. And the thought of his putrid semen shooting into her and invading her
womb made her want to vomit.

But as revolted as Sable was, her attacker was in ecstasy. Bending some
gorgeous babe over that he'd never have a chance at in his life and ramming
her. He could only dream of ever putting his cock into lovelies like his two
beautiful captives. Every thrust into Sable's body sent a surge of pleasure
straight to his oxygen starved brain. He'd fondle her thighs as he slid in
and out of this gorgeous woman.

He kept thrusting into Sable and then erupted in orgasm. He gave her a huge
thrust as he came, and clamped his hands hard on her naked thighs. As he
grunted in the throes of ecstasy, his fingernails dug into her. He gradually
slowed down the thrusts until he was done. For a while, the only sounds were
Sable's whimpering and his labored breathing. Sable's sobs were joined by
Monica, who began to emit a steady serried of quiet sobs.

Her attacker took a deep breath and then blurted out, "I waited a long time
for that, gorgeous."

While Sable cried into her hands while she stood with her naked ass in the
air, her attacker simply pulled his jeans up. The thought of this pervert
having enjoyed her precious body was nauseating to her and she sobbed into
her sleeves quietly. She hoped that it was over now.

"Time to go," he said, and pulled Sable away from the car. She stumbled as he
shoved her.

"Let us go," Sable mumbled lightly. "Please just let us go. We won't tell
anyone about this if you just let us go now."

He grinned at her. "I'm going to fuck you and your friend there as long as I
can still get it up."

"NO!" Sable shouted out, wrenching her body around to try to get away from
his grip. "You leave her alone!"

She lurched out of his grasp. "Don't you dare touch her!" She stopped and
realized that she was free of his grasp. Her anger over his brutal attack and
the threat of more of them and to her daughter filled her with rage.

"Help me!" Sable screamed out, her head darting from side to side. She
searched desperately for a passerby, but they were alone in the clearing,
"Heeeeeeeeellllllllp! Hellllllllp!" she screamed again.

Surprised by Sable's sudden outburst, he approached her slowly. There was no
one around, but he knew he was taking a chance of someone hearing her. He had
chosen this area because he never saw anyone around. But there was always the
possibility of someone coming around. He had to shut her up.

With tears running down her beautiful face, Sable screamed at her tormentor
and frantically looked around for help. She wanted to run away, but she
couldn't abandon Monica. She staggered around on her wobbly legs and kept up
a vain hope of salvation. The terror was driving her insane, so much so that
she couldn't think straight. He lunged at her and she yelped. When he grabbed
her shoulders, she broke down and collapsed. He held her up and guided her
towards the car.

He put his face to Sable's and told her with a measured tone, "You try
anything like that again, and I'll slit your fucking throat and bury you both

Terrified, she closed her eyes and quickly nodded. Satisfied, he twisted her
around and shoved her forward.

Sitting in the car, Monica heard the commotion outside. She looked up and the
door flew open and she frightfully looked up at Sable, her beautiful face
ashen and strained. The man was holding her by the arm and directed her to
get back into the car. Sable was still crying as she sat back in the seat,
with her legs straddling the hunched down Monica. After sitting down, she
buried her face in her hands and slumped forward, sobbing.

In a matter of minutes they were back on the highway.

"Damn you felt great bitch!" he smiled at Sable. He ran his fingers through
her hair and then pulled her head back and looked her in the eye. "I was so
horny that I couldn't think straight and figured I'd better calm down a

Sable only sobbed to herself as he told her how gorgeous she was and that her
legs and body were amazing.

"Those legs of yours were driving me crazy, Whitey," he taunted her. "And
you're one of the prettiest ladies I've ever seen. Can't wait to feel those
lips of yours on my cock."

Then he rubbed Monica's hair with his right hand. "And you've got nothing to
be ashamed of, either, Blackie."

Disgusted, Sable turned to him with a deathly stare and stated. "Don't you
dare touch her you son of a bitch."

He looked at her and smiled. "Oh I'll do more than that."


Half an hour later they were driving down a country road. The car pulled up
to a single farm house surrounded by trees. The car turned into the driveway
and drove into the garage. The door closed behind it.

Inside the garage, he pulled Sable out of the car and then with his other
hand reached down and grabbed Monica's arm. She cried out in protest, but he
lifted her up and out of the car. With a firm hold of each, he pushed and
dragged them to a door as they begged him to let them go.

In a minute he had pushed them through the door and into the house. Both
women were pleading with him and were shocked by the state of chaos in the
house. He pushed them downstairs and threw them on a bed that had been
placed in the middle of the dimly lit room.

He forced both of them onto the bed and ordered them to lie face-down on the
bed. The two women nervously complied and lie down beside each other, with
Monica on the left, and Sable on the right. Their attacker climbed onto the
bed, straddled over Sable and squatted on the small of her back. He grabbed
her hands and forced them over her head until they were at the metal bars
that made up the headboard. There was a pair of handcuffs hanging over the
metal bar, and he clamped them on her wrists. She let out a yelp when she
felt them trapping her.

He did the same with Monica, who remained too frightened to move or make a
sound. After making sure they were both secured, he stepped away and began to
undress. Sable peeked up and then shut her eyes when she saw him taking his
pants off. She shut her eyes again and pressed her face back into the

Before she could reason any farther, he climbed over her and balanced himself
on his knees, between the two women. He still held the knife in his right
hand. His erection was pointing at the roof. He grabbed Monica around the
waist and rolled her over on to her back.

Her eyes wide with terror, she cried out. "NO!!! NO! Don't touch me you

He responded by pushing up the material of her skin-tight skirt to her belt,
revealing her pantyhose covered crotch. He greedily rubbed it with his left
hand as she cried and writhed around on the bed. Her cries were added to by
Sable, who began cursing into the mattress her face was buried in. He worked
on her thick leather belt and undid it. He flipped it open and then pushed
the tight material of her dress up her torso and then over her chest,
revealing her bra. He pushed the material up over her breast and up to her
armpits. Her bra was sliced off and flew away, exposing her well-rounded
breasts. He grabbed at them with both hands and greedily massaged them. Then
he put his face between them and rubbed them against his cheeks. He roughly
worked her wondrous breasts and let out a series of muffled groans and growls
as he enjoyed her.

He eagerly worked her breasts like a mad baker, sighing and grunting as he
enjoyed her torment. Monica was disgusted by him, but there was nothing she
could do to stop him. She kept tugging her wrists, but they were restrained
by the handcuffs.

"Fuck, you got an amazing body, bitch," he eagerly blurted out as his hands
explored Monica's well-toned body. Then he looked over to Sable and back to
Monica. "Both you bitches got fantastic bodies."

Then he stared at the mostly nude body of Monica underneath him. "But you,
you got something special there, girlie."

Monica glared at her tormentor with fire in her eyes. "FUCK YOU!" she
shrieked at him, twisting her body from side to side in trapped rage. "Fuck
you, you bastard! I'll cut your fucking balls off! You fucking asshole! I'll
fucking kill you!"

The object of her tirade swayed as he balanced himself on her wildly gyrating
body. He kept smiling at her and began laughing as she screamed obscenities
at him.

"I guess you really want it now, huh?" he taunted the frantic Monica. He
reached over to the small table and retrieved the knife.

When Monica saw the terrible knife again, she stopped struggling and let out
a desperate wail, shutting her eyes and clenching her jaw so tight that her
neck muscles bulged.

He brought the knife to Monica's crotch and slid it between her belly and the
material of her hose. She gasped in horror and began crying as he stated to
slice the material. The tearing material revealed her tightly cropped pubic
hair that sat over her pussy. Then he grabbed the material and ripped it
away. Before Monica could react, he placed himself between her legs. She
began to writhe around in a futile attempt to stop him. He grabbed her knees
and forced her legs apart, moving forward between them.

"NO!" Monica cried out, her face frozen and twisted in terror. "Don't DO this
to me!"

"Shut the fuck up you stuck up rich bitch!" he mocked her. "I've been waiting
a long time for this!"

Monica felt him working himself closer and then she screamed and contorted
her body when she felt his cock start to push between her vaginal lips. With
his cock firmly in his right hand, he hovered over the gorgeous Monica and
began to force his way inside of her.

Letting out a high-pitched, guttural scream, Mona gritted her teeth, her jaw
clenched tight and her eyes shut tight. She kept grunting in protest as he
assaulted her. When he was half way inside of Monica, he brought his hands up
and held her shoulders down. He fell on top of her and began to forcefully
kiss her beautiful face. In his frenzy he began to bite her. In seconds he
was thrusting in and out of her. The violence of his stabs into her terrified
her into silence. He feverishly rammed in and out of his sexy prisoner like
he was possessed. Such a gorgeous woman that he would never have a chance at
in life was getting hard and fast. The second one of the day!

Trapped next to her daughter, Sable tried to block it all out. All her life
she had been the one with the advantage. Her face and body had brought her
everything she had ever wanted in life. Money and power were attracted to her
and used that power to get whatever she wanted. But now she was helpless and
terrified. This brute had raped her like an animal and was now defiling her
daughter. The soreness between her legs was a painful reminder of the
brutality of the attack. She turned her body away from the brutal sounds that
were assaulting her ears. She tried to close her eyes as tight as possible
and buried her face into the pillow that was now getting damp from her sobs.
She rubbed her face against the material and she pressed her arms against her
ears to try and block out the terrible sounds.

"Leave her alone!" Sable cried out in frustration.

She pressed her face harder into the pillow. "Leave her al-l-l-l-o-o..." her
pleas faded into more uncontrollable sobs that made her entire body shudder.

"Fuck me harder bitch!" Monica's attacker taunted her. Grunting with every
thrust into Monica, he kept up the vicious pace of the assault. Monica's eyes
were still shut tight, and she was still squealing like a stuck animal.

She didn't want to see the wide-eyed possessed look on his face, the muscles
sticking out from his neck as he raped her. They were bouncing up and down on
the bed as he fucked Monica.

Then she felt the surge of him coming inside of her. He grunted in triumph
while his semen shot out of his cock and inside of the exotic beauty. He kept
grunting like an animal as he was overcome with the orgasm. For the next few
seconds he slowed the pace of his thrusts while the blood rushed to his
brain. Monica could only whimper quietly.

Eventually, he picked himself up off of Monica and leaned back. He took in
a deep breath and then slowly exhaled, gazing at the two wonderful bodies
before him. After getting his senses back, he stepped off the bed, turned
and went back up the stairs.

A minute later he returned, with a smoke in his right hand and a bottle of
Budweiser in his right. He went around the bed and sat down beside the bound
Sable. She turned away from his gaze and buried her face in the pillow again.
He took a long drag of the smoke and looked down on her.

"You know," he started. "I saw you a few weeks ago, comin' outta that place.
Damn you looked hot, honey. Wanted to fuck you senseless right then and

He put the cig in his mouth and let it dangle as he spoke. "I came by the
next week, and there you were again. You were wearing a really sexy leather
skirt and looked great. Had your hair all primped up and you looked
fantastic." He reached down with his free left hand and put it on her head
and ran his fingers through her hair. He took a drink from the bottle and

"I'd always wanted to fuck a rich bitch like you. Nice classy chick that I'd
never have a chance of getting. I figured to make up a plan to grab you right
there. I guessed you went there every week." Sable slowly opened her eyes and
turned them towards her tormentor.

"I was waiting for you all morning when you finally showed up. I couldn't
believe it when I saw you had a friend."

He took another drag on the smoke and kept on talking. "Soon as you left I
let the air out of your tire and then waited for you to come out. You both
had me so horny for a while I couldn't wait. Then he began rubbing along
her thigh and ass. "You got a fantastic ass and great pair of legs there,
whitey. And your friend ain't that hard to look at either."

Still caressing her thighs, he continued. "Had to modify the plan a bit,
since I did count on blackie there. Not that I minded!" He laughed and took
another drink and another drag. "I only had the one pair of cuffs and had the
place set up for just you." Then he chuckled and continued. "I think it all
worked out in the end though. You're both one hell of a ride."


He took a final drag on his smoke and butted it out on the table. He finished
off the beer and placed it next to the spent cigarette butt. Then he turned
his attentions to Sable. He straddled her and rested on her lower legs with
his knees resting on opposite sides of her hips. He placed a hand on each of
her buttocks and began to clutch at them, grabbing and massaging the flesh
through the material of her skirt. Sable could only sob into the pillow as he
molested her.

After a few minutes of this, he worked his hands down below her ass. He
reached the hem of her skirt and slipped his hands underneath it. Sable was
terrified that he would sodomize her. She had taken it up the ass only once
and it was not a pleasurable experience.

"Please", she sobbed. "Not up my bum."

"Don't worry about that honey. Just havin' some fun to get me in the mood
again. Like I said, you got one hell of an ass."

He ran his fingers along her inner thighs and pushed up her skirt as he did
so. When he felt her crotch, he rubbed the tips of her fingers over her
vagina and poked through the material of her pantyhose. Then he pushed her
skirt up over her ass, revealing the hose covered flesh. When her skirt was
completely gathered up, he began to tug at her pantyhose. Sable let out a
soft sob with every tug at her hosiery. He slid them over her hips and then
down her legs. He lifted himself off of Sable and then flipped her shoes
off. Then he slipped the hose over her ankles and threw them on the floor.

He looked down admiringly at Sable's naked ass and thighs. He then reached
under her body and flipped her on to her back. He looked over at Monica, who
was watching in horror.

Sable whimpered as he spread her legs apart and crept between them.

"No," she cried, her voice cracking with fear. "Don't!"

"You bastard!" Monica screamed at him. "You leave my mother alone!"

He stopped suddenly, holding Sable's knees. He turned to Monica and then
back to Sable. "Holy shit," he smiled at them and laughed. "I'll be a

Anger flashed across Monica's face and she shouted. "Fuck you! You fucking

"Yeah, I'm an animal, you rich bitch," he taunted her. "But at least I ain't
a whore."

"I'm not a whore!" Monica blurted out.

"Well you sure like to dress like one, you act like one, and you sure as shit
fuck like one."

Furious, Monica glared at him. "I fucking hate you!"

He just shrugged and gave her a tired look. "Good for you." And for added
effect, "I don't care." Monica glared at him with her eyes afire. They looked
at each other for a few more seconds, then, Monica realized it was hopeless
and turned away from her tormentor.

With that he turned his attentions back to Sable, who was staring at him
wide-eyed with fear. She tried to move away as he leaned over to her.

"You stay away from me you disgusting pig!" she angrily blurted out. He
looked over her entire body and stroked himself as he did.

Then he stopped on her breasts. "You've got a real healthy pair, lady," he
offered. Sable squirmed under his gaze and twisted her head around so that
she was looking at the back of Monica's head. She shut her eyes and let out
a desperate wail.

He reached over and flipped the edge of her thin white coat back and exposed
her side.

"No!" she spat out when he grabbed her waist. He rolled her over on to her
back and held her waist at the sides. Sable kept twisting her neck and
looking away from him, her jaw clenched and eyes tightly closed. When she
felt him digging at her shirt and pulling it out from under the waist of
her skirt, she cried out loud.

"Please," she gasped, trying to control herself. "Please..."

He tugged at her silky white blouse and pushed it up. Sable felt his rough
hands working the material and then revealing her waist. Then he forced it
upward and over chest. She was wearing a lacey white bra, but not for long.
He clenched the material in his hands and tore it off of her, revealing her
full, round breasts. He looked over and threw it over to where Monica's bra
had been tossed. Sable cried and whined as he groped and worked them.

The two women tried to block out his moans and sighs of pleasure as he
molested Sable. They both found themselves letting out high pitched whines
to cover the sounds of their attacker pleasuring himself.

"Damn," he sighed. "You've got some pretty firm tits here. What are you,
forty? These things are nice and firm still!"

Sable ignored his crude comments and kept trying to block him out as he
groped her breasts. She kept fighting against her binds, but to no result.
She murmured some desperate prayers through her sobs.

While massaging Sable's wonderful breasts, her attacker found himself looking
down towards her crotch.

He looked down at the dark triangle between her legs and the hidden treasure
below. He lunged forward and quickly buried his face between her thighs.

"Noooo," Sable squealed as she felt him begin to shove his tongue into her.
His hands clamped down on her inner thighs. He hungrily mouthed her vaginal
opening and darted his tongue in and felt inside. Sable cried out in anguish,
helpless to stop him.

"Leave her alone..." Monica whined. She tried to vent her anger, but found
herself convulsing uncontrollably, overwhelmed with fear.

Sable felt his tongue exploring her vagina and his rough hands holding her
legs apart. She was still tender from his previous assault, but through the
soreness, found herself becoming aroused. She was repulsed by the monster
that was assaulting her, but was helpless to stop her own body from the
sensations coming from her loins.

Sable lost track of how long he was massaging her. She knew it was only a
matter of time before he would rape her again.

The moment arrived shortly, when he felt himself getting aroused again. It
only made him attack Sable's vagina with more force. The more aroused he
became, the more he began to start giving her clit little bites. He began
to work his entire mouth over her opening, working it with a chewing motion
of his jaw.

As he became fully erect, He slithered forward. Sable turned her face away
like an ostrich burying its head in the sand. She gasped when she felt his
cock begin to slide into her. She brought her knees up while he forced
himself inside of her. He reached around her thighs and made her cross her
legs behind him. She let out a series of curses and kept on sobbing.

Now he threw his hands under her arm pits and began thrusting into her. The
bed shook with the violence of his thrusts.

"Yes!" he grunted with every stab between Sable's gorgeous legs into her
wonderful body. He settled into a series of short, hard thrusts into Sable,
letting out a loud, angry grunt with each one. The brutality of the assault
terrorized Sable as she cried out in pain and terror. Her cries only aroused
her attacker more, and invigorated his attack. He began to grunt obscenities
as he raped Sable. All she could do was shut her eyes turn her head from side
to side while she tried to block out the brutal assault.

Suddenly his entire body stiffened when his cock exploded inside of Sable. He
took a deep breath and gave a deep thrust into her as his semen sprayed into
his lovely victim. A long, twisted groan slipped out of Sable's tightly
clenched jaw. She kept whining as he kept thrusting into her and squeezed the
last of his semen out of his cock. As he finished, he lifted himself off of
his victim and then sat up on the side of the bed.

He sat there listening to Sable and Monica whimper and cry. After listening
to them for several minutes, he reached out and grabbed the beer bottle and
took a long drink from it and emptied it. He found his underwear and put it
on, then stood up, turned around and went back up the stairs.

A few minutes later he returned again, with another cigarette and another
bottle of beer. He stood and looked down at his captives and smiled at them.

"Sorry to eat and run ladies," he smirked. "But time's a wastin' here."


An hour or so later, they were back in the car heading back into the city.
But this time it was Sable crouched on the floor in front of the passenger
seat with Monica in the seat and straddled over her. They were both quietly
sobbing as they sat in the car. They didn't realize that the car had pulled
off the freeway and were pulling up to the wooded clearing that they had
stopped at several hours earlier. The car stopped and he jumped out. He ran
around the front of the car and quickly opened the passenger door. He grabbed
Monica's arm and dragged her out of the car.

"No!" she cried out in despair. "No! No! No!"

He roughly shoved her over to the front fender and forced her to bend over
it, just like Sable had been.

Monica kept pleading with him, her voice cracking and breaking as the terror
overcame her. He laughed and grabbed her by the thighs. She shut her eyes and
let out a cry when she heard him unzipping his jeans.

"Don't!" she gasped, her entire body was stiff as she prepared herself for
the attack.

When he began to penetrate her, she let out a muffled wail. He forced his
way into her and began to thrust in and out, grunting and swearing with each
effort. Monica could only sob as the brute raped her like an animal. Every
stab into her made her squeal and was met with a deep grunt from her

Still sitting in the car, Sable wept as she listened to her beautiful
daughter being so savagely raped. She tried to curl up into as tight a ball
as she could, trying to block out the terrible sounds. Her entire body shook
from the force of her sobs. She just wanted the nightmare to end.

Outside, Monica was barely able to keep herself together as she was
ram-rodded from behind. She kept crying and folded her arms over her face.
With every stab into her she lurched forward, his belly slapped into her
naked ass, mashing her thighs into the fender of the car. His fingers were
like knives, cutting into the soft flesh of her thighs. She tried to block
out the animal like sounds coming from her attacker, and the terrible pain
she was feeling as her body was so crudely violated.

When he finally came, he let out a long groan. Monica felt him stiffen and
then the surge through her vagina as he orgasmed and shot another load of
semen inside of her. The thought of this disgusting animal enjoying himself
as he violated her was too much to take, and she began to loudly cry out in
anguished, helpless wails of despair. After he withdrew and pulled up his
pants, she slid off the car and collapsed on the ground, crying hysterically.

Looking down at the wreck that Monica had become, her attacker taunted her.
"Better get up off the dirt, little girl," and he leaned down to her. "I knew
you were a dirty girl."

His callousness infuriated Monica, who could hardly keep herself together.
This monster had just abducted and raped her and her mother and was mocking
each time after her violated them.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Monica cried, her eyes shut tight, her jaw
clenched so tight that she could hardly talk.

He gave her no reply, only reached down and grabbed her left arm just under
the shoulder. She turned away from him and he wrenched her arm and lifted her
up so fast that she almost dislocated her shoulder. She yelped in pain. Her
thighs were still naked, since her skirt was still gathered around her waist.
Her pantyhose that he'd sliced up were gathered around each of her thighs.

"Get up!" he growled at her. She whimpered and tried to balance on her feet
as he pulled her along. He opened the passenger door and reached inside. He
grabbed Sable by the hair and ordered her out.

"Get out of the car!"

Sable cried out in pain as he tugged at her hair and lifted her out of the
car. She desperately tried to pick herself up as he tugged at her.

"Stop it!" she demanded. "I'll do whatever you want, just stop hurting me!"

Without replying, he dragged Sable out of the car, Monica looking on in
horror, and trying to pull herself away. After dragging the protesting Sable
out of the car, he pulled Monica over.

"Get in and get on the floor," he ordered. She nodded and stepped in, giving
him a good view of her naked crotch and thighs. She was so beautiful and sexy
he thought he could fuck her a thousand times and not get bored. Then he
could do the mother a thousand times.

When Monica had squatted down on the floorboards and settled in, he told
Sable to get in the passenger seat like before. She obeyed and sat herself
down. He slammed the door and ran around to the other side of the car. He
sat himself down and looked over at his captives. They both sat there
quietly whimpering as he looked them over. He pushed in the cigarette
lighter and then sank into the seat. He fished out a deck of smoked from
his jacket pocket and pulled one out.

"Guess you don't want one, huh? He taunted them. When they didn't reply, he
smirked to himself and put the cigarette in his mouth.

Sable's head slowly rose up and she turned to him with her eyes full of fire.
"You fucking bastard!" She screamed. "You god-damned fucking bastard!"

Stunned by her sudden, he feigned shock and quickly recoiled.

"I'll kill you, you fucking little prick!"

He broke out in laughter and pulled the cigarette from his mouth.

"Guess it's been a while, huh?"

At that, Sable lashed out with her fists, trying to punch at him. He easily
blocked her attempted blows. They tussled briefly, and it ended with him
holding both of Sable's wrists in his strong hands.

"Calm down, rich bitch," he warned her. "I could cut you up and dump you two
right here and nobody would ever find you."

Sable broke down and began crying. He let go of her wrists and she slumped
forward in her seat, turning her face away from him and resting it on
Monica's head.

"I thought you'd see it my way," he smiled and started the engine. "Be a
shame to do up two chicks as hot as you two. Crime against humanity I'd call

His two captives could only whimper softly as the car drove out of the
clearing and onto the dirt road.

Ten minutes later, the car was back on the Interstate, headed back into Los
Angeles. As the car sped down the highway, he kept looking at Sable's long,
slender leg with her skirt pushed up to her thighs. Sable's legs were
fantastic, and he kept rubbing them with his hand. Terrified and repulsed by
his touch, she didn't protest, only made a weak attempt to shift her weight
and move her leg away from him. He massaged her thigh and began to slowly
move his hand up to her hip and under her skirt.

He divided his attentions between watching the road and getting an eyeful
of Sable's naked thighs, watching his hand slide over her hip and over her
crotch. He could feel the roughness of her pubic hair then slid down to her
pussy. She squirmed and sobbed while he molested her, squeezing her legs
together in a vain attempt to keep him from fingering her.

After poking his fingers into her for a few minutes, he pulled his hand away
and brought it to his own crotch. He fidgeted around and with both hands
managed to pull out his semi-rigid cock. Sable heard the sound of the zipper
and knew what was happening. She cringed, took a deep breath and resigned
herself to what was about to come.

Sable stole a glimpse of him as he fidgeted with the steering wheel. He found
the switch for the tilt steering and flipped the wheel up to its highest
setting. He saw the look of despair in her eyes and winked at her. She closed
her eyes and turned away. She knew what he was getting ready for.

Desperate thoughts ran through Sable's mind as she prayed for a miracle to
save them. She hoped that she would hear the sound of police sirens and the
safety they would bring. But it was hopeless. He deliberately kept the car
just below the speed limit, so the chances of getting stopped were remote.
The tinting of the windows prevented anyone from seeing what was happening
inside the car.

With the car safely in cruise control, he reached out, grabbed Sable's hair,
lifted her head up and pulled it toward him. She reluctantly looked at her
tormentor, then caught a glimpse of his semi-erect organ and she winced and
tried to turn away.

He looked into her tear-stained eyes and spoke with a stern tone. "Those are
some nice big lips you got there honey," he scowled at her. "We call those
cock-sucker lips." For emphasis, he grabbed his cock with his left hand and
began to stroke it. Sable couldn't stop herself from crying and let out a
long steady wail. She couldn't' take it any more and broke down completely.

Her tormentor let her go and watched the wealthy seductress as she spasmed
and quivered while bawling like a baby. Beneath her, Monica grabbed Sable's
legs with both of her hands and held them in an attempt to comfort her
mother. She tried to whisper something, but was as overcome as her mother,
and could only let out a series of whimpering sounds.

He held his cock with his left hand and pulled at Sable with his right. When
she resisted and pleaded with him to stop, he tugged hard on her hair. She
yelped and protested again.

"C'mon babe, I doubt you've never done it before," he taunted her as he
pulled her head toward his crotch. "I bet you've sucked more dicks than
Linda Lovelace."

"No! N-N-No!" she stammered as he pulled her face closer to his stiffening
organ. She grabbed at his hand with her own hands and tried to dig her claws
into it.

"Fuck!" he blurted out angrily as her fingernails dug into his skin. Flush
with anger, he began to fight with her and jerked her neck back and then
quickly jerked it again, until they were face to face. Sable's eyes widened
when she saw the rage in his face.

"Do what I fucking tell you or we're going back to the woods and I'll make
HER do it and then slit both your necks and dump you there!"

Monica let out a series of whimpers as her tormenter raged on. Sable's face
squelched up and she tried to turn away. When she did this, he jerked her
head again to face him. The sharp pain from her scalp as her head was so
violently jerked around was adding to her misery. Her mind was spinning with
all the nightmare that she'd been put through in the last several hours. Now
this brute was threatening to kill her and her daughter to satisfy his lusts.

"Are you going to do what I tell you to do?" he demanded as he glared at
Sable. "You've got a real pretty face, but it'll be hamburger if you keep
pissing me off!"

Terrified by the fury in his face, and the twisted scowl he gave her, Sable
shut her eyes and quickly nodded. He relaxed his grip on her hair and she
slowly collapsed onto his lap. She just wanted this ordeal to end, and be
rid of him. She was terrified of him and was taking his threats seriously.
He was an animal and there was probably nothing he wouldn't do to them if
he wanted to.

He looked down at the quivering Sable and ordered her to get to work. She
took a deep breath and her trembling fingers crept up to his now rigid organ.
She wrapped her fingers around the base of the shaft and then brought her
mouth over the tip.

"Yeah, you know what you're doing," he smirked when he felt her mouth wrap
itself around the head of his penis. She began to bob her head up and down
as she gave him head. He held the back of her head with his hand and fell
back into the seat as he enjoyed the sensation. "I knew you were a dirty

Sable was disgusted. She held the abhorrent thing in her hands and stroked
it slowly as she slid her teeth and lips over the head again and again. She
could hear the sounds of him enjoying her efforts. She didn't dare bite down
on it, for she knew it would have terrible results for her. Her tongue ran
up and down its length as she worked. Beneath her, she heard Monica's quiet
whimpering and the sound of her own desperate sobbing and gasps for air.
She kept at her miserable job, trying to keep herself from breaking down
completely as she stroked and mouthed the man's member.

"How's your daughter taste?" he laughed at Sable, mocking her torment. Her
spirit crushed, she didn't answer and suffered in silence. She wondered how
he could be such a cruel animal. The sick bastard seemed like he was enjoying
tormenting them. Wondering about what drove this monster only made her more
fearful. She concentrated on doing what he commanded.

Her attacker sat there trying to concentrate on driving as he enjoyed Sable's
efforts. It was a like a twisted dream, this gorgeous rich bitch with his
cock in her mouth. She massaged the head with her lips and tongue, while her
fingers, trembling with fear and disgust, stroked and scratched at the
disgusting organ.

The sensations of her hands stroking his shaft, her moist mouth and lips
massaging the head, and that beautiful face, they were all adding up to a
great feeling. While Sable was working, he ran his fingers through her hair,
cradling her head and gently urging her on. He found himself trying to
concentrate on driving and staying in his lane as the car sped down the
Interstate towards the mall where he had first captured them. He had to
fight the urge to just sit there and gaze at this beautiful woman going
down on him, looking up to catch glimpses of the road and the traffic
surrounding them. He clamped down hard on the steering wheel and tried to
concentrate on not crashing.

He felt himself becoming more excited by the minute. He grunted and gasped
for breath as Sable worked her magic. Finally he couldn't hold it anymore and
let go. He grunted and wheezed aloud as he came. Sable's hands clasped tight
on his shaft while she pulled her mouth off of the head. A small amount of
semen spurt out of it and into her mouth. She coughed a few times and then
winced as she tasted it in her mouth. He let her go and she withdrew from his

"Almost home," he stated to them while he straightened himself out and zipped
his jeans back up.

Neither Sable nor Monica said anything. They both took hope from knowing that
it would soon be over.

Less than ten minutes later, he pulled the car into the same parking lot that
they had left in the morning. He parked the car at the far end of the lot. He
shut off the engine and turned to his captives.

"Well ladies, it's been a pleasure," he smiled at his captives. They didn't
look at him, only sobbed quietly. "But it's time to part ways."

Sable and Monica didn't reply and only sat quietly. They listened to him open
the door and get out of the car and then came the sound of the door slamming.
And then they were alone.


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