Dynasty Warriors: Desperate Scheme (Mg,gg,inc,drugs,exhib,voy,ncon)

The massive gates of He Fei castle began to close as soon as Dong Zhuo's
steed stepped onto the reinforced wooden barrier. Spurring his mount, the
brutal tyrant barely managed to force himself inside the castle before an
array of arrow shots whistled past, clattering harmlessly on the stone

Dashing here from Luo Yang had been a decisive mistake for the frazzled
despot. When the good news had reached him that Li Jue and Guo Si had
captured the two Qiao sisters of Wu, lewd joy had sprung in his heart. He
had left his stronghold with the full confidence that Lu Bu would be able
to rout the Han alliance, but his strategy had been critically flawed.

Passing through Si Shui gate, the volunteer forces under Liu Bei had spotted
him, and alerted the invading coalition that their target was now on the run.
To Dong's great dismay, the army had quickly made an about-face to pursue
him. In fact, he had made it to this secondary fortification with the two
sons of Sun Jian a mere hundred yards away, furiously plucking their bows
until the enemy had disappeared into the protection of the castle.

Surrounded in a palace that would soon be beleaguered on three sides, Dong
Zhuo knew that his hours were numbered. But with his life hanging on such a
precipitous thread, he also knew that this time would have to be whatever he
could make of it. After issuing a series of defensive orders to his men, the
devious leader sped off to the elevated throne room, knowing the prizes he'd
doomed his life for were waiting to be plundered.

* * *

Da and Xiao Qiao had been locked in the heavily guarded chamber since they
had been waylaid only a few days earlier. Their captivity had not even been
at all unpleasant for the most part. A officer named Li Ru had seen over to
their comfort, assuring them that they were merely being held for ransom,
and nothing more. And the sheep of a man might have really believed that, at
least until his Lord has arrived in a flurry of anger, barking requests to
his underlings just outside of the chamber's reinforced steel doors.

The two sisters had been napping on a pile of crimson body pillows that had
served as the bounds for their prison. Hearing the sudden, agitated sounds of
such a dark man had quickly awakened them. They both yawned upon stirring,
stretching their slender limbs as a noisy bustle quickly brought their abode
to life.

A haughty imperial officer had burst into the room while the pair looked on
in amazement, ordering and directing the chaos in a surprisingly efficient
manner. The twins simply looked on in wonder as the compassionate guards
they had come to known were rapidly escorted away. A large troop of grinning
bodyguards carried in an elegant tub, filled with steaming water. They
disappeared just as quickly as they had arrived, securing the room's only
exit. A sudden sense of dread entered the girls' mind when they realized they
were now alone with this terrifying man.

Trembling, the young ladies moved together instinctively, following every
motion Dong Zhuo made. He set himself into a grand seat that had mysteriously
appeared in the confusion, a few feet from his captives. As he pondered how
to proceed, his silence only gave the duo greater assurance of his

"You should be cleaned up before I return you." the dictator announced,
sweeping his hand towards the steaming bin. His already wicked features
suddenly became very dark as the future played out in his mind, and the
two Qiaos knew at once he was lying.

"We're not doing that here, you dirty old man!" Xiao burst out, her tiny
frame seething with anger. Da reached out and restrained her sister,
radiating a surreal calm. The elder sibling brought her lips to her
companion's ear, soothing the savage intent that would serve no purpose.

"He doesn't want much..." the intelligent youngster whispered. "Let's just
do what he asks and get it over with."

Xiao turned bright red at her sister's submissive attitude, turning around
with a furious huff at the thought of letting this pervert see her naked.
Her objections were cut short, however, when the faint sound of fabric
sliding apart reverberated in the tense setting. By the time the little
Qiao had turned back around, her partner had already shrugged out of her
scarlet overcoat, dropping it without ceremony.

"We'll do what you ask." Da announced, looking sternly at the seated man.
"But nothing more." Now she had taken the first step, hoping the exhaustive
confidence she summoned would ease Xiao in performing the same task. Dong
Zhuo simply grinned back as the tacit signals passed, leering at her
acquiescence with an smirk.

The elder girl promptly stepped out of her shoes and rolled the knee-high
socks off her slim legs. She had already started undoing her blouse when Xiao
joined in the degradation, relaxing to allow her own green garments to peel
away. Da paused slightly when her white shirt began to fall away, knowing
there was nothing else to conceal her budding protrusions once she parted
with it.

Da's cheeks flared violently when the first snatches of cooler air hardened
her petite nubs, lengthening her nipples even more than the ever-so-slight
bumps themselves. With a forceful sigh, she finished disrobing, allowing her
beautiful uncovered mounds to shine forth. Xiao quickly caught up, and soon
the four diminutive breasts of the Qiaos were on display for the most evil
man in China. Now more then ever, she wished her bust was a little more
developed. At least she had the slightest of protrusion up top, although Xiao
was still without a hint of puberty. Down below, however, the twin splendors
were as bare as could be, and soon Dong would be able to see for himself.

Although it was winter, the sister's clothes were thick enough to drive away
the deepest frost. The Wu generals had also saw to it that their youngest
royals were dressed in the more obscuring attire as possible, mostly to
prevent their own from getting ungentlemanly ideas. Truth be told, there
wasn't a warrior in the entire kingdom who upon seeing the two Qiaos had
wondered what it would have felt like to bend them over the battlements and
have their way.

As a side effect of the restrictive decrees, the girls had cut down on
the sweating their nubile bodies accumulated each day by forsaking any
undergarments. Of course, a few pleats of silk kept onlookers from seeing
their dainties, but they were naked otherwise. So, when Da and Xiao finally
wiggled out of their respective skirts, their two immaculate pussies were
ultimately revealed.

Dong Zhuo was beyond words to describe the hairless jewels that couldn't help
being penetrated by his licentious gaze. Xiao had bent over and was rolling
her socks off when her sibling realized the evil tyrant now had a perfect few
of her butt and spread vagina. Da nudged her sis, who quickly changed
position in an attempt to hide her blatant nudity. The lustful male thought
about asking for the elder to give him the same view as an alternative, but
held his tongue to allow the lady a deceptive victory. He was confident there
would be time for everything he wanted to do later.

Only Da still had a stitch of apparel left below the neck. Since receiving
the maroon garter as a gift from Sun Ce, she had worn it always as a sign of
her fidelity. On the day they would eventually marry, it would be his solemn
duty to jubilantly remove it. But rather than allow the precious raiment to
be ruined in the water, she would have to take it off.

Unable to do so without revealing her pink insides, the older sister decided
to swell her courage and accept the mortifying act. Da lifted her leg slowly,
knowing Dong Zhuo was peering into her feminine channel. As speedily as she
could muster, the lithe preteen peeled it off before gingerly joining her
sibling in the hot pool.

Watching the little girls hesitantly wash themselves was quite a turn-on, and
Dong wanted nothing more than to walk over and take each of them by force. It
was only by an amazing effort of self-control that he was able to restrain
his urges. Since the drama had begun, he had watched the wisps of pink
drifting up from the bath, knowing the drug would soon take effect as they
immersed in it.

* * *

Bathing with such a lewd audience was far from a simple matter, but the two
Qiaos went about their business as best as they could. For one, they both sat
down in the cramped space as soon as possible in order to hide their modest
slits. Initially, the four moist hands deliberately avoided any area close to
the genitals in order to deprive their captor of any additional pleasure. And
at their age, the most tenuous stimulation of their secret organs would bring
a noticeable blush. Unbeknownst to them, however their lungs were already
working in an efficient manner, deeply inhaling the potent mist that would
sooner or later wear down their inhibitions.

In no time at all, the tiny vixens had just about graduated to self-arousal,
unable to resist the calling from down below. Da closed her eyes as a sudden
surge of heat rushed through her. When she awoke from what seemed like a
long sleep, there was nothing else in the room save her sister and the cozy
bathtub. They were all alone now, and she suddenly had The Itch like never

Free from the knowledge the hidden voyeur, and of any taboos instilled since
birth, Da felt raunchier than she ever believed possible. Every fibre of her
juvenile anatomy was crying out to be satisfied, and looking at Xiao, the
pretty female felt no prohibition against staring at her lovely body.

She could, naturally, diddle herself until the feeling passed, but the more
she looked at the defenseless pubic area of her twin, some other thought
shattered her evolving concupiscence. While self-play would indeed me as
glorious as usual, she saw a chance to take intimate gratification to an
entirely new level. There was a beautiful female just a few feet away, who
would be willing and capable to get her off spectacularly. And to boot, she
would gain the additional delight of watching her junior become acquainted
with what the right touch could do to a woman.

Sliding her feet out from her dainty butt, the elder Qiao extended her legs
to the other edge of the watery enclosure. She felt a jolt of pleasure in her
loins as the stark flesh brushed up against Xiao, who was rapidly becoming
confused from the mixture of the aphrodisiac and the new view of Da's
slightly-spread lips.

"What are you doing, sis?" she asked with trepidation. Xiao did not exactly
feel intimidated, but rather a slew of sensations far too adult to deal with
directly. The only physical manifestation she was aware of was a nearly
imperceptible tingle between her thighs.

"Please help me..." the senior female whispered, unable to resist running a
wrist up and down her bare crack. The other, previously massaging her shiny
torso, was offered to Xiao with a dazed tremble. The young lady took it
without thinking, feebly allowing her libido to soar to new heights.

She watched at Da reluctantly pulled the arm kneading her slit out of her
lap, replacing it with her own slim fingers. The drugged female let out an
affectionate "Yeesssssssss..." as her pouty twat was pervaded by the first
person beside herself, mewing quietly as her baby sister expertly fingered
her. Each invasive prod went deep into her virgin canal, but never far
enough to endanger the frail hymen.

With such expert instruction from her moaning sis, Xiao quickly got the
hang of the precise action that made Da's tummy contort in happiness. "Oooh,
that's it." she sighed, rubbing her breasts as the finger worked wonders in
her delicate cunny. "Right there."

Her sister obliged without question, teasing the lovely gash below with a
vigorous stabbing motion, and sending Da into squeals of delight. While the
shapely senior Qiao had often dabbled in the exploration of her body, the
sensations racking her tender frame had never come close to the mind-blowing
rapture Xiao was providing.

Overcome with a fit of lust, Da grabbed her sibling's naked body, pulling
the wet flesh to her own. "I can't believe it..." she panted, her mouth mere
inches from the junior female's face. "I'm almost there... please keep

The younger girl did not understand the strange urgency pouring out of her
sister, but knew well enough to continue what she was doing. Da's cunt was a
fiery red now, both from the heat of impending orgasm and the friction of
Xiao's diminutive digits.

When the moment finally arrived, the smallest daughter of Wu found her
slick body being caressed by every inch of Da's spasming limbs. She felt
surprisingly small hands grip her behind, sandwiching her thrusting hand
between their collective genitals.

Xiao yelped in surprise as the first pang of pleasure ripped through her
immature vagina. She could never have imagined such a simple touch could make
her feel so good down there, and immediately realized what was driving Da
crazy. By now, the elder Qiao was clamoring with release, her budding hole
oozing warm goo over the two young teens' privates.

"Eh... eh... aaaaahhhh!" Da screamed, clutching her partner's shoulder for
support. Her voice trailed off into a distorted garble of sexual expletives,
begging Xiao to not to stop. Eyes closed to mere squints, she grunted heavily
as her snatch forced juice into the two Qiaos' crotches. Only when her vagina
was throbbing intensely from the overload was she at last able to go still,
savoring the sticky fluid seeping out of her womb.

"That was... amazing..." she panted, sitting up to part Xiao's lips with her
own. Drawing away momentarily, she gazed into her sibling's shining eyes.
"Thank you so much..." She gently cupped the little girl's cheeks in a hand,
puckering them up to enjoy another smooch before she collapsed backwards, an
entirely sated look plastered all over her sweet face. Her tranquil visage
was only broken for a moment, as the fingers wedged inside her were gently

* * *

Looking between Da's spread legs, Xiao could no longer deny the longings that
had surfaced at the first sight of her sister's enticing pussy. And now, with
the engorged folds deeply reddened from her first induced orgasm, the wanting
younger female knew she had to reach the same heights before ever feeling

Remembering the shocks that excited her babyish clit, Xiao climbed on top of
Da's panting form, which gave away ever so slightly to support the additional
weight. The elder preteen simply lay back as her sister aligned their nether
regions before rubbing the slick skin together, only crying out in passion
when her sensitive clit was agitated by Xiao's.

"Don't worry..." Da groaned, opening her eyes once again. "I'll take care
of you too..." By now her sibling was fucking her with unbelievable force,
making high-pitched "Uh... uh..." sounds with each slide. Unable to allow
herself such a passive role in her own kin's first come, she wrapped her
arms around Xiao and twisted around until she was on top.

"Just lie still..." she instructed, rising up on hands and knees like a cat
in heat. "I'll make you feel just as good down there." With a supple lunge,
Da pounced on the naked girl's anxious smile, slipping her tongue inside to
explore the wet cavity.

"Mmmm... I can't believe we never thought to do this before..." she said
gently, expertly grinding their twats together. After a few quick pecks on
the cheek, she moved down, licking Xiao's neck and upper torso. When Da
reached the minuscule stubs that would eventually blossom into fabulous
breasts, she took her time, sucking and thrashing her sister's flat pecs.
With each lush contact of the felicitous tool, Xiao twisted in wonderful
agony, ineffectively fighting off her hands' wish to delve into the womanly
valley below.

"Am I making you feel all warm inside?" Da inquired seductively, tracing her
fingers past Xiao's lean hips. Before the swooning lady could respond, she
took the puerile hand from her sibling's honeypot, tasting the sweet
lubrication. As a reward for being able to enjoy such a delectable treat, she
slipped the fleshy protrusions back inside. For only one rapturous moment,
she watched herself forcing Xiao to masturbate, then directed the oozing mass
back up her naked figure.

Da did not even look, knowing her twin would eagerly desire to sample her own
pre-come. Instead, she focused on the infantile mound that was now in view.
Spreading Xiao's legs wide, she moved as far back into the tub as possible,
thirstily opening her lips before matching them to the quivering vagina.

At first, she kissed Xiao's flower as she had the oral equivalent, spreading
the swollen lips with incurable desire. The enkindled female sighed deeply,
almost cramping from the uncontrollable convulsions that oral sex coerced out
of her. "Please... inside..." the younger Qiao plead, looking down at her
unused blossom.

"Of course..." Da replied tantalizingly, flicking her pliable instrument
across Xiao's clit. "It tastes so yummy, I can't help myself!"

The next few minutes passed in blissful timelessness. Da lapped furiously at
the same slit she'd seen at every bath and never had the urge to explore
before. When enough girl cream had accumulated in the tight passage, she
would send her tongue all the way in, scooping out the luscious delicacy with
unnatural lecherousness.

With the advantage of having her first sexual experience performed with such
tenderness, Xiao descended into a fluttering heap in no time at all, her
heart pounding on the brink of bursting. The peak of her lovemaking session
was a blinding flash, coming upon her saturated canal before she could steel

Her only response was to yell at the top of her lungs as the majesty of
orgasm carried her to the heavens. She was not even aware of the flood that
was pouring out into Da's eager visage, only caring about the pulsating
ecstasy in her pubic region.

It was just as suddenly over, and Xiao wondered if she had passed out
briefly. Da was still going at her sister's hairless hole, smiling broadly
when she finally caught her mate's eye.

"I love you, Da..." Xiao gasped hoarsely, well worn out from her encounter.

"So do I, dear sister." the elder woman replied, once again ascending to all
fours. "And now you're going to lick me..." she continued, punctuating each
request by lightly pressing her come-stained lips to Xiao's. "Then you can
feel my finger inside you, and then me, and then you, and we'll keep on going

"Oh, Da!" the struck female quaked, beaming brilliantly with delight. "I
never want to stop!" She extended a delirious finger to her counterpart's
equally bare twat, desiring to elicit what she'd just felt. Unfortunately,
the pair's erotic awakening was soon to be cut as Da raised her head, crying
out as if she's been speared.

* * *

And that was exactly what had happened.

The Qiaos had been so busy being manipulated by the scented drug, they had
completely blanked out the knowledge that Dong Zhuo had been watching every
intimate moment they'd shared, growing excited with passion beyond the bounds
of any man who lived in that age. To see the most aesthetic beauties that
would ever grace China, wholly in their youthful glory, making love to each
other was more than enough to drive even the most noble of comrades to force
themselves upon the virgins.

Dong Zhuo had well intended that very thing the moment he ordered their
capture, and now his reward was near at hand. As Da rested of her knees,
showing off the sticky proof of her sister's splendid climax, Dong cautiously
removed the two flowers from her jet-black hair. The little girl was
completely unaware of the parallel that he was about to take her other flower
as well, only realizing that a large object was about to penetrate her
fragile cunny.

Da stiffened instantly as the crown passed through her barren folds, allowing
Dong to ram his cock at her tightness several times before the surprised
female let out a protest.

"Noooooooo!" she wailed, at once feeling the grandeur of her titillating
fantasy fade away to be replaced by one of forced, painful sex. The budding
female never dreamed the first to reap pleasure from her body would be this
despicable tyrant, but now it was happening. And there was nothing she could
say or do that would allow her to leave with her innocent status intact.

"Please stop!" Da implored with anguish, feeling him balloon even deeper
inside her with each thrust. "Take it out, it hurts!" Letting her head drop
down, she peered underneath herself, watching the grotesque scene. Her
swollen petals were stretched impossibly outward, jiggling each time Dong
Zhuo forced her pussy open further.

She tried to crawl forward in a feeble attempt to dislodge the invader in her
preteen cunt, but to no avail. Her taut sphincter simply held on to Dong's
prick, dragging him along with her futile escape. Exhausted, she gripped the
bottom of the tub ferociously, steeling herself as he began pressing against
her maidenhead. "Oh no..." she whimpered, feeling his hands stroke her raised
behind. "Don't do this to me..."

Xiao gazed at her sister's sexy body, admirably trying to cope with the
effects of her first fuck. Even though she'd just creamed all over Da's face,
the erotic sight happening just in front of her had prevented the trickle
oozing from her folds from abating. With calculated reasoning, she realized
she was no longer seeping come, but pre-sex lubrication.

Dong grabbed his plaything, pulling her out of the tub while still connected
to his organ. Da hovered in the air with a defeated look on her face, her
light weight easily supported by his strong arms. "This is it..." Xiao
thought, watching her sister's rapist sit down on the pillows. He was
pointing the pillaged female toward her, as if in invitation to watch the
imminent deflowering.

Wasting no time, the younger girl began petting herself mildly, watching Da
with libidinous eyes. The knowledge that her sibling was in great pain was
now altogether lost on Xiao. All that mattered was that watching her get
fucked was turning the petite female on.

Shivering, Da groaned weakly as Dong Zhuo lowered her onto his cock, evoking
a haggard cry of resistance, but little else to prevent his forced intrusion.
His tool had already so numbed her passage, she merely felt a slight dripping
sensation when the seal broke, allowing him unfettered access to her inner
chamber with a sharp "Ouch!"

Licking her lips, Xiao watched as Da began bouncing up and down her tormentor
bereft of will, emitting slight "Eh... eh..." sounds every time her twin
bumps came to rest at the hilt of Dong Zhuo's bloated rod. Now that he had
pried open her virginity, the going was much easier. She slid much quicker as
time passed, the residue of her torn honor betraying her by providing a
smooth conduit for his jabbing penis.

Noticing with peculiar wonder, Xiao watched as the immense hammering force
in her sibling's abdomen produced an obtrusive bulge in the flesh above her
cunny. Each shove of Dong's manhood into her unwilling femininity gave the
impression that the young woman had become briefly pregnant. Only instead of
nurturing a baby, it was a thick shaft she was repeatedly giving birth to.

Da's growing breasts, which had as a gift of pubescence, were now being used
against her as well. Gripping the tiny mounds in his rough hands, Dong used
them to degrade his young mate even further, forcing out exasperated gasps as
he slammed her into his thighs hard enough to turn her cherished labia red
from the impact.

The combination of her incessant moans and tight vagina unwillingly
pulling at his dick eventually forced Dong Zhuo over the brink. With an
uncharacteristic grunt, he lost control, spewing torrents of spunk into Da's
exposed uterus. She tried to shrug off his spasms, letting her head drop to
the side as he finished, but her defeated state only served to spur on the
warlord's excitement. Her reward for accepting involvement in this depraved
act was simply more shots of cum coating her cervix.

Mercifully finished, Dong felt up the sapped Qiao's bosom one final time,
grabbing her chest in a triumphant fashion. He ground his hips into hers, his
phallus joyfully working sperm into Da's belly. When finally satisfied with
her abasement, he hoisted up the woeful girl by her butt. The melodious sound
of her panting heavily filled the room as she slid off his meat, extricating
herself with a noisy sloshing sound.

And even then, her trial continued, forcing one last mortifying moment when
he spread her trembling legs, peering at his handiwork flowing from her
abused crack. "I beg you... don't look..." the used Qiao implored lamely,
wholly unable to prevent him from doing so.

By now, it was grotesquely swollen, a mere shadow of Da's former beauty. She
was already healing, however, as evidenced by the frail petals easing into
their base state. He knew the looseness would eventually dissipate, sealing
his seed inside her womb. But with the loss of her womanhood, she would never
again be as enjoyable to another as she had been just now.

* * *

So, leaving his subjugated treasure behind, heaving for breath on the satin
cushions, Dong Zhuo approached Xiao Qiao. From her reactions while he was
banging Da, he knew this would be a much easier conquest. As expected, she
ceased feeling her privates, throwing her arms up to embrace him as he lifted
her out of the water, wet limbs hugging him securely while unbridled lust
blazed in her eyes.

What an irony, he thought, that the more experienced twin would shy away from
doing it, while the more immature sister would openly embrace it. As he laid
her down, pinning her naked form to the pillows, Xiao surprised him yet again
by spreading her legs to reveal the last untouched Qiao virtue.

He gripped her shoulders from underneath, pulling her naked form close while
his tool hung eagerly, brushing up against her bare pussy and depositing
semen all over her puckered opening. Even though she was younger, and
undoubtedly tighter than her counterpart, the cream Da had sucked out of
Dong's cock would serve to make the experience all the more easier.

And even as he began to sink into Xiao's cunt, Dong Zhuo heard the far-away
sound of a door being forced open. He had not gone nearly far enough to make
a permanent mark in the young lady, and would never have had the chance
anyway. Before he could even turn around to see who had disturbed him, two
arrows slammed into his back. After emitting a guttural "Urk," he rolled off
his tiny lover, raising his arms in terror as Sun Ce and Zhou Yu cut him to

* * *

The aftermath of the battle was nothing less than an incredible boon for the
Wu kingdom. The two generals had fought past the front lines of their army in
a desperate attempt to save the two Qiaos, and were the only ones to discover
what had befallen them during captivity. Hurriedly dressing the delirious
twins, they both tried to ignore the signs of defilement present on each
before rushing together to the safety of Sun Jian's army.

While no one else in the kingdom ever found out about the horrors both were
forced to endure, their roles had been dynamically altered. Da, who was more
sexually curious, had turned into a frigid wife for Sun Ce, only offering
her unresponsive body for use under the most acute of pleas. She would never
again experience an orgasm, or even a whit of pleasure from the act, but
performed it as her spousal duty nonetheless.

On the other hand, Xiao became an aggressive nymphomaniac from the teasing
Dong Zhou had arranged. She feverishly demanded Zhou Yu take her that night,
her euphoric shouts announcing to all within earshot that the youngest Qiao
was being intimate for the first time.

Between Xiao pleading with her husband for constant sex, and Da cringing
every time the Sun son asked her to come to bed, the girls never again had
a chance to explore the incestuous relationship that had flourished in the
drugged haze back at He Fei castle. Not that it mattered, anyhow. Xiao was
more than happy to trade the lapping of a nimble tongue to a stiff rod that
was infinitely more satisfying.

And even if Zhou was too tired to accommodate her, she knew where to go.
It wasn't exactly cheating, since she always asked him first when seeking
release. But if he wasn't up for the task, she wasn't about to hold off the
cries of her pussy when there were more than enough soldiers who would do
anything for a chance to flip her skirt up and go to town.
_ _ _

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