Dynasty Warriors: Surprise Attack (MF,oral)

Sun Ren was at a loss to explain Wu's current predicament.

When her father and Cao Cao squared off at You Ting, it seemed a certain
victory for her family was in store. The Qiao sisters would take care of the
east and west flanks, and she and Lu Xun would direct the frontal attack.
With five parties against Cao Xiu's three, his hold on the southern territory
seemed bound to fail. Then Wu would simply have to drive the remainder of
Wei's forces through the northern canyon and across the bridge, towards Yi
Ling where the final battle would take place.

Now, things had turned for the worse and their soldiers' morale was rapidly
falling. Word had spread quickly that Da's army had been scattered almost
immediately by a charge from the villainous Zhang He. The young girl had
died on her horse, unable to let loose even a single blow before the end
came. On the western front, Xiao had done just as poorly. She put up a
valiant, but futile struggle against Dian Wei's massive force before being
slain by an archer tower.

After the double upset, Sun Shang and Lu Xun decided to split up and rally
their forces to retake the Wei forts. But as she trudged uphill to confront
the enemy, a sudden voice in the back of her head urged retreat in case his
minor setback turned into a crushing defeat.

Before she realized what was happening, a sea of blue-clad soldiers had cut
her off from the rest of her family, with only her personal bodyguards at
her side. She spurred her horse in a vain attempt to goad the animal into a
life-saving burst of speed, but a well-placed spear thrust sent her steed
reeling. In a flash of white and blue from above, the Sun general fell to
the earth.

* * *

"Hah!" laughed Dian Wei, brandishing his war axe menacingly. The last of
Sun Shang's bodyguards made a set of poorly-aimed strikes, which the burly
warrior easily sidestepped. An effortless swing of his weapon sent the
ill-fated men to their deaths, leaving nothing between him and the daughter
of Sun Jian.

"Don't underestimate me because I'm a woman!" the Wu general burst defiantly,
quickly rising to her feet. It was clear from the quivering in her voice she
knew she was outmatched, and even the rival soldiers realized it. Without
word, they spread out in a circle, surrounding the two generals but leaving
enough room for them to fight undisturbed.

"Idiot!" Dian Wei muttered, boldly spreading his arms wide in a taunt of her
ability to wound even an exposed target. "Why do you rush to die?" he asked
threateningly, stepping forward enough to put himself in range for attack.

Shang took the bait, spinning around with her chakras and expertly striking
the axe blade in her enemy's hand until the business end was pointed at it's
wielder. Momentarily distraught, Dian Wei stepped backwards as her subsequent
slices brought the steel edge dangerously close to his exposed skin.

Finally regaining his composure, the masculine combatant gripped the shaft of
his weapon and thrust forward with immense strength, breaking the Lady Sun's
rhythm with a stunning blow. As she recoiled from the shock, he thrust
forward with his elbow and slammed the slim female in the chest, sending her
reeling to the ground once again.

Frightened beyond thought, Sun Shang Xiang frantically slashed upward with
her blade, but the motion was painfully cut short when Dian blocked the blow
with his foot, pinning her arm to the ground. Sensing her delicate flesh
crumple under such pain, she relinquished immediately, letting go of her only

The triumphant man raised his axe high as he prepared to smite his fallen
foe, but the look of despair on her face moved even his hard heart. For a
second, he wavered, and she quickly took advantage of it. "I do not want to
die..." she pleaded, reaching up with her free hand towards him. "Please..."
the Wu daughter begged.

Mistaking her gesture as the princess' delicate hand floundered beneath him,
Dian Wei broke out into a broad grin. "Very well, then!" he thundered. "If
you're good enough, I'll let you go..."

Sun Ren emitted a surprised cry as he latched onto her red leather armour,
digging his hand in alongside her breasts. Too flabbergasted to protest, she
simply stared at the invading hand as he dragged her to a kneeling position.
It was then that Shang Xiang realized what her enemy had been talking about.
She had been unwittingly dangling her hand in front his crotch as she cried
out for mercy, and the foul beast had of course thought she was willing to
trade her body for her life!

Looking up at her oppressor, it slowly dawned upon the terrified woman that
she was being given a chance to serve her family. Her death, while proud,
would accomplish nothing. If she could secure a chance to stay alive though,
she could return to the battlefield again in the hope of uniting China. All
of that was more important than enduring a little humiliation, wasn't it?

Drudgingly, she took the initiative, untying the red ribbon that held Dian
Wei's pants up. Seeing the blue material dropping around her enemy's legs,
the delicate female forced herself to choke back a gasp as his manhood came
into view. The phallus was easily large enough to completely stuff her mouth,
and she saw it was about to do just that.

Holding back the desperate voice in the back of her mind pleading to
desist from this degrading course of action, the lady Sun allowed her
captor to slowly place a hand on the back of her head. His thick grasp
easily encompassed her short mane, bringing it closer to his waiting

As the Wei general gripped his tool, pointing it straight towards her
reluctant face, Sun Ren allowed the massive rod to pierce her trembling
lips. Having absolutely no experience with sexual matters of yet, the
young beauty could only kneel placidly with gaping eyes as his penis
entered her previously untainted mouth. She relaxed momentarily when
the engorged head mercifully stopped just before it would have become
too much to take, looking up at his pleased features.

"You... do well..." he growled, clearly becoming overwhelmed by this rare
treat amongst soldiers.

Sun Shang Xiang did not hesitate as his arms brought her hers upwards to
caress his member. Quickly learning, she formed circles between the thumb
and forefinger with each, placing her palms at the hilt of his fleshy
appendage for support. Her smooth tongue and cheeks withdrew for only a
second, quickly enveloping the oversized extremity in a dazzling show of

"If I make it good for him..." the captive general reasoned, performing her
fellatio with vigor. "Maybe he'll spare me of any torture.... down there..."
As the threat of lost virginity once again surfaced, the Wu heir redoubled
her efforts immediately, sucking forcefully to take him even deeper into her
throat than before.

Her sudden sexual drive did not go unnoticed on the milling bodyguards, who
were slowly abandoning their watch to look on at the scene unfolding with
great interest. Shameful heat flared through the captive girl's face as she
continued to perform oral sex on her enemy, knowing that not only was he
getting pleasure from her body, but there was a very real chance that the
others would as well. Unbeknown to the frantic princess, her axe-wielding
behemoth was silently promising his men more of the same with a knowing wink.

Without any indication of her progress, she continued to force her mouth upon
Dian Wei's jutting shaft. Her mind was so busy trying not to think about what
she was doing, the sudden flood of semen into her mouth came as a complete
shock. When the Sun daughter realized what was happening, she attempted to
swallow it all in order to avoid the humiliating scene she's so often
witnessed by her own troops in the sack of Wei cities.

But, her inexperienced throat was unable to cope with the torrents of
man-cream that soon inundated her oral cavity. With great regret, she
pulled away and let the excess flow down her chin. Immediately, Dian Wei
took advantage of the situation, blasting her pretty face with cum while
laughing with immense satisfaction as her beautiful features were
temporarily marred.

Sun Ren simply lay still on her knees accepting the degrading treatment. She
knew any resistance would only lead to further assaults, even perhaps an
intrusion into her tender vagina. In comparison, the unwelcome facial was
really a small price to pay. So instead, she simply closed her eyes and tried
to wish away the sticky liquid that now decorated her cheeks, bandana, and
short bangs.

By the time her tormentor was finished, the Wu general was unable to even
open her eyes. She cleared the mess as best as she could, gazing out just in
time to see a savior finally appear.

* * *

Dian Wei was laughing right up until his death, about to give the command
for his soldiers to do as they would with the defeated girl. Before he could,
however, Lu Meng appeared directly behind him. The Wu officer swung broadly,
his halberd connecting solidly with the bald man's skull. The rush from the
critical hit was enough to send the mighty horseman into a frenzy. Roaring
with the determination to save not only a woman, but his lord's only
daughter, he struck out from both sides, scattering the surrounding guards
with fierce blows.

Standing up, Shang Xiang found herself spun around by her armored protector.
Meng gripped the back of her uniform, straining from the effort until he was
able to lay her across the saddle. He expertly maneuvered his steed around,
striking with the beast's flank any men who dared to challenge him again.
When the coast was at last clear, he sped off back the way he came, spurring
his mount fast enough that no one would have a chance of pursuit.

"You're lucky, my lady." he called back, steadying their ride so the warrior
princess could sit up properly. "Lord Quan feigned a general retreat, then
sent me out to search for you." he paused, waiting for a response, but
receiving none.

While traumatized, Sun Shang Xiang would eventually pull through even more
resolute to see Wu led to victory. Wiping the shameful evidence from her
tear-streaked skin, the female Sun held her guardian tight, elated beyond
words that her ordeal was finally over and her womanhood still intact.

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