This story features sexual action and adult material. If you are under age
18, close-minded, or in an area where writing of this nature is illegal,
please stop reading now. Otherwise, enjoy. But, please remember, this story
is fictional fantasy. It never happened. The real Olympic athletes on whom
I have based this story's main characters would never act as these characters
do. Nor, I'm pretty sure, would the legendary figures of ancient China on
whom I have based other characters in the story. I have the utmost respect
for these people, as well as the Olympic Games, and mean them no dishonor in
my writing. In addition to the characters' personalities, I altered some
parts of reality to fit the story. I know Cat Whitehill was not at the 2008
Olympics in history, but for my story, I wanted her to be there, so she is.
All other athletes mentioned in the tale really were part of the 2008 Summer
Olympic Games. Other than my fan worship, I have no actual connection to any
of the real people on whom this story's characters are based. I wrote this
story for entertainment: mine and that of anyone who reads it. Please let me
know if I have accomplished this goal.

Intro: Ok, here we go again. This story is a follow-up to "Two Cats in Heat"
and is also connected to some of my other tales. You don't need to have read
those first, however, as the connections are mostly for flavor. This story
stands on its own. Feedback is highly encouraged. ([email protected])
Thanks to my editor for helping complete this story, to all sites who judged
it fit for posting, and to all who read.

A note on names in the story: This tale takes place in China and features
several Chinese characters. With traditional Chinese names, the last name
comes first and the first last. Therefore, Sun Ren's first name is Ren,
for example. I'm sorry if this confuses anyone unfamiliar with such names.
I suggest you check out the "Dynasty Warriors" series of video games, or
Luo Guanzhong's novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", if you wish to know
more about the legendary Chinese personages on whom several characters in
this story are based. You can also Google the names of course, same as with
anybody. Let me know if you have questions. Special thanks to John Woo,
KOEI, and W-Force for help in portraying these characters and making them
popular in the present day.

Additional Notes for Dynasty Warriors Fans: If your favorite character isn't
in this story, I apologize. I only included the characters I like and found
most applicable for the story's action. Zhou Yu, for instance, does not
appear because I don't think he's that interesting, and his name is confusing
to the reader when it appears alongside the names of Zhao Yun and Guan Yu
(fan favorites I had to include and did). Lu Bu is not in the story because
I couldn't find a good place for him, even though I wanted to find one. The
characters I did include all made it in because they fit with the story I
wanted to write. I updated all these characters for the modern day, and three
have had their names altered slightly for ease of writer and reader. I am
using Sun Ren, the name used for the character Sun Shang-Xiang from the novel
"Romance of the Three Kingdoms," as Sun Shang-Xiang's name because "Sun
Shang-Xiang" is more difficult to type, spell, and pronounce. The Two Qiaos
are using their married names as last names because it seemed logical to me
for them to do that. I also wanted to make their names traditional Chinese.
Koei owns the rights to these characters' video game incarnations, I don't.
History owns the characters themselves.

Celebs: Various Chinese historical figures and Olympic athletes (names are
surprise, see below).

Codes: orgy, oral, anal, inc, inter, exhib, voy

Now, let us begin the tale.

Dynasty Warriors: The Beijing Streakers - An Erotic Tale
by AchtungNight

"These games have been testimony to the fact that the world has rested its
trust in China. They have been a grand celebration of sport, peace, and
friendship." - Liu Qi, Chief of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Organization

"The reality is that the Chinese government's hosting of the Games has been
a catalyst for abuse, leading to massive forced evictions; a surge in the
arrest, detention and harassment of critics; repeated violations of media
freedom; and increased political repression. Not a single world leader who
attended the games or member of the International Olympic Committee seized
the opportunity to challenge the Chinese government's behavior in any
meaningful way." - Sophie Richardson, Human Rights Watch, on the 2008 Beijing

"If this story were true, Ms. Richardson would be incorrect." - AchtungNight,
in reply.

* * *

London, England. August 2008.

It was a typical late afternoon at Inside Out. The club was about half full
and people were still drifting in. Clarke, the enormous Bushman who served
the place as chief bouncer, stood near the bar watching the people. Several
dozen were on the dance floor that looked like a street with cars in the
middle. Dozens more were enjoying drinks or dinner at the bar and the tables
nearby. Others were playing pool, air hockey, and video games in the arcade.
There was mild traffic between areas, and so far in the day, no trouble had

Clarke hoped it stayed like that for a while. He wanted to enjoy the center
of the club's attention without a hitch until it was over. That center was
the big-screen TV in one corner of the bar area and its many smaller cousins
above the bar and in the arcade. As they had for the past two and a half
weeks, all showed NBC-International's continuing live coverage of the 2008
Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

Great Games this year, Clarke thought. There was so much controversy when
they started. People were yelling about the Chinese government and their
human rights abuses, debating whether they deserved to host an Olympics.
The athletes rose above that and performed well. That includes some patrons
of this very establishment. We're all very proud of them. I can hardly wait
till four years from now, when the Olympics come to London. We'll get some
major business then.

The Beijing Olympics closing ceremonies were on now, and almost over. As the
opening ceremonies had been, they were full of cheering crowds and beautiful
fireworks. The latter lit up the night sky on the other side of the world
with rainbows of every conceivable shade. Clarke smiled as he watched the
mayor of Beijing hand the Olympic flag to the visiting mayor of London. After
a short speech commemorating the transfer and the dousing of the Olympic
flame, a lithe Asian woman in a red and orange dress came on and began going
over the Games' highlights. Clarke's smile widened when he saw her.

The reporter was Sun Ren, one of the primary NBC-Asia correspondents who had
been covering the Olympics. Ren's appearances had excited many in the club
over the past three weeks. Her wide doe-brown eyes, pageboy cut of black
hair, and sultry voice made her very attractive. The multiple crystal
earrings she wore in each ear added a hint of Goth. Clarke considered her the
most beautiful woman at the Games who wasn't an athlete. He glanced over at
the bar, knowing his boss would want to see Ren's highlight reel.

Unfortunately, Clarke noticed, the club's manager was all too ready to miss
this report. The stocky brown-bearded American was as usual manning the
club's bar along with two others, but right now he wasn't serving any guests.
Instead, he was on the phone. Clarke walked over and coughed to get his
attention. Doug Ramsay nodded, then held up a finger and pointed at the

"Yes," he said into the device. "I know about Isaac. It's been, what, two
weeks now? I'm sorry, Erika. He was a great man and I know he was a good
friend of yours."

Ah, Clarke thought. It's an international call, and one important to Doug.
Okay, man, I hope she's worth you missing the Games.

Doug paused, listening to the other end of the phone conversation. "No," he
said. "I couldn't make it to the memorial services either. We had a tribute
night to Isaac and Bernie Mac here, though. We did it last weekend. It was
very fitting. We played Isaac's music and showed a lot of Bernie's funniest
clips. I wish you could have been here. Yeah, I have a busy life also." The
club boss sighed. "It has been a long time since we last saw each other. I
miss you too."

Clarke tuned out the conversation and turned back to the television. Doug
is way too close to that girl, he thought. The way he'd tell it, she's just
another celebrity who put her autographed picture over his bar. She's just
one of dozens of famous good-looking women who come here and enjoy this
place whenever they're in town. She's just a good friend of his, and no
more. Yeah, Doug, you keep telling yourself that. You won't ever catch me
going moony over some famous patron of ours, though. I keep my head where
it belongs.

He grinned as images of one of the few famous women that might make him
change his mind about that came on the TV. Sanya Richards, who this year had
led her US Olympics track team to place gold in the 4x400 meter women's relay
and also placed bronze in the individual women's 400 meter dash. She hadn't
done as well in the 2008 Olympics as people thought she would at first, but
Clarke still considered the curvy Caribbean-American his favorite Olympic
heroine. She was the fastest woman on the United States Olympic Team, and a
real looker too.

Sanya had never been to Inside Out, and Clarke hoped she would come someday.
Maybe when the Games come to London four years from now, he thought. Of
course, I'll never have a chance with her by then. She'll be married to that
football player she loves, and unless they're one of the many open couples
who come here... He let his thoughts trail off as the TV image changed to a
recap of the other American medals, including Michael Phelps's record eight

"Are you watching the Olympics?" Doug asked Erika. "The closing ceremonies
are on. These Games have been awesome. Phelps got eight golds. Cat pitched
that no-hitter. The US won at women's soccer, men's volleyball, and the
decathlon too. Then there were all those fast Jamaicans, and the Chinese
got all those golds. So many records were set and broken. It's been
beautiful, just beautiful."

Clarke nodded in agreement as the highlight reel came to an end.

"And there you have it," the reporter Ren said when she came back on. "Those
were the highlights of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. And now, for a
commentary on the Chinese government's attitude towards the athletes, we go

She paused and touched her headset. "What? Oh my! Viewers, we have a special
live report. An extraordinary and very controversial event is taking place
right now in Beijing's Tianmen Square as these ceremonies draw to a close.
Viewers with small children may want to ask them to step away from the
television. We go now to our live news chopper."

Clarke froze as a new image came on the screen. An overhead view of seven
people dressed in black fencing masks and nothing else. The group was running
south across Beijing's famous Tianmen Square, having just entered the north
gate. Two were males and five females. Two of the females were black and the
rest of the runners were white. Clarke watched the cameras around the square
show the group from various angles. From their finely toned physiques and the
tattoos of interlocked rings most of them had on their bodies, it was evident
they were Olympic athletes.

Crowds of Chinese citizens stood around them, having cleared an impromptu
lane for the streakers once they appeared. All the cameras in the area had
a good view of the group, and TV computer geeks had quickly placed bars of
static over intimate body parts so their streaking could be shown live. Ren
continued commenting on the runners, speculating if their appearance was a
protest directed at the Chinese government, or maybe a stunt for
International Nude Day. She discounted the latter speculation once she
remembered that International Nude Day was last month.

Shit, Clarke thought as he stared at the athletes. Who is doing this? The
Chinese government is gonna bust their ass! Those masks are hiding their
identities, but for how long? Goddamn stupid fools!

Doug had also noticed the group. "Oh dear," he said into the phone. "Erika,
I'll have to call you back. Turn on the Olympics. At least one mutual friend
of ours is putting themselves in serious trouble. Yes, I'm going to do
something to help her, if I can. I hope I can." He paused and listened.
"Thanks. I'll talk to you later." He hung up the phone and looked at Clarke.
Inside Out's manager pointed at the tallest of the female athletes on the TV.
"Please tell me that's not who I think it is."

"It's her, Doug," Clarke confirmed. The woman was an infrequent patron of
Inside Out and Doug's favorite athlete. Like Erika Christensen, she was a
woman about whom Clarke believed his boss was a bit too wild. Like Doug,
he had easily recognized her from her height, tanned curves, and tight ass.

"Damn it!" Doug cursed. "Cat, what are you doing?" He picked up the phone
again and started to dial. Clarke sighed and turned back to watching the TV
along with the now jeering and cheering club crowd.

* * *

Beijing, China. Same Time.

Cat Osterman couldn't believe what she was doing either. Heather dared me,
she reminded herself. This was all Heather's idea. But then again, who's the
more foolish? Is it the fool or the one who follows the fool? Oh well, she
thought with a shrug, if I'm a fool, at least I'm in good company.

Six of the best athletes in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics were beside
her, all record-setters and medalists. United States women's soccer defender
Heather Mitts was on Cat's right, and so were Australia's fastest swimmers
Eamon Sullivan and Stephanie Rice. On her left was short slim Jamaican runner
Shelly Ann Fraser, and just ahead of her was the Games' biggest star, ace US
swimmer Michael Phelps. Leading the group was her fellow University of Texas
at Austin alumnus and longtime friend, US runner Sanya Richards.

Cat herself was one of the most highly decorated pitchers in US women's
softball. They were streaking together through Beijing's Tianmen Square to
the shocked silence of an enormous crowd thousands strong, and millions more
on worldwide television. All of them wore black fencing masks to hide their
faces, but were otherwise as naked as the day they were born.

What made us do this? Cat asked herself yet again. Was it the stress of the
Games? Did we not get enough attention with our athletic performance?

Maybe it was sexual frustration. For some reason no one could pin down,
Beijing was a buzz kill for the usually high libidos sported by Olympic
athletes. Reporters had noted that the Beijing Olympians had requested
far fewer birth control devices than those at previous Games, even though
the International Olympic Committee freely provided them. Many among the
press guessed that the athletes were not finding themselves as inclined
to use birth control.

I know I haven't gotten as much sex at these Games as I did in Athens, Cat
thought, and, I assume, neither have any of my six running mates. Except
maybe Shelly, who's new to the Olympics this year? She's gotten a lot of
sexual action in the past few weeks from athletes eager to introduce her
to that aspect of the Games, including Sanya and myself.

"Free Tibet!" Heather bellowed at the crowd just then.

Oh yeah, Cat thought with a roll of her eyes, this is also a political stunt.
That's what Heather originally proposed it as.

She recalled how two nights ago Heather had shared the idea with their
Olympic swingers group. The Chinese government and the International Olympic
Committee (IOC) had asked all Olympic athletes not to make any political
statements while at the Games. This had frustrated many among the athletes
who cared deeply about human rights and felt that the Chinese government did

To counter their frustration, Heather had proposed that she and several
others do something at the Games' conclusion that would be both shocking and
anonymous. Running through Tianmen Square with nothing but Olympic fencers'
masks on while screaming political mantras had been her chosen display. The
ultimate Olympic political stunt, she'd called it. No one had done anything
like it in over two thousand years.

Michael had laughed at the idea and volunteered to run with Heather. Sanya
had been very eager to participate, too. It would be very brave, she said,
and very foolish. If they got caught, it would probably mean the loss of
their medals, deportation, and maybe even time in a Chinese jail.

"Well, we better make sure we don't get caught then," Heather had said with
a throaty chuckle. "Or if we do, we better make sure it's worth all of that."

"It won't be!" Cat's fellow softball pitcher Jennie Finch had insisted.
Another member of their group, Heather's teammate Catherine "Cat Two"
Whitehill, had agreed. She had called the stunt something even a group of
saints would be insane to try.

The group had discussed the stunt for several hours. Cat soon knew there
would be no talking Heather out of the idea, even though she found herself
concurring with Jennie and Cat Two. Sanya was also adamant about going. She'd
had some disappointments in the Games; thus during their remaining time in
Beijing she wanted to do at least one more thing that was sure to be brave
and inspiring, even if few ever knew she had done it. Michael insisted that
he would run also, saying that he was sure the stunt would get major
attention for human rights worldwide.

Seeing their determination, Cat had changed her mind. It was her final
Olympics, she'd said at the time. Softball wasn't part of the next Games,
and she wanted to do at least one incredibly daring thing to close out her
experience as an international player.

Cat Two and Jennie were shocked when Cat said that. The latter at once
redoubled her efforts to convince them not to run. This sparked Shelly and
Stephanie to both declare that they would also participate in the stunt to
stand by their friends. Eamon was last to step up, saying he would not let
his former steady girlfriend, Stephanie, do the stunt without him running
beside her. Outnumbered by the opposition, Cat Two and Jennie backed down.

"I guess you're all really going to do this," Cat Two had said. "I'll pray
for you." The others in their group said they would pray too, as none was
willing to take further risks. Except for Jennie, who insisted on being the
group's getaway driver, and foil fencer Erinn Smart, who procured their

The group had rested and prepared for the run, taking into account that
Tianmen Square was almost 900 meters long and 500 wide. It would also be very
crowded with Olympic spectators during the ceremonies, and the group would
have to maintain a pace that allowed them to both be seen and outdistance any
pursuit. They had practiced on the Beijing Stadium track, although they had
been clothed at the time. Fear of police patrols and security cameras had
kept them out of the square until the actual day. Heather, Michael, and Sanya
had drawn up a plan for the stunt and their escape afterwards, and the others
had given it some input. Excitement had run high, and only that morning had
the group entertained second thoughts. However, they put all those aside.

Now here we are doing the actual run, Cat thought. We ran into the square,
past a few opportunistic reporters, and now the world sees us. She wondered
if anyone else was wishing they'd let themselves be talked out of the stunt.
If they had, all these people wouldn't be getting an eyeful of her tall and
lanky nude body right now. Or Sanya and Shelly's hard dark bodies, the
swimmers' lean ones, and Heather's pale curvy form.

All of them had shaved off their body hair, and the square's lights gleamed
off their bare flesh. The women's breasts and men's penises were shaking in
the cold wind. If almost two decades of changing in locker rooms and being
an international celebrity hadn't long ago eroded Cat's modesty, she knew
she would be embarrassed as hell.

At least the crowd isn't jeering at us that much, she noted. I hear a few
shouts, but they sound more like cheers than catcalls. Most of the people
are quiet. They're just staring, or looking away and trying not to make a
big deal of it. Perhaps the TV viewers around the world are jeering at us,
but I'm not hearing that here. Thank goodness.

Come on, Cat told herself. I should be feeling good about this. Exposing
myself excites me, most of the time. Yes, I usually just do it with people
I know are my friends. Yes, this is crazy. Still, if you're doing it, you
might as well love it. She raised her arms above her head and screamed.

Caught up in the heat of the moment, Cat began shouting slogans along with
Heather. The other athletes soon joined in. Stephanie gave an upraised middle
finger to a gigantic picture of Chairman Mao they were running past. Heather
did the same and yelled, "Quit endorsing genocide!" The legendary Communist's
expression did not change.

"Give freedom to the Chinese people!" Heather shouted at a group of
shocked-looking men in government uniforms. "Stop killing their babies! Let
your press speak the truth! Free all political prisoners! No more torture! No

She shook her head and ran on, occasionally yelling another slogan when she
found the breath. The others followed her lead, and soon random people in the
crowd had picked up the chant. Their message passed on, the athletes turned
their focus back to completing the run. Only Heather continued shouting every
now and then. "Free Tibet!" she cried. "Let Taiwan have independence! All
Chinese deserve equal human rights!"

"Hey!" Michael cautioned Heather. "Save some of that energy for running,
okay?" The American star was breathing heavily, sweat dripping off his body
and soaking his mask.

Cat and the others were sweating, too. We're all used to running, she
thought, but not on concrete. We're not used to running naked either. I
know in the original Olympics the athletes performed nude, but in modern
enlightened times we get uniforms. I think, after this, I prefer it that
way. Yes, I'm wet right now, and my nipples are hard, but that's more the
local temperature than it is the situation. I've seen everyone around me
naked before, and they've seen me. I've had Michael's cock. I know it gets
much bigger than it is now when he's turned on. Eamon's is the same. Not
even five good-looking naked women can get them hard right now. They're
too worried about our current situation. They can't believe we're doing
this and neither can I.

"One can only imagine who these athletes are," NBC reporter Sun Ren was
saying over the loudspeakers positioned around the square, "and what they
are feeling at this moment. They seem to have no fear, or indeed any
emotion other than courage and enthusiasm. They are crossing Tianmen Square
from north to south, along a path that the crowds have opened. Athletes
used the same path to reach the Beijing Olympic Stadium just a few hours
ago during the closing ceremonies. Currently, the streakers are about
halfway across the square."

Will we make it all the way? Cat wondered. Will we even get out of this
alive? The last time an event this shocking happened in Tianmen Square
was about twenty years ago. China's young democrats rioted against the
government, and several hundred people were killed. I remember watching
the news reports when I was a child. God, why did I agree to do this? I
assured Cat Two, Jennie, and the others who told us we were crazy that
we'd come back alive.

Heather said no one would ever know it was us who did this. "We'll all be
out of Beijing by the day after tomorrow," she had said, "and it will be
good to be gone." Sanya had added that she believed the Chinese government
wouldn't even seriously investigate the incident. I hope you're right, Cat
thought, breathing heavily. I really hope you're right.

"Okay," Ren said, still using the Olympics' official language of English
despite the fact that many of the people in the square probably didn't speak
it. "I have just been handed a statement to read by NBC's Chinese government
liaison. The People's Republic of China officially condemns the seven
streaking athletes and calls their display 'the height of indecency.' The
athletes are instructed to stop running and give themselves up for arrest."

"No way!" Heather replied at high volume. Shelly and Stephanie shared her
determination and echoed the cry. Cat kept her mouth shut, as did Eamon,
Sanya, and Michael. They all kept running, though, knowing they had to get
to their escape route very quickly now.

"If the athletes give themselves up," Ren continued reading the statement,
"they will be escorted into a military car that is now moving to keep pace
with them. They will be returned to the Olympic Village, and given clothing
with which to cover themselves. They will not be required to reveal their
identities, as the Chinese government desires a peaceful end to the Olympic

"In accordance with that desire, all television networks have been asked to
cease coverage of the streaking as of now. NBC is complying with this demand.
All in Tianmen Square, the Chinese government asks that you please turn your
attention away from the streaking athletes and back towards the giant display
screen on the west wall of the Great Hall of the People. We are
rebroadcasting the Olympics highlight reel which we showed a few minutes

The NBC helicopter moved away from the athletes, and so did nearly all of the
news cameras in the surrounding area. The crowd, however, for the most part
did not follow their government's request. Their eyes remained on Cat and her
fellow runners. Their voices were silent except for the occasional cry of a
slogan Heather had earlier voiced.

Cat checked the GPS odometer strapped around her right wrist. We're about
three quarters of the way across the square, she noted, and we've been
running almost ten minutes. The government responded to this stunt pretty
quickly. They must have had a contingency plan in case someone started a
protest tonight. I know we could be doing a better pace than this. It's
time to start.

She grimaced under her mask and looked at her comrades. All were panting
heavily and looking warily around. Eamon was stumbling a bit, the many
injuries he had sustained throughout his career catching up with him.

Stephanie stopped beside her ex-boyfriend and supported him, telling him with
her eyes that they were going to be fine. Eamon nodded and waved her away.
Some of the crowd was yelling at them now. Cat also called out to the pair
and urged them to come on. She could see a blue Humvee approaching from the
east. A stoic-faced Chinese People's Liberation Army soldier in a white
helmet was behind the wheel, and people were quickly stepping out of the
vehicle's path.

"We have to go, guys!" Sanya said, waving at Eamon and Stephanie. She was
stumbling too, one hand massaging her right hamstring. Then Sanya clenched
her fists and ran on. The Australian pair, inspired by this display of
persistence, also resumed their run.

Cat quickened her pace as well, with Heather just behind her and Michael and
Shelly at her sides. She glanced back at the Humvee. It was being slowed by
the crowd, but catching up to them. She looked around and saw several more
Chinese soldiers and policemen in the crowd, but none stood in the athletes'
way. Apparently, nobody wanted to be the one who told them to stop.

"You think we'll make it to Qianmen Gate?" Sanya asked Cat, falling back
beside her friend. The south gate of the square was where Jennie was supposed
to meet them with a van.

Cat shook her head. "They probably have it blocked off by now. Plan B?"

"Yeah," Sanya agreed, looking ahead to a police roadblock that was being set
up near Qianmen Gate to stop them. She knew from one glance they would not be
able to pass it. "Plan B, everyone!" the American runner shouted. As one, the
group turned right into the crowd. People gasped and scrambled to clear a

"Damn!" Michael said to Cat as they separated to weave around an old lady.
"You think they'll keep their promise not to identify us?"

"Do you want to find out?" Cat asked him. The other athlete shook his head.

"This is so exciting," Shelly declared. "I thought my hundred meter was good,
but this-"

"Can we discuss it after we get out of here alive?" Sanya asked Shelly. The
Jamaican runner nodded in apology and increased her pace.

"Get out of our way!" Heather shouted at the crowd. "Get out of our way,
please! Excuse us!" Eamon repeated the requests in Mandarin and Stephanie in
Cantonese. Hundreds of people were quick to comply. Others standing in the
crowd continued to cheer on the athletes. Cat noticed several young people
were holding up I-Pods and radios with theme music from the film "Run Lola
Run" playing loud.

"Attention, streaking athletes!" a high-pitched voice called out to them. Cat
looked over her shoulder and saw it was coming from the Humvee's loudspeaker.
"This is Colonel Sima Yi of the People's Liberation Army! I order you to stop
at once and surrender! We promise to go easy on you! You will be returned to
the Olympic Village unidentified and unharmed!"

"I think they're as shocked we're doing this as we are," Eamon said.

Stephanie nodded in agreement. Of all the athletes, she looked the most
composed. She's casting her mind back to those racy underwear ads she and
Eamon did back when they were dating, Cat thought. Or maybe that "For Him
Magazine" shoot she did. Heather's also done one of those. The magazine
asked me too, but I turned them down. I wonder if any magazine will want
to take pictures of us again if they find out we did this.

"Remind me," Stephanie said to Sanya. "What is Plan B?"

Sanya took a breath before answering. "Just follow my lead."

Plan B, Cat remembered. We escape out of the Square to the west, and cross
Zhen Meng Bridge. Then we run through the nearby alleys and try to get to the
Fu Ching Road subway station. Sanya and Heather scouted the route yesterday.
I'd better page Jennie to let her know we're headed that way. She pressed a
button on her GPS odometer and keyed the built in emergency beacon. Jennie
had the device's receiver and would know what the signal meant.

The crowd was still parting for them, but now police were closing in and
forming an obvious dragnet. Maybe we should split up, Cat thought. Then she
remembered their plan didn't call for that. Jennie was their only escape
contact. If they split up, they would all have to fend for themselves in
procuring clothes and getting back to the Olympic Village. That would not
do. Maybe we should have planned this better, Cat told herself with a sigh.

"Attention, streaking athletes!" Colonel Sima called out. "I have been
authorized to use nonlethal force to apprehend you! Please surrender! I have
no wish to do you harm!"

"Go ahead and shoot us, you coward!" Heather yelled. "I'm not afraid!"

"Hea-!" Cat stopped herself from using her friend's name just in time. "It's
not a good idea to taunt these guys!"

"Sorry, I couldn't resist," Heather said with a shrug. Cat sighed in

"If we end up in jail because of this," Shelly told Heather with a pointed
finger, "I am having my Auntie put a voodoo curse on you!"

Cat looked around them. Chinese police officers and soldiers were lining up,
with several holding shotguns, rifles, Tasers, and riot batons. A few people
in the crowd were getting unruly and moving to block the PLA troops.

Good, Cat thought. We can use that. I'm still worried, though. What if they
start shooting? I've never had a real gun pointed at me. Maybe we should
have asked one of the Army Rangers from the US rifle team to come along. They
would probably have a good evasion plan. The way things are... Oh shit! She
had just spotted a new danger lurching out of the crowd, one with which she
was all too familiar.

The biggest Chinese man Cat had ever seen was unsteadily stepping into their
path. He was over six feet tall and rippling with muscle. The man was hairy
too, especially around his face, which reminded Cat of a growling Bengal
tiger. The man was dressed in a green shirt and black pants and had a red
scarf tied around his head. In one hand he carried a long pole topped with a
curved blade. It looked like some kind of tool for cutting tree limbs. In his
other hand was a large wine bottle. Judging from his gait and the way he was
mumbling, the man had been imbibing from the bottle quite a bit.

"Drunk!" Cat warned her comrades. "One o'clock!" The athletes quickly swerved
around and ran past the man. Michael and Heather fanned themselves at his
smell. The drunk looked at them and raised an eyebrow, then stuck the bottle
in his belt and began following the athletes. Cat was surprised at how close
he was staying behind them as they crossed Tianmen Square.

"Is that guy one of the Chinese wrestlers?" Stephanie asked Sanya. "He looks
sort of familiar."

"He's not any wrestler I know," Sanya replied. "None of them have that much

Cat didn't care who the man was. She just wanted to get away from him. They
were almost out of the square now. Police and soldiers trying to get in their
way kept being intercepted by young Beijing citizens shouting encouragement
at the athletes even as they played their I-Pods. One plain-featured young
man stepped right in front of Colonel Sima's Humvee, as though it were a tank
from the famous scene that had taken place in Tianmen Square nearly twenty
years ago.

The colonel's driver stopped just short of hitting the young man. He gaped
and sounded his vehicle's horn. The young man did not move or even blink.
Sima's driver sounded his horn again, then backed up and turned around when
the young man still did not move. The athletes continued running through
the crowds, and soon found themselves on the streets of Beijing with an
unobstructed path ahead.

"Thank you!" Heather called out to the people as they left Tianmen Square
behind. Cat resisted shouting her own thanks. She looked ahead of them
towards Zhen Meng Bridge, a narrow span of wood and stone crossing Beijing's
great Hai River. Cat was surprised to find it deserted. Michael and Sanya led
the other athletes onto the bridge, urging them to keep up their pace.

Cat, last to cross, looked at the drunk who'd been following them. He nodded,
then stopped and gave her a grin. Cat saw a weird look in his eyes and
wondered if he was going to attack her. Then she saw him make an odd hand
gesture and felt her heart skip in relief.

This guy's part of the Friendship secret society, Cat realized, like me and
most of my swingers group. I remember Heather said she was going to tell the
local chapter about our stunt, in case they wanted to support us. But why did
they send help in the form of a big hairy drunk guy?

"Keep going!" the drunk told her. "The Cobra Pike and I will guard this

"Cobra Pike?" Cat repeated. She realized the drunk had to mean his weapon,
and a second intuitive leap gave her the reason why the man was familiar.
Someone in the Beijing Friendship is big on acting out Chinese history, Cat
thought, laughing to herself.

"Keep running, everyone!" she ordered her comrades. "Zhang Fei's going to
hold back our pursuers!"

"Zhang who?" Michael asked, perplexed. Then he jumped as the drunk slammed
his foot on the bridge, shaking the ground. The athletes all stopped in their
tracks with surprise.

Cat looked back and saw that the drunk was now standing in the center of
the bridge, his pole weapon held ready for combat. The Chinese soldiers and
police had pushed past Tianmen Square's crowds and gotten onto the street
behind Cat's group, but all stopped upon reaching Zhen Meng Bridge and the
human barrier blocking it. None dared to move closer. Several of the troops
looked worried as they stared at the huge man in their way, their eyebrows
raised in surprise. The drunk smiled at the soldiers and said something that
sounded like a challenge. It was in Mandarin, so Cat couldn't understand the
exact words. He ended the statement with a great shout that echoed through
the air. Several PLA privates heard it and took a step back.

"Blimey!" Eamon gasped. "Who is that guy?"

"Do you remember that John Woo movie we saw last week?" Cat asked.

Eamon nodded. "Yeah. 'Red Cliff'."

"That guy looks just like the character Zhang Fei," Cat said. "He was in the
opening action. He blocked the bridge and stopped the entire enemy army by
himself while his friends escaped."

"This ain't a movie, Cat," said Shelly.

Cat shrugged. "Well, maybe he's a local fanboy."

"A dumb fanboy!" snapped Sanya. "Doesn't he know the enemy army didn't have
guns in the movie?"

"Keep running, guys!" yelled Heather. "He can't stop them forever!" She
turned and dashed down the street. The other athletes hurried to catch up.
Behind them, the soldiers yelled orders at Zhang Fei, who laughed and waved
his weapon in response.

"Whoever that person was," Heather said as they ran, "I'm glad for his help."

"Me too," Eamon said, "but we shouldn't have just left him there."

Cat shook her head. "We didn't have time," she said. She looked ahead towards
a nearby alley. "Whoa!" Two Chinese men on horseback were standing in front
of the alley, waving at their party with long spears.

One was a tall handsome youth with long black hair, Cat noted. He was dressed
in a blue and white suit of cotton armor and sat astride a gray mare. The
other man wore dark green robes and rode a red stallion. A very long dark
beard covered his face. "This way, friends!" the first man called and
brandished his weapon aloft.

He's dressed as Zhao Yun, Cat realized. Along with Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun was a
famous general in China during the late second and early third centuries.
During those years, China was split into three kingdoms that battled each
other and various independent lords for control of the land. Cat also
recognized Zhao Yun's companion. He was dressed as Guan Yu, a mighty and
noble general of the Three Kingdoms who was in modern times worshipped as a
Chinese god of war. They have every costume detail correct down to the
horses, Cat marveled. I hope they're as trustworthy as they seem.

She flashed Zhang Fei's hand gesture at them to check and smiled as Guan Yu
returned the gesture. Good, Cat thought with a smile. They're more mutual

"It's great to see you guys!" Heather told the pair. She had also recognized
their costumes and gesture. The two role-players parted to admit the
athletes, who quickly ran past them and into the alley with Heather and Sanya
in the lead. Zhao Yun trotted his horse alongside the runners while Guan Yu
took up position behind.

"These alleys are designed like one of Lord Zhuge's Eightfold Mazes,"
advised Zhao Yun. "Keep running, and keep heading left unless Guan Yu or I
say otherwise. When we reach Lord Zhuge's statue, head left and only left
until you get back to a main street."

The athletes did as instructed, their hearts pounding. Behind them, they
heard shouting in Mandarin interspersed with more of Zhang Fei's battle cries
and challenges. Then there was an explosion of gunfire followed by a loud

"My brother is alright," Guan Yu spoke with certainty. "He knew not to
seriously harm anyone and to jump off the bridge if things got too

Zhao Yun nodded. "They'll be coming. The maze can delay and confuse, but it
won't stop them."

"They're not gonna catch us," said Heather.

Cat didn't feel so sure of that. Behind them, she could hear the echoes of
marching feet and shouted orders. The soldiers were spreading out, and some
had to be entering the alley system. The two costumed riders led the athletes
around several turns, and soon the noises of pursuit got fainter. Cat kept
her pace up, though. She could still feel the enemy close by.

"We need to get to the Fu Ching Road subway terminal east of Tianmen Square,"
Sanya said as she ran. "A friend is waiting for us."

"That's only a few miles from the maze exit," Zhao Yun told her. "Once you
come out, you should see a bus stop with a city map."

"A few miles?" Shelly gaped at the young rider. "We'll never make it!"

"We have to!" Sanya replied. "Keep running! Maybe we can slow down if we lose
those cops!"

Encouraged by this hope, the athletes ran on. Adrenaline was kicking in now
and spurring their muscles. Still, they were almost exhausted. Keep moving,
Cat ordered her body. To stop is to give up, and we can't give up! Directed
by the riders, she and the others made another series of turns.

They ran down a long straight alley and then into a small plaza. A statue of
a longhaired Chinese sage dressed in lime green robes and holding a white
feather fan was in the plaza's center. Cat recognized him from the Three
Kingdoms era too. Zhuge Liang, one of the time's greatest military
strategists and an architect of victory at the Battle of Red Cliff. This
recognition nearly stopped her in her tracks as she remembered another
detail from UT-Austin Chinese history. Zhuge Liang's archrival had been a
man named Sima Yi.

"Stop at once!" the voice of that rival's namesake called from behind them.
Headlights fell over the group, and Cat did not have to look back to know
that the PLA Humvee had entered the plaza behind them. "This is your last
warning! Wait! Is that-?"

Colonel Sima's question was cut off by a series of loud pops. His vehicle
slammed on its brakes. Cat glanced over her shoulder and saw that Zhao Yun
and Guan Yu had turned around, tucked their spears into their saddles, and
were now circling the Humvee and peppering the area with small gray pellets.
The spheres burst and gave off loud pops and clouds of white smoke when they
hit the street. The Humvee backed up out of the smoke, its horn honking. A
rear door opened and a tall thin man in a PLA officer's uniform came
staggering out. He was coughing heavily and wore a chagrined expression on
his snakelike visage.

"This way!" Guan Yu yelled, pointing at an alley off to the right. He tossed
down two more smoke pellets to create a huge cloud. Then both he and Zhao Yun
went down the right alley at a gallop. Heather and Sanya, catching the ploy,
directed their party to head the opposite direction, down an alley to the
left, and around a corner out of sight.

"After them, Xu Huang!" the PLA officer, Colonel Sima, screamed at his
driver. He then jumped back into his Humvee and slammed the door. The
white-helmeted driver immediately took off in pursuit of Zhao Yun and
Guan Yu, who were tossing down more smoke pellets as they went.

It's time to lose those guys, Cat decided. Right now. She followed her
comrades, who were thinking the same thoughts, deeper into the maze of
Beijing alleys. As Zhao Yun had directed, they made several more left
turns as they ran through.

"Pull back!" Cat faintly heard Colonel Sima shouting after a few minutes.
"We've lost them! They've escaped! Retreat from the alleys! All forces
retreat!" After recovering his composure, the PLA officer repeated these
instructions in Mandarin, which Eamon translated for his friends.

"Phew," Sanya sighed. She stopped, and so did the rest of the group. They
exchanged a chorus of victorious chuckles and heavy breaths.

Cat checked her GPS odometer and gasped. Had they really been running for
only thirty minutes? "Heather," she said with a look at their run's
instigator, "doing this was really stupid."

"Yeah," Heather agreed. "But it was also a lot of fun."

"My mom will go nuts if she hears we did this," Michael said.

Sanya nodded in agreement. "So will my fiancée."

"Well, I'm not telling anybody we did this," declared Shelly. "Are any of you
guys?" The athletes shook their heads in unison.

"We made one heck of a statement," Heather said with another chuckle. "That's
enough for me."

"There's a laundry line!" Eamon called out. The other athletes followed him
over to the line, and they all took items from it. Most of them found shirts,
skirts, and pants in their sizes, but the tall Cat, Eamon, and Michael had to
be content with wearing bed sheets like togas.

"I hope they don't mind us stealing this stuff," Michael said.

"Let's leave the masks here," Eamon suggested. "That way they'll know who did
it. Maybe they'll be proud to be part of a legend."

The group took off their masks and hung them on the line. Long dark hair
tumbled around the shoulders of Shelly, Stephanie, Sanya, and Cat. Heather
bound her wavy blonde hair into a ponytail with a twist tie from the
clothesline. The other women did the same. Michael and Eamon, who both had
short brown hair, kept a lookout as the women composed themselves. Stephanie
found a garden hose nearby and used it to spray down their masks, destroying
any hairs or fingerprints left on the fabric. Sanya nodded when they were
all finished getting dressed.

"Okay," she said, taking command of the group. "That guy with the spear said
the subway station's not too far. Come on, everyone." She turned and ran
towards a nearby street. The others nodded at one another and followed

* * *

An hour and a half or so later, they had arrived outside the subway station
on Fu Ching Road. Beijing was quiet and empty, a soft rain having driven the
people off the streets and the fireworks from the sky. The athletes had
ducked a few police patrols, but met with no more serious resistance.
"Where's Jennie?" Shelly asked as they came to a stop at the subway stairs.

"Over there," Michael said, pointing at a gray van. The vehicle's horn honked
once, and then it pulled up alongside.

Cat's fellow softball pitcher Jennie Finch leaned her blonde head out of the
driver's window. Jennie's hair was long and wavy like Heather's, while her
body was tanned and lean like Cat's. A smile was on her harshly beautiful
face. "Did you guys have your fun?"

"Did we ever!" Heather whooped. "I am so fucking turned on right now!"

The other athletes gave her stern expressions. "Uh, me too," Michael said,
"but let's get the hell out of here, okay?"

"No problem," Heather replied with a shrug. She pulled the van's sliding
door open and they all piled in. "Are you alright, Eamon? I noticed you were
stumbling again just now."

"I'm tired," the male Australian said. He flashed a smile at Stephanie.
"Also, I really want to rut."

"Maybe when we get back to the Village, okay?" Jennie said with a roll of her
eyes. She shook her head as she looked them over. "Geez, you guys have awful
fashion sense. What'd you do, rob a clothesline?"

"Yes," Cat replied. She closed the van door. "Do the IOC people know we're

"I'm not sure," Jennie answered. "Cat Two, Erinn, and the others are ready to
try and cover for us if they come around asking questions, but we need to get
back to the Village fast. You guys really hit the hornet's nest. A few
minutes after you got out of Tianmen Square, a bunch of people who saw you
took off their clothes and started running around screaming the same things
you were about human rights, Tibet, and so on. They started a riot, and now
the Chinese government has most of Beijing under martial law."

"What?" Heather gaped. The other athletes also looked shocked. None had
expected their stunt to have such an effect. "Is the riot still going on?"

Jennie nodded. "Yes, it is. It's not nearly as big as the 1989 Tianmen Square
riots, but it's pretty bad. They arrested thirty people the last I heard."

I hope our historical friends are okay, Cat thought. "Let's get back to the
Village," she suggested, "before we get busted too." Jennie nodded again and
pulled out from her parking spot.

As they drove, a cell phone in one of the van's cup holders started ringing.
Michael grabbed it and looked at the caller ID display. "Does anyone know
somebody called Frostfire?"

"Our temperamental viceroy," Heather said. "Put him on speaker, Mike."

Michael raised his eyebrows, but did as instructed. Cat smiled, also
recognizing the name. Doug must have seen us on TV and gotten worried, she
thought. He'll be glad we're okay. "Hey, Doug," she said.

"Cat!" the manager of Inside Out greeted her. He sounded very relieved. "Is
everyone alright over there?"

"We're all fine," Cat answered in a giddy tone. "No worries."

"No worries? Cat, you were running naked through Tianmen Square. You need
to tell me before you do something like that. If not me, then at least tell
another viceroy."

Cat looked at Heather. "I thought you said you informed the local Friendship
chapter about our stunt."

"I did," Heather replied. "I notified them ten minutes before we started
running, with a text message. I didn't want to get vetoed." Everyone in the
car glared at her, except Michael and Shelly, who looked very confused. "Hey,
it's easier to get forgiveness than permission, right?"

Doug sighed. "Heather. What am I going to do with you?" He sighed again. "I
saw you and Cat running on TV here at Inside Out and immediately contacted
the Beijing chapter. They didn't know anything about it. So I called Cat Two,
who I was pretty sure wouldn't be doing what you were. She told me all about
your little stunt, and that I should call Jennie to find you. By then five
minutes had passed, the chapter had checked their text mail, and they called
me back. We had to scramble fast, but we got you out of the square okay.
Fortunately, some of our key local members were in a good position to help.
I wasn't able to contact Jennie until now because I've been making sure no
one knows or will learn just which Olympic athletes made your run."

"Whoa, time out!" Michael cut in. "Something's going on here." He looked at
Cat and Heather. "Are you guys- spies?"

"Oh my God," Doug said, hearing the ace swimmer's trademark lisp. "Tell me
that's not Michael Phelps."

"It is," Cat said. "The seven of us who ran were Michael, Sanya Richards,
Stephanie Rice, Eamon Sullivan, Heather, me, and Shelly Ann Fraser from

"I should have had Cat Two give me the roster. Thank goodness this line is
secure." Doug paused. "I take it you haven't yet fully initiated Mr. Phelps
or Ms. Fraser into the Friendship?"

"No, we haven't," replied Stephanie. "We were waiting on the background
checks. They just cleared last night."

"What is this 'Friendship?'" asked Shelly. "You guys are spies, aren't you?
That's why you were so sure we'd get away with this. Damn, I never thought
there really were Olympic athlete spies!"

"Friendship members aren't spies," Doug told her calmly. "We're part of a
worldwide secret society similar to the Masons and the Illuminati, but much
older and more powerful. We don't have an official name, our founders thought
it unnecessary. When we need to call ourselves something, we usually say 'the
Friendship,' and refer to our fellow members as 'mutual friends'."

He paused to allow that to sink in, and then went on. "In recognition of how
you furthered our philosophy earlier tonight, I would like to welcome you
both as honorary members. Our society promotes the glorification and
preservation of freedom, knowledge, and pleasure in all their reasonable

"So you work for human rights?" Michael inquired.

"Yes, among other things. Most of our chapters are seekers and keepers of
knowledge or social action entities. A significant number are also swingers'
groups, with which I trust you are all familiar since your initiators include
Heather and Cat. I was among Cat's initiators, also Cat Two's.

"The requirements to join the Friendship aren't very difficult. You have to
be an adult with a love of freedom and honor, and get at least four current
members to vouch for your wisdom and trust. These four become your
initiators. There's also a short background check just to make sure there
are no mistakes. Once you're in, there is no way out until death. Our only
expectations are that you will aid and support all other members to the best
of your ability and never betray our secrecy or our ideals."

"Your society has secret hand gestures," Shelly said, "and codenames. Yours
is 'Frostfire'."

"That's one of my codenames. As a viceroy, or high-ranking member of the
Friendship, I have several names and titles. Most people just call me Doug."

"So you want us to join this secret society of yours?" Shelly asked. "It
doesn't sound like it has much reason to be secret."

"Trust me, it does. We take freedom to an extreme ideal. It's made us a few
enemies. Look, there are a lot of things about us I don't really have time to
go over right now. Cat, Heather, and the others can answer your questions. I
just need to know, do you accept my offer? Don't worry if you don't want to
say yes, we'll figure something out."

"What the heck," Shelly said with a shrug. "I'm in."

"Me too," Michael agreed. "You sent those guys who helped us, right? The
horsemen we followed through the alleys, and that drunk who stood on the

"They were in Tianmen Square and saw you," Doug replied. "They acted on their
own initiative, with my full support. If you don't already know, they were
dressed as heroes of the Three Kingdoms era. Stories of that time have been
popular in China for centuries. They're the Chinese equivalent of the Western
tales of King Arthur, Hercules, Caesar, and similar folk. A few of our
members in China are directly descended from heroes of the Three Kingdoms,
and they seek to emulate their ancestors by adopting their mannerisms and

"We were helped by the heroes Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, and Guan Yu," said Cat.

"Yes. They were in Tianmen Square during your run, selling souvenirs and
horse rides, in costume as you saw. We had several other people in the area
besides them. I think you met the one in charge of security for the square,
PLA Colonel Sima Yi."

"Whoa," Michael said. "You mean that guy who was chasing us?"

"Yes. He's part of the Friendship, and you better be glad. If not for that,
I don't think he would have let you get away from him." Doug laughed. "He's
very upset that you didn't warn us sooner about your stunt."

"Tell him I'll send him a dress as repayment," Cat said. "The historical Sima
Yi was a notorious transvestite," she explained.

"In that case, I'm also sending a dress," said Heather.

"And me," chimed in Sanya.

Doug laughed harder. "This Sima Yi is also a transvestite. He'll love such
gifts. By the way, don't worry about being forgiven for what you did. Your
run has already become a worldwide legend among the Friendship. I think the
Chinese people liked it too. The government of China isn't a big fan of ours,
but the people love our ideals. In my opinion, everyone who goes to jail for
you tonight should be proud to be part of what you did. Our people, including
Colonel Sima, will work to get them out as hard as they can."

"Be sure they know we said thank you," said Heather. "Also, now that Michael
and Shelly are members, no one outside the Friendship knows who we were under
the masks."

"Good. Let's keep it that way. As long as you aren't picked up tonight, I
think we've got you covered with the local authorities and the media. I also
called in a marker with the IOC. They know you're all outside the Village
right now, but they've been given an alibi for you. If anyone asks, you left
the closing ceremonies and went straight to a church service with Jennie at
the Beijing Immaculate Conception Cathedral. The headman there, Monsignor
Haas, was one of my initiators. He'll vouch to having seen all of you in his
church during the time you were running. I just have to call him back and
give him your names. If all goes well, the true identities of the Beijing
Streakers will never be known."

"Thanks, Doug," Cat said with a smile. "So do we stay out all night?"

"That would probably be best," Doug answered. "The PLA have a lot of street
patrols out hunting for you. They're watching the subways and probably
covering the Olympic Village too. You need to lay low. Fortunately, I have
another friend who can help you. Jennie, follow these directions."

Jennie listened as Doug described how to find the local chapter's
headquarters. "Okay," she said when he was done. "Thank you."

"No problem. Y'all stay safe, okay?"

"We will," Cat said. She terminated the call. "So, are you guys up for an
exclusive interview with NBC?"

"Sure," Michael said, "as long as we don't have to talk about our streaking."

"I don't think that will be a topic," Jennie assured him. She adjusted her
windshield wipers as they drove on through Beijing's winding streets.

* * *

It took another hour's drive to reach their destination. Jennie had stopped
twice, first to let them all use a set of public toilets, and then to buy
drinks at a convenience store. The group's spirits were still running high,
and none had changed out of their stolen clothes. Listening to the van's
radio, they had learned that the riots their run had caused were over now.
The PLA had made seventy-nine arrests before suspending the state of martial
law. Several people were injured during the riots, but no one had been
reported killed.

Various celebrities, athletes, politicians, and others had learned of their
streaking and its aftermath and made comments to the media. Some condemned
the events, but most agreed that the athletes who did the stunt were very
brave and said they hoped their message would be heard and honored by the
world. An IOC spokesman said that as they could not determine the athletes'
identities, the IOC would not be denying them any medals because of their
political statements. The spokesman also added that while the IOC could not
officially endorse the stunt, they would not sanction any athlete who did.

Jennie had called Doug to ask how he had managed this. The Friendship viceroy
had replied that his local equivalent had quietly informed the Chinese
government that their society had evidence of several rules violations made
by China and her allies during the Beijing Games. They were prepared to
release that evidence to the media. If the Chinese wanted to avoid losing
face by earning IOC sanctions for the Olympics they'd hosted, it was implied,
they would have to let the Tianmen Square streaking slide. In addition, if
the IOC did not want it revealed to the media that several of their officials
had taken bribes to ignore China's rule violations then they too would have
to let the event pass and not sanction any athlete who gave it praise.

"No medals are at risk," Doug added. "The Chinese didn't win in any event
where they cheated, nor did their allies. Still, though, the shame that they
did and that we know is driving them bananas. I think that as long as you
don't go revealing yourselves to the world, you're safe. Who knows, they
might even listen to those suggestions you made during your run."

The news made no mention of how the athletes had escaped or of their helpers
Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, and Guan Yu. Cat hoped that all three had gotten away

Now the rain had ended, and they were pulling up to a large red cabin cruiser
docked on Beijing's Hai River near the giant stone expanse of the Eight Mile
Bridge. On its bow the name "Tiger of Jiang Dong" was painted in English and
Chinese. NBC reporter Sun Ren was standing at the helm to welcome them. Her
production crew was milling around, all smiling at the athletes as they
stepped aboard. Soon the two groups were exchanging names and shaking hands.

"This is Ce and Quan," Ren introduced two twenty-something Beijing natives
who wore dark red jumpsuits, flattops, and thin beards. "They're my brothers
and cameramen."

Both men were handsome, Cat thought, in a scruffy kind of way. Ce had a
playful look about him and his body was in constant motion. Quan, the thinner
and younger of the pair, had a more stolid expression and very intense eyes.
Cat smiled, noting physical interest directed at her in their gaze. Then she
noticed the far more intense eyes of a very tall Manchurian man in a black
suit standing behind Quan. "That's Zhou Tai," Ren said. "He's our security

I'd like to give him some security, Cat thought with a smile. The man was
extremely muscular and had quite a few scars evident, which to Cat was a
great source of excitement. Long black hair framed Tai's face, which looked
as calm and craggy as a mountain. He projected a great aura of serenity and
power. Cat found herself incredibly curious about what was going through his

Ren went on to introduce her director, a young Shanghainese man in a red
suit with wide eyes and cherubic features named Lu Xun. Cat placed him as
twenty-two years old at most. Introduced next were a pair of beautiful
female makeup artists named Sun Da and Zhou Xiao who looked younger than
Xun and alike enough to be sisters. According to Ren, Qiao was their
maiden name, and they were sisters indeed. Da wore a red dress and had
her short black hair in a pixie cut. Xiao wore a white dress and had her
long brown hair in a French braid. Their facial features were a mixture
of Asian and Western. The final member of the crew was Gan Ning, a roguish
hatchet-faced sound engineer from Hong Kong. His black trousers and muscle
shirt did little to hide his many tattoos.

Cat recognized all their names as those of Chinese historical figures from
the Three Kingdoms era. So these guys are mutual friends, she thought. I
wonder if they're also swingers. I hope so. I've been watching Sun Ren on
TV all through the Olympics. She's hot, and if she's a friend of Doug's,
I'm sure she could very easily become a friend of mine. Heck, her entire
crew's good-looking. I'd love to bang them all. Some of her friends were
thinking similar thoughts, she gathered from looks at Michael, Sanya,
Heather, and Eamon.

"I figure you know me from TV, right?" Ren finished. "I'm Sun Ren, of NBC
News. I reported on that run you did. You were all very brave. Don't worry;
I'll keep your secret. We're all friends here. You came out here to give me
exclusive interviews on my houseboat, and then it got too late to go back
to the Olympic Village, so you all spent the night. We'll do the interviewing
downstairs." She waved at stairs leading to the ship's cabins and cargo hold.
"Cheng Pu, can you, Han Dang, and Ding Feng stay up here and keep watch?"
Three bearded Chinese sailors standing on the boat's deck nodded and took up
sentry posts.

Cat nodded at the trio and followed the others below the ship's deck. Ren led
them down a white-walled hallway and into a large cabin with red and black
couches along the walls. Opaque portholes gave a view of the city outside.
Two large movie cameras were at the far end of the room, along with a
director's chair and a table with a mirror and a chair in front.

Heather waited until they were all in the room before putting a hand on Ren's
arm. "Can we do that interview later?" she asked the beautiful reporter.
"Right now I would like to properly thank you for helping us out tonight."
Dropping all pretense of foreplay, the soccer star leaned close and kissed
Ren on the mouth.

The reporter didn't look the least bit surprised. She immediately started
kissing Heather back, pulling the other woman into her arms and lashing at
Heather's tongue with her own. The other athletes took the hint. Eamon
embraced Stephanie, who looked very eager to be with him again. Shelly
grabbed and kissed Ning, saying that she liked his tattoos. Sanya stepped
over to Ce and hugged him, then pecked his cheek and whispered something
into his ear. Michael let the sisters Da and Xiao accost him. They wore
the expressions of eager obsessed fans as they pounced. Jennie opened her
mouth with a look of protest, and then shrugged. "When in Beijing," she
sighed, turning to and hugging a flabbergasted Xun.

Cat walked up to the cameraman Quan. She had wanted to go to the tall
security man Tai, but he shook his head and took up a position beside the
room's closed door. He crossed his arms over his chest and his face said
clearly that he did not want to join in the action. Okay, fine, Cat thought.
Let's see how long you can stay an observer.

She kissed Quan on the lips, leaning down to account for their difference in
height. The cameraman grinned and returned her kiss, flashing a thumbs-up
towards Tai. The guard answered with a soft grunt. Cat kissed Quan again and
began pushing him towards one of the salon's corners while unfastening his

Kisses around the room deepened as the friends helped each other shed their
inhibitions. They fell onto the room's couches and floor, pulling one another
closer and exchanging heat with fingers and tongues.

Heather laughed when she pulled down the top of Ren's dress and saw the gold
rings piercing the reporter's dark nipples. She then moved in and started
buffing them with her lips. Ren was meanwhile running her fingers through
Heather's long blonde hair. She cooed and sighed as Heather nipped at her
chest. Heather's hands roamed over Ren's back, caressing and massaging her
muscles and curves. Ren pushed the other woman's head closer to her body,
stepping back as she did so to move them towards a couch.

Across the room, Shelly traced each of Ning's tattoos with her lips. Strings
of bells attached to the sound engineer's pants rang against one another as
the Jamaican girl divested him of his clothes. Soon she had his large curved
cock in her left hand. Ning hugged and kissed her while she squeezed and
caressed it. Then, with a maniacal chuckle, he undressed Shelly, turned her
around, and pushed her down so fast she barely had time to gasp.

"Oh!" Stephanie was moaning at the same instant. Eamon's fingers were tracing
familiar paths of pleasure on her body, and hers were doing the same on his.
He bared and kissed her coral nipples, then used one arm to clutch his lover
to him while with his other hand he pushed down Stephanie's pants and exposed
her slit. The pair of Australian swimmers flashed love at one another with
their eyes. They would probably still not date steady after the night was
over, they both knew, but for the time being they were happy to enjoy one
another's company. Stephanie pulled Eamon's sheet down and off, then took his
long thick organ in her palm. As she fondled it, Eamon let himself be borne
down to the red-carpeted floor.

Nearby, Ce was stroking Sanya in a unique manner. He had pushed her against
the cabin wall and was rapidly jabbing her dark flesh in various places with
the edges of his fingers. Sanya groaned under the onslaught of his combos.
She kissed Ce and unbuckled his pants. The cameraman's organ was a tapered
broad shaft, already hard and soaked with sweat. Sanya rubbed the balls at
its terminus and deepened their embrace. Ce shoved her hard into the wall
with his body, tapping her pressure points with his thumbs. Both of them had
soon removed their clothing and kicked all garments away.

"Just how old are you girls?" Michael was asking Da and Xiao in the room's
other corner.

"I'm eighteen," Xiao answered with a smile. "Sis is nineteen. Don't worry,
we're old enough!"

She pushed the US swimmer down with surprising strength and then leapt onto
him. She kissed a blazing path over his face and down his chest, pushing
Michael's sheet toga aside to reveal his lean muscles as she moved. Her
sister Da meanwhile remained standing and undressed. Her breasts were large
with dark red nipples. A thin violet-dyed bush of hair surrounded her cunt.
Michael looked over Da and admired her slim arms and legs. Xiao exposed and
kissed his cock, then stood up and gave her sister a grin. "Your turn, sis."

Da nodded and dropped to her knees beside Michael. A bit more patient than
her sister, she leaned down and kissed him on the lips. She then began
tracing the same path on his body Xiao had. She interspersed her kisses with
licks of her tongue, causing Michael to moan. Xiao was meanwhile giggling
and taking her dress off, rubbing her body as she bared it. Her breasts were
smaller than Da's, but just as red-nippled and beautiful. Her pubic hair was
thick and dyed orange, making her pussy resemble a peach.

Cat kissed Quan, gripping his shoulders in her strong arms and raising his
face to meet hers. She also bent her long legs slightly and let her six
foot two inch frame lean into a diagonal against Quan. The motions might be
awkward for another girl, but Cat had been tall all her life and was used
to having to do them. She crooked a finger at Jennie, who nodded and pushed
Xun towards her. The director had rapidly surrendered to Jennie's embrace
and was lightly slapping and rubbing her with fast open palm combinations
while kissing her lips.

Releasing Quan for a second, Cat undid the knotted sheet wrapped around her
and let it fall. Quan looked over her body, then beamed and let her guide
his hands to her breasts. She interrupted his attentions twice to pull off
his shirt and pants, smiling when she saw the expanse of muscle beneath
them. A fine dusting of black hair covered Quan's chest, and his cock was
short but very thick. Cat rubbed her thigh against it, anxious to feel it
between her legs. She felt a deep gaze observing them, but resisted the
urge to turn and wink at Tai.

Jennie, two inches shorter than Cat, was moving similarly on the shorter Xun.
From his facial expression, either it was the boyish director's first time,
or he hadn't had very much previous experience. Jennie had to direct his
hands to concentrate on an area other than her breasts and repeatedly caution
him not to be so eager. Fortunately the young man was no harder for her to
dominate than most of the batters she had come up against during the
Olympics. Soon she had him naked. She manipulated his pale slim muscles with
her hands. Xun's manhood was longer than Quan's but no less wide. With some
guidance, Xun helped Jennie take off her clothes and throw them aside,
revealing her sandy blonde thatch and lightly tanned skin.

Kissing him again, Jennie shoved Xun towards Cat as Cat shoved Quan towards
Jennie. The men's backs hit one another, and they each let out a gasp. Then
they jumped apart from each other and fell to the room's floor. Cat and
Jennie leapt down onto them, happy that their height issues were gone with
the act of lying prone. Soon each of the pitchers was again embracing and
making out with her man.

Someone made a polite cough at Cat's shoulder as she licked Quan's tongue.
She looked up to see the guard Tai standing over them. He extended his hand
with a foil package in the open palm.

"Thanks," Cat said and took the condom. Tai nodded in reply and walked off.
Cat watched him approach each man in the room and hand them another condom
from his suit pocket. I'm glad someone's thinking of safe sex, she thought.
I forgot, what with all of tonight's excitement. I hope he has enough of
those for everyone.

She turned her eyes back to Quan's patient smile and held up the condom. The
cameraman nodded and took the package. He then tore it open, removed the
condom, and with Cat's help slipped it over his manhood. Around the room,
all the other men except Tai followed Quan's lead. The guard returned to his
position in the corner when he had visited everyone, and the action resumed.
Cat kissed Quan's lips and rubbed her groin against his.

Ning had Shelly on her stomach on the nearest couch. He whispered dirty
words into her ear and chuckled as he pushed into her from behind. The bells
attached to the pants around his ankles jingled as he moved. Shelly moaned
and moved her body against Ning's, her arms flung akimbo to her sides. Ning
was rubbing along them with his hands, slowly increasing the fervor of his

Ren and Heather had moved to another of the room's couches. Ren was naked
now, her cunt revealed to show engorged lips and a dark vee of hair across
the top. She was kissing Heather and baring her body. Her left fingers
caressed Heather's small pink nipples, while her right separated Heather's
cunt lips and dove inside.

"Prepare yourself!" Ren cried out. She upped the rhythm of her movements,
pulled Heather's clothes off, and threw them across the room. Tai batted
Heather's skirt out of the air before it could hit him in the face. Heather
laughed at the sight and kissed the top of Ren's head. Ren laughed too, and
then resumed fondling Heather's curves.

Ce was pushing his cock against Sanya's cunt, still using his fingers to hit
her pressure points. Sanya shook her head at him, then turned around and
pointed at her ass. Ce smiled and pushed her back against the wall. He jabbed
his staff into her butt with one swift motion. Sanya groaned and returned his
motions, her fists pounding against the cabin wall. Ce jabbed and thrust into
her with several rapid punts and stabs of his thighs.

Da and Xiao were both naked now and moving over Michael. They were fanning
his cock with their hair, lips, and tongues. Da had unbound Xiao's French
braid between their caresses. She was interrupting their ministrations of
Michael every now and then to kiss and caress her sister's body and Xiao was
doing likewise. Michael was enjoying this, his eyes intently watching them

"Anybody ever told you girls you put flowers to shame with your beauty?" he
asked Da and Xiao. The sisters chuckled and spooned alongside him, pinching
his muscles and letting out sighs. Michael rubbed their bodies, then coughed
and pushed himself away from them towards one of the room's unoccupied
couches. The sisters giggled at each other and moved to follow his lead.

Nearby, Eamon was face to face with and pressed against Stephanie on another
couch. His fellow Australian swimmer whispered a promise of love into his
ear. She kissed him again as he pushed into her, their bodies rocking with
the motion of the ship. Their sighs and moans joined in chorus, echoing
throughout the room.

Tai continued to watch the rest of the group and stand at attention, his
expression unchanging. Why isn't he coming over here? Cat wondered. If I
were in his place, by now I would be dropping my pants and moving to fuck
somebody, anybody. This guy has some composure!

Shrugging off thoughts of the strange guard, she moved her body against
Quan's. The cameraman stroked her curves in reply, whispering promises of
passion. Cat ignored them. This was a one-night orgy, and she had a very
frustrated boyfriend awaiting her back in the States. Still, though, she
was having fun with Quan. He knew how to use his organ well, and his hands
were giving her body a sensual Tai ji massage. Cat purred, feeling all the
tension she'd built up over the past two weeks and especially tonight fall
away. She turned the energy into lust, letting it echo from her lips as
she gyrated against Quan. Cat clasped him hard in her arms, then opened
her legs and pushed down onto him. Quan's manhood, which had only been
rubbing against her thighs and outer labia up until now, sunk deep into
her cunt.

Cat clenched her teeth. The width of Quan was very strong inside her. It felt
great, but she knew she was going to be sore in the morning. Very sore, she
said to herself. I plan to have as many men tonight as will take me. The
girls will lick my pussy too, and I theirs. And God help me, if Mr. Calm over
there doesn't join in on his own, I am forcing the issue! She cried out in
joy as Quan rolled her over and thrust his cock deep into her snatch.

Xun was moving against Jennie in the same way beside them. She had gladly
accepted the young man's attentions once he dropped his hesitation and was
now urging him on as he rubbed her curves. She evaded his groin playfully
with hers several times, coaxing Xun to quicken and vary his movements.
Jennie laughed after a few exchanges and took his sword inside her slit.
She clenched herself tight around Xun and kissed his lips.

Ren wailed as Heather pushed a hand into her cunt, opening and closing her
swirling fingers. Heather smiled and kissed Ren's neck, then moved down and
kissed the rings in her nipples. Ren rubbed Heather's hair and shoulders,
moaning again and again as the soccer star buffed her way over Ren's lower
torso. Then Heather's lips were kissing her belly button, her tongue flicking
in counterpoint. The organ moved on, and soon Ren felt its soft caress on her
loins. She wailed again, then opened herself and urged Heather to lick her.
Heather moved Ren into a prone position on the couch, then turned and
positioned her own fleshy cunt over the reporter's lips. Ren grabbed
Heather's ass and squeezed it, pulled her pussy down and stabbed her tongue
up and inside. Heather's hot nectar dripped into her throat.

Shelly was crying out now, shaking with Ning in a fiery orgasm. The sound
engineer was coming too, his bells ringing as he kissed Shelly on the back
of her neck. The Jamaican girl whooped in sheer pleasure, corkscrewed her
hips, and felt Ning spasm against her back.

Sanya screamed in completion an instant later. Ce had grabbed both her
breasts and pinched hard at the nipples and aureole. In the same motion, he
had speared his staff deep into her rear. She clenched her jaw and groaned.
Ce pushed into her a few more times, and then sighed as his spunk flew out.
"Am I good, baby?" he asked Sanya, kissing her when she turned her lips
towards him. "Am I good?" Sanya answered him with a smile and a nod.

Da and Xiao both had their pussies on Michael, Da's on his cock and Xiao's on
his tongue. He was thrusting his organ up and into Da, pulling her body hard
against him. His tongue lapped up the juice dripping from Xiao's open jade
gate, and he moaned as he licked at her clit. The sisters were facing one
another and rubbing each other too, exchanging kisses and sighs as they kept
themselves positioned over Michael's body. The three came nearly as one,
shaking against each other and screaming. They then collapsed into a sweaty
pile on their couch.

The sisters each kissed Michael, and then kissed each other. Da directed Xiao
to rub herself over Michael's cock and get it hard again. She meanwhile moved
her pussy to the ace swimmer's lips. He took the hint and began licking her
to another orgasm. Warm salty fluid flowed out of her pussy into his mouth.

Stephanie and Eamon were next to climax, each telling the other just before
they did so. Heather and Ren soon followed, each spilling a tangy flood into
the other's throat. Both couples cuddled against and caressed one another in
after play. They moaned in passion, stroking one another's bodies and letting
their energy rise again. Heather and Ren moved their faces back next to one
another and exchanged a series of kisses to sample each other's taste.

"Yes!" Jennie screamed in orgasm as she watched them while stroking her own
lover. Her thighs clenched harder around young Xun. "Oh thank you," Jennie
moaned. "Jesus! Ahh!" Xun came a few seconds later, his cries no less filled
with joy.

I hate being last, Cat thought with a grimace. Quan's cock felt good inside
her, and his lips tasted great too. His hands were also moving in the right
places on her body. She felt her worries and cares slide away one by one, but
something was still holding her back. With an effort of will, she found the
problem. She wasn't paying enough attention to her current lover. Cat sighed
and directed all her concentration off Tai and onto herself and Quan. Her
body began shaking at once, vibrating fast against Quan's. The cameraman's
thrusts increased and Cat felt his juices shoot into her. She broke their
kiss and gave voice to a triumphant yowl.

Most of the couples in the room separated and swapped after their first
orgasms. Only Michael kept his original partners. Ren went to Eamon, while
Stephanie embraced Heather. The female Australian swimmer kissed the soccer
star hard, her long dark hair mingling with Heather's blonde. Beside them,
Eamon rose rapidly to meet Ren's attentions as she fondled his muscles. He
pulled the reporter's nipple rings with his fingers and licked her throat.

Jennie kissed Xun one last time before moving off him, then turned to Cat
and kissed her. The two pitchers rolled off the men they'd just fucked and
into each other, grinding their groins together and locking their lips. Quan
grinned at Xun and moved up onto his elbows. He then turned back to watching
Cat and Jennie, a pleased expression on his face. Sanya and Shelly meanwhile
moved off the worn-out Ce and Ning, kissed one another, and joined in a
similar embrace of hot dark skin.

While Ce chuckled and watched them, Ning stood up and walked out of the room.
He soon returned with several hand towels, a pitcher of water, and a box of
Kleenex. He passed these items around to the other unoccupied men so they
could clean their groins. Cat noted that the sound engineer had taken off his
pants during his trip, but before doing so, he had removed the strings of
bells from his belt and tied them around his bare waist. I guess he likes
wearing those, she thought with a shrug. Jennie didn't give her a chance to
further consider the issue as she rubbed her pussy hard against Cat's while
kissing her and fondling her breasts.

The three lesbian couples in the room caressed one another in cadence, racing
to see who could first achieve maximum ecstasy. Ce, Quan, Ning, and Xun
watched them, shouting words of encouragement. It wasn't difficult for Cat to
find a parallel for this between Jennie's kisses on her skin. Apart from the
difference in activities, it was very much like their recent experiences at
the Olympic Games.

I guess he's the German judge, Cat thought, looking towards Tai. The tall
guard had given another set of condoms out to the men and then returned to
his post, his expression still unchanged. It was obvious he was also watching
them, though. His eyes flicked around at all the women in the room, not
missing a single detail of their bodies or their cries. Okay, Cat thought, so
he's not made of stone. Good.

She hugged Jennie and rubbed her body, smiling as the other pitcher returned
the attentions. The three pairs of lesbians soon each adopted a different
technique. Cat and Jennie continued making out and grinding their bodies into
each other. Stephanie and Heather concentrated on fingering, pinching and
stroking each other's nipples and clits. Sanya and Shelly were licking each
other's pussies, their dark curls shaking as they moved. The five unoccupied
men in the room looked back and forth at them, unsure which sight was the

Meanwhile Ren was humping Eamon. His cock was hard again now, and Ren was
taking it fully into her passage and riding him as if he were a bucking
horse. Eamon, unprepared for her earnest attentions, was holding onto her
breasts and struggling to keep up. Ren laughed and thrust her palms into
his chest muscles. Her earrings jingled with her heavy breathing, and her
nipple rings shook as Eamon yanked them hard.

"Augh!" Michael was screaming into Da's pussy nearby. Xiao had switched out
his condom and impaled herself on his rod as soon as it was hard again. The
US swimmer had won eight gold medals in the Beijing Games in as many days,
and in doing so set as many world records, but he was finding his current
circumstances no less challenging than that had been. The sisters were once
more caressing both him and each other. It was all Michael could do not to
go crazy with the sight and feel.

Damn it, he thought. I've been in thousands of swimming contests, and made
love to dozens of women. My endurance is peak, the highest in the world. And
yet here, I can barely keep from exploding on a whim. Oh well. He shrugged
and let himself go, accepting in total the joy of Da and Xiao stoking his

Cat came first this round, her tits flopping roughly against Jennie's and her
breath hot at the other woman's ear. Jennie soon followed her, calling out to
Jesus again before shaking and kissing Cat's lips. Their nimble fingers
flicked over each other's bodies, coaxing out further spasms and cries. Sanya
and Shelly climaxed a few seconds after the pitchers, laughing and drinking
each other's honey. Heather and Stephanie were last. Each thrust one of her
own hands and one of the other's into her cunt and let out a scream.

"Alright!" Ce whooped, applauding. Cat and the other women grinned and kissed
one another as Quan, Xun, and Ning echoed the cheer. Tai gave a heavy sigh,
but otherwise did not seem affected by the display. Their reactions seemed of
equal volume, so it was unclear which of the couples had gotten gold, silver,
or bronze from their judges. I can handle a tie, Cat decided with a shrug.
She kissed Jennie again, and then stood up.

The unoccupied men sitting on the floor were all eyeing her with smiles. Cat
ignored them, not sure yet whom she wanted next. Instead, she trained her
eyes on the others in the room.

Eamon was shooting his load into Ren, who looked up and flashed a smile of
her own at Cat. Then the reporter shook in orgasm herself. She kissed her
partner with her lips and tongue, and then pulled away. Her hands were
rubbing her breasts, soothing the sweet pain around her nipples. Cat
returned Ren's smile and looked towards the threesome nearby.

Da and Xiao grinned back at Cat, and then returned their attention to each
other and Michael. Cat chuckled when she saw how Michael was clenching his
teeth. The man had incredible stamina, she knew, but even he was not fully
up to an event like this.

Her laugh was all it took to set Michael off. His sperm shot out into Xiao,
and the younger sister came seconds later. Her body shaking, Xiao rubbed
herself against Michael and thrust her groin at his. Da, not to be left out,
moaned and kissed her sister. Michael rubbed her thighs and licked her pussy
until she too was screaming in happiness. Da gasped her pleasure, then rolled
off Michael's face with a somersault and leapt to her feet.

She gave Cat a look of anticipation, rubbing her hands over her body and
licking her lips. Maybe later, Cat decided. This girl's beautiful, but I want
to get someone else first. She smiled at Da, and then jerked her head at Tai.

Da raised an eyebrow. For an instant, she looked like she was going to say
something. Then Xiao hopped up and put a finger on her sister's lips. Smiling
at Cat, she waved her towards the guard.

Michael was meanwhile lying on the floor and gasping in exhaustion. "I have
got to study neotantra," he said with a groan.

Cat laughed and turned away from them. She put her hand on her hip and gave
Tai a "come hither" look. He looked back at her, but still his expression did
not change.

Alright, Cat mused, I guess I have to go to you. She walked over to the man,
encouraged by cheers from the others in the room. Cat's height was equal to
Tai's, so she had no trouble pulling her body against his and kissing his

Tai kissed her back, his arms encircling her. "Be careful," he whispered to
Cat in a soft deep voice.

The gangly brunette frowned, and then kissed him again, giving in to the
anticipation boiling inside her. Her hands traced over Tai's scars, then
unbuttoned and pushed off his clothes. First, she divested him of his
jacket, then his shirt. Cat smiled when she saw Tai's body was the most
muscular of any man in the room save Michael. The many scars covering it
turned her on too. She pushed him against the wall, rubbed and kissed
each one. Tai's eyes flickered as she moved, and his hands tenderly
caressed her face and shoulders. Cat eased him to the floor and kissed
his lips again. His hands were moving towards her breasts now. Cat moaned
in pleasure as he flicked her nipples. She moved her own hands in
counterpoint on Tai, pausing and leaning down to help him take off his

The others in the room were not idle. Ce, Quan, Ning, and Xun had all
recovered and donned new condoms. They were moving to the unoccupied women.
Ce and Quan got on either side of Shelly, who indicated she wanted Ce's cock
in her pussy and Quan's in her ass. The brothers were glad to follow her
wishes. Soon Shelly was screaming again as they thrust into her. Her head
moved back and forth between the two, kissing and licking each man's face.

Sanya took Xun's sword into her sheath while the young man pinched her tits
with his fingers. He probably doesn't get to do this as often as the others,
Sanya thought, observing Xun's impatience. He seems like a very smart kid,
though. Xun stroked her in a wonderful spot and she let out a cry of absolute

Ren was meanwhile moving towards Jennie, while Stephanie got off Heather
and went to Ning. Each of the two women lay down beside and caressed their
partner, gave them a kiss, and then moved their bodies together. Jewelry
jingled and voices moaned.

Da and Xiao put their lips against Michael's in a three-way kiss, then stood
up and walked over to Eamon. He shook his head and told them he needed a few
minutes. The girls nodded and jumped on Heather instead.

The soccer star was happy to join them in a lesbian threesome, but she
hoped she would get a cock in her sooner or later. Heather smiled, reminding
herself there was plenty of night still ahead. She kissed Da and Xiao as they
moved their bodies against hers, rubbing their tits and pussies. Michael
watched them from the floor, his heavy breath flowing in and out.

Cat was only partially aware of the action around her. She was concentrating
on Tai. The man's rough body was an endless source of mystery. Every line and
scar intrigued Cat. I'll have to ask him for the full story behind these
scars tomorrow, she thought. As it is, I've never seen so many on one man.
She caressed each one again and again, smiling as she noticed Tai sighing in
pleasure from the attention. The man stroked her body in return, his hands
stoking rivers of delight in Cat's every nerve.

Eager for more, Cat put her hand on Tai's groin. Immediately she paused. He
had something else she'd never seen on a man either. Tai pushed himself up
onto his hips as she dropped her hand, then unfastened and pushed down his

The long thick shaft of his organ stood firm and steady. Nine and a half
inches at least, Cat judged it with her gaze, maybe even ten or more. I've
never taken anything that big. I hope I can handle this. There's only one
way to find out.

She reached for the guard's pants and took the last remaining condom from his
pocket. Tai took it from her, tore open the foil, and slipped it on. Cat then
pushed Tai back down and moved over him. Gritting her teeth in preparation,
she slammed her tunnel down onto his lance.

"Aah!" Cat screamed, feeling her insides stretch in a way they never had
before. The pain soon passed, though, replaced by a serious level of rapture.
Okay, she thought, I am definitely getting this guy's phone number. If I ever
need a bodyguard, he's the man.

Tai blinked and pulled her body closer to his. He resumed running his fingers
over Cat's curves, every now and then whispering "Yes" or "Good." Cat looked
down and smiled as she noted her cunt had taken in his entire organ. It was
lengthening and growing harder under her pussy's suction, but she could still
take it in. Every thrust brought her more pleasure. Cat moved back and forth
on Tai, eager to feel him blast off.

The others continued their fucking around Tai and Cat. Michael stood up and
walked over to join Ren and Jennie, who both beamed and kissed his lips when
he sat down. Jennie positioned herself at his front and Ren at his rear.
Soon both were thrusting their bodies into Michael's, their pussies rubbing
against Michael's ass and cock. Their hands stroked one another, and they
breathed heavy at each other's necks.

Ren licked Michael's throat, then pulled back from him and stood up. She
walked to the room's table and opened one of its drawers. Several more boxes
of condoms were inside. The reporter passed one condom each to Michael and
Eamon, then rejoined Michael and Jennie. She kissed each of them and helped
Jennie slip the rubber sheath over Michael's cock.

As soon as it was on, Michael pushed Jennie down and entered her. The blonde
pitcher let out a moan, pulling his organ in and clenching her thighs.

Ren leaned over them, pressing her front against Michael's back. "Can you do
that to me next?" she asked Michael. The ace swimmer nodded, kissing Jennie.
Ren smiled and licked his ear.

Sanya moaned as Xun kissed her breasts. She moved a hand to her groin and
pinched her clit, jilling herself in time with the young man's sword thrusts.
"Don't fret, honey," she told him when he gave her a confused expression.
"I'm still gonna come on your cock."

A few seconds later, she did just that. Xun let out a "Whoo!" as he came with
Sanya, then kissed her lips and clenched her hands in his fists. They gyrated
against one another, both still feeling an inner fire. Sanya laughed and came
a second time.

Shelly was also coming again, her body throbbing between Ce and Quan as they
pushed their weapons into her. "Oh yeah!" she wailed. "Hit me right there! Oh
yeah! Come on, boys, come with me! Yes! Ahh!" Ce and Quan went off seconds
after Shelly, thrusting heavily at both ends of the Jamaican girl's groin.

Eamon had recovered by now, and replaced his condom with a fresh one. He
tapped Xiao on the shoulder. The younger sister moved away from Da and
Heather to embrace Eamon. She kissed Eamon's mouth, and then impaled her
pussy onto his spear as he caressed her breasts. A moan of ecstasy came
out of Xiao's mouth and went into Eamon's.

Heather and Da moved closer to them and each other, wanting to share the
other couple's body heat as they fucked. They rolled against one another for
several long moments, Heather kissing and fondling Da while she felt Xiao's
hot body against her rear. Eamon meanwhile pushed Xiao into Heather and Da to
increase her pleasure, causing the young girl to moan and scream many times.
After Xiao's climax spilled over her, she got off Eamon's cock before he
could come again. She seized the organ and directed its tip towards Heather's
welcoming cunt.

On the floor, Stephanie moaned as Ning bit her nipples. The sound engineer's
cock was hard in her hand and felt very good. Stephanie squeezed it, then
leaned down and removed the condom. She then took the organ between her lips.
The female Aussie grinned and savored the salty taste. She rubbed Ning's
balls with one hand, and used the other to hold his cock and move the head
over her tongue. The sound engineer sighed and let his weapon spurt, too
turned on to hold back. Stephanie swallowed the first two bursts, and then
directed the rest at her tits. Dropping his limp organ, she smiled and rubbed
Ning's come into her skin. Afterwards, she climbed onto Ning's body and
kissed him.

"Get ready again as fast as you can, lover," Stephanie said, further
encouraging Ning by grinding her body against his. She very much wanted to
feel his hard sword in the space between her legs.

Across the room, Michael was coming for the third time, shooting sperm into
Jennie's pussy. The blonde pitcher sighed and clenched her thighs hard around
his tool. When he was done, Ren pushed Michael off Jennie. Leaning down, she
pulled off his condom, and then cleaned his cock with her lips and tongue.
She then turned her attention to Jennie's cunt, licking it up and down to get
all the juice inside. Jennie came again during this act and Ren shook as
well, having a miniature orgasm from just watching her. She leaned up and
kissed Jennie, sharing with her the tastes of Michael's come and her own.
Michael grinned as he watched the kiss. Then he pushed his thumb into Ren's
pussy and diddled her shaking clit.

Ren moaned, and shook harder against Michael. Jennie rubbed her too, and the
sight helped the ace swimmer get his second wind. Fulfilling his promise to
Ren, he shoved the reporter onto the floor and entered her. Ren moaned again
and put her arms around him. They pushed their bodies into and out of one
another, kissing each time they met. Jennie hovered over them like an angel,
reaching in whenever she saw a chance to kiss or caress their intimate parts.
At an opportune moment, she pulled Michael's cock out of Ren and slipped a
fresh condom over the head.

Nearby, Heather screamed in orgasm as Eamon thrust into her. His cock was
inside her, filling her wonderfully. Da's sweet pussy was at her lips and
Xiao's was grinding against her right hand. She licked and rubbed the two
sisters as she came, eager to bring them along with her. Eamon was rubbing
all three of them too, his hands caressing their breasts and hips. The
soccer star felt her body climax a second time, with another accompanying

Da came an instant later and Xiao followed. Feeling Eamon about to spurt,
Heather pulled herself off him. Moving down, she waved the sisters to follow
her. Heather took hold of Eamon's cock once they were all in position, pulled
off the condom, and then jacked it off the rest of the way. When his load
spurted, Heather directed the streams to hit Xiao's face, Da's, and her own.
The three women embraced one another once Eamon was done, licking up his
fluid from each other's cheeks and lips.

Eamon sighed and looked down at them. He saw the three women share his sperm,
then fall to the floor and once more settle into a lesbian threesome. Heather
and the sisters hugged one another and then got into in a Sapphic triangle
position, each licking the groin of one girl while having her own groin
licked by another. They continued their motions until all three shared
another round of climaxes. Eamon knew from watching them it wouldn't be long
before he was hard again.

"Ahh!" Cat moaned, moving her pussy against Tai. The man was taking forever
to come, his composure once again evident. Okay, Cat tried to tell him with
her body, you may be patient, but I'm not. I want you to come. I want to feel
you squirting inside me. Do it! Come on! Fill me up! I'm almost there! Come
with me! Come with me! Clenching her thighs harder around Tai's massive
spear, she rubbed and licked at his scars.

Suddenly the guard was pulling her face up to his. Tai kissed Cat, his tongue
lashing out and dueling with her own. Cat felt herself come, and then felt
him start to spasm an instant later. They shook against one another in
frenzied motion. Tai's teeth bit down hard on Cat's lower lip. She moaned at
the sensation. Then she sighed again as she felt his climax. Tai was gasping
as loudly as she, the anticipation they'd built up in longing for each other
at last finding release.

Beside them, Ren and Michael were also screaming in mutual orgasm. Jennie,
having rolled a short distance away, was watching and bringing herself off
with her own hands.

The party's screams and cries echoed throughout the cabin. They all rubbed
and kissed one another, then pulled apart. Everyone took a series of deep
breaths, and then wiped themselves with Ning's cleaning supplies. They then
each went to a new partner or set of partners after the men replaced their
condoms. They stroked and kissed each other's bodies until they had all
climaxed once more.

Ren licked her lips as she finished off Sanya. "We have plenty of food in
the galley down the hall," she told the American runner. "That is, if you're
hungry for something besides this." She gestured at the room around them and

"Good idea," Sanya said. She let herself calm down from the orgasm Ren's
tongue had given her and then looked around the room. "Anybody want to go get
some of that food?"

"I will," Cat volunteered. She lay entwined in a Sapphic embrace with Da and
Shelly, but was finding herself still too sensitive from Tai's thrusts to
enjoy it, really.

"Take a ride on him," Cat suggested, directing Shelly towards the resting
guard. The Jamaican girl smiled in eagerness, and moved towards Tai as Cat
stood up. Da gave Cat a kiss full of promise, then moved off the gangly
brunette to join her sister in screwing Ce.

Cat looked around at everyone when she was on her feet. Hot wet fluid dripped
out of her body, and she grabbed her sheet from the floor to wipe it up.
Michael and Heather beckoned her with their eyes, but she shook her head.

"I'll be back soon," Cat told them. "Just give me a few minutes."

Her fellow Americans shrugged and turned their attention back to their
current lovers. Heather continued sucking off Quan while Ning thrust his
organ into her pussy. Michael was fucking Stephanie anally, while Xun
penetrated her cunt. Nearby, Jennie was in an oral exchange with Eamon.

Stepping carefully around them, Cat walked to the room's door. She considered
tying her sheet back around herself, but discarded the idea. The cool night
air would feel better against her body, and, in her leftover ecstasy, she
didn't care if anyone saw. She walked into the ship's hallway, then after
another moment of consideration went up to the deck. The three sailors
standing watch raised their eyebrows at her nudity, but said nothing. Cat
ignored them as she walked to the ship's bow.

Beijing spread out around her, full of emotion and memory. It was a city in
pain, Cat knew. Its people were suffering under their oppressive regime.
However, Beijing was also an ancient city. It had seen pain before and gotten
over it. Surely, it would someday get over its current pain too. I hope I
live to see it happen, Cat thought with a sigh. Whether I do or not, though,
I'm proud to have been here and done all I did.

Maybe I'll return to this city one day and enjoy it as a tourist, Cat
thought. I would like to do that. I would like to return to the Olympics too,
if softball makes it back.

She reminded herself there was a good chance of that happening. Her sport
had only lost eligibility for the London Games by one vote, and though Cat's
final game had been a defeat, it had shown the rest of the world that the
Americans could be beaten. Thus, in the long run, their loss was probably

I will do all I can to help international softball come back, Cat made a
silent vow. I will return to the Olympics, as a player or maybe even as a
coach. I will come back to Beijing too, and when I do I pray I will be able
to smile at having helped her citizens become free.

Cat watched the moon's reflection on the river for a few minutes, then turned
and headed back below decks. First, she would check out the ship's galley.
Then she wanted to find a phone and call the Olympic Village. Hopefully Cat
Two, Erinn, Natalie Coughlin, Sean Rooney, and all her other fellow Olympic
swingers would be able to come over to Sun Ren's ship and join in the onboard
festivities. This was Cat's final night at the Beijing Olympics, after all,
and she had only gotten a silver medal. She wanted to make sure her friends'
personal closing ceremonies went out with a worthy bang.

The End


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