Earth - Final Conflict: Part 2 (mF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

100 days......

It had been 100 days since Boone died. 100 days since Mary Beckett died
giving birth to a half human, half alien child.

Lily Marquette wondered how so much could happen in just a few months...
She did not know her life was going to change that much. Before the Taelons
came, she had a career in the Air Force. She was dating Jerry Stiles, a
young pilot. They had a good thing going on. The aliens came. She became a
Companion Protector. She met Boone and broke up with Stiles. She liked
Boone. But he died. That was part of life. It did not make it hurt any less.

Now, the Resistance had this new "kid" to deal with. The teenager known as
Liam Kincaid. The last member of the Kimera species. He was also part human,
whatever that meant. He was like a lot of kids. Yet so different. The
everyday teen could not speak all the languages on the western hemisphere,
or generate energy and direct it to whatever uses he desired. Since the kid
manifested his powers, everyone on the Resistance base was on high alert.
Doors wanted to find out what made the kid tick. No one knew. X-rays showed
that he was mostly human. There were a couple of differences. It seemed the
same energy he demonstrated awhile ago resided inside him in a dormant state.
Still, even dormant it rendered his body impervious. The scientists could
not believe it. The boy looked no different than any other kid, but his body
could not be stabbed, cut, or poisoned. He was immune to everything, it
seemed. The energy within formed a micro-thin force field around his body,
rendering it invulnerable.

Invulnerable. She wondered what that would be like. Impervious to harm. No
one she knew of was like that. The Taelons were long-lived but they were not
invincible. The Jaridian male she met was not that powerful either. And as
for the last true Kimera who came to Earth to spawn a child, he had been
impervious to their weapons but a mega dose of concentrated core energy put
an end to him. She had taken to visiting the kid. He was aware that he was
different, that much was clear. Once, she had gone into the massive
containment area where he was kept.

He looked at her and asked, "Lily, why do I scare everybody?"

Lily had been puzzled. "People are scared of what they don't understand,"
she said.

He had asked, with some mischief. "Why aren't you scared of me?"

With that, he had used his power again, this time levitating a few feet off
the ground. He did so for a full minute. That had amazed her, yeah. She
remembered chasing the Kimera who fathered Liam. The rogue alien had been
capable of very high leaps, but levitation? Nah. This was uncharted
territory. It occured to her that no one fully knew the extent of Liam
Kincaid's abilities in spite of the fact that he was under 24/7

"No," she said, looking him in the eye. "I am not scared of you."

For once, he was genuinely puzzled. "Why not?" he asked. He looked at her
with his sparkling eyes, eager fot an answer.

"I ain't gonna tell you," said Lily. Smiling slyly, she walked away.

Liam just looked at her, a strange look in his eyes.

Lily had been on active duty working at the Embassy, flying the Taelon Da'an
to the Mothership in space and back to Earth when she heard the news from
Augur. Her worst fears were confirmed. Liam was missing from the base, and
so was the alien Robot.

She took Da'an to the embassy and asked her alien boss to have the afternoon
off. He agreed. She went to the Resistance where a search for Liam was
underway. It was a very cold December night. There were a lot of resistance
agents out there looking for Liam Kincaid. The teenager was gone. This
worried everybody. Lily especially. Doors was saying something about Liam
being the deadliest threat to the Resistance. The old man was convinced that
the boy was going straight to the Taelons to reveal to them the HQ of their
enemies, the human Resistance. Lily had serious doubts about that. First,
the Resistance were the only people Liam had ever known. Second, she knew he
wasn't dangerous. She thought it would be unsafe for him out there. He may
have powers and a lot of intelligence but he was still a kid lost in the big
city of Washington, DC. She thought of thugs and creeps... what they might
do to her Liam... wait a minute? Her Liam? Since when did Liam become HER
Liam? Weird! She had to clear her head.

She stood next to Ryker, a towering agent of the resistance. He carried a
special kind of gun. She recognized it immediately. This was the gun with
which her dead friend Boone killed the last Kimera. "What are you doing
with that?" she asked the guy.

Ryker shrugged. "The Boss placed a kill order on the alien."

Lily gasped. She thought they were going to rescue the kid. Doors had to be
out of his mind... a kill order on a kid... Jesus!

She went back to the Embassy and took a Taelon Shuttle. She flew it over the
city. People had gotten used to seeing Taelon spaceships flying around in
the air. She fed Liam's unique energy signature to the NC or navigational
computer and ordered the machine to use the shuttle's sensors to locate the
boy. She piloted the spacecraft over the city... desperately searching for
the boy. She was unsuccessful...

23 days later...

Still no one had spotted the kid. Doors had changed the order from kill to
capture at all costs. Lily Marquette was still searching for the boy. It had
been four weeks. She kept worrying about him. Where did he sleep? What did he
eat? Was he even alive?

She chuckled herself at that one. With the raw power he had, Liam was
probably the only one on Earth who did not have anything to fear from his
fellow human beings. How overreacting was that notion? A chill crept up her
spine when she suddenly remembered that the Resistance might not be the only
ones looking for Liam. The Resistance had its double agents working beside
the Taelons. Who's to say the Taelons did not have its double agents within
the Resistance as well?

Her suspicions were confirmed when one day, she was summoned to the Mother
Ship along with fellow Companion Protector Sandoval and briefed on a new
mission. They were to locate a new alien threat. The Mothership's sensors
had picked up the energy presence of at least one Kimera down on Earth. The
alien was supposedly in the DC area and might be working with the Resistance.
Lily felt cold sweat rushing down her spine. The Taelons had it half right.
There was something down in DC alright, but it wasn't an alien. At least,
not entirely. Liam Kincaid, the Half Breed.

After the briefing, Lily went to the Shuttle. She flew out of the Mothership
and into space. Then she went back to Earth. The good news was that Liam was
still in DC. The bad news was everyone was looking for him. The Resistance
and the Taelons, though the latter thought he was a Kimera instead of a Half
Breed. Still, that might not save him. The Resistance would have him dead or
alive. The Taelons would do worse than kill him, should they get their hands
on him... she could not allow that to happen. She was still thinking these
thoughts when she saw a blip on the NC. The supersmart alien computer had
picked up Liam's trail.

She followed it to a remote area in east Washington. She left the Shuttle
on a roof and ordered the alien spacecraft to go in Stealth Mode. It did,
becoming transparent at first then invisible to the naked eye. Satisfied,
she left it and walked down the street, to the abandoned building where the
energy signature registered strongest. She used the hand-held Locator, a
device built by Taelon science specifically to locate Kimeras.

She entered the building... and all was dark and decrepit inside. Still, the
reading was strong and she pressed on. Then she walked down there and out of
nowhere came.... something. She gasped. She looked at the man... or boy,
rather. It was Liam. He was standing there, clad in a dirty shirt and
well-worn jeans. He was barefoot and shivering.

"Lily?" he said. Lily looked at him, her heart leaping in her chest at the
sight of him. He stepped forward, coming to speak to her. "Is that really
you, Lily?" he asked.

Lily went to him. She hugged the boy. He hugged her back. She was shocked at
how frail he looked. "Oh, Liam, where have you been, why have you run away?"
she asked.

He looked at her, his face full of surprising emotion... he was about to say
something when they heard a noise. Lily gasped and looked at her Locator. It
registered an incoming shuttle.

"What is it?" said Liam.

"Oh, shit," said Lily. "We gotta go, now."

The teenager followed the woman out of the building and they ran outside
just as a group of Companion Protectors and people loyal to the Taelons
busted into the building, carring hi-tech weapons. Lily and Liam ran all
the way to where she parked the Shuttle. At her approach, the alien
spacecraft de-stealthed itself. Liam gasped when he saw the marvel of
alien technology. Lily was already in the driver's seat, powering up the
ship. "Get in," she said.

"Ok," said Liam. He climbed onboard and the spaceship rose into the air.

Moments after they had left, the Companion forces came to the parking and
watched as the Shuttle flew away.


They went to Lily's safehouse. It was a place where she planned to go when
things went wrong. It was loaded with weapons and medical supplies as well
as a Gym and a full entertainment system and bathroom. The Safehouse was her
paramilitary paranoid dad's idea. Now, she was grateful she had it. It was a
place known only to her. She knew she couldn't go to the Resistance.

By now, they knew she had the kid with her. Doors would kill him....if he was
lucky. The Taelons would probably dissect him. Lily had changed her clothes.
She had a drink. The kid was with her. There was no going back. She just had
to figure out what her next move should be.

"What is this place, Lily?" said Liam. The teenager was looking around. He
still wore his street clothes but he looked different. There was some stubble
on his chin.

"My safe house," said Lily.

"I like it," he said. He was looking around, touching everything. Casually,
he picked up a gun from a weapons shelf and loaded it.

"Careful with that," Lily warned.

With mischief in his eyes, the boy put a silencer on the gun and turned it
on himself.

"No!" said Lily.

Liam aimed the gun at his forehead, and fired.

There was a small "pop", one easily covered by Lily's scream. She gasped when
she saw what happened. The moment the bullet hit his head, Liam's body glowed
from within and it bounced off him harmlessly. He looked at Lily, smiled and
casually threw the gun away. He was unharmed, and more than a little cocky.
Lily could not believe it! Maybe it was the combination of the events of the
day... plus the scare he put her through right now, but she was pissed. She
just charged him... using a fighting technique taught to her by her father.

Caught off guard by her rapid blows and tackle, Liam fell on his back. Lily
Marquette landed heavily on top of him, pinning him down. "What the hell is
wrong with you?" she asked. "Who do you think you are, to scare people like
that?" she was practically roaring, so close to his handsome face.

"It was just for fun, Lily," he said. "I knew the gun couldn't hurt me."

Lily didnt buy it for a minute. "Bullshit," she said, as she got off of him.
He held his hand for her to help him up, and she ignored him. Liam reacher
for the gun, and Lily recoiled.

This time, Liam did something else entirely. Only his hand glowed when he
touched the gun, and Lily's eyes widened when she watched him melt the metal
object with a simple touch

"How'd you do that?" she asked.

Liam looked at her. "I can manipulate molecular structure," he said simply.
He picked up the bullet that would have been lodged in his skull had he been
a full human being.

"You were never in any danger," she said.

He smiled. "No, Lily. I turned the bullet into a plastic shell before I fired
the gun."

Lily was taken aback. Was there no limit to his power? He looked into her
eyes. She looked into his. They leaned closer. The next instant, a violent
shake took Liam's body and he shook like a leaf before he fell. "Liam!"
said Lily.

He lay on the ground, writhing in obvious pain.

"What's happening?" she asked. She hoped it was one of his jokes.

"Power drain," he said.

Lily touched his forehead. He was feverish. He was burning up. "What can I
do?" she said.

Liam looked at her and she was taken aback by the pain in his eyes. "Heat,"
he said. "I need heat."

She dragged him to the shower room. She took his clothes off and put him
in the tub. She was amazed to see his body. Slender, pale. There was an
alarming glow coming from within him. When she had stripped him to his
boxers, she turned on the water. Soon the tub was full, he was lying down
in it, seemingly oblivious to the extremely hot water that would have badly
scalded ordinary human skin. He was moaning in pain. Lily watched him,
alarmed. She had never seen him like this. what was the "power drain" doing
to him?

"What is happening?" she asked.

Liam opened his eyes and explained to her how he'd been getting those power
drains. Periods of time when he was power-less. He'd been experiencing them
frequently since before he'd left.

"Why did you leave?" she asked. "Without saying anything?"

Liam looked at her. There was regret in his eyes, and fear. "Everyone treated
me like I was a freak. Everyone got to leave the Base except for me. I wanted
to see the outside world everyone spoke of."

Lily smiled. "Did you like it? " she asked.

Liam glared at her. "I do not. I felt....afraid."

Lily could not believe her ears. "Afraid?" since when did he understand the
concept of fear?

He showed her his arm and she gasped when she saw evidence of bruises. How
was that possible? He was supposed to be invulnerable. "It seems the more
time passes," he said. "the more power I lose. Pretty soon I won't be able
to do anything anymore."

Lily took his hand and gave it a squeeze. "Maybe you'll be normal, kiddo.
That's what the rest of us are."

Liam considered that. "If I were normal, could I..." he began.

"Could you what. Liam?" she asked.

Liam sat back and told her about something he saw. Something he'd seen.
Something involving a boy and a girl in a car late at night when nobody
was around. Lily smiled. The boy's innocence was touching. "Sex," she
said. "That's when two people get together know," she said.

Liam looked puzzled. "But I dont know, Lily." he said.

Oh, dear. Explaining sex to a sixteen-year-old boy who was also a Half

"Could you show me?" he said.

Lily could not believe her ears. Like she was gonna fall for that. Still,
she looked into the boy's eyes. They were guileless and full of curiosity.
She leaned forward. She was just gonna show him how to kiss....a harmless
demonstration....what could it hurt? The woman's lips met the boy's and
she stuck her tongue down his throat. Liam was surprised but he gave in
and held her affectionately. She broke the kiss.

"What?" said Liam.

"Nothing," said Lily, suddenly remembering what she had done to him would
have sent her to jail if anyone saw them. Boys did not kiss women old enough
to be their... um, big sisters.

"Was I....not good?" said Liam.

"Nah," said Lily, "you were great." Truth be told, she was frightened by what
she was feeling, and what she was doing. Lusting after a boy she had helped
deliver. Oh, God...

Liam smiled shyly. "I want to do it again." With that, he hugged her and
planted his lips against her own. Lily was surprised. He did not know what
he was doing but he was full of passion. She hugged him back and they kissed.
He pulled her into the hot tub. She kissed his lips then went down to his
throat. Liam leaned back, in awe of this beautiful woman and what she was
doing to his body. She kissed his chest, where hair had yet to appear and
then down to his belly. Liam felt something stir when her hot breath touched
his organ. "Lily!" he said.

"What?" she asked.

"N-N-Nothing," was all he could say.

Lily smiled and the next thing he knew, his young cock was in her mouth.
Liam gasped as she sucked his cock. She got him hard pretty fast and he was
very surprised when he came into her mouth. "What is happening?" he asked

"Sex," she said. "All men, and a lot of women enjoy this."

The boy gasped. "Oh."

They came out of the tub. Then she lay on the ground and had him position
himself between her legs. She took his cock, which measured eight inches
once erect, and guided it into her pussy. Liam closed his eyes as he
penetrated his first woman. He kept sliding in and out. He felt something
rise in him. He fucked her, thrusting deep into her. As he experienced sex
for the first time, a flood of feelings assaulted him. He was having his
first time with his first woman as a human boy. The alien component of him
was no stranger to sex. In fact, he had the complete sexual experience of
his entire species. He let his alien half take over.

Liam fucked Lily with a frenzy, and at the same time, rubbed her nipples.
He licked her tits and caressed the areolas and then kissed her neck. He
withdrew and put his cock in her mouth while touching her pussy with one
hand, and her ass with another. His hands glowed and he unleashed his

A whole flood of sensations assaulted Lily Marquette. She felt overwhelmed
with sex. It was like someone was kissing her and caressing her. She felt a
tongue in her clit and another in her the same time, she felt
like she was receiving a massage and then felt something hot and hard enter
her pussy and fuck her long and deliciously hard and slow.

Something fucked her ass. Liam's cock filled her pussy. She felt her
tits being sucked and her pussy being tongue-fucked and her ass being
tongue-fucked. It was amazing. An infinite number of pleasurable
sensations that left her body overwhelmed with pleasure. She felt
orgasm after orgasm and finally exploded as she felt so many things at
the same time. Liam left her mouth and stuck his dick in her pussy,
going deep to the right-y spot and trigger her final orgasm. She howled
in pleasure and pain.


Liam and Lily lay in bed, talking about the day's events. "Wow," was all she
could say. "Are you sure you've never had sex before?"

Liam smiled and kissed her. "Positive, Lily. I've never felt anything like
this before, Thanks."

Lily grinned and kissed her handsome teenage lover. Then she drifted to
sleep. Liam stayed awake. He had been thinking about all that had happened.
Faking a "power drain" was a great idea to get her to drop her defenses.
Getting her in the tub was a stroke of genius. The only part he couldn't
figure out was what happened in the bed. A primal side of himself of which
he was unaware had been unleashed. Apparently, he himself knew more than
he thought he knew. He congratulated himself on escaping from the
Resistance.....and the Taelons as well.

He felt happy and satisfied. He had his freedom. A foxy babe who had a thing
for him and would look out for him. He had to admit, there was more to sex
between him and Lily. She cared about him. He didnt know how to feel about
that. Yeah, grinning to himself, he went to sleep. Tomorrow he was gonna
figure a way to make cash and get rid of those on his tail. His hand patted
Lily's toned, muscular and sexy body. She talked in her sleep. Damn, she was
hot. He promised himself he'd stick with her until he reached his goal...a
simple one, really.

It was in the neighborhood of being a god among men....and women, too.

The End


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