A fictional story about fictional characters.

Everybody Loves Raymond: Amy's Anniversary (MFF,oral,anal,fist,toys)
by shaggy77

Debra Barone was upset with her husband Raymond; no she was pissed. He had done it to her again. He had completely ignored the plans they had made, and now she had to go by herself. The previous night had been the first wedding anniversary of his brother Robert and his bride Amy, and they had all attended a dinner in their honor at his parents home (who just happened to live right across the street from Debra). A week before, Robert and Amy had invited Debra and Ray to a casual supper at their apartment, the Saturday after their anniversary; so that just the four of them could celebrate. They figured it would be much more relaxing and fun without Robert's parents, Frank and Marie, present. She had made a point of telling Ray well in advance so he wouldn't make other plans, but at the last minute he had accepted an assignment to cover the Mets game in Philadelphia. He swore she never told him about the invitation, but she could pinpoint the exact day and time.

His response was, "Did you tell me when I was watching a game? You know I have to concentrate when I'm watching."

She snapped back, "When aren't you watching a game? And don't tell me they are all for work."

Ray was a sports columnist for New York Newsday, and often took assignments in other cities; but he could usually refuse them or get someone else to cover for him. This time he had volunteered at the last minute, and had to go. He could be so exasperating, she thought to herself. Now she either had to cancel the dinner invite, or go to Amy's by herself.

Canceling was really not an option, because Marie had already volunteered to baby sit their daughter Ally and twins Michael and Geoffrey. There was no way Debra was going to miss out on a free night away from the kids. She loved her kids dearly; but a night out was worth its weight in gold. She had originally told Marie a little white lie: that she was going to a friend's house for the evening. It wasn't really a lie...Amy was a friend; but if she had told her about the dinner invite, Marie would have been offended because she wasn't invited. Marie was great with the kids, but it was her nature to be a nosy, pushy, obtrusive, criticizing mother-in-law. Sometimes Debra wanted to strangle her. Now that Ray had canceled, Debra informed Marie that since they had to cancel their dinner plans, Amy had suggested they get together for a girls night out and a movie...she deduced that by adding the movie, Marie would gladly baby sit a little later. Her plan worked like a charm because Marie had suggested that the kids just stay the night at her house; that way Debra wouldn't wake them when she came home late.

The more she had thought about it though, the less angry she was... "Maybe going by myself is an even better idea," she thought. She began to formulate a plan and phoned her friend Amy to discuss it. She and Amy had been friends long before they had met any of the Barones. They had actually met in college, and one night after drinking too much wine at a sorority party, they had ended the evening kissing passionately. That aspect of their relationship had never progressed, but both had always wondered. Debra had been brought up to be very liberal, and had even gone topless once on Spring Break. Amy, on the other hand, was the daughter of very strict, conservative parents, and had been a virgin when she met Robert. Debra and Amy had remained very close friends, and shared their innermost secrets with each other. Debra had once confided in Amy that she often wondered what kind of lover Robert would be. He was a giant of a man; six foot eight inches tall, with huge hands and feet; and Debra had always wondered if any other part of his anatomy was over-sized. Amy had shyly admitted that his penis was indeed enormous. It was no secret, even to Amy, that Robert had always had a school-boy crush on his sister-in-law, Debra. Even after they were married, he would often mention Debra's name. Together, Debra and Amy decided to give Robert a very special anniversary gift.

With the kids planted in front of the TV, their usual Saturday recreation, Debra readied herself for her evening with the "other" Barones. She decided to have a relaxing soak in the tub; this would also serve to make shaving her legs easier. After adding a dash of her favorite Jasmine fragrance to the steaming water, she lay back in the tub using a folded towel for a pillow. As the comforting heat enveloped her naked body, she wondered when was the last time she was this relaxed. She spread body wash on her hands and gently caressed her still soft and supple skin. Her gumdrop-sized nipples became erect as she massaged her impressive breasts. When pregnant with the twins, her breasts had actually grown to a full 38 D, and amazingly had remained that size, even after nursing. Ray loved them, of course, and nicknamed them "Barnes & Noble." She had to admit, she was very proud of her breasts which, despite her impending "middle age," showed hardly a trace of sag. Ray's friends certainly took notice of them whenever she wore anything low cut.

As she lifted each of her long, shapely legs out of the water and ran the razor the entire length from ankle to thigh; she was struck with another that made her feel particularly naughty. Since the birth of the twins, she had kept her pubic area bare except for a thin "landing strip" of bright red hair, just above her slit. To celebrate this occasion, she decided to go completely bald. Even though she was the only one in the room, she thought she actually blushed as she raised up to sit on the edge of the tub, and very carefully eliminated her remaining pubic hair. After submersing herself again, she couldn't resist running her hands over her completely smooth mound; totally satisfied with the feel. She resisted using a shampoo bottle for self-gratification; reasoning that there would be plenty of time for stimulation later.

After relaxing for a few minutes longer, she pulled the plug and stood up to dry herself off. She glanced in the full-length mirror on the back of the door as she was toweling the moisture from her legs, and was pleased with what she saw. Even in her thirties, her ass cheeks were still shapely and firm, with just a hint of droop. She smoothed moisturizing lotion over her entire body, especially on the freshly shaved mound between her legs. She even sprayed a drop of her favorite strawberry scented fragrance on her crotch, feeling a bit wicked as she did. She put on a pair of totally transparent thong panties, noting that her slit was completely visible through the black fabric. The skimpy matching bra also left nothing to the imagination, but she might decide to discard that anyway. She had purchased a completely sheer black lace robe, that came down to just barely cover her ass; and she stashed this in her purse for later. Debra had never felt more sexy as she admired her look in the mirror. She finished dressing in jeans and a conservative blouse; after all, she wanted Marie to think she was joining Amy for a "girls night out."

Coming down the stairs, she saw that Marie was already there to pick up the children. Marie informed her, "I didn't want to rush you...I've just been straightening up a bit." These were the type of comments that would normally send Debra's blood pressure through the roof, but the hot bath had relaxed her enough that she just let it pass.

"Thank you Marie," she sarcastically answered, "I don't know how I would survive without your help."

"You're welcome...I don't either," Marie continued, seemingly trying to provoke Debra.

Looking forward to the evening ahead, Debra just let it slide; kissed her children, made sure they had their overnight bags, and watched the trio cross the street to Marie's home. As Debra locked the doors (even the back door), and headed out to her car; she realized she was humming to herself...and smiling.

"Hi Deb, welcome, welcome, come on in," Robert greeted her with a beaming smile when she arrived at their apartment. "So sorry Raymond couldn't make it," he stated sarcastically. He and Ray had always had a "love/hate" relationship. She guessed all brothers were competitive; but those two took it to extremes. To make matters worse, Ray had always clearly been Marie's favorite, and Robert craved her affection.

Amy strolled out of the kitchen and hugged Debra, saying, "I hope you don't mind Chinese takeout, our stove is on the fritz."

Debra assured her, "That's fine, I'm just happy to be here for your anniversary...and to get away from Marie."

"I hear that," chimed in Robert; knowing that his mother and Debra had a completely adversarial relationship. "We rented a couple of interesting movies for the night, if you can stay."

Debra winked at Amy as she responded, "I'm yours for the night...Marie took the kids to her house."

After a satisfying meal and almost two whole bottles of wine, the three Barones situated themselves on the sofa, and Robert popped a DVD in the player.

Robert remarked, "It's a good thing you're staying for awhile Deb, being a duly sworn officer of the law, I wouldn't want you to drive after all that wine. I know I'm feeling a little tipsy."

"Thanks Robert...I think we're all feeling pretty mellow," Debra answered.

Just as the film began, Amy asked her husband, "Could you pause that for a couple minutes, sweetie. There is something in the bedroom I want to show Debra."

"Your wish is my command," he gallantly responded as he reached for the remote.

Amy stood, took Debra by the hand and they scampered into the bedroom, giggling all the way.

"Must be the wine," thought Robert as he watched the News, waiting for their return.

He lost track of time watching a news story about the NYPD (where he was a Sergeant) when he heard Amy emerge from the bedroom saying, "Happy Anniversary Sweetie, Debra and I have a surprise gift for you."

Robert turned around responding, "Oh that's sweet Amy, but you already gave me...," and he never finished his sentence as his lower jaw dropped open.

He was utterly speechless, as standing by the bedroom doorway were his wife and sister-in-law wearing virtually nothing except large smiles. His lovely wife Amy was clad in a sheer red robe that came to about mid-thigh, and it was quite obvious she had nothing on underneath. He could plainly see her modest 34 B breasts, capped by small pink areola and pencil eraser nipples poking through the material. The robe was so flimsy that her sparse blond bush was also evident. Standing next to her was his brother's wife; the woman he had fantasized about many times; and she was nearly naked as well. Before marrying Amy, he had lay awake many nights, stroking his cock and daydreaming about running his hands up and down her silky legs. She was a dream come true...absolutely gorgeous, as she stood there in a totally transparent black robe that just barely covered her perfect ass. He could see that she was wearing thong panties made from the same material as the robe, but it was so diaphanous that even with two layers covering it, he could clearly make out the slit between her legs...and the fact that her mound was totally bald. The tits he had so frequently fantasized about were basically naked, and they were absolutely magnificent. As she moved closer to the sofa, they bobbed around erotically, almost in rhythm.

Robert knew he was staring at Debra, and that it must be obvious to his wife, but he couldn't help himself. As they approached him on the sofa, Robert was speechless. Amy sat on one side of him, and Debra on the other (her breasts bouncing as she sat). His petite wife (of course, compared to him, everyone was petite) put her arm around him, "We're your anniversary gifts, Huggy Bear, are you happy?"

"I...I...I don't know what to say. Does this mean what I think it means? If I'm dreaming I don't want to wake up...please say I'm not dreaming," Robert stammered.

Debra put her hand on his knee, and he almost jumped through the roof, assuring him, "You're not dreaming Robert...this is for real...anything you want!"

"What...what about Raymond," he asked.

"Raymond who? Tonight there is no Ray...just the three of to do anything and everything we desire," Debra stated as she began to rub his inner thigh.

"Amy? Is this OK with you," he pleaded.

"It's more than OK, it was partly my idea. Tonight the old, conservative Amy does not let's get busy," his suddenly adventurous wife assured him.

They each took one of his over-sized hands, stood up, and began leading him into the bedroom. While changing in the bedroom, the girls had turned the bed down, exposing the white satin sheets Amy had put on earlier. Numerous candles had been lit and placed around the room to create a very romantic, sensual atmosphere. As they backed Robert up to the side of the king size bed, he couldn't take his eyes off the beauties. They both began to unbutton his shirt, easing it off his long arms and tossing it on a nearby chair; followed by his plain white undershirt. Amy unclasped his belt, while Debra unsnapped and unzipped his pants; running her tiny hand along the length of the zipper. They both dropped to their knees, grasping the waistband of his trousers and tugging them down to the floor. Debra couldn't believe the size of the tent in his boxers as she sat back on her heels, and glanced at Amy.

"Are you ready for this," Amy wanted to know.

Debra nodded and grasped the top of Robert's underwear. It was difficult to pull them down because they kept getting hooked on the crown of his erect penis, and when she did manage to tug them down; Debra's mouth dropped open in awe, exclaiming simply, "" She could feel moisture begin to form between her legs. "Amy, how are you able to walk straight," she inquired.

Robert's rigid cock must have been a foot long, with a head the size of a tangerine. His scrotum hung low, filled with golf-ball testicles. She reached up and placed both hands around it's length, totally mesmerized by its size. Amy joined her, also placing both hands around his erection. With all four hands encircling his cock, just the huge crown stuck out, and Debra thought it resembled a baseball bat. As if in a trance, she leaned forward and touched the tip of his slit with her tongue; tasting the first drops of pre-cum. Robert's knees suddenly went weak, and he dropped backward, sitting down on the bed.

They released his pole and stepped back, as Amy softly said, "Let us unwrap your gifts for you."

She slowly slid the skimpy robe off Debra's pale shoulders, and let it fall to the floor; seemingly in slow motion. Debra returned the favor for Amy and then she swiftly discarded her own panties; although they were so transparent, it was only a formality to her being totally nude.

As the two completely naked beauties stood before him, Amy asked, "Well, how do you like your presents?"

"," was all that Robert could muster.

As he absentmindedly stepped out of his bunched trousers and boxers, Debra advanced to stand between his knees, and began to rub his shoulders.

He looked pleadingly at Amy, who reassured him, "Go ahead sweetie, anything goes tonight...go ahead and play with your gift."

Doing something he had fantasized about for years, Robert reached out with both hands and cupped Debra's amazing tits. He squeezed them and bounced them in his hands, almost like he was weighing them. His hands were so huge that her enormous breasts almost seemed small. He rolled her gumdrop nipples between his oversized fingers, causing her to moan, and bite her lower lip. He leaned forward, and using both hands, he presented her right breast to his mouth and began to suckle her rosy nipple. As he alternated nipples, Amy sat beside him on the bed and stroked his massive erection. He licked and sucked Debra's wonderful breasts as she ran her fingers through the back of his hair.

Amy handed Robert the bottle of baby oil she kept by the bed, saying, "Here, sweetie, I know there is something you've always wanted to do."

He glanced at her knowingly, and proceeded to squirt oil the entire length of his pole; then he stood and began to run his slippery cock up and down between the fleshy tits in front of him. Debra helped out by squeezing her breasts together around the huge erection making love to her chest. On the upstroke, she leaned down and licked the pre-cum out of his slit. She opened her mouth and on every stroke, three or four inches of his cock were enveloped by her shiny red lips. Amy began to feel the eroticism, and absentmindedly rubbed her sparsely covered mound. Robert couldn't believe the sight as he looked down and watched his cock sawing between his sister-in-law's amazing tits, and then disappearing into her waiting mouth.

He increased his pace and Debra, her hand between her legs, noticed, asking him, "Isn't there somewhere else you would rather deposit that load?"

Robert looked hesitantly at his loving wife, still massaging her crotch, who grinned slyly and told him, "We are your anniversary gifts; to be used any way you desire, Yogi."

Debra, feeling the heat of passion, wasted no time in pushing Robert's torso back on the bed; and as he scooted up to lay fully on his back, she straddled his legs and grabbed his pole with both hands. She gathered all the oil from her chest that she could, and made sure his mammoth cock was as slippery as possible. She could feel the juices forming drops between her slit and didn't think lubrication would be a problem as long as that incredibly large head could make it past her lips. Debra had never had anything even close to that size inside her; but she couldn't wait to feel it. As Robert just lay back on the pillows, as close to heaven as he could imagine, Debra raised up on her knees as far as she could, poised over his tree-trunk.

Robert ran his large hands up and down her silky thighs, mumbling, "Mmm, so smooth."

Debra's sultry response was, "I shaved everything this morning...just for you." She reached down with her fingers and spread her pussy lips as wide as they would go, as Amy assisted by grasping her husband's penis and aiming it straight up at Debra's, now open, hole.

Debra was as horny as she had ever been, and yet she was filled with trepidation. She was actually afraid that she would not be able to accommodate such a gigantic cock; that he might actually tear her lips. Her passion won the battle as she began to very slowly lower her body. When his huge crown first made contact with her open slit, she paused to gather her courage; and thought to herself, "If little Amy can fit that thing inside can I." As she continued to deliberately descend, his head began to spread her pussy lips obscenely wide, trying to penetrate her channel. She grit her teeth as her lips stretched to permit the penetration she so craved. Suddenly there as an audible "pop" as his crown broke through her opening and into her juicy cunt. "Ohhhh, wow," was all she could say as she purposefully lowered her cunt onto his giant cock; slowly impaling herself on his skewer. Inch by incredible inch it stretched her cunt walls to their extreme. As it penetrated her, she felt like even her belly was full. Looking down, she was certain that her stomach was actually distended by the invader. Amy let go, as his entire cock disappeared inside Debra's pussy. When her bald mound was finally seated on his lap, Debra just sat back, relaxed, and marveled at the feeling inside her.

Robert watched as his cock slowly disappeared inside the cunt of the woman he had fantasized about so often. Watching it being swallowed by her pussy lips was a dream come true. Her cunt was so incredibly snug around his cock; it was as if her hands were squeezing him tightly. The inside of her pussy was so hot, it felt like it was on fire. He wanted to ram up into her, but he knew he had to be a gentleman for a while longer, and wait until she was used to his size. For reasons she could not comprehend, Amy was immensely turned on by the sight of her husband's cock inside her best friend's pussy. She lay down beside Robert, reached down under the bed, and produced his NYPD issue baton; which she quickly coated with baby oil. Debra, just momentarily relaxing as she sat fully impaled on Robert's lap; noticed Amy and had a quizzical expression on her face.

Robert, ever the technical one, announced, "That, Deb, is the official "PR24" 24 inch fully poly-carbonate baton; and we keep it by the bed for protection, and for other uses."

Debra was in awe as Amy bent her knees up, spread her legs wide, and gently nudged the tip of the baton into her moist slit. She wasted no time sliding almost half of the black shaft into her pussy. Debra couldn't believe what she was seeing; sweet, innocent, little Amy fucking herself with Robert's police equipment. As Robert shifted his weight under her, Debra was brought back to reality as his cock moved inside her belly. She had adjusted enough; she couldn't wait any longer...she needed to get fucked, and fucked hard.
She slowly raised her body up on her knees, feeling every inch of the monster inside her slide out; then she sat down hard, jamming his log deep into her belly. She repeated this pattern a few times, looking down and watching her cunt lips grip his rod on the out-stroke, and then being forced back inside her when she sat down. She then began to increase her pace, lifting herself and then slamming back down on his lap, feeling his mammoth cock impaling her completely. Robert joined her rhythm, slamming his hips up to meet her down-stroke.

He reached up with his huge hands and began to knead her fleshy tits, grinding her gumdrop nipples between his fingers. Their bodies began to slam together, as they stopped making love; and began to fuck. Robert put his hands on either side of Debra's petite waist, and used his strength to help her raise up, and then he slammed her down on his cock as hard as he could. She could feel her inside being stretched on his every thrust upward and it was incredible. Never had her cunt been stretched so far; not even in childbirth. Every nerve ending inside her pussy was being stimulated by his gigantic cock; she couldn't believe how huge it was. She couldn't believe her pussy had accepted that much cock.

Her cunt was being stretched to it's limit, and yet she wanted more, as she screamed, "Oh my God, Robert...fuck me...fuck me harder...jam that fucking cock in me!"

And he did his best to please her as he rammed his monster into her cunt with all his might; fucking her as hard as he possibly could. She threw her head back and gurgling sounds came out of her mouth as she flooded his lap with her juices. She never wanted to be without his cock inside her. He continued to piston his cock up into her pussy as she thrashed around on his pole like a fish out of water.

She had no time to recover from the most intense orgasm of her life, as Robert's immense cock jammed deep inside her belly. Her giant tits flopped uncontrollably up and down on her chest, hypnotizing Robert as they undulated in rhythm with his strokes. Her cunt muscles gripped his cock like an elastic sleeve as he jammed it into her. He could see her white cream coating his tool as he stuffed it back up into her. Her cunt squished, and her tits made a slapping noise against her body as Robert feverishly fucked her. In and out his cock slammed her pussy, stretching her cunt lips with each stroke. She lay down on his hairy chest, as he gripped her perfect ass cheeks in each hand and thrust into her battered cunt.

Amy, watching her husband plow into her best friend's pussy, fucked herself with the black beast as hard as she could. She penetrated herself with over twelve inches of his baton, and ground it against her engorged clit as her orgasm gripped her entire body. As her juices drooled down her ass crack, she was struck with an idea. She slid the plastic rod out of her cunt, and crawled down the bed behind where Debra was riding her husband. Laying on his chest with his hands squeezing her pale cheeks; her ass hole was completely exposed...and inviting. Amy quickly nudged the baton against Debra's rear hole, causing Debra to lose her concentration, and jerk her head around to look behind her.

Seeing Amy's toy poised between her spread cheeks, Debra breathlessly pleaded, "No Amy...I don't think...I mean we've never done that."

Amy calmly replied, "Trust me'll like it. Just relax and go with the flow."

Giving Debra no more opportunity to object; Amy began sliding the, already lubricated, long black stick into her sphincter. She had never been anally penetrated before, and it took Debra a minute to decide if it was painful or enjoyable. The decision was made easier when Robert resumed his thrusts into her cunt. Amy continued to slide the hard black plastic into Debra's ass hole until there was about eight inches inside her. The feeling of being stuffed by two cocks (she had begun to think of the baton as "Amy's cock"), was indescribable. Her whole body was being stretched. She could feel the two shafts rubbing together inside her, separated by a thin layer of skin. Her holes were stretched as far as they could go as Robert and Amy thrust up into her. How could there possibly be that much cock inside her? The sensation of being double penetrated was unlike any other in the world.

She was drenched in her own sweat as Robert pounded his huge cock up into her. He reached down between their bodies and roughly pinched her swollen clit, as he and Amy filled her belly with hard cock. Debra felt light-headed and thought she might lose consciousness as she shrieked, "Oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me."

She ground her pelvis against his massive hand as she came again, soaking his crotch with her cum. There was no relief as Robert and Amy drilled her holes. Debra's orgasm felt endless as her entire body convulsed; her cunt squeezing Robert strenuously. This finally sent Robert over the top. He was fucking his fantasy woman...his enormous cock buried to the balls inside her tight pussy, and she was cumming like a woman possessed. He wrapped his long arms around her back, feeling the pressure of the plastic cock against his; and his massive length expanded and exploded inside her. It was like he had never cum before as his cock twitched and jerked; pumping his seed into her womb. He ground his crotch into hers and jammed upward with all his strength, attempting to get even more of his monster inside her.

"Oh," escaped from his mouth, as he crushed her body against his.

Debra's senses were on overload as she felt his girth actually increase inside her, followed by what felt like a hot-water-bottle exploding deep inside her cunt. Amy, seeing her husband emptying his seed inside her best friend's pussy, left the baton sticking in Debra's ass, and immediately inserted two fingers into Debra's cunt, alongside Robert's cock. She wiggled them around and stretched Debra's cunt even farther as she sought out the elusive G-spot. When she made contact, Debra's already squirming body, jerked violently, and even more juices squirted out of her pussy, leaking out around Robert's thickness.

The sensory overload was too much for Debra's brain to process and she did actually lose consciousness momentarily, as her body collapsed on top of Robert, and her mind re-booted. The pleasure she experienced was just too massive to comprehend, and her senses had to re-set. Her cunt had actually been over-stimulated, and it had been physically too much to process. When she again became aware of her surroundings, she was laying limply on Robert's chest; and she could feel Amy sliding the black plastic tool out of her ass. She could feel Robert's enormous cock still imbedded inside her, keeping her cunt stretched wide open. As they lay there in each other's arms, Amy lay beside them and rubbed Debra's back gently. After a couple minutes, Robert's shriveling penis slipped out of her pussy, and she rolled off him; laying on the other side of her big, cuddly brother-in-law.

Amy crawled over to Debra and implored her, "Take a look between your legs."

Debra raised up on her hands, looked down, and saw that she no longer had a slit between her was now a huge, wide open hole. Her cunt resembled a tunnel for a toy train. A river of cum was drooling out of her hole and dribbling down her ass crack.

Amy leaned in between Debra's legs and blew warm air into the hole, causing Debra to shudder from the fresh sensation. She watched, almost frozen, as Amy cupped the fingers of her right hand together, and began to corkscrew her fingers into Debra's wide-stretched pussy. The sight was hypnotic as she saw Amy's whole hand disappear into her wet cunt; her pussy lips stretched around Amy's wrist. Debra's hands closed around the satin bed sheets, and she shut her eyes, as she felt Amy's fingers expand inside her and explore the inside of her cunt.

As Amy tickled the walls of her pussy, Robert had stood on the bed and straddled Debra's chest. When she opened her mouth and squealed, "Oh my fucking God," Robert (fully recovered), lay his hard cock on her bottom lip.

Her eyes opened wide at the contact, and she responded by greedily enveloping his tool with her moist lips. She was able to get several inches into her mouth and she suckled the monster shaft like a baby sucking a pacifier. Her tongue played with the underside, and cleaned the crown. Her slurping sounds caused Robert to begin fucking her face; driving as much of his enormous pole down her throat as she would allow. She gagged on the huge shaft several times and finally wrapped her hand around the base of his girth so that only about eight inches could penetrate her mouth. It was increasingly difficult to concentrate on administering a blow job, because Amy had begun fist-fucking her at a dizzying speed. Amy's hand was plowing into her cunt, her pussy lips stretching around her wrist; as Debra's hips jammed forward to meet Amy's thrusts. Amy's finger were wiggling inside her, making contact with all the right nerve endings, and Debra could feel her body, once again, ready to shatter.

Robert put his hands on the back of Debra's head, running his fingers through her wavy red hair, and keeping her mouth around his cock. He looked at her sexy face, and couldn't believe his luck. The plump red lips of his dream girl were wrapped around him and she was sucking his cock. Amy thrust even more of her arm into Debra's hole as she leaned over and licked her prominent clit, causing Debra's body to convulse and surrender to yet another orgasm. As her whole body shuddered, Debra involuntarily bit down on Robert's invading prick; triggering his climax. As her pussy spasm increased, Debra fought to keep from choking on the massive amount of cum being spewed down her throat. Her lips milked his cock and she swallowed as fast as she could, but the overflow still began to dribble down her chin and drip onto her magnificent tits. Amy leaned forward and used her tongue to clean Debra's fleshy globes, as she felt Debra's cunt muscles grip her wrist. The sight of his cum dripping down Debra's chin seemed to stir him on ,and Robert kept pumping her mouth full of fluid. She sucked him deeper into her throat, reasoning that it would be easier to contain his seed if he pumped it directly down her throat, rather than her having to swallow it. Amy withdrew her fist and began to lap up the cum as it drained out of Debra's hole.

When Robert's huge meat flopped down out of Debra's mouth, Amy grasped it with her right hand, using Debra's juices to coat its tremendous length. "Now it's my turn, lover," she encouraged him as she rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide.

Robert immediately left Debra and kneeled between his wife's silky legs, his enormous pole waving in front of him like a third leg. He slid his hands underneath her round little ass cheeks and pulled her body towards him, saying, "come to papa."

He tucked her legs around his waist and rubbed his cock-head up and down on her wet slit. Debra rolled over next to her best friend and offered, "here, let me help," as she proceeded to use her thumbs and forefingers to spread Amy's pussy lips apart; making an inviting target for her husband.

Robert grasped his penis in his hand and aimed for Amy's hole as he moved forward. His huge crown stretched her cunt lips with no problem and he just kept pushing until the entire length of his monster cock was buried balls-deep inside Amy's pussy. Debra was amazed at how easily he had slid his huge sausage into her petite little friend's cunt. She guessed Amy had gotten used to it after a year's marriage.

"Oh, that's it Yogi...fuck your little BooBoo...fuck me baby," cooed Amy; her eyes rolling back in her head.

Inspired by her nasty language, Robert hoisted her legs even farther, and hooked her ankles over his shoulders as he achieved maximum leverage and drove his gigantic cock even deeper inside her. Debra sat next to them spellbound by the sight of his huge log splitting Amy's pussy wide open. It just didn't seem possible that something so tiny could accommodate something so enormous. Robert began to pile-drive into Amy's pussy, her froth coating his tool. Debra leaned over and sucked and nibbled on Amy's jellybean nipples, biting down gently; all the while watching Robert's cock thrust down into her. He grasped her around the waist, his huge hands almost reaching all the way around her, and forced her onto his cock. Amy's small tits jiggled and his balls slapped against her firm ass, as he slammed into her pussy. Debra kneeled beside Amy, interjected her head between their bodies, and commenced to lick Amy's bulging clit; being careful to avoid Robert's heaving body.

"Ahhhhhh...jam that fucking cock into me," came spewing out of Amy's mouth.

Debra almost laughed at the words coming from her most innocent and naive friend. "If Marie could hear little Amy now," thought Debra.

Hearing the obscenities coming from his sweet wife, Robert immediately increased his pace, and began thrusting into her cunt as a frantic pace. Debra, not wanting to be in the way, backed her head away and used her hand to manipulate Amy's swollen nub. Amy spread her legs wide in the air like a wishbone, her toes pointing at the ceiling as Robert jammed into her,splitting her cunt wide open with his monstrous cock.

Robert warned his bride, "I'm almost there BooBoo," as he continued fucking her as hard as he could.

"Cum in me Yogi...cum in me now," Amy shrieked as Debra harshly pinched her clit.

Suddenly Robert's body went stiff, as his cock began to pump his hot seed deep into Amy's pussy. Her mouth opened wide, but no sound came out as her body jerked beneath him. Debra watched, and would have sworn Amy's stomach distended when Robert flooded the inside of her cunt with his stream. He held them tightly together as he continued to pump into her. At one point it appeared that his cock actually raised Amy's petite body off the bed, but it had to be an illusion.

Robert ceased thrusting and allowed his withering monster to slip out of Amy's abused cunt. Not wanting to crush her, he rolled aside and lay next to her; completely spent.

Debra, laughing, pointed between Amy's legs, remarking, "Now who's pussy is wide open." She returned the favor for her best friend, and leaned forward to drink the fluids flowing freely out of Amy's wide open hole.

When she had thoroughly cleaned Amy's cunt, Debra slid off the bed, walked gingerly into the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of wine, and returned to the bed, offering, "I think we all need a little hydration."

Amy asked her, "You said the kids were sleeping overnight at Marie's, right?"

Debra, glanced over at Robert and noticed his cock was already stirring, answered Amy, "That's right; and there's no way I'm going home until I've had that monster inside me a couple more times tonight."

Robert leaned back into the pillows, a huge smile on his face, murmuring, "Happy Anniversary to me!"

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