Everybody Loves Raymond: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 31
by Hamster

It was the night after Ally's first big dance and the girl was pissed.
Her dad had paid for her to get a beautiful blue dress and then he had
inadvertently convinced the parents of the kid hosting the dance to make
the party a casual event. Poor Ally had shown up to the party dressed
like something out of Cinderella and was mercilessly teased for it.

"I HATE YOU!" Was all she said as she ran up to her room in tears.

"Uhhh, I just can't win!" whined Ray.

Bob the Cupid looked on in mild disgust. The invisible voyeur thought Raymond
Barrone was a whiny bitch that wasn't worthy of his halfway attractive wife
and his pretty daughter. The idea of Raymond as a cuckhold amused him. His
opportunity to make it happen came pretty quickly. The parents went into
Ally's room to try to console her.

"You did this on purpose!" Screamed Ally at the top of her long.

"No sweetie please don't say that it hurts daddy's feelings." Ray said.

Bob was feeling sick, damn Ray was a little bitch. Bob notched three arrows
and fired. They weren't the usual lust-inducing arrows either, they were
fetish arrows. Each arrow sunk into it's target and spread it's magical
effects into them. Each arrow would have a different effect and Bob sat back
to watch the show.

Suddenly Deborah reared her hand back and slapped Ally hard across the face.

"That's enough of that." Said Deborah authoritatively. "Your attitude is
unacceptable Ally and you are going to have to be punished and then make up
for you disrespectfulness."

Ally touched her face, it hurt. Her mom slapped her and it hurt but it also
excited her and filled her with the same powerful unexplained lust that
filled her mom from doing it. The words and the acts also filled Ray with
sexual desire.

"First." Said Debra. "Since you don't appreciate the nice dress that we got
you, I don't think you should wear it anymore."

Debra grabbed the front of Ally's dress and ripped the front of it down she
then grabbed it and ripped it off, leaving it in shreds.

Ally was now left in her white panties. Mother, father, daughter and cupid
were all very excited now. Ally's lip quivered, not so much in fear but in
anxious anticipation of her mom's next move.

"Take your panties off, I think as punishment I'm going to tear into that
little bare bottom of yours." Debra said.

Ally quickly pulled her panties down and stood naked before her parents and
the unseen Bob.

"Maybe I can help you discipline her." Ray offered.

"Shut the fuck up Ray, I'm handling this. Just sit there and be quiet and
I'll let you watch. Get over here Ally." Debra said.

There was now a significant amount of led in Ray's shorts. Debra took Ally
over her knees. Ally bit her lip as she prepared for what was about to come.
Debra raised her hand and brought it down hard across her daughter's bare ass


Ally felt the stinging pain as flesh struck flesh but she also felt a thrill
and an electric rush in her young cunt.




Each strike filled Debra with greater and greater lust. After a few more
frenzied slaps Ally's ass was both red and swollen. Tears were welled up in
Ally's eyes but her own lust was growing exponentially. Finally after her
arm had begun to hurt from the spanking she'd delivered Debra stopped and
pushed Ally off of her lap.

"Now that you've been punished what are you going to do to make it up to me?"
Debra asked.

Ray noticed she said 'me' instead of 'us'. "Sweetie shouldn't uh she
make it up to the both of us?"

"Shut up Ray or I'll ask you to leave." Said Debra.

Ray shut his mouth.

"I'll do anything that you want mommy." Ally said.

"Anything huh? Damn right you'll do anything." Debra said.

She grabbed the back of Ally's head and kissed her hard. Ray's cock became
as hard as stone at the sight of his wife and daughter swapping spit. Debra
picked Ally up and threw her onto the bed. Debra removed her own clothing
quickly and then joined her daughter. She began to ram her finger's into the
girl's virgin. Ally was making the most delightful sounds as her mom fingered
her. Ray was desperate for relief but he knew he couldn't join in with out
his wife's permission so his poor swollen penis remained unattended. Ally
soon climaxed but her lesson in perversion was not yet over. Her mom made her
eat her pussy while poor Ray looked on helplessly.

"Oh yes Ally, deeper stick your tongue in there deeper girl." Cried Debra.

Debra grabbed the back of Ally's head and shoved it into her pussy hard. She
splattered her face with sexual floods as she came.

By this time Bob had blown his wad from masturbating and Ray had a serious
case of blue balls.
_ _ _

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