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Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra And The Lodge (F-zoo, F-solo, cpie, drugs, exhib, ncon)
by Shaggy77 ([email protected])

Frank's (her father-in-law) lodge buddy Garvin had presented her with a business proposition and a desperate Debra had reluctantly accepted it. The taxes on the lodge building had skyrocketed and the lodge members were in danger of losing it. They needed to raise a lot of money quickly and Garvin had come up with the best suggestion: since it was an all male club; they would charge top dollar; sell tickets to members and their friends; and hire an exotic dancer for the night. One of Garvin's buddies from the Army booked and managed "adult" shows in the tri-state area, and had guaranteed a fair fee. Ticket sales had produced enough money for the taxes and everything was set until the day before the show when the featured performer had gotten into a car accident and broken her leg. Now Garvin and John (the show's manager) were desperate to quickly find a replacement. The first woman Garvin thought of was Debra. All the lodge members lusted after her and she had often helped out with parties. When he approached Debra, Garvin assured her all she had to do was strip down to some skimpy underwear, and do a couple of suggestive dances in her lingerie.

Normally, of course, Debra would have laughed at his proposition, but she was desperately in need of fast cash. With Ray (her NY Newsday sportswriter husband) often out of town covering some sporting event; and the kids in school and activities; Debra had become increasingly bored and had discovered online gambling. It had started innocently enough as a way to pass time but, like so many internet activities, it had quickly gotten out of control and obsessive. She now had reached her limit on her credit cards from replenishing her gaming account. She couldn't let Ray; or worse yet, her bitch of a mother-in-law Marie; find out, so she had agreed to perform. Things had come together perfectly: Ray was out of town covering the Knicks; her NYPD Sergeant brother-in-law Robert was working that night; and Frank was so pissed that Garvin was getting all the credit and praise for saving the lodge that he wouldn't set foot in the hall "unless Hell froze over." Marie had agreed to babysit while Debra attended a "PTA meeting, and went out for coffee with some of the other parents." Debra didn't even feel bad about lying to Marie.

Garvin was overjoyed when Debra agreed to his proposal. He never let on that there was no way people would have paid the exorbitant amount the tickets cost for just a strip-tease. John had assured him that he had handled these situations before and the show would go off without a hitch.

Debra found herself much more excited than apprehensive that night as she dressed for the "PTA meeting." She figured that as long as these men were going to see her in her underwear...she might as well tease them real good. She selected her sheerest black lace underwear. The skimpy bra barely contained her magnificent 38D cup breasts, and her large brown areola and nipples were actually visible if you looked closely enough. Her tits would jiggle nicely, she thought to herself. The matching bikini panties just barely concealed the bright red landing strip she kept trimmed right above her slit; but left her firm, round ass completely exposed. She assured herself, "if those old lechers can still get a hard-on, there is going to be plenty of wood tonight." She covered the black lace with a conservative blouse and skirt. As she left the house, she felt exhilarated and sexy.

John had finished setting out a few simple props and was now awaiting the arrival of his new star. Without his featured performer, he knew the show would be much more difficult to stage; so he just hoped this Debra that Garvin had hired was a looker. No matter how good the show was, the audience would never be happy if the girl wasn't beautiful. Garvin had said she was a 30's housewife with long red hair and large breasts, so John was optimistic. John's most important preparation was mixing his special concoction into a bottle of wine. He had never had a novice dancer refuse a glass of wine to steady the nerves; and into the wine he poured the perfect mixture of Ecstasy and "roofies." The timing of the drink was crucial: he wanted the girl to be excitable and energetic for the initial dancing, but preferred her to be more mellow and relaxed for the "adult" performance. His normal performer didn't need the drugs, of course, but they would make the amateur much more susceptible to suggestions

When Debra arrived at the lodge she was surprised to find the parking lot full; a rare occurrence for a lodge whose membership had been dwindling. She parked next to the building and went in through the side kitchen entrance... she really didn't want to mingle before dancing; she was nervous enough.

Garvin greeted her with a huge smile and open arms, "Woo hoo...Debra's here!" He introduced her to John and said, "I'll tell everyone you're here."

As he went through the swinging doors, Debra glanced out and saw that the room was completely packed with men. Most were old lodge geezers, but there were many she didn't recognize and figured they were friends or relatives of members. She noticed that they had erected a makeshift stage complete with a stripper's pole, and there was a small bench with what looked like a folded blanket on it.

John looked Debra up and down; shook her hand; and told her that if she needed to change, the bathroom was all clean. She had applied some bright red lipstick in the car and told him, "No, my only prop is here in my purse." She proceeded to withdraw a pair of red high heels, which she reasoned would make her already shapely legs look even better.

John remarked, "The sexy suburban housewife could work." He continued, "How about a nice glass of wine to calm the nerves?"

As he was pouring, Debra answered, "You must be reading my mind. Make it a double."

John smiled as she drank the wine without even pausing to taste it...he knew that the way her blood was pumping, she would start to feel the effects in minutes. "Don't worry Debra," he assured her, "I've helped dozens of amateurs get through this. You just relax; let yourself go; and tease the Hell out of them."

John signaled to Garvin, and Garvin did his best Ed McMahon impression as he shouted to the crowd, "Heeeere's Debra!!!"

As Debra emerged from the kitchen, the roar from all those men in that packed room was almost deafening. She strutted across the stage in her heels and yelled, "Hi boys!"

John pushed a button on a huge boom-box and blasted music through the room. It was an old "stripper song" and the words swirled through Debra's head: "Hey, big spender...." She strutted to the center of the stage; faced the audience; swayed with the music; and started to unbutton her blouse. After the first two buttons, her mammoth cleavage was revealed and the whistles started. Debra was feeling good as she untucked her blouse; finished unbuttoning it; and flashed it open several times. She swayed as she eased the blouse off her left arm, then her right. As she waved the blouse over her head, her massive breasts bounced and jiggled in their black lace. She did a couple turns as she eased the zipper on her skirt down farther and farther. She stopped, stood straight, and let go of her skirt. It slid slowly down her wonderful taut legs, and when it reached the floor, she stepped out of it and kicked it aside. Now only her most private parts were concealed and she had never felt more excited. Debra twirled around the pole, and with her back to the audience, bent over from the waist and touched the floor. In this position there was only a thin strip of lace, running up her ass crack, separating her from the audience. Her firm, round cheeks were in full display, and they were wonderful. She actually reached back and spanked herself. Debra felt so sexy, and moisture was forming between her legs, as she stood up and started swaying again.

The deal had been a couple dances in her underwear, right, thought Debra...but everyone was shouting "More!" and she felt an inexplicable desire and compulsion to accommodate them. She had no way of knowing that the drugs had taken over her subconscious making her susceptible to any suggestion. She decided to give them their money's worth, and with her back still to the crowd; she reached behind her; undid her bra clasp; slid the straps down her arms; and tossed it aside. She then extended her arms to the side and twirled around, exposing her magnificent tits to the audience. She swayed back and forth and her "twins" bounced and swayed like they had minds of their own. The crowd went wild and kept screaming for "more." Debra felt like all her inhibitions had left her body and her crotch was damp, as she felt herself reaching for the waistband of her panties. She hooked her thumbs under the lace; pulled her panties down over her hips; and let them drift to the floor. The suburban housewife was now completely nude (except for the red heels) in front of a roomful of men; and she was magnificently beautiful.

The cheering was so loud, Debra actually curtsied before twirling around the pole and strutting back and forth across the stage. She was uncontrollably horny as she started to fondle her own breasts. A her inhibitions and basically all her free-will had been taken away by the wine cocktail, as she pinched her own gum-drop sized nipples. She stood, legs apart, on stage as she reached her right hand down between her legs; cupped her pussy mound; and ran her middle finger all the way up the entire length of her slit. Debra thought to herself, "Oh my God! I am so fucking horny...I need something, anything, inside me now!"

John had crossed the stage and was spreading a blanket beside Debra. He whispered something in her ear as he helped her sit down on the blanket; and then spread out a rolled-up towel he had brought with him. Inside the towel was a bottle of lube and a clear, double-headed dildo about 18 inches long. He squirted lube on the length of the dong and left the stage.

The blanket was fleece and Debra couldn't believe how soft and plush it felt against her bare ass. She now felt disoriented and was able to focus on only one thing at a time. To Debra, the audience did not even exist, and the only thing that presently mattered was the fire between her legs. She sat facing the audience; spread her legs wide; raised and bent her knees; reached down with both hands and hooked her fingers inside her cunt lips. She then proceeded to spread her cunt open as wide as she could get it, until her hole was completely open. It was like she was trying to look inside of it. Everyone in the audience could see pink and were cheering wildly. This included Garvin, who had started a video camera at the side of the stage.

A few months ago he would have never condoned this show, but then Debra had found out the lodge members only wanted her around so they could ogle her "caboose." She had been livid; scolded them like little children; and had since acted superior...this was their revenge. The video would serve two purposes: one was that Garvin had always wanted to see Debra naked and he would be able to relive this moment forever; and another would be to blackmail her in case the "roofies" did not erase her memory,(as John had assured him they would) and she tried to make a fuss about this night.

Onstage, Debra had caught sight of the dildo and knew just what to do with it. She let her pussy close up and grasped the artificial cock in both hands. It was already slick, but she knew she didn't need that because her own juices were leaking out of her cunt and soaking the blanket. Her cunt felt like it was burning and she needed relief, so; in one motion, she positioned the head of the dildo at the entrance to her slit and, with both hands, jammed it as deep inside her pussy as it would go until it hit her cervix. She threw her head back, screamed, and started convulsing...cum pouring out around the dildo and streaming down her ass cheeks. She released the plastic cock and started to pinch her nipples. It was quite a sight: an absolutely gorgeous, completely naked woman, with 5 inches of a clear dildo sticking out of her totally bald pussy; fondling her massive and marvelous breasts, writhing around on stage completely oblivious to her surroundings. But to Debra, this still wasn't enough...she needed more. She grasped the end of the dildo with her left hand and began to thrust it in and out of her cunt as hard and fast as she could. With her right hand, she reached down and started to pinch her jelly bean sized clit.

Garvin, and every other audience member were completely silent and mesmerized, as they all stroked their cocks through their pants. The flash of cameras and cell phones seemed to be constant. Debra was in a constant state of orgasm as she continued to fuck the dildo deep inside her cunt. Sweat was pouring from her forehead and she finally lay back exhausted. She was still horny as hell, but she felt so tired. Her arms and legs felt heavy and she was just totally relaxed. John had seen this reaction many times and the timing was perfect. The "roofies" had taken effect over the Ecstasy and she would be totally compliant now. AS a spent Debra lay there with the dildo still protruding from her pussy,

John again approached her onstage; to the "boos" from the feverish audience. He retrieved the towel and wiped the perspiration from Debra's face and magnificent chest. With his glove hands, he then gently slid the fake cock out of her cunt and wrapped it in the towel... Garvin had told him he planned to auction it off at the end of the night.

John then reached for the special bench and positioned it center stage. He helped a drug-induced dazed Debra to stand; folded and spread the blanket on the bench; and assisted Debra in lying back on it. He positioned her spread legs on each side of the bench and secured her ankles to the bench-legs with velcro-fastened straps. She put up no resistance and just offered a blank stare as he squirted her pussy mound with lube; although after her workout, she really didn't need it. John turned to the crowd and announced, "And now for the main event!"

As the audience cheered and clapped, John disappeared into the supply room just offstage; and when he emerged he was leading a pony. "No, it's not a pony," he kept telling people, "it's a miniature horse." The horse was only about 4 1/2 feet tall, and was John's pride and joy...his moneymaker. He had purchased the horse, named Diablo, in Mexico where it had been trained to have sex with a woman.

As Diablo approached Debra, she remained perfectly calm; noticed the horse's cock beginning to protrude from it's furry sack; and reached out her hands to caress it. As she stroked the rod and fondled the pouch, the horse cock continued to grow and grow. In her confused state of mind, Debra did not even register that it was a horse's cock; she just knew it was the cock that she needed. It was not like any penis she had ever touched. The large mushroom head was spongy, not hard. Behind the head, the first 8 inches were about the thickness of a pepperoni stick; then there was a raided ring...a ridge all around the shaft, followed by another, much thicker 10 inches of hard meat. Debra didn't care what was attached to the other end, she just knew she needed cock. She sat up and brought her mouth to meet the soft head; then stuck her tongue into the large pisshole. Diablo, not liking this, stomped his front hooves; and Debra withdrew her tongue while wrapping her lips around the huge head. She fed as much of his cock into her throat as she could, stopping just short of the ridge.

When was done sucking the horse cock, she backed her mouth off it and there was a long, stringy rope of horse pre-cum hanging from her lips. As she slurped it into her mouth like spaghetti; John whispered for her to lay back; and he led Diablo to the end of the bench between Debra's spread, secure legs. He squirted lube all up and down Diablo's monster cock; urged the horse forward; and gently spread Debra's cunt lips as far apart as he could. The special bench had her at the perfect height for penetration; as Diablo took another step forward, the soft, pliable head disappeared inside Debra's slit. John urged him forward, and the first eight inches slid in between Debra's pussy lips. She moaned with pleasure; reached both hands up to her heaving tits; and squeezed her huge nipples between her fingers. As the crowd chanted, "go,go,go," John guided Diablo forward as the ring plopped past Debra's opening. Diablo grunted; lunged forward; and drove the remaining ten inches of hard, fat, horse cock deep up into Debra's belly. It was an amazing sight...Debra totally impaled; skewered by eighteen inches of Diablo's monster pole. She convulsed and thrashed around on the bench like a fish out of water gasping to breathe. John held Diablo steady for several minutes, his horse cock completely buried inside Debra's totally stretched cunt. Then he stood back and let the horse's instinct take over.

Diablo began to fuck Debra with demon speed...if the bench hadn't been extremely heavy, he would have lifted her completely off the floor. He jammed his tremendous cock into her like a battering ram, as Debra lay helpless and dazed; her cunt stretched to an impossible limit.

Debra knew she was being fucked by the most massive cock that had ever invaded her body; but she was fuzzy on the details. When she looked up, all she could see was an expanse of black face. It never registered in her mind that her lover was not human. When she looked down all she could see was a gigantic cock stretching her cunt lips to their limit and disappearing inside her. She was mesmerized by the sight of her pussy lips being drawn out on the out-stroke and then being shoved back inside her as they clung to the monstrous cock.

Diablo continued to thrust his meat deep inside Debra's belly at a dizzying speed until he finally began emptying the contents of his balls inside her. It seemed like he came for five minutes. Diablo's horse cock immediately went soft and slipped out of Debra's pussy; but left her stretched out hole completely wide open. As she moved to sit up, horse semen poured out of her cunt onto the floor like a flood.

As Garvin tended to the crowd, John unstrapped Debra and helped her into the kitchen where her clothes awaited. He used a towel to wipe her pussy,which was finally starting to resemble a slit more than a wide open hole, and legs, and helped her get dressed. He almost felt sympathy for this truly beautiful housewife, but this is how he made a living and he would never have to see her again. Garvin's plan was to let Debra sleep for an hour and then drive her home in her car, where John would pick him up. Garvin would tell Marie that Debra had stopped at the lodge on her way home from the coffee house; where she must have gotten food poisoning; and asked him to drive her home because she didn't feel well enough. John had assured Garvin that she would be terribly sore in the morning, and she would know something had happened at the lodge; but would have absolutely no idea exactly what. With the video in hand, Garvin had assured himself that he would suffer no repercussions.

As Debra lay on a table sleeping in the lodge's kitchen; Garvin slid his hand up under her skirt and jammed two fingers inside her pussy. He wanted to spread her legs and fuck her, but the "roofies" were starting to wear off, so he resisted. He smiled at what a success the evening had been. He even obtained a few extra pills from John. If the lodge ever desperately needed to raise funds again, maybe Debra would agree to help, and next time he could rent her out as a prostitute for the night. He was sure men would stand in line to "pull the train" on his favorite suburban housewife.


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