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Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Gets A Job (MF,bmail)
by Shaggy77

Debra Barone was seated at the kitchen table perusing the "Help Wanted" ads in the local Long Island newspaper. It wasn't that she desperately needed money; it was just that she was bored and really needed to get out and away from the house. The kids (twins Geoffrey and Michael, and daughter Ally) were back in school after the seemingly endless Winter break; and the only thing Debra had to look forward to every day was the guaranteed arrival of her bitch of a mother-in-law, Marie. When she and Ray were first married, she had thought it a blessing when they bought the house directly across the street from her in-laws; but as the years passed they had become steadily more obtrusive and meddlesome. It was to the point where she cringed at the thought of Marie's daily invasions; which were always accompanied by numerous criticisms and insinuations that she was not a good parent or housekeeper. In the back of her mind, she also wanted to start putting some money away for the trip to Paris that she had always wanted to take; but Ray kept telling her they couldn't afford. She wanted to expose her children to some culture, before they turned out like Marie and Frank (her boorish father-in-law).

She had circled several employment opportunities that had caught her attention, and decided to call one that advertised for a "p/t receptionist. No experience necessary. Pleasant personality needed." When she called, she found out the business was "Relaxation Sensation," an establishment only about forty minutes away that offered physical therapy and relaxation therapy. By coincidence, she remembered that Robert (her NYPD sergeant, brother-in-law) had undergone physical therapy there when he had been injured on the job ("gored in the ass by a bull," she laughed to herself). It turned out they needed someone for a few hours, a couple days a week; and Debra made an appointment for an interview that afternoon.

She had dressed conservatively for the interview; an ankle length skirt with a blouse and jacket; and thought that it would be a perfect job for her. The hours would be when the kids were in school; and it was fairly close to home. She found the location with no trouble; she had actually been with Ray once when he had picked up Robert from therapy. It was in a nondescript building that was divided into two parts: one part for the more medically prescribed physical therapy, and one part for the relaxation therapy. The office, which served both places, was located in the middle of the building. The young woman who interviewed Debra informed her that she would be handling phone calls, and scheduling appointments. All of the therapists available hours would be entered into the computer, so it was actually quite a simple job. All of the payments and insurance forms would be handled by someone else.

She took Debra on a quick tour of the facilities, and she was surprised how clean and clinical the physical therapy side was. The relaxation therapy side was more welcoming; more "homey"; more relaxing. The interviewer explained that relaxation therapy was actually just massage therapy, but they tried to keep the word "massage" out of the advertising because it seemed to infer something seedy and illegitimate. Debra laughed to herself because on the drive to the interview, she had thought of the Lifetime Network show about massage parlors that starred Jennifer Love Hewitt. There were several massage rooms, and everyone there seemed to be very business-like. Debra was offered the job; she readily accepted; and agreed to start the next day.

Ray accepted the news with reservation (he didn't really want Debra to work outside the home); Marie, of course, was against Debra working when she obviously didn't have time now to do her housework; Frank was indifferent; and Robert actually seemed shocked she had chosen "Relaxation Sensation." He told her that he still occasionally needed some physical therapy for his injury and he might run into her there.

Debra's first day on the job was uneventful and her four hour shift went quickly. She found herself happy to be back working, and actually looked forward to each subsequent day. As the days went by, and she saw much less of Marie; Debra became more confident and extroverted. She got to know the masseuses and enjoyed conversing with them. She learned that in New York State you needed a license to be a masseuse. They were an eclectic group of people; Leylani, a very petite girl of Asian descent; Jasmine, a full-figured Black woman; Ingrid, a large-busted blond of Scandinavian heritage; Russell, a very muscular Black man; Heather, who looked like she was barely eighteen; and Vanessa, a beautiful Black woman who handled the billing and occasionally worked the massage room. There were others, but these were the ones who usually worked the hours Debra was there. The physical therapists didn't really stop to chat with Debra like the masseuses did, and were much more reserved and business-like.

She learned that "Sensation" had a fairly large "celebrity" clientele, with several former and current professional athletes patronizing them. She recognized the names of a couple Islanders players from hearing Ray mention them while discussing his column for New York Newsday (and she always thought those conversations went in one of her ears and out the other). The first couple weeks she only worked two days each; and the next week she was there three days. As a receptionist, she was barely making minimum wage, and kept requesting to work more hours.

Vanessa, knowing Debra wanted to make more money, one day asked her if she would ever consider becoming a masseuse. She told Debra that they could skirt the license requirement by officially listing her as an apprentice in training. She assured Debra that the rest of the girls were incredibly fond of her and had all offered to instruct her on the finer points of massage.

She asked Debra, "You've probably had plenty of experience giving massages to your husband,right?"

To which Debra responded, "Not really; he doesn't need any encouragement to jump on top of me."

Vanessa asked Debra to give it some consideration overnight; and if she wanted to give it a hand, pun intended; she could start with Heather the next day. She encouraged Debra by saying, "It appears you have a dynamite body under all those middle-age housewife clothes; and that means big tips!"

On the trip home in the car that afternoon, Debra couldn't stop thinking about this opportunity to earn some real money. She had watched the masseuses count wads of cash they had received in tips. She knew the business claimed 30% of all tips; and it was all kept in a separate lock-box from the regular billing. While in college, she had actually taken two classes in Kinesiology, which was the study of muscles and movement; so she did have some knowledge of how the human body interacted. She knew she couldn't mention this new opportunity to Ray because he would never approve of her putting her hands on another man (he probably wouldn't mind if it was another woman; the idiot). If Ray knew; then Marie would know, and she would never stop running her mouth about it. She mulled it over all night, and woke up the next morning convinced that she could do it. Not sure what she should wear to start her new position; Debra just dressed normally so as not to give any hints to her family.

While informing Vanessa of her decision; Debra realized she was extremely excited and slightly apprehensive. Vanessa, a huge smile on her face, welcomed Debra to her new profession and turned her training over to the youthful Heather.

Heather bounced over to Debra and gave her a big hug, saying "Let's get you dressed." Debra was aware that the masseuses changed their clothes to give a massage, but was taken slightly aback when Heather announced, "I have found that the size of the tip is in direct correlation to the size of the outfit. The skimpier the lingerie; the larger the tip."

The business had a whole wardrobe full of sexy underwear and lingerie for the girls to wear; and regularly laundered them. Heather had already selected a nearly transparent blue teddy over no underwear, that made Debra blush. Debra chose a long, flowing black nightgown; and wore it over her own underwear. Although she was completely covered; Debra still felt very embarrassed and self-conscious.

Heather inflated her failing ego by telling her, "You are hot, girl."

Heather chatted non-stop trying to put Debra at ease, telling her that the next customer was a "regular" who just wanted the standard oil massage. She would let Debra join in if she felt comfortable doing so. The customer turned out to be a very pleasant, middle-aged man who was already laying face down on the table covered with a towel across his mid-section.

After introducing Debra and explaining the situation, Heather; completely at ease with her work; proceeded to administer a classic oil massage; starting at the feet and hands, and working her way to the center of mass. The man complimented Heather on her attire and turned over on his back. Debra almost gasped out loud when she noticed the "tent" the man's obviously erect penis made in the towel when laying on his back. Heather just took it in stride and continued the massage on the man's legs. She asked Debra if she was comfortable enough to start on the hands and arms; and Debra followed Heather's technique for her first massage. When they were done, and the man had handed Heather a $60 tip; they left the room so the man could get dressed in private.

Heather hugged Debra again as they were washing up, and assured her that she had done just fine, "You're a natural. Tell Vanessa you want your own customer."

Debra, her hands still shaking, replied, "I think I need to be an apprentice a few more times; but thank you for your confidence."

Debra assisted on a few more customers, and one day Leylani took her aside and confided to her that the really big tips came when the customer requested "extras." Debra's eyes grew wide when Leylani asked her if she had seen the Lifetime series with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"Well, that's not far from reality," Leylani confided, "the big tips come from 'hand releases'."

"If you are willing to provide that service and show some skin; you can make extremely good tips," she informed Debra. "This is all strictly confidential, and officially never happens, you understand," whispered Leylani.

Debra found that she was absolutely speechless, as she just nodded her head. Leylani then added fuel to the fire when she mentioned that one man had tipped her $300 for a "hand release." While taking a break between lessons, Debra's head was spinning with the possibilities in front of her. Suddenly she remembered that Robert had said he sometimes returned to "Sensation" for additional therapy; and she chuckled to herself that if he ever found out what was really going on there, he would probably raid the place.

Her next two lessons seemed to fly by as she was distracted by what Leylani had revealed. She made one of the boldest decisions of her life when, before leaving for the day, she told Vanessa that she was ready for her own customers and would be willing to provide "extras."

She was off the next day and spent her time "psyching" herself up for her new profession. She told herself that it was just an adventure in life. Not being enamored with wearing "community" clothing; she visited the nearest Victoria's Secret outlet and purchased assorted lingerie.

Debra returned home and excitedly tried-on her new wardrobe. As she gazed in the mirror at her naked body; she was pleased with what she saw. Approaching forty, and yet her shapely, long legs still had no signs of cellulite and were quite toned from all the housework (despite what Marie thought) and chasing the twins around. The high heels she had bought made them even more attractive. Her huge breasts were her best feature she thought (and Ray agreed). "Barnes and Noble," as her husband had nicknamed them, were a wonderful 38D, with not a trace of a sag. They really were outstanding, she thought to herself as she unconsciously caressed them. When aroused, like now, her engorged nipples resembled pink gumdrops atop large round areola. Her hand slipped down her still flat stomach and past the small landing strip of bright red pubic hair, all the way to her perfectly bald pussy lips. She had kept her cunt shaved, except for the thin strip, after the twins were born; and Ray became excited whenever he caught a glimpse of it.

Debra realized that the thought of another man seeing her in lingerie; and her possibly touching another man's penis was causing her to be extremely aroused. She probably would have satisfied herself, but it was almost time for Ally to come bounding through the front door from school. She threw the selected lingerie and shoes in a bag for the next day, and headed downstairs to begin dinner preparations.

As Debra drove to "Sensation" the next morning, she had a classic battle with her conscience. "Good Debra" telling her this was evil and sinful; and "Bad Debra" imploring her to try something new, something fun for a change. "Bad Debra" won as she parked her car.

Vanessa informed her that her first "solo" appointment of the day was just a normal male massage...a regular customer who did not ask for anything extra. Vanessa instructed her to never offer or perform any "extras" unless Vanessa had specifically told her beforehand. The "special" customers were all carefully screened and were regulars who were known not to be law enforcement. Her very first customer turned out to be a retired professional hockey player. He was incredibly handsome; still in terrific shape; with an outgoing personality. He and Debra conversed like old acquaintances as she lost every bit of self-consciousness.

When he turned over, Debra suddenly became flustered when she saw his towel "tenting." He was very calm about it and just dismissed it by apologizing and saying it had a mind of its own. As she massaged his still muscular legs; she couldn't keep her mind off what was causing the tenting; and she realized she wanted, more than anything, to see and touch the hidden penis. Luckily she remembered Vanessa's warnings, and resisted.

When the massage was over, he complimented her on her technique, saying he felt totally relaxed; tipped her $50; and told her he would request her again. Debra, however was anything but relaxed...she was horny as hell. Being alone in a room with a naked (except for the damn towel) stranger with a hard-on, had driven her crazy. She quickly retreated to the lunchroom and downed a cold bottle of water.

According to Vanessa, her next customer, Mr. Wilson, always asked and received a "hand release" but wasn't usually a particularly good tipper. Debra remembered what Heather had told her about tips, so she decided to show some skin. She changed into the totally sheer white teddy she had purchased the day before. There was no separate bra and the panties were almost non-existent. Looking in the mirror, she realized she might just as well be naked. Her round nipples were totally visible through the sheer material, and if she moved just right and the teddy lifted up slightly; her "landing strip" was fully on display through the thong's material. Debra knew that she was much more excited than afraid when she felt a dampness between her magnificent legs.

Upon entering the massage room, it occurred to Debra that there was one detail Vanessa had neglected to tell her about Mr. Wilson...he was incredibly obese. The towel resembled a washcloth resting atop his huge naked buttocks. Any excitement she had felt over her previous customer had now changed to feelings of, almost, revulsion. Not only was he very over weight and unattractive in general; the closer she got to the table, the stronger his body odor became. Mr. Wilson stared over his shoulder at Debra and whistled; making her instantly sorry she had worn such a skimpy outfit. Suddenly she felt cheap and ashamed; but knew there was no backing down now. She quickly oiled Wilson's immense back and began the massage. There was no verbal exchange like with her previous customer and she actually was working up a sweat, stretching to reach his entire body. She dreaded finishing his back because she knew what was next. As he struggled to turn over on the table; Debra tried desperately to keep the towel covering his groin because she didn't even want to see his penis.

He grunted, "I'll give you $200 for a hand release," as she coated her hands with oil and started massaging his feet.

Now Debra had seen Leylani get $100 more for the same service, so she figured she would try to bargain; and requested he increase his offer.

He stared at her for a couple minutes, and his reply was, "I'll tell you what Red; if you strip down to the panties, so I can watch your titties jiggle; I'll spring for the extra $100."

She began to get mad about being treated like a piece of meat, but she knew she had put herself in this position; so she remained silent and answered by slipping the straps of her teddy off her shoulders, and letting it drift to the floor. Mr. Wilson's eyes grew wide, and she could have sworn he licked his lips, as Debra stood before him totally naked, except for the transparent thong and her heels. She thought to herself that, since her physician was a woman; it had been many years since anyone but Ray had seen her this exposed. It felt to her like his eyes were burning holes in her body as she continued massaging his massive legs. When she reached his groin, she oiled her hands; reached under the towel; and grasped his already erect penis. She didn't even look at her target, but it felt like a short, stubby dill pickle in her hand. As she stroked his erection, she knew his eyes were glued to the sight of her impressive breasts as they swayed back and forth. He grunted loudly, and her hand was suddenly wet with his ejaculation. Debra quickly drew her hand away and reached for a clean towel.

As she retrieved her teddy from the floor; Mr. Wilson rolled off the table; wiped his groin with his towel; threw the money on the table; and quipped, "You have a great set of tits, Red."

Debra almost ran to the bathroom to wash her hands; wondering to herself if she could continue with this profession. Was the money worth the degradation?

Emerging from the bathroom, she was met by Vanessa who had a huge grin on her face as she stated, "Well Debra, you passed your initiation. We give Mr. Wilson to all the new girls; and if you survive him without vomiting, then you pass. Believe me; he is the worst customer we have. By the way Deb, you have a smokin' body."

She had forgotten what she was wearing and was suddenly self-conscious at the revealing nature of the material. She laughed along with Vanessa, now that she knew Mr Wilson was sort of an inside joke among the masseuses. Vanessa told her that her next, and last, appointment of the day was a regular customer who would definitely want an "extra" from her because he favored large breasts. His name was Bobby and he was a good tipper. Vanessa smiled when she told Debra that he was also a very large man; but in a far different sense. Debra tried to coax more detail out of Vanessa, but she merely told her that she would find out for herself.

Entering the massage room, Debra once again found herself excited at the unknown adventure ahead of her. The towel covered torso before her was that of a giant of a man...if standing he would have been about 6 feet 8 inches tall. She was almost ashamed that her first thought was to wonder if his penis was proportional. She was about to introduce herself when she heard the man say; "Hello."

Debra stopped dead in her tracks and she thought her heart was going to stop beating in her chest...the unmistakable voice she had heard belonged to her brother-in-law, Robert. She couldn't think; she couldn't move; she was frozen in her tracks as she watched Robert turn his head to look at her. She saw Robert's eyes bulge in their sockets as he recognized who his masseuse was.

He sat straight up; grabbed the towel tight around him; and started babbling almost incoherently; "Oh my God, Debra! I've only been coming here since Amy broke up with me. I only come here for a massage to relax."

Suddenly she saw his entire body relax and a big, almost evil, grin crossed his face.

Robert, expecting to be relaxed; almost had a heart attack when he saw his sister-in-law enter his massage room. He immediately felt fear, and the need to explain his presence; but when he saw the look of abject terror on her beautiful face; he suddenly realized that, maybe for the first time in his life, he was actually in the driver's seat with a woman. He was totally in charge of this situation. God she was beautiful. He could see her huge tits heaving beneath the totally transparent material; and he was positive he could see the outline of her pubic hair. This was his dream come true because he had always wondered what Debra looked like naked. He realized that she was the one who had the most to lose; and she was totally in his control. He saw her trying to talk, and just said, "Uh, uh, uh...I will do all the talking."

Robert paused a moment to gather his thoughts and strategy, and deliberately stated to Debra, "You wouldn't want Raymond, or Ma, to find out you've been giving hand-jobs to strangers for money; would you?" As she stood there looking like his every dream come true, he saw a look of fear and resignation come over her face...and he loved it.

Debra, eyes down, replied to his statement; "Robert, please don't do this. You and I have always had a bond; and besides, you wouldn't want Marie to know you come here."

Robert laughed as he responded, "You seem to forget, Ma couldn't care less what I do; besides, she would just think it's a guy thing."

"You're right Deb," he added, "we have always had a special bond; and after today we will be much closer. You just do as I say, and this will be our secret."

Robert sat back on the table with the towel still piled on his lap; relaxed; and stared at his prey. He very simply said, "Lose the teddy."

Debra, knew she had no other options as she slowly slid the thin straps from her shoulders and felt the flimsy material drift down her legs and pool at her ankles.

Robert could feel his dick harden as he glared at her magnificent breasts. They were even more perfect than he had imagined, and he couldn't wait to get his hands on them. "And now the panties," he ordered.

She paused; hooked her thumbs under the waistband of the tiny white thong; lowered them past her shapely hips; let the thong drop to the floor where it landed on top of her discarded teddy; and then stepped out of them both.

"Leave the heels on," Robert commanded, "You are so beautiful Debra. Raymond is one lucky bastard."

"Listen, Robert," Debra started to say, "if you want a hand release...."

Robert finished the sentence for her, "Oh, there will be several releases here today; but I'm pretty sure they will be all internal." He didn't need a reply, because the shocked look on her face told the entire story.

He crooked his index finger; gestured for Debra to come closer to the table where he was sitting; and smilingly watched her breasts sway from side to side as she approached him. When she was standing right in front of him, Robert reached both hands around her midsection; grasped a firm, round ass-cheek in each hand, and squeezed gently. He leaned forward and nuzzled his large face between her wonderful tits; inhaling her scent.

Despite her conscience telling her to resist; Debra could feel the moisture gathering between her legs. She was actually getting aroused by the touch of her brother-in-law.

He removed his face from her chest; released her delectable ass; grasped a huge breast in each hand and bounced them up and down like he was weighing them. He bounced them several times, then began to knead them in his hands, and pinch her completely erect nipples between his knuckles.

Debra's knees felt like jelly as,"mmmm," escaped from her throat.

Robert smiled and immediately took her perfect left nipple between his teeth and gingerly bit down. If she hadn't been supported by his legs on both sides of her, Debra would have sank to the floor as her knees actually buckled and she felt the dampness between her thighs grow.

"So you like that," quizzed Robert; "Well, look what it's doing to me." And with that, he grabbed the towel bunched at his waist and Debra got her first look at his erection.

Her jaw dropped and she whispered, "Holy crap," as she saw the monster sticking straight up between Robert's thighs.

It wasn't just a cock; it was longer and thicker than her forearm, with a head, seemingly, the size of a baseball. It looked like an angry weapon. A strange thought went through her head: that one of the Barone brothers had to be adopted. She was mesmerized and couldn't take her eyes off it. She had seen Robert hundreds of could he hide that thing inside his pants. She couldn't help herself from saying, "I don't understand why you can't keep a girlfriend, Robert."

He simply replied, "Sadly, Deb, the majority of my relationships never reach this level. Go ahead, touch it...I know you want to."

He was absolutely right; and even though she knew it was wrong on every level; she timidly reached both hands forward and circled all her fingers around Robert's massive cock. Almost unconsciously, she began to slowly stroke it up and down. She knew it was impossible, but it seemed to grow even larger at her touch. Her fingers barely touched, it's girth was so immense.

As she continued to stroke her brother-in-laws penis; Robert placed one of his huge hands on the back of Debra's head and pushed it down toward his purplish head. Debra never practiced oral sex with Ray; she thought it was disgusting; but she knew when someone wanted a blow-job. She stuck out her tongue and gently licked the pre-cum off the slit on the end of his cock.

Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she tried to spread her lips around the massive crown. After several attempts, and coating it generously with her saliva; she managed to take the tip of his cock into her mouth. It was just too large to go any further, so she just sucked on the head and kept running her tongue over the slippery crown. She could actually feel the veins pulsing in her hands as she continued to stroke it. Robert, meanwhile, had his giant hands between her legs and was stroking her totally wet slit. Her juice was dripping down her thighs, but she was past the point of being embarrassed.

As Robert looked down at the head of his dream girl, resting in his lap, sucking his cock; he knew he wouldn't last much longer at this rate; and he had other plans for his first load of the day. He pulled Debra's head off his cock; scooted back; and lay on his back on the massage table. His giant cock sticking straight up between his legs almost looked cartoon-like in its dimensions. As Debra stood naked beside the table; Robert thought that she very well may be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen; and he couldn't wait to ram his cock into her. He gestured to her and commanded, "Climb on."

Debra knew that everything about this was wrong; but reasoned that she had no choice...he was forcing her to do this. The truth was; she was as horny as she had ever been in her life; and she couldn't wait to feel that monster inside her. She threw off her heels; climbed up on the table; and straddled Robert's waist. Debra knew that nothing that large had ever been in her before, but she also knew she had to have it...and now. There was no need for additional lubrication, as she was already soaking Robert's lap.

Robert placed his huge hands on both sides of Debra's waist and helped her raise up on her knees until her slit was poised directly over his cock-head. She reached down and, with her fingers, spread her cunt lips as far apart as she could as she sat down; lodging his bulbous crown between them. She didn't think it was going to work, when suddenly the head sunk into her with a "plopping" sound. She intended to hold there, with just the crown inside her, until she adjusted to being spread that far apart; but Robert had other ideas as he jerked down on her waist instantly driving his entire giant cock up into her belly.

Debra threw her head back and screamed ,"Oh my God!!!!" as her body involuntarily convulsed and jerked back and forth on top of Robert.

Robert held her tight against him as her orgasm continued for what seemed like ten minutes, her cunt muscles squeezing his cock. Just when she started to relax; Robert raised her up to the tip of his cock, and pulled her down again as he thrust up to meet her. Debra came again and Robert started a steady rhythm of lifting her and pulling her back down. She soon joined him by raising herself up and sitting back down as he thrust up into her.

As her massive tits slapped against her chest; Debra screamed out, "Fuck me Robert...fuck me harder. Jam that big cock into me!"

And Robert did. He wasn't just fucking her; he was punishing her cunt. He pounded into Debra's battered pussy with all his strength. He had waited years to fuck the woman of his dreams, and he wasn't going to be cheated. He looked down between their bodies and marveled at how her cunt lips gripped his cock on the out-stroke, until he jammed them back inside her. Robert was in heaven as he felt Debra's pussy walls tight around his cock.

Debra didn't care if it was right or wrong; she had never been fucked like this before. Her belly was stuffed completely with hard cock, and it felt absolutely great. She had already had more orgasms in one day than in her entire marriage. As she rode Robert, she marveled at how much cock was inside her; deeper in her belly than anything had ever been before. She would have never guessed her cunt lips could be stretched that far apart. Her cunt was making "squishy" sounds from all her cum trying to leak out of her hole.

Without warning, Robert grabbed her hard around the waist and held her tight against his lap. He reached down between them with one hand and pinched her totally engorged clit with his fingers as she felt his pole jerking hard deep inside her. She had another orgasm as she felt the inside of her pussy get warmer; and realized Robert was cumming inside her. Her pussy stretched even more to accommodate his massive quantity of sperm.

Robert wiggled his waist as he tried to get even farther inside her; not wanting to waste any of his ejaculation. He was finally fucking Debra; and he wanted her to have every drop. He let Debra collapse on top of him, and they just lay there silently for several minutes.

When he finally felt his cock starting to shrivel and slip out of Debra's fully stretched cunt; Robert picked her up like a doll and sat her beside him on the table. Now that it was over; and she knew someone else would be wanting to use the room soon; Debra was starting to feel embarrassed and self-conscious. "You promised you wouldn't tell Marie or Ray," she asked Robert.

With a sly look on his face, Robert answered, "I promise, as long as we have a weekly appointment. And don't try quitting your job because that would be breaking your end of the agreement."

A resigned Debra nodded in agreement, as she looked between her legs and saw that she no longer had a slit; just a wide-open hole. She stood up to get dressed, and their combined cum flooded down her thighs and onto the floor. She had to admit, it was a day she would never forget.

As Robert left the building, he pushed some numbers on his cell phone and chuckled to himself, "I never said I wouldn't tell Gianni where to get a massage."


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