A fictional story about fictional characters.

Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Gets Sick (MF,MMMMMF,inter,oral,anal,drugs)
by Shaggy77

Almost from the moment she had happily agreed to the excursion, Debra Barone had regretted it. Her father-in-law, Frank, had been given seven tickets to see Placido Domingo perform in a production of "Cyrano." One of his lodge buddies had won the tickets in a contest sponsored by Metamucil or something. He didn't care anything at all about opera, but had been hoping to win the third place prize of a year's supply of antacid. He had owed Frank some money, but Frank had accepted the tickets instead.

Originally there had been ten tickets, but Frank had sold three of them; then presented the remainder to Marie (his wife) as an anniversary gift. Marie idolized Placido, and immediately invited her son Raymond, and his wife and children. Debra, always trying to introduce more culture into her family's lives, had readily accepted the gracious invitation. The only drawback was that the performance was taking place in Philadelphia. Her husband Raymond, had reluctantly accepted because it would give him the opportunity to cover the Islanders/Flyers hockey game in person. Did it just seem that way, or did the hockey season last ten months a year?

Ray was a sports columnist for NY Newsday, and he had convinced the newspaper to pay for a hotel room for the night so he didn't have to spend seven hours driving all in one day; or purchase an airline ticket. With only a nominal fee, he had been able to upgrade the room to a suite large enough to accommodate the entire family. Originally, the entourage was to include Debra's brother-in-law Robert and his girlfriend Amy, but Amy's mother was having minor surgery and Robert had consequently taken an extra shift. He was a Sergeant with the NYPD, and could basically have overtime whenever he wanted.

Right from the moment Marie invited them, she had been incessantly nagging Debra about the trip. First it was about haircuts for the twins, Geoffrey and Michael; then about a new dress for their daughter Ally. Then, "make sure the boys have new suits...we don't want Placido to see them looking like ragamuffins." That was probably the last straw: implying that her sons ever looked dirty or disheveled in public. She began to seriously doubt that she could co-exist with Marie in a car for a three and a half hour journey without strangling her.

Then it was as if fate was sarcastically smiling down on her: the day before the trip, she came down with a sore throat, and a stuffed up head. She felt so miserable that she went to the doctor's office, received some medication, and the diagnosis that she should just stay in bed and rest for a couple days or risk her condition developing into pneumonia. She had never felt so happy to be sick. It was decided that the rest of the family would continue with the plans for the trip. Debra insisted that she would not be the reason they all missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Any other time, Marie would have jumped at the opportunity to play the martyr and stay home to nurse Debra back to health, but there was no way she was going to pass on the chance to see "her Placido." She did make a big flourish about cooking a pot of homemade soup for Debra to enjoy while the family was away.

Debra would never admit it (maybe not even to herself), but the truth was she was relieved not to be accompanying the family to Philadelphia. She was feeling miserable and congested, and looking forward to a whole day to herself. Normally, when a mother is sick, she still ends up waiting on her family, but not this time...Debra would actually have some time to relax and rest. As she trudged up the stairs that evening for an early bedtime, she left behind in her kitchen all the raucous shouting and arguing that always accompanied a Barone excursion. Frank always knew a shortcut to every destination on the planet, which invariably got them hopelessly lost. Luckily for them, this time Ray had gotten a print-out of the directions directly from the newspaper's Business Office.

Before laying down for the night, Debra laid out all her family's clothes for the trip, and packed everything else they would need into a suitcase. She smiled to herself, and muttered, "idiot," as she remembered the time Ray had argued with her about whose responsibility it was to put away the family suitcase after a trip. He had gone off on another trip for the newspaper and left the suitcase sitting on the stairs with a hunk of ripe cheese rotting inside just to annoy her. She downed her pill with a swig of Nyquil and drifted off to a fitful sleep, dreaming of a large white-haired dragon with sulfur-breath.

Early the next morning, after making sure everything was packed, everyone was presentable, and the tickets were in the car, Debra waved "good-bye" as her family pulled out of the driveway. Through the window she could see that Marie's mouth was a study of perpetual motion, and knew that she was the lucky one, staying home. As soon as her family was safely out of the driveway, Debra doubled-up on her medication, and curled up on the sofa for a quiet nap. She didn't wake up until four and a half hours later when Ray called to assure her they had arrived safely; if not sanely. He agreed that he wouldn't call again until the next day so she could rest without interruption.

Feeling marginally better after her nap, Debra nuked a bowl of Marie's chicken soup, and had to admit that it did clear her sinuses slightly. She was about to settle back down on the sofa when she was struck by a brainstorm. She was feeling a little grungy, and reasoned that a long hot, steamy shower would probably help clear her nasal passages even farther. Remembering that when Robert had moved out, Frank had renovated Robert's bedroom and installed a hot tub; Debra decided to go across the street and treat herself to a good long soaking. After taking another dose of her medication (she really couldn't remember when she had taken the last pill), she grabbed the bottle of champagne that someone had given them for their tenth anniversary, wrapped herself up in her terrycloth robe and fuzzy slippers, and plodded over to her in-law's house.

Although she had brought the key, the back door was unlocked. "What is it with this family and unlocked back doors," she thought. Even though she was stuffed up, the house smelled like Jean Nate perfume, and spaghetti sauce. Debra grabbed a glass and headed upstairs to the relief of the hot tub. She quickly turned on the hot tub, and knowing that she was probably emitting a strong scent from having feverish sweats, she decided to take a nice hot shower before jumping into the tub. Her first priority was to pour and drink, not one but two glasses of champagne. Unfortunately she could barely taste the bubbly, but it did tickle her throat going down. She had to admit that Marie had a nice selection of body washes and scrubbers, as she shucked off her flannel pajamas and stepped into the shower. Turning the hot water up as far as she could stand it, she just stood under the running water and let it cascade soothingly down over her naked body.

It felt so good that Debra shivered. She wanted it to last forever, but knew she would feel even better sitting in the waiting hot tub. She slowly poured some of Marie's body wash over her body and began soaping her luscious body. When she bent over to retrieve the dropped bottle of soap, she had to steady herself against the side of the enclosure, as the combined effects of the (double) medication and the champagne had made her slightly dizzy. She never had been able to tolerate much alcohol; a fact that Ray was constantly attempting to take advantage of. The hot, steamy air was having the desired effect of clearing her sinuses, because she could now smell the flowery scent of the body wash. Her inhibitions were also being affected, because she was greatly enjoying the way her huge breasts flopped around on her chest while soaping them.

She was well aware that they were her best feature and real "attention-getters." They had grown to a full 38 D when pregnant with the twins, and had remained that way even after the nursing months. Ray had nicknamed them "Thelma and Louise," and she knew all his friends enjoyed sneaking glances at them if she wore anything low-cut. After nursing, her areola had grown a darker shade of pink, but her gumdrop sized nipples were still just as sensitive, and even now were erect. Her hand crept lower and began to soap the area between her legs. Since the birth of the twins, she had alternated her grooming pattern: sometimes she would shave her pubic area completely, and at other times she would leave a tiny "landing strip" patch of bright red pubic hair just above her slit. She was now in a "landing strip" phase, as her soapy hand tickled the short curly hair.

She laughed to herself that she must be feeling better, because she really wanted to bring herself off, but quickly decided that with her slightly woozy condition, she would be better off waiting until she was sitting in the hot tub. She spread her soapy hands all up and down her still shapely legs, and cupped her firm ass cheeks. Although age was causing her ass to begin to jiggle a little, she thought that made it even more sexy. When she was thoroughly clean and refreshed, she didn't even bother toweling off, but gulped down the remainder of her third glass of champagne, and scampered into the adjoining hot tub room, leaving a trail of water droplets on the floor. After flicking on the whirlpool jets, she slowly and deliciously submerged her magnificent nude body into the bubbly hot water.

"Ahhhh," she breathed out loud, as she felt the all-encompassing heat surround her. She reached for the champagne bottle which she had left on the rim of the tub, then realized she had left her glass in the other room by the shower. As she leaned back against the wall of the tub, she took a long swig directly from the bottle and thought, "who needs a's all for me." Reasoning that she had better drink all of the champagne soon or it would be too warm, she chugged the remaining liquid and drained every last drop from the bottle. Before long she was beginning to feel very dizzy and lightheaded: a combination of the medication, the entire bottle of champagne, and the heat increasing her circulation.

Within a few minutes, she had drifted off to sleep, and was having a very erotic dream about being in the embrace of a bare chested matador named Cyrano, when she was awakened by the sound of someone shouting in the hallway just outside the bathroom door.

Debra didn't panic, she was far too drunk for that, but her groggy mind raced: who was shouting; where the hell was she and why was she in a swimming pool? Any thoughts she had of standing were quickly erased when she attempted it and nearly fell head first. She laughed in her head, "oh yeah, I'm drunk as hell."

Suddenly she recognized the voice as being that of Robert, and he was demanding, " anyone there...I am a police officer and I have a gun." Debra tried to answer him but wasn't quite conscious enough yet to form coherent words. He rounded the corner, gun drawn, shouting, "Put your hands in the air."

Debra did as she was told and thrust her arms straight up toward the ceiling. When she did, her huge breasts, which had been just floating on the surface of the water, were exposed completely and the bubbling water began to tickle her nipples.

When Robert saw the face, and breasts, of his intruder, he almost dropped his gun and began stammering, "Oh Deb...I'm so sorry...I knew the folks were gone...didn't expect anyone...oh're naked." He suddenly realized that he hadn't blinked, nor had he taken his eyes off her incredible tits. He abruptly holstered his firearm and turned away, blushing. He continued, "Sorry, didn't expect can put your hands down now."

As she lowered her arms, allowing her breasts to once again resume their flotation on the surface, even in her very inebriated state, she recognized the opportunity to have some wicked fun with her gentle giant of a brother-in-law. Robert was an incredibly imposing figure at about six feet eight inches tall. It was no secret that he had always had a crush on her, and often told Ray what a lucky man he was. She was still aroused from the erotic dream he had interrupted, and her intoxicated mind was telling her to act on it. Debra had always thought Robert was the most attractive Barone, and the tingle she felt between her legs reminded her that she had always wondered if there truly was a correlation between the size of man's hands and feet, and the size of his penis. She knew deep in her subconscious that if it were not for the effects of the medication and alcohol, she would never even entertain these thoughts...or would she.

Trying to be as sultry as she knew how, Debra softly said, "Did you say you were sorry I was naked? What's the matter, Robert, didn't you like what you saw. It seemed like you couldn't take your eyes off me."

He nervously stuttered, "So sorry. I did like what I are incredible Deb...oh my God, what am I saying."

"Robert," she demanded, getting bolder as the alcohol rushed through her veins, "you turn around this minute and look at me."

As he was slowly turning toward her, she stood up in the hot tub until the water reached just below her navel. When Robert turned around, the sight before him was truly magnificent: Debra's nude body was visible above her abdomen; her wet red hair clung to her pale shoulders and the top of her wondrous breasts; her hourglass figure was silhouetted by the late-afternoon light pouring in through the window behind her. Even her belly button was beautiful in Robert's eyes. He was virtually speechless for a few minutes, then began, "You are absolutely magnificent Deb; are you ...."

She read his mind and finished his thought, "Totally naked...yes, as naked as the day I was born...except for a little hair. Why don't you join me and find out. You look a little tense." Feeling a little unsteady on her feet, she slowly re-submerged herself in the hot water, her breasts once again bobbing on the surface.

Robert wanted nothing more than to follow her suggestion, he had dreamed about seeing this woman naked so many times, but was fighting his conscience, "Are you sure it's OK... I mean know."

Debra softly urged him, "You know you want to, Robert; and I want you to. Are you going to pass up this opportunity?"

No verbal reply was necessary as Robert began to shed his clothes. He kicked off his shoes and they bounced off the wall as his uniform pants and belt, complete with his holster, dropped to the floor. His uniform shirt and undershirt were next followed by his socks, until he was clad only in his loose boxers. As he turned toward Debra, she sucked in her breath and stated, "Oh really are glad to see me."

It took him a few seconds to remove his shorts because they kept getting snagged on his huge erection. Debra could hardly speak as she stared at the appendage swinging between his legs. She had seen a couple porno movies at her sorority in college, but she had never seen a cock as large as the one walking toward her now. She had to ask, "Wow Robert, does Amy know?"

"Oh, no. You know her parents are so religious. You know she's holding out until she's married," he answered.

Debra was completely mesmerized at the sight of his immense erection swinging in front of him as he clambered into the tub with her; it had to be almost a foot long and reached well past his belly button. The water level rose a couple inches as he settled down onto the bench in front of her. Neither could take their eyes off the other, but waited for the other to make the next move. Emboldened by her inebriated and aroused state, Debra casually said, "Well, since I've seen yours; I guess you deserve to see mine." That being said, she stood up carefully on the built-in bench, and sat back down on the top edge of the tub, spreading her legs in the process.

Robert just stared at her totally exposed slit, surrounded by her prominent, puffy labia. He watched hypnotized as Debra reached down with both hands, hooked her fingers onto the sides of her pussy lips, and spread them apart exposing the inside of her cunt. "See anything you like, Big Boy," Debra inquired seductively. The combination of her intense arousal and the heat dilating her capillaries had caused the inside of her pussy to be the brightest shade of pink Robert had ever seen. Her lips glistened, and Robert was pretty certain it wasn't just the tub water.

He couldn't contain himself any longer, and sloshed across the tub to stand in front of her. "Deb, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and there is something I have always wanted to do," he proclaimed.

"I'm all yours," she purred, and she saw his cock twitch in front of her. Robert reached out with his huge hands, grasped Debra around her waist, and gently lowered her back down onto the built-in seat right in front of him. She was now at the perfect height for what he had in mind. Very tenderly, like he was trying not to break a spider's web, Robert put his hands on her perfect breasts and began to knead them gently like water balloons. He then inched forward and started to slide his prodigious penis up and down through the valley between her tits. When he slid it up, the head was right at mouth level, so Debra stuck out her tongue and licked his cock-slit on every stroke. She helped him out by using her hands to squeeze her fleshy mounds together around his shaft.

He watched his log fucking the tits he had dreamed about for years and Robert just moaned as his cock twitched and began to shoot a stream of white fluid all over Debra's face. His knees felt weak as he continued to slide his cock through her tit-channel and spurt his seed. Debra surprised him by opening her mouth and attempting to catch each spurt, licking the sides of her mouth as his cum dripped down her face. "Oh God, I'm so sorry Deb...I know I should have warned you..I just...I mean you're so beautiful...and your tits are so great," he apologized.

"Robert," she tried to calm him as she reached up and wrapped both hands around his enormous cock, "it's OK, we just have to keep this wonderful tool hard because I'm not finished with it yet."

"I don't think that will be a problem," Robert assured her; and it did seem like his cock was even more rigid than before. He put his hands under Debra's armpits and lifted her up as easily as a child would a rag doll. Holding her in front of him, he turned around, sat on the bench, and lowered her naked body to stand in front of him straddling his thighs. He marveled at the exquisiteness of her nude form: it was absolute perfection in his eyes, his eyes drawn to the red landing strip above her crotch. Robert leaned over and flicked off the whirlpool jets so he could clearly see her body in the water, then he scrunched down so that his groin was directly under hers.

Debra looked down between their bodies and had to suppress a giggle because his cock was so long that even sitting in the water, the crown broke the surface and reminded her of a submarine's periscope. Neither wanted to wait another second, as Robert encircled her small waist with his giant hands and urged her to sit down on his lap. Debra reached between them and used both hands to spread her puffy lips apart until her slit encircled the tip of his crown. She knew that nothing even close to that size had ever been inside her before (except maybe in the dilation of childbirth), but she was more than ready. She began to bend her knees, causing her body to lower onto Robert's monster cock. As his mushroom head penetrated her slit, she released her lips and placed her hands on his shoulders for stability as she continued her slow descent.

She could feel her cunt being stretched by his giant log, and when she had about five inches inside her, she paused to let her walls get used to the invasion. It was a good thing that the hot water had relaxed her muscles, or she didn't think he would have fit inside her. Slowly she began to lower herself further onto his pole, her pussy expanding to admit his girth. Suddenly, Robert, overcome with desire, tightened his grip on her waist and jammed her tiny body down onto his lap with all his strength, fully impaling her petite body on his pole. Debra's eyes grew wide and she gasped, "Holy shit, Robert...your cock is so fucking big." Debra just sat there straddling his thighs, squirming and enjoying the feeling of being completely full of hard cock. He adjusted his position slightly and her body twitched and jerked as she came around his cock. The feeling of this total penetration was exquisite, and her body shuddered.

Her body was so buoyant in the water that she barely even had to exert herself as she began to fuck herself up and down on Robert's enormous prick. Robert leaned back against the wall of the tub, watching the woman of his dreams impale herself on his cock, her huge tits flopping around in circles on her chest in front of him. He began to help her fuck: when she would lower her pussy, he would thrust his hips upward jamming his giant cock up into her belly. He loved watching how her lips gripped his shaft; first being stretched out when she raised up, and then being forced back inside her when she sat down. Her tits were like magnets, and he took her left nipple into his mouth and nibbled on the engorged gumdrop as he kneaded her right boob.

In and out of her cunt he jammed his monster, stretching her pussy walls farther with every thrust. Harder and faster he fucked her, water splashing onto the floor and Debra moaned, "Oh my God, Robert...fuck me...fuck me harder." She reached up and began to roll her own nipples between her fingers, as Robert used his huge thumb to rub her engorged clit. Her whole body began to spasm and twitch and her cunt squeezed his pole, as she shrieked, "oh my fucking God, Robert, jam that fucking cock into me. And he did; and he held her down on his lap grinding his pubic bone into hers as he erupted deep inside her cunt. She could feel his warm cum spreading inside her pussy as he kept pumping his seed into her hole.

An orgasm that lasted seconds, seemed like an hour to the participants, and Debra just collapsed onto Robert's huge torso, his shrinking tool still inside her. He whispered in her ear, as he inhaled her musky scent, "Debra, your body is magnificent...your pussy is so tight."

Relaxing on his lap, she breathed, "Thanks Robert, I have a feeling every pussy feels tight to you."

They had been completely oblivious to their surroundings while they pleasured each other, and just now heard voices coming down the hall toward the bathroom. A familiar voice called out, "Come on Robert, we know you're here, we saw your car. Enough of the hide and seek." Debra remained totally calm on his lap, but Robert was suddenly in a panic, remembering the original reason he had stopped by his parents house.

Robert threw his large arms around Debra as if trying to cover her entire naked body as men began to appear in the doorway. Four bodies crowded around the door, and four lower jaws dropped open as they spotted the naked Robert and Debra. A collective, "Holy shit," could be heard as they stared.

Debra remained completely calm and relaxed, not the least bit self conscious about her nudity or their compromising position; the meds and champagne working wonders. Robert, panicked, began to explain, "Deb, I'm so sorry...I forgot why I stopped by here. Nemos has a big playoff game tomorrow, and without Ray here, everyone was so uptight that I invited them all here to relax in Dad's big hot tub."

She was so peaceful and sedated that she just turned around on his lap, feeling his cock slip out of her stretched out hole, and greeted the intruders. "Oh hi Andy; hi Gianni; good to see you Doug, how's Carrie; and hello large black man who I don't know." Her words were slightly slurred and smiles began to appear on the faces of the members of Nemos basketball team. Not one of them could take their eyes off Debra's magnificent breasts as they bobbed on the water's surface.

"Oh this is my friend, Deacon Palmer," Doug informed her, "we recruited him as a sub for Ray."

Deacon, a tall black man, nearly as large as Robert, waved sheepishly and offered, "Hi Mrs. Barone, it looks like we've come at a bad time."

"Debra please... Mrs. Barone is Robert's bitch of a mother," Debra instructed him, "and nonsense, this is a great time. There is plenty of room for everyone; now get those clothes off and join us." As she said this she extended her arms out to the side as if to welcome them, her wonderful tits bouncing around as she did.

Andy did not have to be asked twice as he began to strip immediately. All the others followed his lead until all four visitors were naked. Debra could feel her groin begin to tingle as she sized up the newcomers. Andy was an old friend who giggled and resembled the Pillsbury Dough Boy. His already erect cock was a nice six inches with a large plum sized crown. An old golfing buddy of Ray's from Queens, Doug was overweight with a penis to match: it was shaped like a beer can, short and fat. Gianni was Ray's oldest friend and the two had worked together delivering futons when Debra first met her future husband. His cock was a good eight inches, but very slender with a completely round head. When she glanced between Deacon's legs it was affirmed that it was no stereotype that black men had large cocks. His member was almost as large as Robert's, and the crown was the size of an orange. He stood there fondling it and she watched it expand.

All of her inhibitions had completely disappeared, leaving her aroused and anxious to proceed. She felt like a kid in a candy store, staring at a smorgasbord of erections. Glancing down at the water in front of her, Debra saw that Robert's cum had seeped out of her cunt and was now floating on the surface. Robert also noticed this and retrieved the large aquarium net that Frank kept nearby to scoop up all his floating body hair. Watching him throw the net in the corner of the room, Debra began to consider how she was going to sample all of the cocks on her menu. "Andy," she began, "how would you like to fuck me?"

His hand shot into the air like a kid answering the teacher, as he shouted, "Yes,, me, me."

Doug remarked, "Oh, why does he get to do it?"

"Well, I figured it has probably been the longest since he has had offense, Andy," Debra answered.

"Hey, I resent that," Andy responded quickly, "I had sex last night."

"Yeah," quipped Deacon, "but she meant with another person."

Everyone laughed, including Andy, as he climbed into the hot tub with some difficulty. Debra continued to plan the orgy, "Gianni, I have always thought that you probably enjoyed anal; but please go easy on me because I haven't done it in years."

Gianni virtually leapt into the tub, splashing everyone, saying, "My reputation proceeds me...I am an ass man."

"Ass hole, you mean," joked Doug; and everyone in the room burst into laughter.

Debra, inebriated or not, continued to direct her sex partners, "Deacon and Robert, I think that if you sit on the rim of the tub, I can handle one of you in each hand."

Doug, his lower lip protruding in a pout, inquired, "What about me, Deb?" She responded by just pointing to her open mouth, and he joyously admitted, "Fantastic, Carrie hasn't done that since we said our vows."

She directed Andy to sit in the seat vacated by Robert, and noted that his cock did not break the surface, as she straddled his lap. As she began to lower her luscious body down onto his impressive cock, Andy shouted, "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy." Her hole was still partially open from the stretching it had received from Robert's monster, so penetration was no problem. Feeling her hot, wet cunt envelop his hard-on, Andy threw his head back and moaned, "Ahhhhhhh, that feels so freaking I've dreamed of this."

"Oh, you have, have you," inquired Debra, "has anyone else here fantasized about me?"

"Are you kidding, Deb," Gianni answered, "every one of Ray's friends has wondered what you look like naked."

"Well, I hope no one is disappointed," Debra declared.

"No way," Gianni assured her, "those tits are fucking amazing."

She felt a tremendous sense of pride as she continued to orchestrate her first gangbang.

Leaning forward into Andy and forcing him back against the side of the tub, she presented her perfect ass to Gianni. He wasted no time advancing between Andy's widespread feet, grasped her round cheeks in his hands, and spread them apart exposing her brown hole. Not knowing what else to use to ease his penetration, he grabbed a bottle of body-wash and squirted it the length of his eight inches. Nudging his head against her hole, Gianni began to steadily push forward until his round head popped through her sphincter ring. The liquid soap provided the ultimate lubrication, and Gianni continued the steady pressure until he had slid balls-deep into her ass hole.

As she felt the two cocks buried inside her holes, Debra moaned, "Oooo that feels good...I should have tried this a long time ago."

As the other three men observed, Andy and Gianni began to fuck Debra. It was like watching a porno-movie starring your friends; and all three were stroking their cocks. "Oh, fuck me guys, fuck me good," Debra groaned as they thrust their hard cocks into her. She was surprised how good it felt to have a cock in her ass hole. She nodded her head at Deacon and Robert, who climbed onto the rim of the tub on each side of Andy and sat with their logs standing at attention like bookends. Debra grasped a huge pole in each hand, her fingers not even coming close to encompassing them, and began to jerk them up and down.

Suddenly realizing that she was having no problem with her congestion, she urged Doug, "OK, your turn." He jumped and retrieved a chair Frank kept there to put his portable TV on. Pushing it against the outside of the tub, he stood on the chair behind Andy, and presented his beer-can cock to Debra's mouth. She tickled his cock-slit with her tongue and then stretched her lips as far as she could, letting Doug stuff his cock into her mouth.

She didn't think about it until later, but here she was a middle-aged housewife, servicing five hard cocks simultaneously.

She was having a hard time accommodating Doug's girth; her lips felt like they were going to crack, so she kept tickling the underside and tip with her tongue, hoping to induce a quick orgasm. Her technique worked as he almost immediately began to spout his cum down her throat. Not being able to keep up with the capacity of his balls, cum began to leak out of her nose, and she had to jerk back off his rod so she could breathe. Doug continued to spray her face with his sticky semen, and the sight of her beautiful face and wet hair covered in his seed caused him to jerk his cock at her until he was through.

Andy and Gianni had built up a nice rhythm pounding her holes, and they both knew they wouldn't last much longer. They were fucking the woman they had dreamed about and she was even more fantastic than they had imagined. As they thrust in and out of her, Debra encouraged them, "That feels so fucking good...cum in me guys." As she continued to jerk the poles in her hands, she felt Andy and Gianni jam their cocks up inside her and then her holes were being filled with warmth. Their pricks jerked and twitched inside her, flooding her ass and cunt with hot fluid. Andy, God bless him, reached down between them and pinched her engorged clit, as her body shivered and she joined them in orgasm, "Oh shit that's good." She came so hard that Deacon and Robert had to peel her fingers off their cocks when her squeezing became more of a strangulation.

It was a good thing for the buoyancy the water provided, because she then sat down hard on little Andy's lap. She was momentarily spent and needed to recharge. Gianni quickly slipped his rapidly deflating prick out of her ass hole and climbed out of the tub. He got the net and cleaned up the cum that was now floating to the surface. Andy, thoroughly enjoying having Debra on his lap, reached up and began to knead her wonderful tits. He just couldn't get enough of them. He leaned over and took each gumdrop nipple in his mouth, alternating left and right; licking and nibbling. Even though his shriveling cock was slowly sliding out of her hole, the breast stimulation kept her horny. Looking around her she saw Deacon and Robert holding their poles, still hard from her hand manipulation, waiting to get off somehow.

They were conversing, and when they saw her staring at their cocks, Deacon announced, "Up to now you've been in control Debra, but now we're going to try something I bet you never thought you would try." As they climbed into the tub, Debra could not take her eyes off their two huge logs; they were almost twins (except, of course, they were like comparing salt to pepper). Due to her inebriation and extreme arousal, she knew she would eagerly try anything they had in mind. Andy squirmed out from under her as she stood up, waiting for the two giants to reach her. Watching their enormous cocks wave in front of them as they advanced upon her, she felt an involuntary twitch in her crotch as she anticipated their touch. Deacon informed her, "It's a consensus Debra: that Ray is one lucky bastard."

Robert sat on the hot tub bench and put his hands on Debra's petite waist with her back to him. She giggled to herself as she saw his "periscope" again while he was pulling her back toward him. Robert, using the buoyancy of the water to assist him, lifted her little body straight up and then began to pull her down into the water with his cock head lined up with her pussy slit. Wanting nothing more than to feel his huge cock inside her again, Debra used her fingers to pull her pussy lips far apart as his crown began to wedge itself into her slit. As gravity took its course, she began to slowly sink further, impaling herself as she progressed until she was sitting on Robert's big lap. "Oh Robert, that's so good," Debra breathed as she leaned back against his bushy chest.

Deacon immediately advanced in front of them and lay his black snake between her incredible tits, which had spread out on her chest as she leaned back. The contrast between his pitch-black tool and her mammoth pale breasts was unbelievably sensuous. Deacon grabbed the bottle of body-wash and squirted a generous portion between her tits as he began to slide his pole up and down her chest. He cupped her jugs with his huge black hands and forced them together around his cock as he fucked her tits. Debra opened her mouth and took his huge purple crown inside as she ground her hips down into Robert's lap. She sucked hard on his head, ignoring the soapy taste, as Deacon pinched her gumdrop nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Too quickly, Deacon withdrew his cock from her mouth and backed up slightly. Robert grasped her tits in his giant hands and pulled her backward against his chest, as Deacon bent his knees and rubbed his log against her belly. He winked at Robert as he slid his cock lower and prodded his crown against her already stretched cunt lips. Debra suddenly realized the plan they had hatched, and began to object, "Guys, come on, you can't be serious." In answer to her question, Deacon hooked his huge thumbs inside her cunt lips, spread them even farther apart, and pushed forward. His head popped through her opening and into her hole, his cock rubbing against Robert's. "Holy shit," Debra shrieked as her lips were stretched to their extreme. The slippery body-wash provided the extra lubrication necessary as Deacon began to force his massive black cock even further up Debra's warm cunt. Deeper and deeper he slowly slid his giant pole up into her belly; her pussy walls stretching as he progressed.

When his big balls finally rested against her opening, and she was completely filled with cock, Deacon and Robert just sat there resting, allowing Debra's tunnel to get used to the expansion. Her eyes were closed as she felt this incredible penetration. Debra knew that there was two feet of hard cock inside her little pussy, and the feeling was absolutely indescribable. Then they began to move.... They withdrew about half way and then rammed their monstrous cocks back inside her belly. She was so stuffed that with every motion, Deacon's cock scraped her aroused clit. Debra actually saw stars in front of her as she threw her head back against Robert's shoulder and screamed, "Holy fucking shit...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me." Her orgasm was monumental as her entire body thrashed between them, her massive tits flopping uncontrollably against her chest. "Jam your fucking cocks in me," she demanded as they followed her orders.

"Look at those tits," shouted Gianni,stroking himself as he watched her tremendous breasts flopping around, and slapping against her chest.

Robert used his hips to bounce her tiny body up and down on his lap, his giant cock slamming home with every bounce. Deacon reamed his monstrous tool in and out of her pussy, stretching it to new extremes with every hard thrust. They began to thrust in and out of her cunt simultaneously, their two huge cocks acting like one gargantuan penis. Debra felt like they were splitting her apart as she howled, "Oh my fucking God...I love your fucking cocks...fuck me...fuck me harder." They began to shove their meat into her with all their strength, their balls slapping together at her entrance. Her hole was being stretched to an obscene level as she received the fucking of her life. Debra's mind was absolutely clear: nothing else existed except the cocks slamming in and out of her cunt. Her body shivered uncontrollably as her orgasms were coming in waves; the stimulation in her pussy nonstop.

Debra breathlessly continued to encourage them, "Ahhhhhh...fuck me...fuck me." Needing something to do with her hands, she grasped her own tits and began to twist her engorged nipples. Any other time she would have felt pain at this extreme treatment, but now it just served to stimulate her even more. Robert and Deacon were alternating their thrusts: sometimes simultaneously thrusting into her and other times taking turns withdrawing. They began to fuck her at a dizzying speed; slamming forward and then withdrawing almost all the way. Andy enjoyed watching their cocks disappear inside Debra like magic...there was no way she should be able to accommodate two feet of cock. His prick was rock hard as he awaited his turn again.

Gianni had grabbed his cell phone from his pants pocket, and was surreptitiously snapping photos of Debra being double-fucked so that he would have them for masturbation material in the future. He thought to himself, "God she's hot, why didn't I ask her out when Ray and I delivered that futon years ago. I could have been playing with those tits all this time."

The three spectators wanted to get involved in this epic fuck, but it was really too violent to allow them. Debra was completely oblivious to her surroundings, as water splashed out all over the floor. Deacon and Robert persistently slammed their monstrous cocks into her battered hole, filling her belly. Her puffy lips gripped their logs as they thrust in and out of her pussy. Her latest orgasm squeezed their cocks even tighter, and they finally were ready to fill her with their seed. They rammed their cocks deep up into her belly and she felt them begin to jerk and twitch inside her. Suddenly tremendous warmth spread throughout her cunt as their cocks flooded her insides with their warm, gooey spunk. There was no more room in her pussy, and their cum began to squirt out around the edges of her hole. Debra lay her head back on Robert's shoulder and groaned, "Ohhhh, your fucking cocks feel so good. Don't stop fucking me."

Robert and Deacon had never been so turned on: they were fucking an absolutely gorgeous woman, and she was urging them to fuck her even harder. It seemed like they would never stop coming, as they shot load after load up inside her cunt. Their gigantic cocks twitched and spurted as deep inside her belly as they could jam them. Deacon grasped the sides of the tub for leverage as he shoved his massive tool into her pussy as hard as possible. Robert loved the way her wonderful ass gyrated against his pelvis, forcing his cock to penetrate her cunt even farther. He couldn't imagine a better feeling than shooting his load up into Debra's pussy.

Finally succumbing to exhaustion, Debra collapsed in Robert's lap as she felt their shrinking logs slide out of her stretched out pussy. She could feel the hot water rush up into her totally wide-open hole, and it was a unique feeling. The surface of the water was sprinkled with floating gobs of cum, and she was fighting the urge to suck them up and swallow them. She looked around the room at the looks of disappointment on everyone's faces as they anticipated an end to the orgy. She immediately restored their smiles by stating, "You know the family won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. I hope you can stick around awhile because I haven't had nearly enough cock yet. I don't like having an empty pussy. Let's take a hydration break though, and I want to take some of my cold medication." And she added with a wicked smile, "Maybe we can continue this on Marie's bed." Suddenly there were five rock hard erections in the room as they helped her climb out of the tub.

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