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Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Has Company (MMMF,MF,oral,anal,bmail,cpie,nc-cons,ncon)
by Ned121 ([email protected])

It had been about six weeks since Debra had agreed to perform a striptease at her father-in-law's (Frank) lodge. She had collected her fee, paid off her debts and was trying her best not to buy anything or gamble online by keeping as busy as possible. She knew she had been abused that night, but since she had absolutely no memory of the occasion, she had no idea what had actually happened. She hadn't asked anyone associated with the lodge because she was afraid of the response. She knew it must have been fairly extreme because her vagina had been raw and sore for almost a week afterward. She had avoided all contact with anyone connected with the lodge, but every time she had accidental contact with any of the members, they seemed to smirk or grin at her. At this point Debra thought she was probably better off not knowing what had really happened. Since she had no memory at all of the night, she was certain she had been drugged. She actually considered herself lucky that no one had mentioned anything about it. Her witch of a mother-in-law (Marie) had actually shown concern for Debra's well being when she had been "under the weather" for a couple days after the event. Everything had pretty much returned to normal. Frank and Garvin were friends again, and the lodge was back in business.

She was busy cleaning up the kitchen after seeing the kids off to school when the back door opened and in barged Robert (her brother-in-law) followed by his friends Gianni and Andy. Debra like to call them "Ray's posse." She chirped, "Hi Robert! Hi, guys!" as she continued to clean up.

It wasn't anything out of the ordinary to have this trio storm in unannounced, but it was usually when Ray (her NY Newsday sportswriter husband) was at home. She thought to herself that they must know Ray isn't here, they usually know Ray's schedule better than he did. They had been talking all week about him going to Port St. Lucie for ten days to cover the Mets spring-training camp. As a matter of fact, Andy had given Ray a ride to the airport yesterday.

She stopped what she was doing and looked at the guys curiously. What she saw made her feel very uneasy. Robert looked very stern, Andy had a shit-eating grin on his face, and Gianni was outwardly leering at her. She was used to Ray's friends leering at her, it was no secret that they all had crushes on her, but they usually had the decency to disguise their ogling. "Did you guys remember that Ray's not here," she inquired.

"Oh we remembered all right Deb, it's you we wanted to see," blurted out Robert.

Debra was starting to feel more uncomfortable as she tightened the belt on her robe, remembering that she was only wearing her pajama top and a tiny pair of panties under it. "What can I do for you? Is it something that can wait until Ray gets back," she asked.

Gianni was holding a chair out for Debra as he told her, "Here Deb, you'd better sit down. There are some pictures we would like to show you."

As she eased into the chair, Robert approached the kitchen table with his cell phone in his hand, as Andy just continued to grin. Robert handed her the phone and she could see a slide-show of photos was being displayed. As she looked closer, she was shocked to see they were pornographic pictures of an attractive woman laying on a blanket using a dildo on herself. Her mouth dropped open and she felt light-headed as the realization came over her that the woman in the photos was her! "Oh my God, Robert! Where did you get these," she shrieked.

"Imagine my shock when one of my fellow officers told me he had attended a live sex show at Dad's lodge. And imagine the bigger shock when he showed me these pictures," stated Robert. "Keep looking," demanded Robert.

As the images flashed on the phone's screen, Debra almost fainted when the last photo showed her laying on a bench with a horse's cock hovering over her belly.

"That's right," she heard Robert say, although the voice seemed a hundred miles away, "My colleague informed me that the woman had sex with a horse, but he didn't have pictures of the act."

Debra just sat there in shock, she was having trouble comprehending the situation. "R-R-Robert, you can't believe that I did that voluntarily...I was drugged!"

"My buddy said he heard that there was supposed to be a professional stripper there, but at the last minute a housewife found out about the horse, and volunteered," answered Robert.

Gianni chimed in, "All this time you have been acting like some kind of prude, when in reality you are a nympho."

"Yeh," added Robert, "and Raymond is an even better actor than you. He has had us believing that you never put out, that you hate sex."

Andy added his opinion, "I always told you how hot she was...that she was a volcano waiting to erupt."

Debra was not only totally embarrassed knowing that Ray's friends had seen pictures of her naked, having deviant sex, but she was also afraid...what did they want. "You're not going to show these to Ray are you," she pleaded.

"Here's the deal," replied Robert, "You give us what we want, and we won't show them to Raymond ...or Marie." Robert had thought long and hard about what he would do ever since he had gotten the photos. He had lusted after Debra for years, and this was finally his big opportunity to sample that luscious body. He knew he should have more respect for his sister-in-law, but she had always acted a little superior to everyone in his family.

"I don't have much money, you know that Robert, but I'll try to get more," Debra suggested.

Robert just smiled as he replied, "Are you kidding us? Now that we know how much you love sex, we've come here to fuck every hole in your body!"

"Twice," added Andy.

Debra felt lightheaded and her legs felt like jelly...she couldn't believe she was hearing those words from Robert and his friends...her friends, people she trusted and enjoyed. Her life felt totally out of control, what had she done to deserve this? She had to try one last ploy to avoid this debauchery. "But Robert, what about Amy?" she asked.

Robert spat out, "You know she dumped me again. I'm tired of playing her game. For years I've wanted to sink my cock into you, and today is the day it's going to happen."

"Yeh Deb," added Gianni, "all these years I've been imagining what you looked like naked, and now I realize you've probably been imagining the same about me."

"Please guys," pleaded Debra, "for the last time, I was drugged. I'm not like that!" She noticed Robert locking the back door, and in her mind she knew she was doomed...there would be no escaping this rape. She wanted to cry, but was determined not to give them the satisfaction of appearing weak. No, she told herself; if this was going to happen, she was going to be strong. Robert grabbed her hand and started to lead her into the living room, and up the stairs.

When the quartet had reached the bedroom, Robert stood Debra beside the bed and the men gathered around in anticipation. Robert spoke forcefully, "Well Deb, are you going to strip or do you want us to do it for you?"

Debra, fighting back tears, reached for the belt of her bathrobe, unknotted it, and let it fall to the floor, revealing her flannel pajama top which just barely covered her crotch. Gianni reached out to help her with the buttons, but she just brushed his hands away as she trembled with the buttons. When she had finished pushing the last button through it's hole, she paused for a second, then shrugged the shirt off her shoulders and watched it drift to the floor, leaving her covered only in a skimpy pair of pink bikini panties. She heard all three men suck in their breath as they ogled her magnificent 38 D breasts. She had always thought they were her best feature and, despite her situation, she found herself thrusting out her chest proudly.

"Holy shit," she heard Gianni state, "look at those jugs!"

All three of the guys were rapidly removing their clothes in preparation of the activities to come. Andy found himself giggling like the Pillsbury dough-boy as he shed his pants, and knew he had better slow down or he was going to ejaculate before he even touched those wonderful tits.

As Robert unbuckled his belt, he asked Debra, "Do you need help with those panties?"

She was silent as she hooked her thumbs inside the elastic and slowly lowered them past her hips and let them fall around her feet. All three men stopped dead and just stared at Debra's completely naked body. Her pussy was shaved smooth, with the exception of about an inch long, bright red patch of curly hair just above her slit. All three were smiling as they admired her magnificent body. As they all lowered their shorts, Debra couldn't help sizing them up.

She almost gasped out loud when Robert turned to face her...his cock was gigantic, huge, enormous. It was already erect and reached almost to his nipples. It had to have been thirteen inches long, as big around as a giant kielbasa, with a head the size of a tennis ball. She couldn't help thinking to herself that it is true what they say about the size of a man's hands and feet. Gianni's hard tool was nothing to be ashamed about was at least nine inches long...she thought it resembled a pepperoni stick. Andy's cock was exactly what she would have expected if she had ever thought about it (which she hadn't), it was shorter (only about six inches), but very fat. She thought it must be as big around as a soda can. What was even more amazing about Andy, was that his balls were pool balls in a sack.

As Debra stood there, almost in a trance, gazing at the three poles bobbing in front of her, she suddenly realized that fluid was seeping out of her pussy and dribbling down her inner thighs. Despite the circumstances, she couldn't wait to get a hard cock between her legs... she didn't just desire it, she craved it. She wasn't going to let them know it, but she wanted to get fucked... and fucked hard.

Surprisingly, Andy was the first to make a move when he reached out with both hands and cupped Debra's tits. He lightly fondled them and juggled them as if he were weighing them. He pinched her jellybean sized nipples between his fingers and squeezed her flesh in his fists. He released her heaving breasts, sank to his knees, and blew cool air onto her slit. Debra, almost involuntarily, parted her legs and Andy spread her cunt lips apart with his thumbs. She spread her legs even farther as he began licking her slit from the bottom all the way to her landing strip.

Robert and Gianni followed Andy's lead and they each attacked a huge breast with their mouths. As they nibbled on her sensitive nipples, Andy bit on her engorged clit, and Debra shuddered as she had her first orgasm of the day. She actually squirted onto Andy's chin as her knees buckled. Luckily, Robert and Gianni each had one hand on her, still round and firm, ass, so they just allowed her to be lowered easily onto the bed. Andy, still in place between her shapely legs, proceeded to jab his tongue as far into her pussy as it would go and lap up as much of her juices as he could. Robert climbed onto the bed, lay back with his monstrous cock laying on his belly, and instructed Debra, "Climb on Deb, let's get the party started."

Debra thought to herself that nothing that huge had ever been inside her, then remembered, she had an actual horse cock inside her...but since she had no recollection of that night, it didn't count. She knew there was no sense in objecting, she could see the pure lust in their faces (and she was kind of flattered). She scrambled onto the bed, straddled Robert's waist, raised up on her knees, and reached down with both hands and spread her pussy lips as far apart as she could. Robert reached down, grabbed his cock and bent it down so it was pointed straight up at Debra's hole.

As she started to sit, she could feel the giant pole nudge against her opening as the huge head tried to push its way inside her. She felt her cunt "give" as the tennis-ball sized crown entered her and she held herself hovering over Robert's lap to try to get used to the extreme invasion. Debra began to ever-so-slowly lower herself onto Robert's giant cock, but he, growing impatient, put his huge hands on her waist and shoved her all the way down on his massive tool in one violent motion.

"Oh my God," Debra screamed, as she came for the second time that day.

She couldn't help herself, she jerked and shuddered and thrashed on top of Robert as she felt his cock deep inside her belly. Robert, using his hands on her waist, began to raise her up and lower her down onto his pole with an increasing tempo. Every time he jammed her body down onto him, he would simultaneously thrust up into her as hard as he could...he was literally pounding her cunt. Debra's marvelous tits were flopping uncontrollably on her chest.

Andy and Gianni, meanwhile were growing weary of being bystanders, and Gianni climbed onto the bed behind Debra, also straddling Robert. Gianni had always been an "ass man" and he couldn't wait any longer to violate Debra's backdoor. Her wonderful, round ass was still coated in her own juices from Andy's oral expertise, so Gianni rubbed his cock against her crack a few times and lubricated himself for the plunge. Robert, seeing what Gianni intended, wrapped his arms around Debra and pulled her down against his chest.

Suddenly Debra felt Gianni nudge against her asshole and started to protest. She was actually an anal virgin, neither she or Ray had ever been interested in that variation. Gianni didn't even hear her protests, as he began to push against her incredibly tight sphincter. Once Gianni broke through her ass muscle, he just continued to drive his cock into her until his balls slapped against her ass cheeks.

As Robert and Gianni began to move their cocks inside her, Debra just threw her head back and shrieked. She had her third orgasm of the day as her body was completely and utterly stuffed with hard cock. Her holes had never been stretched so far (at least not that she remembered). The feeling was indescribable as she had spasm after spasm, she literally thought she lost consciousness momentarily.

As she became aware of her surroundings again, she saw Andy climb onto the bed beside her and kneel beside Robert. He was holding his cock in his hand and offering it to her. She knew what he wanted, but wasn't sure she could get her mouth around that "soda can." She opened her mouth as wide as possible and Andy stuffed the head of his cock past her ruby lips. He only had the head in her mouth and already it was necessary for Debra to breathe from her nose. As he continued to push his meat into Debra's sweet face, Andy knew he wouldn't be able to last long. He could feel her tongue playing with the underside of his cock, and this was the culmination of his fantasies. Countless times he had jerked off with the vision of Debra's luscious lips wrapped around his dick. He wished he had a camera to save this moment for posterity. He really wanted to spurt his seed all over her wonderful tits, but they were trapped between a Gianni and Robert sandwich, so he conceded that he would be filling her throat.

Debra was in heaven. She would never admit it to the guys, but she now knew there was no better feeling in the world than being totally filled with huge cock. She was positive she was enjoying herself much more than they were. Robert and Gianni were pounding into her pussy and ass at a violent pace, like they were trying to punish her. Suddenly Andy grabbed the back of her head and held her firm against his groin as she felt his cock erupt into her throat.

As Andy emptied himself in Debra's mouth, Robert scolded her, "You better swallow every drop of that, because if even one drop gets on me, I'll slap you silly."

She gulped and slurped and managed to contain Andy's whole load, as he withdrew from her widened mouth. Gianni stopped drilling her ass and pulled out, she assumed to dump his load on her back, but instead he asked Robert, "Is there room for two in there?"

"The more the merrier, my friend," Robert replied.

Her eyes bulged as she felt Gianni's cock trying to stuff it's way into her pussy beside Robert's monster tool. She was certain her cunt would split open as she felt it stretch even further...but it didn't, and Gianni drove the second cock to the hilt.

"Jesus Christ," she yelled as Robert and Gianni, in unison, began thrusting in and out of her cunt.

The feeling was unbelievable, she felt bloated like after Thanksgiving dinner. While the two cocks continued to ram into Debra's completely stuffed pussy, Andy positioned himself beside her and jammed two fingers up her already open ass. This was too much and Debra lost herself in orgasm. As if to make her sensation even more heightened, Robert and Gianni rammed up inside her with full force and began pumping their seed deep inside her cunt. Debra could feel their huge cocks twitching and jerking deep inside her belly as they flooded her cunt with hot cum. They continued to pump their seed into her for what seemed like an hour, but she knew it was only a couple of minutes.

Gianni had collapsed on top of her and Robert, and Robert finally yelled, "Hey, asshole, get the hell off me."

Gianni withdrew his shriveling cock, got off the bed, and Robert rolled Debra to the side as he sat up. Debra felt empty without any cocks inside her and somewhat depressed that it was over.

Robert spoke up, "Well, Deb, that wasn't bad for starters. We know the kids will be coming home soon, and we don't want to involve them, so we'll be going now."

As the guys dressed to leave, an exhausted Debra still lay on the bed as Andy stared at her nude body. He couldn't help notice that her stretched out cunt was still wide open.

As they went out the door, Robert reminded her, "See you tomorrow!"

Debra was conflicted: she was depressed because she now knew that this extortion would never end, and on the other hand, she had never felt more sexually fulfilled. She actually felt wonderful. When she stood to put on her robe, her still open pussy flooded her thighs with Robert's and Gianni's cum. She wiped herself clean with her pajama top and went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee before taking a shower.

As she was pouring a steaming hot cup, she heard the back door slam and turned around to find her ogre of a father-in-law standing inside the door, obviously upset about something. Her first thought was to curse the "posse" for not re-locking the door when they left, and next to be totally annoyed at another uninvited visit from Frank.

His face was flushed and she assumed he had another argument with Marie until he bellowed, "You slut...Garvin just showed me some very interesting pictures. All this time you have been making Raymond beg for it, when you are actually an insatiable whore. You always acted like you were better than the I know the truth !"

"But Frank," pleaded Debra, "I can explain. Your buddy Garvin drugged me. You can't believe that was really how I would act."

"Yeh right," answered Frank, "What did he do give you some bad Metamucil? All I know is that you've been teasing and flaunting your body around here for years, and acting like it was I know, you are really a cock-hound. Well, get ready bitch, because Frank wants a piece of that ass now."

"No, Frank; you can't mean that," cried Debra.

"Either you put out, or Marie and Lois (Debra's mother) see those pictures today," Frank proudly announced.

Frank advanced on Debra, backed her up against the kitchen table, grasped the front of her robe with both hands, and in one motion ripped it open, displaying her naked body in all it's glory. "Holy crap," exclaimed a stunned Frank, "that Raymond is one lucky bastard!"

He bent Debra back onto the table and proceeded to suck her left nipple into his eager mouth. Debra was repulsed, she thought she might wretch as the wrinkled, old lecher sucked and groped her huge tits.

Frank stood back up and looked Debra up and down...he couldn't believe his luck. He stared at her just-fucked pussy which still resembled a hole more than a slit and remarked, "That's some inviting snatch you got there, Deb, if I didn't know better I'd swear my boy Robert had beat me to the punch. He's hung like his old man. Unfortunately, as you know, Raymond did not inherit that trait. Well, get ready to get fucked by a real man."

Frank fumbled with his belt and pants; and when he dropped them along with his boxers, she saw that he was right. His old cock was heavily veined, and actually had a couple bends and bulges in it, but it was a very impressive twelve inches long and surprisingly thick. It resembled a tree branch as it waved in front of him.

As always, when he wanted something, Frank wasted no time with preliminaries as he moved forward; reached down between them and lined his cock up with Debra's hole. With her bent back on the table, her pussy was at the perfect height as Frank wedged his cock-head between her spread lips and lunged forward. He went balls-deep in one thrust; grabbed her around the waist and just held them together. "Jeez Louise that feels great," Frank shouted, "that is one hot, wet pussy."

It was a good thing she was freshly fucked, Debra thought to herself, or that would have hurt. As it was, if she closed her eyes and forgot it was that disgusting old bastard, his cock actually felt pretty great inside her. The bends and bulges were hitting all the right spots, if she just couldn't smell his Ben-Gay.

Frank withdrew very slowly and then rammed forward with all his might until his balls were slapping against Debra's ass. He did this a few times, and then started to fuck her as hard and fast as his old body would allow. He reached out and grabbed both her bouncing tits with his huge hands and roughly kneaded them. He found he could really pound into her with her sandwiched between him and the table. Frank definitely wasn't making love to Debra; he was fucking her.

Frank was starting to breathe very heavily when he reached down with his right hand, located Debra's extended clit, and pinched it as hard as he could. She couldn't be sure if it was pain or pleasure, but Debra absolutely exploded and gushed all around Frank's cock. He jammed into her, ground his pelvis against hers, and his cock erupted deep inside her belly. She could feel him spurting way up in her belly, and it was long and hot. She wondered to herself how much cum had been inside her today.

Frank's shriveling cock plopped out of her hole, followed by a stream of his juices. As he was zipping up his pants, he commented, "That's one nice cunt you got there, Debra, you better get yourself cleaned up before the kids get home."

Debra pulled her robe around her and watched Frank grab a donut off the table, as he went out the back door.

She couldn't believe how her life had changed in just one day. She knew that she would dread it every time the doorbell rang from now on...but on the other hand, she had never had such great sex. What was that line from the movie... "Life is like a box of chocolates...."


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