(Fictional story about fictional characters)

(A sequel to "Debra's Anniversary")

Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Helps Out (M+F,F-solo,oral,anal,inter,BDSM,medic,squirt)
by Shaggy77

Never in a hundred years did Debra Barone dream that the lousy economy would have such a direct and drastic effect on her family; but it had. The economy, coupled with the effects of the digital age, had created a crisis in the Barone household. New York Newsday, where her husband Ray had worked, had furloughed all of its sportswriters; and was now paying them just for the free-lance articles they submitted; that were accepted for publication. She knew "furlough" was just a fancy word for "laid-off." They had eliminated all "staff-writers." She probably should have seen this coming because subscriptions for the newspaper had been falling precipitously for quite some one bought a newspaper anymore; they just read then online. Now, just three months later, they were already starting to feel major effects with their finances. Sure, everyone always tells you to "put away" ten or twenty percent of your income for "a rainy day" or for retirement. Ray did have a retirement account, but he couldn't touch it until he was fifty-five. They had no savings to speak of; how could they; they had three children and a fairly large mortgage. Now they were going to have difficulty making next months payments.

Ray was able to sell a few articles to the paper; but no where near enough to equal his former salary. No one else ever mentioned it; but Debra blamed herself for their lack of financial stability, because she had stopped working outside the home when pregnant with Ally; and had never gone back. She had not produced any income in about eight years.

Ray's overbearing parents, Marie and Frank, lived right across the street; but they had not offered any financial assistance; and Ray would never ask. They were a strange family...his parents would jump at the chance to help out with the kids, or around the house; but they were as tight with their money as a fat man's belt. Ray's brother Robert was a Sergeant with the NYPD, but he had borrowed money from her and Ray; so he would be no help.

Debra knew that after paying the next months bills; they would essentially be out of cash; so she was desperate. She remembered that her friend, and professional photographer, Sheila had mentioned that she sometimes took photographs of models and sold them to "niche" magazines...magazines that had a very limited and select clientele. She knew the twins, Michael and Geoffrey, needed new sneakers; and that Ally had school pictures coming up next month; so she decided to call Sheila.

Sheila was overjoyed to hear from Debra, but sympathized with her predicament. She thought for a moment, and then told Debra that she thought she may have the perfect assignment for her; as long as she didn't mind getting kinky...and naked. Debra was intimately acquainted with Sheila and had expected the latter. She would just tell Ray that the pictures were for advertisements; like being a "hand" model for dish detergent or something. Sheila mentioned the compensation amount; and Debra accepted immediately; although the inflated amount suggested to her that it must be something really kinky. Sheila told her that she did not have to bring anything special to the sitting; and they made an appointment.

When she arrived at Sheila's garage studio; the two friends embraced and quickly went upstairs to discuss the shoot. To say it was a garage studio was to give it an injustice: the garage was a full three car building; with a full second floor. The studio was as large as a small house. Debra had been there before when having boudoir photos taken for her tenth anniversary...and things had gotten out of hand. She, Sheila , Sheila's husband Bill, and his business partner George; had all had a very erotic encounter that she would never forget. The two friends sat on a comfy sofa in the office area of the studio; and Sheila began to explain about the photo shoot.

"I have several magazines I submit photos to," she began, "and I think I have one that would be perfect for you. I take some pictures for "Jugz" magazine; but they really want obscenely enormous breasts. Your breasts are magnificent; just not grossly over-sized. I think you are perfect for the bondage magazine I submit photos to. You could probably even wear a mask to cover your face...just in case someone you know should see them. So what do you think, Debra?"

"If you weren't kidding about the money you quoted me on the phone; I'm definitely in," answered Debra without hesitating.

"Great, " Sheila exclaimed, "since I already knew your size, I hung some outfits in the changing room for you. Why don't you go change, and I'll set up the cameras. Meet you in the 'bedroom.' "

Debra eagerly entered the changing room, and found some leather clothes hanging on hooks, waiting for her. She quickly stripped off all her clothes and shoes, and examined the leathers. The leather pants were very tight and she had a difficult time pulling them up to her waist. They actually didn't come all the way to her waist; they were very low hip-huggers. She chuckled to herself when she saw they had a zipper that went all the way from the rear waistband, down under the crotch, all the way up to the front waistband; so that when the zipper was opened; both her ass and her pubic area would be exposed. She smiled when she remembered she had shaved herself completely that morning in anticipation of something just like this.

She next donned a short leather vest, that zipped up the front, and squeezed her chest like an old fashioned corset. The vest also had zippers at strategic locations: there was a zipper across each nipple area. The vest itself was so short that her whole stomach, and belly button, area was exposed. She had to admit it was very erotic. The hip-huggers were so low that they only came to about an inch above her slit; and actually left some of her ass crack exposed. The remaining article of clothing was a full leather hood; it reminded her of "Batman's " cowl. The hood would cover her whole head; and also had zippers for the mouth and eyes. Without putting on the hood; she scrutinized her figure in the full-length mirror; and found herself getting aroused. She really did look hot...and she still had the zippers closed. The outfit was so tight that it emphasized the little paunch she had around the middle; but she still knew she looked sexy. The final addition to the outfit was a pair of five-inch black stiletto heels that accentuated her shapely legs.

In the distance she heard Sheila call, "Are you about ready, or do you need some help in there."

Debra answered her by emerging from the changing room and waddling into the "bedroom." The outfit was so tight-fitting that she had difficulty maneuvering her way. The "bedroom" was so named because it contained a huge brass bed used for boudoir photographs. Debra observed that the bed had been pushed to one wall; and there were several other pieces of furniture; more accurately labeled "apparatus," in the room.

Sheila whistled appreciatively, and exclaimed, " you look stunning Debra; the long red hair will be the highlight of the outfit. It will frame the hood when you put it on."

Sheila took the hood from Debra; opened the three zippers; and helped her pull it down over her head; completely obscuring everything but her eyes and lips. As she predicted; the red hair protruding under the hood was very sensuous. She had drawn down a faded-brick looking background; and had Debra stand in front of it while striking several poses. Debra had trouble hearing Sheila's directions with the tight hood covering her ears, and several times had to ask her to repeat them. Sheila understood; and tried to just manually move Debra's body into the desired poses. She unzipped the zipper covering Debra's left nipple, and her breast escaped through the opening ; pushing and twisting itself obscenely. After snapping a couple photos; she similarly released the right zipper; and Debra's other breast exploded through the opening under pressure. Her nipples were a bright red, where they had been irritated by the rough zippers.

Sheila slowly unzipped the crotch zipper, all the way from front to back, taking pictures every couple of inches. When Debra's ass cheeks had squeezed through the opening completely; Sheila directed her to turn around and bend over to touch her toes. Her ass looked much bigger than it actually was, being forced out through the zipper opening. When she bent over; Sheila could see her, now moist, slit between her legs and focused the camera on it. She instructed Debra to reach behind her and spread her cheeks. Sheila took a few more shots, and then told Debra to relax for a few minutes while she positioned some props. Debra took the opportunity to remove the hood because it was incredibly tight and hot.

Meanwhile, Sheila was moving a couple of wooden sawhorses, and crates in front of the fake brick wall and the effect was very rough and primitive. She informed Debra that the aficionados of the bondage magazines seemed to enjoy things crude and tough. She took the break as an occasion to rub some lubrication on Debra's exposed nipples and around her mound. She said the sheen would look more erotic in the pictures. When Debra had tugged the hood back on, and they resumed the shoot; Sheila had Debra sit on one of the crates and spread her legs wide. With the zipper completely open; Debra's slightly parted pussy lips were on display. Sheila actually focused an intense light between her legs to highlight Debra's cunt. She asked Debra to use the fingers on both hands to spread her pussy lips as far as she could. Sheila was amazed what a bright shade of pink the lights caused the inside of Debra's cunt to exude. She knew these shots were golden.

Sheila asked Debra, "Are you game for a couple of more extreme shots? I think I can get you a little more money."

"Every little bit will help," replied Debra, "this hood is making me more brave."

Sheila opened her prop cabinet, and produced some wooden clothespins and an empty beer bottle.

As she approached Debra, Sheila admitted, "This may sting a little, but no gain."

She proceeded to clamp a clothespin onto each of Debra's gumdrop sized nipples. Debra groaned slightly; saw that Sheila still had two clothespins remaining; read her mind; and spread her legs. With one hand, Sheila pulled Debra's cunt lips out, then clipped a clothespin to each. Debra was surprised that the ones on her nipples actually hurt more; but even that pain was beginning to dull already. Sheila had a satisfied smile on her face as she snapped pictures. She asked Debra if she would mind inserting the tip of the bottle into her slit. Debra rubbed the neck of the bottle up and down her slit, lubricating it; and then slid the tip inside her cunt.

The clamped nipples; the clothespins on her cunt lips; and now the tip of the bottle tickling the inside of her pussy; and Debra was incredibly aroused. She began working the bottle inside her even farther; all the while Sheila was taking photos. Debra had five inches of the glass bottle inside her cunt and began fucking herself with it...she couldn't help herself. Sheila got as close to Debra as she could, focusing on the bottle penetrating her cunt at a blazing speed. Just as she thought Debra was approaching her climax; Sheila released the two clothespins on her nipples. The sudden rush of blood back into her sensitive nipples was unbelievably painful; and yet stimulating at the same time. Debra jammed the bottle up into her pussy; leaned back; and shrieked; as her body shuddered and jerked.

She had released the bottle, and Sheila eased it out of her pussy; discharging a stream of fluid onto the floor. Sheila unclamped Debra's cunt lips; and assisted Debra in removing the leather hood. She was breathing heavily and her face was flushed from her orgasm, and the restraint of the hood.

"Holy crap," declared Debra, "sorry about that; I just got carried away."

"No need to apologize Debra," Sheila assured her, "I got some great shots; you get yourself together; get dressed; and I'll have your cash ready."

Debra took a few minutes to recover; got dressed; and gratefully accepted her compensation. Sheila implored her to call if she ever needed money again; and Debra pledged that she would.

She had made enough money to completely cover the next month's bills, and felt a sense of pride that she had finally contributed to the family income. The problem was, that the next month, the same bills needed paying; along with their school tax bill, and Ray was still not working steady. He had sold a few free-lance articles, but not nearly enough to cover their debts. With some trepidation, she again called her friend Sheila to inquire about possible employment. Sheila informed her that she was pretty slow right now, but they could take some file photos in case a future order came through. She hesitated a moment; and then told Debra that if she was in desperate need of money; she knew of a bondage club that was always on the lookout for a new "subject."

Debra was indeed feeling desperate; and expressed interest in the club. Sheila told her that it would pay extyremely well, but would involve total submission to the club members; and she would have to agree to let them "use" her any way they pleased.

Debra paused for a few moments; contemplating the possibilities of such an agreement; then replied, "I'm long as they agree that nothing can leave marks that last more than a few hours." Sheila told Debra that she would contact the club; show them some of Debra's pictures; and if they agreed to the terms, she would connect with Debra with a date.

Two days later, Sheila called Debra and asked her to be at a certain address on Saturday evening, and be prepared to spend several hours. She assured Debra that the people were acquaintances of hers and she would be perfectly safe. Ray was actually overjoyed to hear that she had another photo shoot...he had already received a few "second notices" from some of their creditors. He didn't even ask his usual "twenty questions" about the job. He volunteered to watch the kids all evening; and Debra knew he would be sharing the duties with his mother. Marie was a real overbearing bitch most of the time; but she was great with the kids.

As Debra drove the short distance to the address Sheila had given her, she was thinking that she couldn't imagine there were things like this going on so close to her own home. She was beginning to have second thoughts about the neighborhood she lived in...and for once; the reason wasn't her in-laws. She guessed Robert was right when he said that you just never knew what was going on behind closed doors. She laughed under her breath and reminded herself, that she shouldn't "throw stones," because here she was going to join them. She didn't really know much about the bondage fetish; but she had let Sheila take those pictures, so she assumed that there would probably be some domination involved. She was becoming slightly aroused at the thought of being totally submissive to strange men. Sheila had told her not to bring any extra clothes, because whatever they wanted her to wear; they would provide. She found the house, and was fully impressed with the neighborhood. It was only a few blocks from Montauk Beach; and all the homes were extremely elegant and expensive

She hurriedly applied some bright red lipstick (Maraschino Cherry, it was called), using the rearview mirror; walked the long length of the driveway; and rang the bell. In the background, she could hear many distant voices engaged in conversation; as the door was opened by a very tall, very handsome, distinguished looking man; she judged to be in his late forties.

He immediately extended his hand and politely introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Doug; you must be Debra. Please come in. Sheila has told me all about you, and we're delighted that you decided to join us this evening." He helped her off with her coat; hung it in the foyer; and motioned for her to follow him down a long hallway, saying, "Everyone is down in the "Rec" room waiting...they can't wait to meet you."

He couldn't have seemed any more pleasant; but suddenly Debra was having doubts about the evening ahead. She didn't know why; maybe it was the sound of all the strange voices; or just the unknown in general. When they had descended into the recreation room in the basement, Debra was convinced that she wanted to be filthy, stinking rich. The "Rec" room was larger than her whole downstairs area; with a twelve foot ceiling. She quickly took count of the number of people in the room; and there were seven others; not counting her and Doug...and they were all men. Men wearing all types of leather outfits; some revealing, and some not. Upon seeing Debra they all formed a haphazard line by Doug; and he proceeded to introduce them. Debra couldn't remember all their names, and she wasn't sure she wanted to. The men were of all sizes and shapes. Five white and three black. One of the black men was conspicuous because of his size...he was abnormally large. He must have been six feet, ten inches tall; and solid. He must have noticed Debra staring because he introduced himself as Jerome; saying he had played college football until he blew out his knee; now he was a successful sports agent.

Doug sat Debra on a large, overstuffed sofa; and tried to explain the ground-rules for the evening; "You see Debra, we are all very successful and of considerable wealth; and consequently have extremely boring lives. We all get together on the weekends to have a little fun. Sometimes the wives join us; sometimes, like tonight, they do not. We are not into extreme pain, or anything of the kind; but we do like to dominate. We promise you that you will not actually be harmed; Sheila explained about the "leave no marks" clause, and we understand. We have modified all our whips, so that they will be lightly felt; but not leave any signs. Your "safe word" for the evening will be "Sheila." If at any time you utter that word; the evening will come to a close immediately. Basically, your only job is to allow us to possess your body tonight. If you agree to these terms; please step into the bathroom and change into just the robe hanging there; and the heels...Sheila was kind enough to provide your size," and he indicated a door on the side of the room.

Debra, nervous but not frightened, nodded her approval; rose to her feet; and entered the Recreation room bathroom. It was amazing. The bathroom was larger than the one she shared with Ray. It was tile everywhere, and she noticed that the toilet even had a bidet. The tub/shower enclosure and sink looked like they were marble, with ornate brass fixtures. She quickly stripped off all her clothes, and slipped into the extremely lush white terrycloth robe, and the five-inch black stiletto heels. The heels stretched her legs taut and made them seem endlessly long. She fluffed her long red hair, making sure it cascaded sensuously down her back and shoulders.

When she emerged from the bathroom Doug had changed into leather pants, with a strategic round cut-out in the crotch area that left his long, slender cock dangling for all to see. He also wore an open black leather vest. She hadn't noticed before because they were all crowded together, but a couple others had on similar pants. The sofa had been pushed up against a wall and replaced with a strange looking apparatus. When Debra saw it, all she could think of, was the platform that the knife thrower at the circus uses to attach his victim to, when he spins her around and throws his knives blindfolded. Except it wasn't a circle; it was more like a giant X; with straps attached at the tips of the extensions, and a wide leather belt in the middle, at the intersection. It didn't take a vivid imagination to guess that before long she would be strapped to that apparatus.

Doug, not the least bit self-conscious about his exhibitionism, took her arm and guided her to the center of the room, in front of the large X. He and another man, whose name she couldn't recall, stood on each side of her; untied the robe's belt; slid the robe off her pale shoulders; and let it fall to the floor, where it pooled around her heels. She was now completely nude in front of eight strange men, and she could feel her skin flush from head to toe. When her robe hit the floor; there was a collective sound in the room like everyone had sucked in their breath simultaneously. She was really quite stunning. Her magnificent breasts were a full 38D, with just a trace of a sag; and her pubic area was completely shaved, revealing her prominent pussy lips, and slit.

She heard disjointed comments like, "breathtaking;" "outstanding;" "wow;" and "delicious."

Doug placed a black leather mask around her head; one that still allowed her to see. To Debra, it resembled a "Zorro" or "Lone Ranger" Michael or Geoffrey might wear to play cowboys. Then, what she recognized as, a ball-gag was inserted in her mouth. The ball had several perforations in it, almost like a "whiffle" ball, so she could breath quite comfortably. The two men then backed her up to the form; placed a short stool for her to stand on; and proceeded to secure her four limbs, and waist, until she was attached, spread eagle to the spacious X. She realized that her legs were spread so wide that her slit must be wide open; allowing everyone in the room to view inside her pussy. A third man produced a short chain with, what appeared to be, small stainless steel clothespins attached to each end. He advanced, and clipped them to both of Debra's gumdrop sized nipples. Her groan was muffled by the gag, as Debra acknowledged the pain.

Another one of the club members kneeled in front of Debra's crotch and carefully clipped two steel clothespins onto each of her labia. Her ass squirmed against the wooden form as she tried to back away from the pain. Despite the electrifying pain; Debra could feel her pussy becoming moist with excitement. Then a question, she had been wondering , was answered...the X did indeed spin.

Doug gave the form a shove, and it began to spin around...even with the discomfort; Debra wanted to yell, "Give me a vowel," as she went around at a dizzying speed.

When the form came to a stop; all the men surrounded the upright X; and when Debra's eyes were finally able to focus; she noticed they all had whips or cat-o'-nine tails in their hands. When the dizziness subsided, and she was able to concentrate again; she was aware that the clips on her pussy lips were quite uncomfortable and causing a dull ache in her entire groin area. Two of the men stepped forward and removed the clips from her nipples and her lips; causing the blood to rush back to those areas. The pain was excruciating...much worse than in Sheila's studio. Debra assumed this was because these clamp were much tighter. While the pain was at it's peak; the men began stroking her body with their whips. They had replaced the more rigid, more painful, leather straps with soft cords made of cloth. They reminded Debra of the cords on an old fashioned mop.

They whipped a little harder, and there was a stinging sensation; but it didn't really hurt (or leave lasting marks; which was a major priority). Debra was beginning to be noticeably aroused. Her sore nipples had grown even larger as the whips trailed across them; occasionally stinging; and there was visible moisture between her wide spread legs. She wanted, in the worst way, to touch herself...but, of course, could not. A couple of the club members were concentrating on whipping her pussy; and sometimes the cords of the whips stroked between her lips, actually making contact with the inside of her cunt. Her excited clit was starting to peek out of its' sheath and it did not go unnoticed by the men. One of the men had been carefully wielding a riding crop, and took this opportunity to slide about five inches of its slender handle up into Debra's soaking cunt. This, coupled with the cords of the whips striking her swollen clit, sent Debra into convulsions of orgasm. Her body jerked and strained against the restraints, as her cunt sent a "gusher" squirting onto the floor.

She moaned through the gag; and her body went limp, as the members continued to flagellate her naked form. She was a spectacular subject and her nipple and pussy areas were now highlighted by their redness. As her body hung listlessly; she was surprised when one of the men began turning a large crank; and the entire X form began to recline; until it came to a stop about three feet above the floor. It now resembled a sizable, X-shaped, table; and she was laying flat on her back, secured to it. She could feel her juices now dribbling down between her ass cheeks. A very tall, gray-haired man approached between her obscenely spayed legs; and when she raised her head to observe, she could see he had a doctor's speculum in his hand. She didn't need any external lubrication; and he wasted no time sliding the closed instrument into her pussy; and adjusting it so that her lips, and cunt were completely spread open for all to inspect.

"You have a magnificent vagina, Debra," the man remarked, while inspecting her so close that his nose actually bumped her thigh, "it's difficult to believe you have children."

"That's high praise coming from him Debra," stated Doug, "He should know; Clifford's a gynecologist."

They all took turns inspecting her hole close up. Debra knew she should be embarrassed; but she was too aroused to be bashful. Several of the men were now fondling and kneading her wonderful breasts, as they lay flattened on her chest. Every now and then someone would harshly pinch a nipple, sending tingles through her body. Clifford removed the speculum, and almost as an afterthought; he stooped to lap up some of her fluids from between her ass cheeks. Her naked body was being caressed and stroked by countless hands, causing Debra to be in a constant state of arousal.

Doug removed the mask and ball-gag, explaining, "We are going to need that mouth."

There was no support for her head on the X-shaped frame, so her head hung down over the edge...her stunning, long red hair flowing like a waterfall toward the floor. She heard someone summon Jerome, the former football player, to come forward. As he emerged from the crowd, Debra raised up her head and involuntarily drew in her breath. He was now completely naked, and she could see that he was indeed a freak of nature. She recalled surfing the net one day and accidentally being connected to a web site called "monster cocks;" the first time had been a mistake, but she had revisited it many times. The web site, of course, featured penises that were of extreme proportions; but none of them could compare to the freak hanging between Jerome's ebony thighs. Flaccid, it hung down to his knees; and swayed back and forth when he walked like an elephant's trunk. It had to be as big around as her forearm; and the crown was the size of a naval orange. She was immediately struck by two emotions: one, that there was no way his cock would fit inside her pussy; and two, she had never wanted anything more in her life, than to be fucked by that monster.

Jerome was obviously a legend in the club, because everyone else crowded around Debra's prone form to watch the proceedings. He stepped purposefully between Debra's outstretched legs, and laid his log on her naked stomach. It reached well past her belly button and pointed between her magnificent tits. The slit in his crown seemed to be looking at her, like a snake's eye. Someone handed him a bottle of lube and he squirted it the entire length of his cock as it lay on Debra. As he spread the oily substance on his tool, using his hand, it began to grow...and grow...and grow. If Debra wasn't so totally aroused, she would have thought his deformity was obscene. She thought that it was a wonder that he wasn't lightheaded because of all the blood that must be filling his monster.

Fully erect, it stretched almost all the way to her breasts. It didn't point straight up; presumably because of it's weight; but it did rise off her belly. He smiled at Debra...a kindly smile; not a mean, malicious one. He backed up until his cock head was poised at the entrance to her slit. It was amazing; she could see the huge orange-sized crown between her legs; visible above her thighs. Someone squirted lube generously over her mound, and two of the others volunteered to spread her cunt lips apart. She was now wide open and prepared for his assault. She balled up her restrained hands and held her breath. He slowly wedged the head between her lips and pushed steadily forward stretching her entrance to the ripping point. Just as she was about to scream; the "orange" popped through, and her cunt swallowed it.

There was a collective sigh, and Debra momentarily relaxed; as Jerome, thankfully, paused. He began pushing forward again; stretching her cunt as he wedged his enormous cock deeper inside her. She watched her stomach distend as he pushed deeper into her reminded her of one of those horror movies where the victim had an alien being growing in his stomach. Her cunt was being expanded beyond all imagination. The feeling was indescribable; she felt stuffed, like she had eaten a seven course meal. Debra thought that someone could jam their entire arm, up to the elbow, inside her; and it still wouldn't stretch her pussy wider than Jerome's massive cock. He inched forward between her legs; sliding deeper inside her until his cock head reached her uterus and halted. Debra finally exhaled and lay back; her head tilted down toward the floor. The feeling of being so utterly filled with cock was incredible...she thought that if she hadn't been secured to the form, Jerome could have walked around the room with her impaled on his cock; unsupported.

As her head hung down, Clifford approached her with his long, slender erection leading the way. She opened her mouth instinctively; and accepted his cock. The way her head was hanging back; his cock easily lodged deep down her throat; and she resembled a bird swallowing a live worm. Suddenly Jerome began withdrawing his prodigious weapon, and Debra felt like all the air was being sucked out of her. As his cock scraped against the walls of her cunt, she found herself breathless, and tried to back her head away from the cock in her mouth. Clifford, reading her signals, backed away and let her breathe freely. Jerome's huge cock head rubbed her "G-spot" on the way out and Debra felt her body begin to react. Abruptly, there were a dozen hands caressing her body; kneading her huge tits; and squeezing her nipples. Jerome, without warning, rammed his massive meat up into Debra's cunt; his balls smacking against her cheeks.

Debra's body, caught off guard, shuddered violently, and she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Jesus H Christ..fuck me...fuck me hard."

Jerome grabbed her hips with his oversized hands, and began thrusting up into her pussy as hard as he could. His dark cock was coated with her white cum, as he repeatedly jammed it into her stretched out hole. She tilted her head back again to accept Clifford's waiting rod; and he eased it past her lips and down her throat. She sucked on it as Jerome battered her pussy. Hands were everywhere; stimulating her incessantly. Her wonderful tits flopped around on her chest as Jerome thrust into her; her nipples constantly pinched and nibbled by countless hands and mouths. She opened her hands and members laid their erections in her palms. With her wrists restrained; all she could do was squeeze them; but no one was complaining. She lost count of how many times she came around Jerome's invading monster. There was no gushing now...there was not a centimeter of room for anything to be expelled from her hole...there was merely a constant "sloshing" inside her.

It was almost impossible to concentrate on the erection in her mouth while Jerome was pounding into her; she was concerned that she might bite down a little too vigorously (but maybe, since this was a bondage club; that little added pain would be welcome).

As if announcing royalty at the entrance of the ballroom; Jerome yelled out to the room, "OK everyone; it's time."

Clifford immediately withdrew from her throat; and everyone else stopped caressing and fondling her, to gather eagerly around the platform. Debra raised up her head and peered down between her legs; since that was where everyone else was looking...with obvious anticipation of something. Jerome stuffed his gigantic cock up into her pussy as far as possible; and then it was like something had exploded inside her cunt. His monster began to twitch and jerk; and she felt the inside walls of her pussy expand even more. He was filling her with his seed and it was as if a fire hose shooting hot water was buried in her belly. He slowly withdrew his trembling cock, which was still ejaculating. When he had extricated his giant from her hole; he laid it on her stomach, where it continued to spurt in great quantities. He managed to coat her flattened tits, and more than a few drops splattered her flushed face. She corralled every drop she could reach with her tongue, and swallowed them. She dropped her head back to allow Clifford access to her throat again.

As their cum flowed; not dripped; out of her wide open hole onto the floor, like an overflowing sink; the members actually applauded Jerome's performance. It was obvious that the quantity of his ejaculations was legendary. A towel was thrown on the floor to absorb the "overflow," and a couple of the men used towels to wipe Debra's chest (she guessed that no one wanted to be licking another man's spunk off her tits). Two of the members just stood between her legs staring; waiting for her hole to close up slightly, so they could take their turns; and she might actually feel them inside her. Then a scheme passed through their brains simultaneously, and they crowded between her widespread legs with their erections bobbing before them. They each had a cock slightly larger than average; with one being fatter than the other. It was difficult to maneuver, but they managed to stuff both of their cocks into her pussy at the same time. Because of their bodies being in the way; they were only able to cram a few inches inside her; but it was a very erotic sight to see two cocks in her cunt.

It was a completely different sensation for Debra; having two cocks, each moving independently of the other, in her pussy. When one cock was thrusting into her; the other was sometimes withdrawing. Other times they moved as one large prick filling her hole. Clifford finally began climax; and he withdrew his slender tool from her throat; held it in her mouth; and began to squirt against her teeth. Debra tightened her lips around his cock and began to siphon every drop possible from his balls. She wondered if every man's cum had a distinct taste...she figured she would have a good sampling tonight. She had never much liked to give oral sex; but for some reason, she was enjoying sucking Clifford dry. When he was through pumping her mouth full of his sperm; Clifford slowly withdrew his shriveling cock; allowing Debra to lick every drop off his shaft.

He stepped away to allow the next in line access to the lovely "Maraschino Cherry" covered lips. A black man, whose name she didn't remember, immediately took Clifford's place. His cock was actually quite short; but distinctive in its girth. His stubby cock was probably as big around as a soda can, and Debra has difficulty stretching her lips around it. She was thankful that it wasn't longer, because there was no way she would have been able to breathe with that plugging her throat. As she tickled its length with her tongue; she felt the dual cocks in her pussy twitching, and spraying their semen into her. Doug had a good idea, and released her wrists from their restraints; allowing her to actually jerk-off the cocks in her hands.

For the next hour, the men continued to circle around Debra's magnificent nude body; and use every hole available. After every member had the opportunity to fuck her bald pussy; Doug released all her restraints; helped Debra to stand; and guided her , once again, to the comfortable sofa. As she walked; slightly unstable, because of exhaustion, and not being used to five-inch heels; the insides of her thighs were flooded with the accumulated fluids from her pussy. She left a trail all the way to the couch. Doug seemed unconcerned about the furniture, but handed her a towel so she could wipe off her shapely legs.

Every man in the room was thinking the same thing, "This is one sexy woman."

If Debra was thinking the evening was coming to a close; she was mistaken. After watching her strut those long, wonderful legs; her magnificent tits bobbing; and the cum dripping out of her slick pussy: there were now eight erections that needed more attention. Doug's penis was sticking straight up from his lap; and Debra wrapped her hand around it. The members had other ideas, as four of them; one at each limb; picked Debra straight up from the sofa; still in a seated position. Doug leaned back on the sofa and stretched out; his cock pointed at the ceiling like a flag pole. They positioned Debra's body so that his cock was lined up perfectly with her anus. Her ass cheeks were already spread apart by the way they were holding her; and they lowered her until Doug's crown was tightly wedged at her sphincter. The only lubrication was the cum that had dripped down between her cheeks.

Just as Debra was contemplating if she should voice her displeasure with anal sex; the men relaxed their hold on her; and her weight, and gravity took over. There must have been more semen on her ass than she had anticipated, because Doug's cock head easily penetrated her ass hole; and she just kept sinking until she was sitting on his lap...totally impaled on his pole. She sat there stunned; realizing that it didn't feel bad at all. Doug reached his arms around her chest and pulled her back onto his chest; kneading her impressive tits. The men who had been holding her legs, spread them even farther apart; exposing the pink between her slit. The man they called Jerry; whose cock reminded Debra of a large banana (because it was curved distinctly upward); converged on her crotch, and nudged his crown between her cunt lips. Without warning; he jammed his entire cock up into Debra's pussy; causing her body to , once again, convulse. This massive orgasm caught her completely by surprise; and her body thrashed around, as she was sandwiched by two cocks.

She breathlessly moaned, "Oh my God; jam those fucking cocks into me."

As Jerry and Doug thrust into her holes; the sensation of having two cocks inside her, separated by only a thin layer of skin, was overwhelming. She closed her eyes; concentrating on the pure pleasure coursing through her body; and felt the fingers of each hand being placed around hard cocks. She tried to jerk them off; but found it difficult to sustain much rhythm with so much cock inside her to focus on. When she opened her eyes, there was a gigantic snake staring between her was the tip of Jerome's monster cock. She knew her jaw would never open wide enough for penetration by that beast; but she opened it so that he could wedge the tip between her lips. She sucked on the tip and drew her tongue along his slit; tasting him. She was now servicing five cocks simultaneously; not bad for a middle-aged housewife, she thought. The truly surprising aspect; she had to admit to herself; was that the more cock she had in her pussy...the more she craved being fucked. Subconsciously, she knew she was becoming addicted to sex; obsessed with cock.

She was brought back to her senses by the twitching of Doug's hard cock in her asshole; and the resultant warmth that spread throughout her sphincter. As his softening cock slithered out of her ass; it was instantly replaced by another hard shaft; as someone else sat on the sofa and gathered her exquisite body in his lap. With the now, additional lubrication; this second anal penetration was even more pleasurable.

Within the subsequent hour; her stomach was filled with the cum she swallowed; her hands and face coated with semen; her nipples red and sore; and her holes violated countless additional times by all the members. She was thankful that Jerome had not insisted on penetrating her ass hole with his "abnormaility." He had, however, fucked her cunt again while another; much slimmer, cock was fucking her ass hole. It would have been much less enjoyable if it weren't for the excess lubrication provided by all the other members.

Finally, when all cocks in the "Rec room" were flaccid; Doug led Debra to the bathroom once again. She was covered with sperm, head to toes, as she stepped into the elegant shower. There was even gobs of semen dripping from her hair. She was totally exhausted and yet exhilarated as she soaped her aching body. She inspected herself for bruises or marks that she would have to explain to Ray; and finding none, was pleased with the outcome of the evening. She wondered if there were other sex-related activities where she could earn money...she would have to consult with Sheila. As she inspected her; still stretched wide open; cunt, she found herself wishing (even after all the night's activity), that someone was in the shower with her ramming a big fat cock up her pussy.

As she emerged from the bathroom to go home, she saw that most of the men had departed.

Doug was smiling and handed her an envelope, saying, "The guys were so impressed with you, and had such a great time; that they collected a, quite sizable, bonus for you. You are a truly beautiful woman Debra, and we hope you consider making a return visit...maybe next time with the wives involved."

On the drive home, Debra could not prevent a big grin from spreading across her face. She had just had the most pleasurable, exciting experience of her life...and she had gotten paid for it. There had to be future adventures in store for her.

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