Fictional story about fictional characters.

Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Helps Out Again - Debra Does Halloween (MF,orgy,oral,anal,fist,creampie,toys,drugs)
by Shaggy77

It had been several months since Raymond Barone had been "furloughed" from his position as a sports-columnist for New York Newsday. The Barones had been lucky, in that it turned out Ray had a rather large, devoted following; so that Newsday had been purchasing and publishing several of his free-lance offerings. But the income didn't come close to equaling his former steady salary; and mortgages, in good neighborhoods, on Long Island were not cheap. The Orthodontist had just informed Ray and Debra, that their daughter Ally would need braces for her teeth. Unfortunately, after the initial six month furlough; their dental insurance expired. In addition, Christmas was only two months away; and they had always spoiled Ally and the twins, Michael and Geoffrey. They certainly didn't want the children to suffer from Ray's "under-employment."

The furniture and futon store where Ray had worked many years ago when still single, was still under the same ownership, and had offered him a position as salesman/ deliveryman; but he had felt it was beneath him, and declined.

Debra's meddlesome and overbearing mother-in-law, Marie, had declared, "my Raymond will not stoop to manual labor; he's always been a delicate boy."

"You mean sissy boy. He's always been a Nancy," butted in his father, Frank.

Ray responded by asking Debra, " maybe that friend of yours, Sheila, has some more modeling work for you."

"I guess I can give her a call," Debra answered.

Debra was still somewhat resentful of Ray for putting the burden of closing the budget gap on her shoulders; but she became excited at the mention of Sheila's name. She had initially met Sheila, an accomplished photographer, after deciding to pose for some "boudoir" photos for her tenth anniversary. The photo session had concluded with an extremely erotic encounter with Sheila, her husband Bill, and his business partner George. It was the first time Debra had cheated on Ray...but not the last. In the months since; under the guise of "modeling;" she had performed at a couple clubs, catering to kinky sex; and had posed for some x-rated photographs for "niche" magazines. The performances had given her an insatiable appetite for deviant sex. Being honest with herself; she hoped that Sheila had something really erotic for her. Not only did the performances pay extremely well; but they satisfied her recently acquired desires.

She contacted Sheila the following day and was pleasantly rewarded with a very well compensated performance opportunity, right on Long Island. Sheila informed her that she knew of a coven of witches who were looking for a professional model to serve as a ceremonial sacrifice for their Halloween celebration. She told Debra that they were a group of suburban housewives and their husbands, who "played" witches to spice up their sex. She warned Debra that the atmosphere may appear foreboding; but no actual harm would befall any of the participants. She assured her that she personally knew one of the members; and would guarantee Debra's safety; and that the members were all perfectly wise. Sheila's acquaintance had already seen Debra's photo, and was intrigued by her long, red hair. Sheila gave Debra a phone number to contact if she was interested; and asked her to call and tell her how the encounter went.

Debra, curious about the opportunity, wasted no time and called the number immediately. A woman who identified herself as Aurora answered; and was overjoyed that Debra had been recommended by Sheila.

"Oh yes, we have dealt with Sheila before...we love her. As you have probably guessed; the job does indeed involve sexual acts; so if you are not comfortable with that prospect, we may as well end our contact now." Debra assured her that she was fine with that aspect. Aurora continued, " the ceremony will take place on Halloween night...we prefer to call it Samhain. We meet in a small private cemetery right here on Long Island. As you undoubtedly know, that is the night the veil between this world and the dead, is the thinnest. We are not actually witches; we merely tell people that we are practicing Wiccans because it is a more widely accepted belief than our true interest: we are devil-worshipers. That is the night we attempt to contact Him. We don't ask that you believe in our practice; just that you keep an open mind as the evening progresses. We will provide you with a ceremonial robe when you meet us at the cemetery. All we ask in terms of preparation, is that you completely shave your body hair...not your head, of course; we wouldn't want to change that beautiful red hair...but every other place. On that night we will require you to sign a "consent form," freeing us of any sexual abuse type claims. If you agree to these terms; I will give you the address of the cemetery; and we will see you then."

Debra readily agreed; wrote down the address; hung up; and then sat back to contemplate the upcoming performance date. She had to admit some trepidation concerning devil-worship; but she knew it was only a role-playing game and was already excited about the sexual possibilities.

On the afternoon of October 31, Debra indulged in a long, hot shower, during which she made sure her underarms, and pubic area were totally bare. She hefted her 38D breasts while the hot water cascaded down over them, and marveled at their firmness, "three kids, and just a trace of sag." They had enlarged to their current size when pregnant with the twins, and had retained their magnificence even after their birth. Ray had nicknamed them "Barnes & Noble." She smoothed body-wash over her shapely legs, and full round ass cheeks; her skin tingling at her own touch while anticipating the evening ahead. As she worked up a lather in her pubic area, she couldn't resist inserting a slick finger inside her pussy; teasing herself about what was ahead. After toweling off, she rubbed a thin coating of scented oil into her crotch area and got dressed. She made a quick trick-or-treat run around the neighborhood with the kids; then departed for her appointment.

Ray had purchased a GPS unit the year before, and she had no trouble locating the cemetery. It was one of those small private cemeteries that you would never know existed unless you had a loved one interred there or lived in the neighborhood. It was already completely dark when she was getting dark so early now; she hated that about the Fall and Winter. The cemetery was secluded at the end of a dead-end street.."where else would a cemetery be," she quipped to herself. It was surrounded by a high rusted wrought-iron fence, and there were many large trees interspersing the gravestones. She noticed a winding dirt road following the hilly terrain. There was a fairly new Volvo parked at the front gate, and when Debra drove in, a young blond woman got out and flagged her down. Debra rolled down her window and the blond introduced herself as Aurora. She inquired as to Debra's identity; actually asking to see her driver's license; and then asked her to follow her up the winding road. The road snaked through the gravestones and over a little hill, where there were several cars parked along the side. Debra could see several lit tiki-type torches in a small clearing, and a small cabana tent.

There happened to be a full moon that night, and coupled with the light provided by the torches; Debra could make out the forms of several people (maybe a dozen) all dressed in long, black hooded robes. Once out of the cars, Aurora escorted Debra to the cabana. It was furnished with a small cot, a couple folding chairs, a small folding table, and t battery-powered lantern. Debra hadn't realized it before, but Aurora had been wearing a black robe , she just hadn't put up the hood. In the poor light at the cemetery entrance, Debra hadn't noticed how breathtakingly beautiful Aurora actually was. Her long blond hair was perfectly accented by the robe, and she had incredibly bright, blue eyes. She produced a carafe, filled with what looked like wine, and a glass. She informed Debra that the ceremonial wine was spiked with a mild sedative, and she suggested that Debra drink it to reduce any anxiety; and to relax her for the ceremonies to follow. Debra saw no harm in getting a little more mellow; so she allowed Aurora to fill her glass.

Aurora then lay a piece of paper and pen on the table, telling Debra, "this is a consent form stating that you readily agree to participate in a sexual performance, and that you willingly drank the provided sedative. I'm sorry to be so formal, but everyone these days are so litigious, that we have to protect ourselves. It has to be perfectly clear that you are a willing participant."

Debra quickly perused the straight-forward document, and signed it. Aurora smiled, and handed Debra a long, hooded white satin robe; explaining that the ceremonial sacrifice always wore white. Seeing no reason to be shy, considering what was probably to follow, Debra swiftly undressed; placing her clothes on the cot; and put on the robe. She always loved the way the silky material brushed against her naked body...her nipples were already hardening from the light contact. She then noticed that Aurora was barefoot, so she didn't ask about footwear, and followed suit. The wine cocktail was already beginning to take effect, making Debra a little light-headed and giddy feeling. She was notorious amongst her family for having a very low tolerance of alcohol, getting very tipsy on two glasses of wine. She suspected that the sedative was stronger than she had anticipated. As they arose, Aurora helped steady a slightly dizzy Debra; and they exited the tent.

The light provided by the full moon, and the many torches made the immediate area quite bright; but it still took Debra's eyes a few minutes to adjust from the brightness of the lantern in the cabana. When her eyes were finally accustomed to the relative darkness, Debra was led to a wide, low stone altar surrounded by torches, and probably a hundred lit candles. She could make out metal manacles attached to large metal rings at the four corners of the oblong altar, as the hooded participants gathered around. The hoods concealed their faces, permitting Debra to only identify their sexes by the mounds or protrusions under their robes. She could definitely identify a few of the coven as female because of the large chest mounds, and nipples poking against the silky material. She assumed the rest would be revealed shortly. Her eyes had fully adjusted to the dim light and everything was now sufficiently illuminated.

Aurora, who had donned her hood, positioned Debra at the end of the altar, with her back facing it. She began chanting in a language Debra did not could have been ancient Latin. The others followed suit, and quickly built up a rhythmic chant. This, combined with the effect of the sedative, was making Debra feel slightly woozy; and then the chant abruptly ended with a shout. Two of the members approached either side of Debra; grasped the shoulders of her white robe; slowly pulled the arms off her pale shoulders; and let the robe fall to the ground, leaving Debra totally nude in the night air. She could hear some murmuring, and the cool night air striking her bare nipples, caused them to harden. More chanting, as the members began to dance and twirl to the rhythm.

When this round of chants stopped, four more of the members approached Debra. With three on each side of her, she felt herself being lifted off the ground, and he body sliding onto the altar; laying on her back. The surface was, of course, hard; but not nearly as cold as she expected. They lay her gently on the smooth stone, and she realized that the sedative she had readily agreed to, had caused her to lose almost all of her free will...she felt totally compliant to any suggestion. Although she was still fully conscious, she felt like she was floating above her body; watching the activities from outside herself. It wasn't an unpleasant sensation; just different. She knew she wanted to be here, and that was all that mattered. The hard stone against her back was strangely soothing, and not nearly as uncomfortable as she had expected. Two of the coven stretched her arms above her head and to the sides; snapping the manacles closed around her wrists. When they spread her legs apart and attached the other manacles to her ankles, she could feel the cool night air making contact with her, now parted, slit. A shiver ran through her body; not one from the chill, but rather from the anticipation of a sexual encounter. She guessed that she was going to be ravished; and she couldn't wait for it to begin.

She felt incredibly sexy and alive. She was totally nude, spread-eagle, in front of a dozen complete strangers. The fact that she was absolutely helpless, only added to her excitement. The thought of struggling against her bonds never crossed her mind, because the realization of being submissive was very erotic. Aurora; she knew it was Aurora because even with the robe, she had a partial view of her face; advanced to the altar with some kind of brass vessel, and began chanting again. Everyone joined in as Aurora dipped what looked like a chickens foot, into the vessel, coating it with a red liquid.

She dripped the liquid on Debra's bare belly; drew what looked like a five-pointed star on her abdomen; and stated in a rhythmic manner, "with this blood we anoint thee as our sacrifice to the all powerful Beelzebub. We invite the mighty Satan to claim this flesh as his own."

The warm liquid dripping on her stomach, and the soft scratching of the claw caused Debra to break out in goose-bumps, and shiver again. She had to admit that they really did a convincing job with their rituals. Moisture was beginning to glisten between her legs in anticipation.

Aurora announced to all, "Now we must prepare the flesh, and wait for His arrival."

Several robed members retrieved small glass vials, and gathered around the altar. They proceeded to pour the contents of the vials onto Debra's fully exposed body, and then began to massage it into her skin. The feeling of all those hands exploring her body simultaneously was incredible. The vial contents must have been some sort of stimulating oil, because her skin immediately began to tingle. Slippery hands were everywhere on her naked skin. When they rubbed the oil onto her aroused nipples, the sensation was as if they had pricked her skin with a hundred pins. They massaged the liquid over her smooth mound, and it felt like her pussy lips were on fire...she thought she was going to have an orgasm from the touch. Wet hands were running up and down her incredible legs and thighs, stimulating every erotic zone of her body. Oil was dripped between her slit, but no fingers penetrated her. She craved release, thrusting her crotch upward as they massaged her mound. When oil had been rubbed into her entire body below the neck; the members all stopped and began chanting again.

Three coven members approached the altar holding large, lit red candles. When the chanting ceased, they tipped the candles slightly, and hot wax dripped slowly onto Debra's gumdrop-sized nipples, and onto her pubic mound. Her body jerked when the hot wax made contact with her pale skin. She couldn't decide which sensation was greater: pain or pleasure; but her body shuddered in orgasm, flooding the altar between her outstretched legs. More chanting, and then Aurora again approached the altar.

She was holding a black velvet bag. After untying the drawstring, she removed a large, foot-long clear glass dildo, and held it up for all the members to see. "Now we must prepare the way for the Master," she proclaimed.

She poured the contents of one of the glass vials along the length of the totally smooth dildo and leaned over the side of the altar. Aurora peeled the, now hardened, wax from Debra's erotic zones, and poised the glass penis at the entrance to her slit. Chanting began again, and Aurora nudged the glass between Debra's pussy lips. The chanting increased in intensity as she slid the dildo further up inside Debra's cunt.

"Ohhhhh, that feels good," moaned Debra as the glass cock penetrated her pussy.

Debra was suddenly reminded about the stimulating effects of the vial contents, as it felt like a thousand tiny ants were crawling around inside her pussy. The glass, fully inside her now, felt so smooth and warm against the walls of her cunt. As Aurora slowly fucked her with the dildo, Debra's ass ground against the hard stone. Aurora ran the glass all around the entrance to Debra's pussy, making sure to contact her engorged clit. Just as Debra was about to cum again; Aurora removed the dildo and placed it at the entrance to her ass hole. Although she had recently began to have anal sex; the thought of it always made Debra tense up; but although she felt the dildo wedging itself between her glorious ass cheeks, she was completely relaxed. She realized that the sedative had taken effect, and she was grateful.

Again, Aurora poured oil from a vial onto the glass dong, and gently, but firmly, pushed the slick organ past Debra's sphincter ring, and up inside her ass hole. It was so smooth, that it easily slid completely up inside Debra's ass. Up until she had met Sheila, Debra had never experienced anal sex; but now she found herself rather enjoying it. The oil was now stimulating her anus, and it felt like there was a living thing inside her. Aurora stepped back, leaving the glass inside Debra, and retrieved another vial. She rolled the sleeve of her robe up slightly, and poured the oil all over her hand and wrist.

She leaned over and whispered in Debra's ear, "this may seem extreme, but you'll thank me later."

With a quizzical expression on her face, Debra watched as Aurora leaned over her crotch again, and began massaging her pubic mound. She then inserted two fingers into Debra's cunt, and began wiggling them around. She added a third finger, and then a fourth; each time stretching Debra's lips a little farther. Debra raised her head; looked down between her legs, and observed Aurora cup her thumb under her fingers, and begin to wedge her hand between Debra's pussy lips. Applying a good amount of force, Aurora's entire hand disappeared into Debra's wide spread pussy. She didn't stop pushing until she was wrist deep inside Debra's stretched out cunt.

Feeling Aurora flex her fingers inside her, Debra breathlessly groaned, "Oh my God," as her cunt went into a spasm, gripping Aurora's hand tightly.

Debra noticed that all the members had crowded around the altar, observing Aurora fisting her cunt. Her wonderful tits were flopping around on her chest uncontrollably as the hand violently fucked her. Just as she was about to orgasm again; Aurora stopped, and withdrew her fist. The members all backed away from the altar, and simultaneously dropped their robes to the ground. Now Debra could see that there was an even mix of males and females: six each. She now considered herself an expert on penis size; and she observed that all the specimens were of normal size. A couple of the women had extremely nice bodies; the rest seemed to be just average housewives like herself. All of the penises were, of course, completely erect. Aurora, as Debra had suspected, was superb.

The coven began a low chant, and Aurora loudly proclaimed, "oh mighty Master, the vessel is prepared for your yourself and claim your sacrifice of the flesh."

The chanting grew in volume and tempo, as everyone's anticipation increased. Debra knew that her hole was still wide open, because she could feel the cool Fall air making contact far up inside her pussy. She was now totally comfortable with the glass dildo still inserted up her ass hole. There was movement at the edge of the light provided by the torches and candles; and then an enormously large man emerged from the shadows.

At least Debra thought it was a man. She knew it must be the effect of the wine and sedative, but the creature approaching them did not look human. The members abruptly ceased chanting and kneeled on the ground. Debra had to hand it to this group; they sure knew how to add realism to their party. The completely naked man-creature appeared to be almost seven feet tall. The muscles on his entire body rippled and bulged; his chest incredibly wide. His eyes seemed to be burning embers and his head was dark red, with horns curving out of each side of his forehead. His skin appeared to be rough, and almost scaly, and his fingers were tipped with unnaturally long, pointy nails. She could swear she could see a long tail dragging behind him and the tips of, what looked like, wings. But the most incredible feature was the appendage hanging between his thick thighs. She knew all these features must be the result of an incredibly great make-up job; but it certainly was realistic. They must know a great Hollywood make-up artist, she reasoned. Hanging between his legs was the most enormous cock she had ever seen. She was certain it was some sort of artificial dildo, because no man could walk around with a cock that size. And it wasn't just the size; she could smear that it was undulating like a snake, and that it's huge crown was shaped like an arrow-head. As he lumbered toward the altar, it hung well below his knees and seemed to have a mind all it's own. These people really went all out, she thought, as the man approached the foot of the altar.

His head was huge as he leaned toward Debra and sniffed the night air. He lowered it between her wide spread legs and breathed in deeply; obviously smelling her excitement. She knew her hole was wide open; inviting him to taste her. His mouth opened, and she could see his teeth were amazingly long and pointed. She had seen pictures of people who filed their teeth this way. His breath was repugnant, and he howled as his tongue snaked out of his mouth. It was unbelievably long, and forked at the tip. She remembered reading where people sometimes have surgery to shape their tongues. It dipped between her legs, and she felt it make contact between her slit. It slithered deep up inside her pussy, and it felt hot to the touch. She struggled against her bonds; wanting to pinch her enlarged nipples. He withdrew his amazing tongue and began to climb up onto the altar with her. He truly was a huge man, and Debra wondered if she would ever see him without the makeup.

The coven members were now standing, and had gathered around the altar; although keeping a good distance away. This enormous man, made up like a demon, put out his hand toward her amazing chest, and his claws (with the length of his nails, that was what they resembled) made contact with the skin on her neck. His touch was electric, and sent a shudder through her entire body. He raked his sharp nails down over her tit; flicking her enlarged nipple as he went. She noticed that his claws had broken the skin on her jiggling breast, and left five thin red trails of blood. She thought that now she would have to keep Ray from seeing her naked until they healed. He advanced between her legs; and she now knew what Aurora was referring to. She was thankful for the fisting, now that she got a closer look at his cock (although she knew it must be artificial). It was as big around as her calf, and she couldn't even guess at it's had to be almost two feet long. He let out a bone-chilling growl, and nudged the head (it was shaped like an arrowhead) against her hole. Without warning, he lunged forward, burying his enormous cock inside Debra's belly.

"Oh my fucking God," Debra screamed, her entire cunt suddenly stretched farther than it had ever been.

He roared again, and even with her limbs manacled, his cock lifted her entire body up off the altar. She was completely impaled on his enormous cock. She felt like a skewered piece of meat.

It seemed like his cock was on fire inside her, as Debra screeched, "Fuck me...fuck me!"

Her whole body convulsed as he withdrew his scaly cock, and rammed forward again. Her cunt was so full of cock, that it was making contact with every nerve that lined the entire length of her pussy. He withdrew again, and then thrust violently forward until he could go no deeper. Her pussy was stretched to it's limit; she was afraid her cunt lips would tear. He was fucking her so hard that she knew her pussy would be bruised...and she loved it. The heat inside her belly was almost unbearable. She knew she was taking as much cock as was humanly possible; but she wanted even more...she wished it was even bigger. The feeling of her pussy walls rubbing against the glass dildo in her ass hole, was indescribable.

She begged him, "Please fuck me harder."

Debra glanced around her and saw that the members of the coven were all engaged in some variation of sex. Aurora was licking one member's pussy while a male member had his cock buried to the hilt in her ass hole. Two other males were double-penetrating a large breasted woman. Two other men were taking turns sodomizing each other; and a couple of quite attractive women were in the classic sixty-nine position. Her attention was quickly refocused on her current lover, as his impossibly long tongue snaked forward, and flicked at her nipples. She raised her head; looked down between her legs, and found herself hypnotized by the way his gigantic cock glistened with her juices in the torch-light, as it withdrew and thrust into her pussy. It was like watching a fire-place log disappear inside her. When he thrust up inside her belly, it distended her stomach to such a degree, that it looked like she was pregnant.

"Oh my God this feels good," she thought, "please don't ever stop fucking me."

It had turned out to be a cool night, but the perspiration was dripping from her face as he continued to ram his giant cock up into her cunt. He seemed to have limitless stamina and she had no idea how long he fucked her. She had countless orgasms, and after each one, would lay back on the stone while he just continued to stretch her pussy. She saw that Aurora was circling the altar, seeking out each male member, and having them ejaculate into a silver chalice. When they had all contributed; she approached the altar and instructed Debra to drink the contents. She complied, and rather enjoyed the flavor of the mixed cum. Aurora poured the remainder of the semen on Debra's heaving breasts, and massaged the sticky liquid into her skin. She then leaned between the man/demon and Debra, and nibbled on Debra's massive nipples.

Debra could feel the invading monster squirm and ripple inside her expanded cunt, and again pleaded, "holy Christ, jam that fucking cock into me."

He maintained his inhuman pace and a white froth formed around her cunt hole. Debra was almost delirious from the constant state of orgasm. His claws grasped her shoulders; he rammed his mammoth cock violently up inside her cunt; threw his head back and howled into the night. She felt his swollen cock undulate against her cunt walls, and then her belly was full of scalding hot liquid. The pain of the hot liquid was only outweighed by the pleasure. The pain was exquisite. He erupted inside her pussy, and her body convulsed and shuddered, as she joined him in climax. She thrashed around on his cock like a fish on a hook...she thought she was going to lose consciousness from sensory overload. Even while cumming, he continued to ram his enormous cock in and out of her battered pussy.

The force of his stream threatened to penetrate the walls of her cunt, and Debra screamed at the top of her lungs, "fuck me, fuck me, ...I love your fucking cock !"

His thrusts raked against the walls of her pussy, and scraped her swollen clit. His cum was like hot oil squirting up inside her belly. He howled again, and jammed his monster cock deep inside her, spurting even more burning liquid up into her cunt. He flicked his snake-like tongue around her nipples; her huge tits flopping around on her chest. She was absolutely drenched in sweat and, of course, the semen that had been poured on her. Her lover seemed to have an endless supply of cum, and he continued spurting into her pussy for many minutes. Every time his cock expanding with his fluid, it stretched Debra's pussy to a new extreme.

When he was finally done emptying his balls into Debra's stretched out hole, his massive cock did not shrivel, but remained hard and massive. He lifted her body up off the altar with it again, and then jerked it free, leaving her to fall back onto the hard stone. She closed her eyes and relaxed, and suddenly he was gone...vanished into the night. Debra knew she was imagining things; succumbing to their fantasy; but she could have sworn she heard the flapping of huge wings. Aurora rushed to the altar carrying a silver goblet, and placed it at the entrance to Debra's cunt. Debra could feel the liquid literally pouring from her opening, and into the waiting vessel. She had heard the term "creampie," but this was ridiculous. She glanced down and saw that there was actually steam rising from between her legs, and from the goblet, as Aurora held it up to the sky and began chanting. She then passed the goblet to each nude member, and they anxiously drank from its contents. Finally she offered the goblet to Debra's lips, and she also drank as Aurora poured what was left into her mouth. Over the past several months, Debra had developed an acquired taste, almost a craving, for semen; but this liquid was different. It had an unpleasant, sulfur-like taste; and she choked as the warm fluid slipped down her throat. At this point, Aurora gently slipped the smooth glass dildo out of Debra's ass-hole. Debra felt completely empty; and craved something inside her.

Debra, of course, could not see her own cunt, but she knew it must resemble a manhole. She was willing to bet that if you shone a flashlight up her hole, you could probably see all the way to her cervix, with no obstruction. She could feel the cool Fall air penetrating deep inside her wide open pussy, and wondered how long it would take for her cunt walls to regain their elasticity.

One by one, the male members of the coven climbed onto the altar and fucked Debra. With her cunt already stretched obscenely wide; she felt virtually nothing when they penetrated her. Basically, she merely served as a receptacle for their cum. None of them managed to bring her to orgasm; although it wasn't as though she didn't enjoy being fucked. When the men were finished with her, the women took their turns with her body. Some of them kneeled astride her head, and she tongued their pussies and slurped at their juices. Her wonderful nipples were fondled, pinched and bitten. She finally had another orgasm when Aurora, again, stuffed her entire hand up inside her cunt. She slid up inside Debra's pussy well past her wrist, and literally fucked her with her closed fist.

Debra moaned, "Oh god that feels good," as her body shivered.

As clouds began to obstruct the full moon, Aurora released Debra's limbs from the manacles, and she swung her legs over the side of the altar, preparing to stand. The cum from the last six cocks gushed out of her totally open hole and made a puddle in the dirt at the side of the altar. The sedative was wearing off, because Debra's cunt began to ache. She walked bow-legged, and gingerly to the cabana tent, to retrieve her clothes.

Aurora handed her a key to a room at a motel about a block away from the cemetery, saying, "We know you'll want to clean up before going home. Just leave the key inside the room when you're done. Thanks for being our sacrifice; we would love to have you back again. Just let Sheila know when you decide." She handed Debra a thick envelope, "We hope you will be pleasantly surprised at the were superb."

Debra thanked her, while donning her clothes; and walked tenderly to the car. She knew a nice hot shower would feel so good right now; but her cunt had never felt more empty.

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