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Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Learns To Barter (MFF, inter, oral, dp, cpie)
by Shaggy77 ([email protected])

Debra Barone had developed an affinity to internet shopping. She and Amazon were intimate friends. She reasoned that she deserved to pamper herself because everyone else seemed to take her for granted. Her husband Ray, a sportswriter for NY Newsday, was not the most thoughtful or romantic man on earth. She couldn't remember the last time he had brought her home a gift for no special occasion. They never seemed to go on vacations or trips together. Ray was frequently on the road covering some sporting event; playing golf or basketball; or just down at Nemo's eating pizza with his buddies. Debra was stuck at home with the kids and, usually, her in-laws. Anyone who had to put up with that nosy, meddlesome, bitch Marie (her mother-in-law) deserved a little self-pampering now and then. Her latest purchase, diamond earrings and three cashmere sweaters, had been quite expensive. She had actually "maxed" out her credit card; was two months late for a minimum payment of $500; and had received an inquiring phone call from the bank. She couldn't let Ray find out and was desperate for cash.

As luck would have it, there was a glimmer of hope. It was Friday morning; the kids had left for school; and Ray had taken a cab to the airport for a flight to San Francisco to cover the Giants game. Last night he had informed her that this morning two men would be coming over to seal the driveway. They were two brothers who had been recommended by his friend Doug Heffernan; cousins of Doug's friend Deacon. They were giving Ray a cash discount so they could keep the job "off the books." "What Uncle Sam didn't know...." Debra's eyes had lit up when Ray handed her $1,000 in cash to pay them with. An idea had been planted in her brain a week ago when watching a "Lifetime" channel movie; and this cash could make that idea become a reality. She was so desperate for money that she had decided to try to barter with her body.

As Darryl and Mark Palmer drove to the Barone residence on Long Island from their home in Queens, they couldn't believe their good luck. "D, this is so great. This job just fell in our laps and we have a half tank of sealer left over from that doctor's driveway. This job is pure profit," Mark exclaimed.

Darryl answered, "I know, and Deac says this Barone chick is pretty hot. Maybe we'll get a peek...remember the last job?"

"Oh yeah, when that doctor's wife forgot to pull the shades when she changed her clothes...she was smokin' hot," Mark replied.

"I don't think she forgot," Darryl boasted, "I think she liked what she saw in the Palmer brothers!"

They laughed as they drove into the Barone driveway.

Meanwhile Debra had retreated to the bathroom to prepare for her encounter. She had found a bottle of scotch that someone had given Ray a few Christmases ago, and had taken two generous drinks. "Liquid courage," she muttered to herself. As she disrobed, she checked herself out in the full length mirror in the back of the door. Debra thought to herself, "I look damn good for a woman my age. If I were a man, I would want to hit that." She put on her sexiest lingerie; a black lace teddy that barely contained her breasts while letting her nipples show through; and the matching thong which barely covered her mound. After the twins were born she had kept her pussy shaved, with just a small "landing strip" of bright red pubic hair above her slit. She realized she was becoming moist with anticipation, as she shrugged on her white terrycloth robe. She reasoned that with the robe she could control the degree of tease. She decided that barefoot would be more sexy than fuzzy slippers, and before going downstairs; she spritzed a drop of perfume on her pubic area.

Just as she was setting a fresh pot of coffee and a box of Krispy Kremes on the table, Debra heard the truck pull into the driveway. As the doors slammed shut, she glanced out the back door. Her first thought was she was happy they had pulled all the way into the driveway... maybe Marie wouldn't know they were there. Her second thought was that "They're black!" She had never given it a thought until now...she had met Deacon once; but she just never thought about it. Now it was all she could think about...she truly wanted to know if it was true what they say about black men's "equipment." As she went to answer their knock, she adjusted her robe to show maximum cleavage; and she didn't know if it was the scotch talking, but she realized she was more excited than scared.

As the door opened and Darryl reached out to shake Mrs. Barone's extended hand; he froze in his tracks and was instantly mesmerized by the massive cleavage before him. He stammered as he looked down and introduced himself and Mark. The brothers looked at each other, smiled, and followed Debra inside to the kitchen table where the refreshments awaited. As they sat at the table, Debra was amazed at the size of the brothers. They were obviously twins; nearly as tall as Robert (her brother-in-law), and when they shook hands; their hands had made her's look like an infants. Debra thought she better get to the point before she lost her nerve...and she desperately needed that money. "Gentlemen, I have a proposition for you," she began. "I don't have the cash to pay for the driveway, but I was hoping we could work out some other form of payment."

The brothers eyes grew wide as Mark replied, "Are you talking about what we think you're talking about?"

Debra had turned to get some milk from the refrigerator, and when she turned back, her robe was completely open showing her teddy and bare legs. "The whole package," Debra answered.

The brothers stood up and huddled..."We have to do this; she is incredible," Mark whispered.

Darryl agreed, "No question; the sealer is already paid for anyway."

They approached Debra and Darryl said, "Mrs. Barone, we have to have $100 to pay for gas...and we have a deal."

"It's a done deal," replied Debra as she extended her hands...but instead of shaking theirs; she grabbed their crotches and squeezed.

As she climbed the stairs, followed by the Palmer brothers, Debra couldn't believe how excited she was. If she hadn't been wearing panties, there would have been a stream running down her legs. She casually tossed her robe over the banister so the brothers could watch her firm, shapely ass in front of them. After entering the bedroom, she stood in front of the bed; hooked her fingers under the shoulder straps of her teddy; pulled them off her shoulders and let go. As the black lace slithered slowly down her exquisite body exposing more skin as it fell; the brothers were in a trance.

As the teddy hit the floor, Mark exclaimed, "Jeeeesus, D, get a load of them titties!"

They were magnificent! After having the twins, her "twins" had grown to 38 D's, and had remained that way. They were firm and beautiful; and in their present aroused state, her nipples resembled gumdrops. Her thong tied at each hip and she reached down with both hands; gave the knots a tug; and let the tiny scrap of lace fall to the floor. She was now completely and totally naked before them, and her mound glistened with her juices.

Mark excitedly blurted out, "There's nothing like a redhead!"

"Well boys, what are you waiting for," Debra inquired.

Boots, socks, and t-shirts flew off; and as the brothers unbuckled their belts, Debra actually held her breath in anticipation. When they lowered their pants and boxers in unison, Debra gasped and felt her knees start to shake. They really were twins...their cocks were exactly the same, and they were more than impressive. They weren't as thick as she had imagined, but they were at least twelve inches in length. They reminded Debra of the pepperoni sticks she had in the fridge. The heads of their cocks were huge; the size of lemons, and their veins bulged. Their cocks were already at full attention... sticking straight up and brushing against their navels. Debra stepped forward; grasped a cock in each hand; slowly backed up leading the brothers; and sat on the edge of the bed. She was now at face level with the twin cocks; leaned forward; and took turns licking the "lemon" heads. Mark and Darryl reached out; each taking a magnificent breast in their hands, and started to bounce them... almost like they were weighing them.

As Debra took Mark's cock into her mouth, the brothers both pinched her huge nipples and she almost bit down with excitement. She wasn't terribly proficient at oral sex... she had never been a big fan of blowjobs; but she was able to take about half of Mark's cock down her throat before she gagged. She then switched to Darryl while still squeezing Mark at is base. As she sucked Darryl down her throat, she fondled four egg-sized balls and wondered how much cum was going to be pumped into her.

As she tried to stuff more of Darryl into her mouth; Mark reached down and stroked her soaking mound. He ran his forefinger and middle finger up and down her slit, and then plunged them into her dripping cunt. His fingers were huge and when he curled them to make contact with her G-spot; Debra shuddered, gushed and bit down on Darryl. "Easy bitch," shouted Darryl as he jerked his pole out of her mouth, "I think it's time for some pussy!"

Mark laid on his back on the bed and held his weapon, pointing it straight at the really did look like a third leg. Darryl picked up Debra like she were a rag doll and held her poised above Mark's crotch with her back to Mark. As she felt Mark nudge his cock between her cunt lips, she thought this was an odd position. She didn't have long to think as, in one motion, Darryl shoved her down onto Mark's huge pole...totally impaling her.

"Oh my God1" screamed Debra. She could feel Mark's enormous cock up deeper inside her belly where nothing had ever been before.

He grabbed her waist with both hands and started lifting her up and pounding up into her pussy as hard as he could. He was hammering into her cunt like a piston and her wonderful tits were slapping against her stomach as they flopped up and down. Darryl climbed onto the bed; crawled up between Mark's and Debra's legs facing them both; grasped her bouncing breasts; and bit down hard on her left nipple. She quivered and gushed as she had an explosive orgasm.

Darryl laughed, "you're going to need that lube."

As Mark stopped thrusting; Darryl pushed Debra back onto Mark's chest. As Debra lay back against Mark's chest, his cock still stuffed inside her; she wondered what Darryl had planned. Just then, Mark reached around her with both arms; hooked a forefinger into each side of her cunt lips; and stretched her open even further. Her eyes went wide as she realized what they were thinking; but she was trapped in their sandwich and couldn't move. "No, you're not serious", she yelled as Darryl crawled forward and started to wedge his monster cock between her cunt lips along side Mark's pole.

"Just relax Mrs. Barone," stated Darryl, "it's time to pay the bill."

As Darryl tried to jam the head of his cock past her pussy lips, Debra held her breath and waited for her cunt to rip... but it didn't. Darryl's head broke through her opening and he steadily drove it up inside her belly along side his brother's. When he was balls deep inside Debra's juicy hole, Darryl relaxed and lay on top of the other two.

As Debra lay there immobilized by the two giant bodies she realized she had two feet of hArd, black cock deep inside her pussy...and it felt absolutely wonderful. Her belly was so completely full, she felt like she was pregnant again.

Darryl figured her pussy was getting used to the invasion now, so he sat up and the brothers started to slowly withdraw their poles from Debra's cunt. When they had withdrawn almost completely; Mark put his arms around Debra; pinched both her inflamed nipples; and they both drove up inside her cunt as far and as hard as they could She convulsed uncontrollably with the longest and most intense orgasm of her life as they ground their cocks into her completely stuffed pussy. The brothers continued to relentlessly pound their meat up into Debra's stretched hole, while beads of sweat appeared on their foreheads. The two brothers continued to fuck the suburban housewife for what seemed like hours to Debra. A random thought crossed Debra's mind: how would she explain it to Ray if the bed collapsed.

Darryl pulled Debra up to meet him and started nibbling on her nipples; first one, then the other. Mark put his hands to good use by kneading her ass cheeks as they kept thrusting their mammoth cocks deep into her pussy. Darryl forced Debra down onto Mark's chest and lay on top of them as they hammered into her battered cunt one last time. As they ground their monster cocks against her bruised pussy lips, Debra could feel their cocks jerking and twitching deep inside her belly; and felt the spreading warmth as they pumped their seed into her tunnel. Debra realized why their balls were so big as they continued to unload into her for what seemed like minutes... she started to feel bloated from retaining their stream.

As Darryl collapsed on top of them, Debra reminded them, "it's starting to get late and you have to do the driveway, and I have to get cleaned up, before my kids get home from school."

Darryl disengaged himself from Debra; she lifted herself from Mark's cock and sat on the edge of the bed; and the brothers stood up. They both glanced between Debra's spread legs and smiled...they had stretched her cunt so completely that her hole was still wide open. Darryl spoke to Debra, "Mrs. Barone, I think in order to settle our account, we will have to make a follow-up visit to make sure we did a through job...on the driveway."

As Debra stood up and their combined cum literally flooded out of her pussy and down her legs; she grinned and replied, "my husband leaves for Seattle two weeks from today."


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