A work of fiction about fictional characters.

Everybody Loves Raymond :Debra Receives An Invitation (MFF,oral,anal)
by Shaggy77

Debra Barone was not just mad; she was furious. Her husband Ray had done it to her again. He had just called from Minneapolis and said he would be delayed for at least twenty-four hours because the airport was snowed-in. He was a sportscaster for NY Newsday and was on the road covering the Monday night Vikings-Giants game. It was an important (according oh him, they were all important) game in the play-off race, or he would have probably covered it from their couch. Now, instead of arriving home on Tuesday afternoon; he wouldn't be home until sometime Wednesday. Normally she wouldn't have been so upset; but they had made plans to have dinner at the home of their friends Linda and Bernie Gruenfelder. She had already made arrangements for her mother-in-law to baby sit the kids.

They didn't go out much because of his job, and because they were actually good parents, and liked staying home with their three children. The twin boys, Michael and Geoffrey were still crawling; and daughter Allie always cried when they went out. Debra felt like crying when she hung up the phone after Ray's call. It had been as especially aggravating weekend and she needed to get out of the house. Her meddlesome mother-in-law, Marie, had seemingly been a constant presence in their house. She had forced her "help" on Debra because of Ray's absence. According to Marie, Debra could do nothing right; from cooking (ok, admittedly she was not a great cook) and cleaning; to child-rearing.

Debra felt like if she had to put up with Marie, and her constant "suggestions," for another whole day, she was going to scream...or worse. Unfortunately, she couldn't blame this one on Ray; because she was the one who encouraged him to purchase this house; across the street from his parents. Of course, when Marie barged in, she didn't come by herself; she was always accompanied by her husband Frank...who Debra thought was one of the crudest, most disgusting men on earth.

She liked Linda and Bernie, too. They were just about the only real friends that she and Ray had. Linda was a gorgeous, typical Long Island, girl; and her husband Bernie was sweet and a lot of laughs (Debra had always been reminded of the Pillsbury Dough Boy when Bernie was in the room). Linda would probably have been her idea of the perfect woman if it hadn't been for that annoying, nasal voice of hers...and that laugh. Her laugh reminded Debra of that actress who played the "Nanny" on TV; or that actress who played Chandler's girlfriend Janice on "Friends." But they were best of friends, and she had been looking forward to this dinner. She figured she should do the courteous thing and give them as much notice as possible of the cancellation; so she picked up the phone and punched their number.

When Linda picked up the phone and heard Debra's situation; she wouldn't hear of the dinner being canceled. "No, Debra. You come anyway; you need a break and the three of us will have a great time...I've got wine!"

Debra hesitated for only a few seconds, "Ok, lets do it. I do need a break and Marie already is planning on being here...again."

For the rest of the day, Debra was in a great mood as she did her housework. She actually caught herself singing while vacuuming ... "See this Marie, I'm vacuuming," she belted out like a show-tune.

Since no one was home, she even treated herself to an afternoon bubble-bath. As she was shaving her shapely legs, she realized she was treating this dinner almost like a date. She examined her exquisite body in the full-length mirror, running her hands up the entire length of her legs and ending up cupping her still totally firm breasts. Ray loved her breasts. He had nicknamed them "Barnes & Noble." When pregnant with the twins, her breasts had swelled to a full 38D size and had kept that impressive stature even after they were done nursing. There was just a trace of a sag. "They are pretty darned nice," she told herself as she admired them. She had kept her pussy shaved after the birth of the twins; with just a small "landing strip" of bright red pubic hair. It somehow made her feel still sexy, even after three children. She did a pirouette in front of the mirror and was impressed at the firmness of her ass and the fact that there was absolutely no cellulite on her thighs. Her stomach was not as toned and flat as she would have liked, but she chalked that up to having three children. She guessed she could stand to lose a couple pounds, but Ray had never complained about her body.

"Not bad," she assured herself.

Since she was treating this like a date, she decided to wear some sexy lingerie under her clothes that evening. No one else would know; but she would secretly feel a little naughty. She selected sheer black panties and matching bra. The bra was very skimpy, and you could actually see her nipples through the material. She hadn't realized it before, but she could also see the outline of her pussy slit; the material was that sheer. She shrugged on a nice, button-front blouse, and slid her legs into a knee-length skirt. She did feel naughty, knowing what was underneath, and it made her smile. She didn't bother with pantyhose; she was going to her friend's house, not a fancy restaurant. She topped the ensemble by lightly coating her lips with some bright-red lipstick.

When the children arrived home from school; she quickly prepared an early dinner for them, and got them started on their homework. As soon as Marie cheerfully charged through the back door; Debra grabbed her purse and coat; kissed the kids on the head; and exited her home. It was a short, uneventful drive to the Gruenfelder residence in the brisk, clear winter night. The snow that had crippled the mid-west had not reached the East Coast yet.

Linda answered the back door with a radiant smile; hugged Debra, and welcomed her into their kitchen. Debra thought to herself that you know you are friends when you are comfortable using the back door as your primary entrance. Linda placed Debra's coat on the coat-rack and ushered her into the warm, inviting living room. Bernie was just descending the stairs; hugged Debra while giving her a quick peck on the cheek; and led the way to the sofa. Debra sat in the middle, with Linda and Bernie on either side. Linda, ever the gracious host, poured each a glass of white wine from a carafe that was already on the coffee table. In no time, the trio emptied the carafe as they talked, laughed and gossiped as if they hadn't seen each other in months. Historically, Debra was not much of a drinker; and it didn't take a large quantity of alcohol to make her tipsy; but she was feeling so contented that she didn't refuse a refill. No one seemed to notice, or care, that they hadn't eaten dinner yet.

During a lapse in the conversation, Debra noticed Linda nod at Bernie, and he smiled and nodded back. Linda placed her goblet on the table; looked Debra straight in the eyes and said, "Even though Ray isn't here tonight there is something we wanted to discuss with you guys."

Debra, suddenly fearful, inquired," Oh Linda, is something wrong?"

Linda saw the frightened look on Debra's face and laughed lightly, "Oh no honey; we just wanted to share an experience we had with you."

Debra was relieved as Linda began, "As you probably remember, Bernie and I went through a stretch when we were having some problems." As Debra nodded in the affirmative, Linda continued, "Well, everything is all better now, but when we were trying to spice things up a bit; we actually went to a swap party."

"Oh you mean like recipes, or desserts; or something like that," asked Debra as she sipped some wine.

Bernie chuckled, and answered, "No, like a partner swap party."

Her head already spinning slightly from the wine; Debra's lower jaw literally dropped open as she sat there absorbing this revelation. "You mean you...," she started to say.

Linda didn't let her finish her thought, as she responded, "Oh no, we couldn't go through with it. We just kind of observed, and then came home. We talked it over and agreed we could never do something like that with strangers," and she emphasized the word "strangers." "But it did make us curious."

"Which is why we wanted to talk to you and Ray," explained Bernie. "You see it all started when we attended poor Mrs. Caputo's funeral. You remember that chain of events ? Marie started it off by saying she had selected Mrs. Caputo to be Frank's companion if Marie died."

Still somewhat dazed, Debra answered, "I remember. Then I told Ray that I had picked Linda for him...not that I was wishing for your demise Bernie." Bernie smiled and nodded as Debra continued, "Then I caught that idiot Ray with that dreamy grin on his face; and I knew he was trying to imagine Linda naked. Sometimes he makes me so mad."

"Right," Linda interrupted, "and that's when we began to think of the four of us together. You are our best friends; and we find both of you attractive and desirable. Tell us the truth Debra; is this something you would consider, or do you think we are deviants."

As she sipped her wine and tried to digest this astounding proposition; she felt Linda's hand stroke her exposed knee; looked up and met Linda's beautiful blue eyes with her own. Debra suddenly realized that the combination of wine, and the sexual conversation had made her incredibly horny.

She began, "Well, of course, I would have to discuss it with Ray; and...."

But she never got to finish her sentence because Linda leaned forward; placed her lips on Debra's and proceeded to kiss her passionately. Surprisingly, Debra returned the kiss and inched her tongue into Linda's mouth. Debra's feelings were totally confused as she felt Linda's hand stroking further up her thigh, under her skirt. It occurred to her that Linda was a great kisser, and she was really enjoying this. When they finally broke the kiss; Bernie reached over; cradled Debra's chin in his hand; and he leaned in and kissed her also. As they played with each other's tongue; Debra could feel Linda's hands oh her stomach beginning to unbutton her blouse. Debra was being swept away with passion, and it never even occurred to her to stop the proceedings. Bernie held the kiss and Debra felt cooler air flood her chest and stomach as Linda had finished her task; and spread Debra's blouse open.

Linda expertly released the front-clasp on Debra's flimsy bra, freeing her magnificent breasts. Bernie broke their kiss and immediately attached his lips to Debra's left nipple; as Linda suckled on the right one. There was no longer any doubt in her mind as Debra closed her eyes; laid her head back on the sofa; and just reveled in the pleasure enveloping her body. They were each gently massaging one of her inner thighs, as they sucked and nibbled on her gum drop sized nipples. They were kneading her tits with one hand, while exploring her crotch with the other. The feeling of being stroked by four hands was incredible. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist, and she spread her legs to accommodate them. She felt her transparent panties being pulled aside, and numerous fingers stroking her incredibly moist slit. Then fingers; she wasn't sure how many; were being pushed between her cunt lips and eased up inside her.

"Oh my God," Debra screamed, as she flooded their hands with fluid.

Her hips jerked uncontrollably as she thrust her pelvis up to meet their hands. The fingers slowly withdrew; she felt warm breath on her ear; and Linda's voice whisper, " let's go upstairs where there is more room."

Thoughts were running through Debra's mind as dizzying speeds. She couldn't decide if it was the wine influencing her; or if she was so horny because she really wanted this; but either way; she never hesitated to follow Linda's suggestion. She jumped up from the sofa and eagerly raced up the stairs following Bernie. She didn't even bother to re-clasp her bra, or button her blouse...she just left them open, with her exposed breasts bouncing all the way up the stairs.

When they got to their bedroom; furnished with a huge king-size bed; there didn't seem to be any need for discussion; as they each started to remove their own clothes. Two pair of eyes were on Debra as she threw off her already open shirt and bra. She unbuttoned her skirt and let it slide down her shapely legs where it pooled on the floor. Wearing just her sheer black panties; she watched as Linda pulled her turtleneck over her head inside out exposing her flimsy red bra. She reached behind her; flicked the clasp, and let the straps slide off her graceful pale shoulders and down her arms; exposing two absolutely perfect tits. Debra was envious. Linda's breasts stood out from her chest without a trace of sag, and were capped by large conical nipples; which already aroused; must have stuck out almost an inch. Debra judged they must be about 38C's. Linda them peeled her stretch pants off her impossibly long legs and threw them on a nearby chair. Linda stood there proudly, clad only in a tiny red thong, that just barely covered her mound. Both women then turned to Bernie who had just been standing there motionless enjoying the strip show.

He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and discarded it on the floor.

"That's typical," stated Linda sarcastically, and all three laughed; breaking any tension that may have remained.

Bernie tossed his undershirt in the pile, and hopped around on one leg as he tried to remove his trousers as swiftly as possible. Unlike the other two, he didn't stop there, and dropped his boxers where he stood. His cock was already hard from watching his two beauties, and Debra found herself staring. She hadn't seen any mans penis besides Ray's in about ten years. She guessed Bernie's was a little above average in length; maybe seven or eight inches; but the outstanding feature was its girth. It was about as thick as an old Coke bottle, and the crown was even larger.

Linda walked over to Bernie; took his penis in her hand; and asked Debra, "So what do you think of my little man?"

"Very nice, it's bigger than Ray's," she admitted.

Bernie puffed out his chest and kissed his wife as she released his cock. Linda then very slowly and deliberately; almost like a stripper; hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her thong and lowered it to the floor. Her pussy was as bald as the day she was born, and her lips were incredibly long.

Debra just stared and Linda spoke up, " Bernie kept complaining about getting hair caught between his teeth; so..."

"It's lovely," answered Debra, still staring at her host. She thought to herself; "this woman is truly gorgeous; what was that word they used to use...statuesque ...yes, that was it."

Linda had long wavy brunette hair that cascaded over her lovely pale shoulders. She stood at least eight inches taller than Bernie; and Debra thought they made an unlikely couple. When she moved, her breasts jiggled; they didn't flop around on her chest like Debra's.

"Just wait until you have kids," thought Debra.

Noticing she was the only one with any clothing on; Debra hastily tugged her black panties off her smooth legs and then all three were totally nude. There was kind of an awkward lull as they all stared at each other, waiting for someone to make the first move. Almost as if each one was psychic; they realized at once that none of them had any experience at this. Surprisingly, Debra made the first move as she backed up to the huge bed and sat down. Linda and Bernie followed her lead and sat on either side of her; resuming their sofa positions. Debra put an arm around each of her friends; they did the same with her; and they sat there stroking each other's backs. Then Linda and Bernie leaned over and each took one of Debra's extended nipples in their mouths and gently nibbled; while their free hands massaged her inner thighs. Debra squirmed with pleasure and scooted back on the bed so she could lay down.

Once Debra was laying on her back; Linda straddled her body, facing Debra's feet, and lowered her crotch over Debra's head; presenting her now spread pussy to her. Although Debra had absolutely no experience in these matters, she instinctively knew what her gorgeous host expected. She reached up with both hands; spread Linda's elongated pussy lips; stuck out her tongue; and began licking her open slit from bottom to top. The musky aroma of Linda's cunt aroused her, and she thought to herself that she could probably tie Linda's extraordinary lips in a knot. As she proceeded to lick; Debra inserted both of her index fingers into Linda's pink hole, spreading her even farther, so she could jam her tongue inside.

While Linda was being serviced; Bernie was not just sitting around watching. He kneeled between Debra's wide spread legs; massaging her silky thighs. His tongue began to lick up the sides of her slit; first one side, then the other. Debra's puffy cunt lips actually twitched at his touch; and Bernie used his thumbs to spread her wide open. He inhaled deeply, and the aroma of her pussy made his cock grow harder. He pushed his tongue all the way inside her; reached both hands up to her flattened breasts; and began to knead them like bread dough. He squeezed her wonderful nipples between his fingers as he sucked on her, now prominent, clit; and Debra convulsed in pleasure.

Her orgasm caused Debra to ram both fingers and her tongue completely up inside Linda's pussy; and suddenly Debra's face was flooding with fluid; as Linda convulsed almost simultaneously with her. Debra continued lapping her pussy and swallowing all the cum she could.

Linda breathlessly confessed, "I'm sorry Deb, I should have warned you; I'm a 'squirter.'"

Bernie was the only one who had not had an orgasm yet, and he was wasting no time trying to remedy that. He crawled up Debra's crotch, and was rubbing his cock-head against her slit; coating it with her fluids. She was completely lubricated, so he knew there would be no problem with penetration. As Linda climbed off Debra's face and lay next to them stroking Debra's tits; Bernie nudged his crown between Debra's cunt lips. As Debra raised herself up on her elbows to watch; Bernie pushed the large head of his cock inside her. It aroused her even more as she watched him push forward and disappear inside her cunt. His cock was much thicker than Ray's, and she was not used to being stretched this far.

"Oh Bernie," she moaned, "that feels incredible!"

Linda was now suckling on her swollen nipple; and Debra just lay back and enjoyed the sensations. Bernie just sat there; his cock fully inside her; and flexed his cock muscles; stretching Debra's cunt even more. He eased his pole out of her pussy until just the crown was inside; then slowly slid back into her belly. He repeated this several times, and the feeling was exquisite. Debra had never felt so completely aroused. She glanced at Linda and saw her turn and remove an object from their night table. When she turned back around, Debra was amazed at the sight of a gigantic black dildo in Linda's hand.

Bernie, never missing a stroke, saw the look of surprise on Debra's face and explained, "She calls that King Dong."

Linda giggled; lay back beside Debra; spread her incredibly long legs while bringing her feet up to her ass and bending her knees; and slowly, but steadily pushed the entire fake-cock into her pussy. Debra was astounded. "King Dong" must have been at least a foot long and nearly as thick as Bernie's penis; and yet Linda had seemingly no trouble accepting the huge stick inside her. She watched for several seconds while Linda enjoyed pleasuring herself; her eyes rolling back into her head. But Debra's concentration was brought back to her situation as Bernie was increasing his tempo. He was now jamming his "coke bottle" into her stretched out cunt as fast as he could. He was hammering her pussy and it felt incredible.

"Oh my God Bernie, fuck me...fuck me hard," she implored him.

He continued to thrust up into her; his balls slapping against her ass; as she squirmed under him. She felt him pause; lay down on top of her; and put his arms completely around her. Before she knew it; Bernie was flipping them over; and now Debra was on top; with Bernie's cock still wedged firmly inside her. He held her close; flattening her tits between them; and she noticed that Linda had removed the dildo from her pussy and was now positioning herself behind her.

Linda leaned close to Debra's ear and said softly, "Nothing to worry about Deb; it's very well lubricated."

She felt Linda's hands on her ass cheeks, gently spreading then apart; and she suddenly knew what she had in mind.

"Oh no, Linda," she pleaded, "I've never done that...ever!"

"I knew it," proclaimed Bernie.

"Nothing to worry about Deb; I'll be gentle; and I lubricated it up myself, as a token of my love."

As Bernie held her tight; his cock deep inside her; Debra felt "King Dong" push past her sphincter ring; and it wasn't that bad. Bernie rubbed her back as Linda gently slid the fake cock up Debra's ass.

When she had inserted about half the dildo, Linda declared, "I think that's enough for your first time. Are you ok, Deb?"

Her worst fears disappeared as she answered, "It doesn't feel so bad."

Just then Bernie started to withdraw his cock, as Linda did the same with the phoney one. Then, simultaneously, they stuffed them back inside her; and continued to work up a rhythm. Debra could not believe how stuffed she was. She was completely filled with cock and it felt absolutely wonderful. She could feel them rubbing together inside her belly and stimulating every nerve in her cunt and ass. It was unbelievable...she thought she was going to scream (or pass out). Just when she thought it couldn't get any better; Bernie reached down between them; found her swollen clit with his fingers, and squeezed.

Debra felt like she was exploding as she screamed, "Oh my fucking God!"

Her body went into convulsions and spasms; and she thought she actually did lose consciousness for a few seconds. She was aware that Bernie had stopped thrusting and was holding her tight against him; then she knew why. She felt his cock twitching inside her belly; the inside of her pussy flooded with warmth; and she knew he was emptying his load deep inside her. While he was cumming in her pussy; Linda continued to stimulate her ass with the dildo.

Bernie seemed to jerk and spasm inside her forever; and as if reading her mind; Linda assured her, "I call him my little fireplug."

Linda finally slid "King Dong" out of Debra's ass hole, and Bernie and Debra just kind of collapsed together. After a few minutes, Bernie's shriveling cock slipped out of Debra's hole, and they agreed it must be getting time for Debra to return home.

Linda retrieved a towel from the nightstand and handed it to Debra, saying, "You're going to need this."

Debra looked at her quizzically; then stood up beside the bed. Suddenly her thighs were flooded with Bernie's cum, and she nodded at Linda as she wiped her legs clean.

As they were dressing, Linda asked Debra, "Well, what do you think. Will Ray be interested in joining us?"

"Are you kidding. That idiot has been lusting after your body since the Caputo funeral; and even if by some remote chance he doesn't...I hope we can still get together," Debra answered.

"Any time, Deb...any time," Bernie assured her.

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