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Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Returns To The Lodge (MF,oral,anal,cream pie,bmail,ncon,cons,toys)
by Shaggy77

It had been a frustrating, even depressing few months for Debra Barone. Not only had she put up with the usual distractions; mainly her obnoxious, obtrusive, mother-in-law (Marie); but she had gotten herself into a financial abyss by becoming addicted to on-line gambling. To conceal her trouble from her husband, Ray, she had agreed to perform at the lodge of her father-on-law, Frank. Frank, a totally disgusting man, had not known of her appearance because it was arranged by his, completely loathsome, lodge-brother, Garvin. Frank, at the time, was boycotting the lodge because he was jealous of all the attention Garvin had been getting for saving the lodge from foreclosure. Unfortunately for Debra, the performance had gotten out of hand, and she had been sexually abused. She had virtually no recollection of the event because she had prepared for her performance by consuming a half-bottle of scotch. Luckily (if you could call it that), she had been paid a considerable sum of money for her services, and had paid off her credit cards before Ray found out. Now here she was sitting at her desk with the checkbook in front of her, back in financial hot-water.

Last week she had been driving to Waldbaums to grocery shop, when; distracted by her cell phone and adjusting her hair in the mirror; she had rear-ended an SUV with their car. It had been totally her fault, and she was ticketed for "distracted driving" and "following too close." There had been no damage to the SUV, but her bumper, grill and headlights were smashed beyond repair, and the air-bag had deployed. She had immediately gone to the local body shop for an estimate, and sneaked the car home and into the garage without anyone noticing. Ray, a sportswriter for NY Newsday, had been busy covering the Giants, and as long as his car was working; he was pretty oblivious to hers. She couldn't let him find out because he was always nagging her about paying attention when driving. The repair shop had "overnighted" the parts, and repaired the car in one day; she was lucky none of the paint was damaged. But now she was in financial distress once again. After she had conspicuously adjusted her cleavage to give him a good show, the body shop technician had agreed to give her until the end of the month to pay the bill. She figured she could max-out their joint credit card to pay the bill, but then would have to pay that the next month. Of course, if Ray tried to use the card; she was in deep do-do. In addition, she would have to pay for the fines, and court fees; which would probably be considerable. She no longer had any credit cards herself; the result of her credit being destroyed by the gambling. She knew her plans were a house-of-cards that could come tumbling down around her at any minute. She needed some quick, big cash.

Just as she felt like she was going to cry; the doorbell rang. When she opened it, she found the troll Garvin standing there with a big grin on his face.

He exclaimed, "Woo-hoo, Debra's home," and he tried to step into the living room.

Debra had not spoken to him since he had tricked her into using her body at his lodge performance; and attempted to shove the door closed in his face; a huge scowl on her face.

But he had anticipated her move, and placed his foot on the doorstep, preventing the door from closing. He stated, "I know you're mad at me; but you really should hear what I have to say...that is if you value your marriage."

That last statement sounded ominous, so despite her revulsion of him, Debra opened the door to admit him.

His opening statement made her blood boil, "I was wondering if you would like to do another show at the lodge?"

"Really," she shouted, "are you kidding must be out of your mind. Get out of my house!"

He didn't budge; but reached into his pocket, retrieved his cell phone, and offered her a look at the screen, "I think you should see this before you make a hasty decision."

As she glanced at the image on the phone, she felt all the blood drain from her face, her heart skip a beat, and her knees weaken. It was a picture of her being double-penetrated by two strangers, on the stage at the lodge.

"If that doesn't spark your memory, I have video," stated Garvin, with a smirk on his face.

"And unless you agree to perform at our Christmas spectacle, everyone you know will be forwarded a copy," he promised her.

She collapsed into a chair whispering, "Oh my word...I don't remember that...or really anything of that night." She knew in an instant that she must agree to anything Garvin wanted. She would do anything to keep her family from finding out, and he knew it.

"We are staging a magic show by the magician known as Triple-D, and you will be his assistant, Garvin informed her. "At some point of the performance you will, of course, be naked," he added, "but don't worry, you will be handsomely compensated; as long as the ticket sales go well. And don't worry about Frank; he is in another one of his moods because the magic show was my idea. We really need to raise a ton of money, because our insurance premiums have skyrocketed since hurricane Sandy." What Garvin didn't tell Debra was that Triple-D was the stage-name of a famous porn star; and the abbreviation stood for Donkey Dong Douglas. They were charging an exorbitant amount for the tickets, and (secretly) promising a live sex show. All of the lodge members drooled over Ray's sexy wife, and were inviting all their friends.

She knew she had to agree, to protect her reputation; and thought to herself that a little nudity would be embarrassing, but not prohibitive. She replied to Garvin, "I have two conditions: that there be no cameras of any kind; and that after this you destroy any pictures or video you have of me." She hoped that after this humiliation; she would be free. And the fast, relatively easy, money was very intriguing. If she could just get through this one night, maybe things could return to normal.

Garvin readily agreed; although he had no intention of keeping his promise. He actually produced a written contract for her to sign; acknowledging that she agreed to a nude, sexy performance with Triple-D. He explained that he didn't want her accusing the lodge of any wrong-doing after the show; that it was completely at her own discretion and approval.

She glanced over the contract, and hastily signed it; eager to get the old lecher out of her house. He told her the show was the following Saturday night. She glanced at the oversized calendar on the side of the refrigerator; saw that Ray would be in Phoenix that weekend; and nodded her acceptance.

"Deb, we both know how little leverage you have in this situation; so how about giving me a little preview before I leave...I would love to get a little peek at those titties," Garvin cajoled her.

She would have done just about anything to get this loathsome man out of her house, so she dutifully took the hem of her shirt in both hands, and drew it completely up to her chin; dragging her bra with it. When her magnificent breasts were pulled free, they flopped down on her chest, jiggling as they settled there. Her breasts were her pride and joy (and Ray's, of course). They were a full 38 D; with just a trace of a sag; and huge brown nipples the size of gumdrops. When Garvin reached out with one of his withering hands, Debra backed up, lowering her shirt, and quickly opened the front door.

"OK then, until Saturday," Garvin smirked as he exited. Debra really despised that man.

For the rest of the week, Debra tried not to think of the demeaning night awaiting her; and just focus on the fact she would have the money she desperately needed to pay her bills. On one of her errand-runs, she picked up a bottle of tequila; planning to brace herself that night with a thermos full of "tequila sunrise." She was famous among her friends and family for having almost zero tolerance for alcohol. A couple glasses of wine could incapacitate her; a trick Ray would try at every opportunity. She knew that alcohol had worked before; and she really had no desire to remember this humiliating experience either.

On Saturday everything was running on schedule; Ray's plane took off before noon, and Marie had agreed to watch the kids while Debra had a "girls night out." She had overheard Marie tell Frank that she must really need a night out because she had been so irritable lately...she wanted to speak up and tell her that she was enough to make anyone irritable.

Debra showered with her favorite strawberry scented body wash; making sure her "landing strip" was trimmed perfectly. After the twins were born, she had kept her bright red pubic hair trimmed to a thin strip just above her slit. It made her feel sexy; even as a mother of three; and, of course, it excited Ray. She dressed casually in a knee length skirt and plain white button-up blouse, knowing she would be provided with some sort of costume for the magic show. Earlier in the day she had mixed her tequila and orange juice, and stashed her jumbo thermos in the car. She kissed the kids goodnight; told Marie she might be late, and when Marie suggested that the kids could sleep at her house for the night, she accepted her offer.

When she arrived at the lodge, Debra just sat in the car for about fifteen minutes; gathering courage, liquid and otherwise, for the evening ahead. The parking lot was packed, a rare sight for the lodge; and when she had finished the entire thermos, she made her way to the rear door. She hadn't eaten dinner, so the tequila would be taking effect very quickly.

When she opened the outside door to the kitchen, she was greeted immediately by Garvin with his usual, "Woo,hoo, Debra's here," and he ushered over to meet the magician.

"Triple D" was not exactly what she had expected. He was very tall, maybe six feet five inches, and very slender, what she would call a "string bean." He removed his black magicians top hat, reached out, grasped her right hand and then bent down to kiss the top of it.

He was very charming as he spoke in a very deep voice, "Dood evening Debra, I am Douglas, and I am overjoyed to meet you. You are even more lovely than Garvin led me to believe. I am looking forward to working with you; just follow my lead and smile. All of my tricks are pretty simple."

His deep bass voice was very soothing, and Debra found herself feeling relaxed; in spite of the situation...of course, the tequila starting to kick in might have something to do with that. His blond hair was closely cropped, and his angular features were not unattractive. He was not dressed in the traditional magicians tuxedo and cape; but rather, he wore an all black jumpsuit; something you might lounge around the house in on a cold winter night.

Garvin directed her toward the bathroom, telling her that her costume was waiting for her. Inside the cramped bathroom, she found an extremely sheer, black lace teddy hanging on the door. She guessed this might be a magician's assistant costume in a teenage boy's wet dream. She quickly disrobed, and donned the teddy. They had guessed quite well as to her size, and it hugged her curves like a glove. There was a snap crotch, and the spaghetti straps tied on the top of her shoulders; so removing it would be no problem. It was so sheer, that her landing strip and areola were visible if you looked closely, and was cut very high on her hips. The center had a deep V cut so far down that her belly button was exposed, along with her ample cleavage. She was sure that if she bent over too far; her massive breasts would actually tumble out. The tequila was beginning to take over, because instead of feeling embarrassed, she felt totally sexy. Instead of dreading what was to follow, she actually felt exhibitionistic. To top off the ensemble, they had provided her with a pair of black, six inch heels. Coupled with the high cut of the teddy, the heels made her shapely legs appear endlessly long.

When she emerged from the bathroom, the vile Garvin again shouted ,"woo, Debra," as his lecherous eyes scanned her from toe to head. "I am going out to introduce you now."

"Just relax and enjoy the evening," Douglas assured her, while taking her hand and leading her through the swinging doors, and onto the make-shift stage.

"And now for your viewing pleasure...Triple D and Debra," she heard Garvin's voice introduce.

The temporary stage lights were almost blinding, and kept Debra from seeing the faces of the audience, but she knew the place was packed from the thunderous applause, whistles and cat-calls filling the room. She was sure that she even blushed at some of the crude comments coming from the crowd when they saw her virtually naked body. The applause somehow bolstered her ego, and she thrust her chest out even farther, as she strutted across the stage to the magician's table.

For the next few minutes, she just handed Douglas various props as he did some menial tricks: the old steel rings that appear solid, but are not; the endless scarves pulled from the sleeve; pulling a stuffed rabbit out of his hat; some slight-of-hand with cards and balls. She was totally relaxed from the tequila, coupled with the sound of Douglas' deep, melodic voice. She found it to be mesmerizing; almost hypnotic in nature as she mindlessly followed his directions. She never even thought of how the audience couldn't care less about these simple tricks; they were watching her huge tits wobble and shake inside the teddy, hoping they would pop out.

Finally all the props on the table were gone, and she heard Triple-D announce to the audience, "And now for my next trick, I will make my lovely assistant Debra's clothes disappear!"

The response from the audience was deafening. She had totally forgotten that she had agreed to be naked; and she found herself not caring, as Triple-D untied the straps on her pale shoulders. He peeled the teddy down until her magnificent breasts were fully exposed, and the crowd responded with more thunderous applause. Douglas continued to tug the black lace downward exposing her belly, and then fully revealing her landing strip and mound. He let the garment drop to the floor, picking up each shoe to remove it completely, and tossing it into the crowd. Debra, totally under the influence now; responded to the applause, and twirled on her heels, exposing her entire nude body to them. She actually took a bow, letting her tits hang down and sway.

When she stood, she saw that Triple-D was unzipping his jumpsuit. He let it fall from his body, which was completely naked underneath, revealing the most enormous cock she had ever seen, or imagined. As it hung between his legs flaccid, it must have been almost a foot long. It was nearly down to his knees, and swayed like an elephant's trunk. It was like a magnet to her, and she spontaneously reached out both hands and wrapped her fingers around it. She needed to get a closer look at this marvel, as she dropped to her knees and just stared at the snake in her hands. She brought it up closer to her face, and almost unconsciously, opened her mouth. Almost like an involuntary reflex, her tongue extended and licked the large slit on the tip of his anaconda. The monster began to grow in her hands, like a sponge exposed to water. It grew hard and tried to pull her hands upward. Her tiny fingers could not encompass its increasing girth, and she knew it was fatter than a soda can. Its length had grown proportionately, and she actually had to inch backward to keep it from resting on the top of her head. (She later looked him up online, and found that it was a stated fifteen inches long).

In her inebriated state, she was absolutely fascinated by the enormity of his cock, and leaning forward, tried to fit her bright red lips around the crown. Her hands wrapped firmly around the shaft, she attempted to feed it into her mouth. She was completely oblivious to the audience and her surroundings, as she concentrated on sucking his cock into her throat. She choked after admitting about five inches of his log, and shifted her attention to flicking here tongue along its head. Her lips would not stretch any farther, and her lipstick had made a bright red ring around his shaft.

He withdrew from her mouth, and her lips continued to make sucking motions. He pulled her up to stand in front of him; and with the height difference, he barely had to crouch to run his pole up and down between her massive tits. She squeezed them together to cradle his cock as he made love to her breasts; poking her in the chin on the upstroke. As he shoved his sausage between her soft tits, he stroked her glistening mound; and Debra could feel her juices trickling down her thighs.

He hugged Debra close to him, then urged her to the carpeted stage floor, where he directed her to kneel on all fours; in the doggy position, with her lovely firm ass facing the audience. As he kneeled behind her he loudly announced, "For my next trick, I shall make my cock disappear."

Debra was conscious enough to know the tequila had taken full effect and that she was completely drunk, but she was also totally relaxed. The alcohol had erased all her inhibitions and she found herself eagerly awaiting sexual, not just eager; she was craving his cock. She fidgeted and squirmed, waiting for him to penetrate her. She shoved her ass toward him, and spread her knees on the carpet as wide as they would go; making an inviting target for him. He bounced his mammoth tool off her ass cheeks a couple times, then bent it down between her legs and slid it back and forth between her slit; coating it in her dripping juices. She braced herself with her hands flat on the floor when she felt the crown of his cock gently nudge between her slit. He reached forward and spread her moist cunt lips far apart; surrounding his head. The audience was completely silent as he pushed forward spreading her slit obscenely wide. Debra felt like she was being split apart as he eased his cock head further inside her. She grit her teeth as her pussy finally swallowed his purple crown, and she could swear she heard an audible "pop."

Triple-D grasped her hips with both hands and continued to push forward, while pulling her backward onto his monstrous cock. It was a fortunate thing that the tequila had served to relax her because her cunt was being stretched to beyond its capacity. He maintained his forward pressure, sliding inch by inch farther into her cunt...stretching it as he went; until the entire fifteen inches was inside her. To Debra it felt like someone had shoved three soda cans into her pussy...and she absolutely loved it. Her cunt was stretched as far apart as it could possibly expand. He just held there for several long seconds; his balls making contact with her tummy.

When he finally began to withdraw; dragging his huge log against her g-spot and clit; she screamed out, "Oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...jam that fucking cock into me."

He withdrew the entire length, inch by agonizing inch; it seemed to take forever. He paused briefly letting the audience see how incredibly long it was; then in one swift motion, lunged forward, burying its entire massive length into Debra's belly.

"Ahhhhhhhh," she groaned, as her whole body twitched and quivered.

Her knees buckled, but Triple-D held her in place as he felt her cunt muscles spasm around his cock. He withdrew slowly again, and immediately jammed his tool back inside her. He was thankful she had provided more lubrication; because she was such a tight fit. He began to thrust into her violently, making long, hard strokes. He punished her pussy as he fucked her as hard as he could. Her massive tits were pendulous as they hung down and swung back and forth with every stroke. Debra felt like she had gone to heaven; her cunt was absolutely stuffed with hard cock, and it felt wonderful. She thrust her ass back to meet each stroke; making sure every inch was inside her.

"Fuck me...fuck me," she kept urging him; and he complied.

Triple-D had a decision to make: should he withdraw and cum on her lovely back, or remain inside her and create a "creampie." He decided on the latter; grasped her firmly against him, and began to shoot his cum deep up inside her belly. She felt the inside of her cunt grow hot, and his cock expand even farther, as his stream flooded her pussy. He seemed to cum forever, pumping her cunt full, and the spasm of his gigantic cock inside her caused Debra to join him in orgasm. They ground their crotches together, as their bodies quivered and shook.

As he slowly withdrew the obscene length of his cock, the audience applauded and whistled. He assisted the weakened Debra into laying on her back. He positioned her legs far apart; raising her knees until her feet were close to her ass, and flat on the floor. In that arrangement, the audience could clearly see between her legs, and watch his cum drool down her ass crack. Her pussy was completely stretched; and was now a wide open hole, rather that a slit.

Triple-D retrieved the magic-wand he had employed during his initial act, and declared, "And now my lovely assistant will make this disappear."

He scooped some of their fluids from between her ass cheeks, and coated the length of the wand with the slippery liquid. He then urged her legs even farther apart, and placed the tip of the black wand at the entrance to her rectum. And without further pause, he began to slide the slender stick up into Debra's ass.

She had been just laying on her back relaxing, when she felt the wand begin its invasion of her rear hole. She was not used to anything traveling in that direction and immediately raised her head to see what was happening. As she glanced down between her legs and saw him inserting the object into her ass, she realized that it was indeed a pleasant sensation. The wand disappeared deeper into her ass hole and Debra reached down with her right hand and stroked her engorged clit. She felt a little dazed, but was completely aware of how aroused she still was. She felt her pussy, and comprehended that it was still stretched wide open. Debra began to insert an increasing number of fingers inside herself, as Triple-D fucked her ass hole with the wand. Noticing that her wide-stretched cunt was not putting up any resistance, and was providing ample lubrication; Debra suddenly, and unexpectedly, shoved her whole fist up inside her pussy.

"Ohhhh, shit," she moaned, as she began to furiously fist fuck herself.

This was an unexpected bonus for the audience; and they were almost speechless as they watched this beautiful housewife fisting herself, while a wand was fucking her ass. Triple-D left the wand inserted deeply in her ass hole; kneeled beside her body; and began to masturbate his still erect pole. Debra forcefully stuffed her fist up inside her pussy, while he steadily stroked his cock next to her face. Abruptly, his massive meat began to erupt on to Debra's face and chest. The quantity was copious and completely drenched her chin and heaving breasts. She tried desperately to lick every drop her tongue could reach, as it drooled down her huge tits. Her hand was drilling her pussy in a frenzy, and Triple-D bent down and pinched her clit harshly, as he jerked the stick from her ass hole. Debra, once again exploded, and her body convulsed as her cum streamed out of her hole.

The crowd offered their thunderous encouragement and gave the duo a standing ovation. Debra virtually collapsed on to the carpet, and lay there still oblivious to her surroundings. Triple-D helped her to her feet, and supported her as they walked back to the kitchen. Garvin joined them and volunteered to help Debra dress. Debra had told him that no one would be home that night, so the plan was for him to drive her home in her car, and then have a lodge brother pick him up. He cleverly assisted her to dress; slyly omitting her underwear. She was still completely inebriated as Garvin led her to her car. While helping her into the passenger seat, he unbuttoned her blouse and let her tits hang out. He then arranged her skirt so that it was bunched up around her waist, completely exposing her pussy to him on the ride to the Barone residence. The entire ride home he was glancing at her impressive tits and kept the fingers of his right hand buried inside her cunt.

He pulled completely into the Barone driveway because he didn't want busy-body Marie to know they were home yet. He knew the kitchen door was never locked, so he virtually carried the still drunk Debra into the kitchen and helped her to lean against the kitchen table.

"Now, you bitch, I'll teach you to treat lodge members like you're superior to them," he tersely remarked as he bent her backward over the tables edge, so that she was laying on her back. He hastily dropped his pants to the floor, freeing his hard, yet wrinkled cock. He hoisted Debra's skirt around her waist; kicked her feet far apart; and prepared to drive his vein-covered prick into her cunt. Her tits were still hanging out of her blouse; and coupled with her legs being wide apart; he thought she looked like a wanton whore. He fished his cell phone out of his shirt pocket, and while taking pictures with one hand, he poised his cock at her entrance with the other. Her beautiful pussy had still not recovered from the brutal fucking by Triple-D, and was still partially open, when Garvin lunged forward, burying his entire cock inside her.

He began to fuck her as hard as he could, when she dreamily, and drunkenly inquired, "Well, when are you going to put it in...hurry up and fuck me." Her pussy was so stretched out from Triple-D's gigantic cock, that she could barely feel Garvin's old meat.

This, of course, enraged Garvin, who quickly pulled his cock out of her; flipped her over so that she was face down on the table; and shouted, "see if you can feel this, bitch."

Without any preliminaries, he started to shove his cock into her ass hole. Her ass provided more resistance than her pussy, but since it had already been violated that night, he had no problem going balls-deep.

"Mmmmm, that's more like it," Debra moaned, as she reached down between her legs and fingered her pussy.

Even though he thought she was a bitch; Debra was still the most beautiful housewife Garvin knew, and he often fantasized about her body. It took him no time at all to begin pumping her ass full of his sperm. When he was done, he flipped her compliant body over onto her back and slid her up so that she was fully laying on the kitchen table. He slid her skirt down her legs and onto the floor, and spread her legs wide. He completely unbuttoned her blouse and spread it open, revealing her tits in all their glory; then began to snap pictures from every angle. He searched their refrigerator, found a large cucumber, and inserted it into Debra's pussy; all the while photographing her. He replaced the cucumber with the neck of a wine bottle; and Debra spontaneously reached down and began fucking herself with it. What a picture Garvin had: an absolutely gorgeous Debra, fucking herself with a wine bottle, while his cum drooled out of her ass hole.

He knew his ride must be waiting outside, so he snatched the wine bottle from her hands; assisted her to walk to the sofa; and covered her with a blanket. He threw her skirt over the sofa arm; and left through the kitchen door...actually locking it when he left. Garvin knew these new pictures would virtually guarantee that the sexy Debra Barone would be doing an encore performance at the lodge.

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