Fictional story about fictional characters.

Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra's Anniversary (MMFF,inter,oral,anal,toys)
by Shaggy77

Debra Barone's tenth wedding anniversary was only a couple months away and she found herself wanting to do something really special for her, NY Newsday sportswriter, husband Ray. He had actually been pretty nice, and thoughtful, lately; and she knew he worked hard; so she wanted to show her appreciation. On one memorable occasion, he had, surprisingly, taken her side against his perpetually meddlesome mother Marie; and "shooed" Marie out of the house. Eight years ago she and Ray had purchased the house across the street from his parents; and ever since, Marie would just barge into the house, unannounced, at her discretion. She was constantly criticizing Debra for everything; from her housekeeping and cooking; to her child-rearing skills.

"Yeah, she should talk about child-rearing skills," thought Debra to herself, "Her two sons are completely messed up."

She was sitting at the kitchen table trying to remember why she had persuaded Ray to buy this house, when her best friend Amy, lightly knocked on the back door, and then came in without waiting to be asked. They both thought of each other as family.

"Oh, hi Amy," Debra happily exclaimed, "would you like some coffee?"

"Thanks Deb, that would be nice," Amy responded, taking off her coat and sitting at the table across from Debra. "You looked lost in thought when I came in; a penny for your thoughts," stated Amy.

"Marie again," frowned Debra, "but also I have been wracking my brain trying to think of something special to give Ray for our anniversary."

"It just so happens that I know the perfect thing," Amy replied; "professionally done boudoir photos. I actually had some done for Robert; but then the louse dumped me again before I had a chance to give them to him."

Debra took Amy's hand in hers and patted it, comforting her. Robert, Ray's older brother, was notorious for being non-committal with women. He was a sergeant with the NYPD, but Marie had brow-beaten him all his life; and spoiled him for other women. He still lived at home, and had broken up with Amy several times. Debra found it hard to believe that Robert had actually been married once.

"Boudoir mean pictures of you in your underwear," asked Debra.

"Lingerie, actually," blushed Amy, "it's very tastefully done; and they made me look incredibly sexy. Eat your heart out Robert!"

"I don't think...I just couldn't let some strange photographer see me in my lingerie," stated Debra; "although it would be perfect for Ray; you know the way he's always pawing at me."

"Oh, Deb, it's totally discreet; and the photographer I went to is a woman...and she has her studio right here on Long Island; it's practically in your neighborhood," urged Amy. "Here, I'll give you her card."

As she lay in bed that night; trying to relax enough to sleep; after another confrontation with Marie (about her cooking again); Debra couldn't stop thinking about the boudoir photos. Amy; even though she blushed a bright crimson; had shown her the photos she had intended for Robert, and they had been quite good. They were professional quality portraits; but with an erotic focus. Amy had been fully clothed in lingerie, but posed in a sexy and suggestive manner. They reminded Debra of "Playboy" type poses. She had told Debra that the photographer would let you pose as daringly as you chose. The photographer, whose name was Sheila, directed Amy and made many suggestions for poses; but Amy had the final say. She told Debra that even though she had thought she would be embarrassed; Sheila put her totally at ease; and the experience was very positive. Debra thought that it might be nice to have some photos of herself to remember when she was still sexy and proud of her body; she hated to admit it; but gravity was already starting to affect her breasts. Amy had said that you could bring your own lingerie; or choose something from the large selection that Sheila had at the studio. By the time she drifted off to sleep next to the snoring lump that was Ray; Debra had decided that she was going to at least visit Sheila's studio.

The next day she called the number on the card Amy had given her, and made an appointment to meet with Sheila. So, a couple days later, right after getting the kids on the school bus, and seeing Ray off to work; Debra drove the short distance to Sheila's house. It seems the studio was located above her garage. When Debra drove into the driveway; she discovered the garage was a mammoth, three car structure; with a complete second floor. She was slightly nervous; but this appointment was just a "meet and greet." When she had spoken to Sheila on the phone, she had instructed Debra to just ring the doorbell on the side door of the garage; so that's what she did. Almost instantly, a smiling face appeared at the door and it opened. Sheila and Debra introduced themselves and Sheila led the way upstairs to the second floor studio.

The upstairs studio was enormous and inviting. The main room had a sofa and a couple nice easy-chairs in one area; another area was obviously the "office" section, judging by the desk, computer, etc.; and in one corner were several "pull-down" screens and some large lights...this was obviously where the formal portraits were done. Debra was immediately struck with the attractiveness of Sheila. She was a little younger than Debra; very petite and perky; with the bluest eyes and short blond hair. Debra bet that she didn't even have to brush it out after a shower; it probably just fell into place naturally. They sat in the chairs; and Sheila asked Debra what exactly she had in mind. She told her host that she just wanted something "kind of sexy" for her husband as an anniversary gift.

Sheila retrieved a large 3-ring binder from her desk and handed it to Debra saying, "These are some examples of my work. I ask every customer if they would mind being in my portfolio; and if they would rather not; then, of course, I don't include their photos in my notebook. I think you will be pleased with the quality of my work. My philosophy is that every woman is beautiful; sometimes it just takes more work and makeup. Remember, all these women are just ordinary housewives, or working women."

Debra perused through the 8X10 prints and was totally impressed. The women were beautiful, and the photography was very professional. When she was finished with the notebook, she handed it back to Sheila; and told her how impressed she was.

Sheila took Debra by the hand and as she led her to a door behind the office; told her, "Let me show you the bedroom. This is where all the boudoir photos are taken."

They went through the door and into the other room; which did indeed look like a bedroom...if your bedroom were a porno studio. One whole side of the room was taken up by a huge, queen size, very ornate brass bed; surrounded by lights and tripods. The bed was covered with bright red satin (Debra was fairly certain it was satin, not silk) sheets; a matching comforter; and numerous large pillows.

"I have different color bedding; something to fit everyone's taste; and I assure you everything is thoroughly laundered after every use," assured Sheila, "and I have a very large selection of lingerie and undergarments. You would be surprised how many women change their mind about how risque they want the shoot to be once they get started; so I provide a change of undies, if they like. And don't worry; if someone selects lingerie from here; it goes home with re-using undies. Besides, usually the "significant other" enjoys seeing the model wearing the lingerie from the pictures they have just enjoyed."

Debra had seen enough. Sheila seemed to have a knack for putting her completely at ease; and they returned to the office to book an appointment for a session. While at Sheila's desk; Debra noticed several photos on the wall, contained in very intricately carved wooden frames.

She inquired about them, and was informed, "Oh, my husband carves them for people as a hobby. He's very good with his hands. He has a little shop set up downstairs."

As Debra drove home, she found herself jittery with excitement over the impending photo shoot. She was going over her lingerie inventory in her head; deciding what to wear. Ray always liked the black lace teddy she only wore on special occasions. He always said that black brought out her red hair; and he loved the way the black lace displayed "Barnes & Noble." That was the nickname he had given her breasts many years ago. She was very proud of her breasts. Three children and they still were still firm and rosy tipped. Sure they sagged on her chest a bit; but that was due more to their size than their lack of firmness. They had actually grown in size to 38D's when she was pregnant with the twins (Michael and Geoffrey); and had remained that size; much to Ray's delight.

The morning of the shoot; Debra could hardly wait for everyone to clear out of the house. She had gotten her hair styled with long, loose curls the day before (only her daughter Ally had noticed), and was almost giddy with anticipation. She jumped into the shower, and while shaving her long, shapely legs; she spontaneously decided to do some other grooming. Since the twins had been born, she had kept her pubic area shaved except for a thin red "landing strip" just above her slit. This morning she shaved it off, leaving her completely bald between her legs. She somehow felt, not only sexy; but also naughty...and she liked it. While toweling off, she admired her body in the mirror, and thought that she had kept herself pretty well preserved for a mother of three. She put on her makeup; dressed casually; threw her black teddy and bikini panties in a paper bag; and headed out for Sheila's.

Once inside the studio; Sheila had some juice in a carafe ready for them; and they just casually chatted for a few minutes. Debra knew that this was aimed at putting her at ease; and it worked...she felt completely relaxed with Sheila. Sheila was dressed in her "work clothes: "overalls, like Farmer Jones would wear, and a plain white tank-top underneath. When Sheila leaned over at a certain angle; Debra was almost certain she could see Sheila's small braless breasts.

They went into the bedroom, and while Sheila prepared the camera and adjusted the lights; Debra went into the small changing room and put on her teddy. Sheila had given her a totally sheer black bed-jacket to put over the teddy; and it matched perfectly. Debra thought to herself that no one except Ray had ever seen her in this outfit before; as she stepped out into the bedroom set.

As Sheila turned to look at her subject , she let out a raucous whistle and exclaimed, "Debra, you are absolutely gorgeous. You are going to make my work so easy. I never dreamed you had a body like that under all those clothes. Here; take this black feather boa...I think it will add something to the pictures. That's the beauty of digital photography: we can take as many pictures as we like."

Debra knew she was blushing, as she sat on the edge of the bed waiting for direction.

"Since you said you were wearing black lingerie, I selected pure white bedding for contrast," Sheila explained to her, "Not only will the black stand out, but your red hair will be highlighted."

Sheila assisted Debra with several poses; arranging and re-arranging her legs, arms, and hair. Every time she touched her; Debra thought that Sheila's hands lingered a little longer than was necessary; and sometimes her touch was almost electric. Much to her surprise; Debra found herself enjoying Sheila's touch. The poses got increasingly more sexy and risque as the photo shoot progressed. Debra had not worn a bra under the teddy, and several times Sheila had her pose with one or both shoulder straps slipping down her arms; showing more of her breasts each time. Sheila had produced a tiny string thong, which Debra had eagerly substituted for her bikinis. As they progressed; Sheila showed some of the photos to Debra on the camera screen; and Debra became increasingly turned on.

"I am sexy," she thought to herself, "I think I'm going to enjoy these pictures as much as Ray."

As Sheila brushed Debra's hair out around the pillow; she suggested to her, "You know Debra; we can make these photos as daring and revealing as you would like. With a body as great as yours; we could make some smoking pictures."

Debra thought for a minute; lowered the thin black strap off her left shoulder; and continued lowering it until her entire left breast was exposed. Her rosy pink nipple was totally aroused, and resembled a red gum-drop; as she felt Sheila's hand casually brush against it. As Sheila walked around the bed, taking photos from all angles; Debra was surprised at how turned on she was; exposing herself to a stranger, and being photographed. She was totally compliant as Sheila lowered the other strap, revealing Debra's right breast also. She was constantly assuring Debra how great the pictures were; and how sexy she was. Debra was beginning to feel dampness between her legs; and with every "innocent" touch by Sheila; her breasts were becoming more sensitive.

Sheila quickly reached into her "prop" closet and produced a set of black, totally sheer ,crotch-less panties; and matching bra with the nipple area cut out. Debra, was so aroused; she didn't even bother to go into the changing room to change under-garments.

When Sheila saw her in the new panties, she exclaimed, "Oh wow Debra; you're totally bald...just like me. I hope you don't mind me saying so, but you are just beautiful."

Debra didn't mind at all; in fact she was becoming increasingly aroused; and she found herself wondering what Sheila's bald pussy looked like. She couldn't believe she was having thoughts like that; she had never felt she had any lesbian tendencies; but she assumed that when you are as horny as she was becoming: anything and everything turns you on. Sheila posed Debra laying back on the mountain of pillows, with one knee bent and her legs slightly parted, so that there was just a glimpse of her bare mound between her wonderful legs. The crotch-less panties were the perfect touch.

She leaned over and gently pinched Debra's already erect nipples; startling Debra, while saying, "In the porn business they would call me a 'fluffer.' You know, someone who keeps things 'hard' for the camera. Didn't mean to catch you off guard; just wanted those incredible nipples to be a little more distinctive in the picture."

Debra responded, "You are the professional; I am totally in your hands."

"That's what I was hoping you would say Debra," Sheila answered seductively, "Do you think your husband would be interested in seeing some poses of you in girl-on-girl settings?"

Debra responded truthfully, before thinking where her honest response may be leading; "Are you kidding; he's a man...don't all men drool over that stuff."

"Well then, would you mind if I joined you? All my cameras have timers; multiple exposure settings; and I have a remote," Sheila eagerly stated.

She could hardly believe the feelings she was having; but Debra blurted out; "I would love to have you join me."

Debra knew in her heart that she would never be able to show these pictures to Ray, or anyone else; but she really wanted to see, and have, them for herself...and she was so horny now; she craved to see where this encounter was heading. She was fighting the overwhelming urge to touch herself. She watched breathlessly as Sheila unclasped the overall straps at her shoulders and the loose-fitting garment fell to the floor in one motion.

Debra had to wonder no longer, because Sheila had not been wearing panties; and her shaved pussy was now in plain sight. She drew the flimsy tank-top over her head and discarded it leaving her clad only in a pair of white sneakers; which she quickly kicked off. Debra thought Sheila's breasts were so cute. They were only about 34B's, but were absolutely perfectly round, and capped by the longest nipples Debra had ever seen. Debra thought, that with her short blond hair, she looked like some kind of "pixie." She really was stunning in her nudity. Sheila flitted around the room adjusting cameras and lights; then leapt onto the bed to join Debra.

She was so turned on, that Debra wasn't even nervous about being on the same bed with a naked woman. Sheila posed them with their arms around each other; and then suggested that it would be incredibly sensuous if they photographed her removing Debra's bra and panties. Debra agreed as she let Sheila ease her "peek-a-boo" bra off her arms; completely revealing her enormous tits in all their glory.

Deep in her subconscious; Debra heard herself shouting out, "stop...wait;" but she didn't actually vocalize that thought. She knew she should just halt everything right now, and thoughtfully consider all the consequences, before proceeding any further; but the truth was she didn't want to logically her actions. She was approaching middle-age; had never really taken any risks; and may never again have an opportunity like this. She decided to let her hormones and her instinct be her guide.

Debra could hear the camera "clicking" all on its own, as Sheila cupped her breasts in her hands; bent down, as if licking them; and held that pose. Sheila fondled Debra's "twins," almost like she was weighing them; then took her right nipple between her teeth and gently nibbled; all the while posing for the camera; or at least appearing to pose. Debra wanted to scream from delight, as Sheila continued to bite and suckle on her tits.

Then Sheila leaned back on the pillows next to Debra, and urged, "Ok Debra, now you do me. Your husband will like that, right?"

Debra nodded in the affirmative; but she knew that it had long ago ceased being about photographs for Ray: Debra wanted to continue this for her. She had never been this intimate with another woman; and she was actually shaking as she gingerly placed her hands on top of Sheila's small "hand-fulls." Sheila's tits were so warm and soft that Debra began squeezing them like rubber balls. Her nipples protruded between Debra's fingers, and she thought they must be almost an inch long. Her instinct took over; as she had hoped it would; and she leaned forward and began taking turns sucking Sheila's elongated nipples.

Sheila leaned back; ran her hands through Debra's long curls; and moaned, "That feels incredible Debra; you are a natural."

Debra sat back and just admired Sheila's tiny body. It was so sexy; with her long, slender legs; and petite waist. She had that gap between her thighs; where they didn't touch; that Debra always thought was sexy in a woman; and her pussy mound was quite puffy and prominent.

Sheila; still perfunctory with the camera; lay Debra back against the pillows; pulled the ties at her waist releasing the crotch-less panties; and urged Debra's legs further apart.

"Now Deb, this is going to be special...I want you to show me your pussy. I mean, really show it to me; show me the pink."

Debra knew she was blushing; but never hesitated, as she pulled her knees up; reached down with both hands; hooked her forefingers and middle fingers inside her quite long cunt lips; and proudly spread them apart.

Sheila groaned as she exclaimed, "Oh Debra; you have a beautiful pussy."

And with that, Sheila swiftly crawled up between Debra's thighs; stuck out her tongue; and became the first female ever to taste Debra's juices. As her tongue imbedded itself inside Debra's pussy; Sheila's face was immediately drenched as Debra involuntarily squirted in orgasm. Debra was about to be embarrassed; but that feeling faded, as Sheila began to lap and slurp up every drop she could. When she had completely cleaned Debra's thighs; Sheila leaned back on the bed with her crotch pointing at Debra, and waited. Debra knew that she should reciprocate; but had no experience on where to start. Again, she just let instinct take over; and did whatever she thought she would like.

Sheila had spread her long, slender legs as far apart as possible; and her puffy pussy lips were already spread slightly, so Debra could see droplets of moisture escaping from her slit and trickling down her ass cheeks. It seemed completely natural, as she used her thumbs to spread Sheila's lips, and blew bursts of air up her tunnel. Debra hesitantly began to lick each side of Sheila's amazing pussy, while breathing in her musky scent. She had never smelled the arousal of another woman; and she found it to be intoxicating. She plunged her tongue deep inside Sheila's cunt, awhile tickling her, surprisingly large, clit with her nose.

Sheila moaned, "Oh Debra...that's the spot!"

Debra thought; "She's not a 'squirter', but that's definitely going to leave a wet spot."

As Debra eased herself back against the pillows again; Sheila informed her; "Oh we're not done yet Deb. I have something that will make most perfect picture for your husband."

Sheila leaned over the side of the bed; reached under the comforter; and retrieved a box from under the bed. When she opened the box, Debra could see that it contained assorted sex toys. Sheila calmly produced a giant red dildo that had to be as least eighteen inches long, and a bottle of lube. Debra could see that there was a crown on each end of the fake penis, to facilitate use by two people simultaneously. It wobbled in Sheila's hand, and appeared to be made out of some kind of gel-like material; very flexible.

Debra's mind was spinning with the possibilities, when she heard Sheila's voice; "Deb, just imagine the picture of you, laying back on the pillows; your legs spread wide; and half of this dildo sticking out of your pussy."

"Oh my God, you are so right...let's do it," Debra heard her own voice say.

As Debra lay back comfortably against the mound of pillows; her legs spread obscenely wide; her damp pussy lips glistening in the lights; Sheila coated the red dong with lubricant and nestled herself between Debra's legs. Sheila gently nudged the head of the dildo inside Debra's slit; and then slowly, but steadily pushed it up deep inside her cunt until it stopped; blocked by her cervix. Sheila backed up to the end of the bed and just gazed at the sight in front of her (supposedly so the camera could get a better, unobstructed view). It was the most erotic sight she had ever seen: an absolutely beautiful woman with her huge breasts flattened out on her chest; her long red curls spread out over the white satin; her shapely legs spread wide; and six inches of red dildo protruding from between the folds of her totally bald pussy lips.

Debra was in heaven, and had her second orgasm the minute the dildo was inserted. Nothing that long had ever been inside her. There was no longer any pretense of pictures...this was strictly for enjoyment. She watched in awe as Sheila wedged her legs under Debra's; crawled up between her legs, facing her; and nudged the protruding dildo between her own cunt lips. As Sheila inched her way forward, more and more of the artificial cock was forced inside her. They thrust themselves forward together, and the dildo disappeared completely inside their cunts. They were now sharing a cock, and it was the most amazing feeling Debra had ever experienced. They continued to thrust and withdraw; and when thrusting, they would grind their pubic bones together. Debra pinched her own nipples; and Sheila was squeezing her clit harshly between her fingers.

Just as they simultaneously threw their heads back and moaned in consummate pleasure; they heard a male voice call out; "Hey hon, it's me. Rang the bell, but there was no answer."

As two men entered through the door to the studio bedroom; Debra's shocked, instinctive reaction was to lunge forward, where she ended up face to face, on top of Sheila; covering their nakedness. It was fortunate that the dildo was extremely flexible, because if was now bent almost in half; still inside both cunts.

Debra was in a panic, and had no idea how to respond to this intrusion; but she felt Sheila's arms encircle her, holding her in place, as she explained, "Deb, relax and just take a deep breath. Everything is fine. That man is my husband Bill. He is a contractor, and partners with the second man: George. I didn't expect them home this early; but it's a matter of fact; sometimes Bill assists me in the photo shoots. Would you like them to join us?"

Although still quite shocked; no man except Ray (her physician was a woman) had seen her nude since they started dating; Debra was still incredibly horny and found herself checking out the intruders. The first man through the door, Bill, was around Debra's age and quite handsome. About six feet, two inches tall; short, sandy colored hair; and obviously well built. His partner George, was a couple inches taller; also well built; and a black man. Debra, laying there completely nude; in another woman's embrace; and with a dildo sticking out of her pussy; somehow did not feel embarrassed or vulnerable; she just felt horny.

She almost felt like she were another person looking down on the scene, as her head unconsciously nodded in the affirmative and she heard herself answer, "Yes...please."

As Bill began taking off his work boots, he addressed the women, "You two look so natural and comfortable as you are; don't you move; we'll fill in around you."

Bill continued to strip down, and Debra could see that he was in very good shape, as his muscles rippled when he removed his shirt. When his boxers hit the floor; she could see that his semi-erect penis was a little larger than average in length (maybe seven or eight inches); and about the thickness of a pepperoni stick. The purplish crown was considerably larger, and quite impressive. When she diverted her attention to George, he was just lowering his shorts, and what he revealed caused her to sharply draw in her breath...and she had to remind herself to breathe again. His cock hung nearly to his knees, and had the girth of a soda looked downright angry.

As if reading her mind, George looked her in the eyes and stated laughingly, "Yep, it's true what they say about us black men. And let me tell you: once you go black; you can never go back."

Bill and Sheila laughed loudly, as Debra just stared in amazement. She knew there was no turning back now; and truth be told: she didn't want to. She was grateful that Sheila had ceased taking pictures of their actions. If she had only known that Sheila covertly recorded all her studio sessions for two reasons: 1. just in case someone tried to claim that the session was not consensual, and 2. if she ever was in need of some extra income; she was fairly confident that her clients would pay unhesitatingly to keep the session a secret. Some might label this blackmail; but Sheila preferred the word extortion.

Debra was startled back to reality by the sensation of Sheila squirming underneath her; and the realization that she still had at least six inches of plastic cock inside her pussy. Bill was now standing beside the bed, squirting lube along the entire length of his, now completely erect, cock. He was truly a very attractive man, and the sight of him with his penis in his hand merely increased Debra's passion. Since the dildo was still being shared by Debra and Sheila; every movement by Sheila, further stimulated Debra; and right now Sheila was fidgeting non-stop.

As Bill climbed onto the bed behind Sheila and Debra, the bottle of lube still in his hand; Sheila reminded the men, "I think this is all new to Debra; so you boys be nice...and gentle...unless she directs you otherwise."

Bill smiled as he positioned himself behind Debra, she was slightly bewildered as to what he had in mind; until she felt his hands on her round ass cheeks, and felt a squirt of lube running down between them.

Her eyes bulged; she turned to look over her shoulder and pleaded, "I don't think...I've never done that before, Bill."

He gently massaged her perfectly firm cheeks and answered, " Debra, you have such a wonderful ass...don't worry about a thing; I'll be very gentle."

She watched him knead her, now slick, cheeks; and then lay his erection on top of her back. That simple act was so erotic, that Debra knew she had to be adventurous for the first time in her life. As she lay on top of Sheila, her pussy still full of dildo; she reached back with both hands; grabbed her own ass cheeks; and zealously spread them apart. She felt Bill move forward; place the crown of his penis at the opening of her sphincter; and then lean forward. He encircled her waist with his hands and pulled her backward...toward him; as she felt uncomfortable pressure at her ass-hole; and then his head popped through her opening. Once he was past her sphincter ring; she no longer felt any discomfort...merely a pleasant pressure and presence inside her. Bill squirted some more lube on her ass-crack; and then steadily drove his cock completely into Debra's incredibly tight ass.

When Sheila again squirmed beneath her, Debra screamed out, "Oh my God, that feels so fucking good!

She had never had both of her holes filled simultaneously before, and the sensation was incredible...indescribable. She knew that she was now soaking both Sheila and the bedding; as her juices drooled down the dildo and dripped onto Sheila's pussy. She had almost forgotten about George, who was now clamoring onto the huge bed in front on the two prone women. In his hand was what could only be described as a log. His cock was enormous...Debra couldn't believe that cocks could be that large; it was well over a foot long. He smiled when he saw Debra staring; as he kneeled on his knees above Sheila's head; and presented his meat to Debra's face. She could feel cocks in both of her holes; and this man obviously desired a blow-job. She had never been fond of administering oral sex; but her mouth was drawn to this monster like a magnet.

She stuck out her tongue and lightly licked the first drop of pre-cum from the tennis ball-sized head. She felt Bill thrust steadily into her ass, as she stretched her lips to encircle George's black crown. She could only manage to swallow about four inches of his tool; but she ran her tongue all over the crown and underside. George ran his huge fingers through Debra's crimson curls; and did his best to fuck her face. He increased his pace because he wanted to shoot his cum down the throat of this exquisite woman. Bill and George built up a simultaneous rhythm: as George would thrust into her mouth; Bill would shove up into her ass. Sheila had gripped the bend in the dildo and was now thrusting it into their cunts in rhythm with Bill.

The sensation of the two cocks, separated by only a thin membrane of skin was too much for Debra to endure as her whole body went into convulsions. She jerked and quivered as she lost control of her body. Unfortunately, she also bit down on George's cock; but that only served to excite him more; as he flooded her throat with his cum. As Debra continued to spasm; she struggled to breathe as cum drooled out of her mouth around George's log. He withdrew his still hard cock; and sat back on his heels watching this stunning woman in the throes of ultimate passion. Her gyrations excited Bill to the point of no return as he thrust violently into her ass hole while grasping her waist and holding her in place. Debra could feel pressure building deep in her ass as Bill pumped his cum into her. As his cock jerked in her ass; Sheila slowly withdrew the dildo from their cunts; and the feeling of it sliding out of her pussy, sent Debra over -the-edge again. She collapsed onto Sheila, feeling like jelly, as Bill glided his, now shriveling, dick out of Debra's battered ass-hole. His cock had acted like a butt-plug; and now his cum began to drip out of her sphincter.

Bill slid off the bed; and as Sheila helped, a totally spent, Debra try to sit up; George sat next to them and requested of Debra," please pretty lady, before you go; I just have to fuck that beautiful pussy."

Debra glanced at the incredible appendage between his legs; and knew she would probably never get another opportunity to be fucked by anything that size again; and she truly wanted to know what it would feel like. As she inched herself back on the bed; she wrapped a hand around George's cock and pulled him with her. She didn't bother kissing him or nibbling on his ear; this wasn't about attraction...this was about pure unadulterated lust. At this moment in her life; Debra wanted nothing more than to feel his cock inside her. She lay back on the pillows; because she definitely wanted to watch this; spread her totally smooth legs obscenely wide; and bent her knees while drawing her legs up closer to her body. As George crawled up the bed between her legs, Debra just stared at his enormous cock waving in front of him, and thought there was no way that thing would fit inside her...but she couldn't wait to try. Bill was just standing back being a spectator; and if his erection was any indication; an aroused one. Sheila had grabbed a camera and excitedly recording the encounter for posterity. Debra suddenly thought that she couldn't wait to see photos of George's cock inside her.

As if she didn't want to be fucked badly enough; George leaned forward and informed her; "I'm from Brazil originally, and you are without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen."

She could feel a couple drops of fluid trickle down between her ass cheeks, and she grasped his monster in both hands and tugged him towards her. George advanced, and lay his cock on her stomach; letting her measure it's length against her marvelous naked body. It stretched almost up to her heaving breasts, as they flattened out onto her chest. Debra was so aroused now that she absolutely craved his cock. Sensing her need was matching his own; George rubbed his giant cock-head up and down against her slippery slit; coating it in her juices. He grasped her legs and placed them around his waist; his cock poised at her entrance. In that position, her legs were actually lifted up off the bed; and he placed his huge hands under her firm ass cheeks and squeezed them. George then pushed his weight forward; his tennis ball-sized head separating her pussy lips; stretching her open until the crown was inside her.

Debra moaned her approval as his cock split her slit wide open. He didn't stop to let her adjust to his invasion; he steadily thrust forward, stuffing her snug cunt full of his cock; sliding deeper and deeper into her belly; until his balls were resting against her ass cheeks. Then he stopped and once again marveled at her beauty. Her head was thrown back on the pillows, and he could feel her cunt contracting around his prick; her orgasm evident. George, very slowly, withdrew his enormous cock; and as it slid out of her constricting pussy, he looked down and marveled at the way her cunt lips clasped tightly around his giant shaft. He looked up and saw that Debra was observing this marvelous sight, also.

He slowly pushed himself back into her; and they watched as her cunt lips were forced back inside. He continued this pace for several strokes; almost teasing her with the pace. When he was fully inside her; he ground his pelvis against her clit.

Debra finally cried out, "Oh my God...fuck me...fuck the hell out off"

George grasped her waist in his oversized hands, and slammed his monster into her pussy as hard as he could. Debra's cunt was being stretched to it's limit and she felt like raw meat on a felt absolutely wonderful. Her pussy was stuffed completely full of cock; and she loved it.

"Jesus fucking Christ that feels good...slam that fucking cock into me," she heard herself yell.

And slam her he did. George was battering her cunt as he fucked her. What turned him on the most was watching her mammoth tits flopping around on her chest. They were like huge pendulums keeping time with his thrusts.

Debra was incredulous that her pussy had allowed that much cock inside it. When he thrust forward, she could see her stomach distend to make room for it. She had lost count of her orgasms; it seemed like she was in one big, constant climax. Nothing else seemed to exist...only that huge cock deep inside her pussy.

"Where the hell is all that cock going," she thought to herself, as she watched it disappear inside her time after time.

She felt George's hands tighten around her waist and as he held her tight against his body; his giant cock inside her expanded, stretching her already stressed cunt even more. An incredible warmth spread in her belly as his hose erupted deep inside her, filling her with his seed. The pressure inside her pussy was intense as his sperm fought for space inside her already filled cunt. His cum actually started squirting out around the edges of his cock. She could feel the stream tickling her pussy lips as it escaped her hole.

Debra lay back against the pillows, totally spent; as George kneeled between her legs; his gradually shriveling cock still imbedded in her cunt. As it slipped naturally out of her pussy, she could feel a steady stream of cum running down her ass cheeks, and a wet spot spreading beneath her on the bed.

"Glad I'm not responsible for that laundry," Debra thought to herself, as she sat on the side of the bed.

George gestured between her legs as he apologized, "Sorry about that."

She glanced down to see what he was referring to, and saw that the slit between her thighs had disappeared and been replaced by a big, wide-open hole. Her cunt resembled one of the holes on the mini-golf course.

Suddenly embarrassed, Debra responded, "I'm sure it will shrink...eventually."

As they dressed, Sheila made an appointment for Debra to return and peruse the photographs, so she could choose which ones she wanted for her anniversary gift.

"We also need to choose which ones to delete," Debra reminded her.

"I don't know," Sheila beamed, "I think they are all keepers."

As Debra drove the short distance home, she couldn't help feel that she could never go back to a "normal" sex life. She was already imagining what other adventures awaited her.

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