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Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra's Day Off (MMF,oral,anal,cream pie)
by Shaggy77 ([email protected])

Debra Barone needed this day. Everything had miraculously come together just when she needed it the most. Her husband Ray, a sportswriter for NY Newsday, left that morning for a three-day road trip with the Knicks. Frank and Marie; her meddlesome, irritating in-laws; were visiting friends in New Jersey who had just moved into a new retirement community and would be staying overnight. Her daughter Ally and , twin boys, Jeffrey and Michael had just left for school and had made play-dates with sleepover plans. She was going to have a day off; and entire 24 hours all to herself! She really needed some time to relax. The kids had been irritable lately; she was constantly bickering with her mother-in-law (the bitch); and just before Ray left they had a huge fight about, guess what, Marie. Marie had once again insinuated herself into their marriage, had criticized her parenting skills; and Ray (the idiot) had not backed Debra up.

"That was history," she told herself as she climbed the stairs to their bedroom... this was HER day. She had the first part of her day all planned: first a nice, hot, soothing bath; then just relax on the couch in front of the TV with a nice glass of wine. Maybe later she would even get out Ramone; that was what she had named the vibrator she kept hidden in her underwear drawer.

She drew a nice hot bath and threw in a cup of her favorite bath oil...jasmine scent. After disrobing, Debra took a long look at her naked body in the mirror. She complimented herself out loud, "Girl, you look damn fine for a 35, all right 36, year old mother of three."

She did a pirouette to check for cellulite; and finding none, smiled. Truth is, she had the body of a 25-year-old. Her ass was still firm; as Ray said, "You could still bounce a quarter off that ass!" Her tummy, leading down to her crotch, was still flat and firm. After giving birth to the twins she had decided to keep her pubic hair trimmed. She had kept it trimmed into a bright red landing strip about two inches long just above her slit. Ray loved that strip but what turned him on the most were "Barnes and Noble", the names he had given to Debra's wonderful breasts.

She cupped her magnificent tits and even she was amazed by them. When the twins were born her breasts had increased from a C cup to a D and had stayed that way. They weren't perky, but she could still pass the "pencil test." When aroused, her nipples were the size of gumdrops. Debra was pleased with what she saw. She was; what was the word they used to describe old time actresses...voluptuous; yeah that was it...voluptuous.

She knew she wasn't the only one to think so. She had often caught some of the PTA dads trying to peek down her blouses; and she noticed that whenever she wore a dress or skirt, Robert (her brother-in-law) would try to sit opposite her to get a good look at her legs and possibly an up-skirt glimpse.

Debra soaked in the hot tub for a good long time, letting all her muscles relax and leaving her tension in the steaming water. When soaping between her legs, she was tempted to get herself off, but stopped; telling herself, "not until later when I re-introduce you to Ramone."

After toweling off, Debra slipped into her pink, terrycloth robe and nothing else. Having nothing on underneath made her feel so relaxed, and a little bit naughty at the same time. She went downstairs, took out a new bottle of wine, a glass, and sunk into the couch. She downed a whole glass of wine, poured a refill, and started flipping through the channels. Dr. Phil was on and he was talking to people with in-law problems. Debra chuckled to herself, "You think you got problems," and poured herself a third glass of wine.

She kept watching and sipping, and instead of relaxing, the memories of her in-law encounters were making her agitated. She went to pour another glass full and was shocked to realize she had consumed the entire bottle. Debra had never been able to handle alcohol very well (a fact Ray would take advantage of at every opportunity)...two glasses were her limit. Once she had let Marie aggravate her, drank three glasses, fallen asleep in her parked car because she knew she shouldn't drive; and been rewarded for her conscientiousness with a ticket. 'That bitch Marie,' she thought remembering the embarrassment.

She started to get up to get another bottle of wine, but her head began to spin and she fell back on the couch. "Wow, you're drunk," she told herself, "and it feels kinda good."

As she sat back and resumed watching TV, a young bride was telling Dr. Phil she was contemplating moving in next door to her in-laws. As a result of her state of inebriation, Debra yelled at the TV, "Stop, don't do it!" She tried to get up again, but her dizziness prevented her. Just then the kitchen door slammed and Debra thought to herself for probably the thousandth time, "Why doesn't anyone ever lock a door around here?"

Her brother-in-law came charging into the living room shouting, "Debra is everyone OK...I heard shouting."

Despite the interruption, Debra found herself pleasantly surprised to see Robert, and sang out, "O hi Robert...yes I'm just fine...just watching a little TV. Why don't you join me?"

Robert, dressed in NYPD sweatpants and t-shirt sat in a chair and regarded Debra somewhat curiously...she seemed different somehow. He explained he had been out walking Shamsky (his incredibly ugly dog) and had heard her shout. Debra leaned back on the couch, put her bare feet up on the coffee table and explained about the show. As she sat there, her robe fell open exposing her legs to well above her knees and Robert was quick to notice. He had always had a crush on his sister-in-law and thought his brother was the luckiest man on earth.

Robert was not exactly subtle with his glances and Debra, in her condition, decided to tease him a little. She squirmed around on the couch causing her robe to move, not only exposing her legs all the way up to her thighs, but also a lot of cleavage. Debra knew how Robert felt about her and had always been more than find of this gentle giant. Robert was 6' 8" tall and had huge hands and feet. She was shocked to find herself wondering if there really was a correlation between the size of a man's hands and his penis. Debra realized she was getting damp between her legs and in her drunken state decided she wanted to find out.

Robert's eyes were bulging in his head as he stared at all of Debra's exposed skin. He thought to himself, 'O my she naked under that robe?'

Debra knew she was drunk and horny as hell; and she was going to do something about the latter condition, as she said, "Robert I wanted to relax today and this show has made me so tense...would you mind coming over here and rubbing my shoulders."

Robert replied immediately, "Sure, Deb, anything for you."

As he got up, Debra almost gasped out loud...she was sure she saw something twitch in the leg of his loose fitting sweatpants...something all the way down to his knee. She adjusted her robe to fully expose her shoulders and even more cleavage.

Robert practically ran over to the couch, stood behind it and looked down at Debra. As he looked down at her naked shoulders and almost bare breasts he thought to himself that this was as close to heaven as he would ever get.

As Robert touched her shoulders and started to massage them, Debra felt a trickle between her legs and knew that she needed relief and soon. "O, Robert, that feel so good," she moaned. She reached up, grabbed Robert's hands with hers and pulled them down onto her breasts. His huge hands covered her entire chest and he began to knead her breasts like bread dough. Her nipples were engorged to the size of jelly beans as he pinched them between his huge fingers. Debra shuddered in orgasm and juice literally gushed from between her legs.

Robert parted her robe to get a better look at her globes and whispered in Debra's ear, "You have the most magnificent tits I have ever seen."

Debra reached up, put her hands around his neck, pulled his head down to hers, and flattened her lips against his and snaked her tongue into his mouth. When she broke the kiss, she breathed to Robert, "Carry me upstairs because I don't think I can walk."

Robert snatched her in his arms like she were a doll and carried her up the stairs and through her bedroom threshold like a blushing bride. Once inside the bedroom she stood in the center of the room, undid her belt, and let her robe fall from her shoulders to the floor.

Robert's mouth dropped open and all he could say was, "O my God, O my God, O my God."

Her naked body was even more magnificent than in all his fantasies. Her crimson landing strip was like a beacon to his eyes...the area between her legs already glistened. Debra pleaded with Robert, "All right big boy...your turn."

He didn't have to be asked twice, as sneakers, socks and t-shirt flew all over the bedroom. He had a more difficult time losing the sweatpants because his erection kept getting caught in the elastic waistband. When he had finally dropped his sweatpants and boxers to the floor, Debra became so weak in the knees that she actually kneeled on the rug. Robert's cock was enormous, huge, gigantic. It was rock hard, pointed at the ceiling and reached almost to his nipples. And it wasn't just was as big around as a soda can, with a head the size of a tennis ball.

Debra crawled forward on her knees, mesmerized, reached up with both hands and wrapped her fingers around it. She pulled it down to her face and licked the underside of his head. This was too much for Robert to was all his fantasies and dreams coming true. He erupted onto Debra's face...squirt after squirt. She opened her mouth, trying to catch it all, but it was impossible.

Robert almost immediately started to shrivel as he nearly cried, "O Debra, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Debra snatched his T-shirt off the floor, wiped off her face, and smiling up at him said, "That's okay Robert; your cum tastes much better than Ray's."

Almost like magic, his cock was hard as steel again...Debra thought she could probably do pull-ups on it. As she stood up in front of Robert, she begged him, "I want you to fuck me Robert...I need that gigantic cock up inside me right now."

"But first," Robert said, as he put his arms around her, lifted her up as if she weighed no more than a towel, and set her down on the side of the bed. As she sat on the edge of the bed, Robert spread her legs and knelt between them. He blew warm air onto her bare cunt and then started licking the sides of her lips...first one side, then the other. Juice was literally running out of her pussy as he started at the bottom of her slit and drew his tongue all the way up to her landing strip. Robert reached between her legs and with a forefinger on each side of her slit, he gently spread Debra's cunt lips apart. Robert remarked, "Deb you have the most wonderful pussy on earth." Robert slowly inserted his tongue between her lips, brushed her clit with his nose, and Debra shuddered and coated his face with fluid as she orgasmed again. Robert licked and sucked in her cum before sitting on the bed beside her.

Debra breathlessly pleaded, "Robert please...I need you inside me...fuck me."

Robert lay back on the bed, picked Debra up with both hands, and set her on his lap with her cunt nestled against the base of his cock. He reached up, took one of her magnificent tits in each hand and implored her, "It's up to you."

Debra didn't want to wait; couldn't wait; as she raised up on her knees and grabbed his steel pole in her hands. She pulled it down until it was pointed straight up, raised herself up even farther, and then nudged it between her cunt lips. She reached down with both hands and spread her pussy as wide as she could get it, and started, ever so slowly, to sit down. She felt herself being spread open, and it was wonderful. She had given birth three times and was sure that nothing this large had ever passed through her cunt before. Her pussy lips kept spreading further apart and Robert's cock-head was actually sucked inside her like a bathtub drain plug. "Ooo," she moaned when the huge head plopped inside her.

Debra stopped momentarily, letting her cunt adjust to being stretched that far. She didn't stop for long though, she wanted more. It wasn't just the alcohol; she was now crazed with lust! She slowly continued lowering herself as Robert rolled her nipples between his fingers. She only had about half of his 14 inches inside her when he lowered his huge hands to her waist, and in one motion jerked Debra all the way down onto his enormous shaft. "O my God," she shrieked as she sat on his pelvis, totally impaled on his monster cock.

He held her in place as she thrashed back and forth having multiple orgasms. She leaned forward and lay on his chest, enjoying the feeling of being completely filled with cock. It was incredible...her stomach even felt full like after eating a large meal. After pausing to hug her tightly, Robert again wrapped his hands around her waist and started to lift her up and down on his rock hard prick. Debra sat back up and they both looked down to watch her cunt lips being drawn out and then pushed back in as they gripped Robert's pole. She started bouncing up and down at a dizzying pace and Robert reached down to gently pinch her clit. She shuddered uncontrollably and leaned forward to steady herself on Robert's chest.

Just then they heard a voice coming closer down the hall, "Debra, you up here...I came to fix the stove...the door was unlocked."

In her daze of wine and passion; Debra's first thought was 'How come no one around here locks the doors.'

The voice, of course, belonged to Gianni, who had been close friends with Ray since long before he had met Debra. As Gianni rounded the doorway to the bedroom; his eyes bulged and he stopped dead in his tracks and just stared. There was his fantasy come true...a completely naked Debra...and she was more beautiful then he had imagined. But, also, there was his friend Robert; also totally naked with his cock buried inside his sister-in-law.

Robert blushed and was speechless; but delirious with passion Debra wouldn't have cared if the entire NYPD had entered the room, and calmly ordered Gianni, "Don't just stand there...I've got another hole you know!" She knew Gianni, and all of Ray's friends, lusted after her...she had seen the looks.

Gianni wasted no time obeying, tore off his clothes and approached the bed. Debra noticed that Gianni's cock was actually quite slim (to her relief), but an impressive 8 inches in length. Now Debra was an anal virgin...Ray had never expressed any interest and neither had she. Even in her mental state, she knew this might be painful, especially since she was already being stretched. She told Gianni to squirt some of the hand cream she kept on her night table on his cock.

Gianni had always been an "ass man," and he couldn't believe his luck. He pounced on the bed and straddled the two lovers.

Robert wasn't exactly enthralled with this development but he had dreamed about fucking Debra for years and wasn't about to move.

Gianni spread Debra's cheeks apart with his hands and lay the tip of his cold-cream dripping cock on her sphincter. She lay down on Robert and Gianni slowly started to slide into her asshole. Gianni pushed at a steady pace until he was buried to the hilt inside her...his balls almost touching Robert.

"O my fucking God," swore Debra as they lay there in a sandwich.

Robert and Gianni could feel each other, separated only by a thin membrane; and they weren't thrilled with that, but it was more than outweighed by the realization that they were actually fucking Debra. They both started to pull out slowly, thrust back inside in unison; and this took Debra over the top again. For never having done anal before she was surprised at how good it felt.

Robert and Gianni started pounding into Debra at a quickening pace. Gianni put his arms around Debra and grabbed her wonderful many times had he jerked off thinking about her tits. Debra put her arms around Robert and felt them both thrusting up inside her. Gianni and Robert continued to pound Debra's pussy and ass as hard as they could then they simultaneously thrust into her as deep as they could, and started emptying themselves inside her. Debra could feel them both twitching inside her pussy and ass and then felt hot liquid being released inside her. All three friends came together. Robert and Gianni just kept squirting and squirting...they were fucking their fantasy woman and this was the ultimate orgasm of their lives.

After laying there in a pile for a few minutes, Robert finally spoke up, "You guys are crushing me."

As they started to move, Debra could feel their shriveling cocks slip out of her, and then fluid flooding down her legs. She saw the men reach for their clothes and asked them, "Where do you think you're going...we've got all night!"

With a huge grin on his face, Gianni reached for the phone by the bed and announced, "In that case I'm calling Nemo's and ordering a pizza."

"And a bottle of wine; no, make that two bottles of wine," chimed in a cheerful Debra; as she wondered to herself if she could fit two cocks in her pussy.


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