Everybody Loves Raymond: Everybody Loves Debra For A Change (Ff,inc,herm,oral,anal,creampie)
by Dr. Demented 666

Ray was off on a road trip on one of his sporting events; leaving Debra home with their twin sons, Jeffrey and Michael, while Ally was off staying with her grandparents across the street. It was late at night when a knock came across the front door and Debra answered it to see Roberts x-girlfriend, Stefania, standing there in a short black dress that hugged her voluptuous frame and showed off her huge breasts and barely covered her ass.

"Stefania...What a surprise! Well, come in...What's going on?" Debra said with surprise.

"Well, I was just thinking a bit and was quite lonely tonight so I decided to stop over."

"That's ok, I'm glad you came by, Ray is off on a road trip for work and I was just tiding up a bit before I was going to go to bed." Debra stated.

Stefania really had the hots for little Debra and now that she knew Ray was away she was going to show Debra her true feelings as she slid out of her high heels and went to the much shorter woman before her and pulled Debra close to her and jammed her tongue into Debra's mouth. Debra struggled and tried to push away as she gasped words between tongue lashes...

"Stef(tongue)-ania...What(tongue)-are you(tongue)-doing(tongue)!"

"Debra, I really think you're hot and I want you so bad!" Stefania exclaimed in her broken italian accent.

"I can't...I mean, I'm married....With kids!" Debra stated.

"C'mon, it'll be fun...Haven't you ever wanted to...With a girl, I mean...It's not really cheating...Besides, I have a surprise I'd like to share with you." Stefania proclaimed.

The thought did cross Debra's mind from time to time as she noticed some pretty women before. She also wondered what Stefania meant by a 'Surprise'. So, she figured 'Why not'. Stefania was right, its not really cheating if it's with a girl.

Debra led Stefania up to her bedroom where Debra quickly got undressed; exposing her elegant nude figure to Stefania who took in her plump breasts with erect nipples and goose-bumped skin, pretty legs, and a brunette muff that was trimmed to perfection but still showed she was a woman of her age.

"My turn..." Stefania stated as she slipped out of her dress and slid her black-laced panties down her legs. Debra could now see Stefania's surprise as she stood there completely naked and her huge cock dangled between her legs; growing into a full 14" erection. It was huge! Like a small bat with a girth of a fist and veins riddling the length of it.

Debra's jaw dropped as she never seen such a large cock before...And on a girl! "Stefania! What the hell!? I thought you were a..."

"A girl? I am, well...Both a girl and a boy, this being the boy part." Stefania interrupted Debra.

Debra was amazed at the size of it, she found herself reaching out and grasping the shaft and softly stroking it; feeling the blood pulsing through it. Stefania pushed Debra with force back onto the bed and went to her face, pushing the head of her massive cock into Debra's mouth and watching as her lips stretched around the end of her cock. Little Debra could barley get 3" of it into her mouth with the girth being so big around.

Stefania quickly got tired of the failed attempt of oral sex and decided it was time for a fuck. Stefania got between Debra's legs and inched herself into Debra. Debra gasped as she watched the huge length sink into her, she grasped the sheets and balled them up in her fists as her back arched upward and she let out a loud scream as Stefania sunk fully into her and collapsed atop Debra, kissing her passionately as she fucked her with full thrusts.

Debra became dizzy and started to cum as Stefania took her in a way she's never been taken before, when suddenly...

"MOM! What's going on?!" She and Stefania heard.

Stefania quickly sprang up off of Debra, leaving her naked beauty in full view of her 11 year old twin sons, Michael and Jeffrey. Their eyes opened wide with wonder as they saw their Mom for the first time naked and Stefania's huge cock popping out of Debra's pussy and glistening from her vaginal fluids.

"Don't look, boys...GOD! Turn away!" Debra shouted, embarrassed.

"Mmmmmm...I think they like what they see, look..." Stefania exclaimed to Debra as they both stared down at the boys pajama bottoms and seen large lumps expanding the fabric of their loins. Michael and Jeffrey stood there with erections in their pajamas and rubbing them for the first time and feeling a feeling they never felt before as they stood there shirtless.

"Take off your bottoms, lets see." Stefania stated with anticipation. The twins looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders in a 'Why not' manner, dropping their bottoms and underwear to the floor; exposing their 4" boners to their Mom and Stefania. Stefania drooled and Debra was in shock as Stefania said: "C'mon over, boys...Wanna see what I was doing with your Mom?"

They quickly went to the bed and got on it with Michael at one side of Stefania and Jeffrey at the other with their hard shafts resting against the sides of her legs as they gazed dwon at her enormity.

"Watch..." Stefania told them.

The twins watched as Stefania's hard cock disappeared into their Mom, making Debra cry out and scream with delight. Stefania pulled out of Debra and ordered her sons to stroke her hard cock. The twins had to use both their hands to wrap around the girth of Stefania's cock, stroking it as their hands glided easily over her cock thanks to the juices from their Mom's pussy lubing it so well.

Stefania flung her head back and her breasts heaved forward as her hips gyrated while she orgasmed, The boys could feel the throbs of her cock and the immense pulses of cum flowing through it as the white substance shot from its end and all over their Mom. Debra was literally coated in cum from her pussy to her face, even in her hair.

The twins stared down at the mess on their Mom, wondering what it could be since all they seen come out the end of a penis before was pee. They decided to touch it, playfully twirling it up using their fingers and smearing it into their Mother's skin....

"Taste it, boys...Go ahead, lick it off your Mom right here..." Stefania said as she pointed down to Debra's cum-soaked pubes. The boys smiled and went down on their Mom in tandem. Debra lifted her head and watched as her son's scooped the cum off her pubes with their lips and gently pushing their tongues into her pussy, massaging her inner vaginal walls and her swollen clit. Debra couldn't believe this was happening, they are her sons. But it was and in a wrong way she liked it.

"Good...Now come up here between your Mom's legs like I was, Jeffrey. Michael, you stay down there licking her."

Jeffrey did as he was told as Stefania got behind him and reached around and down, taking hold of his hard cock and lining him up with his Mother's pussy slit. Stefania pushed her hips forward and her shaft slid up through his bare ass cheeks and against his back; forcing him forward and into his Mom. As soon as he felt the slippery warmth surround his cock he shouted: "Something's happening! It's pounding! Mommy, my thing's pounding in you!"

"I know, honey! I feel it! God! I really can feel you cumming in me!" Debra exclaimed.

Jeffery finished in his Mom and pulled out, no sperm as he was too young to produce any yet. Now it was his brothers turn, taking Jeffery's place and inserting his cock into his Mom. Michael was a bit more forward and laid down on top of his Mom as he began to take her. Her large breasts pressed against his chest as they were face to face; Debra couldn't resist giving her son his first French kiss, putting her tongue in his mouth and swirling it around in a flirting way with his.

The taste of candy and the gentle thrusts of her son was too much for her. Debra began to convulse as her son started to orgasm in her, filling her with his cum. This surprised her since Jeffery wasn't able to produce cum yet, maybe since Michael was more mature and just a few minutes older...At any rate, she lifted her legs and welcomed the warmth of her son's love into her as he whined with a high pitch as he came again and again in her, making his Mom squirt all over his lower half. Finally she lowered her legs and let her son roll off her and lay at her side as Jeffery went to her other side to lay. Both leaned and softly kissed her as Stefania moved in for one last fuck...

Stefania lubed her shaft up with some baby oil and forced it into Debra's ass. As soon as Debra felt this her eyes sprang open with horror and a painful look overcame her face as she covered her mouth with the palm of her hand and screamed into it as Stefania sunk her full length deep into Debra's ass, watching as her ass walls stretched to new proportions as she fucked Debra...

Debra whined as her eyes watered and tears trickled down her cheeks, quickly being licked up by her sons as they reached down and played with her pussy while rubbing their shafts against the sides of her hips. Within seconds Debra squirted all over Stefania as she felt her boys layer her sides with their sticky cum.

This set Stefania off as she pulled from Debra's ass, leaving it gaping as she swooped up to her face and began to cum. Load after load splashed onto Debra and her twins faces as they licked the cum that continued to splash on them off their Mom.

Finally Stefania stopped cumming and she laid down on Debra, kissing her and her sons and falling asleep on top of her as they did at her side. This was a day none of the would forget and they all looked forward to Ray's next road trip...


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