Everyone Loves Raymond: Frank And Marie's Surprise
by KHenne ([email protected])

Debra Barrone was lying in bed masturbating slowly in bed. She had just
finished helping her daughter achieve her first organsm. She was dreaming
about her first lesbian experience when she was 19 years old college student.

The first time was with a fellow college student named Michelle. They were
in classes together and sometimes ate meals together. The girls were on the
same floor at the dorm. It was a Friday night and the girls were at a mixer.
The party was ok and Debra had a good buzz on. She was getting another beer
when Michelle came flying by crying. Something told her to go to her. Debra
went outside and found Michelle crying hysterical. She took Michelle into her
arms. Michelle hugged her tight and got her emotions under control in about
10 minutes.

Deborah slowly walked back to the dorms. Her roommate was away for the
weekend. She brought Michelle to her room. The girls sat on the bed and
talked softly. Michelle told Debra that her boyfriend of 1 year broke up
with her at the mixer. It came out of the blue she never knew it was going
to happen. He had been seeing someone else and he didnt love her. She had
given him her virginity and they had been fucking at least twice a month
for the last 6 months. They sat looking at each other deeply for about 2

Michelle leaned in and kissed Debra softly which lasted about 2 minutes. When
the kiss broke off Michelle told Debra "I'm sorry I don't know why I did

They stared at each other for a minute and then Debra kissed Michelle with
tongue. Michelle helped Debra down onto the bed. The kissing started up again
with more passion. The clothing came off quickly as they helped each other
strip. Debra lied on her back as Michelle played and licked her breasts. As
Michelle fingered Debra's pussy she was surprised how wet Debra had gotten.
Debra clit was hard as Michele rubbed it real fast. She lightly bit Debra's
nipples as she jammed 2 fingers into her pussy. Debra's pussy tightned around
the fingers probing her. Michelle kissed Debra deeply as she fingered her.
Debra was moaning "Yes please eat meee".

Michelle slid down and opened Debra's pussy and placed a kiss on her clit and
then licked it. The sensation Debra felt was the beyond words. She reached
down and grabbed Michelle's head and held it there. She brought debra off to
the most intense organism she ever had in her life.

Michelle held her afterward as they slept for an hour. When the awoke Debra
kissed Michelle and told her lie back and enjoy this. Debra kissed and licked
her way down Michelle body. She opened Michelle up and licked and kissed her
pussy and clit. Michelle responded as if Debra tongue was a defibillator. Her
hip were off the bed and rotating as Debra licked her harder.She was having a
hard time keeping up with the movements. Michelle grabbed her head and told
"Eat my pussy bitch."

Debra finally got a steady rythm going on her pussy. She stuck 2 fingers into
Michelle as she ate her. Michelle told her, "Fist me bitch."

Debra got 4 fingers in her and then her hand just slid into the pussy. She
slammed her pussy hard as Michelle got wetter and organismed on her hand.
Debra pulled her hand out and licked Michelle like it was her last meal.
When Michelle's organism came Debra nearly drowned from Michelle's cum.
Michelle had to pull Debra away from her pussy and into her arms. They made
out for about 10 minutes not touching each other.

Michelle told her, "That was hardest organsm I ever had."

They slept holding each other till 0500 hrs. Michelle awoke and wondered
where am I. Debra woke up from the movements and said good morning to
Michelle. They walked down to the shower and got in. As the water carassed
off Michelle body Debra got under the shower with her. Michelle asked her
"What do you think your doin?"

Debra told her, "Showering with you."

Michelle told her "I can do it myself but thanks."

Debra walked under another shower and washed up not looking at Michelle. When
they finished Michelle gave Debra a kiss goodbye and told her, "I'll call you

That night the girls went out to a local pub that had great food. They
stopped by a frat party on the way back and girls had a good time. Debra went
with Michelle to her room. They made love twice that night and it was as good
as the night before.

When Debra got back to her room the next morning she was confused. A few days
later Michelle thanked her for all her help over the weekend. Michelle told
her, "I'm not gay it just happened and if you are I'm not ready for a

Debra told her "I'm not either but it was beautiful and I will never forget

Part 2

Debra found herself sometimes looking at women while shopping in supermarkets
or malls. She was hit on regularly by men. She came from a well to do family.
When she moved out on her own she dated but nothing steady.When she met her
husband Ray she was impressed with him. They dated for about 3 years before
the engagement. They had occasion sex prior to the engagement. When Ray got
engaged it became regular.

One day at work she was taken out for drinks by some friends. The place they
went to was quiet and empty. it filled up a little more by 7.00 p.m. Debra
didnt realize it at first that she was taken to a lesbian bar. When she did
she left with out saying goodbye.

The next day one of the ladies who took her out approached her and asked
where she went. She told Barbara, "I'm not one of them how could think i

Barbara told her, "you gave off signals that said you were curious."

Debra told her, "boy did you read that wrong."

That night she lied in bed thinking about what Barbara said. She ended up
masturbating to the thoughts of Barbara and it was a strong organsm. If she
was caught looking at women she would tell them i was admiring a piece of
jewelry or a piece of clothing.

Debra was married about 18 months when she got pregant. She worked up till
her 7th month and then went on leave. After her daughter Ally was born she
breast fed the baby. One night Ray was away she got up at 2.15 a.m. to feed
Ally. Debra sat on the couch and slowly touched herself. The moisture built
up quickly and Debra was very turned on. She gave herself a organsm while
the baby fed on her breast. While changing her daughter one night she found
herself staring at her daughter privates. A few days later she asked Marie
if she breast fed her boys. She was surprised to hear yes both of them.
Debra asked her if she ever got turned on by the breast feeding and did she
masturbate while breast feeding them. Marie told her, "Yes and I did the
same thing you did. Well, if you need a hand I'll be willing to help you

A few days later she stopped in during the morning and decided to help out
Debra. Debra was washing the morning dishes when Marie stopped in. She said
good morning to Marie and washed out the glass she had in her hands. Marie
shocked Debra by grabbing her boobs while saying good morning. Debra was
shocked but enjoyed the feeling. She turned around and Marie kissed her
deeply. Debra returned the kiss which broke off after a few minutes. Marie
told her after you asked me the question I decided to help you out. "When
Frank and I were younger for a year we did the swingers tour. There is not
much I havent done."

Marie told her leave them for now. They walked up to Debra's bedroom both
women had nervous energy. The women were both surprised on how well the other
one brought them off. When Marie left about an hour later there relationship
had gotten stronger.

Part 3

One day Debra had woke up with a fever and Ray was somewhat concerned. Ally
and Jeffery were also sick and Ray took them to the doctor. Marie came over
to help Debra. She tidied things up while Debra slept. Marie was passing by
the bedroom and found Debra maturbating. She entered the room and saw Debra
was asleep. As she tried to cover her up Debra opened her eyes and asked
Marie to please finger me till I cum I need it real bad. Marie used 1 finger
in the begining and ended up with 4 fingers in her and on her clit. When
Debra came Marie's hand got soaked as did the bedsheets. Marie could see the
relief in Debra's face.

The next day her fever was almost gone and she felt better. Marie stopped by
and checked on Debra and whispered to her "you owe me." Debra had no idea
what Marie was talking about. Robbie had been driving Marie nuts. She asked
Debra if she knew any nice girls for Robert. She had a friend Amy whom she
knew from her last job. They arranged a double date and Robert started to see
Amy. Marie was so happy to see Robbie dating a women. When she met Amy she
liked her and Frank got a hardon from watching her. He mentioned it to Marie
that she would be nice for a threesome. Marie told him "You're a pig. We
can't ruin Robbie's happiness."

Besides we havn't done that in years and we should start with Debra first.
Frank told her, "She is a prude and she would never go for it."

When the first breakup happened Amy was a mess and Debra came to the rescue.
The girls went out to dinner and talked. Amy got a buzz on from the wine.
Debra drove her home and got her into her apartment alright. When Debra went
to leave Amy kissed her on the mouth and tongue followed quickly. The kiss
broke off about 3 minute later. Amy told Debra goodnight Robert. Debra went
home and masturbated to the though of Amy.

One day Marie comes into the house and Frank follows her screaming about his
lunch. They contiune fighting until Marie tells him I'm never returning to
that house I'll live with Ray and Debra. A little while later Debra tells
Marie she would return to Frank. She takes this as offense and tells her you
live with him for a few hrs and see what I had to deal with for 38 years.
Debra walks over to Frank's house. When she opens the door there is Frank
sitting on the couch watching tv. He greets her as she sits and tries to talk
with him. A little while later they are making out on the couch. Debra is
sopping wet and losing the fight to hormones. She finally moans to Frank,
"Please fuck me Mr. Barone."

They strip and lie on the rug. He tells her lift a little as he slids a
cushion under her ass so she will not burn her great ass. As Frank slids into
her Debra moans "Holy crap!" as he fills her up with his 8 inches.

Frank asks her, "Are you safe or shall I blow it into your mouth."

She groans to him "Fill me up."

He groans and lets loose 3 loads into her. Debra lies under Frank for a few
minutes as they kiss. They go upstairs and shower up and Debra gives him a
blowjob to remember her. He makes her dinner and they watch a movie. During
a commerical he asks Debra to get him something from the refrigator.

She snaps at him, "I'm not you maid or slave if you want something get up and
do it yourself." She thens storms out of the house. When she walks into her
house Marie is serving dessert to the family. They lock eyes she knods and
then ask her "How do you deal with him?"

A short while later Frank comes over and asks Marie if she wants to go for a
walk with him to the store. She runs over and get her coat and leaves.

Part 4

Deborah had a long talk with Amy and helped her open herself to Robert.
Deborah taught Amy how to masturbate and use a dildo. They fucked each other
with a double headed 14" dildo. Amy never felt anything so good in her life.

Robert asked Raymond if he could use his house cause he wanted to fuck Amy.
Ray took his wife and parents out to a movie. They got back and Deborah
went to check on the kids Amy was babysitting for them. The kids were okay
sleeping soundly. She heard moans from her bedroom. There was Amy getting
fucked hard and fast by Robert. Deborah's eyes got real big when she saw the
size of Robert's cock. She backed away from the door and went downstairs.

Her in laws were leaving cause it was late. Debra got Ray to fool around on
the couch. They were getting hot and heavy on the couch when Amy came running
by wearing Robert's shirt and nothing else. Robert came down 15 seconds later
wearing the bed sheet. They ran into the kitchen and Robert had Amy mounted
against the refrigator and him. Debra and Ray walked into the kitchen and
cleared there throat. Robert and Amy looked at them and said "Hey, what's

Mom enters Rays house looking for Robert. She nearly collaspes seeing him in
the sheet with Amy riding him. He start's to studder and Amy climbs down and
runs upstairs. Debra runs after her and they enter Deb's bedroom. Debra's
locks the door and goes to Amy. They hug and Debra gives her a look and Amy
shakes her head yes. Amy tells Debra thank you and kisses her deeply. They
break off the kiss and Amy tells her "He ask me to marry him" and shows Debra
the ring.

The girls are both teary eyed as they kiss again. When the kiss breaks off
Amy tells Debra I'm starting to enjoy this. Debra tells Amy I would go and
apoligze to both of them maybe in 2 days from now when Robert's at work. Amy
strips and changes her clothes in front of debra. Debra notices Amy's nipples
were erect and she is very wet. This turns her on but will not let Amy know

Amy calls in sick and goes to Frank and Marie's house 2 days later. They are
surprised to see her today. Amy is nervous and Marie sits down with her on
the couch. She tells her how sorry she was about the other night and her
actions. Amy is teary eyed as she speaks to them. Marie opens her arms and
hugs Amy tightly. When they break the hug Marie leans in andd kisses Amy on
the mouth. They break off the kiss after a few minutes. Amy is surprised by
the deep kiss which she returned. Marie nods her head towards Frank and Amy
goes over to him. He is sitting in his chair with his pants undone. Amy has
Frank stand up and she lowers his boxers and engulfs his erect cock. She
gives Frank a blowjob that has him moaning "Holy Crap!" She sucks him deeply
for about 10 minutes.

He grabs her hair and tells her "Here it comes slut girl!"

He blows 3 loads into her mouth which she has a hard time swallowing. As she
gets up from Franks cock Marie kisses her deeply sharing the cum. Amy has
mixed up feelings from what just happened. Frank tells Marie "Take her
upstairs and get her ready."

Marie takes her upstairs and eats her out to two screaming organsms.

Frank then fucks Amy in the ass hard giving her another screaming organsm.
When Amy departs the house a few hours she knows she will be well loved by
them all.

Part 5

Debra is putting the kids to bed she does the twins first cause they take the
longest. She gets them down pretty quickly and reads them a story kises them
goodnight and closes the door. As she walks over to Ally's room she is hoping
she is asleep already. When she goes into the room there is Ally trying to
masturbate. Ally covers up quickly and is afraid of her mother yelling at
her. Debra is cool about it she goes over to ally and sits on the bed. She
has been putting off "the talk" with her cause she doesnt know when to do it.
Debra decides tonight she will do it Raymond is away on a roadtrip for a few
more days. She tells Ally, "You and I have to talk tonight."

They go into Debra's room and get on the bed. Ally is nervous and confused
and Debra is able to calm her down. She decides the best way to do this talk
is in the nude. They both strip down and Ally is staring at her moms body.
Debra asks her daughter to tell her what she knows about sex and listens to
her for a few minutes. She seems to know the basics and tells her if you have
questions ask me.

Ally asks her mother, "How do you masturbate and why?"

Debra decides to show her on her body. As lies down and spreads her legs she
tells Ally to watch her from down between the legs. Debra uses a lube lotion
to help her get wet faster. She masturbates for a few minutes and her
daughter is watching trance like. Debra stops and tells Ally you try it now.
She helps her with finger placement and gives her some lube. Ally tries it
and it feels good her mother stops her a few minutes later. Debra tells her
daughter you want to know why you do it. She looks at Ally and tells her
cause it feels so good.

Ally tells her mother that at Aunt Amy's wedding that Peter kissed her but
she know what to do. Debra asks her how did he kiss you. She tells Debra on
the mouth and his tongue was all over my mouth. Debra shows Ally how to kiss
boys a few different ways. Ally seems comfortable practicing with her mom. A
few minutes go by and they both lie down in bed.

They practice kissing for another 15 minutes and Ally tells her mom I think
I just peed. Debra has Ally spread her legs and see her daughter is getting
wet. She tells Ally her body is liking what your doing. Debra puts on a "How
to masturbate tape". Ally watches it and tries to touch herself like the tape
shows. Debra shows her on her body where to touch herself. Ally is telling
her mother can you help me. Debra kisses her daughter and tells her sure.
Ally lies down and spreads her legs debra places her finger on her clit and
tells Ally ok do what the tapes said.

A few minutes later she lies down next to her daughter and slides her fingers
on top of her daughters. Ally is really enjoy it Debra slids a finger into
her daughter pussy. Ally feels it and moans yes mommmy. Debra fingers her
daughter till she has her first organsm. When she finally came to she kisses
her mother and tells her that was incrediable. Debra asks her to help her
have one now. Debra puts some lube on Ally's fingers and tells her rub my
clit with the lube. She was getting very wet from her daughter's fingers as
she slid hers into her pussy. Debra is on the verge and tells Ally to, "Lick
my nipples!"

Ally does it and that brings Debra over the edge. She explodes very hard with
her ass coming off the bed. The next morning her daughter gave her mother a
kiss when she left the bed. She told her thank you.


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