Everybody Loves Raymond: Home Invasion (MF, cons)
by trmin8r

Deborah Barone was in the kitchen working on her latest recipe, which is why
Ray and the kids were out getting pizza. Her cooking was NOT that bad, well,
she knew she had room to improve, but it hurt her feelings that it was a
running joke with the Barone family.

The Barones lived in a quiet Long Island neighborhood, relatively free of
crime except for a rash of home invasions that left the local police with
little to no clues and no leads. The target house for tonight was a rather
modest looking brick house in a shady grove, but the invasion team knew that
it belonged to Ray Barone, sportswriter and colossal mama's boy. The bastard
could have had a bigger house if it wasn't for the fact that his mother kept
him on a short leash. "Rear element team ready," the radio squawked, the
team leader clicked the receiver button twice, in five minutes, they'd be a
whole lot richer.

Deborah was using the food processor when the lights went out, she reached
for the phone to call Ray but there was no dial tone. Her instincts told
her something was wrong and she headed for the back door to go to Frank and
Marie's house when the door shot into the kitchen, smashing into her and
knocking her unconscious.

The squad leader had worked his way into the front door when the rear team
leader shouted to him, "we've got a problem here!" The squad assembled in
the kitchen over the prostrate form of Deborah Barone.

"Simmons! You were supposed to recon the place before our initial entry! You
said the house was clear!"

"Sorry boss, I thought I saw the whole family leave 20 minutes ago."

The mission was shot all to hell; the only thing left to do was leave quietly
before the owner woke up. The team leader was about to relay the orders to
his men when he heard a blood-curdling scream, "DAMN! She'd woken up!"

Deborah woke up to find six men gathered around her, they looked like
something out of some cop show-all dark uniforms, mean looks, and GUNS!! She
screamed in shock, she'd never been more afraid in her life.

The squad leader picked Deborah up by the hair and covered her mouth with the
other hand. "Look miss, if you stay quiet and sit still while we do this,
nothing will happen to you, we've done this before and the people we've
encountered haven't been hurt, just a little shaken up, okay?" Deborah closed
her eyes to fight the tears and nodded her assent. "Good, Simmons!" One of
the men tensed up, "Watch her, the rest of you get to work!" The men quickly
went to their pre-assigned sectors of their house as the lone man - Simmons,
nervously stood watch over the frightened Mrs. Barone.

Deborah sat down at her kitchen table, too scared to look up at the man
assigned to stand guard over her. She slowly cradled her cheek, the door
had struck her right below the eye and she became aware of the pain the
adrenaline masked. She held her cheek as she choked back sobs.

Simmons was feeling guilty; it was his bad reconnaissance that resulted in
a simple break-in worsening to a hostage taking. He felt guilty especially
now, looking at her, holding her bruised cheek and crying to herself. He went
to the freezer and grabbed a bag of frozen vegetables, ", that'll
keep down the swelling, you might want to rub it to, lessen the bruising."

Deborah reached out for the bag like it was the neighborhood's scary dog; she
slowly put it to her cheek. "Thank you," she spoke barely in a whisper scared
by the sound of her own voice.

Simmons, slowly relaxed his guard and let his rifle hang off the sling,
"I-I-I I'm really sorry ma'am, it's my fault that you're in this mess, I saw
your husband leaving with your kids and I, I thought you were already waiting
for them." He heard a little, nervous laugh from her.

"That's happened often enough, Ray's always running late," Mrs. Barone said,
she relaxed a bit, the man didn't seem so bad and he sounded awfully young to
be a a hardened criminal. He was about to say something else when the squad
leader rushed into the kitchen.

"Damnit!! Simmons! What the hell do you think you're doing?" he turned
angrily to Deborah. "Where the hell are your valuables? the sports
memorbilia, the hi-fi gear?" Where the hell is it?!" his face getting red
with anger, this was turning out to be FUBAR from the beginning. "Simmons,
don't be lax in discipline!" the older man said to his junior. "She would
turn you in at the drop of a hat, or worse if she had the chance!"

The squad leader, angry over not finding enough valuables and the break in
discipline with his team, hit Deborah square in the breast, knocking the wind
out of her and dropping her to the floor. He gave Simmons a cold stare as he
got back to work.

Simmons looked over to Deborah, lying in a heap under the sink, crying
openly, no longer having the courage to hold back her tears. Simmons dropped
his rifle and sat down next to Deborah, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.
"Sorry about that ma'am, he's usually not that volatile but, this mission's
frustrated him since the beginning, are you all right?"

Deborah nodded her head like a child who admitting to doing something wrong,
"Yes," she squeaked out. She leaned against him, someone was offering her
support, and it didn't matter to her right now if it was one of the men who
came to rob her. She cried openly again into his chest and shook with fear.

"There, there, it's all right now," Simmons hugged her tightly to him, her
large breasts flattening into his hard chest. He openned his legs, and
brought her in closer, the closeness of her pussy stirring his cock to life.
His hands drifted to the side of her breasts gently rubbing them, afraid it
might hurt her again. They were so warm, so soft, he took off one glove then
the other, just to get closer to them. He lifted her head up to his face and
kissed her softly and then once more pushing his tongue into her warm mouth.

Deborah didn't know how to feel, she had been assaulted twice already,
threatened, scared out of her mind and one of them men robbing her was
stirring her body to life. Her mind couldn't process all this at once and
simply shut down, going catatonic. Simmons, took her silence as consent
and undid one, then two buttons off her blouse, she didn't wear a bra in
the house and her ample cleavage was pushed up, the young burglar brought
his head in between her mammaries breathing in her scent. He licked the
valley between her tits, ran his tongue along the swell of her left breast.
He had to see them, he reached in with and brought one then the other
out...pushed up by her stretched out blouse. He was in awe as he palmed
them for what seemed like an eternity feeling the nipples on his palm,
bringing his cock fully to life. He stood up to undo his pants, when a
shot rang out and Simmons fell to his knees. Deborah let out a gasp, she
was about to say something when his face went wide in pain and Simmons
gasped in shock.

"Deborah!" her brother in law Robert was standing there, with a snub-nosed
pistol, in his NYPD sweats. "C'mon!! Deborah, get a move on!" Deborah turned
to look at the robber slowly bleeding out onto her kitchen floor, he seemed
kind enough, she wanted to, wanted to make sure he was okay but before she
could do anything, Robert had literally dragged her by the arm out of the
back door.

NYPD Sergeant Robert Barone was spending his weekend at his parents' house
again, and decided to go for a jog; his parents bickering was enough to
drive anyone crazy. He was passing by the back of Ray's house when he heard
a scream coming from the darkened domicile-he was in "cop mode" when his
instincts told him something was up. He checked the exterior of the domicile
and found both the phone and electrical lines were cut-the home invaders!!
They were here, in his own backyard!! where he grew up! threatening the home
where his brother and his niece and nephews were growing up!! across the
street from his own parents! Robert Barone rarely felt cold hatred for any
man, a rare trait in his line of work, but this was more than a break in, it
felt like a violation of every cherished childhood memory he had. He ran
across to his parents' house, dialed 911 grabbed his off duty gun and went
to the back of Ray's house. Robert found Deborah dead to the world while some
punk was taking advantage of her, something that made his decision to pull
the trigger a little easier.

Robert knew Deborah was in a state of shock, which is why he had to push
her breasts back into her blouse and was carrying her on his shoulder, she
was literally frozen by fear. He was running for his life, and yet he was
getting a rubbery hard-on from Deborah's breasts bumping behind his back...
he couldn't get them out of his mind, they were just as he pictured them,
firm-she had bottle fed her three kids. He always had a schoolboy crush on
Deborah, she was like every girl that he wanted but was too shy to approach.
He always felt that she was a great mother and took too much crap from his
ma. He slowly ran his hand up to her ass; lightly feeling it's firmness as
he held onto her, she was always working out, but she had a softness that
most women nowadays lacked. "C'mon Barone, snap out of it! this is real life
here, not the movies!" He ran to the front of the house, where three black
and whites were already waiting. He carefully put Deborah down as he gave
the other officers the sit-rep, by now Frank and Marie were standing outside
of their house.

"Holy Crap! They've got the home invaders across the street from our house,
you think we're going to be on TV?"

"Frank, you'd never be photogenic enough to be on television."

"Yeah? Well, I wish I was one of those guys, at least that get to leave the
neighborhood when they're done!"

Robert threw them a look and for once they actually shut up. The plan was to
catch them unaware in the darkened house; two officers were already in place
in the rear of the house and four officers out front.

The officers were in place and the home invaders never knew what was coming
the invaders were caught in an anticlimactic way - they were caught on their
way out. The shock of actually being caught - these guys really did thought
they were invincible was caught on camera. The wagon arrived to take the
perps away and interviews were done, Robert of course being the main
attraction - local boy cop catching the invincible invaders. Frank got on
TV with Marie at his side constantly bickering much to the chagrin of both
Robert and Ray - who had come back from the pizza place with Ally and the
twins. Ray took Deborah to a hotel and left the kids with Frank and Marie.

Deborah had calmed down, she was thinking about what had happened, and was
strangely...excited. She had read somewhere that being excited was physically
similar to becoming aroused and here she was a victim of a home invasion, who
saw the man who was worshipping her breasts shot before her eyes. She was
getting wet just thinking about something that had scared her to death only
a few hours before.

"Honey, uh yah okay?" Ray asked, in his usual "stuffed nose" voice.

She snapped out of it, "uh...yeah Ray, I'm all right, I was just thinking
about what happened."

"Oh, are you, uh...okay?" He asked again without knowing what else to say.
"I'll be on the couch just cuh-all if yah need me."

Deborah could feel the heat growing between her legs, "Ray?"

He turned to see her come at him like a woman possessed. She couldn't get
enough of him, she was so excited and scared, and shocked and she needed
release. Deborah hadn't felt this horny since she started taking those
aerobics classes so long ago. She stripped Ray of his chino work shirt and
just about ripped his t-shirt in half getting it off. She ground her tits
and pussy against him like cheese on a grater. GOD!!! she needed it bad.
She undid Ray's belt, pulled down his pants and took his semi-hard cock
between her lips, circling her tongue around his head as she just deep
throated him in a matter of seconds. Ray couldn't believe it; Deborah had
never deep throated him that quickly before, whatever it was that got her
so hot, well he didn't care. Deborah was sucking away like an animal, her
cheeks hollowing out like she was literally sucking Ray inside out through
his cock. Her throat contracted around his cock almost blacking her out,
but she didn't care, she wanted his cock in her. Her tongue stretched out
to the base of Ray's cock and slowly and expertly ran it back along Ray's
cock. Ray, who was reveling in his wife's deep throating simply couldn't
take the warm roughness of Deborah's tongue, "ugggh" Ray moaned in ecstasy.
He jerked and let his load fly right down to her stomach.

Deborah was determined to be satisfied and she kept Ray in her mouth
playfully moving it side to side with her tongue until it came to half mast;
she sucked on him a little longer before moving on to his balls, englufing
one, then the other, then both in her mouth, bathing it in her saliva, this
brought Ray back to life. She stood up but stopped Ray from mounting her,
she shoved him onto his back and mounted him before he could react. She was
getting hot, she loved woman on top, it hit alll the right spots in her and
Ray did it so seldomly. Ray was shifting underneath her, she didn't know if
it was discomfort or pleasure and she didn't care as she felt Ray bottomming
out, hitting her cervix. She shifted to the left, as Ray hit her g-spot she
moaned in pleasure and then pulled out a little bit more and her circuits
went out, she had never climaxed so hard, like she was hit by lightning and
the electricity went everywhere, especially in the spot between her legs.
Ray just lay back, in disbelief, his wife had never been so assertive in
bed (or maybe that was on carpet,) before and it turned him on, she squeezed
him a little and that pushed him over the edge as he came into her. She
collapsed on top of him breaking the seal between them and sending a flood
of their juices to spill between their legs. She got the release she wanted,
and wouldn't soon forget this night.


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