Everybody Loves Raymond/King Of Queens: Alone Together Part 2
by Honker (MF,F-mast,oral,voy)

"Well, now that you've been liberated, what do you want to do next?"

Carrie Heffernan and Debra Barone were having lunch at Cooper's restaurant
in Queens, discussing the next move in their sexual adventures. "I've been
thinking a lot about that," answered Debra. "This is all pretty new to me,
being able to...act on my fantasies."

"Yeah, go on..."

"Well, I keep coming back to Robbie. I know he's my husband's brother, which
should be enough right there to stop me. But in so many ways, he's everything
that Raymond isn't. He's kind, and thoughtful, and I imagine he would be a
very considerate lover."

"Wow," said Carrie, "that is...the single naughtiest thing I can think of.
You and your husband's brother, just fucking like crazy."

"Well, when you put it like that - " said Debra, with a disgusted look.

"OK, OK, you and your husband's brother - making love - like crazy."

"The thing is, how do you even approach someone with something like this? I
mean, I can't just walk up to him and say, 'Come on, let's do it, oh, and
don't tell Ray!' - how stupid is that?"

"Deb, you never tell a man exactly what you want him to do! Boy, you've got
a lot to learn about this!"

"Well, what would you do? I mean, you said you had the hots for Doug's
friend, Deacon, right? How would you go about seducing Deacon?" asked Debra.

"First off, I wouldn't seduce him. I mean, not with him knowing it. You've
got to be subtle, you've got to get them to want what you want them to want -
without them knowing what you want." Debra appeared confused. "Look, if I
want Doug to go down on me, I don't just tell him to, I'll just walk around
with no pants on and wave my goodies near his face - before you know it, he's
doing what I want."

"So you're saying I should walk around naked in front of Robbie?" said a
skeptical Debra.

"No, no, that's too obvious. We've got to be more subtle, we've got to get
the two of you together somehow, without him realizing it." Carrie thought
for a while. "Well, we could pull a switcheroo..."

"What's a switcheroo?"

"Look, you want to make it with Robbie, and I want some boning from Deacon.
We'll set you up on a date with Deacon, and you set me up with Robbie, and at
some point, we'll switch!"

"Don't you think they'd notice if we switched places?"

"Not if we do it at the right time. Look, just hook me up on a date with
Robbie. You said he wasn't seeing Amy any more, right? And I'll tell Deacon
that I've got this divorced friend I can set him up with, and we'll go out
on a double date!"

"A double date?" Debra said, astonished. "I can't have Robbie see me on a
date, or he'll tell Doug!"

"Right, right. OK, two separate dates. You go out with Deacon, and set me up
with Robbie. Today's Monday, if we can go out tomorrow...."

"Go out on a Tuesday? On a school night?"

"Look, Doug and Ray are due back on Sunday. If we want to get anywhere, we've
got to have the first date on Tuesday - that way we could have the second
date on Friday, and the all-important third date on Saturday."

"Well, I've got to get Raymond's parents to watch the kids - normally I'd ask
Robbie, but if Robbie's going to be with you...but wait, this is ridiculous,
I can't date Deacon, I don't even know Deacon!"

"That's right, it's a blind date - people do it all the time! Deacon's a
great guy, he's just gone through a divorce, so he's a single father - just
talk about your kids with him!"

"Oh my god, what if I slip up and mention Ray? God, what am I doing?"

"Would you relax? Everything's going to be fine. I told you, we're going to
switch! You just have to get to a third date with Deacon, and then you can be
with Robbie..."

"How?" asked Debra.

"You leave that to me. Now call Robbie and tell him you've got a hot little
number for him to go out with!"

Debra called Robbie and set up the date with Carrie, and Carrie got Deacon to
agree to a date with Debra. Tuesday came around and Carrie drove Debra over
to the restaurant where she was meeting Deacon.

"Now, just play it cool, don't tell him too much about yourself, and don't
forget to have fun!" said Carrie.

"But what if things get out of control?"

"Debra, it's a first date! Even if both of you wanted something to happen,
it's not going to happen. And if something does happen..." she leaned over to
Debra and gave her a long tongue kiss. "I want to hear all about it."

Debra seemed flushed as she got out of the car. "Meet me tomorrow for lunch
and I'll tell you how it went."

* * *

The next day, at lunch, Debra and Carrie met to discuss their dates.

"Deacon is such a nice guy!" exclaimed Debra. "He was so - so positive, when
I thought he'd still be down from the divorce - I only slipped up once and
said something about my husband, then I quickly said 'ex-husband'. But I
think it went pretty well - "

"I think so, too, considering Deacon already called me to ask about seeing
you on Friday!"

"Really? I guess I made an impression on him, huh? How did things go with

"Oh, pretty well - I've got another date on Friday, too - he promised to show
me his hot tub!"

"Wow, you move fast!" said Debra. "Second date, and you'll be in the hot tub
with Robbie...I'm feeling sort of jealous..."

"Oh, you'll get your chance with Robbie. In the meantime, why don't you and
Deacon go out to the movies on Friday, and aferwards, I'll give you all the
details about my hot time in the hot tub!"

"All right," said Debra, "but I just don't want to see Robbie get hurt."

* * *

Friday came and Debra and Deacon went to the movies, then out for coffee
afterwards. Debra found her mind wandering throughout, thinking of Carrie and
Robbie in the hot-tub. Maybe Carrie was rushing things, getting so close to
Robbie so fast. And try as she might, Debra didn't see how this situation was
going to lead to her having sex with Robbie. Carrie was probably putting the
moves on Robbie right now - she could just picture them in their swimsuits,
Robbie sitting on the edge of the hot-tub as Carrie pulled down his swimsuit
and put her lips around his enormous cock....

"Hello? Earth to Debra?" said Deacon as he snapped his fingers in front of
her face.

"I'm sorry, what?" said Debra as she realized she was staring into her coffee

"You were a million miles away there for a minute..." said Deacon.

"I'm sorry. It's just that - well, this is the first time I've dated someone

"I know," said Deacon. "That's all right, I understand. It's not easy getting
back in the dating game. Look, I'll drive you home, you probably want to
check on your kids - I've got to get back pretty soon myself."

Debra got in the car with Deacon and suddenly realized she was stuck - she
couldn't let him drive her home, or he'd know where she lived. And she
couldn't risk having him show up there someday. She gave him directions that
would take her over to Robbie's apartment complex. All along the way, she
couldn't stop thinking about Carrie and Robbie in that hot-tub.

Deacon parked the car around the back of the apartment building. "Look,
Debra, I just want to say that I've had a really good time tonight."

Debra thought there was a "But" coming - was he about to brush her off? She
promised Carrie she would string him along for at least a third date. Was he
expecting her to kiss him goodnight? What if she didn't, would that spoil her
chances for a third date?

Frantically, she grabbed Deacon's face and kissed him hard on the lips. His
eyes opened wide and he responded by kissing her back and putting his arms
around her. Deacon was surprised that this sweet woman suddenly turned into
a ball of sexual energy. After they broke the kiss, he said, "Debra, I don't
think that..."

"Shhhh...." said Debra, putting a finger over his lips. Without warning, she
reached a hand down and unzipped his pants. She reached in and stroked his
cock through his underwear. "I think you have something I want..."

"Oh, my god..." was all Deacon was able to say, as Debra released his cock
from the folds of his briefs and let it stand straight up from his lap. She
admired it for a few seconds, then made eye contact with Deacon as she
started running her hands up and down the shaft. She smiled at him as she
moved her head closer to his lap, then opened her mouth to take it inside.

Deacon could not believe that this woman was giving him head, on their
second date. Though she seemed a little unsure of what she was doing, her
cocksucking was still having the desired effect - Debra moaned as his cock
grew bigger inside of her mouth.

Unlike her experience with Ray, Debra found herself unable to get her lips
around much of Deacon's cock. She started working the base with her hands,
while focusing her attention on the top few inches. Remembering how much
Carrie's eye contact drove her crazy, she made sure to look at Deacon's face
every once in a while, while running her tongue around the tip of his penis.

Deacon moaned and leaned back in his car seat, while Debra went back to work
on his cock. She had never handled such a big tool before, and she made her
first attempts at deep-throating, but a couple of inches still remained
outside her mouth. If Robbie's cock was anything like Deacon's, as she
suspected, then she would need the practice.

She put her right hand inside Deacon's underwear and held his full balls -
and got an idea of what she would be facing if she brought him to orgasm. But
Deacon seemed to have reached a plateau - his cock had stopped throbbing, and
she wasn't sure how long it would take for the actions of her lips and left
hand to get him off. She remembered how Carrie talked to her during their
makeout sessions -

Releasing his cock from her mouth, she said to Deacon, "Don't you want to
watch? Don't you want to see me sucking you off?" He perked up at the sound
of her voice and opened his eyes. "Don't you want to see it when you shoot
into my mouth?"

"Oh, god, yes..." said Deacon.

Debra took a few more sucks on his cock. "Come on, cum for me. Give me your
hot cum, right now!" she said as she gently squeezed his balls. She jacked
faster with her left hand, and worked her tongue around the top few inches
again and prepared herself for what might happen next.

"Jesus!" screamed Deacon as he started to shake, and then he ejaculated into
Debra's waiting mouth. She managed to swallow the first few spurts, but she
was unprepared for the amount of semen that shot from Deacon's cock. She had
to release his penis from her mouth, and the next couple of spurts hit her
across the face - without thinking she put the cock back in her mouth, and
the last small spurts landed on her tongue and dribbled through her lips,
down Deacon's still spasming member.

She released her grip as the gravity of what she had done came to her, and
she gathered up her things and opened the car door. "I....I have to go. I'm
sorry." She reached into her purse for some tissues as she got out of the

Deacon looked up to see her leaving, but then realized that he was still
exposed and covered in cum. "Debra, wait!" he shouted - but she was already
moving away from his car.

* * *

Feeling guilty and not knowing where else to turn, Debra knocked on the door
of Robbie's apartment. After a few minutes, Robbie opened the door, wearing a
white bathrobe and holding a bottle of wine. "Debra! What are you doing

"Hi, Robbie. I'm sorry - is Carrie here?"

"Uh....yeah. She's in the jacuzzi. What's wrong, you're trembling!"

"Nothing, I just need to talk to her."

"Come on in, have a seat. I'll get her." Robbie went out to the patio, and
a few minutes later, Carrie came into the living room, wearing a robe like
Robbie's, but still dripping wet.

"What are you doing here?" asked Carrie, obviously upset, until she saw how
nervous Debra was. "What happened with Deacon?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't know where else to go, I didn't know what to do, I think
things got a little out of hand."

"What do you mean? Oh, my god, did Deacon put the moves on you?"

"More like the other way around. I don't know what came over me - I wasn't
thinking clearly, I..."

"Debra, what happened? You've got something on your face - geez, is that what
I think it is?"

"Oh, no!" screamed Debra. "I hope Robbie didn't see it..." She looked over to
make sure Robbie was still out on the patio.

"Never mind that," said Carrie as she used her bathrobe sleeve to wipe
Debra's face. "What the hell were you doing?"

"I don't know - we were in the car, and we kissed, and I just reached over
and gave him a....a..."

"You blew it. In more ways than one." said Carrie. "This wasn't supposed to
happen, not this soon."

"I know. I'm sorry. And now I've spoiled your evening with Robbie."

"Maybe not," said Carrie. "You may have jumped the gun a little, but maybe I
can just push up the schedule a little bit."

"You mean you haven't....not with Robbie..."

"Well, I might have, if you hadn't interrupted us! Ok, ok, just stay here,
turn on the TV and let me work on Robbie a bit, OK?"

Debra nodded and Carrie went back out to the patio. Carrie closed the sliding
doors, and came up behind Robbie, who was sitting in the hot tub, facing the
other way. He turned as he heard her approach.

"Is Debra all right?" asked Robbie.

"She's fine. She's just feeling a little lonely, with Ray out of town. I told
her she could stay here and watch some TV."

"Well, maybe we should reschedule this, then..." said Robbie, rising up out
of the tub.

"No, no. You just sit back. There's no reason we can't enjoy this, Debra said
she'd leave us alone for a while." Carrie untied her robe and let it fall,
revealing her small blue bikini.

Robbie's attitude instantly changed and his eyes opened wide as he saw that
Carrie's swimsuit left very little to the imagination. She lowered herself
into the hot-tub and reached for a glass of wine. "Now, where were we?"

* * *

Debra sat in Robbie's living room, wondering what was going on just outside.
Remembering that she still needed to clean up, she walked back to Robbie's
bathroom. After washing streaks of dried cum from her face and neck, her
curiosity got the better of her, and she peeked out through the bathroom

* * *

"To answer your question," said Robbie, "I have had other dates join me in my

"Did any of them do this?" asked Carrie as she reached over and kissed Robbie
on the cheek.

"A gentleman does not discuss his...prior relationships."

"I bet none of them have ever done....this," said Carrie as she rolled
herself on top of Robbie, with one knee on either side of his hips. She took
his face in her hands and planted a long slow kiss on his lips. Under the
water, she could feel the bulge growing in his trunks.

"If they had, I'm sure I would have remembered it."

"What about....this?" Carrie said as she moved her body back and put her
hands on his bulging swimsuit.

Robbie enjoyed the feeling of Carrie's hands, then seemed concerned. "Maybe
I should go check on Debra."

"Debra's fine. Just relax." She moved her hand up and down outside his
trunks, gauging the size of his penis. From what she could tell, Debra's
suspicions had been correct. "My my, you are a big boy! Let momma take
care of you..."

Carrie undid her bikini top and placed it on the side of the jacuzzi.
"Ohhh.....momma!" said Robbie as he got his first look at her breasts.

"Do you want momma to kiss it and make it all better?"

Robbie nodded vigorously, finding himself unable to speak. Carrie reached
under the water and pulled down his swimsuit, watching his cock spring up
over the waistband. Debra was right, it was the largest she had ever
touched - or seen, for that matter. She found she could put both her hands
around it without overlapping them.

Robbie suddenly got nervous and glanced around. "Are you sure this is OK?"

"Relax. Nobody can see us..."

* * *

Debra stood dumbfounded at the bathroom window as she watched Carrie putting
the moves on Robbie. After pulling down his swimsuit and grabbing his cock,
Carrie straddled him again, putting her boobs right up level with his face.
Then Carrie started moving her hips back and forth - though she hadn't
removed the rest of her swimsuit, she was still putting her genitals right
over Robbie's...

Debra felt a rush as she watchedher friend getting intimate with her
brother-in-law, and realized she wanted to be the one making out with Robbie
herself. Unconsciously she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped one hand inside,
pinching her nipple through her bra.

* * *

Carrie patted one hand on the side of the jacuzzi. "C'mon, sit up here."
Robbie looked around and then sat up on the edge, with this cock standing at
attention. Carrie pushed his knees apart and moved toward him, grabbing on
with both hands. "Tell me what you want me to do..." she said.

"Whatever you're comfortable with..." said Robbie.

"Nuh-uh," said Carrie. "You have to say it. Tell me what you want, and I'll
do it."

Robbie seemed embarrassed. "Well if you would rub my... my..." while pointing

"Your what?" asked Carrie playfully. "Your ankles? Your knees?"

"My...nightstick," suggested Robbie.

"Oooh, officer. I'll rub your nightstick good. Maybe later you can frisk me!"
Carrie put her hands on his "stick" and started to jack it up and down. "Like

"That feels...very nice..." moaned Robbie. After a few minutes Carrie stopped
and bobbed her head down, collecting some warm water in her mouth, then
dribbling it over his hard cock.

"Is there anything else you want?" teased Carrie.

* * *

Debra gazed intently through the window as Carrie handled Robbie's cock. The
memory of the blowjob she gave Deacon was still fresh in her mind, as she
watched Carrie take Robbie's cock into her mouth for the first time. Slowly
Carrie bobbed her head up and down, as Robbie leaned back in esctasy. Debra
was hornier than ever, watching her friend fellate the man of her fantasies.
She unzipped her skirt and worked her hand into her underwear so she could
finger herself while watching the sex show outside.

* * *

Carrie was struggling with the size of Robbie's penis - she could only
manage to get about half of it in her mouth. Although Robbie was enjoying the
blowjob she wanted to give him the maximum amount of pleasure - so after a
few minutes she decided to drive him really wild.

She squeezed her breasts together, with his cock in between, and moved them
up and down. The head of his penis was just a couple of inches from her mouth
at its highest point as she worked it between her breasts. After a couple of
thrusts she was able to get the head to reach her lips, and whenever she
could she would kiss and lick his cock as it moved between her tits.

* * *

Debra came quickly while watching Carrie tit-fucking and sucking on Robbie's
cock - her legs became weak so she had to sit on the toilet seat and rest.
From where she sat she could still see Robbie, who looked pretty close to the
edge himself.

* * *

Robbie's eyes rolled back, and his mouth hung open. When Carrie felt his legs
tense up she knew he was about to cum - so she moved her breasts away from
his cock and held it in her mouth. His cock exploded violently, but Carrie
was able to contain the explosion in her hungry mouth. She let go of him as
he slid back into the hot-tub to relax.

Carrie jumped out of the tub and slipped on her robe. She kissed Robbie on
the forehead and said, "Hang on. I'll get us some more drinks."

* * *

Debra was straightening her clothes when she heard a knock on the bathroom
door. "Deb? Are you in there?" asked Carrie.

"Just a minute!" Debra said as she checked herself out in the mirror, then
opened the door.

"Are you all right?" asked Carrie, before realizing what could be seen in the
view from the bathroom window. "You little horndog! Did you enjoy the show?"

"What do you mean?" asked Debra, though Carrie gave her a look that told her
she wasn't fooled. "OK, I saw....everything."

"And did you like what you saw?"

"You know I did..." said Debra.

"Come on, you can get a close-up view," said Carrie as she tugged Debra out
of the bathroom and out onto the patio.

"Robbie, I thought maybe Debra could join us in the hot-tub..." said Carrie.

Robbie seemed surprised at first, since Debra's presence obviously meant he
wasn't getting any further with Carrie that night. "Well, sure, come on in,"
he relented.

Debra seemed embarassed at Carrie's suggestion. "Oh,'t bring my

"It's ok, we're all friends here," said Carrie as she slipped out of the
robe and into the water. Robbie got a quick peek of Carrie's naked tits again
before they disappeared under the water level.

Debra was left standing on the patio as Robbie and Carrie waited for her in
the water. Reluctantly she unbuttoned her blouse and slowly tugged it off,
then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Carrie noticed Robbie
was secretly checking Debra out, while trying to look like he wasn't. She
reached across under the water and felt him getting hard again as Debra stood
before them, undressing.

Debra decided she had undressed as far as she could, and climbed into the hot
tub in her bra and panties.

Robbie seemed a little uncomfortable but tried to keep the conversation
going. "Well, this turned out to be a pretty nice evening, huh? Just me and
two lovely ladies in my jacuzzi!"

Debra blushed and said, "Well, Robbie, you're a very gracious host, and a

Carrie realized that Debra's bra had become somewhat transparent when wet.
"Robbie, doesn't Debra have an excellent figure?" she asked as she kept
massaging his penis.

"I've always said that my brother is a very...lucky man," said Robbie. "Not
that he deserves it, of course."

"Oooh..." said Carrie, "that sounds like sour grapes to me!"

"It's just that Robbie and Ray have a lot of history," said Debra.

"It's just that my brother doesn't appreciate what he has - it's too bad that
you settled for Raymond, Debra, instead of waiting for a real man to come

Carrie kept her hand on Robbie's cock as she climbed on top of him. "He's
right, Debra - there's nothing like a real man. A big...strong...real man."

Debra couldn't believe that Carrie was making out with Robbie right in front
of her - she was getting horny again watching their bodies rubbing together
under the water. How far was Carrie going to go with Robbie in front of her?
And would she be expected to join in?

Debra suddenly felt that the situation was going too far. "Carrie, I've...
I've got to get home." Debra rose out of the water and stepped out of the
tub. Robbie looked over, realized that her panties had become essentially
transparent, and was staring at her as she toweled off.

Carrie noticed Robbie checking Debra out, and whispered in his ear, "You
like what you see, don't you? You naughty little boy. Momma's going to have
to punish you tomorrow..." She rose out of the tub and reached for her
bikini top. "So, Robbie, I've got to give Deb a ride home, and I'll call you
tomorrow, OK?"

Robbie seemed stunned and confused as the two women got dressed. "OK, I'll
just...sit here for a while."

Carrie and Debra headed out of Robbie's apartment. "I'm sorry," said Debra.
"I panicked, I just didn't know how far you were going to take it..."

"It's all right. We'll get him tomorrow - if he doesn't explode before then.
God, did you see the size of that thing?"

" what do we do now?"

"Well, I'm going to set things up at the Riverside motel, and you just need
to call Deacon and have him meet you there."

"And then what?"

"Then...we're going to pull our switcheroo."

To be continued....


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