Everybody Loves Raymond/King Of Queens:
Alone Together Part 3 (MF,FF,M-mast,voy,oral)
by Honker

Saturday afternoon, Debra called Deacon and asked him to meet her at the
Riverside motel, Room 406. Carrie called Robbie and did the same. Deb and
Carrie then went over to the motel and set up the room. Carrie had asked
for a room with two beds, and with a little effort they managed to hang a
makeshift curtain between the two beds, then pushed the beds together with
the curtain in-between.

"What time did you tell Deacon to be here?" asked Carrie.

"I told him 7 o'clock, sharp."

"Good, I told Robbie 7:30, so even if he's early they shouldn't see each
other. I left keys for them at the front desk. But you're going to have
to keep Deacon entertained for a while before Robbie shows up."

"How do I do that?" asked Debra.

"Well, you can use the curtain, put on a little show for him, then use your
imagination, I guess. Just try to keep it quiet."

"I don't know, Carrie, I'm having second thoughts about this whole thing."

"Look, whatever happens, just go with it. Don't panic like you did the other
night, and you'll be fine."

Debra sat down and opened up the mini-bar. "I think I need a drink to settle
my nerves."

* * *

Shortly before 7, the girls went into the bathroom to put on their sexy
outfits. Debra had brought a black teddy to wear, and Carrie put on a skimpy
red bra and panties. "God, you look so hot," said Carrie.

"Yeah? Do you think Robbie will like it?"

"He'd be a fool not to," said Carrie, reaching around from behind Debra to
squeeze her breasts. "He'll probably throw you on the bed and fuck you so
hard," she whispered in Debra's ear.

The combination of the drink she'd had and Carrie's hands on her body made
Debra weak in the knees, and she leaned on the bathroom counter for support.

There was a knock at the door, and Debra yelled, "Come in!"

Deacon entered the room hesitantly, and looked around. "Debra?"

"I'm in here!" came Debra's voice came from the bathroom. "Go sit by the
window, and I'll be out in a few minutes!"

Deacon assumed that Debra was preparing for their hot night together, and
excitedly made his way through the curtain and over to the chair on the far
side of the room.

Carrie slapped Debra on the ass. "OK, you ready?"

"I guess so..."

Debra put on one of the white bathrobes in the bathroom and headed over to
the curtain in the middle of the room. "Are you ready for the show?" she
asked through the curtain.

"Bring it on!" said Deacon.

Debra turned on the clock radio to get some music going in the room, then she
rolled up a sleeve and put one bare arm through the curtain. Then she pulled
it back and put one bare leg through the curtain. "Like what you see?" she

Deacon was trembling with anticipation, barely able to speak. Debra stuck
her head through the curtain folds and said, "I'll take that as a yes." She
stepped through the curtain, still wearing the robe, and closed the curtain
behind her. "You look overdressed. Why don't you make yourself more
comfortable before I start the show?"

Deacon took Debra's suggestion and started getting undressed. He stripped
down to his shorts and then sat back down. "I think I'm ready..." he said.
"Start the show, start the show."

Debra was still trying to kill time before Robbie arrived. She unfastened
the robe as slowly as possible, then turned around and slipped it off one
shoulder, then the other, giving Deacon a glimpse of the teddy straps on
her shoulders. Deacon was sitting on the edge of his seat, eager for the
show to continue.

Finally, Debra turned to face Deacon and opened up her robe, revealing her
lace teddy. She walked over to the minibar and poured a couple of drinks,
and offered one to Deacon. She looked down at the bulge in his shorts. "I
think you're enjoying the show..." she hinted. "Should I continue?"

"Please..." said Deacon as he sipped at his drink.

"Like this?" she asked as she slipped one strap off her shoulders, then the
other. "And this?" Deacon sat transfixed as she rolled down the top of
her teddy to her waist, revealing her breasts to him. She moved closer and
pulled his head close to her breasts, and he started tonguing her nipples.

After a few minutes of this, Debra pushed him back into the chair, and knelt
down in front of him. She reached into his shorts and pulled out his long
cock, getting a better look at it than she did in the car. Once again she
tried to talk dirty like she had heard Carrie do. "Such a big boy. Want me
to kiss it and make it all better?" Deacon nodded, and she took his cock in
her mouth again.

* * *

The music covered the sound of knocking on the door as Robbie arrived.
Carrie came to the door in her bathrobe and let him in. "Hey, stud."

"Carrie...nice to see you again. Do you want to grab some dinner, or..."

"Nah, I was thinking we'd stay in...we can order in something later."

"It's just that this is moving kind of fast, and..."

"Shh...," Carrie said as she put a finger over his lips. "You have the
right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held....against
you." Carrie pushed him with one finger down into the chair by the bed.
She briefly wondered what exactly was going on on the other side of the
curtain as she started to seduce Robbie.

"I think that you still need to be punished for looking at your brother's
wife yesterday. Did you bring your handcuffs?"


"Too bad. We'll have to improvise." Carrie undid her robe and pulled the
belt out from the robe's loops. She went behind Robbie and loosely tied his
hands together behind the chair. Then she walked in front of him again, and
let the robe fall from her body. Robbie's mouth fell open as he saw Carrie
standing there wearing next to nothing.

Carrie shoved her breast into Robbie's gaping mouth and started grinding on
his knee. She unbuttoned his shirt as he sucked on her tits, and she ran her
fingers through his chest hair. After unbuckling his belt she stood up and
slid his pants out from under him, then stood back just out of his reach to
take off her bra and panties.

Robbie strained forward as Carrie stood naked before him, with one hand
starting to creep down toward her most sensitive area. She moved closer to
Robbie, then pulled back. "You know the rules. You have to tell me what you

Robbie thought about how best to express himself. "I taste you,"
he said.

"Just a taste? Is that all?" Carrie started rubbing herself with her
fingers. "I thought you'd be hungrier than that..."

"I want your pussy," said a shy Robbie.

"That's more like it," said Carrie as she put one leg up on the chair and
brought her pussy up level with his face. Robbie started to tongue her clit,
then he expanded his mouth to surround her whole labia.

* * *

Across the room, Debra was still giving Deacon a blowjob, taking care not to
go too fast and bring him to orgasm. When her mouth got tired, she stopped
and stood up. Deacon, who this time hadn't closed his eyes, watched as Debra
got up and moved over to the bed. As she stood next to the bed, she squirmed
out of the teddy and then kneeled on the edge. She looked at Deacon and then
motioned for him to come over.

As if in a trance, Deacon rose and walked over to the bed, standing behind
Debra and holding her as he kissed the side of her neck, then he rubbed his
hands over the front of her body. She held his hands against her breasts for
a few seconds, then let them go so he could explore further.

When his fingers reached her clit and started rubbing it, she found the need
to lean down on the bed for support, and Deacon took the opportunity to slide
himself inside her wet pussy.

* * *

Robbie was still eating out Carrie when she signalled for him to stop. She
had a long night ahead of her, and didn't want to wear herself out. "Easy
there, big fella. Is there anything else you want to do?"

"I want to fuck you," said an excited Robbie. "I want to fuck you so bad."

Carrie leaned back on the bed. "And I want you to fuck me. It's too bad
you're all tied up..."

Robbie stood up from the chair, since Carrie had only tied his hands
together, not tied them to the chair itself. "You mean this?" he asked as
his long fingers started to undo the loose knot behind his back.

"Ooh, you're so clever..." said Carrie as the belt came loose from his hands.
Robbie pulled down his shorts and drew closer to her with his penis fully
erect. "Geez, you could hurt somebody with that thing..."

"I try not to," explained Robbie as he used his hands to direct his penis
into Carrie's waiting hole.

* * *

Deacon had started out slowly, but was starting to increase the pace as he
fucked Debra. It was a lot faster that Debra was used to, but she was
starting to enjoy it. Unconsciously she began to make noise as he slammed
into her. "Ohh.... Ohhh....Oh yeah....OH YEAH!" she yelled.

* * *

Robbie had just started banging Carrie when he heard the screams. "What was
that?" he asked. "Is there someone else in here?"

Carrie realized that their cover had been blown, so she reached over for the
string that pulled the curtain open. "What the...." said Robbie.

Deacon saw the other couple lying on the other bed. "What the hell....

"Carrie, what's going on...Debra?" Robbie and Deacon were both stunned, and
for a long moment nobody said anything, then Robbie started to smile. "You
finally realized that Raymond's not enough for you, huh, Debra?"

"Raymond?" asked Deacon. "Who's Raymond? And Carrie, who's this guy?"

The women looked at each other, then Debra spoke up. "Robbie, it was my
idea. I told Carrie I wanted to watch while you fucked her."

Carrie followed Debra's lead. "And I said OK, but only if I got to watch her
have sex with Deacon."

"What about Doug?" asked Deacon. "You know, your husband?"

"Husband?" asked a shocked Robbie. "You're married?"

Carrie turned to look at Deacon, finding it hard to carry on a conversation
with Robbie's penis still inside her. "My in Utah. And this
is a one-time only offer. You guys can leave if you want, or you can finish
what you started, and no one else needs to know about it."

The men looked at each other, trying to find a way to justify their actions.
Deacon spoke up, "Well, seeing as how the damage has already been done..."

Robbie agreed, "It would be rude of us to not continue."

Debra looked back at Deacon. "That's right. Keep it coming, Deke." Deacon
started pounding into Debra again, and Robbie returned to fucking Carrie.
With the curtain down, Debra no longer needed to be quiet, and started
screaming again as Deacon's large cock thrust into her.

The beds were close enough that Carrie could also reach Debra - she moved
forward on the bed as Robbie pounded her, and pulled Debra's head toward her
for an upside-down kiss. Debra's screams were muffled by Carrie's mouth, and
the sight of the two women kissing was turning on both men, bringing them
closer to the edge.

Carrie broke the kiss to whisper to Debra. "Whaddaya say, should we drive
them nuts?" Debra nodded. Carrie then started to scream at Robbie, "Give
it to me, come on, you big stud! Fuck me harder!"

Debra looked back at Deacon, whose attention seemed to be focused on Carrie.
"Come on, Deke, come for me. Come in my pussy!"

Deacon was close to doing just that - he increased his speed, grabbed onto
Debra's ass tightly as he tensed up and shot his load inside her. "That's
it, that's it," said Debra.

Robbie wasn't far behind, his attention was diverted by the sight of Debra
being fucked by Deacon, and this brought him over the edge. "Come on, don't
stop! Don't stop!" yelled Carrie but he was already slowing down, preparing
to come. He managed to pull out and shoot his cream on her rather than

The women laid back on the bed after Deacon and Robbie had finished, and the
men went back to their chairs, both weak after standing for so long. As
they relaxed, they realized that they were facing each other - two naked men
caught in a compromising situation. Deacon got up and reached for the
curtain, to close it so they could both relax.

Carrie started to poke fun at the men. "Look at that, Deb. They don't want
to see each other naked."

"God forbid," said Debra. "They wouldn't want to get caught looking at
another man. That might mean they were gay."

"That's right," agreed Carrie. "Say, Deb, would it mean I were gay if I
kissed you?"

"Gee, I don't know. Let's find out." The two women kissed, paused and
pretended to think, then kissed again, more passionately this time. Carrie
stopped for a second. "No, I don't feel gay..."

Debra jokingly responded, "Me neither. We must not be doing it right..."
She glanced over at the men, who still seemed tired out but were starting to
perk up again.

"What about...if I sucked on your pussy? Would that make me gay?" asked

"I don't know..." said Debra as she leaned back on one of the beds. "It
might taste something like Deacon..."

"Let me see..." said Carrie as she leaned over and put her face between
Debra's legs. As she tongued Debra's clit, she made eye contact with Deacon
and saw that his dick was starting to twitch and grow again. After a few
tentative licks, she alternated her licks with some vigorous munchings.

Debra closed her eyes and started to enjoy Carrie's tongue-lashing, grabbing
her breasts with her hands to heighten her pleasure. After a few minutes of
this, Carrie hiked herself up onto the bed, approaching Debra's pussy from
another angle. Debra pulled one of Carrie's legs over her head to swing her
around into a 69 position.

Carrie looked over at Robbie, who was starting to play with his cock as he
watched the two women going down on each other. "Every man's fantasy,"
thought Carrie. "So predictable." Carrie wiped off what was probably a
combination of both Debra and Deacon's juices from her face, then she
returned to working on Debra, as Debra herself got her first taste of
Carrie's pussy.

Debra was unsure at first about going down on her friend, but she remembered
her promise to Carrie to not panic, so she decided to go for it. She found
that she didn't mind the taste, or the texture for that matter. Her tongue
ran through the folds, then hit Carrie's clit, producing some encouraging
moans, so she focused the motions of her tongue there. She tried alternating
between quick flicks and slow licks to see what worked best.

Carrie was hovering over Debra, enjoying her crude initial lickings, and
noticed that both men were masturbating while watching the women, so she
decided to get them both back involved. "So, what do think about eating
pussy, Deb? Do you like it?"

Debra realized that she was, in fact enjoying it. "It's all right, I guess,"
though her words were somewhat muffled.

"Do you like it better than, say, sucking cock?"

Debra realized what Carrie was up to. "I don't know...I'd have to compare
the two to be sure."

Carrie motioned for Deacon to come over to Debra, and when he did she leaned
her head back upside-down, and as his penis slid between her lips, she found
the right angle to give him maximum head.

Robbie, on the other hand, didn't need to be invited to join in again. It
was almost as if he were in competition with Deacon and couldn't stand to
be left out. Since the women were together on one bed this time, Robbie
approached through the space in between the beds, where Carrie's head was.
Carrie lifted her head up from Debra's pussy to suck on Robbie's cock.

Debra was alternating between licking Deacon's cock and Carrie's pussy,
eventually realizing how close the two were. Suddenly, all of Carrie's
play-acting and dirty talk made sense. She freed up her hands, and guided
the two together, fascinated as she watched Deacon's cock disappearing into
Carrie's slick hole. Deacon had barely noticed the difference as Debra's
mouth was replaced by Carrie's pussy. When he opened his eyes, he realized
his cock was buried inside his best friend's wife, but Debra's squeezing of
his balls was enough to drive away any lingering guilt.

Debra was enjoying the close-up show, from time to time taking another
lick on Carrie's clit as Deacon's cock plunged in and out of her pussy.
Meanwhile, Carrie was approaching orgasm as she was being serviced from
both ends. She waited for the opportunity to return the favor, slowly
easing Robbie's cock toward Debra's pussy. In a flash, she removed her
mouth and bent his cock down with her hands, right into Debra.

Debra moaned as she was filled with her brother-in-law's huge member - Carrie
held up Debra's legs to increase the angle of penetration, as well as to get
a better view. After watching Robbie's cock penetrating Debra for a while,
Carrie turned her attention back to Debra's clit.

It didn't take long before both women had intense orgasms - Debra's may have
been first but Carrie wasn't too far behind, and the tightening of their
pussies brought both men to another climax. The four stayed in this somewhat
ridiculous position as their orgasms subsided. Finally, as Deacon's cum was
trickling out of Carrie and into Debra's face was there a need to break out
of their formation.

* * *

The two men toweled off, got dressed and made some lame excuses as they each
headed for the door.

Debra laid back on one of the beds, exhausted. "Boy, they sure left in a

"Can you blame them?" said Carrie. "I mean, we did put them in a rather
awkward position. Pun intended! But how was it for you?"

"Absolutely amazing, once we got past the awkward part. Robbie was so big
that...oh god, what did I do?" Debra leaned forward and put her head in her

"You have nothing to be ashamed of. You just lived out a fantasy, that's
all. Not everybody gets to do that, you know."

"But what am I going to tell Ray?"

"Absolutely nothing. I bet lots of women have secret sex with their
brothers-in-law. Just avoid Robbie for a few days, until you get back into
a routine with Ray."

"But what if Robbie tells Ray about it?"

"He won't," said Carrie. "I'll make sure of it, just let me take care of

"It almost sounds like you've done this before..."

"Well, let's just say it's not the first time that I've slept with one of
Doug's friends. But it was my first foursome - I'm going to have to try that

"Not me," said Debra. "I just want things to go back the way they were."

Carrie just smiled, knowing that was going to be impossible for Debra to

To be continued....


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