Everybody Loves Raymond/King Of Queens:
Alone Together Part 4 (MFF,MF,F-dom,bmail,voy,humil)
by Honker

A couple of weeks after Debra Barone and Carrie Heffernan's hotel-room affair
with Deacon and Robbie, the two women met for lunch again.

"So," asked Carrie, "How are things between you and Ray? He doesn't suspect
anything, does he?"

"No, I don't think so. I did what you said, I avoided Robbie for a while,
and he's pretty much been avoiding me. The only problem is..."


"The only problem is, whenever I'm intimate with Raymond, I find myself
thinking back to what happened in the hotel room. Sometimes I can't, you
know, get excited without thinking about what we did."

"That's pretty normal," said Carrie. "I mean, it was a pretty wild night.
Are you still feeling guilty?"

"Yeah, a little. But then, every time I do think about it, I get turned on
instead. I just hope Robbie never mentions it to anyone."

"I told you, that's all taken care of."

"What do you mean, 'all taken care of'? How can you be so sure?"

"I called Deacon and Robbie, and told them that I had a camera hidden in the
hotel room, and our whole play session was on videotape. And if they ever
told anyone about it, I'd show copies to Doug and Ray."

"What? You couldn't do that!"

"And I won't have to, assuming they keep their mouths shut." Carrie paused.
"And, assuming you do what I say."

"What are you talking about?"

"OK, here's the thing. If I've got a videotape of Deacon and Robbie, I've
also got videotape of you cheating on your husband. With his brother, no
less. So it looks like I'm holding all the cards here."

"But you're in the video, too!"

"Yeah, but Doug won't care. He'll probably want a copy just to beat off
to. Deacon, however, doesn't know that Doug and I have a somewhat open

"So, what, you're blackmailing me?" asked Debra. "I thought we were

"Yeah, but what I've always wanted is a slave. I was working on Holly, the
dog-walker, but this is even better. So why don't you show up at my house on
Saturday at noon, ready to work." Carrie got up from the table and headed
out of the restaurant. "Wear high heels. And don't be late."

* * *

Unsure of what else to do, Debra asked her husband, Raymond, to take their 3
kids out to the movies on Saturday, and then out to dinner. She told him she
would be doing volunteer work down at the hospital, and might be out late.
She showed up at Carrie and Doug's house shortly after 12 and rang the

Carrie answered the door, once again wearing a bathrobe. "You're late," she
barked. "But Doug got called in to work, so we've got some time before he
comes home."

"Just what exactly are you planning?" asked Debra.

"First things first," said Carrie. "Put this on." She handed Debra a bag
with some clothes. "You can change in the bathroom upstairs, put on some
perfume too if you want."

Debra climbed the stairs and went into the bathroom. She pulled out the
clothes from the bag, it looked like a short black dress with a white apron
attached to it. There was also a set of thigh-high black fishnet stockings,
black panties, some long black gloves, and a small white hat. Debra got
undressed and put on the outfit, from looking in the mirror she realized
that it was a sexed-up version of a maid's uniform. Try as she might, she
couldn't get the short skirt to reach the top of her stockings, in fact it
wouldn't even cover her from all sides at once. There was also a black
ribbon with a white decoration on it, which she couldn't figure out what to
do with.

Debra slipped back into her shoes and peeked outside the bathroom door. She
felt very self-conscious, since the dress itself was practically see-through,
and the frilly skirt barely concealed her panties. She snuck out into the
hall and slowly crept down the stairs, where Carrie was waiting for her.

"I didn't know what to do with this," said Carrie, holding out the black

Carrie took the ribbon and snapped it into place around Debra's neck. "This
is your collar."

"You can't be serious with this outfit," said Debra. "Is this really

"No back talk, slave!" yelled Carrie. "You will address me only with 'Yes,
mistress' and 'No, mistress'. Is that clear?"

"Yes, mistress," said Debra sheepishly.

"Good, you can start by washing the dishes." Carrie led Debra into the
kitchen, where there was a pile of dishes in the sink left from breakfast.
She handed Debra a scrubbing brush.

"But you have a dishwasher," complained Debra.

Carrie shot Debra an icy glare. "What did I just say?"

"Yes, mistress," said Debra as she grabbed the brush. Carrie sat down at the
kitchen table and started reading the paper. Debra put some rubber gloves
over her lace ones and cleaned the dishes, which were sticky with egg yolks
and maple syrup.

When she was done, Carrie got up to inspect the dishes. "Not bad," she said.
"But, you spilled some soapy water on the floor. So, you might as well clean
the whole floor. There's a bucket under the sink."

Inside the bucket was some liquid cleaner and some sponges. "OK, now where's
the mop?" asked Debra.

"Oh, sorry, it's broken. You'll have to use the sponges." Debra filled the
bucket and got down on the floor.

Carrie's father, Arthur, entered the room. "Carrie, I was wondering if you
had any wood glue..." but he stopped short when he saw Debra in her skimpy
outfit, kneeling on the floor. "Hello, what have we here?"

"Hi, Dad, this is...this is the maid I hired," explained Carrie. "I've been
so busy since I got the job at the law firm, I haven't really had any time
to clean the house."

"Such a lovely young woman. Arthur Spooner, it's a pleasure to meet you."
Arthur extended his hand.

Debra looked over at Carrie, who encouraged her to respond. "Ah, izz a
pleasure to meet vous, too!" said Debra in a very fake French accent.

Arthur seemed surprised, "Oh, you're French? I knew a French girl during the

"That's great, Dad," said Carrie as she got up to push him out of the room.
"Why don't you go downstairs and think about all the girls you knew during
the war..."

"Perhaps the maid could come down and clean my room in the basement. You
know, it does get pretty dusty down there, and there's very little

"We'll see, Dad," said Carrie as she closed the door to the basement.

Debra finished cleaning the floors. "What's next, laundry?" she asked

"OK, lose the attitude, or I'll make you do yardwork in that outfit. Now,
what else can I have you do..." Carrie pretended to think up ideas, then
produced a feather-duster from inside a cabinet, and held it out to Debra.

Debra reluctantly took the feather-duster, and went looking around the living
room for places to clean. Carrie sat back on the sofa and watched. "I think
there's some dust down there on the shelf. No, the lower one."

Carrie watched as Debra bent down to dust the shelves, and her skirt rode up.
"That's it," said Carrie, "Keep cleaning..." as she enjoyed the view of
Debra's panties. Carrie slid a hand under her robe and started to play with
herself as she watched Debra cleaning.

Just then, Doug Heffernan came in through the back door, dropped his lunchbox
on the kitchen table, and walked into the living room. He saw Carrie lying
on the couch in her bathrobe, then looked over at the sexy maid bent over,
cleaning the shelves, and froze in his tracks.

"Carrie," he said in his paralyzed state, "who's this?"

"Oh, this is De...Delilah. She's the maid I hired, I told you about her,
didn't I?"

"Um...noooo. Can to you for a the kitchen?"

Carrie got up and walked into the kitchen, then realized Doug was still in
the living room, looking up Debra's skirt. "Doug!" she yelled, and he
snapped into motion.

Rushing into the kitchen, Doug confronted Carrie. "What are you doing? We
can't afford a maid!" Then he remembered what the maid looked like. "Can we
afford a maid?"

"Doug, she's not a maid."

"Then what's she doing cleaning the house?"

"She'll do...whatever I ask her to do," explained Carrie.

"Whoa. What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, she's ours for the night. She's a call girl, I bought her for our

"Our anniversary isn't until June."

"Not that anniversary."

"Ohh....wait, you got me a hooker? You're OK with that?"

"A call girl - and yes. Now do you want her, or not?"

Doug tentatively nodded "Yes", and Carrie went back into the living room.
After she left the kitchen, Doug looked up toward heaven and silently mouthed
"Thank you".

* * *

"Doug, why don't you go upstairs and take a shower, and I'll make sure
Delilah finishes cleaning the living room," said Carrie. Doug ran up the
stairs, bounding two at a time. "Wow, I haven't seen him move that fast
since it was All-You-Can-Eat-Wings night at Cooper's!"

Carrie approached Debra and held out a mask. "Here, put this on."

"What's this for?" asked Debra.

"Ah, ah...'Yes, mistress!'"

Debra took the mask. "Yes, mistress..."

"Good, now come on upstairs. Oh, and, uh...lose the phony accent."

* * *

After Doug took his shower, he put on a t-shirt and shorts and went into the
bedroom. Carrie was sitting in a chair by the window, and a masked Debra was
standing by the foot of the bed. "Doug, are you sure this is what you want?"
Carrie teased.

"Are you kidding me? I'm so excited I almost came in the shower! But are
you sure you're OK with this?"

"Well, I know that things can get a little...predictable between two people,
so I just wanted to shake things up a little. Hey, it's not cheating if I
know about it, right?"

"Well, it's one thing to say that, but it's another thing to really mean it."

"We did talk about maybe having somebody join us..." Carrie reminded him.

"I know...I was thinking about Holly, the dog-walker, but this is even
better! I....I don't even know where to start!"

"Anything you want, babe. The only rule is you have to ask for it..."

Doug rubbed his hands together excitedly, and bounded past Debra, onto the
bed. He propped himself up with some pillows and took a look at Debra. "OK,
how's about losing the dress...."

Debra looked over at Carrie. "Do I have to?"

Carrie got up from her chair and walked over to Debra. "Yes, you do." She
turned to Doug. "She's new at this." Then Carrie spanked Debra hard on the

Doug noticed the smack and apparently enjoyed it. "You want more of that?"
asked Carrie.

"Maybe later. Now, offie clothesie."

Debra felt extremely self-conscious, being asked to strip in front of a man
she barely knew. She made some crude attempts at moving her body around,
that she hoped resembled dancing. She started to slide her gloves down off
her arms.

"That's nice," said Doug. "Come on, keep going."

She slipped out of her high heels, and then spun around on her stocking feet.
She bent down away from Doug, and her short skirt popped up, giving him a
view of her barely-covered ass. Debra figured the sooner she got this strip
show over with, the better.

Doug's mouth was hanging open expectantly as she turned back around, and
toyed with the straps on her shoulders. She pulled the straps down, then
held the dress up as she unzipped it in back. She leaned down and shook
her breasts out of the dress as it fell off, trying to be sexy.

She reached down to take off her stockings. "No, no, leave those on." said
Doug. "Just take off the panties." Debra slipped off the panties and dropped
them on the floor. "Now, come over here and sit on the bed. I want to see
you touch yourself."

Debra came over and sat on the side of the bed, and rubbed her nipples
between her fingers. Keeping the eye contact with Doug, one hand started
slowly making its way down between her legs. When it got there, she started
fingering her clit.

Doug looked over at Carrie, as if to get her approval to proceed. "Oh, she's
good," he said.

"Don't you have anything for the maid to...polish?" asked Carrie.

"Actually, what it needs is more of a spit-shine." Doug slipped off his
shorts and held up his penis in his hand. Debra stared at it, she had never
seen one that size - not excessively long, but thick. "Come on, what are you
waiting for?"

Debra reached out and held it, unsure if she would be able to even get her
mouth around it. She kissed it hesitantly, then put her lips around the
head. Doug's large belly, however, made it hard for her to get close enough.

"Carrie, I think maybe she needs a little more motivation." Carrie
approached Debra from behind, and Debra's eyes opened wide as she realized
what was in store. Carrie spanked her ass hard, making her moan in distress.
With Doug's cock in her mouth, this had the added effect of making her mouth
vibrate on it. Debra increased her pace sucking Doug's cock in the hopes it
would make the spanking stop.

Doug was leaning back in ecstasy as he watched his wife slapping Debra's bare
behind. "Oh, that feels so good. Don't stop, keep spanking her!"

Debra was trying hard to make Doug come with her mouth, at least it
might bring an early end to this encounter. But it seemed like he was
intentionally holding back, as if he had other plans in mind.

"OK, now turn around," ordered Doug. "I want to get a crack at that ass."
Debra obeyed, swinging around on the bed to face Carrie. Doug could see how
red her ass was from Carrie's spanking, but couldn't resist adding a few
slaps of his own.

Then, Doug got up on his knees and reached down to feel how wet Debra's pussy
was. "I think she's enjoying this," he said as he replaced his fingers with
his dick. He looked up at Carrie. "Do you want in on this?"

"Sure!" said Carrie as she took off her robe and sat down on the bed,
spreading her legs.

"OK, now I want you to go down on my wife," said Doug, "and make it good."

Debra's pussy was being stretched out by Doug's cock as she leaned forward to
reach Carrie's pussy. She could feel his cock growing larger as he watched
her licking Carrie's clit. Carrie leaned back on a pillow as Debra ate her
out. "Ooh, yeah, that's it, baby. Lick my pussy good."

Doug kept pounding into Debra's pussy, but the sight of her performing on his
wife was driving him over the edge. After a few minutes, he exploded inside
Debra, then leaned back against the headboard.

Carrie motioned for Debra to flip over onto her back. "Doug, reach in the
nightstand and hand me my dildo. No, the big black one."

Doug opened up the drawer. "Why don't we just call Deacon and get the real
thing over here?"

"I'm game if you are!" replied Carrie.

"You know what? This will be fine..." he said as he handed it to her.

Carrie spread Debra's lips open with her fingers as she shoved the big dildo
up her pussy. Debra, who was still eating Carrie out from the new angle,
started moaning violently as Carrie rammed her with the dildo, and she
increased her pace licking Carrie's pussy.

Carrie shook as her body was racked with an orgasm, she ground her pussy into
Debra's face as she came. The sight of Carrie being eaten out was arousing
Doug again, when his dick was hard again he got back up and starting fucking
Debra again.

Doug made eye contact with Carrie, and mouthed the words "I love you..." at

* * *

After Carrie and Doug had both come again, Doug rolled over on the bed and
put his head on the pillow. "That was great, hon. Give her a big tip..." he
said as he drifted off to sleep.

Carrie lifted up the blankets to join him, then addressed Debra. "Good job,
slave. You can clean yourself up and go home."

Relieved, Debra started to leave the room, then remembered what to say. "Yes,
mistress." Debra found the bathroom again, took off the mask, toweled off
and changed back into her street clothes.

She went back downstairs and headed toward the door, when Arthur entered the
living room from the kitchen. "I beg your pardon, miss..."

"Yes, what is it?"

"I couldn't help but overhear. There is a vent in Doug and Carrie's bedroom
that leads down to my room in the basement."

"Oh, no..." said Debra.

"Now, I don't care what those kids do. That's between the two of them. But
am I correct in assuming that you are a...lady of the evening?"

"Well, not exactly. But there doesn't seem to be much difference any more."

"OK, here's the thing. Thinking about the war before has brought up some
pretty enjoyable memories. There was a time, in France, when the ladies knew
how to take care of an American soldier. You see, there was this dancer.
Pretty young thing. You even look a little bit like her."

"Let me guess. You want me to re-create this dancer's performance."

"Exactly. I just want to watch you dance. Take pity on an old veteran,
whaddaya say?"

"I can't. Look, it's really not my thing. I'm not what you think I am."
Debra turned toward the door.

"Oh, I know what you are. You're a discredit to your profession, that's what
you are!"

Carrie's voice yelled from the upstairs bedroom. "Is everything all right
down there, dad?"

"Fine, dear!" Arthur yelled back. "I thought you might feel this way.
That's why I took the liberty of removing your car's spark plugs."

"You did what?"

"You can have them back after you dance for me..."

"All right, let's get it over with...."

* * *

Arthur took Debra down to his room in the basement. "Is there...something
you want me to wear?"

"As a matter of fact, yes." He pulled out a frilly dress from an old trunk.
"I was thinking of asking Holly, the dog-walker, to model this for me, but
this is much better. You can change in there."

"Like father, like daughter," thought Debra as she went into Arthur's
bathroom and changed her clothes again, putting on what looked like a ball
gown. There were built-in ruffles under the skirt, so at least it looked
like she would be well-covered this time.

When she came out of the bathroom, Arthur was as excited as a young boy.
"You look positively exquisite, my dear. I'll put on some music, and then
I'm ready to watch you dance."

Arthur took out an old record album and placed it on a turntable. "Now, I'll
be the young American soldier sitting in the audience, and you're the pretty
dancing chorus girl." Predictably, the music was the French "Can-Can" music,
and Debra started dancing, the way she had seen in the movie "Moulin Rouge".

"That's right. Hold your skirt up and lift your leg up a little higher."

Debra was doing high-kicks, but found it hard to keep her legs up in the air
for long periods of time. She was concentrating on the dancing and holding
on to a pole for support. When the music swelled and seemed like it was
about to end, she spun around and bent over, lifting her dress high up over
her ass.

The music did stop, and Arthur spoke up. "Ohh! Wonderful!" Debra stood up,
and realized that Arthur had his fly unzipped, and had been masturbating
during her performance. "Unfortunately, it would appear that my evening has

"Let me get you some tissues," Debra offered.

"Awfully kind of you."

After Arthur cleaned up, he reached for his wallet and pulled out a bill for
Debra. "Twenty dollars?" asked a shocked Debra.

"You'll have to forgive me, I'm an old man on a fixed income." He seemed
wistful for a moment. "In my day, twenty dollars would get you a dancing
girl for the night and a steak dinner..."

"Look, I have to get going..."

"Absolutely. I'll go put your spark plugs back in while you change..."

* * *

Upstairs, Doug and Carrie were lying together in bed, having been awakened
by the loud French music coming up from the basement through the vent. "I
really hate that music..." said Carrie.

"Me, too." said Doug. "Say, thanks again for my anniversary gift. That was
really something."

"I'm glad you liked it..."

"You know, one of the guys down on the dock is getting married. Do you think
Delilah would be available for his bachelor party?"

"You mean as a stripper?"

"Well, she's not much of a dancer, but she does give good head. The guys
would probably appreciate that more, though."

"How many guys are we talking about, here?"

"I don't know. Thirty, maybe forty."

"Let me see if she's available."

* * *

Debra came up the basement stairs and saw a young blond woman sitting in the
kitchen. She was wearing a light jacket, and her hat and gloves were on the
table. "Ummm, hi! I'm Holly, the dog-walker."

Debra shook her hand. "Hi, I've heard a lot about you."

"I just came by to pick up Arthur. It's time for his afternoon walk."

"You walk...Arthur? This family is kinkier than I thought."

"No, no, not like that. He comes with me when I walk the dogs, it's good
exercise for him. Plus, it gets him out of the house when Doug and Carrie
want to be alone...together. You see, there's this vent..."

"Say no more," said Debra.

"So, I let myself in, and I knocked on Arthur's door, and then I heard the
music, and then I looked down into the basement, and I saw you dancing, and
then I saw Arthur..."

"Oh, god."

"No, no, I think it's great. I just haven't seen Arthur before with anyone
who didn't look like my mother. So, I take it you're a professional..."

"Dancer? No, but thank you!"

"No, I mean, are you a prostitute?"

"Why?" asked Debra suspiciously.

"OK, here's the thing..."

Debra rolled her eyes. "I'm never going to get out of this house..." she

To be continued....


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