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Everybody Loves Raymond; by writing this story, I in no way claim that I
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this happen during the run of the series. That being said, this story
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Everybody Loves Raymond: Momma Always Taught You To Share
by Crow365

Chapter 1:

"Ray, I'm tired. Not tonight..."

The two lay in their bed together, the only light in the room shining weakly
in from the headlights of passing cars. Ray was pressed lightly up against
Debra's back, one hand stroking up and down her thigh and buttock while the
other groped one of her breasts through her cotton pajama-top.

"Ray..." she said softly, knowing this was one battle she wouldn't win. It
had been two weeks since the last time they'd had sex, and even though she
was legitimately tired tonight, it wouldn't stop Ray. Sighing inwardly, Debra
pressed back against her husband, feeling his growing erection against her
pajama- and panty-clad ass cheeks. She could picture Ray's grin as he made a
low grunting of victory right before his non-breast-filled hand pulled her
pajama bottoms and underwear down to just above her knees, and then she felt
the soft head of his cock pushing blindly at her ass, seeking the entrance to
her pussy. Licking the tips of her fingers, Debra slid her hand between her
legs and lubricated her lips some before gently taking a hold of Ray's penis.
Lining it up right, she felt him push into her, and she grunted softly as he
roughly entered her. But her low noise was drowned out by Ray's groan of
pleasure as he slid home inside her pussy.

Even though she was fairly dry, it didn't take long for Debra's pussy to
begin to moisten. Though Ray wasn't the most skilled of lovers or the most
endowed of men (which Debra actually thanked God for on nights like this when
he didn't even really attempt foreplay), the feeling of his thick cock
sliding in and out of her canal, first slowly as he reveled in the feeling of
being inside of her and then faster as his instincts took over and he tried
to get his rocks off as quickly as possible, got her hot and wet. Debra
moaned softly as Ray fucked her from behind, the feeling of his hips smacking
against her ass cheeks turning her on slightly. She slid one hand between her
legs, quickly finding her clit and rubbing it gently as she took Ray's cock,
hoping that maybe this time she could get herself off in time to feel his cum
fill her.

She had always loved that feeling from whenever they would try and get
pregnant. The feeling of reaching that crescendo of pleasure, of a cock
filling her up completely, of Ray's pubic bone smacking hard against her
clitoris, driving her toward a good orgasm that became even better when she
felt his liquid hot cum shooting deep within her. Any time they had sex and
Debra felt she had a chance, she would always try and help herself along to
that point, since God knew that ninety-percent of the time Ray was never
conscientious enough to try and do it for her.

And as soon as she felt Ray's cock harden even more as his pace inside of her
quickened, Debra knew that this wasn't going to be one of those times.
Closing her eyes and sighing softly in frustration and disappointment - her
fingers still dancing on her clit, though slower now and less intense - she
felt Ray cum inside of her; his thick gobs of semen coating the walls of her
pussy. And even though this feeling in and of itself turned her on even more,
it wasn't enough to trigger her own orgasm, and so she lay there, absent-
mindedly pressing her ass back against her husband's crotch, trying to get
more of his rapidly softening cock inside of her.

Ray lay there in post-coital bliss for a few moments, holding her. That was
one thing to Ray's credit: even though he might be fairly selfish as a lover,
he always held her afterwards. It was one of the few times when he wasn't so
overly selfish as to show her genuine affection; granted, it was right after
sex, but beggars can't be choosers. Ray held her close for a few moments, and
Debra could feel his slick cock slip out of her pussy, before kissing her
neck and jaw-line a few times and rolling away. Within a moment or two, she
could hear his contented snoring as he drifted off to sleep. Sighing softly,
Debra pulled up her underwear and pajama-bottoms before slipping out of bed
and making her way quietly to the bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet, she let Ray's jism drain out of her pussy before
cleaning herself up. She sat there for a moment, indecisive. She was still
really horny and could feel the siren's call of the heat and wetness between
her legs, calling to her to satisfy herself. Biting her bottom lip, Debra let
her right hand dance its fingertips over her bare thigh as her left hand
inched its way up the inside of her pajama top to cup her right breast.
Sighing again, though this time in growing pleasure, she felt her nipples
harden, and her left hand moved slightly so she could pluck on the hard,
small and pink tip of her right breast. A low moan escaped from Debra's
throat as she pinched and flicked her nipple, her left hand moving to play
with the nipple on her left breast as her right hand slid down the inside of
her right thigh.

She moved slightly on the toilet seat, moving her hips forward and spreading
her legs some as her right hand moved towards the now molten core of her
pussy. She could feel her lips spreading slightly of their own accord as the
heat grew and wetness slowly leaked out. The fingers of her right hand slid
up the lips of her pussy from her perineum to her clit and then down again.
As her fingertips penetrated her, Debra's mind flew to images of her husband:
Ray naked with his cute butt and his adorable love-handles, of his turgid
cock, hard and ready for fucking. Her fingers slid deeper into her pussy, her
wetness coating the digits as the play with her nipples unconsciously grew a
little harder, a little rougher. The speed of her finger-fucking increased
some as she continued to visualize Ray's hard dick sliding in and out of her,
but as she masturbated, she noticed different images and thoughts cropping
up. Pictures of her brother-in-law, Robert, naked with a giant horse-cock
jutting out before him (which made her pussy spasm and juices flow a little
more), ready and willing to stretch her to her limit; images of some of the
local high school boys who lived in the neighborhood and whom she sometimes
saw in various states of undress as they played football in the street or cut
their lawns, ganging up to give her all the cock she could want; images of
some of the boyfriends she'd had before meeting Ray and how they used to
pound her tight quim until the break of dawn on some nights. All of these
images served to enhance Debra's arousal as she fucked herself, adding a
third finger to her hungry pussy, feeling the extra digit stretch her vagina
in a delicious way.

But the image that set her over the top was that of her former college
roommate, Eileen. That girl had had long, luscious red-hair, an ample (though
not enormous) chest, and entrancing green eyes that set off a beautiful face.
When they had been young women living together in college, some of the nights
when they would come home drunk from a house party or a bar, they would fool
around with each other. And on more than one or two occasions, they had had
sex. The memories of Eileen sucking on her nipples and strumming her clit
before kissing her way down Debra's body and sucking on her clit or driving
the tip of her tongue up inside of her, elicited a low, throaty groan of
pleasure from Debra, and she felt her orgasm come crashing down on her. Her
juices flowed over her fingers and onto her hand as she felt her cunt spasm
hard around the digits filling it while echoing spasms rocked Debra's entire

The orgasm left Debra nearly mindless for what seemed hours, but was no more
than a minute or two. Sighing in contentment, a beatific smile on her face,
Debra slowly slid her fingers out of her pussy. Pausing a moment in thought,
she shrugged and brought her fingers up to her mouth. She inhaled the scent
of her sex before tentatively flicking the tip of her tongue out to taste a
finger tip. It had been so long since she'd tasted pussy, even her own.
Smiling some, she took the digit into her mouth and slowly sucked the juices
off of it, remembering just how good she tasted. She repeated the process
with the other two fingers and then licked the remnants of pussy juice that
had dripped onto her hand. Satisfied, Debra pulled her underwear and pajama-
bottoms up and flushed the toilet before washing her hands in the sink.

She returned to bed, where Ray's prone form snored on occasion. Sliding in
next to her unconscious husband, she curled up against his back and felt
contented slumber creep up on her.

As Debra drifted down into sleep, her thoughts were filled with memories of
youthful nights with Eileen. And she was happy.

Chapter 2:

"Deb, did you see this sweater in here? It would look absolutely gorgeous on
you in blue!"

Amy, her best friend and newly-made sister-in-law, sat on the couch in the
living room, flipping through a catalog while Debra poured two cups of coffee
for them in the kitchen. "What page?" Debra called out as she filled two mugs
before setting the carafe back into the coffee-maker.

"Twenty-four," Amy replied. "It's a V-neck with a light-and-dark checker
pattern on the front."

Debra added the desired amounts of cream and sugar to the respective cups
before carrying them into the living room. "Oh. Yeah, I saw it and thought
the same thing, Amy." She handed one mug to the blonde who sat with her legs
tucked underneath her on the couch, and then sat down next to her sister-in-
law. "You should check out the peasant skirt on page thirty-two, you would
look so cute in it."

Amy immediately flipped to the suggested page, and smiled. "You're right,
Deb. It is cute!"

The two women sipped their coffee and continued commenting on clothing they
would like to have, Debra especially enjoying this relaxing down-time. The
kids still had three hours before school was out, and Ray would be home until
a good three or four hours after that, depending on how much work he had to
do. Plus, Marie and Frank were visiting their friends Lee and Stan for the
afternoon, which meant that Debra had complete peace and quiet in the house.

As they chit-chatted, Debra couldn't help but notice the perfume that Amy was
wearing. It was light and flowery, and Debra couldn't help but notice that it
made her pussy twitch in a way that she knew was the precursor to arousal.
Debra shook the feelings off, no doubt they remnants from a few nights back
when she came to the memory of being eaten by Eileen. Even though she'd
always thought Amy was attractive, it had always been in a Platonic
appreciation of beauty, and never sexual.

"So, how is married life now that you've got a couple months under belt?" she
offered at one point.

Amy beamed. "It's wonderful, Deb. Robert is so caring and thoughtful. I mean,
just the other day he showed up at work, in uniform, and personally delivered
a bouquet of flowers!"

Debra smiled. "That's so sweet of him," she said. Her expression soured
slightly. "I wish Ray would do something like that every now and then..."

Amy patted Debra's knee, and she felt another involuntary shudder of her
vagina. "Oh, you know Ray loves you, Deb."

"I know," Debra replied, smiling softly.

"Oh!" Amy exclaimed. "And the sex, Debra! You wouldn't believe it! I thought
it was good before we got married, but Robert...he's insatiable! Every night!
And he knows just what buttons to push to get me wild. I just hope it lasts."

Debra laughed. "You think you can talk Robert into teaching Ray a few

Amy tilted her head and gave her sister-in-law a half-frown. "Ray still
lacking in the 'giving is better than receiving' department?"

Debra scoffed. "That's a nice way of putting it. We had sex a few nights back
and I had to finish myself off after he rolled away and went to sleep." Debra
rolled her eyes and looked absent-mindedly toward the front windows.
"Sometimes I think it'd just be better being with a woman, again. At least
I'd be with someone who knew what they were doing."

There was a few moments' pause before Debra realized exactly what she'd just
said and that Amy was staring at her with a slightly shocked expression on
her face. "'Again'?" she asked dumbly.

Debra could feel her face burning as Amy continued looking at her. She
cleared her throat and spoke. "You see, back in college..." she trailed off
for a moment, her eyes downcast into the coffee cup she held in both hands.
"Erm...back in college I...'experimented' some with my roommate, Eileen."

"'Experimented'?" Amy asked, apparently still only capable of one-word

Debra shrugged, unable to meet Amy's gaze. "You know...kissing, groping..."
She glanced up at her sister-in-law for a brief second before returning her
gaze to the coffee cup. "A few times we had sex."

There was a long pause as that information hung in the air before Amy broke
the silence. "Wow, Deb...I mean," she stumbled for the words she was looking
for, "I know, never knew that about you..."

Debra looked back up at her, feeling slightly defensive. "Don't misunderstand
me, I love being with men, and Ray especially! It's just, you know, sometimes
a woman can be more pleasing in ways that a man can't..."

Amy gave her a loving smile and laid a hand upon one of Debra's. "I'm not
judging you, Deb. I know my parents probably would, and God forbid they" -
she nodded toward the front door, and Debra automatically knew she meant
Frank and Marie - "ever found out. But, I've come to believe that as long as
there's some kindling of love between two people, it doesn't matter if
they're married or not, or a man and a woman, or a man and a man, or a woman
and woman. As long as there's some expression of love going on, then it's
perfectly fine in my eyes."

Debra could feel tears beginning to well up and she sniffed slightly. "Thank
you, Amy," she said, patting Amy's hand with her free one.

After a moment's pause, Amy spoke again. "If you don't mind me asking, what
was it like?"

"Being with a woman?" Debra asked. Amy nodded, and Debra shrugged. "I was
only ever with Eileen a handful of times, and mostly they were drunken
fumblings in our dorm room."

"But you said she knew how to do things in a way a man couldn't...?"

Again, Debra shrugged. "Yeah, but...well, it's hard to put into words. I
mean, when you kiss someone, you know whether they're a good kisser or not.
It's just something you have to experience. Like, whenever I would kiss
Eileen, it was always like the first kiss with a boy I had a crush on. She
just elicited that kind of passion in me."

Amy nodded, but looked somewhat disappointed, and then laughed with a
slightly nervous tint to it. "'re almost making me wish I wasn't
married, Deb. Now I'll never experience something like that."

There was an awkward pause, and Debra could feel her heart pounding in her
chest. Before she knew it, she spoke. "I could show you," she said, hastily
adding: "The kissing, I mean. If you want, that is."

Amy shyly looked at her, and slowly nodded. Debra put her coffee cup down on
the table, and then re-settled into the couch next to her sister-in-law.
Looking Amy in the eyes for a moment, she placed one arm along the back of
the couch and leaned in. When their lips touched, Debra tried remembering how
she had kissed Eileen all those many years back, hoping that some of that
experience would carry into the present. When she heard Amy beginning to
softly moan and part her lips, Debra knew she had succeeded on that front,
and began to pull back. But Amy's hand came up to Debra's face and stopped
her. Amy pressed forward into the kiss, tentatively peeking her tongue into
Debra's mouth, which Debra responded to in kind. The two women slid their
tongues together, alternating between mouths for a few minutes, before
breaking the kiss in soft gasps.

"Wow." That was all that came out of Amy's mouth, and Debra nodded in kind.
After another moment of catching their breath, Amy spoke again. "Wow, Deb. If
the kissing alone was that good, I can't imagine what the sex was like."

Debra looked at Amy, and before she knew what came over her, she was kissing
her sister-in-law again. Amy didn't fight, but accepted Debra openly. One of
Debra's hands slid to the back of Amy's neck while the other came to rest on
Amy's side just above her hip. Amy responded by placing both of her hands on
Debra's waist and then slowly rose upward to stop just beneath Debra's
breasts, where she could feel the under-wire of the other woman's bra.

Debra broke the kiss, but only to move her mouth to Amy's throat, where she
began kissing and sucking with fervor. "Ohhh, Deb..." Amy sighed, her eyes
closed in pleasure. The hand that lay on Amy's side slid up and cupped one of
the blonde woman's breasts, softly kneading it through her bra, prompting her
raise both of her hands and massage Debra's breasts. Debra somehow moaned and
growled in desire at the same time, and returned to kissing Amy's mouth,
sliding her tongue into her sister-in-law's mouth. Amy's hand left Debra's
breasts, pushing the red cardigan off the brunette's shoulders and once that
was gone, she lifted Debra's shirt up. Debra broke the kiss briefly to pull
the shirt off over her head, and when she looked at Amy again, she saw the
other woman was removing her top, as well. Popping the clasp on her bra,
Debra shook it off and tossed it to the floor before Amy leaned in and
latched on to one of her nipples. Debra moaned loudly, feeling her pussy
burning hot and her juices soaking through the crotch of her panties.

Amy sucked softly on Debra's nipples, alternating between the two and trading
off between sucking and gently nipping them with her teeth. While this
happened, Debra reached behind Amy's back and unclasped the blonde's bra,
freeing her breasts a moment later. Amy brought her head back up from Debra's
breasts, and the two collapsed back onto the couch as they kissed
passionately. One of Debra's hands snaked down between their bodies to find
Amy's pussy, which she gently stroked through material of her sister-in-law's
pants and underwear.

"Debra..." Amy moaned softly into Debra's ear, before returning her attention
to Debra's breasts.

Debra popped the top button on Amy's pants and pulled down the zipper,
sliding her hand into the now-freed interior of Amy's panties. She felt the
blonde woman's nicely trimmed bush, which was wet with her own juices. Debra
ran her fingertips along Amy's wet, furry lips, feeling the heat from Amy's
pussy on her hand. Amy gasped again at this sensation, and her own hand began
fumbling with the front of Debra's jeans. Debra dipped a fingertip into Amy's
juicy cunt and then slid upward to rub her sister-in-law's hard, throbbing
clit. Amy groaned in pleasure just as she opened Debra's pants, and thrust
her own hand into Debra's panties. Debra kissed Amy passionately as Amy's
hand found her own molten crotch, feeling Amy's fingertips slide over her own
trimmed patch of dark, wet pussy hair.

Debra rolled Amy onto her back on the couch, and slid off of her onto the
floor. She pulled Amy's pants and panties down and off her legs, before
standing and shucking her own; leaving both women in just their ankle socks.
Debra kneeled down on the floor, again, and kissed Amy's knees with soft, wet
kisses. She spread her sister-in-laws legs, trailing wet, sucking kisses up
Amy's thigh. Amy gasped and moaned, one hand pinching her own nipples and the
other on Debra's head, running her fingers through her sister-in-law's
brunette hair. When Debra reached the juncture of Amy's legs, with her dirty-
blonde-haired pussy looking Debra in the face, the brunette breathed hotly on
the slippery, furry lips before starting the process again on Amy's other
thigh. Amy groaned in both pleasure and frustration, but that was quickly
replaced by a cry of "Oh, God!" as Debra lips quickly found Amy's nether lips
and her tongue trailed up them from perineum to clitoris.

Amy's legs tensed and her thighs tightened around Debra's head as the
brunette lapped at the blonde's pussy. Debra spread Amy's pussy lips with two
fingers, exposing the woman's clit and hole, and proceeded to lap quickly at
Amy's clit with the tip of her tongue. "Oh God, Debra!" Amy moaned as the
heat in her pussy intensified at Debra's ministrations. As Debra held Amy's
lips open, she licked and sucked at her sister-in-law's clit before sliding
one, and then two, fingers into Amy's juicy pussy. She hooked her fingertips
and pressed against Amy's G-spot, working that with determination while she
sucked on the woman's clit. It didn't take long for Amy's sighs and moans to
become louder and closer together, and then Debra felt Amy's thighs clench
even tighter as her pussy began to spasm hard on Debra's fingers.

Debra kept eating Amy's pussy even through the blonde woman's orgasm,
stopping only when she felt both of Amy's hands gently trying to lift her
head. Debra rose up from between Amy's legs and met her sister-in-law with a
passionate, open-mouthed kiss. Amy moaned in delight when she broke the kiss,
saying "I taste good" before pushing Debra down onto the couch. She kissed
her way down to Debra's hard, pink nipples, one hand zeroing in on Debra's
pussy. Two fingers slid into Debra's hot, dripping wet depths, and the
brunette groaned in pleasure. Amy finger-fucked her and rubbed her clit with
a thumb while sucking on Debra' tits, alternating between the two. Debra
lifted her hips, trying to meet the thrust of Amy's fingers as lust overtook
her. Amy then kissed her way down Debra's stomach and settled in between the
brunette's legs. She ran her face over the dark mound of pubic hair that
covered Debra's cunt, breathing in deeply the scent of her sister-in-law's
hot, juicy quim. She pulled her fingers out of Debra, sucking the juices off
them and moaning in appreciation of the taste, before burying her face in
Debra's crotch. She sucked and licked to the best of ability, but being a
virgin to lesbian sex, she wasn't as good as Debra was, even after several
decades of being out of practice. But, her efforts were more than enough, and
it wasn't long before Debra had her fingers entwined in Amy's dirty blonde
hair, grinding her pussy and clit against her sister-in-law's mouth.

"Oh, god, fuck...Amy!" Debra cried out as she came hard, her pussy spasming
uncontrollably and her juices flowed out into Amy's mouth.

After the orgasm had washed past her, Debra realized that she'd arched her
back up off the couch, and she collapsed back onto the cushions. Amy crawled
up and lay partly on top of her.

"I didn't expect such a vocal outcry," she said, smiling.

Basking in post-coital bliss, Debra didn't even open her eyes. "What did you
expect, for me to scream out, 'Suck my wet pussy dry' or something lame like

Amy chuckled. "No, I guess not..."

There was pregnant pause as the two women lay naked on the couch. And then
Debra slid out from underneath Amy, collecting her clothes off the floor in a
hurry. "I should really get the house ready," she said. "There's still some
laundry that needs to be done and the kids'll be home any time now..."

Awkwardly, Amy nodded and began collecting her own clothes. "Of course, of
course," she said, dressing quickly and heading for the back door. She paused
momentarily, looking back at Debra, who was dressed and trying to lose
herself in domestic duties, before slipping out of the house.

Debra felt flush all over as she realized what she'd just done, not even
noticing when Amy had left. She attacked what laundry was left and then
settled into cleaning the living room and kitchen.

She'd just committed adultery. With a woman. And not just any woman, but her
own sister-in-law.

What the hell was wrong with her?!

Chapter 3:

Try as she might, Amy couldn't stop thinking about Debra.

It had been almost a week since she and Debra had had sex in the living room
of the Barone house, and the taste of Debra's mouth and skin, the smell of
her hair and her sex, were the only things Amy could think about. Only sex
with Robert abated such thoughts, but that was only a temporary solution as
they always bubbled back up, creating frustration and guilt in Amy's head,
heart, and loins.

She sat on the couch in the apartment that she and Robert shared, staring
blankly at the TV. She couldn't even remember what she was watching, so lost
in her horny thoughts of her sister-in-law. Her pussy was on fire, its juices
soaking through the cotton fabric of her panties, and Amy couldn't resist her
desire any longer. Opening her jeans, she stuffed her right hand into the
front of her panties, finding her dripping wet slit and hard, throbbing clit.
She moaned lowly as her fingertips slid across the nub of her clitoris,
pushing into her wet hole and collecting some of her juices. Shimmying her
jeans and underwear down to mid-thigh, Amy spread her legs some and began
fingering herself in earnest.

She imagined that Debra was kneeling in between her legs again, Debra's
fingers inside of her and her mouth on Amy's pussy, licking and sucking. Amy
closed her eyes, gasping in pleasure, a low groan of "Ohhhh, Debraaaah..."
escaping her throat. She imagined Debra adding a third finger to her pussy,
which Amy mirrored in actuality, and it didn't take long after that for Amy
to moan loudly as she came on her own fingers. Sighing in content, she
removed her digits from her pussy, licking them clean as she had come to like
the taste of her own pussy after tasting it on Debra's lips.

But...she still felt horny. Looking at the clock, she realized Robert would
be home soon, so she switched off the TV and went to the bedroom. Pulling off
her clothes, she lay naked on the bed, running her hands over her breasts and
playing with her nipples, touching her thighs and idly fingering her pussy;
teasing herself until Robert came home to sate her.

It seemed like forever until she heard the front door open and Robert boom
out a loving, "Good evening, my sweet!" There was a pause, and then she
heard, "Amy?" The slight confusion in his voice actually made her smile when
she thought of how he would react to find her like this. And when he opened
the bedroom door and saw her, Robert's eyes nearly jumped out of his head. He
cleared his throat after a moment and said, "Well, I could get used to being
greeted like this after work."

Amy jumped off the bed and ran over to her giant of a husband, jumping up and
wrapping her arms and legs around him as she kissed him passionately. Robert
groaned softly into her mouth and she felt his arms wrap around her, feeling
him pull her tightly to his body. They embraced for several minutes, Amy
trying to devour Robert whole, before Amy let go of him and slid down to the
floor. Quickly, she unzipped Robert's trousers (luckily he had changed out of
his uniform, otherwise she would've gotten her pussy juices all over his
shirt and pants) and fished out his rapidly hardening cock.

It wasn't as enormous as some might suppose with Robert's height, perhaps
nine and a half inches at its longest and about two and half inches in girth,
but it was more than enough to satisfy Amy. She stroked it lovingly with both
hands, running just her palms along the sides of his shaft before wrapping
her fingers around it. Robert groaned again and Amy opened her mouth as wide
as she could and devoured his cock. She sucked on the head while one hand
stroked his length and the other moved to his heavy, hairy balls; rolling
them in her fingers and gently tugging on them some.

"God, Amy," Robert groaned, running his hands over her blonde hair. "I don't
think I've ever seen you this horny before."

Amy took her mouth off of Robert's cockhead for a moment, taking her time to
lick the sides of his shaft, even ducking down to suck on his balls (which
she rarely ever did), before looking up at him.

"I need you to fuck me, Robert," she said, her voice and eyes serious and

Robert nodded, bending down to pick up his wife and set her half on the bed,
face down, her ass and legs hanging off. Pulling her ass into the air some
and bending his knees a little, Robert lined his large cock up with her pussy
and pushed in. Amy groaned loudly as she felt his large tool stretching her
cunt, and backed her ass up to take even more. "God, fuck me, Robert! Give me
your cock!"

Though Robert found it unusual for Amy to talk dirty like this, he didn't
look a gift-horse in the mouth. He enjoyed it and, taking a hold of her waist
with his hands, he went to town on her. His large cock pumped in and out of
her tight, steamy pussy faster and faster, his big balls slapping hard
against her throbbing clit while his hips spanked her ass cheeks every time
he bottomed out in her. And Amy made sounds like a woman being murdered,
while it took no time at all for her to cum all over Robert's cock. And cum,
again. And again, and again, and again. Amy was in a mindless daze by the
time Robert almost bellowed out a roar as his cock spurted forth the load his
balls had been churning. Amy felt another, smaller orgasm wash through her as
she felt Robert's semen fill her up and slowly ooze out of her more-than-full
pussy. Robert stayed inside of her for a few more moments before pulling out
and laying down next to her on the bed.

After a minute or two, Robert looked at her, utter pleasure and contentment
on his face. "So what got you all hot and bothered tonight?" he asked

Amy's only reply was to bashfully giggle, but in her head she thought: Debra.

Chapter 4:

Debra wasn't sure about meeting Amy to go shopping, but she had agreed to.
Amy was her best friend, and so she should at least try and act like an

It had been a week and a half since they'd impulsively had sex with each
other and Debra had been feeling guilty ever since. Ray hadn't noticed,
thankfully, since she'd mainly been feeling too guilty to have sex with him.
Luckily, this was outwardly no different than her usual treatment of him, so
he'd suspected nothing. But when Amy had called her the night before,
suggesting they go shopping in the city - which no doubt meant spending most
of the day together - Debra had been some what scared to say "Yes" (how could
she ever face Amy again after what they'd done?), but she knew that it would
look bad for her to keep ducking her best-friend. As idiotic as Ray could be
sometimes, eventually he'd pick up on something being wrong and start asking

And so, she'd taken the subway into the city and met up with Amy at her and
Robert's place and then hit the streets. Though it had been awkward at first
between them, neither one had brought up the incident, and after the first
hour or so, it was hard not to relapse into old patterns.

The two women spent most of the afternoon going from shop to shop, stopping
occasionally to get something to drink or to sit down for lunch. Eventually,
they went back to Amy's apartment, bags in hand, where Amy suggested coffee.
While Amy brewed up two cups, Debra sat on the couch, looking over some of
the clothes she'd bought. It didn't take long for the blonde woman to emerge
with two steaming coffee cups in hand, passing one off to Debra as she sat
down next to the brunette. They sipped their coffee and chit-chatted for a
bit before Amy looked nervously down at her cup.

A moment later, she looked up, a serious expression on her face. "Deb, I
think we should talk about what happened..."

"Amy..." Debra said, feeling her heart sink into her stomach. Surprisingly,
she wasn't worried about Amy suggesting that the other day had been
anything more than lustful curiosity. Instead, she was worried that her
sister-in-law would accuse Debra of taking advantage of her, or that she
hadn't liked it. But, Debra had no time to process these feelings.

Amy held a hand up. "No, Deb," she interjected. "I really think we should.
You see...I haven't been able to think of anything else since."

Debra looked confused. "What do you mean?" she asked. She had not expected

Amy blushed some and her gaze drifted back down to her coffee. "I mean...I
mean I can't stop thinking about the smell of your hair and your skin, Deb.
I can't stop thinking about the taste of your lips and your...your juices. I
can't stop thinking about your hands all over me and inside me. I can't stop
thinking about your mouth kissing every inch of my body. The only thing that
gives me any kind of a reprieve is when Robert comes home and I practically
rape him, I'm so worked up." Amy took a deep breath, setting her cup down on
the coffee table, and looked Debra in the eye. "I'm saying that I loved being
with you, Debra. And if I can, I want to be with you, again."

Debra looked like someone had just sucker-punched her, and she didn't know
what to say. "I...I loved being with you, too, Amy..." she said, still
slightly dazed by her sister-in-law's revelation, but honest in what she

In a flash, Amy was kissing her, her lips smashed hungrily against Debra's.
Though the brunette initially resisted the advance, when she realized what
was happening, she sank into it, wrapping her arms around Amy. Hands roamed
over each other's bodies, cupping breasts and buttocks, stroking thighs and
necks and cheeks. When they finally broke the kiss, Debra gasped audibly.

"Oh God, Amy," she moaned softly, "I want you so much..."

Amy replied by kissing her again, and in no time, the two women were shedding
their clothes and they stumbled their way into the bedroom. They collapsed
onto the bed in each other's arms after shucking off their underwear, naked
bodies pressed against each other. Amy slid a hand from one of Debra's firm
breasts down along her side and then between the brunette's legs. She gave a
mewl of delight as she felt the heat and wetness growing there, and rubbed
her fingertips along Debra's thick, juicy lips. Debra groaned softly and
latched onto Amy's nipples with her mouth, sucking one and tweaking the other
with her fingers.

She kissed her way down Amy's body, spreading her's sister-in-law's legs
wide, slobbering kisses all over the blonde's thighs before reaching her
steamy pussy. Debra sucked on Amy's cuntlips, running her tongue up and down
their full length, flicking her clit with the tip of her tongue. She spread
Amy's lips and slid her tongue as far up the blonde's pussy as she could get,
before going back to lapping the full length of Amy's slit. Amy moaned and
gasped, calling out Debra's name while gently thrusting her hips up, trying
to get as much of Debra's tongue on and in her pussy as possible. Debra
continued licking, grabbing Amy's ass cheeks and kneading them before rolling
the blonde's hips up off of the bed. She slathered her way downward, gently
sucking and nipping on Amy's engorged lips, and spread her sister-in-law's
cheeks, remembering something that Eileen had done to her on more than one
occasion that had always made Debra go wild.

"Oh!" Amy squeaked out as she felt Debra's tongue circle the pinkish-brown
rosebud of her asshole. The initial surprise and weirdness passed quickly,
though, as the feelings that Debra's tongue evoked from the spot made Amy
groan in pleasure. Debra swirled her tongue around Amy's anus, making sure to
slide a hand up and have a thumb gently rub the blonde's clit. Amy groaned
and moaned as she felt her sister-in-law circle her asshole with her tongue,
occasionally spearing the hole with her pink muscle and slightly penetrating
the blonde's backdoor.

After a little while, Debra guided Amy's hips back down to the bed and went
back to eating the blonde's nicely-trimmed cunt. Amy gently pulled Debra up
and kissed her, tasting her pussy and a slight trace of her ass on Debra's
lips and tongue, and told Debra to stand on her hands and knees. Giggling
nervously, the brunette did as she was asked, playfully wagging her tight
butt at her best-friend. Amy grabbed a pale cheek in each hand, squeezing and
kneading them, eliciting a soft growl of pleasure from Debra, before bending
down and planting wet kisses all over Debra's cheeks. She spread the
brunette's cheeks, exposing her tiny, pink asshole and nicely-trimmed brown-
haired pussy, which was just seeping with wetness at this point. Amy angled
her face and licked from Debra's hard clit all the way up to her brown
starfish in one swipe, and then started again, tortuously slow and making
Debra groan a protest at the teasing.

Amy licked and sucked Debra's furry pussylips and clit before moving up and
tongue-fucking her brunette sister-in-law's asshole. "Fuck, Amy..." Debra
breathed hotly. "Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss! Yes, eat my asshole!"

Smiling, Amy speared Debra's asshole with her tongue, and then gently spanked
her sister-in-law's ass cheek. Debra moaned loudly, and asked for Amy to do
it again. Amy pulled away from Debra's asshole and then slowly began to
lightly spank both of Debra's cheeks in turn. She rubbed Debra's clit with
her other hand, before sinking two fingers into the brunette's sopping-wet
snatch, feeling her squeeze the digits with her tight pussy muscles. As Amy
finger-fucked her and spanked her, Debra moaned, pumping her ass back toward
the blonde as she felt her arousal growing and growing until, finally, it
reached a peak when she felt Amy slip her thumb past the tight ring of
Debra's asshole.

"Amy!" Debra cried out as she felt her orgasm consume her, both her pussy and
asshole clenching down on Amy's fingers. Amy continued fingering Debra
through the brunette's orgasm, setting off a handful more after it, before
removing her fingers from her sister-in-law's orifices. Licking and sucking
her fingers clean, she lay down next to Debra while the brunette recovered.

Finally, Debra opened her eyes and smiled at Amy. "You make me cum so good,"
she said softly, craning over slightly to kiss the blonde on the lips.

Amy kissed her back, smiling. "Then return the favor, why doncha'?"

Smiling even more broadly, Debra nodded and scooted down the bed until her
face was level with Amy's crotch. Amy spread her legs and gasped as she felt
Debra run her fingers over her dirty-blonde-haired pussylips before sinking
two of them into her hot, wet cunt. Debra finger-fucked her a for a little
while, occasionally licking and sucking on Amy's throbbing, pink clit, before
looking up at her.

"You like that?" she asked.

Wordlessly, her eyes squeezed shut in pleasure, Amy nodded her reply.

Debra pulled one finger out of Amy's pussy, slick with the blonde's juices,
before sliding it into the woman's asshole. Amy gasped in surprise and
pleasure, before growling happily. "I like that, too," she said. Debra smiled
and continued fingering Amy's pussy and asshole. After a little while, the
brunette began rubbing Amy's clit with her free thumb while sucking on the
blonde's bare thigh. It didn't take long for the combination of sensations to
make Amy start moaning, and Debra began feeling the blonde's pussy and
asshole spasm as she came.

"Mmmmm...cum for me, Amy," Debra purred, and the blonde nodded in response,

After a few moments, Amy sighed contentedly, and Debra removed her fingers,
scooting back up the bed. The two women lay side-by-side, silent for a long
while as they both bathed in the glory of post-coital ecstasy. Finally, as
Debra was lovingly stroking her cheek, Amy looked at her.

"What are we going to do about this?" she asked.

Debra was thoughtful a moment. "Do you still love Robert?

Amy nodded.

"I still love Ray," Debra stated. "And I don't want to leave him."

"I don't want to leave Robert, either," Amy said, shaking her head.

Debra was silent, again. "Well, neither one of us wants to end our
marriages," she said. "And I honestly don't see how this could adversely
affect things. We hang out all the time, so I doubt anyone would ask any
questions. I don't see why we can't keep doing this from time to time."

Amy smiled, pleased. "True. I actually think it's already improved things
with Robert: being with you last time made me so horny that I couldn't keep
my hands off him."

"More than usual?" Debra asked with a wry smile.

Amy blushed some, but didn't answer. Debra rolled over and looked at the
clock on the nightstand. "Damn," she said, rolling back to face Amy. "I
should probably get going. Ray'll be home in an hour or so and probably
expect dinner to be ready." She leaned in and gave her sister-in-law a
passionate kiss, idly stroking Amy's side. "I'll call you later," she said,
after breaking the kiss and rising from the bed.

Dressing and then grabbing her bags, Debra walked out the door after giving
Amy another kiss, feeling like she was on cloud nine.

Chapter 5:

Ray settled into bed, expecting to watch a little SportsCenter, get turned
down by Debra for sex, and then fall asleep. The usual. Fluffing the pillows
behind him, he leaned back, flicked on the TV, and started watching.

What he didn't expect was for Debra to come in from the bathroom wearing a
tiny, silk kimono, looking at him like she was sizing up a piece of meat.
Slightly dumbfounded, Ray stared at her while still holding the remote, as if
in the act of flipping channels still. Debra softly closed the bedroom door
behind her, locking it, and then let the kimono slip from her shoulders,
revealing her completely nude body.

Surprised, Raymond just stared, his roaming eyes taking in his wife's
beautiful, naked form. "...Deb?" he asked, slightly unsure.

Wordlessly, Debra crossed to the bed and crawled across it on hands and knees
over to him. Kissing Ray full on the lips and slipping her tongue into his
mouth, she moved her lips to his ear while one of her hands found his slowly
hardening member and squeezed gently through the material of his pajamas.

"I'm looking for a good time, sailor," she breathed hotly into his ear.

Still slightly confused, Ray just looked at her.

Smiling to herself, Debra fished Ray's cock out of the fly of his pajama-
bottoms and slowly stroked it, gently rubbing the head and squeezing the
shaft. Looking him straight in the eye, Debra said bluntly: "I want to fuck
you, Ray."

Shocked out of his daze by the word "fuck" (which Debra rarely ever used, and
then usually only in anger), Ray lifted off the bed, ready to toss his wife
onto her back and go at her like a jack-rabbit. But, laying a hand on his
chest, Debra stopped him. Smiling, she shook her head playfully.

Clucking her tongue, Debra said: "Nononono...I'm going to fuck you." And with
that, she dipped down and took the head of Ray's cock in her mouth. Debra
rarely ever gave him head anymore and so this turn of events floored Ray even
more. But, not wanting to ruin a good thing, Ray simply laid back and enjoyed
the feeling of his wife's warm, wet mouth as she sucked on his rapidly
hardening penis; feeling her hand move down and fondle his balls while she
swirled her tongue around the head of his cock.

"Oh, sweet Jesus, Deb..." Ray groaned, his hips beginning to thrust a little
as he instinctively tried to get more of his cock into her mouth. Debra
moaned lowly around his thick shaft, slurping loudly on his meat. Pausing
only to pull Ray's bottoms off, Debra moved in between his legs as she sucked
his cock, one of her hands slipping between her own legs to play with her
juicy pussy.

She didn't know how to explain it, even to herself. One would think that
after that afternoon's romp with Amy that Debra would be satisfied for at
least a little while. But instead, as soon as she got home and saw Ray - her
darling, masculine, idiot of a husband - Debra had felt herself getting wet
all over again, and it had taken an effort of will to hold off this long from
simply ripping his clothes off and riding him until she came. Which was
exactly what she was planning on doing now....with a little foreplay first.

After several minutes of sucking Ray's dick, Debra pulled her mouth off and
looked up at her husband. "I'm so wet right now, Ray," she said. "God...I
want to feel your tongue on me. Please, lick me." And with that, she rolled
back onto her butt in front of Ray and spread her legs, exposing her
brown-haired pussy with its glistening lips.

Normally, Ray wasn't interested in giving oral. But, in his dazed and horny
state, Ray dove face first in between Debra's legs, sliding his arms under
her thighs and immediately began snacking on her snatch. Licking and sucking
like an eager puppy, what Ray lacked in technique and finesse, he made up for
with sheer horny exuberance. And Debra found that when he concentrated his
attention on trying to tongue-fuck her juicy hole, that large nose of his
rubbed ever-so-delightfully against her engorged clit, making her moan

After several minutes and one tiny orgasm, Debra pulled away and flipped Ray
onto his back. Straddling his thighs, she reached between his legs and lined
up his raging hard-on before sitting down on it.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" Debra groaned, feeling his girth pleasurably
stretch her cunt. Ray groaned in kind, but his was simply an incoherent sound
of pleasure.

Leaning down to kiss him, and tasting her pussy on his lips and tongue, Debra
slowly moved her ass upward, sliding her pussy up along the length of his
cock until only the bulbous head remain within her. Then she slowly,
teasingly, slid her cunt back down, delighting in the feeling of every inch
of her vagina spreading back open as his cock slowly speared her. Ray groaned
in pleasurable torture as the fucking continued in this way for what seemed
forever; the primitive, sex-driven part of his mind wanted to simply roll her
over and slam his cock into Debra until he spewed forth his seed. But,
surprisingly, Debra was keeping him held down pretty well, and so he was
forced to simply lay there while she teased him with this slow fucking.

Slowly, as Debra pumped her pussy up and down on her husband's cock, she
increased the strength of her down-thrusts, making the slapping together of
their crotches a little harder, a little louder each time. And though it took
several minutes, the speed increased, too, and before long Debra was fucking
Ray hard and fast; smacking her ass up and down while she lay over him, her
elbows on either side of his head. Her tiny ass and tight pussy smacked up
and down hard, eliciting groans of pleasure from the man beneath her as she
fucked him good with her snug cunt.

After a while, Debra leaned back so that she was sitting up straight on
Raymond's dick, and continued the fast pace of bouncing up and down hard on
his dick. Her orgasm building all the while, she moaned loudly as she felt
Ray's hands come up and cup her breasts, gently squeezing them and rolling
the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. As Debra felt herself getting
close, she reached back between Ray's legs and began massaging his balls and
rubbing his perineum with the tips of her fingers. Just before she felt that
familiar contraction within her body signaling the eruption of orgasm, she
felt Ray's cock harden and then blast the insides of her pussy with his hot,
thick cum.

Debra nearly screamed as she came, he pussy clenching down hard on Ray's cock
as she coated it with her girl-cum; fucking him even harder as she continued
to ride through her orgasm, she came two more times on Ray's still hard

Finished and satiated, Debra collapsed on top of Ray, breathing heavily next
to his ear. Ray was silent, too, his mind oddly empty in the wake of one of
the most powerful orgasms he'd had in a long time. When he was capable of
conscious awareness again, he found that he was idly stroking Debra's naked
back as she still lay on top of him, straddling him with his limp cock barely
remaining inside of her.

"Deb?" he asked softly.

Taking a deep breath, Debra stirred on top of him and looked down at Ray
through her disheveled, brown hair. "Mmmm...yes?" she purred, obviously

"What. The hell. Just happened?" Ray asked, beaming like a kid on Christmas.

Smiling coyly, Debra just shrugged and pecked him on the lips.

"Are you working out, again?" he asked, remembering how active she'd been
sexually the last time she'd engaged in regular exercise.

In a moment of inspiration, Debra nodded. "Yeah," she said. "Me and Amy just
started going to this new gym today. I guess feeling in shape gets me all
worked up for you."

Taking a mock serious tone, Ray nodded gravely. "Well then, if you two need
to work out every day, then you do so, dammit."

Giggling softly, Debra kissed him again and rolled off, grabbing the kimono
and throwing it on as she headed to the bathroom. It seemed like things were
coming together of their own accord, and she couldn't be happier.

Chapter 6:

The wet slapping-sound of sweaty flesh on sweaty flesh filled Amy and
Robert's bedroom. Inside, Amy and Debra knelt on the bed, brunette behind
blonde. Around Debra's waist an eight-inch strap-on dildo was cinched, its
vaguely flesh-colored length buried in Amy's pussy. Debra had one hand on
Amy's hips and the other had its digits wrapped in Amy's sweaty, dirty-blonde
hair, pulling it so that Amy's head was arched back slightly.

"Unh! Fuck me, Deb!" Amy grunted loudly, shoving her ass backward as Debra's
hips slapped against her pale, white cheeks.

The two housewives had been maintaining their affair for close to three
months now. Meeting during the day, once or twice a week, under the guise of
going to the gym or going shopping. A few weeks back they had been doing just
that, but at an adult bookstore, when Amy had expressed curiosity and
amazement at some of the strap-ons displayed. They'd bought the eight-inch
flesh-colored one currently plumbing Amy's depths and had enjoyed trying it
out on each other during the following weeks, even going back to buy an anal
beginner's kit, filled with increasingly larger butt-plugs. Amy was still
hesitant to try them, but at the moment Debra had one of the mid-sized ones
stuck up her ass, delighting in the feeling of her tight ring squeezing
around the rubber plug. In fact, she and Amy had discussed buying another
dildo and having Amy fuck Debra up the ass some time soon, as the brunette
was curious to know what it felt like to have both of her holes filled at

Debra raised the hand that held Amy's hip and brought it down hard on one of
Amy's cheeks. The blonde cried out in pleasure and her body started shaking,
telling Debra that he sister-in-law was currently cumming all over the dildo
pumping in and out of her. Pulling out of her, Debra gently rolled Amy onto
her back and quickly mounted the blonde's face. Pulling the strap-on up
slightly, she felt Amy's lips and tongue go quickly to work on Debra's
already soaking cunt, and it wasn't long before Debra's own pussy was
spasming and cumming all over Amy's mouth.

Satisfied, Debra collapsed on the bed next to Amy and the two held each other
lovingly. Softly stroking each other's skin, the two women nuzzled each other
in post-coital bliss, basking in the warm pleasure as it ebbed away. They
were so lost that neither heard the apartment's front door open, nor the loud
footsteps that approached the bedroom, and only became aware that they were
no longer alone when they realized that someone was standing in the now open

"Amy? De-Debra?"

Both women sat up like they heard a gunshot go off nearby. "Robie!" Amy
called out, fear and surprise competing for which was stronger in her voice.

Robert looked like he had just been hit by a freight-train and had survived
unhurt, a dazed look in his eyes. "" He said vacantly,
his brain unable to process the sight before him: his wife, his
sister-in-law, and a strap-on.

"Oh my god, Robie!" Amy said, jumping off the bed and running over to her
husband. "Pleasepleaseplease, don't be angry!"

Robert just shook his head softly and leaned against the door frame. "I
just..." he trailed off.

"Oh, Yogi, I swear this isn't as bad as it looksó"

"You mean you and Debra weren't having sex?!" Robert said, his voice rumbling
with confusion and percolating anger.

Almost on the verge of tears, Amy continued trying to explain. "We were,
Robie, but please, I still love you! Debra and I just...enjoy being together
occasionally..." The blonde looked at Debra, who had remained on the bed,
covering her chest with and arm and doing her best with her free hand to
cover her crotch and the dildo jutting out from it.

"Join us." Amy stopped a second after the words left her mouth, not believing
she had just uttered them.

Robert's face became a mixture of confusion, curiosity, interest, and
disbelief. "Uhm...what?" he asked.

Amy shot a pleading look at Debra and then looked Robert in the eyes. "I know
you find Debra attractive, Yogi, I always have. And if this can make up for
her and I having sex behind your back, I'm sure Debra won't mind..." Again,
Amy looked desperately at her sister-in-law.

Several thoughts passed through Debra's mind at that moment: she still felt
the natural embarrassment for being caught nude by someone you didn't expect
to see you that way, she felt shock and surprise at the favor that Amy was
asking of her, she felt a thrill of excitement tingle through her body
(especially her pussy) at the thought of possibly feeling Robert's massive
cock stretching her open, and she thought of the vague possible outcome
agreeing to this might have on her marriage.

All of these thoughts passed quickly through Debra's mind, and taking a
breath, she silently nodded her assent.

Robert silently looked from his wife to his sister-in-law and back again,
trying to compute what had just happened. He had come home from work early,
expecting maybe to take in an early dinner with Amy and perhaps go see a
movie before cuddling up back at home, and instead found his wife of nine
months in bed with his brother's wife and was now being invited into a
threesome with the two women.

And the first coherent thought to pop up in his head was: This is something
Ray's never had.

Immediately, Robert grabbed Amy's face with his paw-like hands and kissed her
like a man come home from war. Amy swooned some as she felt the passion with
which Robert kissed her and wrapped her arms around him, drawing her body
closer to his. As the couple kissed, Debra went about removing the strap-on
and deposited it on the floor by the bed. Feeling a thrill of exhilaration
and naughtiness, one hand slipped down between her legs and idly rubbed her
pussylips and clit while she watched her brother-in-law and best-friend make
out. Robert picked Amy up in his arms and carried her over to the bed,
depositing her next to Debra. Pulling his shirt and kicking off his shoes,
Amy assisted his disrobing by opening his pants and fishing out his hardening
member. Debra audibly gasped as Robert's cock came into view: it wasn't as
big as she had imagined, but it was still nothing to shake a stick at.

Amy stroked her husband's penis, licking the sides and the head a few times
before engulfing its purple helmet in her mouth. Robert groaned softly,
lovingly petting the top of his wife's head, before taking a moment to remove
his pants, boxers, and socks. In that moment, Debra had slid across the bed
to kneel on her hands and knees next to Amy. The blonde reached out and
stroked her husband's cock, which was about as big as a baby's forearm at
that point, and looked lustfully at Debra.

"You wanna try, Deb?" she asked.

Debra could only silently nod as she placed a hand on Robert's shaft, behind
Amy's hand, and stroked in unison with her sister-in-law. After a moment or
two of manual stimulation, Robert softly placed a hand on the back of Debra's
head and gently nudged her face closer to his cock. Taking the hint and not
needing any more prompting, Debra leaned in and slowly slid her tongue around
the head of Robert's cock before pushing it past her lips into her mouth.
Robert groaned loudly as he felt himself enter Debra's warm mouth - a
gloating part of him reveling in the fact that he was now being orally
pleased by his "precious" brother's gorgeous wife - and at the same time felt
Amy's free hand cup and softly massage his balls while she continued to
stroke him.

The fellatio continued for several minutes, with Amy ducking her head down
and sucking on Robert's balls while Debra sucked and stroked the tall man's
impressive penis, and every so often the two women would switch places.
Eventually this was too much for Robert and rumbled out a warning that he was
going to cum.

Debra, who was sucking Robert's cock at that point, removed her mouth as she
and Amy continued to stroke and massage his shaft and balls. The women didn't
have to wait long before Robert groaned loudly as his cocked twitched and
spat forth thick, ropey streams of white cum. The semen splashed on their
faces as they continued to jack him off, and by the time that Robert finished
climaxing, both Amy and Debra's faces had thick lines of cum running down
them, while stray shots had landed in their hair and on their necks and tits.

Amy continued stroking Robert's cock while Debra softly kneaded his
testicles, and she smiled up at her husband with her cum-covered face. "Did
Yogi like?" she asked sweetly. Smiling devilishly, Debra leaned over to Amy
and slowly began licking up the cum on the blonde's face.

Seeing this and still feeling the endorphins from his recent orgasm flooding
through his body, Robert beamed and nodded. "Oh, Yogi liked a lot," he

"Good," Amy responded before licking the cum off Debra's face while she and
her sister-in-law stroked Robert's member back to hardness.

When he was back to his full length and feeling harder than steel in the
grips of the two ladies, Robert gently tipped Debra's chin up to look her in
the eyes. "Debra, I'd like to fuck you. Is that okay?"

"Well, if me taking your load on my face didn't tell you," she said, grabbing
one of his big, meaty paws and placing it on her brown-haired pussy, "maybe
this will."

Robert smiled shyly as he felt his sister-in-law's dripping wet pussy with
his thick fingertips, rubbing along her engorged lips and her throbbing clit.
Amy raised herself up on her knees and kissed Robert's chest and arms,
rubbing his groin and balls with one hand.

"Fuck her, Robert," she said softly. "I want to see you fuck Debra with your
big cock. I think she's going to absolutely love it."

Growling in hunger and desire, Robert gently pushed Debra onto her back,
grabbing her by the thighs and pulling her ass closer to the edge of the bed.
Amy grabbed Robert's raging hard cock and guided it down to the wet, brown-
haired lips of her sister-in-law's pussy, rubbing the head briefly up and
down along the wet lips and eliciting pleasurable groans from both Robert and
Debra, before guiding the head into her best friend's hungry cunt.

Robert slowly slid his full length into Debra, causing her to arch her back
so much that she almost came up off the bed as she moaned out in pleasure.
Robert's cock was larger than anything she'd had inside her vagina that
hadn't been passing out through it from her uterus. By the time that the head
of Robert's cock bumped against her cervix, Debra had felt a chain of
miniature orgasms explode through her body.

She was literally in tears as she felt Robert begin to slide out of her, the
whole process was as close to a religious experience that Debra had ever
felt. She felt Amy softly kissing her cheeks and stroking her breasts,
stomach, and thighs as Robert slowly began to pump his large cock in and out
of Debra's pussy. Robert was grunting and groaning as he fucked Debra, her
pussy was tighter than any he'd been in for some time and it felt like a
slick vice around his member.

"Doesn't it feel wonderful, Debra? Couldn't you just have it inside you
forever?" Amy breathed hotly in the brunette's ear, squeaking slightly as she
felt one of Robert's thick fingertips enter her own sopping-wet vagina and
start finger-fucking her.

Debra nodded in response to Amy's question, but couldn't speak. She could
only moan and groan as Robert's amazing cock filled her up and emptied her
over and over and over again. And Debra came and came and came as Robert
fucked her.

Eventually, she became aware that Amy had straddled her head and sat her
juicy pussy down on Debra's lips, facing Robert so she could rub the
brunette's clit as her husband fucked her. Debra grabbed Amy's ass cheeks and
dug her fingernails into the fleshy mounds as she sucked on the blonde's
clitoris and speared her tongue as far into Amy's pussy and asshole as she
could physically reach. After several more minutes, Amy moaned loudly as she
came all over Debra's face and the brunette felt Robert pull out of her a
moment before she felt more of his hot seed landing on her stomach, thighs,
and breasts.

Amy rolled off of Debra's face and languidly lapped up her husband's semen
off Debra's body, licking the brown-haired woman's pussy for a little bit
just for good measure and to give Robert an enjoyable sight to behold. As the
three recovered on the bed, Amy crawled over to Robert and softly spoke into
his ear. Robert nodded and nodded, and softly responded that he would keep
this a secret as Ray most likely wouldn't understand.

When Debra felt she had the strength to stand once more, she lifted herself
off the bed and looked back to find both Robert and Amy fast asleep in each
other's arms. Smiling as much to herself as to the married couple before her,
she slipped out to the bathroom and showered quickly. Dressing with as much
speed and quiet as possible, Debra kissed both Robert and Amy on the cheek
before leaving them rest peacefully.

Chapter 7:

The guilt had set in just before Debra had returned home that evening.

She had gotten back to the house, greeted by the twins and Allie while Frank
and Marie watched TV, and had immediately gone to the kitchen, barely able to
more than give a hurried and distracted response to all of them. She cooked
dinner, and though she felt distracted the entire time with thoughts of what
she'd just done with her brother- and sister-in-law, Debra received no more
complaints than she usually did concerning the quality of her meal. Not that
she would have really noticed or cared.

Three days passed and Debra was still consumed with the guilt. Once she and
Amy had come to terms with their arrangement, Debra had not felt guilty
because it hadn't really felt like cheating. But that she'd slept
with Robert...not only another man, but her husband's brother. Debra felt t
hat now it had truly become wrong.

And so, a few nights after her threesome with Amy and Robert, she was lying
in bed trying to read but really doing little more than scanning the same
paragraph over and over again. Ray came into the bedroom from brushing his
teeth and winked at her.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeey, Chiquita Banana," he said in that voice which she knew
meant that he was horny.

Debra looked up at her husband, admittedly looking somewhat cute in his T-
shirt and boxers. She bit her lip slightly, knowing that she'd be hard-
pressed to deny him sex without explaining what was wrong. In the past few
months while she and Amy had been fucking in secret, she and Ray had been
having sex a good three or four times a week. To deny him now would start to
raise suspicions even in his dense head that something was wrong.

Ray strutted over to the bed and flopped down on his side, looking at her in
a hilariously "sexy" way that would've made Debra laugh if she weren't so

Still biting her lip, Debra looked down at him. "I'm a little tired, Ray, can
I just give you a blow job?" she asked.

Ray shrugged playfully. "Well, you can if you like, but I wasn't planning on
you doing too much work, especially if you're tired," he said, smiling.

Looking down at her husband, Debra knew she should do what he wanted, if only
to try and assuage her guilt. Closing her book and setting it on the
nightstand, Debra settled down next to Ray and kissed him on the lips,
letting one hand stroke along Ray's side. Ray kissed her back, rubbing just
beneath her ear with one thumb and Debra purred softly, surprised to find
herself getting wet despite her overwhelming guilt. Ray unbuttoned the cotton
pajama top that Debra wore and slid a hand inside, cupping one of her naked
breasts, massaging it and playing with her hardening nipples. Debra gasped
when her husband broke off the kiss and leaned down to suck on her nipples,
feeling the tingle between her legs growing stronger. In the past few months,
she had been gently instructing Ray more on foreplay and the fine arts of
pleasing a woman, and this was beginning to show.

While he sucked and nibbled on her breasts, Debra found herself massaging
Ray's firming cock through the thin fabric of his boxers. Squeezing the
hardening, fleshy length and rubbing her thumb against the head, feeling a
wet spot begin to grow on the cotton from the precum leaking out, Debra slid
her hand lower and softly kneaded his balls while rubbing his perineum with
her fingertips. Ray groaned and returned to kissing Debra, slipping his
tongue into her mouth while he simultaneously slipped a hand inside Debra's
pajama-bottoms and panties. Debra groaned softly as she felt Ray's fingers
dance across her clitoris and lips, and she squeezed his cock harder,
stroking it more firmly through the cotton of his boxers.

With a low growl, Ray pulled off Debra's pajamas before shucking his own
clothes. Debra ducked down and began sucking his cock, playing with Ray's
balls as she licked, sucked, and stroked the length of his penis. Groaning in
pleasure, Ray stroked and softly spanked Debra's firm, pale ass before
slipping his fingers down and started fingering her hot, dripping pussy.
Debra moaned softly around the thick length of cock in her mouth, renewing
her fellatio with more vigor, and after a few moments reached back and moved
Ray's hand slightly higher.

Ray grunted with curiosity as his wife moved his fingers from her pussy and
up to where he could feel his fingertips brushing against the tight pucker of
her asshole. "Deb?" He asked, unsure of what was happening.

Momentarily taking her mouth off of Ray's cock, Debra looked up at him.
"Finger my asshole, Ray," she said, flicking her tongue against his cockhead.
"Finger it and maybe I'll let you fuck it."

Ray's eyes grew as big as dinner plates. He'd always semi-seriously asked to
fuck Debra up her ass in the early days of their marriage, but she'd always
refused. Now, he wasn't going to look a gift horse (or, perhaps in this case,
a gift "donkey") in the mouth. Lubed with her pussy juices, Ray slipped one
fingertip passed the tight ring of Debra's anus and was rewarded with a horny
shiver through the length of his wife's body.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she purred, "that feels good. Keep going." And with that, Debra
went back to sucking Ray's dick. Ray slid more of his finger into her ass and
slowly pumped it in and out. After awhile he added a second finger and Debra
moaned hungrily around his cock.

In reality, even though her recent experiences with Amy had awakened a
curiosity in Debra about anal sex, she was mainly offering this to Ray now
out of her feelings of guilt for fucking Robert. As Ray finger-fucked her
asshole, Debra could feel her pussy getting wetter and hotter and hungrier,
and finally stopped sucking Ray's hard dick long enough to present her pussy
to him while she kneeled on all fours on their bed.

Ray kneeled behind her, running his hands up and down his wife's beautiful
body, leaning over her to kiss and suck on her neck while his hands wrapped
around to pinch and tweak her hard nipples. Debra gasped some and pushed her
ass back against him, feeling his hard, wet cock move against her thighs and

"Ray..." Debra moaned softly. "Please..." she accentuated the plea by pushing
her ass back against him again.

She felt the head of his cock rub against her wet pussylips and then push
inside of her hot, wet canal. Debra moaned as she felt Ray's length push
deeper inside of her until his balls brushed up against her clit. Debra
pushed herself once again back against Ray, trying to get more of his cock
inside of her...disappointingly remembering the fullness she'd felt with
Robert in her pussy. She banished those thoughts as best she could as she
felt Ray grab her hips and slowly start fucking her.

She moaned and slipped a hand between her legs to rub at her clit as she felt
Ray's cock fuck away at her. "Ray...spank me," she said naughtily. "Spank me,
please...I've been bad..."

"Yes, you have," Ray chortled with humor and lust as he raised a hand and
then brought it down on Debra's firm cheek. She gasped at the soft sting and
gasped again as he spanked the other cheek. They fucked like this for a few
minutes and Debra felt her pussy spasm and cream on Ray's cock as a small
orgasm swept over her. As Ray continued fucking her, his balls slapping
rhythmically against her hard clitoris, she looked back at her husband.

"Ray," she said softly. "Put it in my ass."

Ray slowed his thrusting and looked at her. "Are you sure?"

Debra nodded. "I want you to fuck my asshole, baby."

Not needing any more prodding, Ray slipped out of Debra's vagina and aimed
his cockhead at her tiny, brown starfish. Debra grabbed on of her cheeks and
spread it, trying to make it easier for Ray. She groaned lowly as she felt
the spongy head of his cock press against her anus and gasped audibly as it
popped through. Even though Ray definitely wasn't as gifted as his brother
was in the cock department, Ray's dick was still slightly bigger than the
biggest butt-plug she'd yet tried.

Both Ray and Debra groaned as his cock slowly slipped further and further in
the brunette woman's ass: Ray at the tightness of his wife's backdoor, and
Debra at how his cock painfully-deliciously stretched her asshole out. Soon
enough, Ray had his entire length in Debra's ass, his balls resting against
her juicy, brown-furred pussylips. Slowly he began fucking in and out, not
wanting to hurt her.

The minutes slowly ticked by and eventually Debra was moaning louder
and louder as Ray's thrusting got a little harder and faster.
"Fuckfuckfuckfuck..." she panted over and over, words interspersed with
lustful groans. "Fuck my ass, Ray. Fuck my ass, Ray. Fuck my ass, Ray,"
she chanted.

Ray grunted and groaned, holding his wife's hips tighter as he fucked her up
the ass, his balls slapping hard against her pussy. Debra felt that familiar
twitching in Ray's cock as it got harder prior to ejaculation, and slammed
her ass harder against him.

"Cum in my ass, Ray," she said. "Fill my ass up."

With that, Ray let out a groan that no doubt reverberated through the entire
house as his cock spewed forth shot after shot of cum into Debra's bowels.
Debra moaned as well, feeling both her asshole and pussy spasm as an amazing
and totally new kind of orgasm ripped and roiled through her body. Her body
twitched and spasmed in response, her arms giving out and her face falling
against the mattress, her ass still in the air with Ray's cock shoved in it.

The two of them stayed like that for God only knew how long, before they
both came back to their senses. Ray pulled his slowly softening cock out of
her asshole and collapsed on the bed, Debra flopping down next to him a
moment later. They lay there like that for a few minutes, holding one another
and recovering from the fuck session that had just concluded.
Seeing the transcendental contentment on Ray's face, Debra felt her guilt
lessen, and knew it would only be a matter of time before it was gone
completely. Squeezing her asshole some and feeling Ray's warm cum slowly
begin oozing out, she forced herself up and off the bed, padding quickly to
the bathroom to clean up.

When she returned, Ray was already asleep on top of the covers, arms and legs
akimbo with his cock displayed almost profanely. Smiling some to herself,
Debra climbed under the covers - pulling them up over him and best she could
- and curled up with her husband before slipping quickly to sleep.

Chapter 8:

"I just can't believe you missed that hole-in-one on the thirteenth! You were
almost there, Cubby."

Robert's booming, baritone voice echoed as he and Ray entered the kitchen of
the Barone house, dressed for golf with Ray carrying his clubs slung over one

"I know!" Ray responded, setting the clubs down on the kitchen floor. "I
think God saw that I was about to get as close to a perfect game as I ever
will and nudged it away out of pure sadism!"

Robert chuckled as he opened the refrigerator, ducking his head inside and
removing two cans of soda. Giving one to Ray he opened his and leaned against
the counter. "Yes, well, it seems like God's been against you in more than
one way lately..." he said jokingly, taking a sip of his soda. As he drank,
Robert saw the curious look on Ray's face and mentally kicked himself.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ray asked.

"Uh-nothing, Cubby," Robert said after he swallowed. "Just a joke and a badly
crafted one at that."

Ray set down his can of soda on the dinner table and crossed his arms. "No,
really," he said. "What was that supposed to mean?"

Robert glanced away, unable to meet Ray's eyes. Even though things had been
calm in the month or so since he had had the threesome with Amy and Debra,
Robert had still felt somewhat guilty for sleeping with his brother's wife.
Only the perverse gratification of having enjoyed the fruits of something
that Ray was so proud to call "his" had kept Robert from confessing. In fact,
the only problems had been one or two awkward moments between himself and
Debra in the week or so after it had happened; after that, things had been
relatively normal.

"You know, you've been real weird lately, Robert," Ray said, his voice
becoming suspicious. "Happy all the time, not bitching about how 'Ray's got
everything', and now this comment. What the hell's going on?"

Robert set down his own can on the counter and heaved a sigh while studying
the linoleum floor. Looking up to meet his brother's eyes, Robert opened his
mouth to speak. "I..." he paused, unable to get the next few words out of his

"You what?"

"I..." Robert took a breath and blurted it out: "I slept with Debra!"

Ray literally took a step back as the words sunk in. "You what?!"

Robert's face immediately became pleading as the words flooded out. "I came
home from work one day about month ago and found Amy and Debra in bed
together. Amy invited me into a threesome with her and Deb, to make up for
having been sleeping with each other behind my back, and..." Robert shrugged,
gesturing that the words themselves didn't need to be said.

"Amy?! Debra?! You?! What the fuck is going on?!" Ray yelled.

For a split second, the mammoth Robert was actually afraid of his little

Robert opened his mouth to respond, but at that point the front door opened
and Debra returned with the children from grocery shopping. Hearing his niece
and nephew, Robert darted for the back door, saying something about needing
to pick up Amy somewhere, and left.

Ray turned to face the living room, his world spinning uncontrollably around
him. Robert had fucked Debra? And Debra had been fucking Amy?! Debra walked
into the kitchen setting down several bags of groceries, giving him a cheery
"Hello" before noticing the look on his face.

"Ray? What's wrong?" she asked, concerned.

Ray was silent for a moment, staring at his wife, a woman he thought he'd
known for closing in on two decades of marriage. "Did you fuck Robert?"

And it was out there. No dancing around, no beating around the bush.

The ghostly pallor that came to Debra's face in the following second gave Ray
the answer before she even spoke. "I...uh...I..."

"It's true," he said, crossing to her and poking a finger at her sternum,
"isn't it?! You fucked Robert and you've been fucking Amy for God knows how
long! What kind of slut are you?!"

Debra took a step back, unable to comprehend for a moment just what was
happening. How had he...? And then it dawned on her. She'd seen Robert's car
on the street when she'd been walking in. The big idiot must've let it slip
somehow. And then the realization hit her that she couldn't blame Robert for
her own sins, and she hung her head.

"Yes. Yes, I have," Debra said, her voice choking some as she began to cry.

Ray took a step back and gave his wife a disgusted look. "I can't even
fucking look at you right now," he said, turning and heading through the
living room.

"Wait! Ray!" Debra said, following after him. Ray grabbed a coat off the hook
by the door and walked out, not even bothering to acknowledge her.

Debra collapsed to her knees on the floor, crumpling against the couch as she

Chapter 9:

It was dark by the time Ray returned home.

He had wandered around Lynbrook for hours, just thinking about what had
happened that afternoon. Now he knew why Debra had been so willing to have
sex all the time lately: she was getting primed by Amy and Ray was just a
convenient outlet. And Robert. That was what steamed him the most, he had to
admit to himself. Even though he was pissed that she'd been fucking Amy
behind his back, in all honesty, he didn't actually care. If she'd told him
about it, sure he might've surprised and a little angry at first, but the
thought of her and another woman - especially Amy, who was pretty damn
good-looking herself - turned Ray on big time. But, Robert, his own almost disgusted Ray knowing that he'd put his dick somewhere
where his brother had been.

But, when it came down to it, Ray still loved Debra. And the whole Robert-
thing actually gave him an idea of how he might be able to forgive her.

The lights were off in the house when he stepped through the door. Even
though it was dark, it wasn't especially late, and he'd expected to at least
hear the kids playing. Ray supposed they must be over at his parents' house.
And when he realized that, he actually felt a pang of pity for Debra. God
only knew how that situation had gone: Debra arriving at Frank and Marie's
with the kids, no doubt in tears, asking them to watch the kids for the
night. His mother would no doubt have interrogated her, and if she'd actually
gotten anything out of Debra...well, Ray figured Deb wouldn't have admitted
anything to Marie, the woman already thought his wife was loose and a bit of
tramp, no need to confirm it with stories about sleeping with other women and
fucking her brother-in-law.

He climbed the stairs in darkness and walked to the bedroom he shared with
Debra, pushing the cracked door open. Debra was curled up on her side on the
bed, and Ray couldn't tell if she was awake or asleep.

"Deb?" he said softly.

The form turned and Debra sat up, turning on the light on her nightstand.
"Ray?" she asked, not believing her eyes. Ray nodded.

"Oh God, Ray! I'm so sorry!" she bawled. "I don't know how this all happened
and then snowballed! I was talking with Amy one day and mentioned that back
in college I fooled around with my roommate, Eileen, and then we kissed and
one thing led to another...and then neither one could stop thinking about it
and so we did it, again! And we found that sleeping with each other was
actually helping our sex lives with you and Robert and so we kept doing it. I
know I shouldn't have and that the justification that it was improving sex
with you was stupid and wrong! Oh God, I still love you, Ray! Please, please!
Please, forgive me!" And then Debra just sank into crying once more.

Ray walked over and set a hand on Debra's shoulder, squeezing it softly.
"It''s okay," he said. "I still love you, too."

Debra sniffed, wiping her eyes and nose with a tissue she had clutched in her
hands. "Really?"

Ray nodded, slowly and somewhat hesitantly. "Yes," he said. "But there's one
stipulation for me forgiving you."

"Oh God, anything, Ray! Just say it."

"I want a threesome with you and Amy."

Debra just stared at him blankly. "You...what?"

"I want a threesome with you and Amy," he said. "Honestly, the whole 'you and
Amy sleeping with each other' thing doesn't bother me as much as the 'you and
Robert having sex' thing. And I think the only fair thing to make up for it
is for me to sleep with you and Amy at the same time."

Normally, Debra would've gone ballistic at such a proposition from Ray, and
she almost did. But she had to fight back that urge. What he was asking for
was only fair: after all, she had been the one sleeping around behind his
back, having sex with another woman and Ray's own brother. It was only fair
that they try and make things equal if there was ever going to be any true
and lasting forgiveness for her misdeeds.

Debra took a deep breath and nodded. "I...I'll talk to Amy," she said.

"Okay," Ray said, sitting down next to her and wrapping his arms around her.
Debra began crying softly once more as she hugged him back, just happy that
she hadn't yet lost her husband.

Chapter 10:

Ray rubbed at his stiff neck as he shut off the engine of his car. It'd been
a long day of work and he was more than anticipating just being able to eat
something, zone out in front of the TV, and hit the sack. Carrying his
briefcase into the kitchen, Ray found it slightly odd that the house seemed
devoid of noise, but didn't think too much about it as he grabbed as bottle
of beer from the fridge. He walked into the living room, taking a swig from
his beer and stood looking at the TV. As much as he wanted to watch TV, a hot
shower was sounding good right then. Nodding to himself, Ray tramped up the
stairs, taking another swig from his beer, and assuming that maybe Debra had
taken the kids out somewhere.

Pushing open the door to his bedroom, Ray instantly revised that assumption.

Lying on the bed, dressed in silk chemises and lightly playing with each
other, were Debra and Amy. The two women turned to look at him and smiled.

"Hiiiiiiiii, Ray," said Amy.

Ray stood there dumbfounded, the site before him not computing.

"Well, Ray, are you just going to stand there?" asked Debra. "If you are, I
guess me and Amy can get started..." With that, she turned back to Amy and
kissed the blonde woman passionately, eliciting a soft moan from Robert's
wife. Ray's beer slipped through his hand and he barely caught it before it
slipped completely out. He closed the door and set his beer down on the floor
after taking another long drink. Debra and Amy's hands roamed over each
other, squeezing breasts and ass cheeks and stroking thighs. Debra's hand
slipped between Amy's thighs and the blonde moaned lowly as Debra rubbed her
clit through the silk fabric of her panties.

As Ray watched entranced, he pulled off his clothing, eventually standing
there buck naked as he idly stroked his hardening penis. Amy looked over at
him, down at his cock and then met his gaze. "Come here, Ray," she said,
beckoning him with a finger. Ray walked over to the side of the bed and Amy
slipped onto her knees on the floor. Running her hands up Ray's thighs, she
encircled his shaft with the fingers of one hand, slowly pumping up and down,
while Debra slid across the bed to watch over her shoulder.

Amy licked the head of Ray's cock before wrapping her lips around it, sucking
on it like a piece of candy. Ray groaned softly and placed a hand on Amy's
head, running his fingers through her blonde hair. Amy sucked and stroked
Ray's length, using her free hand to briefly play with his balls. After a few
minutes, Debra slipped off the bed to kneel next to Amy and tapped her on the

"Mind sharing?" she asked.

"Not at all," Amy giggled, handing Ray's cock over to her while she dipped
her head down and lick Ray's balls.

Ray was in heaven. Never before had he ever thought that he would actually
have a threesome in his entire life, much less with his gorgeous wife and
beautiful sister-in-law. He ran his fingers through the hair of both women,
luxuriating in the feeling of Debra devouring his shaft while Amy sucked on
his testicles.

"Deb, I wanna fuck you so bad," Ray finally said after a few minutes of
enjoying the oral attention from both ladies. Smiling, Debra stood and lay
back on the bed - joined a second later by Amy who caressed and kissed her
breasts - spreading her legs for Raymond. Ray grabbed her silk panties by the
waistband and slipped them off, pausing to take a whiff of his wife's scent
before tossing them onto the ground. He took Debra's ankles and placed them
on his shoulders before rubbing his cockhead against her juicy slit and
penetrating her.

"Ohhhhh, Raaaaay," Debra moaned as she felt him slide into her.

Ray slowly thrust into his wife a few times before looking at Amy, who was
currently playing with Debra's nipples while also touching herself through
the material of her panties. "Amy," Ray said, "I want you to sit on Deb's

Amy smiled. "Oh, definitely, Ray."

The blonde pulled off her own panties, deciding to shuck the chemise as well,
and then straddled Debra's face. Debra caressed Amy's thighs and ass cheeks
as she started in on her sister-in-law's pussy, licking and sucking the lips
and clitoris with audible smack for Ray's benefit. The sounds worked, as Ray
began fucking her a little harder and faster as he watched his wife eat her
best friend's cunt.

It didn't take long for the combination of his wife's tight pussy, the sight
of her eating out another woman, and the combined sounds of both Debra and
Amy to drive Ray over the edge, and he came hard inside Debra. The brunette
moaned loudly into Amy's pussy as her own orgasm was trigged by the feeling
of Ray ejaculating within her. After a moment, Ray pulled out and lay down on
the bed next to Debra, catching his breath. Amy continued to grind her cunny
against Debra's mouth and winked down at Ray.

Bending over, she rested on her elbows as she began licking Debra's pussy.
Sliding her tongue all over Debra's fat lips, she began sucking hard on the
brunette's wet hole. A moment later, she briefly brought her head up and
smiled at Ray.

"Mmmmm, Ray," she said, smacking her lips, "your cum tastes pretty good."

Groaning lustfully, Ray felt his cock twitch with life as Amy went back to
eating his wife's pussy. As both women continued to orally pleasure each
other, moaning loudly into each other's crotches and adding fingers to
vaginas and assholes after a little while, Ray was surprised to find himself
raring and ready to go again. Not since his mid-twenties had he ever been
that ready that quickly after cumming.

Ray got to his knees on the bed and shuffled around behind Amy. Seeing her
husband get in position, Debra smiled and gave his cock a quick squeeze
before returning her attentions to the dirty-blonde-haired pussy before her.
Ray took his cock, lined it up with Amy's hole, and then slid into his
sister-in-law. Amy moaned loudly both in pleasure and surprise, pulling her
face away from Debra's cunt to look back at Ray.

"Yeah, that's it," she said, pushing her ass back at him, "fuck me good,

Ray grabbed Amy by the hips and began fucking her good and hard, making the
blonde moan even louder as the pounding her pussy was getting was coupled
with the attention her clit was getting from Debra's tongue. She stopped
trying to eat Deb's pussy altogether, instead focusing on fingering Debra's
pussy and asshole - two fingers in each hole - while she moaned like a two-
dollar whore over the fucking she was receiving. It didn't take too long for
Amy to cum all over Ray's cock, and Ray kept up the pace, fucking her through
two more successive orgasms before pulling out.

Debra kept licking away at Amy's well-used cunny as Ray disappeared from
view, and gave a little gasp of surprise when she felt Amy's hand spread her
ass cheeks and Raymond's cockhead pushing against her backdoor. "Oh God, I
wanna watch you fuck Deb's ass, Ray," she heard Amy purr just as the head of
his cock popped past her anus and began filling up her back passage.

Debra groaned into Amy's pussy, and it was now the blonde's turn to minister
to her while she had a cock filling her up. Amy, rubbed Deb's clitoris with
one hand and fucked her pussy with three fingers of her other. Ray's steady
pounding in her asshole and Amy's finger-fucking her cunt quickly sent Debra
into a mind-blowing orgasm, and she could feel her ass and pussy clamping
down like vices as she came. Ray continued fucking her through her orgasm and
followed her with his own soon after, filling her asshole to overflowing with
his jism.

When he pulled out, Amy obliged Debra by sucking Ray's come out of one of her
holes again, commenting that it didn't taste too bad, despite coming from her
ass. Finished cleaning her up, Amy rolled off Debra and the three adults
cuddled together on the bed in post-orgasmic bliss.

Ray turned to look at Debra, who was still recovering from her own massive
orgasm, and gently touched her face with his fingertips. "Thank you for
this," he said softly.

Smiling, Debra turned her face to look at him. "Thank you for asking me to do
this," she said. "I never thought sex could be that amazing."

Ray smiled at her, and then sat up some to look over at Amy. "Which reminds
me: how did she talk you into this?"

Amy chuckled, keeping her eyes closed as she rested. "Well, fair's fair isn't
it? I asked her to sleep with Robie in order to smooth things over with him
when he caught us, why shouldn't I be willing to do the same for her?"

"And what about Robert?" Ray asked, still unsure.

"Oh, I explained things to him and he...agreed," Amy said. "He said that
despite being uncomfortable with the idea of me fucking you, he couldn't
refuse either, could he? He'd already been with Debra, and if fucking me was
what helped you two keep your marriage together, then he would just have to
be an adult and accept the fact that you would having sex with me."

"Huh," Ray grunted, lying back down on the bed. After a moment, he spoke
again. "Can I ask you something, Amy?"


"If I can get it up again, can I fuck you in the ass?"

Even though he couldn't see it, Amy smiled. "As intrigued as I am at the idea
of anal, Ray, I think it'd be better if Robert was the first one to use that
hole. After all, he was the first to be inside my pussy."

Ray chuckled. "Good point," he said, feeling Debra snuggled closer to him,
and he wrapped his arms around her in response.

The three of them lay there for a while like that, getting their strength
back. Finally, Amy got up and ran to the shower, cleaning herself off before
dressing and bidding the two of them good-bye. Both Ray and Debra waved at
her sleepily and Amy ducked out to make her way home to Robert. Ray and Debra
eventually made their own way underneath the covers of the bed, falling
asleep in each other's arms. At some point during the early morning they both
woke and made love again before falling back asleep.

As fell back to sleep the second time, Debra contentedly thought to herself
that things were going to be fine.

Chapter 11:

"I can't believe Michigan keeps Carr around, especially after the past few
times he's faced off with Tressel."

Ray and Robert were sitting on the couch watching the Ohio State-Michigan
game with Frank snoring deeply in his seat not far from them.

"I know," Robert responded, picking up a handful of popcorn from the bowl on
the coffee table, "I bet you anything if Michigan keeps going the way they
are, Carr won't be around in a few seasons."

It'd been a couple of weeks since the night that Ray, Debra, and Amy had had
their threesome and Ray and Robert had awkwardly gotten back into their
normal rhythm since. Both were well aware that their wives were still
engaging in lesbian sex once or twice a week, and now the women didn't even
bother hiding the fact unless they were over at Ray and Debra's: with the
kids and Frank and Marie, they couldn't be too flagrant with their
"openness." But Ray and Robert hadn't really spoken about it other than to
confirm that things were okay between the two of them after they'd each
sampled the delights of the other's wife.

As they watched the game, Debra passed through the room with a load of
laundry and nodding, smiling, at Robert. "Afternoon, Robert," she said

"Heya, Deb!" he replied.

Ray eyed his brother while popping a few pieces of popcorn into his mouth.
"Hey, you only get to sample the wares once you know," he said lowly, so as
not to awaken Frank.

Robert glanced down at his brother, suddenly looking uncomfortable.
"Um...sorry...," Robert muttered.

Ray glared at his brother for a few more seconds, and then burst into a grin.
"Aw, I'm just fucking with ya."

"Ha. Ha. Ha," Robert rumbled, playfully elbowing his younger brother.

After a moment, Ray glanced at Frank to make sure their elderly father was
still sound asleep, and then looked at Robert. "Hey, I gotta ask: how did Deb
react when you two were..." - he shrugged and kinda bobbed his head to the
side - "you know..."

"Oh," Robert said, looking a little stunned by the question. "Well, she

Ray looked confused for a moment. "Like...moaning? Dirty talk?"

Robert shrugged, giving Frank a glance of his own before continuing. "Uh...
just moaning. I mean, most women I've been with are that way the first time
I...'load the chamber', so to speak."

"Really?" Ray asked, sounding more thoughtful than anything.

Robert glanced at Frank once again. "Uh, Ray, you alright?"

Ray looked back at Robert. "Oh, yeah...I mean, it's just something I've been
thinking about. You know, Deb and another man, especially since she and Amy
and I..."

Robert nodded. "I know what you mean." He was quiet for a moment. "Did Amy do

Ray shrugged. "She was really into being with Debra, she had no compunctions
about that," Ray said. He cracked a grin. "Not that I was complaining, of

Robert smiled. "Of course not. Watching them two..." He grunted approvingly
at the thought of the two women together.

"I know!" Ray said softly, making sure to not wake Frank. "And when Amy said
she was interested in trying anal..."

"Whoa! What?" Robert said, obviously surprised at that revelation.

Ray shrugged. "Yeah. I asked her if she'd let me, ya know, since I'd just
done Deb in the butt, but she said she wanted to let you be the first one
to...'enter that door.'"

Looking flattered, Robert smiled some. "Really?" he said thoughtfully. "Well
that's something she and I will have to discuss."

"Oh, believe me, ever since Debra first let me do it, it's almost better than
normal sex," Ray said. "Everything's tighter, and if you rev her up
beforehand, she comes harder than normal. You should've seen her when I was
butt-fucking her and Amy was pretty much fisting Deb's pussy. I would've
sworn Deb was having some kind of seizure."

Robert's eyes went wide. " know," he said, "I'm kinda wishing I had
another crack at the two of them."

Ray snorted. "Yeah, me, too." A silent moment passed between the two
brothers, before Ray turned to look at Robert. "Hear me out on this."

Robert nodded. "Okay."

"What if we did a foursome?" Ray asked, raising an eyebrow.

Robert looked unsure at first. "Would we...?" he asked, pointing to himself
and Ray.

Ray looked disgusted. "Dear God, no!" he said loudly, and then flinched as
both he and Robert turned to look at Frank.
The old man snored peacefully.

Lowering his voice, Ray continued. "God, no!" he said. "We'd be with the
girls...maybe double up on them, but the two of!"

Robert nodded thoughtfully. "Hmmm...not a bad idea, Cubby," he said. "You
know, I'll talk to Amy when I get home. She might be game."

The two went back to watching the football game while Frank snored loudly.
Suddenly, the man snorted loudly, calling out "Dammit, Marie!" and jerking
himself awake.

The two brothers eyed him suspiciously. "You okay, dad?" Ray asked.

Frank looked around, rubbing his face sleepily. "Yeah, I had a bad dream," he
said, and with that, settled back into the chair and fell back asleep.

Chapter 12:

That night Ray and Debra were in bed, fooling around instead of reading or
watching TV. The one benefit of everything being out in the open now was that
the two of them were like two horny teenagers, taking every chance they could
to fuck.

As they groped and kissed, Ray broke the embrace and nuzzled the side of
Debra's throat. "Hey, I had an idea earlier today..."

Debra purred. "Oh? And what was that?"

"Well...I was talking with Robert, and he and I got to talking about...well,
our experiences with you and Amy, and I suggested to him that maybe the we
all should have...well, a foursome or something sometime," Ray said, pausing
as he waited for his wife's reaction.

Debra pulled away enough to look him in the eye, but didn't seem mad. "And
what did Robert say?" she asked.

Ray shrugged. "He was okay with the idea, said he'd ask Amy when he got

"Oh," Deb said, not giving any more reaction than that. In her head, she
thought about being with Robert, again, and of being with him, Ray, and Amy
all at the same time. Her pussy quivered at the thought.

"Deb?" Ray asked cautiously.

She responded by kissing Ray passionately. "I think it's a wonderful idea,
Ray," she said when she broke the kiss, "and I need you to eat me right now."

Grunting lustfully, Ray rolled her onto her back and kissed down Debra's
body, quickly pulling off her pajama bottoms, under which she wore nothing.
Spreading her legs, Ray kissed and sucked his way up both of Debra's inner
thighs before attacking her pussy. He slathered all over her nicely trimmed,
brown-furred lips, sucking on them before spreading them with two fingers and
latching onto her clitoris with his own lips. Debra moaned as he sucked her
clit, moaned when she felt him slide two fingers into her cunt and begin
rubbing at her G-spot.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," she panted after not too long, feeling her pussy cream
all over Ray's fingers as she came.

Pulling his fingers out, Ray sucked his wife's juices off them before pulling
his own bottoms down far enough to free his raging hard cock, and penetrated
Debra. She moaned into his ear as he began thrusting away at her, filling up
her depths with his thick cock. Debra's head was full of visions of Ray
fucking her while she sucked Robert's massive cock and balls, of sixty-nining
with Amy while the boys fucked each of the two women up the ass, of having
Ray and Robert spray her face with their cum. With the fantasies filling her
head and Ray's exuberant fucking, Debra came again quickly, kicking off Ray's
own orgasm.

As Ray flooded her cunt with semen, Debra could only look forward to what
might be in the near future.

Chapter 13:

A few weeks later, the two couples had hit the city for a night of dinner,
dancing, and drinks. Dinner at a nice, Italian restaurant led to dancing at a
club that catered to swing. While Robert and Debra did most of the dancing,
Ray tried as best as he could with both his wife and his sister-in-law, and
was thankfully intoxicated enough not to be too self-conscious. When they all
had had enough, they went back to Robert and Amy's apartment.

Ray and Robert went about making more drinks while Debra and Amy sat on the
couch and chatted. While the men reminisced proudly about some of the looks
their wives had been getting at the club, Robert nudged Ray with his arm,
nodding toward the couch. Debra had Amy leaning back against one arm of the
sofa, and furiously making out with the blonde. Amy moaned softly into
Debra's mouth, her hands cupping the brunette's full breasts through her
black cocktail dress while Debra kneaded Amy's exposed thighs. Chuckling, the
brothers walked over behind couch and watched their wives make out, sipping
from the drinks held in their hands. After a few more moments of kissing and
groping, the girls broke their embrace, and giggled when they realized what
the boys were doing.

"Sorry," Debra said playfully. "Were you boys feeling left out?"

"A little," Robert said, grinning. "But we were mostly enjoying the show."

"Then you should join in," Debra said as she reached for the zipper of her
husband's fly. Amy mirrored her action and quickly both women had their
husband's penis out, stroking the pieces of meat to full hardness.

"Jesus," Ray muttered, seeing the size of Robert's penis. "You better feed
that thing every now and then, or it's liable to turn on you."

Robert began to laugh heartily, but that died quickly into a groan of
pleasure as Amy stuffed his dick into her mouth. Ray joined the groan a
second later as Debra also wrapped her lips around her husband's cock,
sucking hard on the purple head. The women threw themselves into fellating
their men with gusto, pausing only to open the men's pants more so that they
could play with their respective balls. As both Ray and Robert groaned and
moaned from getting their dicks sucked by their wives, Debra and Amy pulled
off and looked at each other. Debra nodded to Robert and Amy giggled before
the women quickly switched places. Before they knew it, Ray was looking down
at the blonde-haired head of his sister-in-law voraciously sucking down his
meat while Robert was running his fingers through Debra's dark tresses as she
stroked his cock with one hand and sucked on the head like a vacuum cleaner.

It didn't take long for the men to cum, and neither Amy nor Debra removed the
cock from their lips, letting the thick loads of semen build up in their
mouth. When the men finished, the girls finally pulled away and, while they
continued stroking the cock they had been attending to, gave each other a
deep, passionate kiss. Swirling the loads of cum back and forth between their
mouths for several moments, the two wives finally broke the kiss and
swallowed the combined load each had in her mouth. Smiling, Debra looked up
at the men. " both taste so damn good."

The brothers chuckled at that and each took a sip of their drink. Amy took
the opportunity to kiss Debra once again, pushing her gently back into the
sofa. Amy kissed her way down the brunette's body, sliding down to her knees
on the floor in between Debra's legs. Debra spread her legs as wide as her
cocktail dress would allow, reaching her hands up and idly stroking the semi-
hard cocks of Ray and Robert. Amy shimmied Debra's dress up higher, pulling
the brunette's legs up so that she was face-to-face, as it were, with Debra's
panty-clad pussy. Taking a deep whiff of Debra's sex, Amy pulled the
brunette's panties to side and ran her tongue up the drooling slit of Debra's
cunt. The brunette moaned pleasantly as she felt her sister-in-law lick her
hot pussy and began stroking the men with a little more vigor.

"Oh yeah," Ray said as he and Robert watched. "Eat Deb's pussy, Amy."

"Yeah, eat Debra out, baby," Robert echoed, groaning as Debra jerked him off.

After a while, Debra and Amy switched places: Debra lying on the couch while
Amy rode her face and sucked off Robert and Ray. Debra kneaded Amy's cheeks
while she tounged the blonde's pussy and asshole, enjoying the sounds of the
men as Amy switched between Ray's cock and Robert's cock, continuing to
stroke both whether their cock was in her mouth or not. This continued for a
while until Ray and Robert stepped away from Amy, grabbing their wives and
bending the girls over the back of the couch.

Debra and Amy moaned simultaneously as their husbands filled them up; Ray and
Robert pulling off their clothes and kicking off their shoes and pants before
getting too into the fucking of their wives. As their husbands pounded their
respective holes, Debra and Amy leaned together and French-kissed each other,
moaning into the other's mouth each time one of the men hit just the right

After they'd been fucking for several minutes, Ray slowed and announced that
he had an idea. Robert got down on the floor and then the girls straddled
him: Amy on his face and Debra mounting his large cock. Debra took it slow as
she worked herself down on Robert's horse-cock, but after a minute of two was
steadily pumping up and down on almost the full length of the giant dick. As
Debra moaned from the feeling of being so stretched out, Ray kneeled down
behind her and slowly slid his cock into his wife's ass. Debra moaned like a
woman being murdered, but told Ray not to stop. It was amazing, feeling both
of her holes stretched so much at the same time. As Ray and Robert got into a
good rhythm of fucking Debra's pussy and ass, Debra and Amy kissed and
caressed each other's bodies. It didn't take long for Debra to have a massive
orgasm that lasted nearly a full minute and a half, and when she was able to
speak coherently again, she told Amy to switch places with her.

Ray and Robert decided to switch places, as well. Ray lay down on the ground
as Amy sat down on his cock while Debra straddled his face. Ray sucked on his
wife's clit while his nose poked up into her juicy, well-stretched cunt
little a tiny penis. Amy ground her clitoris against the base of Ray's cock,
biting her lip in anticipation of Robert's penetration.

They'd tried anal a few times since her, Debra, and Ray's threesome, and Amy
had adjusted to having Robert's giant cock up her ass. But, she still felt a
combination of dread and anticipation each time she knew he was going to
assfuck her, wondering if this would be the time that her asshole got
stretched too far and something bad happened.

Robert popped his plum-like cockhead past the tight ring of Amy's asshole,
and the blonde woman let out a deep, throaty moan of pleasure and pain. She
felt her asshole stretch more and more as Robert slid deeper into her ass.
Ray actually let out a groan of pleasure into Debra's cunt as he felt Amy's
pussy getting tighter from the intrusion of Robert's cock into his wife's
ass. Once Robert was as deep as her could go, the brothers waited a few
moments for Amy to adjust to being double-penetrated. When she was ready,
which she signaled by pressing herself back against the bases of both cocks
inside of her and making small circular motions with her hips, Ray and Robert
both began to slowly thrust into her.

Amy moaned and screamed her pleasure as she got double-fucked. She'd never
felt so completely filled in her entire life, and it felt like she was going
to pass out from the pleasure. Orgasm after orgasm washed over her as the two
men fucked her holes, and she felt Debra lean over and kiss her while
kneading her breasts. After several more minutes, both men began thrusting
harder and faster, eliciting piercing shrieks of pleasure from the blonde
woman before they both erupted inside of her, their own groans mixing with
Amy's. As their climaxes waned, both Robert and Ray went limp; Robert sliding
his cock slowly out of his wife's tight asshole and leaning against the arm
of the couch to steady himself. Amy rolled off of Ray's cock and lay on the
floor for a minute before Debra crawled over and kissed her way down Amy's
body. The brunette made her way between her sister-in-law's legs and licked
and sucked both of Amy's recently used holes, sucking the loads of cum out of
both of them. Amy groaned softly as Debra did this, idly stroking Debra's
legs with one hand since she didn't have the strength to do anything else.

Both men pulled themselves to their feet: Robert stooping to pick his wife up
off the floor to help her into their bedroom, and Ray to collapse back onto
the couch. Debra joined Ray a moment later, grabbing a couple of blankets to
cover themselves with, curling up with her husband on their in-laws' sofa.

A minute later, both were sleeping contentedly in each other's arms.



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