Everybody Loves Raymond - The Babysitter (Mf,inc,reluc)
by Jeff_Paw2001

Robert locked the door after Ray and Debra had left. Robert thought as
he went back into the house, 'Damm Raymond, I'm his brother but he takes
advantage of me living so close, babysitter again, I just don't have a

Robert walked up the stairs to look on the twins and Allie. Robert opened
the door to the twin boy's room and they were asleep. Closing the door he
thought how cute they looked. Robert walked down the hall and was just
about to knock on the door when he heard Allie speaking. He stopped and
then heard Allie say, "David, I wish you were here with me now, I'm naked
you know."

Robert knew that David was the new guy at Allie's Middle School, and Allie
thought he was so hot. Obviously they were more then just acquaintances
thought Robert. Instead of walking away and giving her privacy Robert was
unable to move and just stood their listening.

Allie said, "I'm touching my boobs, just like you did today in the gym. You
know you're the first boy I have let touch them. It made me feel so good, so

Robert couldn't listen outside her door any longer and turned and went down
stairs. He sat there thinking of what he had heard, and then he started to
think of Allie. He thought, 'Shit she is 14,' and he had noticed how her body
had been changing more womanly, her blonde hair, and those legs, oh god he
loved legs. Robert looked at the phone and knew he shouldn't but picked up
the phone and put his hand over the bottom part and began to listen.

David said, "You know Allie, you are the hottest girl in our year."

Allie replied, "Thanks, you really think so?"

David said, "Yes I do, and that body of yours, is sexy. I loved playing with
your boobs today."

Allie replied, "Hehe thanks. I loved you playing with them, I could tell you
like them."

David said, "How could you?"

Allie replied, "You know your thing, I could feel it getting big. I wanted to
touch it."

David said, "Did you, well I am touching it now."

Allie said, "Wow, really are you, umm how big is it."

David replied, "Yes, stroking it and thinking of you, and as how big, well
you will have to find out for yourself."

Allie said, "Maybe I will have too, but their isn't any ruler in my mouth."

David replied, "No, but the amount of times I'm going to have my cock in your
mouth you will be a good judge of size."

Allie said, "Mmm, I wish you were here now. My pussy is so wet."

David said, "I'm so sorry Allie, but my mum says I have to get off the phone,
I can't wait to see you tomorrow, Luv U!"

Allie replied, "That's ok David I understand, I luv you too, see you

* * *

Robert felt the click of the phone and slowly put it down. Robert's cock was
rock hard and he undid his zipper and took it out, grabbing the remote he
punched in the password Ray had told him about the XXX rated stuff on cable.
Robert started to jerk off as he watched the girls and guys suck and fuck on
the cable, but every now and again he would picture the girl in the movie to
be Allie and that made him jerk his cock even harder.

* * *

Allie who was still up in her room was frustrated that her talk with her
secret boyfriend had been interrupted. Allie was still touching herself
thinking of David but it wasn't the same when he wasn't speaking to her as
she did it. Allie had been rubbing herself since earlier in the year, and
since David coming to her school doing it most days. Allie stopped rubbing
herself, and grabbed her nightie and headed down stairs.

Luckily Robert heard the creak of a loose floorboard upstairs and changed
the channel on cable to a normal movie channel. Robert only just had time
to do that and grab a cushion and put it over his cock.

Allie walked down the stairs and around to couch and said, "Hi, Uncle Robert,
I can't get to sleep do you mind if I stay down here with you."

Robert replied, "No Allie that's fine."

Allie moved onto the lounge and put her legs on the side and laid down on the
lounge and put her head on the cushion. Robert's cock grew another inch when
he felt Allie's head touch the cushion. She was only a inch or so from his
hard cock.

Robert looked down at his cute niece and then at her body, he noticed that
her nightie had ridden up to her mid thigh. Robert put his hand on the side
of her waist and just left it their. They just watch the movie, and then
started watching another when Robert could feel his cock getting softer.

It was then Ray and Deb walked back in. Deb noticed Allie their, and said
"What are you still doing up young lady, you have school tomorrow."

Allie looked up at her mum and said, "I know but I have done my homework and
this movie is nearly finished, Uncle Robert can make sure I get to bed,
please can I stay up a little longer."

"If it's ok with Robert, it's ok with me, but you have to obey anything he
says, ok", Debra said.

"Ok Mum," replied Allie.

Deb and Ray walked up the steps and turned the light off as they went.

Allie moved back to the position she was comfortable in, in doing that her
nightie had ridden up above her ass cheeks but she didn't notice. But Robert
did notice, and he noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties and he could
see the outline of her sweet ass. Thinking of her ass had the affect on him
like it would with any guy and his cock start to get large. Allie didn't
notice at first, she thought that she hadn't moved the cushion properly, but
she could feel the pressure trying to lift the cushion up. Allie moved up
and grabbed the cushion and said, "What's that matter with this cushion?"

Allie at first didn't see the erect cock now sticking out between Robert's
fly. Allie then looked down and saw it, "OMG wow, why is your cock out?!"

Robert when to grab it and put it away but Allie grabbed his hands and said

Robert said, "Allie this is wrong. I'm sorry I was watching something before
you came down and couldn't put it away in time."

Allie replied, "That's ok, but that was long time ago, is it still hard
because of that?"

Robert nervously replied, "No."

Allie said, "Then why is it so big?"

Robert looked at Allie, "Because of you, I'm sorry but I heard your talking
to David on the phone and then you were down here and your nightie had ridden

Blushing Allie replied, "You did, you won't tell on me will you?"

Robert said, "I wont tell, you promise you won't say about seeing my cock?"

Allie said, "I promise."

Allie kept looking at Roberts cock and moved her hand forward and touched.
"Wow, it feels funny. Its kind of hot, so do you think I'm pretty?"

Robert said, "Allie this is so wrong, you shouldn't be doing this and yes
you are a beautiful girl." But he didn't move to stop Allie from jerking his

Allie continued to rub Robert's cock up and down, her hand not quiet making
it all around his thick cock. "Am I doing it right, Robert?"

Robert replied, "Yes baby, your doing it right."

Allie moved her hand off his cock, and grabbed the bottom of the nightie and
lifted it up and over her head.

Robert's cock jerked when he saw Allie for the first time nude. Allie's hand
quickly went back to jerking Roberts's cock. Robert said, "Allie stop, this
is so wrong, oh god your so beautiful."

Allie replied, "I will if you really want me to, and thank you, I think you
have a big cock, can I ask, how big is it?"

Robert thought about things, he was a cop and this was against the laws, and
he was her uncle, but it was feeling so good. "9 inches baby," Robert

Allie moved her free hand to Robert's hand and moved it over to her body and
onto her breasts. "They aren't big yet Robert, but David likes them," Allie

"So do I," replied Robert as he started to play with her 32b breasts.

Robert moved over and bought his lips down to Allie and they stated to kiss,
slowly at first but they were soon opening their mouths and their tongues
kissing passionately.

Allie didn't let her hand leave Robert's cock and Robert's hand went to her
breasts. Allie couldn't believe all the these feeling she had in her body,
she had kissed guy like this, and her breasts touched like this, but never
both together while playing with a cock. Allie pulled back from Robert and
Robert looked at her, naked like the day she was born. Allie was thinking
about should she stop, but her hand on his cock was making it hard to decide.
She looked at Robert in eye and saw the lust in his eyes for her.

Allie made her decision and started to lean forward but before their lips met
she moved her head down. Allie saw the head of his cock and stuck her tongue
and licked at it. Allie let out a little moan as she got her first taste of
cock. Licking all down the outside Allie was wondering how she was going to
fit this in her mouth; it was so long and thick. But the further she took him
into her mouth, the easier it became. Allie closed her eyes as she used her
tongue up and down Robert's cock.

Robert was in heaven, he hadn't been with a woman for a while and none his
age liked to suck cock like Allie was now. Robert put his hand on the back
of her head and guided her back onto his cock. Allie was gagging a bit but
she was impressed that she had just over half of his cock in her mouth.
Allie thought if I am this good for my first time maybe I could take more
next time.

Robert, who was trying to be quiet, was moaning to Allie, "Oh god Allie, that
feels so good, suck your uncle's big cock."

Allie loved being talked to like this, it reminded her of her phone calls
with David. Allie didn't know how long she had been sucking Robert but her
mouth was a little sore, but she wanted to make Robert cum. Allie didn't
know what that was, but her girlfriends at school had said that what happens
when a guy likes a girl sucking him. Allie rubbed the bottom of Robert's cock
and was moving her hands down to his hairy ball sack. They felt funny, but
so did a cock to her.

Robert could feel his balls start to tighten and he knew he wouldn't last
much longer. Robert called out to Allie, "Baby I'm going to cum."

This excited Allie, she was causing a guy to cum, her uncle to boot. Allie
began to quicken her movements up and down his cock. Robert moaned heavily
as the first load of cum spewed out of his cock and shot deep into Allie's
mouth. Even though Allie knew it was coming it was still a shock when she
felt the first load in her mouth. She didn't have time to think as further
squirts came out of his cock. Allie wanted to see and after she felt a
third squirt pulled it from her mouth and was rewarded when a fourth load
shot up and landed on her face. Allie laughed and then swallowed cum in
her mouth. 'Mmm!' she thought, 'It doesn't taste too bad, a little salty
tangy kind of taste.' Allie kept playing with Robert's cock and occasionally
licked cum as it oozed out.

"Allie that was so good, you sure you haven't done this before, you're a
great cocksucker."

Allie looked at Robert "Am I, really, wow thank you!"

Allie moved back to the couch and sat next to Robert. Robert was scared he
had done things he knew was wrong but was now thinking of doing more then
what he had just done. Allie picked up the remote control and started to
change the channels, she came across the porn channel, which normally was
locked and had to enter a password but for some reason it allowed her to

Just as the picture came on it showed a girl getting a load of cum all over
her face. "That's what I just did, just like in the movie," said Allie with
a smile on her face.

Robert kept looking down at Allie's body; he had his arm around her and had
his hand on her breasts. She seemed to like it, and was rubbing her clit.
Robert leaned over and started to lick at Allie's erect nipple. "Mmm that's
nice," moaned Allie.

Robert got off the couch and moved onto his knees in front of Allie.
Allie thought this is it. Robert moved forward and started to kiss Allie
passionately. Their tongues dancing in each other's mouth. Then Robert
started to kiss down Allie's body. Paying special attention to her breasts,
going from one breast to the other. Robert went further, his kissing went
further, licking down her taught stomach. Allie was still rubbing and
fingering herself when Roberts's head got between her thighs. Robert
grabbed Allie's hand and sucked on her wet fingers. Allie moaned at that.
He looked at her bald pussy, no pussy had ever looked this good to him.
He moved in and started to lick the outer lips of her pussy while rubbing
her exposed clit.

"Robert, oh my god, what are you doing, oh Yeh, don't stop, it feels so
good," moaned Allie.

Robert loved the scent of his young niece, and she was so wet, wetter then
he thought she would be. He opened her pussy up and stuck his fingers
inside. Allie raised her body to meet the finger inside her, and then she
felt another finger. Her pussy was starting to stretch, Allie had used two
and sometimes three of her fingers before but Robert's fingers were so much
bigger. Allie was moaning constantly, not in words, but just a sound.

Robert started to flick his tongue against Allie's clit, back and forward he
licked. Allie had achieved orgasm herself before, but her entire body was on
fire now, every touch from Robert was like a lightning storm of pleasure.
"Oh god, that's it, right there, oh god I'm going to cum."

Allie closed her eyes and arched her back as she felt the most intense orgasm
of her young life. She squirted some of her cum out of her pussy and into
Roberts face and tongue. Robert had never had a girl squirt her cum out of
her pussy but e lapped it up. Robert kept fucking Allie with his fingers and
tongue until her orgasm was starting to slow down.

Robert's cock was already rock hard, and when he moved up between Allie's leg
to kiss her after giving her a orgasm, it fit nicely between her legs. Allie
could feel the cock between her legs sliding up and down against her pussy
lips. Allie wanted to have sex with Robert, but his size was scaring her, but
feeling his cock against her was exciting. Allie stood up and grabbed Robert
by his cock and pulled him towards her as she walked to the kitchen. Allie
moved a chair and jumped up on the table and pulled Robert between her legs.
"Robert I want you, I want you to be my first, I want your beautiful big cock
inside me", Allie said as she looked with lust into Robert's eyes.

"Are you sure Allie, you know this is going to hurt, don't you want your
first time some one you love or some guy your own age", Robert replied.

"I do love you, and yes I want it to be you", moaned Allie. Allie who had
her hand on his cock guided it to her other hand which was opening her pussy
lips. Allie tensed as the head of a cock started to push into her.

"Shhh," Robert said softly. I dug my nails into his back. Robert inched
forward. Allie bit down hard and tried to relax so that it wouldn't just hurt
worse. Robert slid into Allie and then stopped when he felt the resistance of
Allie's hymen. Robert leaned in for a passionate kiss, I guess to distract
me, because a second later he slammed his dick into me with a loud grunt.

Robert quickly pulled his hand up over Allie's mouth as she screamed in pain.
As Allie reflex arched her back, which just made Robert push deeper in to
Allie. He moaned. Tears fell slowly down Allie's face. Robert stayed like
that for a little while and I felt the pain fade slowly away.

When Allie pulled him close for a kiss he knew it was safe to continue.
Robert slid his dick out slowly and gently, then softly pushed it back in.
It still hurt but Allie's whole body started tingling. Allie moaned in
pleasure as Robert's dick pressed against the walls of Allie's pussy.
Robert started moving a little faster, shoving his dick harder and deeper
than he had before. The more Allie moaned, the more it encouraged Robert
to fuck Allie.

Before long our hips were slamming into each other's. Allie bit her lip to
contain the moans that were forcing themselves from my body, as my hands
held tightly onto his back. Robert smiled as his dick slammed in and out of
Allie's pussy. The feelings started to get more and more intense. And soon
Allie was moaning like I never had before and Robert was slamming deep
inside me. Allie could tell I was near, the pleasure in my body seemed to
be getting greater and greater, I knew I was about to cum.

Right as that point, Allie saw that Robert had his jaw clenched, and Robert
mouthed something to Allie. She couldn't tell what it was, but Robert slammed
into Allie so hard she moaned, and then Roberts whole body tensed up, his
eyes fluttered shut and he grit his teeth. Allie felt her pussy grow warm
and wet, it was just enough to push Allie over the edge, and Allie's hips
involuntarily pressed farther against his slamming him deep into her. As her
pussy spasmed Allie milked Robert's dick for all cum it had, and he seemed
to empty more into her.

Robert slumped beside Allie. His face looked torn. Allie leaned up and kissed
him, their bodies still inside one another. "I'm so sorry," Robert said

Allie brushed her hand against Robert's cheek. "Are you kidding?" Allie
whispered. "That was amazing."

Robert smiled.
_ _ _

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