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Everybody Loves Raymond: The Barones On Vacation (MF)
by Shaggy77 ([email protected])

It was only January, but it had already been a long winter for Debra Barone. The weather had been consistently cold, and she had been cooped up in the house with her kids and in-laws for what seemed like an eternity. Every day seemed the same, fight to get the kids up for school, put up with the invasion of her meddling mother-in-law Marie and father-in-law Frank, do housework, fix dinner and clean-up, fight with the kids to do homework and go to bed, argue with her husband Ray about Marie's meddling, then collapse into bed and wait for tomorrow. She felt like she was living that movie "Groundhog Day."

Then one day Ray came home from his job, as a NY Newsday sportswriter, with the news that he had been selected to cover the NFL's annual all-star game; the Pro Bowl, in Hawaii. He came through the door griping about having to go all the way to Hawaii to cover a game no one cares about and in which the players only give about 50 % effort. He complained about the air travel, the time difference, jet lag, the fact that the players on the Super Bowl teams wouldn't even be there so there would be no big stories, the fact that it could be the rainy season in Hawaii, everything he could think of on the negative other words, a typical Raymond attitude.

It seems another sportswriter was supposed to cover the game, but his wife had an emergency appendectomy, so Ray had to take his place at the last minute. Then Debra remembered that for the last five years he had whined about the Pro Bowl assignment going to the editors' "pet" when it was the most coveted gig at the paper. It was five days in Hawaii, or as Magnum called it: Paradise. Then she deciphered Ray's attitude: he was afraid she might want to go, and ruin his plans for a fun, bachelor, golfing outing with one of his buddies.

She thought to herself, "Not this time buddy; I'm going to Hawaii."

Marie was always insinuating that she was more responsible for raising Ally, and the twins (Jeffrey and Michael) than Debra was, so there was no way she could refuse to babysit for a few days.

As their jet approached the island of Oahu and dipped below the clouds, Debra was astounded at the lush green of the jungle and the clear blue water. Despite the long trip and the layover in San Francisco, due to the time zones, it was only two hours later than when they left New York. When they arrived, they had gone straight to the hotel, checked in, and Ray had contacted the media headquarters at the stadium.

Debra was very satisfied and surprise at the accommodations. The paper had not skimped on the arrangements, they were booked into a five star hotel directly on Waikiki Beach. Nothing was officially scheduled for Wednesday, so Ray and Debra decided to just relax for the rest of the day and catch some sun on the beach.

Ray whistled when Debra appeared at the bathroom door clad in her bathing suit. It was a conservative one-piece, tropical print suit, but had a very daring V cut in the front which displayed her ample cleavage to great advantage. She knew her best assets; her marvelous 38D breasts were on display. Her envious breasts had grown to D cups when pregnant with the twins, and had remained that way. Ray had even given them the nickname, "Barnes & Noble," and she blushed with pride thinking about it. She had quite often caught the other "PTA dads" trying to peep down her blouses when at school events with the kids. She was also resigned to the fact she would probably have to fight Ray off at bedtime.

They walked the beach for awhile, enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the hotel restaurant, and Ray was actually asleep before Debra finished her shower.

On Thursday, they were up before dawn to take a tour to Diamond Head and view the sunrise from its' peak. They then spent the typical tourist day in Hawaii, walking the rainforest, seeing spectacular waterfalls; boating on a catamaran, and snorkeling on a coral reef. That night they were both asleep almost before their heads hit the pillows.

Friday was to be "media day" at the stadium where all the participants give interviews, so Ray was going to be gone all day. Debra knew that he also had a golf date with some of the other sportswriters, so she planned on just relaxing and enjoying being kid-and-Marie-free for the day.

In the morning, she walked the streets of Honolulu and did some souvenir shopping. By the time she returned to the hotel, she was ready for some relaxation, noticed a sign by the concierge's desk for deep-tissue massages and decided to indulge herself. You could book the massage either in the hotel spa, or a private beach side cabana, she decided on the cabana, where she could relax and enjoy the ocean view at the same time.

After taking her purchases up to the room and changing into her swimsuit (she had never had a massage before, so she wasn't really sure what to wear), Debra returned to the hotel spa for her appointment. She was met by the spa director, a very pleasant and attractive young lady named Leilani. Leilani led the way to one of the hotel's exclusive beach front cabanas where she instructed Debra to take off her swimsuit and wrap one of the plush, oversized towels around her, telling her that her masseuse would be with her momentarily.

The cabana was on a raised section of the hotel's beach so that those walking by on the beach could not see in. It was like a big tent; enclosed on three sides; with curtains on the ocean side that could be closed if you desired. Debra couldn't imagine why anyone would ever close the curtains, how could you ever get tired of the wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean and Waikiki Beach. Once you were inside the cabana, it was as if you were the only person on the beach. There was a privacy screen in one corner of the cabana, where Debra removed her swimsuit and wrapped the towel tightly around her. She felt vulnerable, and yet strangely emancipated, being totally naked under the towel. There was sparse furnishings in the tent: a small cabinet containing more towels and bottles of oils, a few bottles of water, what looked like a small CD player. The massage table itself was obviously a professionals table, it was overly padded, and actually in sections. The table was divided into a top half and a bottom half, with the bottom half also being divided right down the middle. It appeared to Debra that the part where your legs would rest was capable of splitting apart so that the masseuse could get closer to your torso from the bottom, as well as from the sides. Just as she was going to sit on the table, she was somewhat startled by the arrival of her masseuse as he rounded the corner of the cabana.

He was an enormous young man, clad only in a loincloth type garment. He was only about 6 foot, 3 inches tall, but he seemed to be almost as wide, with muscles on top of muscles. He was built like the players Ray was interviewing at this very minute. He introduced himself very politely, "Good afternoon Mrs. Barone. My name is Kona and I will be helping you to relax this afternoon."

"Please call me Debra," she answered, "forgive me for asking, but are you a native Hawaiian?"

"Yes ma'am, born and raised," Kona responded, "my descendants have always lived on the islands."

Debra was stunned by his native, exotic appearance, and she felt her nipples beginning to harden as she was reminded her only covering was a towel. Kona seemed very business-like as he urged her to lay face down on the table, assuring her that he would make sure the towel covered her torso. Debra, very carefully, maneuvered her body onto the table and managed to lay down and keep herself covered. Kona informed her, "I have selected a very pleasing oil that is a combination of jasmine and coconut. You just relax and let me work my magic."

Debra was a little apprehensive because with his obvious strength, he could probably snap her in half with one hand, but his initial touch was extremely gentle. He started with her left arm, gently massaging and rubbing every inch from her hand to her shoulder, until it was relaxed that it was like a limp noodle. They conversed very little, but Debra found out he had played football at the University of Hawaii and was in line for a pro-contract until he had injured his knee. Now he was studying physical-therapy so he could help others with injuries. Debra made sure he knew she wasn't being impolite by not talking, she wanted him to know that she was getting so totally relaxed that conversing seemed almost like too much effort.

He replied, "Please, don't apologize, Mrs. Barone, I mean Debra, that's actually a compliment. It means I'm good at my job."

He gently massaged her right arm and the back of her neck, before pushing the towel down around her buttocks so he could rub her back. She could hear him squirt oil on his hands and then felt him draw his hands from her waist all the way up to her shoulder blade and start to rub circles all over her back. The scent of the coconut/jasmine oil, mixed with the warmth and pressure of his huge hands was incredibly relaxing. He rubbed oil all over her back and down her sides, including the sides of her flattened breasts. As Debra gazed out at the waves lapping at the edge of the beach, she could feel herself beginning to doze off.

When Kona was done massaging Debra's back, he moved down to the end of the table and started on her left leg. As he had done with her arms, he first used his thumbs to massage the bottom of her foot, and then gently, but firmly, worked his way up to her thigh...all the while coating her skin with warm oil. When he had finished with both her smooth legs, Kona quietly requested permission to move the towel so he could massage her bottom.

Debra answered, "Of course, I want the complete treatment."

She could feel her legs parting as he separated the bottom section of the table and positioned himself between the sections, and between her outstretched legs. She had been so relaxed that until this moment it hadn't occurred to her that in this position, if he bothered to look, he could probably see her slit. She suddenly realized that, except for a towel bunched at her lower back, she was completely naked with a complete stranger. She didn't think anyone on the beach could see into the cabana, since it was so much darker in there than out on the sand. Debra found it very exciting and erotic to be so naked out in the open like this...certainly not something this suburban housewife was used to.

Kona placed his slippery hands on Debra's upper thighs and began to massage them in unison. He slowly worked his way upward to her shapely, and still firm, ass cheeks; working the oil all around them. She felt his thumbs probe between her cheeks all the way to her asshole, continuing to coat her in oil. Debra was not drowsy anymore, but rather wide-awake and totally alert. He then began to work his hands down between her thighs toward her pussy, which was now completely wet with her very own oils. His slick thumbs just barely grazed her cunt lips as she gave an involuntary twitch. This caused Kona to immediately stop, back out from between the table, close the lower sections (and her legs) together, and again move to the side of the table.

Debra requested, "Oh please don't stop Kona. It was so incredibly relaxing."

Kona responded, "No, I wasn't finished. If you would like me to continue, I need you to roll over onto your back, please."

As Kona held the towel up, Debra immediately turned over on her back, and he placed the towel over her midsection, covering her from her chest to her thighs. As she settled comfortably down, Kona again took her left arm in his hands and began to massage it all the way from the fingers to the shoulder. He repeated this with the right arm and then asked Debra if she would like her stomach and chest massaged. She answered him by slowly pushing the towel down to her waist, exposing her magnificent breasts. Kona poured oil onto his hands, and began to massage Debra's flat stomach. She was proud that there was no flab there after three children. He worked the oil all around her midsection and his thumbs even found their way into her bellybutton. She could feel the warm oil pooling there as Kona worked his way up her torso to the bottom of her enviable breasts as they lay on her chest. He applied more oil and worked around her breasts, up to her shoulders, teasing her. He drew his huge hands underneath her breasts and lifted them, cupping them in both hands, then he worked his fingers all around her tits, never touching her nipples which were now the size of jellybeans.

Kona continued to knead her tits like they were bread dough, and Debra actually bit her lower lip when he finally...finally...pinched her engorged nipples between his fingers. Debra let out a small, involuntary moan as she felt her own juices seep out of her pussy. Kona, still maintaining a professional demeanor, moved to the bottom of the table, again parted the bottom sections, coated his hands with oil and began to thoroughly massage Debra's left foot and leg. Debra was so aroused and hot that she could swear she could see steam rising from her nearly naked body.

When Kona had finished with her legs, he inquired if Debra would like him to continue. She answered by grasping the towel covering her crotch and flinging it onto the sand. She couldn't believe she was being so bold, her spread pussy was now in plain view, but she had passed the point of no return. She had a small landing-strip of bright red pubic hair just above her slit, but otherwise she knew her cunt lips were totally exposed.

Kona applied more oil to his hands and began to massage Debra's upper thighs. With each circle, he was either just missing, or just grazing her swollen labia. His thumbs gently massaged her cunt lips and slowly worked their way past her opening. He didn't need any more coconut oil, as Debra's natural lubrication was now more than sufficient. As his thumbs spread her cunt lips wide open, Kona kneeled on the sand and blew warm air into Debra's wet hole. He extended his forefingers and pinched her raisin sized clit, as juices squirted form Debra's pussy, coating his face. She bit down on her thumb to muffle her scream as she thrashed around on the table. Kona, again very business-like, stood between Debra's spread legs and asked if she would like the deluxe treatment.

Breathless, Debra gasped, "f that means I'm going to get fucked, then yes!"

Kona let his loincloth garment drop to the sand and stood before Debra totally nude. Debra cried out, "Oh my fucking God!"

His still flaccid cock hung down almost to his knees. Debra had never seen a cock that large, not even in the couple of porno movies she had seen in college. Kona moved as close to Debra as he could between the table halves, poured coconut oil onto his hands, rubbed the oil the entire length of his cock, and proceeded to lay it on Debra's belly. Debra thought it resembled a python laying on her stomach, as it reached all the way to her bellybutton. She leaned forward to touch it, and as she did, it began to harden. As it got harder; it didn't get longer, just thicker...and thicker. She knew it was now thicker than her wrist, maybe thicker than her whole forearm. She thought to herself that there was no way that would fit inside her, but she couldn't wait to try.

She pleaded with Kona, "For God's sake, hurry up and fuck me."

Debra had never been this horny in her life: she needed to feel a cock inside her. Kona obliged. He placed the head of his monster cock at the opening of her slit, spread her cunt lips apart with his thumbs, and pushed forward. She was so wet that his python slipped into her cunt and he just kept pushing until he was completely inside her, nudged against her cervix. As Debra lay on the table, he put his hands around her waist and just held her there, his cock deep inside her belly. Debra felt like she was in heaven, she was impaled on his cock like a piece of meat on a skewer. The feeling was incredible, never had her pussy been stretched that far, she was completely filled with cock.

Kona slowly backed his snake out of Debra's pussy, and then slowly sank it balls-deep again. He repeated this several times, as he watched her cunt lips extend on the outstroke, gripping his cock as they were pulled out of her pussy, then being stuffed back inside her. He gradually increased his pace until he was pounding into her cunt with all his strength.

Debra knew her pussy was going to be bruised and sore tomorrow, but she couldn't have cared less. She was afraid the table was going to give way; he was thrusting up into her so hard; but it held. She was so wet with oil that they were making squishing sounds as their bodies slapped together and his cock went in and out of her cunt.

Kona put his oversized hands under Debra's ass cheeks and actually lifted her up from the table like a rag-doll. He bounced her on his cock several times, then jammed her down onto his pole as hard as he could and let gravity take over as his fire hose filled her cunt with his seed. With his pelvis grinding against hers, Debra could feel her cunt filling up with his hot cum, his monster cock twitching and jerking inside her stretched out pussy. She just threw her head back and screamed, all self-control lost, as she had the most all-encompassing orgasm of her life. Her cunt squeezed and griped his huge cock as her muscles milked every drop of cum from his balls.

Kona walked all the way around the table, carrying the impaled housewife in front of him, as he continued to squirt into her womb. He finally set her back down on the massage table; and as he backed away, his snake flopped out of her pussy like a dead fish.

Her stretched hole was left wide open, and Kona's cum drooled out of her opening like a stream of tapioca. He offered her a towel to clean up, as he retrieved his loincloth covering. When she was done wiping between her legs, Debra couldn't help noticing that her cunt still resembled a hole rather than a slit, and wondered how long it was going to take before her lips closed up again.

Feeling suddenly self-conscious, Debra ducked behind the screen and put on her bathing suit.

Kona, smiling, asked, "Please don't forget to ask for me again if you were satisfied with my service."

"Oh I was satisfied all right, there will be a generous tip added to the bill," Debra replied with a smile. She knew Ray would just sign the slip without even looking. She had never felt so relaxed in her life.


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