Everybody Loves Raymond: The House Break In (M+F,preg)
by Hornyindian4U2 ([email protected])

This is a make up scene where 10 men find themselves inside the Barone house.
They hold Allie and Deborah hostage and the only way they was going to leave
was to have sex with either Allie or Deborah. Deborah had no choice but to
submit to their demands.

Deborah had to find some way to explain to Allie what was going to happen.

"Honey, mommy is going to take off her clothes and these men are going to
have sex with me. Do you understand?"

Allie nodded her head.

"I'm sorry, that's not good enough. Tell your daughter what's she's really
going to see!" the leader of the group said.

Deborah hesitated, but she knew she had no choice.

"Allie, these men are going to try and get me pregnant. Do you understand

"You mean, you're going to have a baby?" an innocent Allie responded.

"Yes honey."

Finally, one of the men had enough.

"Alright, enough talking, lie down woman!"

Deborah sighed and lied down on the ground and spread her legs. The leader
of the pack quickly lied on top of her and inserted his hard cock. Deborah's
eyes closed as he took his first thrust.

"Oh god..." the leader moaned. He quickly established a pace and started to
pound Deborah. After a few minutes, he started to groan and Deborah could
feel his cock twitching. Soon he started to thrust harder and harder, and
the next thing Deborah feels is a load of cum shooting into her womb. The
leader continued to hump her until he was fully exhausted. He then got up
to allow the next guy to take his turn.

After the fifth guy dumped his load into her, the sixth guy wanted to fuck
her doggiestyle. So Deborah moved onto all fours and the sixth guy pounded
her hard. He then pushed his cum deep into her.

Finally, the last guy took his turn and the men left, leaving Deborah with so
much cum, it was coming out of her pussy.

Deborah looked at Allie.

"It's okay honey. But you have to promise me you wont tell daddy?"

Allie was confused at first, but she promised to her mother.

Deborah then got up and went to clean herself up and get dinner ready.

Two months later, she was pregnant with twins.

The End


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