Elvira Mistress Of The Dark/Friends: Night Of The living Friends
by Omega Phallic ([email protected])

"Shit my other shoe!" Rachel cursed as the heel on her shoe broke off.

Already one shoe was ruined as she and her friends walked through the
graveyard to where Ross and Monica's grandmother was being buried.

"Hey, look, guys you go ahead, while Phoebe and I help Rachel back to car,
I have some crutches there" Monica offered, waving everybody else on.

As everyone disappeared from view, Monica had Rachel sit down on a tombstone
so she could check her ankle.

"Oh no, you can't sit down on a tombstone, you'll be cursed, it's the grave
of serial rapist as if the normal curse wasn't bad enough!" Phoebe cried out,
stopping Rachel from sitting down on tombstone.

"Damn, Phoebe, Rachel hurt, I'm sorry we don't time for your superstitions"
Monica countered, making Rachel sit her sweet ass down on the tombstone.

Monica rubbed Rachel's ankle. "Well, it appears to be all right, all though
your going to have to walk there in your bare feet and I suggest taking your
time walking, but at least you don't need the crutches Rach" Monica advised,
helping Rachel to her feet.

It was as Rachel got to her feet that the earth shuddered, knocked her ass
back down onto the tombstone with a meaty thwack.

A pair of hands reached up and pushed Rachel onto her hands and knees on top
of the grave. The zombie that owned the grave tore himself free of his home.

Breathing a stinky green cloud of spores at Rachel, the prostrated beauty's
dress started to strain against her chest as her now milk laden tits grew
large, yet without any sag.

As Monica and Phoebe breathed in the spores, their tits grew just as big as
Rachel's and just as full of milk. Phoebe looked down her new boobs and ran
screaming towards help.

"Grabbed that stick and hit it Mon!" Rachel scream as the zombie ripped the
panties right off her, exposing her beautiful ass and shaved cunt.

Rachel saw Monica grab it, but she attacked by a zombie and at that point
Rachel decided to focus on freeing herself.

Rachel tried to crawl away, but a pair of zombie hands burst from the
ground, to grab a hold of her huge breasts, kneading Rachel's tits till to
her embarrassment as she started getting wet.

The hands then tore open the front of Rachel's dress, allowing her massive
mountains to escape from their cloth prison.

Feeling the dead things hands on her newly exposed breasts, Rachel's body
betrayed her, the pleasure radiating in her milk melons causing her to thrust
more of her mam meat into the tit loving undead hands. Squeezing harder, the
zombie hands cause milk to squirt from her nipples.

The zombie was now free to aim its cock at Rachel's dripping wet snatch,
rubbing its cock against her pretty clit and slit. Grabbing Rachel's hips,
it impaled her on the full length of its immense green cock. As an added
cruelty to its victim, the zombie smacked Rachel's sweet ass, indicting
that it wanted her to fuck him back.

Rachel resisted at first, but eventually gave in, bucking against its cock

Rachel's wet juices dribbled down the zombie cock, her eyes shut, lost in the
shear pleasure of the forceful fucking the zombie was giving her.

Zombie smacked Rachel's ass again, making Rachel fuck faster. "That right
smack that ass, smack my fucking ass, fuck my brains out you dead
motherfucker, oh god yes, fuck my god damn brains out!" Rachel screamed,
almost sobbing with need.

The head, belonging to the hands groping Rachel's heavy breast, popped out
of the ground and an impossibly long tongue emerged from its toothy grin,
licking her tit meat, driving her milk, and driving Rachel the rest of the
way to a full body climax, the zombie fucking slut's body quaking in the awe
inspiring power of her orgasm.

Rachel's shame knew no end. No only had she had an orgasm as that...that,
thing raped her, but it was the best fuck she'd ever had, her tight cunt
having never felt so full or well used.

Slimy jizz bathed the walls of her tight cunt, soaking them in zombie sperm.
Rachel hung her head in shame as the creamy whitish green sperm trigger
another mind bending orgasm in her well fucked cunt.

The zombie pulled out of her tight slit and Rachel dared to think her ordeal
was over. Rachel looked over her shoulder to see a long line of zombie's
waiting for their turn to rape her.

"God no, please don't do this" Rachel prayed, struggling to get free, but
unable to rid of the zombie hands squeezing her tits.

* * *

Monica was having problems of her own. She managed to use the stick to
knock the head of the zombie that was attacking her towards the far end of
graveyard, but that failed to stop it from grabbing her and forcing her arms
behind her back.

Another zombie joined it, ripping the front of Monica's dress open, her
gigantic tits bursting free. The zombie's tongue extended from it mouth till
it wrapped itself around Monica's soft tits, savouring the taste of the raven
haired beauty's tit meat.

The headless zombie meanwhile was ripping the rest of Monica's dress off her,
taking her panties with it, leaving Monica naked, but for her jewellery and
her black high heels.

"Please, please stop" Monica moaned, shocked that her breasts were responding
to the tongue of the zombie.

The zombie tongue grew longer so that it could shove its slobbering tongue
between Monica's massive mounds of tit meat, fucking her tits with its evil

As Monica opened her mouth to complain, the tongue shot inside, soul kissing
Monica while it fucked her tits with growing speed.

Monica could even taste precum from a slit on the zombie's tongue, salty
sweet taste, making both her nauseous and wet.

The headless zombie smacked her ass, indicating with a gesture that she
should blow the zombie's tongue.

Monica's mouth bobbed up and down the zombie's tongue as girl juice soaked
her cunt. She loathed herself for getting wet, but it drove her onto sucking
harder and faster, her head a blur of blowjob artistry.

It was her finest BJ and as such, Monica was rewarded with a mouthful of
whitish green zombie cum. Monica swallowed every drop as the tongue fucking
her huge milk bags had the audacity to make her cream, sending titgasm after
titgasm shooting through her hooters in a cornucopia of pleasure.

The headless zombie let go of Monica, who fell backwards onto her bum, so
that it could find and reattach it's head.

The other growled and gestured that Monica was to spread her legs wide.
Looking over at her best friend Rachel, who was being raped by her second
zombie, Monica knew what was going to happen to her.

Staring at the zombie's sharp teeth, Monica did as she was told, deciding
that being raped was better than being lunch. Spreading her legs with a sob,
Monica gasped as the zombie lowered itself on top of her, its dick pressing
against her cunt chasm.

The zombie's hands slipped between their body's so it could squeeze and grope
Monica's firm tits, before thrusting inside her.

Monica tits jiggled enticingly as the zombie buried it huge throbbing
undead dick inside her wet and welcoming cunt, making Monica cry out at the

Letting go of Monica ample charms, the zombie sat up straight and grabbed
her hips, and started fucking her in earnest. Monica's tits swayed in circles
thanks to furious pounding the zombie was dealing out to her tight little

Monica clawed the ground as there was little else she could do while the
zombie fucked the living shit out of her. "God yes, give me your fuck meat,
shove big cock into me, give me a royal fucking" Monica begged, delirious
from the brutal fucking she was receiving from the zombie.

Monica's cum strained the zombie's cock as it plundered her treasure, her
tight cunt slurping away on the mighty beast between the zombie's legs.

Monica instinctively snapped up as her climax hit, shoving hr big breasts
into the zombie's face as she came all over its cock, marinating the zombie's
dick in girl juice. Monica bounced up and down on its dick as waves of
orgasmic bliss stole her sanity away.

When she had returned to her sense, Monica was utterly horrified by what had
occurred, she'd actual had an orgasm on the zombie's wizen greenish grey

The zombie squeezed painfully hard on her tits until she resumed bouncing on
its cock, the massive man meat bringing her off again, before shooting its
load deep inside her.

Monica laid back down, deciding to rest quickly before the next zombie took
its turn. Monica opened her eyes as felt a new dick pushing against her cunt,
but it wasn't a zombie that was about to fuck her, it was a wolf, a pack of
them in fact, all on the leash of the woman behind the zombie curse. Elvira
Queen of the Dark.

* * *

Phoebe ran like a manic. She knew she should help her friends, but she'd
warned them about sitting on the tombstone, it was their own fault.

Still she felt guilty, seeing her friends being raped by those things
shouldn't gotten her wet, but she was soaked, her panties absorbing enough
of her cunt juice that it wasn't running down her legs thankfully, but still
it was shameful Phoebe decided.

Phoebe felt something slithering up her leg. Having gained a great amount of
distance from the zombies, Phoebe reached for what she assumed to be a snake.

Phoebe's shriek was ear piercing when her hand came back up from under her
dress holding a huge moving cock, with balls still attached, but no owner
that Phoebe could see.

The dick moved of its own accord, fucking Phoebe's hand. Phoebe tossed it
away, but she could feel dozens of other zombie cocks, moving up her dress,
ripping it to shred in the process, all searching for a hole to rape.

Phoebe ran screaming while cocks finished off her clothes, till only the
elastic band from her panties where left, causing her to trip when they fell
to her ankles.

Phoebe rolled onto her back, trying to stop a pair of the zombie cocks from
entering her ass, but she failed, howling in pain as her ass was filled with
undead dick meat.

Another pair of zombie cocks, forced her sopping wet pussy lips open so that
an other pair could worm their way inside her.

Phoebe didn't know how the cocks were pounding noisily into her tight cunt
once they were inside her, but she chalked it up to the same evil magic that
had animated them to undead life in the first place.

Two cock started slapping Phoebe titties cruelly, until Phoebe finally gave
in screaming "alright already, I shove my tits together so can fuck them, but
stop it already!"

Phoebe pressed her mountainous melons together, creating a heavenly valley of
tit meat, for the zombie cocks to fuck.

The three dozen or so zombie cocks that hadn't found a hole yet, slipping
between Phoebe huge breasts, fucking her mam meat fervently, all except for
the biggest, which made its way to her mouth.

This cock was different from the rest, it wasn't from a human, it was from a
horse, and it silenced Phoebe's pleas for mercy, forcing its way between her
lips, making sure it come into constant contact with Phoebe's taste buds.

Phoebe struggled for awhile, but realized it was futile. At the rate the
zombie cocks were going they'd have her cumming in no time and there precious
little she could do about it.

Phoebe's back arched as she felt an orgasm preparing to hit her, trying to
push it back, not wanting to cum for these monsters, but the pleasure and
pain was too great and Phoebe broke, her screams as climaxed muffled by the
zombie horse cock tickling her tonsils.

A wave of titgasms followed her normal clit and G-spot orgasms, only to be
replaced in turn by an assgasm, which was replaced by more clit and G-spot

Phoebe felt her mind cracking, it was too much pleasure for her mind to take,
she had to make them cum soon or she'd lose her mind.

Using her cunt muscles, ass muscles, and her throat muscles, not to mention
her hot cock sucking talents, Phoebe milked the cocks with every thing she

Just she was about break, the cocks started cumming, one after the other,
whitish green jizz, spraying all over her heavy chest, splashing her face,
and rewarding her neck with a pearl necklace.

The cocks fucking her tight holes were next, the zombie cocks in her ass were
first, filling Phoebe's ass with so much cum, she felt like she was shitting
herself, the zombie cocks in her narrow cunt were next, drowning her sweet
pussy with zombie guy goo, leaving the best for last.

Phoebe like an expert sword swallower, pulled the horse zombie cock from her
mouth, and started stroking it, beating it off with one hand while holding it
up by the balls with the other.

"That right cum in face, give me face full horse cum, I'm begging for it
like a cheap whore, decorate my face with your sperm, please master!" Phoebe
begged, trying to get it to cum before it forced its way back down her

Phoebe's request was granted, the horse's cock blew its load in her lovely
face, cum gushing out of it like a fountain, until its grape fruit sized
balls were no bigger than a pair of peas.

Phoebe's was completely soaked with zombie horse cock sperm, which left
Phoebe in shock. She taken many a facial in her time, but nothing like this.

* * *

Monica looked the wolf in the eyes as it shoved its dick inside her. Monica's
mind railed against the unnatural act being commit upon her by what looked
like a very well hung dog.

Turning her head to look over at Elvira with pleading eyes, Monica begged for

"Please, help me, get him off me!" she begged, hoping to appeal to her fellow
woman, but Elvira shrugged instead.

"You do the crime, you do the time, you used a tombstone as a seat in a
graveyard under my protection, you deal with my curse" Elvira answered,
explaining the rules as she used her leash to encourage her wolf to rape
Monica harder.

Monica's breathing grew heavier as she the wolf drove her rapidly to another
orgasm. Monica sobbed silently at the intensity of the orgasm caused by the
wolf pounding away into lovely and tight twat.

This just excited the wolf more, who fucked her with greater passion, trying
to see if it could make her cum again.

Monica grabbed her big tits by the base and squeezed them hard as the wolf
succeed, making her throw her head back and scream as an even greater climax
slipped past her defences, tit milk squirting from her nipples to be lapped
up by the wolf.

The wolf responded to her howls of ecstasy with howls of its own, pumping
furiously into the incredible beauty.

Monica felt the wolf cum inside, it jizz hot, creamy, and sticky. Monica's
hot cunt instinctively milked the beast of every last drop it had to offer
her tight hole, before its knot went down, and the wolf moved aside for the
next one.

Monica gasped as the new wolf shoved its cock into the debased and humiliated
young woman as another member of the pack moved so it was standing over
Monica's head, it cock just inches from her mouth.

It was bad enough to have been fucked by a zombie and to been made to enjoy
it, it was even worse to be gangraped by a pack of wolves and being forced to
cum Monica learned.

The wolf by her head growled and Monica took the hint, slipping its big dick
into her slurping mouth, blowing the animal zestfully. The wolf was almost
whimpering from the intense pleasure Monica's first class blowjob was giving

Wolf jizz ended up coating Monica's tongue to her embarrassment. Before she
could finish swallowing another wolf was pressing its dick against her lips.
Having no choice, Monica took him in her mouth too, giving the shaggy beast
some seriously great head.

The last wolf in the pack worked its way onto Monica's body, till it was in
position to stick its dick between her gorgeous big breasts. Monica pushed
her breasts together around its cock, encouraging the beast to start fucking
her ample chest.

The wolf fucking her tits was first to make Monica cum, her tender tit
flaring up with pleasure as a series of titgasms exploded within. This
made Monica actively rub her tits up and down its shaft until its seed
was squirting all over her beautiful breasts and neck.

The wolf in her mouth, pulled out and painted Monica's beautiful face with
thick ropey wads of sperm, making it first animal to give Monica a richly
deserved facial, while the wolf fucking her cunt pulled out and did the same
to her fit stomach, its sperm glistening in the sunlight.

* * *

Rachel was getting double fucked. The zombie that had been mauling her
oversized hooters, was fucking her cunt from underneath, while another
zombie, the tenth one to rape Rachel so far, was butt fucking her sweet
virgin ass.

"Give it too me, that feels so fucking good, feed me that fuck cocks your
rotting bastards, if going rape me, rape hard!" Rachel shouted, the thorough
fucking she had received from the zombie's threatening to break her will and
transform her into a mindless slut.

"Oh that nice, that's the spot, make me cum, make cum all over your
evil dicks!" pleaded Rachel, so close to the orgasm that would make her
transformation into a mindless slut complete.

Rachel shoved her huge tits into the face of the zombie under her,
enveloping it with so much tit meat that if it needed to breath, it would
have suffocated, as she came, her cunt and ass sucking at the dick meat that
so totally filled her.

Zombie sperm flooded Rachel's holes as her mind altering climax finished her
transformation into a mindless slut.

The zombies moved away, so that others could have their turn with the fuck

* * *

The huge demon that had ripped free from the ground just ten feet from
Phoebe, now had her soft globes in its rough hands as the beautiful blond
lay on her back, too terrified of huge red visage playing with her heavy
breasts to move.

Phoebe bite her lip as she felt the beasts two cocks pressing at her holes,
preparing to violate the busty slut.

Phoebe's fists pounded the ground uselessly as the demon stabbed forwards
with its pricks, getting only half of its cock meat inside the tiny cunt and
ass of the hot blond.

Grabbing Phoebe's hips, it pulled back and thrust forward, slamming into
Phoebe up to the hilt as she screamed "oh my god!"

Using Phoebe's fun bags as something to hold onto in order into rape her
harder, the demon grinned wickedly as Phoebe whimpered under its brutal
assault. It was too much cock to handle, it felt too good.

Phoebe's back arched forcing more mam meat into the demon's hands as she had
the first of many orgasms induced by the evil slabs of cock meat violating
her inner sanctums

The more Phoebe came, the harder it fucked her, which had her cumming harder,
which meant it fucked her harder yet. Poor Phoebe was lost in a hell of
orgasmic bliss, a heaven of delightful torments.

Phoebe was begging for it now, fucking the demon back, almost passed the
point of no return where she would become a mindless slut, just like Rachel

With great strength, the demon stood up, picking Phoebe up with it so that
Phoebe was sitting on its dick, looking the thing in the eyes, her huge tits
crushed against its red hot chest.

Smacking her sweet ass, it forced Phoebe to do all the work now, forcing her
to bounce up and down its pussy juice covered cock.

Phoebe fucked it hard, driving it close too cumming, but she wasn't broken
yet. The beast had to act fast or lose its chance to break the blond bitch

Pulling Phoebe off its cocks, it spun her around and bent her over a
tombstone ironically, before ramming both of its throbbing dicks up her ass,
sodomizing the hell out of the stunning blond.

Phoebe's tits swayed and bounced as the demon raped her superb ass, giving
her the butt fucking it knew she'd always dreamed of in a secret part of her
mind she pretended didn't exist.

The assgasm to end all assgasms that she experienced was the breaking point
for her, transforming her into a mindless slut, just like Rachel, the demon
could see its victory in her eyes, rewarding the blond bitch with all the
cum she could want in her ass, before forcing her to her knees to lick the
cum and brown streaks off its dicks.

* * *

"Monica, you're the last hope for your friends" Monica's grandmother told
her, her ghost appearing before her Granddaughter in a youthful form,
resembling her Granddaughter to a remarkable degree, looking almost like

Monica could see thru her and she wasn't sure she was really there, but it
wasn't anymore crazy then the rest of it.

Elvira was approaching her, so Monica didn't have much time. "How can I stop
her?" she asked, looking over her shoulder at the Queen of the Darkness, who
of all things was shoving an electric eel into her cunt.

"You've got to steal the amulet around her neck, the sliver tombstone that
is encased in amber...aaaahhh" Monica's Grandmother screamed, as Elvira's
strange magic hit her and she became solid.

Elvira, who had transformed the eel in her cunt into a big black cock,
smirked at the two Gellar women. "I'm going to break you fucking Gellar
cunts long before you get a chance at the amulet, but just encase..."
Elvira said, trailing off as she turned her magic to the two Gellar women.

Monica's hands glittered for a moment and before she could stop herself she
ripped her grandmother's blouse open, freeing her tits, were now huge thanks
to the spores in the air.

Monica's Grandmother's hands weren't innocent either, grabbing to handfuls
of Monica's tits in each hand.

She tried to pull away from her granddaughter's delectable breasts, but
her hands would cramp up right away, forcing her to put her hands back on
Monica's tits.

The magic got worse as Monica's mouth desperately sought her grandmothers,
hungrily tongue kissing her. Their tongues duelled inside their mouths, as
Monica's hands stripped her grandmother naked of their own accord. Every
time Monica tried to stop, pain shot through her hands, forcing them back
onto her Grandmother.

Soon they were both naked, their large tits pressed against each other's
flat stomach, as Elvira used her magic to force them to eat each other out,
tongues against clits and fingers rubbing G-spots.

It was a hungry, savage, animal fucking between the Gellar girls, competing
to see who could drive the other to the bigger orgasm. Their bodies quaked
from the strain of countless climaxes, but eventually Elvira decided she'd
made her point. She wanted to finish breaking the two raven hair beauties
herself, to add them to her collection of mindless sluts.

Released from the magic, Monica pulled away from her grandmother now that she
was in control of her body.

"Get on your fucking knees cunt and suck my dick" Elvira commanded, smiling
as a fearful Monica obeyed.

Not even having to be asked Monica grabbed the eel/cock and began stroking
it, only to find it still had electrical current going through it. Putting
her hand back on it and gritting her teeth at the pain, Monica wondered if
she was going to be able to deep throat so much dick meat.

There was only one way to find out so Monica opened her mouth and slipped
the head between her cock loving lips, bobbing her head lower and lower on
the shaft, until, she'd slipped the entire length down her throat.

No pubic hair tickled her nose as Elvira was cleanly shaven, but her nose
was press firmly again her mound anyway.

Taking her thumb and rubbing Elvira's clit with it, Monica's head became as
blur as she slurped greedily on the cock meat offered.

Monica's great talent with blowjobs was rewarded when she felt Elvira's
sperm hitting the back of her throating painting her tonsil's with cum,
before moving back to fill Monica's mouth with jizz, finally finishing
off by giving Monica her second facial of the day.

It was now Monica's Grandmother's turn, taking to the cock sucking like a
women who hadn't had a taste of a man's cock in so many years that it was
a relief to finally have the taste of dick in her mouth, even if it was a

Elvira took her time, not wanting to cum until she felt she could compare
the grandmother's cock sucking skill with the granddaughters. They were
almost identical, a gift passed between the generations, so Elvira made a
note to capture and rape the Mother just for comparison.

Elvira made Monica press her tits against her grandmother's so she could
shove her magic cock between the cornucopia of mam meat presented to her.

Elvira moaned as her cock slipped between the Gellar titty sandwich, the
feeling was the most heavenly thing she'd ever experienced, and she feared
that she'd cum with in seconds, until she remember that this was a magic
cock that never got soft and keep on fucking as long as she wanted, so she
could have once big endless orgasm.

Sperm burst free from Elvira's cock spraying both women with sperm, getting
in their hair, their face, necks, and most of all on the over sized breasts,
but where a normal cock would stop cumming eventually, Elvira's just
continued, hosing her fuck sluts with an endless supply of goo.

Between having their creamy tits pressed incestuously together, fucked,
zapped, and spermed by Elvira the Gellar girls were swamped with overpowering
titgasms that tormented the mind, threatening to break them at any moment and
turn them into mindless slut like Monica's friends.

Sperm ran down their trim stomaches as the goo on their chests over loaded,
even spilling down their legs.

Elvira could tell they were close to breaking, she could taste it.
Rearranging the Gellars, Elvira summoned a second eel from the ether with
her magical, and shoved it between Monica's legs, transforming it into a
cock. Elvira's powers were nearly exhausted, but she was so close to
breaking them that she felt confidant that victory was hers.

Elvira sunk her cock into Monica's tight ass, forcing Monica's cock into
her grandmother tight ass, causing Monica, in effect, to rape her own

Elvira's big tits pressed against Monica's back, while Monica's equally
mountainous melons, pressed against her Grandmother's back, who's tits
swayed through the air with every thrust.

Fucking her victims savagely, Elvira could feel their defeat as Monica gave
into her orgasms, becoming consumed by them. Lastly her Grandmother gave in,
both Gellar woman were transforming into cock worshipping, mindless sluts,
just as Elvira planned, leaving Elvira free to pump Monica's ass full of cum,
setting Monica off in turn to pump her Grandmother's ass full of her
granddaughter's tasty cum.

Elvira pulled off the Gellar girls, exhausted, but victorious, having
witnessed their defeat herself, a smile on her face, as Rachel ripped the
amulet right off her.

Turning around to face Rachel, her face as white as a ghost, totally shocked
shitless, Elvira managed to stutter out a single question. "Ho...How, did you
do that, you've been fucked into a mindless slut!?!"

Rachel pushed Elvira onto her back and knelt between her legs. "I was a
mindless slut to begin with" she smirked, before swallowing Elvira's huge
cock whole.


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