Author's Note: One thing leads to another . This is a long one, but there
seems no point in breaking it up.

For anyone who might be interested, this will slot into the Friends sequence
somewhere after the middle of Season 6, and is very AU, quite apart from the
supernatural stuff, since Dr. Green does not die in the show.

Disclaimer: The Friends characters do not belong to me, but to Bright,
Kauffman and Crane Productions and Warner Bros, while Elvira is copyright
of Cassandra Peterson. Their use is not intended for profit, only for

Elvira Mistress Of The Dark/Friends: Surprises For The Green Family
by Exintaris ([email protected])

Rachel was in a very sombre mood as she accompanied her mother and sisters
through the cemetery. Her father might have been a cantankerous, opinionated,
self-willed man, but she was really going to miss him. Her mother was
easy-going, not controlling like her father, but she never felt that in an
emergency she could count on her for useful advice.

At the moment her mother was engaged in trying to stop some argument between
Amy and Jill, but Rachel was not really listening. She felt rather on edge,
remembering what had happened in the cemetery years before, and wanted to
hurry through it as fast as possible. She could not shake the feeling that
something was watching them, though there was nothing to be seen.

Now her sisters had stopped walking, and Jill was yelling at Amy.

"That's a really mean thing to say!" she shouted. "I'll miss daddy for other
reasons than just having to stop using his credit cards."

Amy snickered. "Oh sure," she said cynically. "When you've run through your
share of his money and get into debt, you'll really miss him."

"Amy, that's enough!" Sandra Green said with the closest she could come to
sharpness. "Please give your sister a little credit for being fond of her

"Huh!" went Amy. "Well, I suppose it's possible, though how anyone could be
fond of that old bastard - "

"Amy!" Sandra cried in distressed tones. "That's no way to speak of your own

"Aw mom, why pretend?" said Amy. "You split because you couldn't stand it any
longer. He was mean to you - mean to all of us except his pet Rachel."

"Oh yeah!" said Jill. "Rachel could do no wrong. I was always being told I
should go out and make something of myself, like Rachel." She darted a
hostile glance at her. Time had not healed the wounds inflicted during her
short stay with Rachel and Phoebe.

"Now, girls!" said Sandra. "On the very day of his funeral - " She suddenly
tripped over the edge of a tombstone half-hidden by grass and fell on top of
it with a little shriek.

Hastily Rachel ran forward to pull her up, but Sandra wailed in pain. "Put me
down, Rachel! I think I've twisted my ankle."

Rachel tried to lower her to the ground, but Sandra pulled away to sit on the

"Mom, don't sit there!" Rachel said urgently.

"Why ever not?" said Sandra in surprise.

"It's, it's bad luck," Rachel stammered, looking around very uneasily.

Both Jill and Amy laughed. "Rachel, that's dumb!" Jill crowed. "You believe
in ghosts or something?"

"Woo-oo-oo!" went Amy, making classic ghostly noises and waving her arms.
"Something's coming up behind you, Rachel!" Both Sandra and Jill laughed.

Rachel was in a quandary. She couldn't tell them how she knew it was bad
luck, and anyway they wouldn't believe her. But she could not run away and
leave them either.

"Look, it just doesn't feel right," she said, trying to be calm. "We should
show respect for the dead." She did not know how, but she believed that
Elvira was nearby. At least nothing had happened so far; maybe Elvira had

Her sisters laughed jeeringly. "Why?" said Jill. "They can't do anything to
us - they're dead." She kicked the tombstone her mother was sitting on.

In an agony of apprehension, Rachel wrung her hands. "Don't do that!" she

Her sisters laughed and jeered again, and then it was too late. There was a
clap of thunder, the air began to darken around them, and there was Elvira,
Mistress of the Dark, close to them, with one wolf on a leash and several
others around her. She did not look pleased. She clapped her hands; instantly
the free wolves surrounded the four women.

Rachel tried a friendly greeting, but Elvira ignored this.

"I would have overlooked your mother falling on the tombstone," she said, in
a gritted- teeth sort of way. "But to sit on it again, when you warned her
not to! And your sisters have made things much worse - kicking a tombstone" -
she glowered at Jill - "speaking ill of the dead" - her baleful gaze shifted
to Amy - "and mocking the dead: those cannot go unpunished. And I have a
score to settle with you, too."

"I thought we were on good terms," said Rachel in surprise.

Elvira frowned. "You attracted Their attention, by what you did," she said.
"Normally They don't take notice - there is so much to deal with. I had to
pay for what I had done to you stupid little sluts." She winced, as if the
memory was painful. "And since you sent away all her companions, Yolanda
has been lonely." She sounded even more angry at this. "I have given her
back her intelligence, in exchange for the loyalty and love she has shown
me, but I cannot be there all the time."

"Do They know you are planning to take it out on me for that?" said Rachel,
trying to put on a bold front. "I think that's unfair. Maybe I should appeal
to Them."

Elvira's face twisted, but Sandra Green spoke before she could. "Who is this
woman?" she said in a quavering voice, pulling herself onto her feet with the
help of Rachel's arm. "If you threaten us, any of us, I'll call the police."
She began to delve into her purse, obviously looking for a cell phone.

"Yeah, call off your circus animals!" said Amy in an attempt at bravado.
"They don't scare me!" She stepped forward. Two wolves caught at opposite
sides of her skirt and pulled, ripping it off. She screamed in sudden terror.

Elvira raised a hand, and Rachel's heart froze as zombie hands appeared
on the edge of the tombstone and pushed it over, knocking down her mother
again. Other zombies began to appear out of their graves. Amy and Jill both
screamed. Jill ran at the wolves and tried to jump over them, but her high
heels were not designed for it; she went sprawling, and a couple of wolves
pounced on her and began tearing her clothes off. Amy was looking around her
wildly. Then Sandra screamed; the zombie had got hold of her and the spores
it produced had had their effect - her breasts were suddenly much enlarged.

Rachel held out her hands. "Please, Elvira!" she implored. "Show mercy. She's
my mother. And my sisters are just dumb girls. They didn't know."

"They don't seem to be very loving sisters," said Elvira. "They were making
fun of you."

"Yeah, but ... they're still my sisters," said Rachel, beginning to feel
desperate. By this time the zombie who had hold of her mother was ripping
her clothes off and running its hands over her breasts and body, ignoring
Sandra's screams. Another had nearly reached Jill, who lay on the ground
naked and trembling, with two wolves standing over her. Rachel could hear
her mumbling "no, no, no," in a terrified voice. Amy stood frozen, tears
streaming down her face, not even trying to resist as the wolves surrounding
her jumped up and snatched away bits of her clothing.

Rachel went to her knees. "Please!" she cried as urgently as she could.
"Look, if you won't let it go, at least don't be too hard on them. Don't do
what you did to us. And, and" - she drew a breath - "I'll take it for my mom,
if someone has to pay for her sitting on the tombstone." She tried to keep
her voice steady and not appear too scared at the prospect.

Elvira frowned again, but as if in thought. "Hold!" she called suddenly.
The zombie now bending over Jill, reaching towards her, stood upright; that
molesting Sandra paused, and others further away stopped their slow walk.
The wolves drew back from Jill and Amy.

Elvira looked at Rachel intently. "You said you'd take it for your mother.
But what about your sisters?"

Rachel looked over at Jill, sobbing as the wolves crouched in menace. She
looked ashamed and pleading at the same time. Rachel looked back at Amy, who
seemed gripped with an uncontrollable fit of shuddering, and met her gaze
blankly. Suddenly she could not bear the thought that they would go through
what she had. She turned back to Elvira and said clearly, "Yes, I'll take it
for them too."

There were gasps from behind her. To cover her nervousness, she tried for
lightness. "After all, I've probably done it all before. I think I can take
whatever you throw at me."

Elvira's lips twitched. "It would be interesting to find out," she said in a
speculative voice.

But now Sandra's voice was heard. "Can you please make this ... this creature
let go of me? I want a word with you," she said in a tone of considerable
irritation, but not, Rachel was interested to notice, real fear, like that
which had hold of her sisters.

Elvira looked intrigued. She pointed at the zombie holding Sandra. "Let
go," she ordered. The zombie did so, and Sandra staggered to her feet. Her
clothing was in tatters, but she ignored that. She limped forward, glaring
at Elvira.

"Who are you, and how do you know my daughter Rachel?" she demanded.

"I am Elvira, Mistress of the Dark," said Elvira proudly. "And I know her
because she sat on a tombstone here once before."

"And?" Sandra pursued.

Elvira shrugged. "She paid the price."

"What price?" said Sandra insistently. She looked around. "No, don't tell
me - rape by these creatures, I guess. Just for sitting on a tombstone? What
do you do to those who do deliberate damage?"

Elvira looked a little taken aback by Sandra's forcefulness. "I have my ways
of dealing with them," she said. "Not that it's any business of yours."

"It most certainly is, when you are threatening my daughters," said Sandra
fiercely. "Even if I and they have done wrong, why should we suffer such a
monstrous penalty?"

"You humiliated the dead by what you did," Elvira said sharply, "though your
daughters more than you. You should be humiliated too, in the worst way for
a woman. But we are wasting time. Unless you want your clothes destroyed,
Rachel, you had better take them off."

Quickly, trying to keep her mind off the thought that something might happen
to her that she had not experienced before, Rachel began to strip. But Sandra
was not done.

"Rachel, you're ready to do this - for us?" she said in a softer voice,
looking at her very unhappily.

Rachel nodded. "I've been through it all, mom. It's not so bad, really."

Her mother's look changed to suspicion. "You liked being raped by zombies?"

Rachel looked embarrassed. "I kind of ... got into it," she admitted.

"She's a slut," said Elvira, smirking. "An irredeemable slut."

Sandra looked nonplussed. "Very well," she said eventually.

Elvira looked satisfied. She pointed at the two zombies that had been
threatneing Sandra and Jill. "Fuck her," she said curtly, "front and back."

The zombies shambled over to Rachel. When they took hold of her she could not
help shuddering. She had forgotten how loathsome a zombie's touch was, and
how awful they smelled. One made her bend in the middle and drove its cock up
her anus, causing a great pang of pain. She managed to keep her reaction to a
gasp only. Then it bent her body backwards and the other took hold of her
hips and penetrated her in front. Breathing in the spores it seemed to exude,
she felt her breasts suddenly bulge to massive globes. The zombie in front
gripped and fondled them. Something primitive and, yes, mindless in her
responded to the zombie's elemental behaviour. She got sudden intense
memories of the last time this had happened to her, and found herself
increasingly eager to repeat the experience, dismissing the feelings of
disgust that being handled by these undead creatures aroused. Acknowledging
her own depravity helped her get into "mindless slut" mode, where all that
mattered was the physical sensations of having her breasts handled and her
holes vigorously fucked by two large cocks that filled her so well. Soon, she
knew, she would be urging them on; as it was, she was driving down on them as strongly
as they were pushing up.

Jill had moved over to Amy and taken her hand. Together they gazed at their
sister's ordeal. Suddenly Amy cried, "No, no!" and ran forward to Elvira,
pulling Jill with her.

"She shouldn't have to take anything," Amy said very earnestly. "It was Jill
and me who did the bad things; we should pay."

Elvira looked intently at Jill. Her face was white and she was whimpering,
but after a moment she gave a little nod.

"I c-can't let Rachel take it for me," she stammered.

Elvira looked hard at them both. "So, you have found some nerve, have you? It
is good that you don't want to hide behind your sister."

"And if payment has to be made just for sitting on a tombstone, then I should
make it," said Sandra firmly. "Rachel did nothing wrong; she tried to warn

Elvira looked at her for a long moment, then sighed. "Very well," she said.
"I cannot overlook what you have done altogether, but I will show some
mercy." She clapped her hands and called "Desist."

The zombies stopped moving in Rachel and uncoupled from her. Although she
felt some relief - even after some minutes, they still smelled really foul -
she also felt enormous frustration, since she had been as eager to reach a she remembered being before. I'm such a kinky slut, she thought.

"Zombies, return to your graves," cried Elvira. They did so at once, though
slowly as before. But the wolves still surrounded the women.

"We shall go to my mansion," said Elvira decisively, and she muttered a
string of strange-sounding words. Rachel felt her head swirl, her sight
darkened, and then she was standing at the entrance to the mansion with
her family, still surrounded by wolves. Jill was effectively naked apart
from her shoes, while her mother and Amy only had scraps of clothing still
hanging on them, and their underwear had all gone. Rachel noticed that her
mother still had quite a neat, slim body, but the massive breasts made her
look overbalanced. Rachel herself felt burdened by the weight, and Jill had
also acquired magically large breasts, she noticed. Amy was the only one
who had stayed a normal size, presumably because she had not breathed in
any spores.

Almost at once Yolanda appeared, naked. She smiled when she saw Rachel, but
frowned at the other women, then looked questioningly at Elvira.

"We'll go to the salon," said Elvira grandly.

Yolanda bowed and beckoned to them to follow.

"Come along, mom," said Rachel, putting an arm round her mother. "I hope
nothing too bad will happen."

Walking as stiffly as if she were a zombie too, Sandra allowed Rachel to
lead her after Yolanda. Amy and Jill followed, and Elvira brought up the
rear. They entered the same reception room that Rachel had seen before,
but it was much changed. The d‚cor had been renewed, curtains replaced,
paintings cleaned and straightened, and the furniture was still elaborate
in old-fashioned styles, but looked much less broken down than before.
Rachel looked a question at Elvira.

"All Yolanda's work," said Elvira rather proudly, "although I did get some
of the furniture. She needed occupation, with no companions." For a moment
her expression went rather grim, but then she shook her head and waved her
hands as if to say, it doesn't matter any more.

"Great job, Yolanda," said Rachel enthusiastically. "You should have seen
this place before," she said to her mother and sisters. "Talk about the
Bride of Dracula!"

They looked back at her with dazed expressions. "You've been here before,
too?" her mother asked.

Rachel nodded. "I can tell you all about it later."

"Tell them now," said Elvira. "Tell them as much as you want."

"It was on the day of Monica's grandmother's funeral," Rachel explained. "I
sat on a tombstone when my shoe heel had broken. Well, all these zombies
appeared, and Elvira too with her wolves, and as you suspected, mom, I got
screwed a whole lot of times by the zombies, and worse things happened to
Monica and Phoebe, but I won't go into that. Then Elvira made a ghost of
Monica's grandmother real, and young, and made them do lots of stuff with
each other - in the end, she made magic cocks for Monica and herself. Her
intention" - she paused and glanced questioningly at Elvira, who simply
nodded - "her intention was to turn them all into mindless sluts, and it
worked, but somehow I was sort of immune. I sneaked up when the zombies had
done with me and got hold of the amulet round Elvira's neck, which helps her
do her magic stuff, and in the end we got back to the time when it all
started, with no permanent harm done."

Her mother and sisters gazed at her in mixed horror and fascination, coupled
in her sisters' case with admiration. "You never showed that anything so
awful had happened to you," said her mother faintly.

"Well, um, it wasn't all bad," said Rachel, flushing slightly. "As I said,
I sort of got into it with the zombies, and when I had the amulet, well, we
paid Elvira out, and I thought" - she gave Elvira a rather angry glance -
"that we had sorted things out to everyone's satisfaction. We gave her, and
each other, a good time, since we'd all got very aroused sexually. Anyway, I
expect Elvira's gonna want you to do something sexual, to atone."

"Yes," said Elvira. "What I have in mind is, your mother shall lick me, while
some of my wolves have fun with your sisters." She gazed at them calmly as
they reacted in horror.

"You mean - the wolves would, would screw us?" Amy stammered.

Elvira nodded casually. "Monica had that, and her grandmother as well, later.
They seemed to enjoy it at the time."

Amy's mouth opened and shut: no sound came out.

"I, I'd rather be s-screwed with a magic cock," said Jill tearfully.

"Not the wolves, please," said Rachel to Elvira imploringly. "Can't they do
something a bit more ... ordinary?"

Elvira looked a bit peeved. "Well," she said with seeming reluctance, "I
suppose I could give Yolanda a magic cock. But then who would take the other
sister? I actually don't feel in the mood, just at present. I need to have
some excitement first." Suddenly her eyes seemed to light up. "I have it:
you shall do it."

Rachel opened her mouth to protest, then shut it, seeing that this was a way
to get some much-needed relief; also, she might get to feel what it was like
to be a man. "Okay, I'll do it," she said. Her sisters looked at her
apprehensively; she tried to give them a reassuring smile.

"Good," said Elvira, "because I have made considerable concessions, and
that's the best offer you're going to get."

Sandra had been looking totally stunned. Now she wailed, "But I don't know
how to, to lick a woman!"

"It's not hard to learn," Elvira said, in a surprisingly gentle voice.
"Right - wolves, leave us."

To Rachel's considerable relief, the animals slunk away, looking dejected.

"Now, Yolanda, which of the two do you pick?" Elvira said, a note of clear
affection coming into her voice.

Grinning, Yolanda pointed at Jill, who seemed to stand straighter and darted
an almost contemptuous glance at Amy, as if to say, she picked me, not you.

Amy swallowed audibly. "I guess that means, Rachel does me?" she faltered.

"Certainly," said Elvira. "Okay, first, take off those scraps of clothing.
Let's see all of that fine body. Mind, I think your chest could do with
improvement - "

"Don't!" Rachel cried. Elvira turned to her in surprise. "She looks much
better as she is," Rachel said earnestly. "They all would, and I wish you'd
reverse that part of the magic."

"Couldn't I keep some of it?" Sandra asked rather tentatively.

"And I?" Jill said more eagerly.

"And I wouldn't mind having some more," Amy said. "Just a bra size or so, you

Somehow, Rachel noticed with a certain amusement, concern with their breast
size seemed to be calming them down.

"I don't want any," she said firmly. "Please put me back the way I was."

Elvira laughed lightly. "Well, I have never been bargained with like this
before, but ... very well." She took hold of the amulet and did some
complicated muttering, as a result of which Rachel's breasts returned to
normal, Sandra's and Jill's shrunk to something a bit more appropriate to
their frames, though still big, and Amy's grew. All three looked down
approvingly; Jill gave Rachel a condescending smile, evidently thinking she
now looked better than her. Privately, Rachel had always thought Jill's
boobs were just as well shaped as hers, if not better, and now she felt she
looked oversized, but it didn't seem to bother Jill.

"Now," said Elvira lasciviously, "we come to the fun part." She murmured, and
two eels appeared in her hands.

"Now hold still," Elvira said. The eel floated over to Rachel, she felt its
tail enter her hole, feeling unpleasantly slimy, and then it fused with her
flesh and turned into a very large erect cock. She saw the same thing
happening to Yolanda. Evidently Elvira had a thing for massive sexual parts,
Rachel thought. Balls did not seem to come with the cock, but she had seen
Elvira's cock spouting like a fountain, and presumed hers would when the
time came.

"Perhaps you two could have a race," Elvira said. "Anyway, I would like to
see you screw them doggy style. You two girls take position, and Rachel's
mother, you come here."

Their faces very apprehensive now the moment had come, Jill and Amy went to
kneel on an open space in the carpet that Elvira indicated. Yolanda stepped
up briskly, while Rachel approached Amy more slowly. She suspected Yolanda
had done this before, but she had not, and she felt almost as nervous as Amy

"I, I'm sorry for what I said, Rachel," Amy said tremulously, "and for, for
letting you take it - I was such a wuss. Please d-don't hurt me."

"Amy, I'm not gonna hurt you," Rachel said, patting her on the shoulder. "All
is forgiven. Let's just relax and try to enjoy this, shall we?"

Amy smiled a bit shakily. "Okay."

"I don't mind telling you, I have no idea how to go about it," said Rachel
frankly. "I didn't do it when all this happened before, though Monica did.
But we had some fun, her and I."

Amy's eyes brightened a little. "Well, maybe you should start by getting me
ready for you," she said. "You remember what guys do to make you want it,

Rachel relaxed. Clearly Amy was aiming to make the best of this, which would
in turn make it easier for her. At least she didn't have to worry about
maintaining an erection. From what she remembered, it would take a whole lot
of action to get the damned thing down. She could not help feeling a certain
anticipation. Elvira had been right: Amy had a fine body, and her previous
lesbian experiences, though years ago now, made her ready to enjoy it to the

She knelt down behind Amy and began to run her hands over her, loving the
smooth, soft feel of her body. Amy made a noise of approval. Then Rachel ran
her hands round to her breasts and fondled them, feeling that they would
have been better a size smaller, but were still nice to handle. She tugged
playfully on the nipples as if she were milking Amy, who moaned.

"That's nice, Rachel," she said. "Do more like that."

Rachel drew on her memories and did several things to Amy's breasts, all of
which were received with gratitude and signs of increasing arousal. Soon,
Amy's nipples were as hard as bullets.

"Hey, they've already started," said Amy, looking across at Jill and Yolanda,
who had mounted Jill and was screwing her lustily. Jill's eyes were closed
and there was a smile on her face; she looked as if she was enjoying herself.

Rachel reached between Amy's already spread legs and squeezed her pussy
gently, then ran a finger inside. Amy pushed at the finger.

"Oh God, I want it!" she gasped. "C'mon, stick it in me, Rach!"

It needed help from her to get the cockhead properly placed, but soon Rachel
was driving in, with a sense of exultation. Amy's cunt felt so warm and wet,
and she really seemed to be accepting Rachel, who now felt real arousal, as
for the first time she enjoyed the sensation of having a cock inside a woman.
Taking hold of Amy's shoulders, she began to thrust into her regularly,
finding the rhythm almost at once. This was great, she thought; no wonder men
liked to do it so much.

"Yeah, fuck me, Rachel!" Amy cried. "Oooh, this is good, you're doing so

Rachel felt proud and increased her pace further. She moved her hands round
to grip Amy's breasts, which brought a further moan of pleasure from her.

"Oh God, I'm loving this!" Jill cried. "This isn't punishment at all!"

Alarmed, Rachel looked over at Elvira, but she evidently hadn't noticed. She
seemed wholly intent on what Sandra was doing to her, moaning and shifting
around, and occasionally stroking any part of Sandra she could reach. Her
mother seemed to be getting into it well, Rachel thought.

"Yeah, come on, Rachel, we can beat them!" Amy cried, driving herself back
against Rachel. "Ooh, I feel like such a hot bitch!"

"A slut, you mean," Jill cried teasingly. "Come on, Yolanda, give me your
best stuff!"

Glancing at her, Rachel saw a mischievous look on Jill's face. Jill caught
her eye and grinned very broadly. "Isn't this fun?" she cried.

Rachel had to admit that it was fun, very much so. She felt as if she could
go on for ever, ploughing into Amy's welcoming cunt in a smooth, easy rhythm.

Amy looked across at Jill. "Yeah, it's great," she said. Rachel thought she
detected a note of affection in her voice. "But," Amy continued, "I'm loving
this, Rachel, but if you really want to get me off - and I wish you would -
you're gonna have to give me something more. I hardly ever come just from
being screwed."

"Oka-ay," said Rachel a bit uncertainly. She paused, then moved a hand down
to Amy's pussy. It was not difficult to find her much enlarged clit. She
began to rub it and resumed thrusting into Amy as well, rather less evenly
than before.

"Oh my God!" cried Amy joyfully. "That's it! More, more!" She began to move
her body around eagerly, rubbing herself up and down against Rachel's hand.

"Oh YOLANDA!" Jill cried. Rachel looked across again, to see that Yolanda was
driving a finger up Jill's anus in time with her thrusts into her cunt. Jill
was driving back against her, an ecstatic expression on her face. She looked
close to coming. Rachel redoubled her efforts with Amy, and was rewarded by a
scream of delight. More or less simultaneously, Jill cried out also. Amy
writhed around frenziedly on Rachel's cock, stimulating her so much that
Rachel felt her cock stiffen; then a great pang shot through her as the first
spurt of seed came, making her gasp with the sense of release. So this is
what it feels like for men, she thought as she continued to drive into Amy,
grunting with effort, feeling an urge to get as far up her as she could. With
further cries, Amy drove back against her.

"Oh man!" Amy sighed when they finally relaxed. "Rachel, that was absolutely,
utterly great." She turned round to beam at her.

"Yeah, it was," said Jill. "Yolanda, you're first class."

"Thank you," said Yolanda in an accented voice.

"Yolanda!" Rachel cried in surprise. "You can speak!"

Yolanda nodded. "Of course. I have all the intelligence I had before."

"But you didn't say anything before," Rachel protested.

"There didn't seem to be anything that really needed saying," said Yolanda,
smiling. "I got out of the habit, rather."

"Well, I think it needs saying that I haven't had as good a screwing as that,
ever," said Jill enthusiastically. "Thank you." She planted a smacking kiss
on her cheek. Then she turned to Rachel, her eyes bright. "How did you like
getting to screw Amy? What does it feel like?"

"Well," said Rachel. "It feels different, but very exciting. When a man comes
it's like," she searched for a simile, "like there's this enormous need, like
really wanting to pee. You feel all this tension. Then when you finally come,
you get this sort of twinge of really sharp pleasure, and you are overcome
with this need to throw your jism in as far as possible, and so you keep
pushing madly until the tension goes away, and then you feel really

"Yes yes yes yes yes!" Elvira cried. They all turned to see her pushing her
loins up at Sandra's face, her own face set in a grimace of extreme pleasure.

"Wow!" said Jill. "Looks like mom's learned her job well. How you doing,
mom?" she called cheerfully.

Their mother waved a hand at her dismissively and continued with what she was
doing, which appeared to be licking up every drop of Elvira's juices.

Amy disengaged herself from Rachel's cock, which had not gone down even
temporarily, and sat up beside her, throwing an arm round her shoulders
companionably. "Thanks for being so good to me, Rachel," she said softly.
"I really appreciate it, when I was so mean to you."

Jill looked over at them, smiling. "Yeah, sorry about that, Rachel," she
said. Then her eyes widened. "Oh man, hasn't it gone down?" She wriggled.
"I see you're still hard too, Yolanda."

"That's the way with these magic cocks," said Yolanda. "I remember how much
Monica had to do before hers went down - and that's only what I saw."

Jill looked at Rachel speculatively. "You know, I'd like some of that," she
remarked casually. "I don't see why Amy should be the only one to benefit."

Rachel could not deny that the thought of screwing and coming again like
that, especially with a hot little number like Jill, had great attractions
for her. "Give me some time to recover," she said. "It takes it out of you,
you know."

"Okay," said Jill, "but it's a date, right?"

Rachel nodded, but then focused on their mother, who now lifted a smeared
face from Elvira's crotch. She was smiling.

"I never knew women could taste so interesting," she said.

Elvira gave her a little smack on the ass. "There, that wasn't so bad, was
it?" she said lightly. She now seemed very relaxed.

Sandra turned to smile at her. "No, it was fine," she said. "But you've done
it now. I'm not going to be able to forget that."

"Well, when you go back, you can please yourself," said Elvira. At Rachel's
questioning look, she nodded. "Yes, I'll send you all back, in a while. But
I get the feeling, you'd like to play some more first. I know I would."

"Oh yes!" Amy and Jill chorused, and then grinned at each other. Sandra too
looked keen. Rachel regarded them with quiet amazement. It was many years
since she had seen them all looking so happy and at ease with each other.

"I'm hungry," Jill announced. "Is there any chance of some food and drink,
lady Elvira?" she asked in a respectful tone. "I'll, um, do anything you
like in return."

Elvira chuckled. "You're a worse slut than your sister, it looks like.
Yolanda, why don't you bring us something, and you girls can help her."

Yolanda withdrew from Jill at once and stood, looking a bit selfconscious as
her mighty cock waggled around in front of her. "It would be a lot easier
without this, mistress," she said quietly.

Elvira cocked her head. "Very well - but once it's gone, I can't put it back
again, not today."

"That's all right," said Yolanda. "I liked doing that, but I don't have to,
to have fun." She shot Elvira a mischievous glance.

"No, you certainly don't," said Elvira, grinning. She gestured, and Yolanda's
magic cock vanished instantly. Looking relieved, if anything, Yolanda said to
Jill, "Come with me." Amy got up and followed them, while Rachel tried to
catch Elvira's eye.

"Yes, Rachel?" said Elvira fairly genially.

"I'd, uh, like to keep this for now," said Rachel. "Jill, uh ..." and then
she realised that her mother could hear and clammed up, flushing.

"Don't worry about it, dear," said her mother. "Of course Jill should have a
turn, if you both want it." She looked at Rachel for a moment in much the
same speculative way as Jill had done, but then turned to ask Elvira about
her position and responsibilities, rather to Rachel's relief. Did her mom
really want to fuck her?

Presently the other three returned with plenty of food and drink, and all set
to. Rachel found that she had quite a keen appetite. She found her perpetual
erection a bit of an embarrassment at first, but soon got used to it. Elvira
now seemed in a very good mood. She had removed her clothing too, so all were
naked and relaxed together, and chatted fairly easily.

After they had drunk some really good coffee made by Yolanda, from very fine
antique china, Jill, who was sitting next to Rachel on a long sofa, put a
hand on her knee.

"Ready for some more fun and games?" she said hopefully.

Rachel's meal had settled enough that she felt she could contemplate having
more sex, but not as strenuously as she had with Amy. "It would be easiest if
you rode me," she said. "I still don't feel like I have much energy."

"Fi-i-ine," said Jill seductively. "Can we do it right here?" She looked
across at Elvira, who waved a hand negligently.

"Be my guests," she said.

Rachel spread herself out on the sofa, and then Jill, eyes avid, grasped her
cock and ran a hand up and down it as if in experiment. "You know, I'd like
to see how this feels somewhere else," she said, and bent down to take the
cockhead in her mouth. Rachel pushed upwards involuntarily, with a moan; the
sensation was so intense. She continued to moan as Jill played with the
cockhead, sucking, licking all round it, even nibbling at it very gently,
but never taking it very far inside her mouth. Rachel found this a little
frustrating, recognising that she felt this need to get it well into
something, and pushed at her. Jill's eyes showed that she understood. She sat

"Okay, Rachy," she said affectionately, and, taking hold of the cock, she
pointed it as near upright as she could and began to fit it to her entrance.

"You called me Rachy," said Rachel wonderingly. "Like when we were little
kids, and played together a lot."

"This is playing, kind of," said Jill, gasping as she pushed down and back,
slowly taking the cock into herself. "And, well, I sort of feel that way
about you now, you know? When you were ready to take it for me like that, I,
I thought, you really cared about me, and that made me feel so good."

She beamed as the cock filled her up, but stopped before it had all gone in.
"That's enough, I think," she said decisively, then began to move up and down
the cock slowly and sensuously.

"Ooh, seeing this makes me want to do some more," said Amy yearningly. She
looked at Elvira hopefully.

Elvira laughed. "What a set of slutty sisters! How about this?" She snapped
her fingers, and another eel appeared in her hand, which she fixed onto

"Ooh, great!" said Amy, hurrying over to her.

Yolanda smiled at them, then turned to Sandra. "How about you?" she said. "I
could lick you, or we could lick each other, even."

"Each other," said Sandra determinedly. They moved to a chaise-longue and
stretched out, with Yolanda, who looked rather heavier than Sandra,
underneath. To Rachel, her mother looked full of eager anticipation. She's
really taken to it, she thought. But then her attention was distracted as
Jill's hands reached down and gently fondled her breasts.

"You look so great, Rachel," she said softly.

"But you look better," said Rachel. "At least, I always thought you had a
great little body. You didn't really need to enhance your boobs, you know."
She reached up and fondled them, tweaking the nipples gently.

Jill looked very pleased. "You're sweet to say that. Well, maybe I'll ask
lady Elvira to reverse the operation." She began to move more vigorously.
"Oh Rachel, this feels so good!"

Rachel looked up at her, pleased to see an expression of growing pleasure on
her face. "Dear Jill," she gasped. "I never thought I'd ever say anything
like this, but I am enjoying fucking you."

"And I'm enjoying being fucked by you very very much!" Jill cried, as she
began to ride on Rachel's cock really fast. Rachel now felt her going right
to the bottom of the cock, so that her swollen pussy lips briefly touched
Rachel's groin; she no longer seemed to have any concern about the magic
cock going into her so deeply.

Wild noises were now coming both from the chaise-longue and from the chair
where Elvira sat, with Amy in her lap, bouncing up and down gleefully. Amy
was in the cowgirl position, but looking out into the room.

"Go, mom!" she called. "Go, Jill and Rachel! Who's gonna come first this

"This is the way the gentlemen ride, a-gallop a-gallop a-gallop!" cried Jill,
quoting the old nursery rhyme as she broke into the equivalent of a gallop on
Rachel's cock. Rachel found it extremely stimulating, and groaned as she
tried to hold back, because all at once she felt a considerable need to come,
but she did not want Jill to miss out. Then Jill began a long scream, no
longer riding her but writhing around the base of the cock, and Rachel felt
wetness seeping over her groin. With a gasp of relief she let go, and fired
a very considerable amount of come into Jill's wildly squeezing cunt.

"Omigod," Jill gasped as she wound down. "Omigod omigod omigoood!" She
slumped, panting, and looked down at Rachel with a loving smile. "You're the
best, Rachy," she murmured. Then she leaned forward, with some difficulty,
and kissed Rachel full on the lips.

"This cock has its disadvantages," she commented, frowning a little, and
lifted herself off, then lay down beside Rachel and pulled her into a close
embrace. "I love you, Rachy," she murmured, and kissed her again on the

Rachel looked into her eyes and decided that Jill genuinely meant it. "I love
you too, Jill," she said, and she meant it too. Somehow these acts of incest
were making her feel much stronger affection for her sisters than she ever
had before.

"Oh YES!!!" Amy screamed, and they both turned to see that she was coming,
hands on the chair arms, her body tossed up and down by powerful thrusts
from Elvira, who was lifting herself out of the chair in the same rhythm
and clearly coming too. Then Sandra gave a squeal, and all turned to see
her and Yolanda squirming against each other, licking and sucking

"Mmmm," went Elvira lazily, as she leaned back in the chair. "You're a great
lay, Amy, you know that?" She patted her on the shoulder. "But get off now,
child. You're a bit of a weight."

Amy got off willingly and walked over to the sofa, thrusting her enlarged
breasts out proudly. "I want a kiss too," she said. "I want to kiss both of
you." She bent down and took Rachel's face between her hands, gave her a
short but intense kiss, then turned to Jill and did the same. Jill's face
seemed alight with happiness.

"Let's not fight any more," she cried. "Let's be the loving sisters we should
always have been!"

Sandra laughed lightly. "Bless you, dear, you're bound to fight sometimes,"
she said. "That's what happens in families, even loving ones. But I would be
very pleased if this has brought you together, and very grateful to you,
Elvira, for providing this opportunity, even if it was not what you
intended." She turned to her smiling.

Elvira inclined her head graciously. "So good has come out of bad," she said,
"as it did with Monica and her mother."

"Judy Geller was involved in that too?" said Sandra, sounding most intrigued.
"Oh, do tell us."

With a wicked glance at Rachel, Elvira told the whole story of what had
happened once Rachel got hold of the amulet.

"Wow!" Jill breathed when she had finished. "That's really hot!"

"So that's why Judy and Monica are on such good terms now," said Sandra.
"Well, you know, that's given me an idea." She got off the chaise-longue and
approached the sofa.

Rachel guessed at once what she intended. "No, mom," she protested. "It
wouldn't feel right."

Sandra raised her eyebrows, smiling. "You've already committed incest twice
over; why make a fuss about a third time? Girls?"

Giggling, Amy and Jill grabbed Rachel and held her down. Rachel did not
struggle too much; she decided, if her mother genuinely wanted this, she
might as well have it.

"Okay, mom," she gasped, "but you'll have to do the work. I'm shagged out,
as the British would say."

"As long as this cock stays hard, it won't be a problem," said Sandra. "It's
been a while, but let's see if I can still do what I used to ..." Smiling
and stroking Rachel gently, she climbed onto the sofa and impaled herself on
the cock. She hissed and moaned with pleasure as she got it well inside her.
Rachel recognised that her mother's cunt felt just as good as Amy's and
Jill's, if a bit looser. Then Sandra began to move on Rachel even more
smoothly and sensuously than Jill had done, and Rachel could feel that she
was gripping and releasing the cock with her internal muscles. It was an
amazing sensation. She groaned with pleasure as her mother quickened her
pace, seeming to make her cunt muscles massage the cock in the intervals of
gripping and releasing it.

Sandra's expression got wilder and wilder. "Oh, I've been missing this so
much!" she moaned, thowing her head back and closing her eyes. "Oh Rachel,
my dear daughter, fuck your mother the way she needs to be fucked!"

Summoning her last reserves of energy in a final effort, Rachel began to
thrust up hard into her mother, bracing herself on forearms and heels. Her
mother moaned and squealed with delight, proving almost as noisy during sex
as Rachel remembered Bonnie, a one-time girlfriend of Ross's, had been. But
it was very gratifying to know that she was pleasing her mother so much, and
she tried to maintain this demanding pace, though her strength was failing.
Fairly quickly the feeling revived that she had had with Jill, an
increasingly desperate urge to come, and this time she did not believe she
had the strength to control it.

"Oh mom," she gasped. "I'm gonna come, I can't hold it, I'm gonna come ..."

"Just do it!" her mother cried urgently. "DO IT!!!"

Thinking that her mother would know best what she wanted, Rachel did not try
to hold back, and soon was shooting come into her mother with loud groans.
As the first spurt landed, her mother cried out joyfully and pushed forward
against Rachel's cock, repeating the movement several times. Rachel could
feel her juices flowing. As she collapsed onto her back again, her mother
settled back on her haunches, looking extremely content and smiling at Rachel
very lovingly.

"That's the way ... to please your mother," she said softly, between
gasps. "Or one way ... at least." She drew a breath and looked around at
Amy and Jill, who had been watching spellbound. "Well, I haven't done ...
anything ... with you two ... but I think ... this has bonded us ... as a
family ... don't you?"

"Oh yes!" they chorused eagerly. She looked at Rachel, who nodded and grunted
in agreement. She felt barely able to speak, she was so spent.

"Poor Rachel," said Sandra with just a hint of mockery, leaning forward to
stroke her face. "Shagged out, indeed. Well, it feels as if that's done the

Indeed, the magic cock had finally lost its stiffness, rather to Rachel's
relief. She looked across at Elvira, who grinned mischievously.

"Well, you didn't want it taken off before," she remarked, "but I can do it
now." She cocked an eyebrow enquiringly. Rachel nodded, Elvira waved a hand,
showing just a little strain in her face, and the cock disappeared. Rachel
felt disoriented for a moment; she had grown used to it. But she waved in
thanks to Elvira. She did not think she would have coped if Elvira and
Yolanda had wanted a ride too. Feeling extremely weary, she closed her eyes
for a second ...

When she opened them again, it was to see her mother energetically using her
still enlarged breasts to masturbate Elvira's magic cock, which was giving
Elvira great pleasure, to judge from the encouraging comments and ecstatic
groans that she was continually producing. On the carpet Jill was kneeling by
Yolanda, who was licking Amy, spread out in front of her.

Rachel sat up, and Jill noticed. "Hi, sleeping beauty!" she cried cheerfully.
"Come over and learn about pussy-licking."

Interested, Rachel went over, to watch with Jill as Yolanda demonstrated
various techniques and then urged them to try them out. Amy wriggled and
moaned with delight, and eventually came on Jill's tongue. Eagerly Jill
lapped up the resulting flow of juice.

"Mmm, that's great," she said happily. "Now what shall we do?" She looked
around. "Of course - mom!"

Their mother had evidently finished with Elvira, and was meditatively wiping
off the come from her body with her hands and then licking them. She grinned
welcomingly when she saw her daughters and Yolanda approaching her.

"What did you have in mind?" she asked rather coquettishly.

"Just lay flat, mom," said Jill. Willingly Sandra lay down in front of them,
and Jill dived straight in. She did not seem ready to share, so Rachel and
Yolanda looked at each other. Yolanda beamed and drew Rachel into her
embrace, with warm soft kisses. Presently they sank to the floor again, and
Rachel found herself happily sixty-nining with her, getting more confident
all the time. Before they had finished Amy, who had been lying on the carpet
in post-orgasmic relaxation, got up and came over. With Elvira's consent,
she again fitted herself onto Elvira's ever-erect cock and rode it with
considerable energy, giving little squeals of joy every time she went down
it. She actually came before Elvira, but after only a few moments'
recuperation she took the head of Elvira's great cock into her mouth and
gave her a professional-looking blowjob, swallowing the resulting magic come
with every appearance of enjoyment. Cries and moans of orgasm came from all
over, until Jill was the only one who had not come in this round. Elvira
urged her to take the doggy position and screwed her until both came with
considerable noise, while the others watched, Amy now embracing her mother
loosely, with Rachel on the other side.

Then, finally, Elvira seemed to have had enough. She dismissed her magic
cock and lay down with Yolanda on a chaise-longue, while the Green women all
huddled together on the carpet, stroking gently and kissing at intervals.

"This has been, well, magical," Elvira said presently, snorting with laughter
at the obviousness of the comment. "Do you think it would be possible for you
to come visit me again? I'm sure Yolanda would like that as much as I would."

"Oh yes," said Yolanda enthusiastically.

"How would that work?" said Sandra, sounding not at all averse to the idea.

"If you could be in a particular cemetery at a certain time, I could come to
collect you," Elvira said. "I would have to contact you, and it would take a
considerable amount of power, but it would be worth it."

"That's very kind of you," Sandra said. "I'd certainly be happy to accept.

Lazily the sisters all gave their approval of the idea. In their current
state of euphoria, they all felt well disposed to Elvira; even Rachel felt
they were now on genuinely good terms. And the sex was just so great.

"Fine," said Elvira, sounding very pleased. "Now, I suggest you take some
more refreshments, clean up, and then I'd better see about getting you back
to where you were when this all started."

"Oh yes, we were heading back to the car, and going on to a reception that
other relatives were organising," said Sandra. She yawned. "I'm afraid we
shall all seem totally washed out, and I don't feel hungry at all now."

"People might assume that these are the effects of grief," said Elvira
softly. "Excuse my mentioning it."

"Yes, poor Leonard," said Sandra, also quietly. "But I think he would be
happy to know that we have all become much closer, in the end."

Jill giggled. "He wouldn't if he knew the way we had done it."

Sandra smiled. "True, but ... who cares? I certainly am happy to feel very
close to all three of you now, and I'm sure you feel closer to each other."

The sisters murmured agreement, looking at each other fondly.

"I just thought of something," said Amy. "If we keep our boobs as they now
are, we'll have to buy new bras and probably new tops and things."

Jill made a dismayed noise. "I didn't think of that." She looked appealingly
at Elvira. "Could you ... put things back, please, lady Elvira?"

It was plain that Elvira enjoyed being addressed like this. "I can certainly
do that," she said.

"Yes," said Sandra, with a sigh, "and people will wonder how I've grown
bigger between the funeral and the reception. I'll have to ask to be put
back also."

"I didn't grow so much, in the end," said Amy. "I'll stay like this."

"Maybe we could grow them again later, and let people think we'd had boob
jobs?" said Jill hopefully.

Elvira laughed. "I can do that, though I warn you, I'm not going to be
putting power into changing your breast size every five minutes. You'll have
to make a final decision on how big you want to be. So, how about some more
to eat and drink?"


Rachel's friends were not the only ones to notice how much closer she seemed
to her sisters and mother after her father's funeral. It was generally agreed
that his death had brought them together. Now Rachel frequently spoke of
going to see one or other of them, and at weekends they might all disappear
together on mysterious outings, from which Rachel always returned looking
very pleased with life. Ross and Joey could not help feeling some jealousy
over the time Rachel now spent with her family, rather than her friends, but
Monica and Chandler did not care, being wrapped up in each other, and to
Phoebe, who had so longed for a family, it seemed a natural way to behave.

No one except Phoebe seemed to notice that Rachel was far less concerned to
get dates than she used to be, yet showed no signs that she was missing sex
particularly. She also noticed that when Rachel's sisters came to meet her
in Central Perk, as they often did, just to hang out or to go off with her
somewhere, they sometimes behaved towards each other in ways that seemed
rather too affectionate, even for loving sisters.

She also noticed that Rachel and Monica would occasionally catch each other's
eye and giggle when speaking of their mothers, as also at any reference to
male cocks. She resented it slightly that Rachel seemed to be keeping some
kind of secret from her, that she had evidently told Monica, and began to
wonder what might have happened in the cemetery on the occasion of Dr.
Green's funeral, remembering what had happened to her and Rachel and Monica
years before. Eventually she decided to confront them on it.

"Guys, why do you giggle and look at each other, like, slyly, when you're
talking about your moms, or cocks?" she said. "Is it some kind of secret that
I don't know?"

They looked at each other, Rachel smiled, and Monica shrugged.

"Okay, Pheebs," Rachel said, "I guess you have a right to be told. Both of us
are now" - she grinned broadly - "genuine, certified motherfuckers."

Monica spluttered with laughter. "And in Rachel's case it was all her mom's
idea," she got out.

"So," said Phoebe, "did something happen to you and oyour family in the
cemetery, then?"

Rachel smiled. "You're smart. Okay, I've told Monica, it's not fair to keep
it from you. Here's what happened ."

She told the whole story in outline, while Monica kept going into giggles.
Soon Phoebe joined in.

"Wow!" said Phoebe at the end. "You have had quite a career, Rachel. So, was
it just the one time, like with Monica and her mom?"

Rachel shook her head. "No, but we only do anything together when we go to
Elvira's. Somehow, it just doesn't seem wrong there; it's like the normal
rules just don't apply. Maybe it's some magic of Elvira's." Her face took
on a look of fond reminiscence. "Mom's such a ball of fire when we're there.
She keeps thinking up new stuff for us to do. You know, one time she had us
all lined up, and she was fucking me in the middle with a magic cock, and
finger-fucking the other two on either side at the same time. It was so

"Here comes the slut again," said Monica resignedly.

Rachel looked irritated. "What was great about it was, I felt so close to
them all," she said rather sulkily.

"Sure, sweetie," said Monica apologetically, patting her on the shoulder.

"So you all use the magic cocks?" Phoebe enquired, looking interested.

Rachel grinned vividly. "Uh-huh. We've all screwed and blown each other, as
well as doing lots of licking - all except Elvira. She'll be licked, and
blown, and ridden on, but she won't let anyone screw her, even Yolanda.
We've even taken magic cocks up the ass, which is great fun, as I guess you
remember, Monica." She gave her a wicked glance.

Monica was now beginning to feel not only embarrassed by this extreme
frankness, but rather disapproving. But Phoebe seemed eager to pursue the

"What about your sisters?" she said. "Do you do stuff with them here in New

Rachel flushed a little, seeming aware of Monica's developing disapproval.
"Well, yeah, from time to time."

"Can't use magic cocks here," Phoebe commented.

"No, but you can buy dildos and strap-ons that work almost as well," said
Rachel, grinning. "We've had a lot of fun."

"That's why you don't care so much about dates with men any more," said
Phoebe, satisfied at having a suspicion confirmed. "Well, it seems to be
making all three of you very nice and sweet tempered, so I'm not gonna
knock it. Sisterly incest, when you're all grown up, has to be the least
harmful of all."

Monica looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded. "Yeah, and Jill actually
apologised to Ross for how she behaved! I like her now." She went on to
something she really had been wanting to say. "And, Pheebs, don't you think
it was very brave and self-sacrificing of Rachel to offer to take the
punishment for the rest of them?"

"Was that maybe because you were feeling horny?" said Phoebe jokingly to
Rachel. Then. seeing that this had a depressing effect on Rachel, she hugged
her. "Just a joke, sweetheart. Actually, I was really impressed when I heard
that. You're a lot more than a slut, in my book."

"Thanks, Phoebe," said Rachel. "I'm happy to have your approval - and yours,
Mon." She put her arms round their shoulders. "You know, if either of you
ever wanted a repeat performance, I'd be glad to oblige, and I'm sure my
sisters would be happy with it if you would like to visit with us some time."
She spoke rather seductively, giving them openly wanton looks. "Even my mom
might be interested. She's going to a club regularly now, and doing all
right." She grinned broadly.

Monica stiffened and seemed to move away from Rachel a little. "Oh no," she
said hastily. "Chandler's quite enough for me."

Phoebe just smiled. "That's a great offer, Rachel," she said. "But for now,
I'll, like, take a rain check."


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