ER: Sam Helps A Dying Boy (mF,voy)
by HornyIndian_181

Abbey Lockhart was making her rounds through the ER when she heard some
moaning coming from one of the triage rooms. Curious, Abbey went to check it
out. She gasped, when she saw Sam lying on the triage bed with a boy between
her legs, humping her like an animal.

Abbey couldnt help but notice how well the boy was banging Sam, who was
getting a pretty good fucking. Sam was moaning with each thrust. Abbey stood
and watched in amazement. Sam was a very pretty girl; slim and petite and
with a nice ass. Abbey recognized the patient as Mike, a 16 year old boy with
terminal cancer. He had been and out of hospitals all his life, and the
doctors said it was only a matter of time before the cancer would take his
life. Abbey was glad that Sam could give him some pleasure before he would
leave this earth.

As Abbey watched, she thought of the last time she was fucked, which had been
almost two years since she broke up with Luka. He was a great fuck and knew
all the right moves. Abbey thought of the multiple orgasms she received at
the dick of Luka. She sure missed a hard dick in her pussy. She thought she
could use one right now.

While Abbey was daydreaming about her own shortcomings, she didn't hear Dr.
Corday call her name. "Abbey, could you...what are you looking at?" Dr.
Corday moves to the door where Abbey was standing. "Oh my."

"Yeah, tell me about it, Sam's getting it pretty good," replied Abbey.

"Is that Mike?" asked Corday.


"That'a boy Mike, stick it to her," Dr. Corday said as she watched
mesmerized. "You know, it's been awhile since I've been fucked like that."

Abbey looked at Dr. Corday, and smiled. "Me too...if you only knew."

Both of the women chuckled.

", I dont believe it. A beautiful woman like you should have no
problem having men stick their meat in you."

Abbey laughed and said, "And the same to you!"

"Yes, well, I'm working on it."

"I bet you are!" shot Abbey.

The women then looked at the sick boy humping Sam like it was his last day on
earth. They could tell he was about to cum, as his pace became frantic, and
then there was a loud moan, as Mike thrusted deeper and deeper into Sam. He
then released a load of spunk into her, as he continued to thrust.

"Oh my, he sure is filling her up!" replied Dr. Corday.

"Yeah, I'm surprised Sam is letting him cum in her pussy without a condom."

Mike gave one last thrust, and laid atop of Sam, exhausted. Both were
breathing hard. After a few minutes, Mike rolled off of Sam, and she got off
the bed to pull her nurse scrubs up from her ankles. She then gave a kiss on
the forehead to Mike and proceeded to the door where Abbey and Dr. Corday
were watching.

"Oh my god..." Sam said, when she reached the door. "He sure fucked the
living daylights out of me!"

"Well, he is going to die," Abbey sarcastically said.

"Hey, I know that, but I just felt sorry for the kid. I just wanted to give
him something that would be worth remembering when he his at the last of his
breath. But I didnt think he would pound me so hard. My pussy is throbbing!"

Dr. Corday laughs. "Wait until the morning."

All three women laugh.

"So why did you allow him to cum in you?" asked Abbey.

"Well, he wanted something of him to live after he died, and so I told him he
could cum inside of me, so that there will be something of him that will be
alive. I didnt think he would drop such a big load though. I can feel his hot
cum move inside of me."

"Yeah we see that," Abbey said, pointing to a wet spot that was showing
through Sam's scrubs near her pussy.

Sam laughed and said she probably ought to go change.

"Well, I probably ought to go back to the emergency room. See you girls
later." Dr. Corday then left.

"I probably ought to get on my rounds; otherwise Kerry will have me on a
silver platter!" Abbey said to Sam.

She begin to walk away and then turned around, right before Sam was walking
into the doctor's lounge. "Hey Sam." Sam looked up. "That was a great thing
you did today."

Sam smiled and said thanks. She the walked inside the door and Abbey
continued her rounds.


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