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Date: 06/02/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, drug use, male solo sex, female solo sex, female/female
sex, male/female sex, strong language

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Ray/Neela/Toni Alessandrini

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Summary: After he notices the sadness on her face, Ray takes Neela over to a
certain club to help her get over the death of her husband, Gallant.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Toni Alessandrini, who was
born on the Second day of June, 1950.

Dedication: Happy 56th Birthday to Toni Alessandrini! -- ATK 2006

ER: This Place On Kitawny Street
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected] com)

My name is Doctor Neela Rasgotra and I had been proud to go to medical
school at Cook County General Hospital and working in that hospital's
emergency-room-area for as long as I could ever allow myself to remember.

As a matter of fact, it was inside that particular section of the hospital
that I had allowed myself to meet and fall in love with a fellow doctor named
Michael Gallant, who had suddenly been called to go perform active duty in
Iraq, but came back to the City of Chicago, Illinois just in time for the
both of us to get married.

And of course, after we had our little romantic honeymoon, my darling Michael
had no other choice, but to go back to Iraq and continue his tour of duty,
but the both of us had figured that as long as he was able to keep himself
out of harm's way and come back to me unharmed, there was nothing wrong with
our long-distance relationship.

However, it was on the Second day of June that I had discovered just how
wrong I was about that theroy, for it was on that very day that two uniformed
gentlemen from the United States Armed Forces had arrived at the Cook County
General E.R. and told me that the truck that Michael was riding in has been
hit by a exploding shell and it had killed him instantly.

Well, of course, I was having a hard time in accepting such a fate to happen
to my beloved Michael, but after I had finally allowed myself to realize that
my poor darling husband was never coming back, I had made myself walk into
the doctor's lounge, place my hands over my eyes and began to weep.

But little had I known that I was not alone in how I was feeling about the
passing of my darling Michael, for after he had taken a good look at my face
and noticed that there was an enormous void in my heart that was in need of
being filled, one of my fellow E.R. doctors named Ray Barnett had placed his
gentle hands on my shoulders and said, "Say, Neela. Instead of just going
home and using yourself as a punching-bag for two or three hours, why don't
you come with me to this great place on Kitawny Street, have a couple of
drinks and have a wonderful time?"

But then, just as I was about to say 'no thank you' to that very invitation,
a man who was working the information desk at the time named Jerry Markovic
had walked up to the both of us, cleared his throat and said, "You know,
Neela. If you were to ask me, I do believe that you should go check-out that
place. I mean, who knows?It might help you get over your loss."

And after I had allowed myself to give what both Ray and Jerry had said to me
some thought and realized that forcing myself to feel totally devestated over
my beloved Michael's demise was not a truly good idea, I had taken a deep
breath, looked at Ray and said, "Very well, Ray. I'll go with you, but I do
insist that you pay for the drinks. Understood?"

"Believe me, Neela. You'll get no agruement from me on that," that was what
Ray had said to me just before we had allowed ourselves to see and treat a
few more paitents and finish our assigned shifts just in time for the both
of us to go over to this place on Kitawny Street.

Of course, as soon as we had arrived at that very establishment, I was
shocked to discover that it was what many of the Chicago residents had called
'a strip club' and I was about to say my apologies to Ray, turn around and
head straight home, only to have the fact that Ray had invited me to go with
him in order to help me get over the death of my darling Michael made me
change my mind.

Anyway, as soon as we had stepped inside the establishment, sat ourselves
down at the one vacant table that we were able to find and ordered drinks for
the both of us, the announcer had picked up the microphone and said, "Good
evening, all of you Chicago gents!The time has now come for us to introduce
to you our very own birthday girl, the beautiful native of Chicago herself,
Miss Toni Alessandrini!"

And after the crowd had allowed themselves to let out a full round of cheers
and applause, I had looked up at the stage and noticed this beautiful maiden
had walked out with only a smile on her face and a costume that should really
cause Cook County's very own Doctor Kerry Weaver to storm on to that stage,
grab the poor creature by the hair and drag her all the way home.

Anyway, as soon as I had witnessed that Miss Alessandrini had started
removing all of her clothes and tossing them to some of the members of the
cheering audiance, something deep inside my very being has suddenly caused me
to become strangely attracted to her and ask Ray does he happen to know her
from somewhere.

And of course, his answer to my question was, "Oh, yeah! I know Toni! She
and I go way back!As a matter of fact, the both of us had gone to the same
high-school together!If you want meet me to do so, I'll introduce you to

And instead of stopping Ray and telling him that it would never be necessary
for him to do so, I had allowed him to write some words down on a piece of
paper, wrap it around a ten-dollar-bill and slip both the bill and the note
inside her g-string.

Just then, after her act was over and the announcer had introduced the next
stripper to perform her own act, a small-smiling Toni had walked over to our
table in only a red-silk robe and high-heeled shoes, introduced herself to me
and sat herself down next to Ray, who had just asked, "So, Toni?Were you able
to read my note?"

"As a matter of fact, Ray. I did read the note. Neela, I'm so sorry about
your loss. And if you want to do so, both you and Ray are invited to come
over to my place and share a little nightcap with me. So, what do you say,
Neela?", that was what a curious Toni had asked me just before I had allowed
myself to realize that it was still going to be better than staying at home
all alone and feeling sorry for myself and accept her invitation.

Just then, after Ray had paid for our dirnks and his old high-school friend
had gone into the dressing room and changed into her everyday clothes, the
three of us had left the club and went all the way to Toni's place of
residence, where both Ray and I had sat ourselves down on the living room
sofa and she had gone into the kitchen to fix us some drinks.

Of course, while she was donig so, our hostess had just poured some white
powdery substance into my drink, but I was unaware of it at the time, because
I was too busy admiring the wonderful styles that Toni had used to decorate
her home.

Anyway, as soon as she had placed a tray full of drinks on the coffee table,
a smiling Toni had raised up her glass and said, "And now, my friends. I
would like to propose a toast. To Doctor Neela Rasgotra, who I really do
believe that in spite of her loss, she would be able to find true love

And after we had clinked our glasses together, Ray, Toni and I had swallowed
down our drinks and placed the glasses back on the coffee table, just before
I had suddenly began to feel like my own brain was using a jackhammer in an
attempt to get out of my head, causing me to excuse myself and start walking
towards the front door in order to step outside and get some fresh air.

But as soon as I had only taken a few small steps towards the door,
everything around me had started spinning around and around and I had became
so dizzy that I had no choice, but to drop down to the living room floor and
become unconscious.

Of course, I was quite uncertain as to how long I had been in a drug-induced
sleep, but as soon as I had finally allowed myself to open my eyes and made
the shocking discovery that I had been placed inside the bedroom and all of
my clothes had been removed from my own body, I had placed my hands over my
exposed naked body, looked around the room and yelled, "HEY, WHAT THE BLOODY

And of course, those answers had came to me in the form of both Ray and Toni
walking into the room and allowing me to watch Ray stroke his stiff cock and
Toni pump two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing
her own tits with the other hand right there in front of me.

And then, after she had moved herself closer to me and placed her gentle hand
on my cheek, Toni had slowly licked her tongue and said to me, "We're sorry
about givng you the drug, Neela. But it was necessary to make sure that you
don't have any second thoughts about yourself. I mean, let's face it, Neela.
Back at the club, even I had noticed that you had your eyes on me. Please,
Neela. Don't ignore it. Give in to the pleasure. Just relax... and enjoy it."

And of course, after I had removed my hands from my exposed body, both Toni
and I had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips just before
she had started licking all over my body -- all the way down to my hot, moist
snatch and carressing my firm breasts and Ray had began pumping his stone
hard dick in and out of her asshole.

That had caused me to place my hands on Toni's bare shoulders and say,
"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Toni! Touch me! Touch me there, while
Ray fucks you right in the bloody ass! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after Ray had removed his stiff cock from Toni's backside and
allowed me to start sucking on it and Toni had began pumping two of her
fingers in and out of my cunt and sucking on my stiff mounds, I had
suddenly realized that I had allowed myself to experience true erotica
in its pure and untamed form... and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after Ray had placed his stone hard dick inside my pussy and began
licking on Toni's snatch, I had allowed myself to start sucking on her tits,
causing a sexually-energized Toni to place her hands on my bare back and yell
at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, RAY! DO IT, NEELA!

And then, after we had started moving ourselves harder and faster and our
lovemaking has finally made it all the way to Cook County General Hospital,
Ray, Toni and I had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with
our naked arms in a lover's embrace.

Just then, on the very next day, I was able to allow myself to return to work
within the Cook County General E.R., where a good friend of mine, Doctor Abby
Lockhart had walked up to me, looked at me with the gaze of concern in her
eyes and asked, "Neela, are you sure that you want to be working today? I
mean, if you want to do so, you could go ahead and take today off as well."

That was when I had let out a smile and small giggle, placed my gentle hand
on Abby's shoulder and said, "Thank you, Abby. But there's no need for me to
do so. For you see, Ray was kind enough to introduce me to something that had
helped me get over Michael's death. And of course, I'll still miss him... and
love him with all of my heart."



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