ER: Wild Night In The ER Part 1 (MF,FF,F-mast,voy)
by SohoWanderer

Abbey Lockhart sighed and shook her head as poured a cup of coffee. The ER
was crazy tonight. She heard the door to the break room open and in walked
Dr. John Carter. She and Carter had an off and on relationship.

Carter smiled at her as he took the coffee pot from her and poured himself a

"At least it's slowing down now," he said.

Abbey looked away. Carter turned her head to face his. "You OK?"

Abbey explained that she was dealing with a lot. She needed a break and just
wanted to get away. Chicago was beginning to get to her.

Carter put down his cup and hugged her. He lightly kissed her but she
returned it deeply. Her tongue shot into his mouth and rolled around. Carter
held her tighter and felt a stirring in scrubs as Abbey let her hand fall to
his groin. They knew they had to take this. It was feeling right.

Without words Abbey followed Carter to the room where the doctors on the
night shift who needed to catch a few winks slept. They went in and closed
the door and fell into the passion. Abbey's hand slid into the front of
Carter's scrubs. She felt the heft of his thick cock and heavy balls.
Instinctively, her hand wrapped around his shaft. Carter's hand dropped
down into Abbey's scrubs to feel her ass. His hands cupped the bare flesh
gloriously left bare by her thong.

Carter dropped to his knees and slowly kissed Abbey's stomach - teasing her
about the pleasure to come. He gently eased down Abbey's pants. Her sheer,
purple thong nearly shone in the dim light in the room. Abbey stepped out of
her scrubs and Carter began removing Abbey's thong. He tenderly licked at
her obviously, freshly shaven pussy as dropped it to the floor. He was loved
her taste and Abbey quickly became overcome with pleasure. Her pussy was
dripping. She knew she to make it last. She pulled Carter up and began
stripping him. With a quick motion, she pulled the last remains of her
nurse's uniform off.

She hungrily kissed Carter. She could taste herself on his lips and that
drove her even move wild. She dropped down and sucked his rock hard cock into
her mouth. She tightened her lips around it and began to make long sensuous
strokes. Once she felt the familiar throbbing of his impending orgasm, she
pulled her mouth from his shaft and stood up.

She turned around bend over. Carter slid behind her and slid cock in her
waiting quim. He began to slowly pump in and out, letting Abbey feel his
entire shaft on every stroke. He quickened his pace and then would back off.
He didn't want to shoot too soon. He wanted to make this last... It was
almost as if he knew they had an audience.

Dr. Susan Lewis had passed the sleep room. She heard the sounds of pleasure
from within and had, at first, resisted the urge peek inside. Finally, she
couldn't take it. She cautiously opened the door just a crack.

Her jaw nearly dropped as she saw the scene inside. It was so beautiful. She
watched as Carter pushed his cock deep inside Abbey. She admired the firmness
of Abbey's naked form. She mentally compared Abbey's firm tits her own. Hers
were fuller and heavier. They weren't bad, but Abbey's just looked great to
her. She noted Abbey's shaven mound and her hand dipped inside her pants as
she ran her fingers through the tangle her pubes. She knew that many men
liked that but couldn't bring herself to do. She stared wide-eyed as a quick
orgasm rocked Abbey's body. Abbey bit her lip to keep from screaming and
telling the whole ER what was happening.

For fear of being caught, Lewis straightened up and closed the door. She
wanted to get back before anyone missed her.

Then she heard Carter grunt about him being ready to come. She opened the
door just a crack again and peered inside. She was just in time. Susan
watched as he pulled out and shot his load all over her back. Abbey rolled
over and thrust his shaft into her mouth trying to suck the last drops of
his cum.

Abbey looked up and smiled at Carter. She glanced at the door and could have
sworn she saw the diminishing crack of light from outside as the door closed,
but she knew she was imagining it.

Dr. Lewis spent the next 15 minutes trying to get the events she just
witnessed out of her mind. She hadn't been seeing anyone and really horny
now. She would love to have a nice hard cock in her. She kept replaying the
scene in her mind.

Finally, Lewis could take it no longer. She had to get off. She went to the
sleep room and closed the door. She could still smell the faint scent of sex
in the air. She slid her scrubs down and sat on bed. She slipped her fingers
through the tangle of her thick bush. She wondered what it would feel like
shaved like Abbey's and thought she might try to shave it tonight and find
out. She lifted her hands up and pulled her shirt and bra over her tits. Her
nipples were harder then she could ever remember and she pinched them,
lightly at first but then stronger and harder she continued to get more and
more turned on. She could feel her juices dripping from her snatch and longed
to touch it, but she wanted to wait. This had to last. She was too hot for a
quickie orgasm.

She slowly moved her hands to cup her heavy tits. She ran her hard between
them and thought about having a nice hard cock between them. She loved the
feeling a nice, thick dick running between her mounds.

She placed her hand back on pussy. One finger immediately began making
slow circles on her waiting clit. Then, she slid two fingers deep into her
channel. She couldn't believe how wet she was. She decided to let herself get
to its peak. She began moving her fingers faster and faster in and out of her
pussy. She was getting so close.

Suddenly, the door to the sleep room flew open and Abbey rushed in. She
stopped dead in her tracks when she realized what she had walked in on.

"I- I- I'm sorry. I-I- I think I left my stethoscope in here. I was..."

"God I know Abbey. I saw. I'm sorry but I just can't stop."

It took Abbey a second but then she realized that Susan was still
masturbating right in front of her. Abbey closed the door and looked at
Susan. Seeing her doing this was making her horny all over again. She hadn't
come much with Carter and she was still horny.

She went over to the bed and pulled Susan's hand away from her own pussy.
Abbey replaced it with hers. Susan moaned and fell back on the bed. It had
been so long since she had felt the touch of another woman. In med school,
it wasn't uncommon for some of the female students to find the pleasures of
each other but Susan hadn't found herself in this situation much since.

Abbey loved the feeling of Susan's dripping pussy beneath her hands. She bent
down and kissed Susan deeply on lips. Passion flowed from both of them. Susan
reached up and started caressing Abbey's tits through her shirt.

Susan decided she had to find out about the feel of a shaved pussy. As much
as it pained her, she pushed Abbey back and rolled her over. Susan pulled
Abbey's scrubs to the floor and stared in awe at the smooth, pretty pussy
staring at her. She slowly ran her fingers over the lips and watched them
part slightly at the touch. She even saw a little drop of juice seep out of
her pussy. As she ran her hand over Abbey's pussy all she could think about
was how much she loved the feel of shaven pussy. She couldn't resist the
urges that were racing through her and bent down and licked tenderly at
Abbey's cunt. She stuck her tongue between the lips and caressed her clit.

Abbey bit her lip to keep from screaming as she relished she wonderful
feelings Susan was instilling in her. She was ready to come again. She gave
herself the mental ok and a huge orgasm racked body. She shook and closed her
eyes. Her hands clutched at the piles of sheets on the bed in the sleep room.
Her orgasm finally subsided and she breathed deeply.

New she knew what she had to do. Susan had just given her one the best
orgasms she had ever had and she needed to repay the favor. Especially since
she had walked in on her when she was about to come herself.

Abbey laid Susan back on the bed and got between her legs. She admired
Susan's thick bush. She's fooled around with girls before but she had never
eaten a pussy. Now, she knew she had to.

She lowered mouth to Susan's waiting bush. She attacked her pussy with
passion she never knew she had. Susan's juices coated Abbey's face. Susan
felt her legs tightening around Abbey's head. She felt so good. She knew that
was going to come. She had to come. She was so turned on. Abbey was sucking
clit and sticking a tongue deep into her pussy.

With a final moan, Susan flooded Abbey's face with her juices. Abbey worked
hard to suck up as much of the flow as she could. The more that flowed out of
Susan's wonderful, the more Abbey licked.

Slowly, Susan opened her eyes looked at Abbey as licked the last of the
juices flowing from her pussy. She rolled her head over and looked toward the
door. Her eyes shot open and forced herself to not scream out as she saw the
door close. Dr. Gallant, the opinionated new med student, had seen. She knew
she had to talk to him before he talked to Kerry Weaver, the head of the ER.


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